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Chapter 2199

On the other side, Levi and Huoyun Cthulhu crossed all the way.

Walked past the place where the Eighteen Dark Angels took them.

This road is deserted.

Basically nothing has changed from three years ago.

But when they came near Kangaroo Country, Levi and Huoyun Cthulhu knew that the world had changed greatly in the past three years.

There are too many strong people.

The kangaroo country, which was originally suppressed by the blood ancestors and helpless, is now full of strong people, everywhere.

Levi’s current perception is a bit exaggerated, and he has reached the point of insight into everything.

He closed his eyes to perceive.

As if the whole kangaroo country was in his perception.

Especially energy fluctuations can’t escape his perception.

Every person and every creature emits so much energy.

Levi judges whether he is strong or not based on the amount of energy.

With this perception, he knew that this era had changed.

There are too many strong people.

Perhaps the self three years ago is really nothing in this era.

It is estimated that there is nothing I can do when encountering some things.

But three years later, when the whole world was in great development, Levi became stronger faster, reaching a situation that no one could imagine.

Continue to shuttle in Kangaroo Country.

Levi and the two also encountered some short-sighted people who came to pick things up.

However, without Levi’s action, the Huoyun Cthulhu could take care of them.

“Speaking of which, this kangaroo country still owes me a kindness! There is a chance that they will come back!”

Levi’s grievances are clear.

Remember these.

Soon, after getting in touch with something.

Levi and they learned about this era seven or eighty-eight.

Knowing that it was the day when the Heavenly Sword was born, all parties gathered.

He knew more about Sarah.

“I’m afraid this is the conspiracy of the Dark God! He originally wanted to hone me into a killing machine, right? But later failed for various reasons! Even imprisoned me in a dark cage did not succeed!”

Levi probably knows everything.

Huo Yun Cthulhu also said angrily: “This person is damned!!!”

“Go, go to Velador!”

Levi rushed towards Velador with the evil spirit of Huoyun.

“Before the Heaven Sword was born, I just said one thing! It doesn’t matter if everyone competes with each other! But if anyone threatens Velador at all, my Tiance Mansion will definitely kill it!”

Young Master Tiance said coldly.

After listening, everyone began to wait.

“Kacha Kacha…”

The ice sheet began to shatter in large areas.

A wave of scorching aura bombarded straight into the sky.

Roads of dull thunder came in mid-air.

The Heavenly Sword is coming out.

Everyone already felt the domineering aura of the Heavenly Sword.

Too strong, too strong.

Excited, nervous.

Everyone is looking forward to it.


After the mountain shook for a while, the ice sheet completely collapsed, and the hot breath erupting from the Heaven Sword instantly evaporated all the water.

The heavenly sword in the depths is finally about to see the sun again!

“Coming out! Coming out!”

At this moment, everyone was crazy, jumping into the collapsed pit to compete for the heavenly sword.

Sarah rushed out first.

It turned into a streamer and disappeared instantly.

“Do you still want to fight for the Heavenly Sword?”

The voice fell, and the strongest jumped into the big pit one after another.

In addition to the Ye Clan, the top ten forces in Velador also jumped in.

Imperial organization

Maya Industry;

Orion Group;

The four blood ancestors also rushed down.

Not only that, the strong people who have been hiding in the dark for a long time can’t stand it anymore.

One by one jumped into the big pit, for fear of lagging behind others.

The young marshal of Tiance who controlled the field made all the strong under his command ready.

Together with the major powerhouses of Kunlun Industry, they are also guarding everywhere.

This is his world, and the Marshal Tiance must firmly control it.

On the other side, Ye Wudao didn’t rush.

“The first one won may not be able to take away the Heavenly Sword! I will wait until they get tired before I shoot!”

Ye Wudao arrogantly glanced at Young Marshal Tiance.

Chapter 2200

In each other’s eyes, they are rivals.

Others, although the world’s major forces are strong, half of the powers of the gods have come.

But neither of them paid attention to it.

The biggest threat is at the end.

Hundreds of thousands of people jumped into the deep pit where the ice sheet collapsed.

The pit is about three kilometers deep.

It stands to reason that the lower it gets, the colder it gets. People are instantly frozen into popsicles, and the depths of two to three kilometers are even more cold than you can imagine.

But now it gets hotter as it goes down, as if approaching the sun.

Soon, everyone has seen the dazzling light from below.

Heavenly Sword! ! !

Sarah has seen the Heavenly Sword!


Sarah rushed to grab the Heavenly Sword.

But the scorching heat from the sky sword repelled her burns.

Looking at the hand that was burned and unable to recover for a while.

Sarah was shocked.




The other strong men went to grab the sky sword, but they were all burned.

It’s not close at all.

It is impossible to approach within tens of meters around the sky sword.

In particular, the Heavenly Sword also restrained the blood race. When the four great blood ancestors approached, the sun’s breath of the Heavenly Sword was even more terrifying to the blood ancestors.

The four blood ancestors let out a scream.


Almost everyone was dumbfounded.

He couldn’t even get close to the sky sword, let alone take the sky sword.

After that, there were continuous attempts by the strong, but they were all burned by the aura of the sky sword and forced to retreat.

And the aura of the sky sword is getting stronger and stronger!

If the Heaven Sword is taken away forcibly, it is estimated that it will be torn apart by the Sun Qi of the Heaven Sword.

This is equivalent to an indiscriminate attack, which no one can bear.

“I see! The Heavenly Sword has been sealed here for too long! If the sword is unsealed today, the aura is full! This is also the strongest moment of the Heavenly Sword! We can’t bear the aura alone!”

Someone said.

“Then what shall we do? Do you wait for the Heaven Sword’s breath to weaken before taking it?”

“Yes, it can only do this! Wait until the sky sword aura becomes weak! Force the sky sword, unless it is stronger than the sky sword! But almost no one can!”

Sarah became anxious.

In any case, she has to get the heavenly sword for her teacher.

At this moment, a figure appeared next to her.

Underworld God!

Before the Dark God sent almost all the strong men of the Bible organization, only the Dark God remained.

Because there are other uses.

Now is the time for the evil god to manifest its role.

He handed plum a special glove dyed.

This glove is made by the Dark God absorbing the dark to gloomy air current of the earth knife.

Specially used to take away the Heavenly Sword.

The dark god who owns the earth sword knows the sky sword better than anyone else.

To take away the Heavenly Sword, Sarah’s level of power must rely on this glove to eliminate the sun’s breath of the Heavenly Sword.

Only in this way can I get the Heavenly Sword!

After Sarah reacted, he immediately put on his gloves and grabbed the sky sword.

“A fool? Want to shake the sky sword hard?”

When everyone saw Sarah going to grab the Heavenly Sword, they thought she was crazy and that she was going to be crushed by the sun’s breath of the Heavenly Sword.

When the sun’s breath of Tianjian hit Sarah, the gloves came into play.

The dark to yin breath erupted, yin and yang merged, and the deterrence of the sky sword was useless in an instant.

In the shocked eyes of everyone, Sarah pulled out the Heavenly Sword.

“Huh? This!”

Everyone looks incredible.

Sarah did it?


Sarah rushed to the ground immediately after receiving the order.

“Don’t let him run! Don’t let the heavenly sword fall into her hands!”

Everyone gradually reacted, and immediately caught up.

There are also some people who block Sarah.

“The one who stopped me died!”

Sarah uses Tianjian directly.

The Heavenly Sword’s Sunshine Sword Qi blasted out, and the crowd blocking in front of him directly turned into blood mist.

You must know that these people are strong.

“The Heavenly Sword is terrifying!”

Everyone was shocked by the power of the Heavenly Sword.

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