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Chapter 1031

Darryl was tied up and didn’t worry. Anyway, when I saw the queen, my identity became clear.

Soon, Chen Tu took a few soldiers and escorted Darryl into the city.


The moment he entered Canglan City, Darryl couldn’t help taking a deep breath when he saw the scene in front of him.

I saw that in the entire Canglan City, there were patrolling soldiers everywhere, and around Chen Tu’s General Mansion, more than a hundred thousand troops gathered. And tens of thousands of palace guards.

The Beiying Continent suddenly invaded, and the Queen of Nanyun was very shocked. After receiving the news, she brought the civil and military officials to Canglan City, and she wanted to sit on the front line personally to boost morale.

In this case, Chen Tu’s General Mansion naturally became the commanding camp of the Queen of Nanyun.

The General Mansion at this time, in the hall.

Queen Nanyun wears a robe of dragon and phoenix, sitting on the throne, with a delicate face. Full of solemnity.

Ora stood quietly, wearing golden silk soft armor, showing his exquisite figure, but his expression was indifferent, without the slightest emotional fluctuation.

The sides below. The civil and military officials stood there neatly, all in a complicated mood, very silent.

Darryl’s guess was correct.

One day ago, the army of Nanyun did fought with the army of Beiying. The army of Nanyun was defeated and retreated to the city. The queen was very anxious. At this time, she called the group of ministers to discuss the strategy to respond to the enemy. However, after discussing for a long time, there was still no perfect one. plan of.

The true monarch of Erlang, Yang Jian, has shaken the world, and has conquered the Apocalypse Continent. There are so many soldiers under him that there is no fight in this battle.

Speaking of it, there are also many elite soldiers in the Southern Cloud Continent, but compared to the Beiying Continent, they are completely insignificant.

“Everyone, love Qing.”

At this moment, the queen frowned, looked around and asked: “Is there a better way?”

The civil and military officials gave a lot of suggestions, but in the end they were rejected by the queen.

After all, the opponent is True Monarch Erlang. No matter what method is used, he must have ten levels of certainty. Otherwise, if he fails, Nanyun Continent will be in a situation where it will be impossible to recover.

When the words fell, the civil and military officials looked at each other, but none of them came out.

“His Majesty!”

at this time. Outside the hall, Chen Tu walked in quickly and respectfully said: “Chen Tu, see Your Majesty.”

The queen frowned, her beautiful face revealed a bit of displeasure: “Chen Tu, you are not guarding outside the city, what do you see me doing?”


In an instant, the eyes of the civil and military officials all focused on Chen Tu.

Chen Tu wiped his sweat and quickly said: “Your Majesty, your subordinate has something important to report. Just now, his subordinate caught an enemy spy at the gate of the city. This man is not only cunning, but also very rampant. He claims to be the son of the Royal Princess. .”

With that said, Chen Tu glanced at Ora cautiously, and continued: “The subordinate felt that this matter was not trivial, so he caught the person directly and tied him outside the hall first.”


When the words fell, the civil and military officials were in an uproar, and they were all angrily.

“This Beiying Continent is too arrogant.”

“Yes, a spy is so rampant, how dare to use the honour of the princess…”

“So don’t put our Southern Cloud Continent in our eyes, this spy, just kill it…”

Everyone’s comments kept coming, and Ora’s face flushed even more. Very embarrassed.

A spy actually made a joke of himself.

court death!

At the same time, the queen’s beautiful face was instantly covered with frost, and she immediately said coldly at Chen Tu: “Where is the spy? Bring me up.”

At this time, the empress was trembling with a delicate body, and her heart was very angry.

She and the sisters Ora have a deep relationship. A small spy on the other side insults Ora in words, which is to humiliate the empress and contempt the entire southern cloud continent.

To be honest, at that moment, the empress thought about whether it was Darryl. Then she thought about it. At this moment, Darryl would definitely deploy defenses on the Earth Circle Continent. How could he suddenly come to Nanyun Continent, and he was Tianmen Sect Master, with a special status, can’t be a person?

“Yes, Your Majesty!” Chen Tu replied and walked out quickly.

Ten seconds later. Chen Tu came back with a man tied up with five flowers.


At this moment, everyone’s eyes in the hall focused on the man, and all of them were stunned.


Isn’t this the husband and wife?

Chen Tu, this idiot. Have people been stupid after being guarded at the border all these years? He even caught the real husband.

At the same time, the empress and Ora also trembled, and they were very surprised.

However, there was a bit of joy on the queen’s face.

Ora, with a cold face, couldn’t conceal the shame and disgust in his heart.


Seeing this scene, Chen Tu was immediately stunned, full of questions in his head.

