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Chapter 2025

Ackles and Van der Sek were taken aback by the movement in front of them.

“God, shouldn’t there be anyone who is not afraid of death, right?”

The two exclaimed.



At this time, black shadows flew out from under the sea and jumped directly onto the ship.

A small boat appeared around…

“Someone will do it! Be sure to protect it!”

Van der Sek summoned the Lords and prepared to fight.

It’s just that he just got out of the cabin, and saw a person standing on the highest point, carrying his hands on his back, like a god.


“No one can take Morendam’s things!”

Levi gave an order.

The killing began.

Originally, the Gods Laboratory didn’t pay much attention to this escort, and felt that no one dared to move.

So the escorts are not very powerful.

I just met Levi.

Soon the whole army was wiped out, and no one was left.

I also borrowed these people to experience Wesley and them.

Let their strength be improved again.

“Remove all the sun stones! Remember, transport them to the place arranged in advance, and the speed must be fast, and no flaws can be exposed or left behind!”

Levi personally directs them, and Wesley is very efficient and efficient.

Everything is done within three minutes.

No one was left, and all the Sun Stones were taken away.

And the speed was so fast that these people didn’t even send out the distress signal.

It is the same as they disappeared from the sea.

However, Levi didn’t transport the Sun Stone to Morendam. Now the eyes of the whole world are on Morendam, but they will be exposed.

Levi always stood at the highest point, observing everything.

“In the future, if you bring a sunstone back from Morendam, I will give you your last name!”

Levi sneered and gradually disappeared into the night.

the other side.

Jimson followed the four young Lords to the nightclub Hippy, releasing all the recent pressure.

Rex was not idle either, and had dinner with the two beauties.

All worries are left behind.

They don’t even want to ask about the transportation, just waiting for Richard’s award.

The same is true for Richard. He carefully checked the transport ship a few hours ago.

But later he was completely relieved.

Looking at the world, no one dares to move.

Richard also went to sleep in peace.

When I wake up, the transport ship will almost arrive.

At this time, the major forces in Morendam, especially those headed by Tiance Mansion and Bass Guard, had gone through a long period of investigation.

Finally know about the sun stone.

Also understood all the conspiracies of Richard and the Lab of the Gods.

They aimed at Morendam for the sake of Morendam’s rich sunstone.

After Levi was framed some time ago, Richard had already brought someone to take away the Sun Stone.

It’s just that everything is too late!

Today, the six major areas rich in sun stones are owned by the Blackwater Company for five years.

Everything is legal and reasonable.

They can only look at mining, they can’t stop…


It’s just that their reactions are too slow!

The attention was all on Levi, and he hadn’t thought about other things.

Only Levi was at the forefront of this aspect.

“If all the sun stones are mined by the Lab of the Gods, then it will be a huge threat to Morendam, and even a threat to the whole world!”

Tiance Mansion was more and more shocked.

No words for a night.

The next day, Richard woke up.

After washing up, Richard asked: “By the way, where did the transport ship go? According to the time, it should arrive in one hour.”

“Lord, we haven’t contacted, but it should be there in an hour, don’t worry!”

The next person said.

Richard didn’t take it seriously either.

He almost finished his breakfast, it’s almost there.

An hour passed quickly.

Only the transport ship did not arrive at the designated port.

“Huh? What’s the matter?”

Richard’s face changed.

“Immediately contact Ackles…”

Chapter 2026

For some reason, Richard was a little flustered.


The people immediately contacted Akers.

It’s just that there is no signal, let alone a reply.

What’s more frightening is that any signal from this ship is gone.

It seems to have disappeared.

“Mr. Richard’s big business is not good!!!”

“The Battle Gold has disappeared! I can’t contact at all!!!”

As soon as the news came out, Richard and everyone were shocked.

“What? The War Gold disappeared?”

“how can that be?”

Richard looked incredible.

Could anyone really dare to touch this batch of things?

“I just checked. The Battle Gold has lost its signal since last night, but everyone didn’t treat it as the same thing and didn’t check it!”

“last night???”

Richard was going to explode.

I thought it was stable last night.

Where do I want this to happen.

Richard hurriedly asked, “Is there no way to get in touch with the War Gold? Is there no way to get in touch with Ackles?”

The subordinate shook his head: “I can’t get in touch, we have used all the methods we should use, we can’t get in touch at all! The War Gold really disappeared!

Richard ordered: “Check the chips on Van der Sek and them, and determine their location!”

“Okay, you need to enable permission to view this!”

“What’s new!!! The chips in the bodies of Van der Sek and others who escorted the team all failed! They were all dead! None of them survived!”

In the escort team, there are twenty powerhouses related to the Gods Lab.

Everyone has a chip implanted in their body.

Now the chips have failed.

The proof is dead.


Richard was shocked.

The whole person was dumbfounded.

All the Lords of the escort team died.

That means that the entire army of the Zhanjin has been wiped out…

Sun Stone is also hard to guarantee.

“Who? Who dares to oppose the Lab of the Gods?”

Richard snarled up to the sky.

He thinks that no one is doing anything in the most dangerous place in Morendam, but he thinks something has happened in the safest place.


Who the hell is it?

Don’t you ignore the announcement and force the things in the laboratory of the gods?

“Look, look for it right away! Even if the War Gold is destroyed, find it!”

Richard immediately dispatched dozens of super aircraft to find the War Gold.

About an hour later, news came.

The War Gold was discovered somewhere in the sea.

Most of the ship was damaged, and there was not a single mouth left on the ship.

All the sun stones were also robbed and disappeared.

In terms of time, it happened about seven hours ago.


Richard backed away and almost fainted to the ground.

Not to mention the huge number of sunstones mined in this batch, the key is that someone dares to move!

The loss is too great!!!

“Who? Who is it?”

“Check, check it out for me!”

“It must be found out!”

Richard was crazy.

“Mr. Richard, do you think Morendam made it?”

Someone asked questions.

“If Levi is alive, it must be Da Xia! But Levi is dying, it can’t be Da Xia! I know them too much! They care too much about reputation, it is absolutely impossible to do this!”

“If you don’t believe me, we can secretly send someone to Morendam to find it, we will never find it!”

Richard insisted.

“Then just look for it blindly now?”

Others asked.

“Well, find first, use all your strength to find!”

“Come on, connect me to Rex!”

Richard said.

Rex was lying on a big bed with beautiful women on both sides.

He is immersed in his dreamland.

Hearing the ringing of the phone, Rex cursed and even wanted to punch the caller.

“Who? Calling in the morning? Is it sick?”

Only a voice from the opposite side made him jump up from the bed.

“What? Lost all the sunstones?”

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