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Chapter 2009

At this time, the Destroyer was wounded inside and outside, and could no longer withstand Levi’s powerful attack.

Can only be slaughtered.




Levi hit his face with a punch.

Levi wants to be ashamed!

Although he was in a suspended animation at the beginning, Levi remembered the punch that this kid punched him.

Now he wants to return one by one, no, he has to double back!

“Boom boom boom…”

Levi’s fist head shot at the rate of a machine gun. In an instant, thousands of punches hit the Destroyer’s face.

He can’t keep up with the speed of healing!

A face was bloody, almost torn apart by Levi.

Fist strength also spread to the whole body, and cracks appeared in his body.

That day, he returned everything that the Destroyer brought to Levi.

The Destroyer was dying, looked weakly at Levi, and tremblingly asked: “Who are you…Who are you?”

“what do you say?”

The voice fell, and Levi recovered his original face.

“What??? You??? Levi!!!”

The Destroyer was the most shocked to see Levi alive.

Because he killed Levi, he ruined Levi’s body.

Now this person is standing in front of him alive. Whoever is shocked?

“No! Impossible!!! I don’t believe it!”

Even the Destroyer’s super brain is unwilling to believe that all this is true.

It was so shocking!

He couldn’t believe it!

Levi can’t live!

His body is absolutely destroyed!

But the fact is, Levi just appeared alive!

“Boy, your grandpa has so many methods! Just to make you proud for a while! I wanted to make you proud for a while, but I didn’t expect you to hit the gun!

Murder flashed in Levi’s eyes.

The Destroyer was frightened and already felt that he was going to die.

At this moment, he finally realized that he was not even qualified to be an opponent in front of Levi!


He pointed at the Destroyer’s forehead!




One after another, the vigor penetrated through the body.

Make a roar!



This Dao Lloyd Jin actually contains multiple vigors.

Blast in the body of the destroyer!

In an instant, hundreds of energies broke and exploded in the destroyer’s body with a destructive momentum of destruction.



In the end, the Destroyer’s body was torn apart, exploded completely, and disappeared on the spot!

There is not even a scum left!

After doing all this, Levi smiled.

“I didn’t expect someone to die!”

He never expected that he would meet the Destroyer here.

The key is touching!

But he didn’t know what happened before the Destroyer.

Get rid of the Destroyer, Levi continued to move on to Golden Harbor Island.

“What’s the situation? What’s the situation with the Destroyer? Why did you disconnect? Hurry up and resume his communication, I want his latest situation!”

Richard was already in a hurry.

Even if it is now the core of the Lab of the Gods, the Destroyer is still his capable man!

He doesn’t want something to destroy the destroyer!

He even had a terrible idea-to restart the god-making plan thirty years ago and reshape the destroyer!

No matter what, he didn’t want anything to happen to the Destroyer.

“Not found!”

“Disappeared! The Destroyer can’t be contacted at all!”

“We can’t determine the specific location of the Destroyer, let alone what happened to him!”

In the laboratory, Richard’s men were also panicked.

Can’t find it at all!

“No! Is Sarah that strong? That’s the destroyer, the destroyer who killed Levi!”

Everyone was amazed.

Richard pondered: “Maybe I underestimated her, she might be so powerful!”

“The news of the Destroyer…”

Chapter 2010

Richard looked excited and exclaimed: “What? Is there any news? Hurry up!”

He also breathed a sigh of relief.

“If the Destroyer has news, I almost thought he was going to have an accident!”

Almost everyone present heaved a sigh of relief.

The Destroyer has news!


The man hesitated and said: “It’s just bad news! I just tested the Destroyer’s chip, and it happened that he has no life fluctuations! He is dead!”

Almost every member of the Lab of the Gods will have a special chip implanted in them.

Not only to see if you are alive, but also to locate, detect danger and so on.

This person just detected that the chip has no feedback of any life fluctuation signals.


The news thundered, and everyone present was dumbfounded.


The Destroyer is dead?

“Are you sure?”

Richard asked.

“The same is true for the data sent back from the headquarters, confirm! The Destroyer is dead!”

Hearing the exact news, everyone was stunned.

There was silence in the laboratory.

“I didn’t expect that Sarah would be so strong! The Destroyer was dead!”

“How strong is Sarah? Even the only successful person in the Destroyer plan is dead!”

“No, how could the Destroyer’s body with such a terrifying recovery of healing ability die?”

Suddenly someone raised a question.

“No! The Destroyer is not a god, but a man after all! If the opponent is so powerful that he can’t even beat him, how can he live?”

Richard’s voice sounded.

Richard sighed: “It seems that I underestimated the experimental accident!”

“Come on, first block all news of the Destroyer’s death! Don’t spread it!”

“Resolutely can’t let Morendam rise!”

Richard’s meaning was very simple. Levi was about to die just now, which was a heavy blow to Da Xia.

But now the Commoner Killing God first swept the major forces on the East Island.

If the news of the Destroyer being killed by Sarah spread out, would it be worth it?

The impact of Levi’s death is almost gone.

On the other side, Sarah thought that the Destroyer had really escaped.

In addition, Richard’s side blocked the news that the Destroyer had died.

They don’t even know.

“Wen Lei, I want to visit Golden Harbor Island!”

“I want to hear that woman talk about King’s Landing!”

This woman is naturally referring to He Qingxue of the Gambling King Family.

Everyone now knows that Levi died in battle for He Qingxue.

Had it not been for He Qingxue, Levi would at least be alive!

But Sarah didn’t blame her, but wanted to hear about Levi at the last moment in her mouth.

During this time, Sarah had accepted the fact that Levi had passed away.

There is only one thought in her mind-revenge.

Junjun has a strong talent and is protected by Tiance Mansion, and there is absolutely no problem with worry-free life.

She has no worries and can let go of her revenge.

But before that, she wanted to see where Levi died.

“Well, let’s go with you!”

Wen Lei Regina was afraid of her accident, so she must follow.

Immediately, the three went to Golden Harbor Island.

Soon after, Levi arrived at Golden Harbor Island first.

The gambling king family has changed a manor.

In a villa in the manor, He Qingxue has been autistic for a long time.

Except for her reaction when she heard the Common Killer sweeping Dongdao, she was lying on the bed at other times.

Doesn’t get up at all.

“Miss, someone is looking for you!”

At this time a servant came.

He Qingxue didn’t respond at all.

“Miss, this person claims to be Mr. Garrison’s subordinate, and he wants you to know about some situations! He says there is an important event!”

He Qingxue had a reaction after hearing this.

“Let him in!”

Soon, the servant brought in one person.

It is Levi who is disguised.

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