The Protector Novel Levi Garrison Chapter 2267 – 2268

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Chapter 2267

Levi showed a smile.

This rule of Orion Group is very exciting and effective.

Opening a door in an hour is simply perfect.

Survival of the fittest!

This kind of experience can achieve the greatest effect!

This is much better than today’s quick methods.

Whoever is strong can escape, whoever is strong can survive.

There is no fairness at all!

It depends on who is strong! ! !

Of course there is a small part, which may depend on luck.

Maybe there are a few people who are lucky, they just stay in the position where the door is opened, and they ran out easily.

But after all, this is a minority of the minority.

Ninety-nine percent depends on strength!

Li Chengmin also became nervous.

I thought that my parents had arranged that they could take Levi away safely.

Now it seems that it is very difficult.

After all, Li Dazhong was not sure, let alone other people.

“You follow me! Be sure!”

Before departure, Li Dazhong also reminded Li Chengmin.

Everyone began to advance slowly.

Of course, there are dozens of people betting that the door behind will be opened in an hour. They will hide nearby and wait for an hour.

Most of them left with Li Dazhong.

Along the way, everyone became more and more frightened.

There were bones everywhere, and stinking bodies.

And no corpse is complete.

It was torn apart and scattered everywhere.

Everyone can think of what kind of devastation they suffered before they were alive…

“Those monsters are terrifying! Once caught by them, the body cannot be left intact! Even if it is me…”

Li Dazhong’s words made everyone feel cold again.

But there is no way, you have to keep going.

Without taking a few steps, a super large container appeared in front of him.

They knew this container, it was thrown in earlier.

Li Chengmin almost became one of them.

“Generally, the reaction will not appear until one hour after being injected with the drug…according to the time it should be…”

“We go around quietly!”

Li Dazhong said vigilantly.

Everyone nervously followed Li Dazhong.


Suddenly there was a loud noise from the container.

Everyone stopped.

All staring at the container.

In the next moment, the movement grew louder and louder.



Everyone clearly saw the fist marks protruding out one by one.

more and more……

Apparently someone was bombarding inside.



The next moment, someone was tearing open the container.

With a harsh sound, the container was torn apart. All the people inside came out…


When everyone saw these people clearly, they all let out screams.

Li Chengmin was also scared and screamed!

Obviously, everyone who came out was shocked.

And the thirteen people hiding in the abandoned house near the east gate, they waited for the next hour to open the gate behind them.

They feel that their position is the safest.

Hiding here, you will be able to escape after an hour steadily.

At this time, they heard miserable screams in the distance, and more than a dozen people smiled.

“Hahaha… laughed so hard that you didn’t listen to us! Isn’t it all right now? Run to die for nothing!”

“That’s right! If you follow the leader of the gods, you think you are safe? When the real danger comes, people will take care of you? Dreaming!”

In the originally tense atmosphere, everyone heaved a sigh of relief after hearing the movement not far away.

They are all fortunate to hide here.

Otherwise, I’m afraid it would have been torn apart by the monster.

But what they didn’t expect was that a bunch of things had come quietly behind them, staring at them.


These things made a panting sound, accompanied by a stench.

Chapter 2268


At this moment, the thirteen finally noticed something behind them, the stench entered their noses, and their breath hit their heads.

At this moment, everyone’s body was tense, cold sweat broke out, and their souls were frightened.

They slowly turned around, and they saw terrifying figures in their eyes.


Everyone screamed in fright.

These people in front of them are actually monsters.

Their eyes are scarlet, and their faces are black and white, without any bloodshot eyes. The most important thing is that everyone’s body has doubled.

The arms and legs are as thick as a tree trunk…

They exude a terrible breath.

After these people were injected with the medicine, they were just like variants.

Extremely terrible!

Otherwise, Orion Group will not lose control.



One of them was suddenly picked up by the monster and torn in half abruptly.

Other monsters swarmed.

The remaining twelve people were torn apart abruptly.

None of them survived.

If you don’t listen to the old man, you will suffer.

Li Dazhong has come in here many times.

He is experienced.

Know that these monsters can be found no matter where you hide.

As long as they smell a bit of vitality, they can definitely find it.

It doesn’t matter where you hide.

The only luck is that the distance is too far to smell…

At this moment, Li Dazhong’s large army encountered the same situation.

However, the monster he encountered was an experimental product that had just been injected with medicine for an hour.

This is still the case of Maya Industry’s improvement agents. They want to continue the experiment to see if it can be controlled.

The result was miserable—uncontrollable.

After these experimental products mutated, their bodies swelled, their eyes were scarlet, and they became more brutal.

It turned out that the container was not protruding and torn just now.

It was caused by their soaring body, and the container could not hold up, and it broke.

This time the experimental product is not only uncontrollable, but also more powerful than the previous experimental product variants.

The large army led by Li Dazhong happened to encounter them.

The result is heavy damage.

The general strong can’t handle it at all.

Everyone’s most ruthless move, hitting these mutants with powerful weapons in their hands, had no effect at all.

Instead, if they were caught, there was no hope of surviving.

Will be torn on the spot, even every bone will be broken.

Only Li Dazhong, who is the strongest of the gods, can still play.

They forcibly cut a way out and beat these mutants into the air, and they killed their way out.

Li Dazhong took Li Chengmin and others to escape.

Levi was pulled by Li Chengmin and followed him to escape.

Levi was just studying these mutants…

It was pulled away without warning.

The other strong players in the god list also showed their strengths and smashed out from all directions.

After all, there are still fewer mutants in the container, about a hundred.

Can’t stop them.

In this wave, a dozen people were torn apart here, and all the others ran away.

The situation is much better than those of those who hid.

But the biggest problem is that the movement here completely shocked the entire town, and tens of thousands of mutants all over the small towns came from all over the place.

Their first feeling is because of the sound, and the second feeling is of course the smell of people.

In just one round, everyone was dispersed.

Hundreds of people were divided into ten teams.

The number of people who followed Li Dazhong is quite large, there are more than forty people.

“Now is the most dangerous time! Thousands of monsters will come!”

Li Dazhong glanced at Li Chengmin and exhorted: “Follow me!”


Li Dazhong walked with everyone.

Originally, he was experienced, and would not hide when encountering monsters, but would rush to find combat experience.

But now with Li Chengmin, he wants to get away as far as possible and wait for three hours to send Li Chengmin out.

He can start killing unscrupulously…

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