This…what’s the situation? Why do your majesty and the ministers all have such an expression when they see this kid?

Could it be… this kid is really a mess?

I thought. Chen Tu’s heartbeat quickened, and suddenly became a little nervous.

“General Chen.”

At this moment, among the ministers, I don’t know who smiled and said, “What’s the matter with you? You even arrested the consort and said that he was a spy?”

When the words fell, many ministers looked at Chen Tu with a smile.


Hearing this, Chen Tu felt as if he had been struck by lightning, and his whole person was completely stupid, staring at Darryl blankly, speechless, full of panic.

This man is really a man, the hero of the earth round the continent. Tianmen Sect Master Darryl?

“Chen Tu.”

At this moment, the empress reacted, and her eyes quietly looked at Chen Tu: “What’s the matter? This person is called Darryl, and he is my hand-picked cohort. How do you say he is a spy?”

The sound is not loud, but it reveals a suffocating majesty.


Chen Tu was sweating profusely, and hurriedly knelt down, squatting and saying: “Your Majesty, this is a misunderstanding, it is the negligence of the minister.”

Immediately, Chen Tu said ashamed at Darryl: “Master Ma, his subordinates have no eye on Mount Tai, and offended you, your sir does not remember the villain’s fault, so please spare your subordinates this time.

To be honest, Chen Tu, as a border general, has an extraordinary status. If someone else, he would never apologize so humbly and admit his mistakes, but Darryl is different. This is a man appointed by your majesty, a man after the eldest princess. In the future, it will be under one person and over ten thousand. Dare not to apologize?

As the voice fell, Chen Tu hurried forward and untied the rope for Darryl.

“General Chen don’t need to be nervous.” Darryl moved his wrist and said with a smile: “Isn’t it blame for those who don’t know…”

“Thank you, Mr. Ma, for a lot of tolerance.” Chen Tu wiped off the cold sweat on his forehead and was very grateful.

“Chen Tu.”

at this time. Ora walked over slowly, and her eyebrows furrowed and said: “You don’t have to apologize to him. Now that the army of Beiying mainland is pressing on the border, you, as a general of the border, naturally have to strictly check the people who enter the country. , Where did it go wrong?”

Uh …

Hearing this, Chen Tu nodded with a smile, but muttered in his heart.

what happened?

Looking at the situation, the eldest princess seemed to have a relationship with the husband and wife. It’s not very harmonious. I caught the wrong husband, the eldest princess is not angry, but also speaks for herself?

At this moment, Darryl showed a slight smile and looked at Ora and said: “Your Royal Highness, I haven’t seen you for a few days, how are you doing.”

A few days ago, Ora took the mission to sign an alliance in Xicang Continent. At that time, Darryl deliberately made things difficult for her and forced her to call his husband.

Thinking of the scene at that time, Darryl’s heart was extremely cheerful.

“To shut up!”

As soon as his voice fell, Ora’s pretty face flushed, and he couldn’t help but screamed: “Darryl, you don’t get close to me, I tell you, from now on, you are not the princess’s husband.”

When he said these, Ora’s beautiful face could not conceal the shame and contempt in his heart.

This Darryl used to rely on himself as Emperor Xi Cang, and forcing himself to call his husband, it was simply too D*mnable.

Uh …

At this moment, Darryl was very embarrassed, smiled bitterly, and said nothing.


The surrounding civil and military officials were in an uproar.

what’s going on?

When the princess said that, she meant to break the marriage contract with Darryl?

Chapter 1032

“Emperor sister!” When the queen heard that Ora was about to regret her marriage, she frowned, and said softly to Ora, “Don’t be fooling around.”

The marriage between Darryl and Ora was handpicked by himself, and the entire Jiuzhou Continent knew about it. If the imperial sister repented, wouldn’t it be a joke for the world?

And… in the heart of the empress, at that time, Darryl and the imperial sister had already done things between men and women in Lu Bu’s ancient tomb. How could they be divided?

The empress at this time didn’t know yet, at that time Ora was just crazy. The whole body was too hot, so he ripped his clothes, and nothing happened with Darryl.

“Emperor Sister.”

Ora was so anxious that he stomped his feet: “I have no feelings for Darryl at all, and I will not marry him if I say anything.”

As he said, Ora glared at Darryl and continued: “In the hearts of others, he may be a great hero, but in my eyes, he is a trash. Before he became the Emperor of Xi Cang, it hasn’t been two days. The throne was taken away by Mateo, and he couldn’t even keep his throne. Does he have the ability to protect his woman?”

Some people in the rivers and lakes did not know what happened to Darryl and Mateo in the Emei School two days ago, but Ora was the eldest princess of the Southern Cloud Continent. Well-informed, I knew this for a long time.


