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Chapter 2121

Here comes another one at the same level as the clown emperor!

More terrible!

And I don’t know what Lord they brought…

“How can you escape this time?”

A cold shout came.

One person stepped out of an aircraft, and when he took a step, he stepped into Levi’s face from an altitude of several hundred meters!

He ignored everything and walked flat on the ground.

Shocked the audience!

This is Richard’s immediate boss.

He is dressed in a suit, elegant yet mighty.

The danger is permeated, and the hearts of the audience are tight.

An existence no less than the clown emperor!

Soon after, another woman in a red-hot dress came, and her body exuded an evil and strange aura.

Seeing her, I always feel fear and trembling.

It is another existence comparable to the clown emperor!

Let everyone feel the pressure again!

After a few seconds, a huge wave suddenly turned up in the sea not far away.

Rushing hundreds of meters high, a whirlpool appeared…

There was even a black spot on it. After everyone looked at it clearly, they found that it was a person.

He rose into the sky, leaped forward, and appeared in front of everyone.

Another one!

These four powerhouses came together, and outside are still the best powerhouses in the laboratory of the gods.

“The Eighteen Dark Angels of the Bible Organization?”

Seeing the evil gods and them, Richard’s immediate boss directly shouted out their identities.

“Richard’s prediction is correct! Our opponent indeed seems to be the Bible organization!”

The evil woman insisted.

Richard’s immediate boss shook his head: “No, no, no! The eighteen dark angels in front fight him! It seems to be taking him away!”

The clown playing cards also sneered: “Yes! They are not in the same group! They want to take him away!”

“Then basically judge that our enemy is him! It’s just related to the Bible Organization!”

“You won’t know if you take it down!”

Who jumped out of the sea directly did it.


Bumped over with a punch.

Levi rushed out with a punch.


As soon as the fists of the two sides touched, the sky and the earth collided, and it would shatter everywhere.

Neither side moved!


The eighteen dark angels looked at each other, thinking what to do.

At this time they received an order.


Eighteen dark angels fled immediately, killing them from the weakest direction.

“How to do?”

Richard’s immediate boss waved his hand: “Let them go! Our goal is him!”

Anyway, they also knew it was the Eighteen Dark Angels.

For the time being, the Lab of the Gods is still not suitable for war with the Bible Organization.

It’s better to let them leave!

After the eighteenth dark angels left, only Levi was left alone in the field.

He is going to face the Lab of the Gods alone!

This will be the biggest crisis in Levi’s history!

Just beheading Richard, I didn’t expect all of them to be one level higher.

Blame these guys from the Bible Organization!

Have to haunt yourself!

What else can I do now?

If you die, you have to fight!

Use everything you need!

Even the taboo tricks the Lord taught him has to be used!

It’s all this kind of moment, and I have to do it!

Just these four people are unfathomable, Levi can’t grasp their combat power at all!

“Kill out!!!”

Levi roared wildly and took the initiative to attack.


He pursued the ultimate speed and power!

This punch seemed to lift the whole earth!

“Small bugs!”

Richard’s immediate boss sneered.

Terrible tattoos appeared on his arms, and the tattoos turned blood red and glowed…

A breath of death and horror erupted.


He easily blocked Levi’s punch and dispelled this majestic force.


He threw another unbelievable punch.

At this moment, Levi felt that his soul was blown away.

Chapter 2122

It seems that this body does not belong to Levi at all!

He was emptied of consciousness.

Is he too strong?

Richard’s immediate boss was not like him, who relied on conspiracy and trickery to eat.

He is pure strength!

His nickname in the Lab of the Gods is Lucifer!

That is the fallen angel in Western legends!

The existence that can be nicknamed this in the Lab of the Gods can also figure out how strong he is!


The women among the four were also shocked, she yelled out like a terrifying voice in the depths of hell.

Sharp evil horror!

It seems to crush the weakest side of people’s heart!

A terrible flame appeared above her hands. This flame was very strange and strange, accompanied by the sound of ghosts crying and howling wolves.

As if to tear everything apart.

This woman is nicknamed the Hell Witch in the Lab of the Gods!

She can control the terrible fire of hell and can burn everything!

Lucifer told Richard that you can build a pure energy body with confidence and don’t worry about being unable to control the pure energy body.

They have the ability to get rid of pure energy bodies.

One way is the hell witch!

Her hell fire can directly burn out the pure energy body!

Can’t hold it at all!

It shows how terrifying she is!

The fire of hell in the palm of the witch of hell is approaching Levi!

Levi, who was far away, already felt the compelling flame, and even his soul was burned.

He was beaten by Lucifer just now until his soul flew out.

Now the hell flame of the hell witch is here again!

In an instant, this area was enveloped by the flames of hell.

Even the ground was burned, turning black in an instant, piercing for several meters.

All are black.

The flames of hell can burn everything, nothing can stop it!

As soon as the flames of hell came out, the world seemed to be shrouded in hell.

All creatures have to go through flames…

Because of Lucifer’s trick, Levi couldn’t avoid it at all, and was directly enveloped by the flames of hell.

He can only face the flames of hell!!!


In an instant, the flames of hell penetrated his defensive airflow directly, wrapping him up!


At this moment, Levi felt that his brain consciousness was blank, and his body seemed to be fragmented and melted a little bit.

The pain hits!

The pain is beyond words!

It hurts to the bones and soul!

This hell flame seems to be burning Levi’s soul, his body has already melted!

This kind of pain Levi experienced once before.

When the Lord reshaped his martial arts for him, it was really painful.

Levi knew that at that time, the Lord was not only reshaping the martial art for him, it was completely reshaping his body.

A radical change from the inside out.

That’s why it hurts so much!

Now Levi felt this pain again!

If it weren’t for Lucifer’s trick, Levi could escape the flames of the witch of hell.

But no!

He was enveloped in the evil flames of the witch of hell!

At this time, Levi’s body was full of vigor, and he was tightly guarded, trying to stop the flames of hell.

The flames of hell peeled away his defense little by little, burned and swallowed his body little by little.

To burn him to death!!!

The hell witch made a terrible roar, and she was increasing the flame’s attack.

Upon seeing this, everyone smiled.

Levi is just the right thing!

“I’ll help the witch!”

The clown emperor let out a jealous laugh, and with a flick of his hand, the clown playing cards in his hand flew out.

At this moment, the Joker playing card turns into an indestructible weapon that can cut everything.


Levi’s vigorous defense was abruptly torn apart by the Joker playing cards.

Can’t stop it at all!


This time the flames of hell really fell on Levi’s body.


Levi let out a heartbreaking roar.

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