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Chapter 2251

At this moment, Levi could obviously feel that the dark god’s breathing was stagnant.

She is obviously nervous!

I want to know who opened it, but I feel scared…

Others were more afraid, almost suffocated.

This answer is too important to them.

Levi smiled and said, “Who opened it? It’s me!”

But when Levi said this, everyone looked calm.

Obviously no one believes in him.

What are you talking about?

You are average, how can you open the dark prison?

“Levi is not that I don’t believe you! It’s that no one knows how terrible the dark cage is better than me! You are locked in it! To be honest, you can’t open it for a thousand years!”

The Dark God became a little impatient, and his voice suddenly lowered: “Say! Who on earth helped you open the dark cage?”

“Say! Speak up quickly! Otherwise, I will kill you!”

Underworld God and they are also threatening.

Levi smiled helplessly: “I answered it long ago! I opened it myself!”


Everyone in the Bible organization is going to be furious.

Levi was really stubborn.

They are all dying.

The mouth is still so hard!

The Dark God said: “I thought it was you! So I specially designed to test your strength!”

“Even before you came, I thought it might be you! But I checked you carefully! Even this base has the most advanced instruments of Maya Industry, which has already been scanned and analyzed for you! You can’t! “

“In this era, you can only be regarded as medium strength! You are a thousand miles away from me! Not to mention opening the dark cage!”

Levi smiled: “Is it difficult to open the dark cage? Can’t you also open it?”

The reason why Levi said this was because he wanted to make a fool of himself, and wanted to know how the dark god could open the dark prison.

The dark god didn’t notice at all, and sneered: “To be honest! There is no switch outside the dark cage! As for me, I can’t open it with my own strength!”


Levi was taken aback.

“But I have an earth knife in my hand! With my level of strength and the magical earth knife, I can barely open the dark cage!”

The dark god is arrogant.

Seeing that Levi didn’t understand.

The Dark God specifically explained: “The earth sword is an artifact that is as famous as the sky sword!”

“It’s just that the people of the world don’t know it. Now the earth sword is the veritable number one artifact in the world!”

Others boasted.

Levi frowned: “Is it amazing? It’s not something that can be broken with a finger!”

Levi discovered that the current person is purely sick.

Boasting a piece of waste to the heavens and the earth.

What artifact?

It’s all scrap!

Moreover, Levi had contacted the Heavenly Sword, he knew that if he was trapped in the dark cage, even with the strength of the Dark God, with the Heavenly Sword and Earth Sword in it, it would be impossible to open the dark cage.

The reason why the Dark God can barely open the dark cage with the help of the earth knife is because the Dark God is outside.

Outside the dark cage, the reason is that the energy transfer device between the two metal walls of the dark cage does not work.

This energy transfer device can only transfer and resolve the force received by the metal wall in the dark cage, but not the force received by the outer wall.

Therefore, the dark god can open it outside by relying on the earth knife.

The Dark God himself understands a little.

It’s impossible to open inside!

That’s a goddamn god!

The difficulty of opening inside is dozens or even a hundred times that of outside.

The energy transfer device is scary.

It is impossible to open the inside, and there is still a chance to open it outside.

Dark God himself can, and he thought of several possibilities.

So I have to call Levi to ask.

The Dark God said: “But the strong man who knocked the Heavenly Sword with two fingers you said can open it! He can even open it inside!”

Chapter 2252

The Dark God added: “But I don’t know who that person is! He should be the patron saint behind Tiance Mansion and Baolong clan!”

“Levi, did you hear? Only the one who knocked the broken sky sword with two fingers can open the dark cage inside! If others want to open it, they can only open it outside! The difficulty of opening inside is the same as that of opening outside. hundred times!”

The evil god shouted, let Levi understand this fact!

Levi smiled and said, “Yes, I am the one who knocked off the Heavenly Sword with two fingers!”


No one can believe Levi who runs the train with his mouth full.

It’s impossible to think about it.

“Levi, my patience is limited! Don’t say it again! I will kill people immediately!”

“I know you are not afraid of death, but what about Sarah? I want to kill her easily!”

The dark god sneered.

Upon hearing this, Levi’s face changed.

Dark God they all laughed.

Sure enough, Levi’s weakness is his family.

“Don’t worry! As long as you say it, I will let you go! I’m just looking for an answer!”

“To me, you are like ants, you have no experience in killing you!”

This is the heart of the dark god.

Levi is really as easy as squeezing a mouse to the dark god.

His life is really not important.

The dark god only wants what he wants to know.

“I said it was me, don’t you believe me, what should I do? I’ll make up one temporarily!”

Levi smiled helplessly.

“Okay, you can make up! We will believe it if you make up one!”

Dark God, they all stared at Levi.

Today, Levi tells the truth, no one believes it. If you make up one, they will believe it.

“Wait, let me think about it… Actually, it was Tiance, the commander of the Tiance Mansion, who saved me! When he was traveling in retreat, he happened to pass by wherever he went and saved me!”

Levi really pulled out a character casually.

The reason for talking about the superintendent of Tiance Mansion is because two days ago I heard someone say that the last owner of the Heavenly Sword was the superintendent of Tiance Mansion.

Because he relied on the Heaven Sword too much, he gave up on it and sealed it in the depths of the ice field.

So he temporarily pulled out the superintendent of Tiance Mansion.

I didn’t know that when he said the god of Tiance Mansion, the body of the dark god suddenly trembled.

There was a complicated look in the eyes under the mask.

“It’s… it’s him… it really is him… I guessed it was him…”

Out of control!

The Dark God is completely out of control!

Even Levi didn’t expect that his mother would say a name casually, the dark god is crazy…

Is it just such a coincidence?

It just happened to be the result of the Dark God’s guess?

“It’s him! It’s him! I didn’t expect that after such a long time, the gap between me and him is still so big! It must be him!

According to his strength, he can easily open the dark cage outside with the help of an artifact! And the artifact level does not require top-level swords and swords! “

The Dark God looked at the Eighteen Dark Angels and said, “Do you know? The reason why I didn’t dare to enter Velador is him! I thought I could challenge him if I got the Heaven Sword and Earth Sword to be combined! The result was broken! “

“In recent years, I have used Sarah to plunder resources everywhere, lay down sites everywhere, and constantly expand the strength of the Bible organization! I want to firmly control the world in my own hands! Now one-third of the world’s power is under the control of the Bible organization!

I strengthen myself frequently, not just to be able to fight him! Enter Velador again? “

“But did he open the dark cage? Did he open it with his bare hands, or did he open it with some kind of weapon…”

The dark god is crazy.

Levi was dumbfounded.

The Dark God has a past with the gods of Tiance Mansion…

“Hey, what is your identity?”

Levi asked.

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