As the voice fell, heated discussions broke out in the entire hall, and hundreds of civil and military officials whispered one by one, and they were talking.

“What? Lost Darryl’s throne?”

“His Royal Highness is right. I received news in the morning that Mateo was in the Emei faction and regained the throne…”

“No wonder the princess doesn’t want to see Darryl so much. I don’t want to be me.”

“Yeah, the eldest princess is right. She can’t even keep her throne. Can she protect her own woman? How can you be happy if you marry him?”


The voice of discussion kept coming, and the queen’s delicate face was also extremely complicated at this time.

To be honest, the empress was very happy to learn that Darryl had become the emperor of Xicang. After all, he was the son-in-law of the Southern Cloud Continent. If he secures the throne in the Xicang Continent, Nanyun Continent will have one more permanent ally. .

And now, Darryl had lost the throne, and the empress was also a little disappointed in him.


At this moment, Darryl sighed secretly and looked at Ora, smiling without saying a word.

Before in the Xicang Palace, Ora learned that he was the emperor. Become extremely well-behaved and docile, and now that she lost the throne, she immediately changed her attitude.

This is so fast.

“All right!”

Finally, the queen breathed a sigh of relief and raised her hand: “Everyone is quiet.”

After the voice was recorded, all civil and military officials closed their mouths quickly and stopped talking.

“Emperor sister, your marriage, I will talk about it later.” The queen looked at Ora and said softly: “This is not the time to discuss this.”

Yang Jian wanted to unify several continents, his first goal was the Southern Cloud Continent. Now Yang Jian led the Beiying army, and he soon fought over. Now discussing how to fight against Yang Jian is the most important thing.


Seeing the emperor’s sister spoke up, Ora couldn’t hold onto the topic, and bowed his head in response.

However, Ora did not forget to give Darryl a glance.

“Darryl, why did you suddenly come to the Southern Cloud Continent?” At this moment, the empress looked at Darryl and asked.

This one…

Darryl groaned, and smiled: “Learning that the Beiying Continent has come to invade the Southern Cloud Continent, I’m here to check the situation.”

The reason why Darryl came to the Southern Cloud Continent was to find Elsa, but Darryl certainly couldn’t tell the truth. After all, Ora had just broken off his marriage contract with him. If he knew that he was looking for another woman, he would be even more annoyed. Yourself.

The queen nodded. Without asking any more, I looked around the audience and slowly said: “Everyone, Aiqing, let’s continue to discuss, Yang Jian led the army to fight, how do we defend and deploy.”


All of a sudden, the civil and military officials burst into heated discussions, and they stepped out one by one, expounding their views and suggestions. Some of these suggestions were feasible, some were unrealistic.

The more the queen’s eyebrows frowned, the deeper she suggested to listen too much, and the more uncertain she was.


Darryl is secretly funny. These ministers’ suggestions are really interesting. They all advocate defensiveness. The opponent is the true monarch of Erlang. Can you resist it?

Muttering in his heart, Darryl couldn’t help laughing.


At this moment, the gazes of hundreds of civil and military officials all gathered on Darryl, and their faces were full of dissatisfaction.

This Darryl, don’t help think of a solution. He even laughed.


Ora couldn’t help it anymore, with a straight face, and shouted at Darryl: “If you are fine, please leave and don’t make trouble here.”

make trouble?

Hearing this, Darryl couldn’t laugh or cry.

I did not say anything. Just a smile, is it messing up?

Thinking about it, Darryl looked at Ora with a smile, and said slowly: “His Royal Highness, I don’t mean to make trouble. I just think that the suggestions made by the ministers present are very interesting, so I can’t help but laugh. Got up.”


As soon as this remark came out, the civil and military officials were extremely ashamed and angry, glaring at Darryl one by one.

This Darryl. I even laughed at my own suggestion.

He who has lost the throne, what right does he have to laugh at others?

Immediately, a minister couldn’t help but speak: “Darryl, listen to what you mean, Yang Jian is calling, can you resist him?”

“Of course.” Darryl smiled slightly and nodded. Although his attitude was frivolous, his face was confident.

Seeing Darryl’s answer so simply, the whole hall was silent for a moment!

The hundreds of civil and military officials looked at each other, and were greeted by these four words by Darryl. Inexplicably stunned.

But after a few seconds of silence, the civil and military officials all burst into laughter!

“Haha, what nonsense is he talking about, can he stop the Beiying army? Hahaha!”

“Yeah, with his current strength, I’m afraid that True Monarch Erlang will not be able to handle a move, and he is not ashamed to say…Haha!”

“I can’t even keep my throne, and still want to block the Beiying army? This is a dream… Haha!”

