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Chapter 2155

They tried their best to die to the last minute.

It’s just a pity.

They only lasted more than twenty minutes.

It’s not even an hour away.

Hate it!

I hate it!

Soon they will all be killed.

It doesn’t matter if they die.

But when they die, Golden Harbor Island will fall.

Countless people will die because of this…


He Qingxue shouted unwillingly.


The blood alien has appeared in front of He Qingxue and grabbed her.

He stared at He Qingxue.

Seems to be shocked by He Qingxue’s stubbornness.

“Come on! I’m not afraid of you!”

The eyes of the blood race turned red, and he bit He Qingxue in one bite.


But at this moment, an unprecedented force blasted towards the blood race aliens.

Bounce him abruptly.

He Qingxue was also released.

The sudden scene made everyone present dumbfounded.

what’s going on? ? ?

When I watched it again, there were already two more people in the field.

One of them felt very familiar to everyone.


Isn’t this Levi?


He Qingxue just about to exclaim.

But suddenly I felt something was wrong.

Isn’t Levi dead?

Although it was a suspended animation last time on Golden Harbor Island, he eventually died.

He can’t live.

But now it looks exactly the same.

Gambling kings, why not so.

But before he had time to inquire, the blood clan aliens over there let out an angry roar.

At this time everyone noticed that the blood alien was ejected just now.

This is unprecedented.

Before, they tried their best to keep this blood race alien from moving.

No matter how he attacked, he was as stable as a mountain.

But now he was ejected…

It shows how strong these two people are?

Everyone seems to be saved…

The blood clan aliens stared at Levi and Huoyun Cthulhu.

He was ejected just now, and his face was probably greatly damaged.

The anger was extreme at this moment.

Levi and Huoyun Cthulhu stared at him, and Levi even asked, “Do you know what species is Lao Xie?”

“If you guessed it correctly, it should be an ancient kinship in the West! But it is different from what I think! The kinship members are mostly handsome, so ugly is unheard of!”

Huoyun evil divine way.

Everyone: “…”.

Is this crazy?

At this time, these two people even commented on the appearance of this blood race.

This is not taking him as a human being!!!

“No! This is the blood clan! And it is the powerful blood ancestor of the blood clan!!!”

Another voice sounded.

Eighteen dark angels all appeared.

The eighteen people exuded a dangerous aura, so that the blood monsters were all taken aback, and they turned their attention to the eighteen dark angels.

This surprised He Qingxue and the others.

Is there another strong person here?

Are they completely safe?

“Blood Progenitor?”

But when they heard the words of the dark angel, the gambling king and the Huoyun evil god changed their faces.

The blood ancestor is the most powerful existence in the ancient blood clan.

Legend has it that these blood races can live for thousands of years.

The physique is even more terrifying to the sky.

But it can be seen from the place where the great clown brought these coffins out.

They have been hiding in those places for a long, long time.

It may be hundreds or even thousands of years.

Their appearance is a disaster.

“I didn’t expect them to release the blood ancestors! There are already three blood ancestors already known!”

The dark angel couldn’t help saying.

Levi knew who they were talking about.

The Lab of the Gods!

They are really lingering!

Something frantic happened.

By now, everyone knows what keeps raging in the sun.

It is this thing in front of me.

Seeing everyone discussing, the blood ancestor felt that he had been ignored.

He became more and more angry.

Finally, I caught sight of Levi!

Chapter 2156

After all, he knew that Levi had just knocked him off.

In addition, Levi has always ignored his existence.

So he killed Levi like crazy.


The blood ancestor had extremely terrifying speed, and instantly appeared before Levi.

Grabbed him.

But this catch caught loneliness.

Only caught the air.

Because Levi avoided during the extreme operation.

This made the Scarlet Blood Ancestor’s eyes suddenly widened, unbelievably full.

There are still people who can escape? ? ?

The same is true for others.


Before the blood ancestor had time to think, Levi appeared behind him and kicked him out.

This is the second time the blood ancestor has been bombed out.

So shocked!

He Qingxue and the others were dumbfounded.

What kind of combat power is this?

But Levi was not happy at all.

Because he attacked twice, even though he was beaten out by the blood ancestor, it made him very embarrassed.

But it’s useless at all.

No injuries were caused to him.

Is this physique terrible?

The blood ancestor, who became angry and furious, killed Levi again and again.

However, Levi avoided it time and time again, and even fought back.

But no matter what trick Levi uses, the blood ancestor will not be injured.

Will only kill Levi even more angrily.

The blood ancestor went crazy, I don’t know why the blood in Levi’s body suddenly surged.

Feeling a terrible traction, blood is about to burst out.

The blood ancestor wants to volley to suck out Levi’s blood…

“Suck my blood? Dreaming! Mosquitoes can’t do, let alone you!”

Levi came forward suddenly.

The left hand pointed out.

It is the fingering to kill the pure energy body, which bases all the power on the burst of one point.

His right hand hit the blood ancestor’s body one by one.

Contains multiple strengths in it!

This is a two-pronged approach!


The outbreak based on one point was just about to begin, and it was abruptly disappeared.

As for the multiple strengths, it did not break out at all.

Because the blood ancestor’s physique can be said to be against the sky, multiple strengths and burst fingering based on one point can’t penetrate his body at all.

It is far from the effect of harm.

This is the power of blood ancestors.

Ignore all attacks.

However, Levi’s strength also completely angered the blood ancestors.

This time he was really going crazy.

His eyes were red, as if blood was flowing.

Moreover, he is getting stronger and stronger.

Is gradually returning to his previous strength!

“Fuck it! This won’t work!”

Even Levi was stunned.

“Sir, let me help you!”

Huoyun Cthulhu couldn’t stand it anymore.

As for the eighteenth dark angels, they were watching the show nearby.

They will not take action in this situation.

The more embarrassed Levi, the better.

Seeing that the blood ancestor was about to attack Xiang Levi, Levi ran away suddenly.

The blood ancestor immediately pursued it.

It’s just that Levi ran in the direction of the Eighteen Dark Angels impartially.

They are still watching the theater.

Levi suddenly brought people over, and more than a dozen people were caught off guard.

Levi provoked discord together again.

Soon the Eighteen Dark Angels had no choice but to attack the blood ancestors.

The enraged blood ancestor can only fight desperately with the eighteen dark angels.

But Levi ran away instantly.

The eighteen dark angels wanted to retreat, but some of them were entangled.

Then I can only fight.

“Levi is here for your uncle!!!”

Several people of Underworld God yelled.

Levi pitted them.

It is simply not human behavior.

They are all going crazy.

Levi smiled, he dodged aside, and took the injured He Qingxue away with Huoyun Cthulhu.

Levi was not ashamed of this.

Last time these guys also cheated themselves like this.

He also pit himself to death.

Not too much, right?

After setting up He Qingxue and the others, Levi and the others quickly returned.

Their purpose is to know the whereabouts of Sarah, so they have to go back to the theater.

See if the blood ancestors are great, or they are great.

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