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Chapter 2141

The language is not surprising and endless.

Levi shouted in this voice.

The entire Tiance Mansion was shocked.


The name of the person, the shadow of the tree.

Who is Levi?

Even everyone in Tiance Mansion has heard of it.

Even the seniors of Tianji Pavilion said that you are not as good as Levi.

So when the name came out, everyone in Tiance Mansion was shocked.

Isn’t the key that Levi is dead?

How could he still be alive?

Dead again and again, why are you still alive?

Also found Tiance Mansion.

Soon the strong of Tiance Mansion appeared one after another.

Among them were some people Levi had met before, but they were all marginal figures in Tiance Mansion.

The real Tiance Mansion also came after hearing the news.

Here are the four great generals who are currently coordinating the overall situation.

In fact, there are twelve great generals in Tiance Mansion, arranged according to the zodiac signs.

The four great gods who came are the tiger head god, the horse head god, the monkey head god, and the dog head god.

These are the twelve powers besides the helm of Quetian Ce Mansion.

“Levi?? Are you still alive? How could it be possible? Didn’t you die with Lucifer in the Lab of the Gods?”

Seeing Levi alive, everyone was extremely shocked.

Levi smiled: “No way, God of Death won’t accept me!”

“You? Fire Cloud Cthulhu! Presumptuous, do you dare to come here?”

Soon everyone in Tiance Mansion locked the Fire Cloud Cthulhu next to him.

The reason why Huoyun Cthulhu can get away with it.

It was not that Tiance Mansion was unable to handle him, but that he was far from qualified to let them pay attention and specifically arrest him.

But you are here directly.

Everyone in Tiance Mansion was extremely angry.

“No wonder you can find here, it turns out it’s you!”

Everyone quickly understood why Levi could come here.

The Huoyun Cthulhu stared at them, his fists clenched.

Levi hurriedly said: “It’s my business today, it has nothing to do with them!”

Everyone focused on Levi: “What’s the matter with you?”

“I’m here to see my daughter!”

Levi said.

Ollie was even more eager.

It’s been a long time since I saw my granddaughter.

Horse Head God will directly refuse: “Non-persons from Tiance Mansion are not allowed to enter! Please go back!”

The Tiger Head God General even said: “No! The address of Tiance Mansion has been exposed! They want to leave so easily!”

“They have to wash away the memories in their minds! Only by signing a series of agreements! As for him, kill him!”

The Tiger Head will stare at the Huoyun Cthulhu.

Today he personally delivered it to the door, and they will not let it go.

“What? I came to see my daughter, can’t I?”

Levi was a little angry.

When I see my daughter, I have to get their consent.

“Today, I will see my daughter no matter what! And he is with me, whoever dares to move him is to be my enemy, Levi!”

Levi glanced at the four gods.

Now Huoyun Cthulhu has completely listened to him, and will serve Morendam in the future.

Such a character was killed here, what’s the matter?

Levi’s simple words angered everyone in Tiance Mansion, and even provoked Tiance Mansion.

“According to what you said, you can’t even let you in!”

The tiger head was also angry.

“First, Tiance Mansion is not your home. If you want to enter, you can enter and leave!”

“Second, your child is the top secret of Tiance Mansion, you can’t see anything!”

“Third, if you dare to protect him, you will be an enemy of Tiance Mansion!”

Several other people also said coldly: “Listen to us, quickly wash away the memory and leave, we don’t make it difficult for you mother and son! Of course this is because of Junjun’s face!”

“If other people don’t want to leave! You should do it yourself!”

The implication is simple.

Levi don’t want to take the initiative to see Junjun in this life.

Levi went even more horizontally: “Then what if I have to see it today?”

Chapter 2142

If you are polite to Levi, he will also be polite to you.

But you have to cross with him, he is even more cross than you!

What happened to Tiance Mansion?

Everyone in Tiance Mansion didn’t expect Levi to be so mad…

He didn’t even pay attention to Tiance Mansion.

Also instantly angered the four great generals.

Dare to provoke in Tiance Mansion and kill without mercy!


The most hot-tempered Tiger Head shot a furious blow directly at Levi.

The world changed color under a punch.

In a small space, everyone knows how terrifying this punch is.

Under his control, the power of this punch will only explode in this extremely small space, and will never spread to other areas.

It’s not scary to hit a lethal explosion, the scary thing is that he can control it!

Control the lethality within this extremely small range.

Neither Levi nor Huoyun Evil God had seen this move before.

Worthy of being Tiance Mansion!

They are really strong!

It’s just that I don’t want to expose his hole cards!

Now the Tiger Head God General’s punch is enough to explain how strong Tiance Mansion is.

The eyes of the evil god Huoyun were about to fly out.

too strong!

Terrible sense of oppression!

He is now an ant in the eyes of Tiance Mansion, let alone a long time ago.

The tiger head god will now be able to crush him with this punch.

He didn’t even have a chance to fight back!

He was too naive before.

Feeling the danger coming, the three of them already felt the breath of this punch in the small space.

That terrifying breath is like a hot flame about to melt people away.

Ollie feels the strongest!

That is deathly suffocation!

The tiger head god will want several people to die.

One shot is an extinction killer move!

Levi was the only one in the field who didn’t rush at all.


He also slammed it up with a punch.


There was a dull sound.

The movement was not big, just because both of them controlled it.

Control all power in a small space.

Will not make too much noise.

But with a punch, Levi had nothing to do.

Easily resolve this punch by the Tiger Head God.

The audience was shocked!

This is the head of the tiger!

Among the twelve great generals, the force value is the first few existences.

It is also extremely terrifying in Tiance Mansion.

He is a top killer when he shoots.

It was easily blocked by someone.

This is incredible!!!

For a long time, even though the outside world has told Levi how to be a god, savior and the like.

But everyone in Tiance Mansion didn’t take them seriously.

It’s not that they hold high.

Mainly, they have always existed like gods.

No matter how powerful Levi is, they can only be human.

Some miracles that people do are routine operations in the hands of gods like them.

So no one saw Levi in his eyes.

Especially some people say that Tiance Mansion is not as good as Levi.

This makes them angry, even resentful.

Seeing Levi here today, many people are actually quite cool.

Because finally had the opportunity to teach Levi a lesson, let the world know how powerful Tiance Mansion is.

Let everyone know that Levi is vulnerable.

In particular, Levi angered Tiance Mansion and made everyone more excited.

Sure enough, in the end, the tiger head will make a move.

But the result?

He was easily stopped by Levi.


It turns out that mortals can really challenge God?

So Levi is really so strong?

This is still skipping the too many powerhouses in Tiance Mansion and directly doing it with the gods.


The complexion of the four great gods also changed drastically one after another.

This this this…

The tiger head is going crazy.

For him, it was a shame to him not to beat Levi to death with one punch!

Now it has been taken over.

The Tiger Head God General has become angry!

“You are looking for death!!!”

The tiger head will roar.

He wants to show his true strength to wash away the shame!

Levi must die!

“I’m going to see my daughter today, whoever stops me and I do it!”

Levi was also angry.

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