To be honest, if before, no one of these civil and military officials would dare to mock Darryl so much. After all, he is a consort.

But now, Ora indicated that he didn’t want to marry Darryl, and he was rude and contemptuous of everyone. For a while, these civil and military officials were no longer polite.

Everyone sneered, and Ora’s tone was not good, his delicate face was flushed, and he screamed at Darryl: “Enough Darryl, can you stop talking? Don’t be embarrassed anymore.”

Ora didn’t care about Darryl’s words.

Everyone at the scene discussed for a long time, but there was no way, but he threatened to block the Beiying army. What a joke.

Darryl smiled slightly and ignored him.


At this moment, the empress looked at Darryl tightly and said softly: “Do you really have a way to block the Beiying army?”

When she said this, the queen’s face was calm. But his eyes were a little bit expectant.

Back then, the Apocalypse army attacked the Diyuan Continent. It was Darryl who led the Tianmen disciples and resisted desperately with all sects, and finally successfully repelled the Apocalypse army.

It can be said that Darryl is in leading the battle. Very talented.

Perhaps, he really has a way.

Darryl smiled and nodded: “Yes, if your Majesty trusts me, he will order the military power to be handed over to me and let me take full command.”

To be honest, Darryl originally only wanted to find Elsa as soon as possible. He didn’t think about helping Nanyun Continent to resist Yang Jian.

But seeing the current situation in the Southern Cloud Continent, great wars broke out at any time, and then there was chaos everywhere, and it was difficult to find Elsa.

Darryl thought it over, and he helped Nanyun Continent block Yang Jian. After the war, it would be easier for him to find Elsa.


Before the queen could respond, Ora was full of eagerness and said quickly: “Emperor Sister, you must not believe Darryl’s words, he is sensationalizing, and it is impossible to block the Beiying army.”

When the voice fell, the surrounding civil and military officials also nodded in response.

The empress did not speak, but she continued to ponder.

Yes, if he gave Darryl the military power, if he failed, then the entire Southern Cloud Continent would be over.

Chapter 1033

Seeing Ora still didn’t believe in himself, Darryl laughed angrily: “His Royal Highness, are you so sure that I will lose to Yang Jian?”


Did this Darryl come to make fun of it? What he meant was that he could resist Yang Jian? Hahaha!

At this moment, Ora was also very angry, and then he looked serious, saying every word: “Darryl, what we are facing in the Southern Cloud Continent is a matter of life and death, and there is no time to accompany you.”

Heard this. Darryl laughed angrily: “His Royal Highness, how about we make a bet?”


Ora’s eyebrows were furrowed, and he said with no anger: “What bet?”

“Just bet I can block the Beiying army.” Darryl smiled, very relaxed and confident.

This Ora has always looked down on herself, and today we must let her see her own abilities.

Over the years, Darryl had already mastered the Bai Qi Shen Formation. Facing Yang Jian’s army, the formation of troops was not a problem, even if the situation was tense. He also had Pang Tong to help, so he didn’t panic at all.


Ora thought about it, and looked at Darryl coldly and said: “If you lose, we will cancel the marriage contract, and. From now on, you are not allowed to step into my Southern Cloud Continent for half a step.”

Since he wanted to gamble, he would accompany him to gamble. He couldn’t win anyway, and he took advantage of this opportunity to get rid of him.


As soon as these words fell, the civil and military officials were in an uproar, looking at Darryl in a complicated manner, with sneers in their eyes.

Yang Jian’s army is so strong, how can he block it? Isn’t this showing the eldest princess a chance to break the marriage contract with him?

The empress furrowed her eyebrows, watching Darryl secretly shook her head.

This Darryl was too arrogant. He had helped him suppress the marriage contract just now, but he still wanted to provoke the emperor sister.


Darryl sighed secretly, this Ora, it doesn’t matter if you don’t want to have a relationship with yourself, and you don’t even have to be able to step into the Southern Cloud Continent for the rest of your life, okay, you don’t want to see me so much, I just don’t do what you want.

Thinking about it, Darryl laughed and looked at Ora: “Okay. Then if you lose, you have to admit that I am your husband, and you have to take care of my daily life in the future, and you have to use your heart. Perfunctory.”


As soon as these words came out, the civil and military officials couldn’t help taking a deep breath. This Darryl, knowing that the princess hated him, was too arrogant to make such a request.


At the same time, Ora’s delicate face turned red all of a sudden, staring at Darryl fiercely, exasperated.

Her own great princess is extremely noble, so Darryl asked herself to serve him?

Feeling Ora’s anger, Darryl didn’t panic at all, and looked at her with a smile: “How is it? Your Royal Highness Princess, dare you bet?”

“Of course you gamble!” Ora chuckled and said coldly, “Why don’t you dare to gamble?”

