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Chapter 2105

Lord Junjunnu looks like a middle-aged woman.

Wearing a simple gown.

But in Tiance Mansion, she is the female ancestor!

No one knows her grade!

“Huh? Is there no one in Tiance Mansion? Send a woman?”

Nick and others saw that it was a woman.

All laughed.

“Laughing at me! Dignified Tiance Mansion sent a woman! Shame!”

“Today should be the most humiliating day in Tiance Mansion, right?”

“Is it because Tiance Mansion has no men at all! I think it is the nun’s house!”

Anyway, Nick’s task is to try to anger Tiance Mansion.

Seeing that it was a woman, Nick and others became even more unscrupulous.

Trying to laugh at…

What is the temper of the female ancestor?

Everyone in Tiance Mansion knows it.

Even the few great gods who control the real power are all scared like that.

Let alone other people.

The Lords of the key monarch are all the ancestors of the Tiance Mansion and the Baolong clan.

Several ancestors level!

One is worse-tempered than one, and one is more grumpy.

Let’s start, one is more ruthless than the other!

In particular, several ancestors were extremely fond of Junjun.

Let’s put it this way, even if Junjun wants the stars in the sky, several ancestors will find ways to pick them off.

To ask for Junjun now is equivalent to killing them!

Can you not be angry?

Especially this grandfather is the most grumpy among the Lords!

Some people even call her a female tyrant!

She was extremely angry because of Junjun.

Now I heard Nick taunting and the female ancestor was even more angry!

The female ancestor’s icy eyes swept back and forth on Nick and the others: “You want me to be a disciple?”

“Yes, that’s right! Hand over Levi’s daughter quickly!”

Nick looked at her disdainfully.

None of them looked at this female ancestor.


Suddenly a booming sound exploded.

The ground collapsed!

The mushroom cloud in the air exploded!

The air swayed and turned the river to the sea, and the sky looked like thunder rolling in the sky.

Immediately, the world became silent…

But Nick flew out…

The body is severely deformed…

The most terrifying thing is that Nick actually felt a panic of fear and pain.

Fear is normal!

If the opponent is strong, you can put pressure on him.

But the pain…

This cannot be explained!

It stands to reason that he has no body, and his body is composed of pure energy bodies. How can this be painful?


This is even more terrifying than removing the pain nerve!

There will be no pain!

But there was pain.

How is this going? ? ?

Could it be that the coercion of her move directly oppressed his consciousness, causing pain?

It can only show that the woman in front of me is too strong…




The violent temper of the female ancestor came up, but she couldn’t stop it at all.

A slap in the face severely hit Mike, Alfred and others on the face.


With every slap, the earth collapsed and mushroom clouds exploded in the sky.

The so-called pneumatic mountains and rivers!

The female ancestor is a slap!

No matter how strong the pure energy bodies of Logan and Mann’s family are, they can all be blown out one by one in the palm of the female ancestor.

Not to mention the severe deformation of the body, it is difficult to recover for a while.

The energy is compressed.

This is an unprecedented situation!

The most terrifying thing is that everyone feels the pain…

Since their successful experiment, they have tried various ways to feel pain, but no results have been achieved.

But the female ancestor in front of them made them feel it with a slap.


It’s terrible!

What kind of monster is this fucking Tiance Mansion?

Nick was shocked.

Richard was shocked.

The whole world was shocked!

Who is this hot-tempered female ancestor? ? ?

Chapter 2106


The mysterious female Lord of Tiance Mansion was born, with a hot temper, shocking the world with a slap!

The parties shook.

Cause a chain reaction!

Richard was terrified.

In his expectation, Tiance Mansion would eventually make a move, but his hole cards were revealed little by little.

But where did I know that a female tyrannosaurus came out directly!

Who is afraid of this hot temper?

Is the power of that slap too terrifying?

This scared everyone.

Richard hurriedly sent photos and videos of the ancestors to the laboratory of the gods.

After a few seconds, the results came out.

There is no such information in the huge database of the Gods Laboratory.

Not a single bit!

You must know that all three of Sarah’s instructors in Tiance Mansion have found out.

This one has no information!


Richard was immediately startled in a cold sweat.

too frightening!

This incident shocked even the core high-level personnel of the Gods Laboratory.

For example, Richard’s immediate boss and the one who plays Joker cards are actively paying attention.

In the field.


With a bang, the female ancestor has appeared in front of Nick.

“You want to arrest my disciple?”

She asked sharply.


Nick was scared silly.


But the female ancestor didn’t give him a chance to speak at all, she slapped it out.

Just draw Nick’s face to pieces…

Nick’s body deformed more and more seriously!

Frightened silly!

Nick was confused and blank.

“You want to arrest my disciple?”

The female ancestor looked at other people again.


The female ancestor slapped the faces of these people again after another.

Every slap will turn the world upside down!

The seemingly simple slap resulted in the potential for destruction.

Every slap is taken, everyone feels that the world is going to be destroyed.

Mike and others were drawn out one by one.

Their bodies are getting more and more deformed, especially their faces are torn apart, and their recovery speed has slowed down again and again…


The pain of pulling away from the soul!


Let everyone let out a heart-piercing pain.

It felt like their souls were being roasted.


so horrible!

Mike and them all are going crazy!

This is too scary, right?

Originally thought that the immortality of the pure energy body, they can run wild, even if they encounter a stronger opponent than themselves, they don’t have to worry about it.

Because no matter how strong the opponent is, he can’t beat himself.

They have undergone various tests in the laboratories of the gods.

They are immortal.

It can’t be killed at all.

Even Richard said that he couldn’t think of a way to deal with pure energy bodies.

In a sense, they are invincible.

No matter how strong the opponent is, they can’t kill them, they will only be consumed alive.

So Nick and the others were very pleasantly surprised. They can’t kill them, so they can do whatever they want.

Because no one can use them at all.

But today they have subverted their cognition.

First, they were beaten so hard to fight back.

Second, they actually felt the pain.

Third, their bodies were severely deformed, and they were unable to recover for a while.

At this moment, they felt a deep sense of powerlessness in the face of this female ancestor.

It feels like they might really die for the first time.

They felt that if they were beaten by this female ancestor a few more times, their energy dissipated and their bodies disappeared.

They died.

They are not really immortal!

I just didn’t meet the strong!

The feeling that they are really going to die is pervasive, and everyone is extremely scared.

After Nick got up, enduring the heart-piercing pain, he immediately shouted: “This woman is very strong! We can’t be defeated by her one by one! Let’s be together!”

Under the command of Nick, dozens of people gathered together.

Staring fiercely at the female ancestor!

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