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Chapter 2083

Levi is completely violent!

Eliminate the powerhouses of the SS level and above in the experiment of the gods.

The other Levi is basically just one punch!

Or be blown up directly!

Either flesh and blood…

In one round, hundreds of people fell beside Levi.

But real Lords are not so easy to deal with.

Fire Cloud Cthulhu, two pure energy bodies, the highest-level trump card of the Gods Lab that Richard can mobilize at present.

Five ssss-level powerhouses!

There are also twenty-three sss-level powerhouses!

And a luxurious lineup composed of a large number of SS-level powerhouses!

This is in addition to many weapons, such as the scepter of God.

Because Sanxing Group is a dog raised by the Lab of the Gods, there are many Sanxing Group bases in and around Star Country.

Directly launch satellites and super weapons.

These weapons do not require preparation time and can be launched directly.

So now Levi is besieged to death.

This is Richard’s confidence.

Richard sent almost all Lords to suppress Levi.

As for Logan Chengmin, he handed it over to the Sanxing Group, the Mythical Organization, and the Black Hand Organization to solve them.

I have to say that the 13 people in the Demon-Making Project are very strong.

Abruptly smashed a bloody path.

Escort Logan Chengmin to leave.

No matter how Logan Chengmin shouted, it was useless.

They won’t care about Levi.

Logan Chengmin was rescued, but Richard’s expression remained unchanged.

He only needs to leave Levi alone.

Logan Chengmin can deal with it afterwards.

“See? Your companion betrayed you and ran away alone!”

When Richard saw this, he couldn’t help laughing.

Hearing the sound, Levi took a look, and Logan Chengmin ran away as expected.

Levi just wanted to curse.

The pressure is too much now.

The offensive firepower of the five ssss-level powerhouses is too fast, no less than the two pure energy bodies, or even higher.

The most important thing is that he is entangled by two immortal bodies of pure energy.

In addition, the Fire Cloud Cthulhu, who has been wandering nearby, will give you a fatal blow at any time.

There are tens of thousands of Lords on the periphery…

Looking at the embarrassed Levi, Richard smiled.

Think about it last time, sending all the power to deal with Levi.

At that time, Richard was not high in the laboratory of the gods, and there were not many Lords mobilized.

If this lineup is now against the original Levi, that Levi has long been dead and even the scum is left.

But where he wanted to get it, Levi was also dealing with it now.

Some melee.

Hundreds and thousands of Lords fell in the laboratory of the gods.

This area was completely destroyed.

But Levi still stood tall.

So many Lords did not leave a trace of injury on him.

This is too strong, right?

Who the hell is this?

Richard and their faces changed one by one.

I thought it was easy to eat.

It doesn’t seem necessary now.

It may pay a huge price!

The Huoyun Cthulhu has determined that this is not the Underworld God.

The Underworld God was trained by him.

No matter how much opportunity he has in the Bible organization, it is impossible for him to rise to this level.

Who is this in the biblical organization?

Could it be the god of darkness?

Do not!

This is certainly not.

If the Lord of Darkness, all those present are dead.

“Who are you? Don’t think we don’t know that you are from the Bible!”

Huo Yun Cthulhu shouted.

The Bible Organization!

After being reminded, Levi remembered.

It turned out that it was the Bible organization that took Sarah!

The four who intercepted him should be the eighteen dark angels.

It turned out that they had displayed the same technique as Huoyun Cthulhu, and they didn’t have any doubts.

It seems that he is thinking of himself as the evil god.

“Wait for me to catch you!”

The Huoyun Cthulhu suddenly changed his momentum, just like a demon god.

It turned out that he had been keeping it.

Don’t want to expose his true strength in front of Richard and the others.

Chapter 2084

Because Huoyun Cthulhu had been paddling the water, he didn’t use his real strength to deal with Levi.

But now he desperately wants to know who the person in front of him is!

He must win!

The Fire Cloud Cthulhu displayed his true strength.

“Boom boom boom boom…”

His speed was twice as fast as before, and his strength was greatly increased.

The suffocation and oppression like the collapse of the sky!

In an instant, Levi’s pressure increased a lot.

His face changed.

Huo Yun Cthulhu actually practiced this technique to this level?

I thought I could completely suppress him.

He can’t get any benefits.

But he didn’t expect him to retain his strength.

He is really strong enough!

The pressure on Levi has risen sharply.

Plus two pure energy bodies and the crazy oppression of major Lords.

They have shown their housekeeping skills one after another.

For a while, Levi was really suppressed, and the danger was all around.

There is no possibility of escape at all!

Can only fight with them blood!

The only way to leave is to kill everyone in front of you!

Upon seeing this, Richard couldn’t help sighing.

The two pure energy bodies are indeed immortal.

It’s just that the offense is too weak.

The methods that can be used are also limited.

Levi couldn’t kill them, but the threat they posed to Levi was limited, only they could entangle him.

There is a big gap between Wood Zhengjie’s ideal pure energy body.

Wood Zhengjie was like a god.

One thought made all the guards of Tiance Mansion faint to the ground.

The magical means can be called godlike.

The pure energy body that Richard has made is still in the low-level stage, and the offensive method is only to release energy to attack.

It’s almost useless for a Lord like Levi.

What Richard wants is a super existence like Wood Zhengjie!

It’s so powerful that it’s helpless!

Fortunately, the pure energy body he brought was only the second batch of products.

There are still further improvements.

After step-by-step improvement, the pure energy experience will become stronger and stronger.

But this actual battle let Richard know a truth-

In the future, he will not blindly think about creating pure energy bodies in batches.

We should devote ourselves to creating a pure energy body that is infinitely close to Wood Zhengjie!

Only one person like this!

It can be worth thousands of low with pure energy body!

When Richard’s thoughts were flying, the fierce battle in the field had already become fierce.

Levi is too strong, too strong.

Rao was a siege of this level, and the Lords of the Gods’ Laboratory fell a blockbuster.

But after all, it was Huoyun Cthulhu that he was too strong.

In addition, the two pure energy body dog ​​skin plasters were firmly attached to Levi’s body.

He can’t kill, let alone get rid of it.

Gradually, the disadvantage is getting bigger and bigger.

The combined attack by the five ssss-level powerhouses is also super terrifying.

Levi was almost unable to parry.

Ten minutes passed.

Although Levi was getting harder and harder, wounds appeared on his body.

Still didn’t fall down.

The loss in the laboratory of the gods is getting bigger and bigger.

Fortunately, the main force is fine.

“Too strong, isn’t it?”

Everyone was shocked.

Richard was silent.

But the stormy sea turned up inside.

The person who was so difficult to deal with last time was Levi.

Worthy of being organized by the Bible, so difficult?

Richard didn’t know exactly what the Bible organization was.

But his immediate boss said something-this is not something you can deal with! The Biblical Organization is rare to be the opponent of the Gods Lab!

Now he understands it.

Sure enough!

Levi in the field is really strong.

However, the longer the time, the greater his disadvantage and the more obvious the danger he is in.

“Cooperate with me!”

Huo Yun Cthulhu shouted.

Two great pure energy bodies entangled Levi tightly.

The five ssss-level powerhouses frantically attacked Levi.


Huoyun Cthulhu suddenly disappeared.

When he reappeared, he suddenly cast a cold arrow on Levi’s right.


A fist hit Levi fiercely, knocking him out.

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