In Ora’s heart, he didn’t think he would lose at all.

The Beiying army is so strong, how could Darryl be able to stop it? “His Majesty!”

At this moment, a guard of the city ran in in a panic, with a pale face: “Your Majesty. It’s not good, the Beiying army…attacked again!”

When he said this, the soldier was sweating profusely and almost collapsed on the ground!


Everyone in the entire hall changed their expressions.

“Quickly. Pass my will.” The empress also shuddered, and immediately stood up and shouted: “Assemble the soldiers and prepare to meet the enemy.” Then she hurried out.

Darryl, Ora and hundreds of civil and military officials followed closely.


When they arrived at the city gate and saw the scene outside, everyone couldn’t help taking a breath of air-conditioning! Darryl also shook his whole body, only feeling his brain humming.

Seeing the hundreds of thousands of Beiying army, neatly arranged in a square array, has reached the foot of the city gate, with long knives lined up, black and black, and the momentum is amazing.

Above the army, Yang Jian wore a golden armor. Suspended in the air, majestic and majestic.

In front of the army, Gonggong and Gary, as well as Tracy, stood there quietly. Gary followed Yang Jian on the expedition. Tracy worried about his brother’s safety, and followed along all the way.

Ya’er… Tracy!

Seeing Gary and Tracy, Darryl’s expression was taken aback, very surprised.

How come these brothers and sisters are also in the army of Beiying?

At this time, Darryl didn’t know that after the fall of the Apocalypse Continent, Gary was already Yang Jian’s next general.

At this moment, Gary and Tracy also saw Darryl above the city gate. All the expressions were startled.

Soon, Tracy reacted, feeling very surprised.

Why is Dad here? Isn’t he supposed to be in the earth circle?

And Gary was full of resentment. He had always heard that Darryl was the son-in-law of the Southern Cloud Continent. Gary didn’t believe it very much at first, but now that he appeared here, he immediately believed.

Under this circumstance, Gary’s hatred of Darryl in his heart. More intense.

His mother had suffered so much for him. He was good enough to hook up with other women, and now he helped the princess of the Southern Cloud Continent to resist the army of Beiying. It was really D*mnable.


At this moment, Yang Jian, who was suspended in mid-air, suddenly locked his eyes on Darryl, very surprised, and then coldly said: “Good boy, you are here too, where’s Chang’e?”

Before, Yang Jian issued the imperial decree and sent people to search everywhere, but there was no news of Chang’e, which made Yang Jian very annoyed. Now that I suddenly saw Darryl, I couldn’t help it all at once.


In an instant, all the civil and military officials in the Southern Cloud Continent were stunned. Looking at Darryl in surprise.

This…. Know Darryl and True Monarch Erlang?

Also, Yang Jian asked him where Chang’e was. Could it be that Darryl and Chang’e are still related?

Darryl ignored the gazes of everyone around him, his face calmly calm.

Next second. Darryl squeezed a smile at Yang Jian: “Yang Jian, do you want to be shameless? Just as soon as the Great Emperor Houyi died, you took the opportunity to seize power, and you are not satisfied with being an emperor, and you still want to get Chang’e empress. Just for an ambitious person like you, no matter what. If you win the world, you can’t get the respect of the people.”

“If you are self-aware, retreat quickly, lest you suffer a scourge.”

When talking about this. Darryl smiled and his tone was full of mockery.

Anyway, Yang Jian and Yang Jian had already torn apart, and there was no need to be polite.


When the words fell, there was an uproar inside and outside Canglan City. Whether it was the queen or the civil and military officials, they were all panicked.

This Darryl is crazy.

That is the real monarch Erlang, who is so powerful, is he not afraid of death?

Especially Ora stomped his feet in a hurry.

In the current situation, the Southern Cloud Continent was already weak, and Darryl would deliberately provoke Yang Jian. Isn’t this adding to the chaos?


At this time, everyone’s eyes were all focused on Yang Jian.

Yang Jian’s expression turned extremely blue in an instant. He stared at Darryl for ten seconds before sneering: “Okay, very good, I am chasing like a mourning dog, dare you Speaking wildly, Darryl, you are very kind and arrogant, but arrogant people will not end well. When I break through the city of Canglan, I will be the first to cut your head.”

Chapter 1034

When the voice fell, Yang Jian’s anger sank Dantian, and his voice resounded throughout the world: “All soldiers listen to the order, attack!”


When the voice fell, Gary took the lead, wielding the Overlord’s Hammer, and rushed directly to the Nanyun army.

At the same time, hundreds of thousands of Beiying army also flooded towards Canglan City.


