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Chapter 2101

Nick and others all smiled after seeing the negotiator.

He can’t imagine.

One day Morendam’s strongest ancient martial arts organization actually convinced them and came to negotiate!

How miserable he was!

In Jiangbei, he has been humbling and being bullied.

In the end, he was banished, even without identity, Morendam couldn’t return.

Now Morendam’s strongest organization has come to him for negotiation.

This sense of accomplishment is simply taking off.

It is no exaggeration to say that people like Nick are now in the form of one person and one country.

This is the splendid wealth that Richard gave them!

And Richard also said that they can be made stronger!

“Negotiating? What to talk about?”

Nick sneered.

He is full of confidence now!

“Everything is easy to talk about! What’s more, you were all from Morendam before, and now you have learned a skill. How good is it for Morendam!”

“Presumably you and Morendam have no grudges? Why kill them for no reason?”

The negotiator wants a peaceful settlement.

“No hatred? Haha… How did you do when we were exiled? They also set a special ban! Don’t let them in!”

“Every one of Morendam is our enemy!”

Nick sneered.

“Negotiate a hammer with this group of people! Don’t you know what’s going on? The ban imposed by the Lord at the time was to prevent your trash from entering the summer!”

Levi’s apprentice Xiao Feng and others scolded angrily.

They were also selected into the negotiating team.

Several people firmly do not advocate peaceful negotiations with these miscellaneous pieces.

Even want to drive these people out.

“Hahaha… is it the ban? Why did we come in if we were not allowed to enter Morendam?”

“Explain that these bans are for the weak! It’s useless for us! The ban can’t stop us! No matter how you keep it, it won’t work! Now you are still scornful and come to reconcile with us? How ridiculous!”

Facing the arrogance of Nick.

Everyone can’t refute it yet.

Now I can’t stop them at all.

Don’t talk about a group of people, even a single person is struggling.

They are already threatening to this point.

Colin and Tiance Mansion had to negotiate with them first.

“By the way, Levi made the ban? Now we have violated the ban and came to Morendam! Where are the people? Come to expel us? Come and kill us!”

Nick laughed out loud.

Others cooperated with him: “Levi is afraid that he won’t be able to come. He died a long time ago, and even the body was dissolved by others!”


Nick laughed wildly.

The laughter irritated Xiao Feng and others fiercely.

They clenched their fists and wanted to fight with Nick!

But they know how to fight!

At first, even Mike couldn’t fight it alone!

“Are you Levi’s apprentices? Levi has no bones left, so you should enforce the ban! Come on, expel us, kill us!”

Nick deliberately provoked.

Xiao Feng and the others were going crazy.

Even if they die, they have to fight.

The rest of the negotiators hurriedly held them down: “No! Now they say you have to endure everything! You will not do any good, you will only sacrifice in vain, and it will easily make things worse!”

For the sake of the overall situation, Xiao Feng and the others endured it.

They only hate that they are not strong enough.

If it is strong, can you still allow Nick these chores to be wild here?

“It seems that Levi’s apprentices are all rubbish, really embarrassing Levi!”

Nick smiled and said, “Aren’t you going to negotiate? Let the apprentices of Levi kowtow to us first!”

“Then condition two cancels the ban under Levi!”

The others all sneered and said, “Yeah, Levi’s ban has no bones left! It can’t be implemented, so what are you still doing?”

“You wait! What if the Lord is alive!”

Chapter 2102

Xiao Feng shouted a few people reluctantly.

Although they knew it was impossible.

Levi appeared alive early.

Why bother to now?

This can only be regarded as a kind of hope, as a motivation for everyone to move forward.

How much they hope that Levi is still there, do these people dare to be arrogant?

“Levi, right? Don’t say that he is dead, even if he is alive? What about me now, do you think I am afraid of him?”

Nick sneered.

Everyone was silent.


Levi became Morendam’s savior time and time again, so he became an omnipotent existence in everyone’s subconscious mind.

But after another thought, what about Levi even if he was alive?

In the impression left to everyone, Levi and Commoner Killing God are of the same level.

But Commoner Killing God was rubbed against the ground by Mike.

Nick these people are stronger than Mike!

What did Levi use to fight them?

Nick sneered: “We hope that Levi is alive! Then we killed him personally, plucked his skin, and swelled him! Let him die without a whole body…”

At the beginning, Richard told them whether he wanted to get Levi’s revenge, but when they became a strong man, Levi died.

Everyone is depressed about this.

“you guys…”

Xiao Feng and the others are going to explode.

“Satisfy these two conditions first, and then negotiate with us! Otherwise, you know the consequences…”

“I can’t understand Levi’s apprentices, so they all kneel and kowtow to me! Hurry up! Otherwise, there is no discussion about this matter!”

Nick was arrogant.

They have to watch Xiao Feng and the others kneel on the ground and kowtow to be satisfied in their hearts.

Other negotiators discussed with Xiao Feng and several others: “You…you should kneel next time, for peace! For Great Xia!”

Xiao Feng and the others became more and more annoyed: “We are not afraid of death for the sake of Morendam! But we can’t do it if we kneel to these gangsters!”

“What’s more, you have to understand! If the second condition is agreed, once the ban is lifted, which garbage will enter Morendam first! Will there be consequences for Morendam then?”

“Yes, not to mention that after the ban is lifted, it will have a great impact on Morendam’s reputation! We will say that we are counseled, we have succumbed!”

“Is this what you want to see?”

When Xiao Feng and others said, all the negotiators were silent.

They just want a peaceful solution, but they don’t want problems in Morendam.

“Don’t you kneel? Then get out!”

The negotiating team was driven out.

They have to go back to discuss this matter again.

The first condition seemed to them to be satisfied.

When the time comes, just order Xiao Feng and the others to kneel down.

But the second abolition of the ban is difficult.

Next, Nick and others still went their own way.

Continue to start their pace of conquest.

The surrender accepts!

Kill those who refuse!

A famous expert in Morendam is going to challenge!

Including those on the sky list, they all lost.

In the end, the three powerhouses of Tiance Mansion, the Lord of Sarah’s trio, also came to challenge them!

On the one hand, they are so angry!

On the one hand, Tiance Mansion wanted to explore the strength of a new batch of pure energy bodies!

Last time they suppressed Mike and let Mike escape.

But after facing Nick this time, he lost!

They lost!

If it weren’t for escaping fast, Nick would have to die.

This is cruel news for Morendam and the world.

Nick and others have reached the point where they cannot be stopped.

There was no way in the big summer rankings, and the three Lords of Tiance Mansion also lost.

Who can stop them?

This group of monsters wants to unite, who can stop it?

This group of people has become a disaster.

A serious threat to Morendam.

Richard’s goal was achieved.

Just to force Da Xia like this, show their hole cards.

“Nick should do this next…”

Richard has given everyone a new task!

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