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Chapter 2183

Following Levi, he really couldn’t get to where he is now, and this has to depend on the young commander of the sky.

The era of Levi has passed.

It can only be regarded as Qilin’s belief.

“I know that Levi is your boss, and he holds a position heavier than the sky in your hearts! But at that time, Levi suppressed the Quartet and acted as the savior again and again! But you can’t do anything. Don’t you want to catch up with him or even surpass him? ?”

The little commander of Tiance made Qilin and the others silent again with a word.

Kirin they acquiesced.

They were the most desperate when they had nothing to do and couldn’t help.

At that time, they swore to catch up with Levi and to keep up with Levi’s footsteps.

Levi has always been their weather vane.

They naturally want to surpass.

It’s really exceeded now.

They reached another world, a world that Levi had never reached.

“Aren’t you proving yourself now? Better than your boss! I really hope Levi will show up, knowing that you are better than him! I believe he will be very happy too!”

Marshal Tiance smiled.

But what he actually said is very simple, that is, Levi can’t do it!

But this is still very comfortable in Qilin’s ears.

First: Did not insult Levi, but recognized Levi’s position in their hearts.

Second: They also affirmed their strength.

“Do you still think I am not suitable for the helm of Kunlun Industry?”

Asked the marshal Tiance.

No one objected this time.

They even admitted Qilin.

“In addition to praising everyone this time, there is another important event to inform you!”

Hearing that, everyone cheered up.

“There will be an ancient weapon in the ancient ruins in Velador… once this ancient weapon comes out, it will attract countless people! The big foreign forces will no longer care about their faces, they will come to Velador at any cost. snatch!”

The marshal Tiance glanced at it: “This ancient weapon is too important! So we must not fall into the hands of others! Kunlun Industry must do everything possible to snatch it! I will help you in secret! This ancient weapon must remain in Kunlun Industry! Understand?”


Everyone nodded.

“Everyone prepare! This battle may be extremely tragic! Even the strongest battle in the past three years! You must be mentally prepared!”

The marshal Tiance exhorted a few more words.

Everyone was puzzled.

What kind of ancient weapon is it that can attract such a big movement?

Because of the unicorn and the white tiger, they each got a worthy ancient weapon.

But where is this kind of influence?

What the hell is this weapon?

“Don’t worry! We will definitely keep this weapon! Let it stay in Velador!”

“In this battle we are fighting for Velador, and in this battle we are fighting for the boss! Boss, take a good look at our strength!”

Kunlun Industry and Tiance Mansion are actively preparing.

The rest of Velador knew that the forces or people of this weapon were also preparing.

Not only that.

Soon the fact that Velador unearthed a peerless weapon spread all over the world, and all forces were ready to move.

the other side.

Tiance Mansion.

Several great ancestors looked atAubrey lovingly.

“Is it time? Should you letAubrey go down the mountain and go around?”

Someone said.

“Yeah, the time has come! Junjun should go out and have a look! They are all grown up as big girls!”

The others all smiled too.


The female ancestor sighed with a look of dismay.

“I askedAubrey to go out and go around. It just so happened. Isn’t that sword coming out? Junjun go to meet the world and join in the fun!”

Said the female ancestor.

The others nodded: “Yes! This is a great opportunity!”

Aubrey also looked excited.

She can finally go out and find her parents.

Chapter 2184

Aubrey packed up and left Tiance Mansion with his grandma.

This is almost the busiest day in Tiance Mansion.

Everyone is looking forward to this little ancestor coming out of the mountain.

However, at the same time, Tiance Mansion blocked the news ofAubrey’s emergence.

Except for internal personnel, no one knows about it.

However, the female ancestor couldn’t stand it for only one hour afterAubrey left.

She has no children in her life.

Suddenly aAubrey emerged from the lonely life, and he became splendid.

Now thatAubrey is gone, she can’t stand it at all.

“No! I have to followAubrey!”

The female ancestor couldn’t help it anymore, she was about to follow.

Another male ancestor from the Baolong clan said earnestly: “You are not like this, can you protectAubrey forever? You can’t let her become a flower in a greenhouse!”

The other ancestors glared at him: “Okay, then don’t go, we will all go!”

It turns out that everyone else, just like the female ancestor, is crazy.

For a few hours afterAubrey left, they scratched their heads and went crazy.

Now I am waiting for someone to come forward and findAubrey.

When the female ancestor brought it up, she naturally responded.

The female ancestor looked at each other with the other ancestors and left immediately, disappearing instantly.


The ancestor of the Baolong clan was directly dumbfounded.

“Hey, hey, wait for me! I’ll just say that! I miss you more than you!”

This ancestor also immediately followed.

Everyone in Tiance Mansion: “…”.

When will these ancestors leave Tiance Mansion?

This was absolutely impossible before!

Several great ancestors immediately caught up with Aubrey, and after seeing Aubrey, everyone breathed a sigh of relief and smiled.

But they just follow from a distance, as long as there isAubrey in their eyes.

“Isn’t this all right? We follow from a distance, not to appear in front ofAubrey, and not to disturb her future life!”

“Yeah! We don’t interfere with everything aboutAubrey! Once there is a danger, Junjun will solve it by herself. If she can’t solve it or if she encounters life danger, we will take action! In this way, the purpose ofAubrey’s experience is achieved, and we can protect she!”

I heard the female ancestor say so.

The others nodded.

This method is good.

“You guys just don’t know how to work! I stayed for too long and my brain is rusty! I asked, are we doing any harm toAubrey’s experience like this?”

The female ancestor said domineeringly.

“No! It really has no effect at all!”

Several ancestors smiled like children.

They would be satisfied if they could seeAubrey.

Aubrey not only can experience, but they can take action at any time when it is dangerous.

He didn’t know thatAubrey was in danger, but in Tiance Mansion, he couldn’t make a move because of the distance.

“What’s more, we can also travel through great rivers and mountains. We haven’t come out for a long time, okay?”

The female ancestor’s words are justified and well-founded, and others have no reason to refute it.

Under the invisible protection of several ancestors, Aubrey started his experience.

These are definitely the strongest bodyguards…

AfterAubrey left Tiance Mansion, he first went to see his grandpa and grandma.

I learned that my father had disappeared for three years, and there was no news at all.

Even the uncles like Qilin have no news at all.

Even more terrifying is that his mother became Velador’s public enemy, the world’s murderer.

This made Aubrey almost collapsed.

“Mom, why did you become like this???”

“And where are you, dad? Come back soon!!!”

Aubrey shouted.

In the dark cage of the old lair of the Bible organization thousands of miles away.

Huoyun Cthulhu sat on the ground in despair, but at this moment he seemed to see Levi move?

I don’t know if it is an illusion or true.

“Sir, are you awake?”

Huo Yun Cthulhu asked quickly.

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