At this moment, the empress’s delicate face was pale and pale, on the Nanyun Continent’s side. There are only hundreds of thousands of soldiers, how can they beat Yang Jian’s hundreds of thousands of soldiers? !

“The whole army listens to the order and meets the enemy!” A soft drink came from the queen’s mouth.

The empress at this time was extremely solemn on the surface, but panicked in her heart.

Before discussing for a long time, I did not discuss an effective method of resistance. Now, I can only fight to the death.


However, as soon as the queen’s voice fell, the two armies had collided, and many Nanyun soldiers were seen. With a scream, he fell in a pool of blood.

The soldiers of the Beiying army are generally stronger than the soldiers of the Nanyun, fighting alone, the soldiers of the Nanyun are not opponents at all, and now. The number of the two sides is so huge that there is no fight in this battle.


Seeing this scene, Ora bit her lip and scolded Darryl angrily: “It’s all you, I must go to anger Yang Jian, and the situation cannot be dealt with now. If the Nanyun Continent falls, you will not escape the blame.”


Hearing this, Darryl couldn’t laugh or cry, and said lightly: “His Royal Highness, what you said, even if I don’t provoke Yang Jian, will he give up attacking?”

Two sentences, Ora was speechless.

Yes, even if Darryl is not here today, Yang Jian will attack Canglan City as usual, and Nanyun Continent will be unable to resist it.

However, Ora always held a fire in his heart, and turned his mind, staring at Darryl: “Don’t you have a way, can you stop the Beiying army? Come on.”


Darryl laughed all of a sudden and looked at Ora with a smile: “Don’t you believe that I have this ability? Why? You believe it now? Or, you beg me…”


Ora’s delicate body trembled, wishing to kill Darryl.

When is it all, he still has the thoughts of messing around.

Darryl accepted it as soon as he saw it, and stopped teasing Ora.

In the next second, Darryl walked to the empress and said seriously: “Your Majesty, the battle is urgent now. Please give me the Talisman and let me command the army, so that there is still a chance of life.”

Soldier talisman is the supreme token of the Nanyun army. Whoever owns the soldier talisman can mobilize the army.

Originally, the soldier talisman had always been in Ora’s hands, but this time the invasion of Beiying mainland was not trivial, so the queen temporarily retracted the soldier talisman and personally commanded the army.


When the voice fell, Ora’s pretty face changed, and he quickly interrupted: “Emperor Sister, you can’t give him a soldier talisman.”

This Darryl, with a mouth full of words, gave him a soldier talisman. If he commanded indiscriminately, wouldn’t Nanyun Continent lose even more miserably?

The empress frowned and did not respond, very hesitant.

“Your Majesty, the fighter plane is fleeting, you believe me, I must have a way.” Darryl continued to speak.

Seeing that Nanyun soldiers fell continuously on the battlefield, the empress no longer hesitated, nodded and said: “Okay, Darryl, don’t let me down.” Said this, the empress took out the soldier talisman.

honestly. The empress was not relieved to give Darryl soldiers amulet.

But there is no way. The current battle situation is already one-sided, and Nanyun Continent has almost no resistance.

It’s better to be a dead horse as a living horse doctor. I believe Darryl once, in case he succeeds.


Darryl took the soldier talisman, urged by internal force, and flew into the air at once.


Ora stomped his feet anxiously, how could the emperor believe this rogue?

At this time, Darryl flew into the air, lifted his dantian with air, and roared: “Sergeant Nanyun, listen to everyone, move all fifty steps to the left!” While roaring, Darryl raised the soldier talisman in his hand!

At this time, the Nanyun army, all the soldiers were wounded, and fell in a pool of blood, reaching more than 10,000 people. At this time, the morale was greatly reduced, and there was no courage to resist.

But after hearing Darryl’s order and seeing the talisman in his hand, all the remaining soldiers did not dare to neglect. According to Darryl’s instructions, he moved quickly to the left.

“The first 20,000 people, fifty steps westward.” Darryl took a deep breath, and continued to shout: “The last 20,000 people, fifty steps eastward, tens of thousands in the middle. Fanned out. Fast, must be fast. .”

When shouting these, Darryl’s face was solemn, and his heart was also a little nervous.

To be honest, Darryl knew that he was a bit risky in doing this, but once he succeeded, he would be able to turn the tide of battle immediately.

When the words fell, Nan Yun’s army did not hesitate, and followed Darryl’s words one after another.

However, during the movement, the Nanyun army temporarily lost its combat effectiveness. Thousands of people fell in a pool of blood.


Seeing this scene, Ora looked anxious and shouted: “What are you commanding blindly? You quickly return the soldier talisman, and stop fooling around.”

Just know that Darryl has no choice at all, it is purely nonsense.


