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Chapter 2239

“Yes, kill her!”

“Plum dyes this great demon and kills people like hemp! Treats human life like weeds! Damn it!”

If one person yells, the second person yells.

Except for some elders, Mike and his like are all shouting.

They are scared!

Although they are pure energy bodies with super powers, they feel more fragile than ordinary bodies.

They are more afraid of death.

It’s the same as paper.

Life-saving is important at this time, what is Sarah?

“That’s our granddaughter, how can we force her to die?”

The old ladies are naturally unwilling.

“Parents, if you don’t want to, our whole family will suffer!”

Mike tried their best to persuade them.

Ye Wudao looked at the scene before him with a smile.

“Sarah hasn’t come out yet, please force her out!”

Ye Wudao shouted.

Mike, Nick and the others rushed to the front and shouted.

“Sarah, don’t you come out to face it? This is all your catastrophe!”

“Do you still want to hurt us? You are so selfish!”

Under the persecution of everyone, Sarah walked out slowly.

The eyes of her enemies burst into anger.

“Kill! Kill! Kill!”

Everyone is crazy.

These days of incitement, the whole world’s hatred for Sarah is deeply rooted.

Everyone can’t wait to be cramped!

Seeing Sarah, they felt as if they had fallen into a demon.

This is the anger of the whole world!

Now let Sarah bear it alone!

It shows that the incitement of the Dark God is successful.

At this moment, the Dark God and the Bible organization have been observing the situation here.

To test Levi’s strength, come with the biggest wave.

Drive him into the most dangerous situation-against the entire world.

Only in this way can he measure his true strength.

Once the plum was dyed, everyone finally understood what the anger in the world was like.

Faced with the condemnation of hundreds of thousands of people, Sarah was scared.

But seeing Levi here, anger shot into her eyes.

“Want to kill me? Come on! Show your true ability to kill me!”

Li Zi dyed and stared at everyone.

“Have you seen it? This is the devil! The murderous aura is so heavy at this time!”

Ye Wudao sneered.

“Kill her! Kill her!”

Everyone’s emotions were mobilized, and they shouted one after another.

The planned unicorns were sweating all over, holding hands tightly, and their legs trembling a little.

This time, they secretly opened a way for Levi and them.

Let them go.

“Ziran, come here!”

Levi pulled Sarah in front of him.

He looked at the people and said, “I’m here to declare one thing to everyone! First of all, I admit the killing karma created by my wife!

But the actual situation is-my wife was used by the dark god of the Bible organization! The people she killed over the years were arranged by the Dark God alone! My wife is now like this, all because of the dark god! “


“Levi clearly killed your wife. What does it have to do with other people?”

“Don’t worry about who plans it, I’ll just ask you, is it a man who was killed by Li Zi?”

Under questioning, Levi was silent.

Regardless of the conspiracy behind it or who planned it, it was indeed Li Zi who killed it.

“Look! You don’t believe what you said! You didn’t believe that the Dark God destroyed the Lab of the Gods! Now you are talking about the secrets of the Dark God! It’s hilarious!”

“Levi can’t quell this matter with just one mouth!”

Ye Wudao they all smiled.

“Levi today Sarah can’t escape death! As long as you let go, you can save your life! Choose for yourself!”

Upon hearing this, Sarah looked at Levi.

Levi smiled: “Of course I choose to be with my wife!”

Chapter 2240

After seeing this, the dark God who is always paying attention to the dynamics is vaguely looking forward to it.

The dark god wants Levi to sweep hundreds of thousands of people!

I also hope that he is average…

Dark God this is a tangled entanglement.

The most critical moment is coming.

If Levi really opened the dark cage by himself.

Not to mention these hundreds of thousands, there will be a few million more people who can do nothing about him.

Hundreds of thousands of people in the field were all staring at Levi.

“Levi seems that you are determined to die? That’s good! You and Sarah will die together!”

“Yes! Kill him and Sarah! Only by quelling the anger!”

“Kill them!!!”

But at this time Ye Wudao said: “It seems to kill Levi directly. It’s meaningless. I always feel that there are shortcomings. It’s not refreshing enough!”

Lawrence immediately agreed: “Yes! That’s right! Even if Levi was put to death with a thousand swords and a thousand swords, it didn’t seem to be enough! It almost meant it!”

“Yes, yes, yes…Anyway, letting Levi die directly, it’s really refreshing!”

When the two of them said this, everyone agreed.

They all feel that it is really uncomfortable to get rid of Levi directly. It took so long for everyone to see Levi and let him die like this?

Especially the opponents and enemies who had had a feast with Levi felt even more unhappy.

They waited for three years, and they waited for Levi to appear, defeat him fiercely, to wash away the shame of the past, let Levi understand how weak he is in this era.

But if you kill him directly now, it really doesn’t mean much.

Not good at all!

He died when he saw him, as if he had never appeared before.

Thousands of people want to humiliate Levi severely…

“Given that Levi and Huoyun Cthulhu are so mad, ignore this era! I think it’s better not to kill them all at once!

We keep him, and slowly let him know the cruelty of this era! Let him know his strength, very weak in this world! Let everyone have a chance to vent! “

Ye Wudao made this suggestion.

Get a strong response from everyone.

Everyone had the same idea and would not let Levi die easily.

To humiliate and torture him slowly, everyone will do their best.

Let Levi kneel on the ground to admit defeat is everyone’s ultimate goal.

Like Ye Wudao, a strong man at the level of Young Marshal Tiance didn’t want Levi to be alive.

They were more like seeing Levi’s embarrassment.

They want to completely destroy the pride of this former king!

Some people were psychologically distorted and wanted Levi to kneel in front of him and beg to let him go.

The vast majority of people have the same purpose and quickly reached an agreement.

“But what about Sarah? She must die! This demon can’t live for a moment!”

Everyone’s eyes were locked on her.


“Then do it!”

Ye Wudao waved his hand.

Many masters in the field pressed on.

A big battle is on the horizon.

But at this time, Levi suddenly shouted: “Slow down!”

“what are you up to?”

“Let me just say a few words! My wife was indeed used by the Dark God! All this was arranged by the Dark God! But I admit the mistakes my wife committed! There is no escape!”

“So I want to implore you to change the punishment on me, just let my wife go! Let her live!”

Levi said.

In fact, with his strength, once he fights, he can naturally kill hundreds of thousands of people.

No one is left.

But he is responsible.

To do it wrong is to do it wrong.

Sarah did kill a lot of people.

undeniable fact.

You must bear the consequences!

You can’t put your own mistakes on others.

So Levi chose a new solution.


Everyone immediately shook their heads.


Someone shouted.

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