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Chapter 2223

First, let out the news that you are alive and reveal your current position.

Second, to incite emotions and make everyone hate Sarah, so as to kill her.

These two points were enough for everyone to target Levi.

By then the world will be enemies!

In order to protect Sarah, Levi must do something.

Facing the coercion of the entire Velador and the whole world, Levi is bound to show his strength.

At that time, the Dark God will know Levi’s true strength.

So as to judge how Levi came out of the dark prison…

This is the test and plan of the Dark God.

Case York has once again become a place of world attention.

Groups of powerful people came here and quietly blocked Case York.

People from Case York are not allowed to go out.

They are bound to leave Sarah here forever.

A person also wants to make Levi die tragically…

Not dying also let him know the cruelty of this world, let him know how weak he is in this era!

There are many people who want to see how this former king was like.

Not only Velador, people come from all over the world.

Therefore, the people who came this time were no less than the level at which the Heavenly Sword was born.

Wesley, Qilin and others arrived early.

Seeing Levi, everyone was extremely excited.

“Boss, you are still alive! That’s great!”

Wesley and others were extremely excited when they saw Levi.

Everyone gave Levi a big hug.

They have always regarded Levi as a vane of progress!

Gradually they have become spiritual symbols.

Whether Levi is strong or not, he is their boss.

The significance to them is extraordinary, and no one can replace it.


The Common Killer also said hello.

“Junlin (brother)!”

Wen Lei and Regina also rushed up.

They are all senior members of Kunlun Industry, and they came together in a team.

Now each is a giant on its own.

Either one is strong on the god list, or the strong on the quasi god list.

It is said that the strong are like a cloud now, and the previous god list was only one hundred on the list, far from being included.

Now a new god list is about to be launched, and there are a thousand people on the list.

But the end of the one-thousand-person god list is stronger than the previous one-hundred-person god list.

It shows how terrifying the changes in the third year are.

If the Thousand People God List is launched, all these people will be on the list right now.

Levi looked around at the crowd and nodded in satisfaction.

“Yes! Too much progress one by one! Step into the ranks of the strong!”

Levi can clearly feel the Azure Dragon, Qilin and the others have changed too much.

But there is a problem, the energy and elements in their bodies are very mixed.

It’s even disorganized.

Explain that they have practiced everything in the past three years.

Use every method to improve yourself.

Instead, the basic exercises he gave them were abandoned.

However, what they don’t know is that this basic exercise is the most powerful.

Ye Jun also abandoned all cultivation when he was in retreat.

Pursue the ultimate speed and power.

So now Ye Jun has come to this point!

It is no exaggeration to say, let your age be so powerful, there is no thing that Levi can’t do with a punch.

At the beginning, Levi also gave these brothers a lot of money, and taught them the most precious things.

But now it seems to have been abandoned.

Everyone was very excited to see the boss’s appreciative and satisfied look.

Being recognized is a great thing.

Especially recognized by your faith.

In the past three years, in fact, everyone sighed and wanted Ye Jun to come back and let him see how strong he was.

This is a kind of psychology that a child gains a reputation and wants to show his family and friends.

But seeing Levi frowning, everyone was puzzled.

“Is there anything wrong with the boss?”

Qilin asked.

Levi sighed and said, “I don’t need what I taught you?”

Chapter 2224

When these words came out, Qilin Wesley and others looked at each other.

Everyone is unwilling to face this problem.

Afraid of hurting Levi.

In the end, Qilin boldly said: “The boss said something you don’t want to hear! The exercises you passed to us are too basic!

In this cruel age, all kinds of ancient exercises and modern cultivation methods are flying all over the sky! Your practice has been eliminated long ago! Doesn’t fit this era at all! “

As if afraid that Levi would be angry, Wesley immediately added: “Boss! Kirin has no other meaning! The times are developing too fast! There are too many powerful exercises! Your exercise has indeed been eliminated!

For example, the ancient exercises found by Kunlun Industry from ancient relics have strengthened us tenfold, or even a hundredfold, in one month! But your basic practice is afraid that it will not increase tenfold in one year of cultivation! It should be eliminated! “

Tylera also echoed: “What’s more, the boss, our foundation is already good enough! Your practice is used to lay the foundation! It is precisely because our foundation is good! So we cultivate those ancient and modern cultivation methods. , We are improving at the same speed as riding a rocket!”

Commoner Killing God, Ron, Owen, they all saw Levi’s gloomy face, and they all said: “The boss (sir) is really fast-moving! There are too many good things! They didn’t mean to belittle you!”


Huoyun Cthulhu looked at the crowd and shook his head helplessly.

Secretly sighed: “Rapid development? You don’t know what speed is called! In front of this person, your strength is not as good as someone sneezes!”

Wen Lei smiled and said, “Farewell to you! The main reason is that you don’t understand this era! I heard that you have been trapped for three years! Everything about you is still three years ago! You will understand when you understand this era. !

Almost everything in three years was eliminated! It’s not just your exercises! Even the science and technology that the Lab of the Gods is proud of has been eliminated! Compared with Kunlun Industry’s stuff, it is pediatrics! “

“Take the pure energy body as an example! As soon as you came out three years ago, no one can do it! But now the pure energy body has to stand up! Otherwise, you will die at any time!”

Wen Lei’s explanation is very vivid.

Everyone nodded.

Everything was eliminated three years ago.

Including Levi and his techniques.

In this era, Levi’s exercises are just like aerobics…

It’s not useful at all.

“Well, I know! You all have the right to choose! What’s more, you have become so much stronger! I won’t blame you!”

Levi said lightly.

Qilin and the others were excited to hear: “Boss, don’t worry! We will continue to work hard! Make you proud of us!”

“Boss, don’t worry! With us, no one dares to do anything to you! You used to lead us and guard us! Now we are here to guard you!”

But this sounded very harsh in the ears.

It seems to be saying: Levi is not working now, and you are weak because you are eliminated by the times. We will guard you from now on.

Realizing that they had said something wrong, the Qilin people immediately changed their words: “Boss, we didn’t mean you are weak…but the times are true! Boss, your strength is not considered the top power in this era! But don’t be afraid, you should We are the one who guards you!”

“And the boss, we believe in you, you will soon adapt to this era! You will also get some opportunities to improve!”

“With your unparalleled talent and hard work, we believe that you will become a top power again soon!”

This is a sincere blessing.

At this stage, Levi can only be regarded as medium.

But they believed that Levi’s talent would catch up soon.

But for the time being, it is not as strong as them, and it must be protected by them.


Huo Yun Cthulhu couldn’t hold back, and laughed out loud.

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