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Chapter 2215

Along with the voice, two figures appeared.

Levi and Huoyun Cthulhu.

This time they are in their true colors.

There is no more disguise.

In front, Levi shaped a military ceiling.

In fact, there are many benefits.

People all over the world only know that this person is strong, but they don’t know who it is?

There is no information at all.

This way the more guessing, the more mysterious, the more terrifying!

After all, it is equivalent to unknown territory!

Everyone is scared and curious about the unknown…

Without absolute certainty, I dare not explore at all.

Velador, where there are super powers now, is a taboo, an unknown territory.

No one dared to touch Velador.

But now Levi wants to see his daughter’s wife in his true colors.

Huoyun Cthulhu wanted to stop but didn’t stop it.

He was also worried that he would let the Dark God know that they were out.

Levi said it didn’t matter, he would kill the dark god sooner or later.

It doesn’t matter to let him know…

“Ye… Levi???”

Everyone was dumbfounded when he saw Levi.

“I…Isn’t this dreaming?”


Levi disappeared for more than three years, and no one has forgotten him.

Just in everyone’s concept, this person no longer exists.

This is a state more terrifying than death.

After you die, at least everyone knows where you belong, and they often talk about it.

But it disappeared, no one mentioned it.

Now that Levi appeared at once, everyone was dumbfounded.

It all feels unreal.

It’s like dreaming.

Levi is still alive?

He actually came back?

“what’s the situation???”

Everyone has an unbelievable look.


Aubrey lost control and threw himself into Levi’s arms.


When Levi’s face appeared in Sarah’s eyes, she was shocked.

The body trembled violently!

It seems that her worldview, outlook on life, etc. have all collapsed at this moment.

In the past three years, she has always been thinking about how to avenge Levi.

She was dazzled by hatred, and she was honed by the Dark God into the most perfect killing machine.

But when she saw Levi, all her beliefs collapsed.

Levi was not dead at all!

“Mom, I told you earlier that Dad is not dead, he just disappeared!”

“Now he is back!”

Aubrey said excitedly.

Sarah got up with difficulty, her frozen heart loosened a little, and her face became much more normal.

“Where have you been in such a long world of King’s Landing?”

Ollie asked excitedly.

Levi sighed and said, “I was trapped by someone’s design. I was trapped for three years!”

Now everyone knew where Levi had disappeared.

It turned out to be trapped.

Then everyone is even more sure that Levi’s strength still stayed three years ago, in this era, he can only be regarded as a medium power!

In this era, it is simply not top-notch.

“Ye Jun has been here for three years, do you know how much this world has changed?”

Mike said with a smile.

Levi glanced at them: “The changes are indeed quite big, you all have been released!”

“Do you know Levi? You are not a strong man at all in this era! How can you keep Sarah? She is now the enemy of Da Family, an out-and-out murderer!”

Everyone said one after another.

Levi sneered and said, “Rely on what? Rely on fists!”


Everyone laughed.

They all thought that Levi hadn’t realized how far the world had developed…

After he got in touch, he knew what cruelty was.

What a sense of powerlessness!

Everyone wants to kill Sarah, he can’t stop it at all.

Can only watch!

“Levi, you don’t even know how weak you are in this world…”


Chapter 2216

Originally, Mike and others wanted to drive Sarah out of Velador directly.

But now that Ye Jun is here, their thoughts have changed again.

They wanted Levi to watch Sarah being killed.

To let Levi know how far the world has developed and how strong are the strong? How small is he?

Sarah looked at Levi in surprise: “You… are you still alive?”

“Yes, I’m still alive! Everything is dark and the God is using you! Using your desire to avenge me, temper you into a killing machine!”

Levi explained.

Sarah, who has always believed in the God of Darkness, looked puzzled at this time.

Suspected unexpectedly.

Levi in front of him is not an impersonator, he is still alive!

This is the problem of the Dark God…

“Maybe the master didn’t know that you were still alive! But he took revenge for you! Together I got rid of one enemy after another! Finally, I killed the Lab of the Gods! Now the Lab of the Gods is indeed from the world. Disappeared! It was me and Master who worked together to kill! I saw the destruction of the Gods Laboratory with my own eyes!”

When Sarah said this, Levi was taken aback.

“What? The Lab of the Gods disappeared? How could it be possible?”

Levi couldn’t believe that the Lab of the Gods would disappear.

Judging from his general understanding of the development of this era, it is indeed earth-shaking.

It stands to reason that the Lab of the Gods is the leader of this era.

They have the background and so on, absolutely let them become the biggest beneficiaries of this era.

How could it disappear?

Is the darkness destroyed by God?

Less likely!

Junjun on the side explained: “Dad, the Gods Laboratory has indeed disappeared! It has slowly disappeared in the past three years! There are still activities in the first year. Lucifer, who died with you, is actually not dead. He was in the first place. Activities were frequent during the year, but disappeared completely in the next two years.”

“You are like the Lab of the Gods, completely forgotten!”

This is true for the disappearance of the Lab of the Gods.

But Levi affirmed that they were observing the entire world in secret, and the Gods Laboratory was definitely brewing a big plan.

When they appear, any organizational power will be scum.

No one is their opponent!

What Maya industry, the imperial organization also replaced the laboratories of the gods, more powerful than the laboratories of the gods.

It’s all bullshit!

When the laboratory of the gods appeared, the world knew what was powerful.

Just like the disappeared Levi.

Once it appears, it is the battle ceiling.

Levi can foresee that the Lab of the Gods will be like him, the return of the king…

“Yes, that’s right! Master and I destroyed the Lab of the Gods! Regarding your alive in King’s Landing, perhaps the Master has no way of knowing about it! But the Master has done a lot to get me revenge!”

“As for the master to use me, it’s impossible!”

This is the power of the Dark God.

Mold yourself into the faith of Sarah!

Sarah would not doubt every word he said.

Others say that the dark god is not good, she will not believe it, but will be angry…

This is the situation now.

And what happened logically makes sense…

There is no substantive evidence that the Dark God is using it.

So Sarah didn’t believe what Levi said.

Levi immediately denied: “Impossible! How could it be possible to destroy the Lab of the Gods with you and the Dark God! It is absolutely impossible! You have been cheated! He has been using you all the time! This is absolutely the case!”

Destroy the Lab of the Gods?

Are you kidding me?

Let me put it this way.

Levi felt that he couldn’t be destroyed with his current strength.

How can Sarah add darkness to God?

The Dark God is at best as he is now.

Not even as good!

“But I personally participated in the demise of the Lab of the Gods, and saw the fall of the Lab of the Gods with my own eyes! How do you say this? Do you have evidence?”

Sarah began to refute.

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