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Chapter 2257

Could it be that……

Is it true that what Levi said before is true? ? ?

He opened the dark cage?

Do not!


Absolutely impossible!

The Dark God shook his head again and again, not believing this fact at all.

There is no such possibility!

He said it was saved by the superintendent of Tiance Mansion!

Then it must be him!

As for Levi’s terrifying strength?

The Dark God judged that Levi must have been promoted with the help of the superintendent of Tiance Mansion, and he would not stay three years ago.

It turned out that Levi had been hiding, he deceived the whole world.

“kill him!”

The dark god who reacted immediately gave the order.

“I want to see how strong you are?”

Do not believe!

Do not believe!

Killing the dark god doesn’t believe it either!

The dark god only thinks that Levi’s strength comes from the gods of Tiance Mansion at most!

It has little to do with him!

Dark God believes that a simple test can tell whether Levi has anything to do with that man…

“Go! Go on! Go!”

After receiving the order, the masters of the Bible organization have all changed like individuals.

The eyes were hollow, only killing intent.

They had fled in all directions, but at this moment they all turned into dead men to kill Ye Jun.

There were also a large number of angels of death.

Waving special metal wings!



But in the next second, an angel of death was caught by Levi.


Levi forcibly pulled out the metal wings that merged the angel of death with the flesh!


The hysterical screams penetrated the entire island!




The metal wings of the angel of death were all pulled out by Levi!

There were blood holes behind the angels of death, blood gurgling, making a screaming scream.

“Next person!!!”



The death angels did not have the power to fight back in front of Levi, even if they were all controlled by others, they could still feel the pain.




a hundred!

Eight hundred!


Deep despair!

No one would have thought that the former king who was slaughtered by anyone would still be at its peak today.

There is no power to fight back in his hands!


Let your various angels have the ability to reach the sky, and use a variety of techniques.

But Levi is just a punch!

Sometimes, it will tear the angels abruptly!


No match at all!

More and more people are dead, and fewer and fewer people are standing.

The Underworld Gods made horrified sounds from time to time.

Looking at Levi, their hearts were already cold.

Originally thought Levi could be pinched by them.

You can do whatever you want, but who ever thought he was so terrifying.

In the blink of an eye, half of more than four thousand people have fallen.

The number of people continues to increase!

Layer after layer of blood!

A thousand people are gone again!

Only a thousand people are left!

Looking at Levi in horror, they didn’t dare to step forward.

Even if they are controlled by others, one by one is dead.

But subconsciously they realized that the person in front of them was like a demon, and they couldn’t provoke them at all.

So they are all scared.

Ignoring the order of the dark god, he kept retreating.

The dark god was also shocked.

I wanted to test whether Levi’s strength had something to do with the supernatural commander of Tiance Mansion, but what I didn’t expect was that Levi’s style of play was so simple and rude that there was no technical skill to be seen.

It is a very simple blow to blow the opponent!

Relying on the fastest speed and the strongest strength.

Especially after Ye Jun came to this realm, everything was back to basics.

That’s it!

There is no way to see what kind of exercises there are, and there is no shadow of anyone.


Levi stared at the Dark God and sneered: “It’s your turn to try!”

Chapter 2258

I don’t know why, at this moment, the Dark God has a feeling of being stared at by Death.

It seems that Levi is stronger than every opponent that Dark God has encountered before.

Of course it’s just a feeling.

The dark god will not care.

“Okay, if Levi is like this, let me test how powerful you are!!!”

The dark god uttered a sound.


The terrible power in the Dark God is like a flood, and it is completely erupted!

At this moment, the sky broke and the earth cracked, and the sun and the moon reversed.

The entire sea is boiling.

Even the surrounding countries felt this overbearing and strong momentum, and they were shocked.

It seems that I have never seen such a strong person before!

This is definitely the strongest shot in the history of Western Continent!

What is the strong one?

However, the terrible breath continues to rise!

A black air current erupted from the Dark God, filling the place.

In an instant this place plunged into darkness.

As if the sun disappeared.

A gloomy to dark breath obscured the sky, and everyone felt fear.

Cold sweat!

The cold invades!

The sound of howling ghosts and wolves came from my ears!

As if countless souls are crying deep…

The sight of a sea of ​​blood and a corpse mountain appeared in front of him!

This moment is like hell.

The most horrified side was revealed in everyone’s heart!



For the first time, the Dark God displayed his full power!

The Underworld Gods were stunned.

There has never been such a moment!

Dark God will explode with all his strength!

They never thought that the Dark God would be so powerful!

What is it like to see the full dark God for the first time!

Satisfaction for the rest of my life!

It is worthy of defeating the existence of the laboratory of the gods with your own hands!

It’s worthy of being the number one on the gods list!

Facing such a powerful dark god, Levi felt a little interested.

Everyone was too weak before!

What a strong man!

What Ye Wudao Tiance marshals and others are all scum!

Levi couldn’t even mention the interest in killing them.

After all, who cares about an ant on the ground?

But now the Dark God showed his full strength, and a little aroused his interest.


In the eyes of everyone, the Dark God slowly drew out a long dark knife!

Ground knife! ! !

The earth sword as famous as the sky sword!

As soon as the earth knife came out, the momentum of the dark god became stronger and stronger, as if to create a nine-nether hell!

Power doubled!

The entire sea is reduced to hell…

The surrounding countries were shocked!

How strong is this?

This this this…

They also heard of the evil god of earth sword, but they saw it for the first time today.

The power is amazing to this point.

The sky sword is the scorching sun, and the earth sword is the nether hell.

The same horror!

Just as terrible!

But the point is that the Dark God has no idea how long it has been to get the sword.

The Dark God and the Earth Sword have completed the fusion!

The huge movement created now is the power of the combination of the dark god and the earth knife!

The fighting power of the Dark God is soaring!

Break through to another situation in one fell swoop!

This is much stronger than Heavenly Sword.

The Marshal Tiance only got the Heaven Sword, but he didn’t fully control the Heaven Sword, it was still far away.

So now the dark god who controls the sword is terrifying!

“Well! If you are outside, you can split the dark cage!”

Levi nodded approvingly.

“Okay! Levi will let you see! What kind of horror is the sword that smashed the dark cage! Let you see what the power of the world’s first artifact is! See if the disciple of Tiance Mansion can catch the blow ?”

The dark god is like the demon god who rules the world.

“come on!”

“Anyway, I have broken one of this kind of artifact!”

Levi smiled.

Attack suddenly.

Hit the ground knife with a punch.


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