At this moment, the queen and the civil and military officials were also anxious.

This… Is it possible for Darryl to command like this?

Wouldn’t it fail faster?

The empress bit her lips tightly, feeling a little regretful in her heart, so she shouldn’t give Darryl the soldier’s charm.

Ora’s soft drink, Darryl pretended not to hear it. Continue to command the Nanyun army.

Ha ha…

At this moment, Yang Jian, who was floating in the air, stared at Darryl closely, and a scornful smile appeared at the corner of his mouth: “Little Eagle Skill, with this ability, you still want to help the Southern Cloud Continent?”

Like Ora and the others, Yang Jian also thought that Darryl was commanding blindly.


However, at this time, a scene that shocked everyone appeared.

Originally, the Southern Cloud Army was besieged by the Beiying Army Corps, but after moving quickly under the command of Darryl, the Southern Cloud Army actually surrounded the Beiying Army.

That’s right, hundreds of thousands of people surrounded hundreds of thousands.


At this moment, whether it was the empress, the civil and military officials, or Yang Jian, they were all surprised and shocked.

what’s going on?


At this time, Ora’s delicate body trembled, and he looked at Darryl in midair tightly, his delicate face was full of shock. Speechless.

The situation turned around, he… how did he do it?

At this moment, Yang Jian reacted, looking at the formation of Nan Yun’s army, his eyes flashed with surprise, and his tone was trembling: “This.. This seems to be the Emperor Houyi’s Ten Thousand Wood Profound Clash Formation?”

Not bad. Darryl asked Nan Yun’s army to deploy the Wanmu Xuan Chong formation. A thousand years ago, Emperor Hou Yi used this formation to trap Zhu Bajie and imprison him for a thousand years.

Yang Jian served for the Great Emperor Houyi for so many years. Naturally, it’s just that this formation is very mysterious, only the Great Emperor Houyi knows how to crack it, and Yang Jian can’t understand it at all.

At this time, seeing Darryl deploying the Wanmu Profound Chong Array, Yang Jian was shocked, but also very puzzled.

This kid. How could Wan Muxuan rush into the formation?

At this time, Yang Jian didn’t know, Darryl was familiar with the Bai Qi Shen formation, this Wanmu Xuan Chong formation was just one of the slightly more advanced formations, which was nothing to Darryl.

“Everyone, soldiers!”

At this moment, Darryl roared: “Starting to fight back.”


Hearing the order, Nan Yun soldiers did not hesitate to mobilize their internal forces one after another to start a counterattack.


The Beiying army was surrounded by regiments, and all of them were lost by the large formation. At this time, facing the counterattack of the Nanyun army, none of them had the strength to fight back. They let out a scream and fell into a pool of blood.


Seeing this scene, Yang Jian’s eyes were extremely bloody red, holding Fang Tian’s painted halberd tightly, his body trembled wildly, and his heart was even more angry!

Chapter 1035

“All the soldiers listen to the order, don’t want to fight, all break through, break through…” A roar came from Yang Jian’s mouth, revealing a deep unwillingness! Originally, the Nanyun Continent was bound to lose, but this Darryl commanded the Nanyun army and laid a formation, turning defeat into victory.

At this time, Yang Jian wanted to directly enter the battlefield. But he resisted.

To be honest, with Yang Jian’s strength, it is entirely possible to help the Beiying army to regain the situation, but if it does so, the Beiying army will also pay a heavy price.

After all, Darryl’s Wanmu Xuan Chong formation was too mysterious.

Yang Jian also intends to conquer other continents. It would not be worthwhile to lose too many soldiers today. Only a rapid withdrawal can minimize casualties.


When the words fell, many Beiying soldiers began to break through, but there were also many generals and soldiers. Still trapped in the big array. Among them, there is Gary.

At this time, Gary was covered with blood. Although most of it was the blood of the enemy army, it had consumed a lot of internal energy. At this time, he was already powerless.


Seeing this scene, Darryl was full of dismay, and said: “You can’t win today, give up, stop following Yang Jian, come to me, okay?”

When he said this, Darryl’s eyes were full of guilt.

I was originally sorry for their mother and son, but if Ya’er was injured again because of himself today, he would not be able to pay it off in this life.

Darryl had thought about it. As long as Gary gave up resistance, he would find a way to take Kendra over, and the family reunited.

“To shut up!”

Gary didn’t appreciate it, and roared, staring at Darryl, “I will die in battle today, and I won’t surrender to you.”

When the voice fell, Gary swung the Overlord’s Hammer desperately, pushing back the Nanyun soldier in front of him.

At this moment. Many people from the Beiying army had broken out, followed Yang Jian, and withdrew towards the large camp in the distance.


