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Chapter 2297

Ye Wudao smiled: “No, no…I won’t give him a chance! What if he survives nine days?”

“I want to leave Levi without a trace of hope! Let him despair!”

Ye Wudao’s face was full of viciousness.

Lawrence understood what, and subconsciously asked, “Does Xiaozu say that they will not be allowed to produce medicines? Do not allow them to be produced from the source?”

“Yeah! That’s right!”

Ye Wudao nodded.

“But we can’t intervene in the Kunlun industrial affairs? Especially Tylera and the others are very high! We can’t control it anymore…”

Lawrence raised a question.

“Are they more capable than Marshal Tiance? And they used the highest-level laboratory privately without notifying Marshal Tiance!”

Ye Wudao sneered.

Lawrence became more and more puzzled: “But Young Master Tiance can’t control us anymore. How can he listen to us?”

“Ha ha ha ha……”

Ye Wudao laughed suddenly.

“Don’t you know? Actually, I have long since turned the enemy into a friend with Marshal Tiance. We have reached a consensus in private and cooperated together. In this era, win-win cooperation is the best! As long as I tell him, He will do it!”

“Furthermore, Marshal Tiance doesn’t have a cold with Levi! If you know that Tylera is using the highest-level laboratory to develop medicine for Levi, I’m afraid it will be mad!”

Lawrence smiled immediately after hearing it.

“I’ll contact Young Master Tiance! I don’t want to give Levi at all!”

Ye Wudao sneered.

On the way to Case York.

Qilin, Wesley and their faces were gloomy.

Some things are being analyzed.

“Listen to Regina that the ones who destroy the potions are the strongest of the gods! In fact, we can all come out with the reasoning, but it’s not the time for revenge for the time being. Let’s talk about it when the boss is better!”

Kirin said coldly.

“Yeah. When the boss is better, take revenge again!”

Wesley nodded.

“Also, I have sent someone to search for other suppressive potions. I hope there will be news!”

Wesley couldn’t pin his hopes on Tylera alone.

They wrote down the hatred.

Levi was dumbfounded when he saw these people running around.

what’s the situation?

“Boss, are you okay??”

Several people saw Levi and looked anxiously at Levi.

“Ah? What’s wrong? I’m fine!”

Levi was completely stunned.

“It is estimated that the effect of the medicine is still there, and it is estimated that there will be a reaction tomorrow…”

Wesley’s faces were gloomy.

“Ah? What’s wrong? What happened?”

Their expressions shocked Levi.

I thought someone had something wrong…

“The potion is gone… The potion that was just produced for you was completely destroyed by someone, and there is nothing left…”

“In the next nine days, there will be no medicine to suppress you…”

“It’s very possible that the elements in your body will happen. No one knows what the specific consequences will be…”

The Wesley people told the truth, their faces were extremely embarrassed, as if the sky had fallen.


“What am I supposed to do? I thought something was wrong, and it scared me to death!”

Levi let out a long sigh of relief.

“Isn’t this a big deal??”

Wesley and Qilin were stunned.

Looking at Levi incredulously.

“Of course, I’m fine again! What a problem… Don’t worry, I can’t explain it clearly…”

Levi looked helpless.

“The boss listened to us, you are okay, that’s because Kunlun Industry’s pharmacy has been suppressing the use of special elements! So you are okay…If there is no pharmacy now, it is estimated that it will happen soon…”

Several people in Wesley said anxiously.

“I hope you can survive the next nine days, Boss! Tylera is already desperate…”

They only expected Levi to be able to hold on and the elements would not occur.

Chapter 2298

But just looking forward to it.

The probability of an attack is almost 100%!

The probability of a serious attack is 80%.

The possibility of serious death is 50%…

So it is very difficult for Wesley and the others.

It can only depend on luck.

Hope Ye Jun will be lucky!

Through these nine days!

Wait for Tylera’s potion to complete.

Levi smiled and said, “Don’t worry, I have nothing to do! It’s a hard work Tylera!”

“If it’s okay, I’m going to sleep, you guys leave too!”

Levi turned and left.

“No…no! Boss, Wesley, I thought of a way to completely prevent him from attacking!”

Qilin said suddenly.


Wesley immediately looked over anxiously.

“In these nine days, the boss will be frozen! We can find a top-notch device and let Levi freeze in the dormant cabin, so that his body will stop all operations! After nine days, open the dormant cabin and come out. Potion is on!”

Qilin excitedly spoke out the plan.

“This method can be done!!!”

“Do it right away! I didn’t expect it!”

Wesley was so excited that he was about to cry.

Finally found a way.

“Hey, it’s okay! No! I’m okay…”

Levi said next to him.

But this group of guys didn’t ask Levi’s opinion at all, they just made their own opinions.

These devices are not difficult for them.

I got it overnight.

Levi almost pushed and shoved and installed it into the dormant cabin device.

Soon the program starts, and Levi will soon be dormant and frozen.

All functions of the body will cease.

In this way, special elements will not occur.

When I saw the program was over, I opened it and breathed a sigh of relief.

In this way, Levi would be fine.

It should last until nine days later.

In fact, Levi was not dormant at all, as long as he wanted to, the dormant cabin was useless to him.

But these days he just calmed down to cultivate.

Just retreat…

“Tell Tylera to them, and you can develop potions with peace of mind!”

Wesley they smiled.

Kunlun Industrial Headquarters, the highest-level p6 biomedical laboratory.

Tylera breathed a sigh of relief when he got the news.

“Huh? Why are you here, marshal?”

The guards at the headquarter gate were shocked when they saw Marshal Tiance coming.

It’s midnight.

The Marshal Tiance never came at this time before.

“I’ll come and have a look!”

The marshal Tiance said with a cold face, and led his subordinates all the way to the p6 level laboratory.

After coming outside, Ron and Owen were taken aback.

The two of them turned pale.

They were waiting for Tylera’s dispatch, but they didn’t expect to wait for Marshal Tiance.

“Less… Young handsome…”

The two greeted awkwardly.

Marshal Tiance sneered and asked: “Has the p6 level laboratory started?”

“Well, marshal, it’s activated! Someone is working on it!”

Young Master Tiance’s face became extremely gloomy: “I remember to start this laboratory, I need to notify me, and then call everyone to a meeting to vote, right?”

“That’s right! This is the only p6 laboratory! It must not be used for major events! This laboratory generally does national-level experiments!”

The people immediately answered.

“Then what are you doing now? Without my authority, no one notified me, no high-level vote, you opened it privately, what are you doing???”

Marshal Tiance asked directly.

Bai Hu and Ron lowered their heads, cold sweat ticking.

“Reporting Marshal! Tylera team leader started the laboratory to develop medicine for Levi! Because the highest-level laboratory can greatly shorten the time!”

Someone reported.


“I opened this laboratory for a Levi???”

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