Seeing that Gary would rather die than surrender, Darryl sighed, then raised the soldier symbol and shouted: “The whole army listens to the order, all withdraw to the city, don’t fight anymore.”

To be honest, if it hadn’t been for Gary, these Beiying soldiers who were trapped, Darryl would not let them go.

But no way, there is his own son in it.


The voice fell, and the Nanyun army moved quickly and withdrew to Canglan City.

Gary took this opportunity to rush out of the encirclement, and quickly pursued the army of Beiying, without looking back.

Gary knew that Darryl was deliberately letting himself go, but in his heart, there was no slightest gratitude.

In an instant, the remaining soldiers on the Beiying Continent escaped cleanly, very embarrassed.


At this moment, the entire Canglan City, whether it was a civil or military officer, or the common people. Suddenly cheered.

Blocked…. Successfully blocked the Beiying army.

One day ago, I couldn’t even think about it.

At the same time of excitement, many eyes gathered on Darryl, revealing deep shock and admiration.

Worthy of being a hero of the Earth Round Continent, too powerful.


However, Darryl didn’t look happy at all. Seeing that Gary was safely out of danger, he sighed in relief, urged his figure and slowly landed on the city gate.


At this moment, Ora walked up quickly and said displeasedly: “The enemy forces that have just been besieged can obviously be wiped out. Why do you want to withdraw?”

Darryl smiled and did not respond.

Darryl’s attitude made Ora very annoyed.

In the next second, Ora thought of something, his eyes flashed, and he stared at Darryl: “I know, that young general just now. He seems to be the prince of the Apocalypse Continent. I heard that he is your biological son, so you Just let him go, right.”

“Not bad!”

This time, Darryl did not evade. Nodded and admitted, while responding, his heart was also extremely bitter.

His own son, like an enemy to himself, this father is really…

Ha ha…

Seeing Darryl’s admission, Ora chuckled, his delicate face couldn’t conceal his inner contempt, and continued mocking: “My own son is against you. Darryl, you have failed too much.”


Darryl was not angry at all, but smiled and said: “His Royal Highness, let’s not talk about this. The Beiying army has been successfully blocked by me. Princess Jinkouyu said that she shouldn’t forget her bet.”


Hearing this, Ora’s body trembled, with a delicate face. Suddenly embarrassed.

How to do?

I thought it was impossible for this rogue to win a bet with himself, but he didn’t expect that he really blocked Yang Jian’s army, and the large formation deployed before really surprised the audience.

But… so many people around were watching, and Darryl’s conditions were so excessive, how could he agree?

When I thought that I was going to serve Darryl, Ora’s resistance from the bottom of his heart was almost reluctant.


At this moment, the eyes of the surrounding civil and military officials all focused on Ora.

Your Royal Highness, the princess, lost the bet with Darryl. With her superior personality, would she rather die than accept?

“Emperor Sister.”

At this moment, the empress smiled and said to Ora with comfort: “You are a princess. You are responsible for everything you say and do. The so-called bet is willing to lose. Besides, Darryl is your son, and serving him is also your foundation. Minute.”

honestly. I heard that Darryl had lost the throne of Xicang Continent, and the empress was also very disappointed in him. She felt that she had made a marriage contract between him and Ora, and she had failed to consider it.

But just now, I saw Darryl command Nan Yun soldiers. After successfully blocking Yang Jian’s army and showing outstanding talents, the empress immediately looked at her with admiration.

The queen thought about it, Darryl has such ability, he and Ora’s marriage contract. It must not be cancelled. On the contrary, such a talent must be retained.


Seeing the empress had spoken, Ora bit her lips tightly, tangled in her heart, but didn’t know how to refute it.

In the next second, Ora bit his lip, walked to Darryl, and whispered: “Darryl, I’m sorry, I was a little offensive to you before. I was wrong, don’t take it off.”

The sound is so small that you can’t hear it.

Darryl looked relaxed and looked at Ora with a smile: “Oh, who just said that I failed to be a human being, and that I would not be allowed to step into the Southern Cloud Continent for the rest of my life.”

“I was wrong, I was really wrong.” Ora bit his lip tightly, bleeding from the bite.

“Forget it!”

Darryl smiled and said lightly: “How dare I blame Her Royal Highness, but what should you call me?”

With that, Darryl deliberately moved closer, his eyes flickering and teasing.

“Husband…husband.” Ora bit his lip and shouted in a low voice.

At this time, Ora’s face flushed.

I thought that after Darryl lost the throne of Xicang Continent, the emperor would see his personality and promised to resign, but she did not expect that Darryl won the trust of the emperor when he resisted the Beiying army today. And in the end, he still inevitably called his husband. With this call, Ora’s face was blushing.

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