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Chapter 1066


Seeing Darryl drinking a bowl of wine, Dong Long’s surface was calm, but his heart was extremely ecstatic and excited.

Yes, Dong Long invited Darryl to drink, not really admiring him, but to fulfill the mission Yu Wenyan gave him and seize Darryl.

Dong Long is very cunning, knowing that a strong man of Darryl’s realm, ordinary poison is useless at all, so Dong Long is not stupid enough to poison the wine! This wine is not poisonous, but this wine has its own problems!

Drunkenness, life, dream, and death is a kind of liquor unique to the Yellow Sea mainland. Ordinary people can get drunk for half a month with just one sip. Even a cultivator can’t hold back the strong drinking spirit. Anyone who knows this kind of liquor knows that. If you want to drink drunk life and dream of death, you need to take anti-alcoholic medicine first.

Dong Long’s plan was very simple. He deliberately didn’t tell Darryl how strong this’drunk life and dream of death’ wine was. When Darryl was drunk, he tied him up.

As for Dong Long, he took the medicine in advance, so he was not afraid of it.

“Sect Master Yue.” Dong Long looked at Darryl with a smile: “How does this wine taste?”

“Good wine!”

Darryl nodded, and couldn’t help but exclaimed: “The mellow aroma and the sweet aftertaste, it really is a good wine.”

Darryl has a profound knowledge in alchemy. He learned some pharmacology with Shennong before. After taking a sip of wine, he knew that there was no poison in it, and he immediately relaxed his vigilance.

At this time, Darryl didn’t know that this’drunk life and dreams’ wine had extremely strong stamina.


Dong Long laughed and hurriedly poured the wine to Darryl, very diligent: “Since this wine is the appetite of Sect Master Yue, Sect Master Yue will drink more.”

There was a smile on his face, but there was a hint of coldness in his eyes.

Drink it, the more you drink, the harder you will be drunk later.

Darryl was not polite, the wine was dry, and then he exchanged greetings with Dong Long.

“Sect Master Yue!”

After a few glasses of wine, Dong Long talked endlessly: “Sect Master Yue is so generous and generous. I am really honored. To be honest, I was so targeted at Sect Master Yue because I loved my cousin too much. , Seeing her walking so close to you, I feel a little awkward…”

To be honest, Dong Long didn’t want to talk to Darryl so much, but in order to let Darryl get rid of his guard, he deliberately showed a confidant look.

I have to say that Dong Long is too sleek in his conduct.

Seeing that he had said something in his heart, Darryl smiled slightly, completely free of doubts.

No wonder this kid had been against himself before, because he liked Sheri, and he felt uncomfortable seeing her walking close to him.

Putting down the guard in his heart, Darryl and Dong Long talked and laughed happily, drinking happily.

Three rounds of wine, five flavors of food.

At first, Darryl didn’t feel anything, but slowly, when Jiu Jin came up, he felt that something was wrong.

D*mn it!

At this moment, Darryl only felt that his whole head was dizzy, his whole body, under the anesthesia of alcohol, limp, almost unable to sit still.

Is this wine so powerful?

In the next second, Darryl raised his eyes to look at Dong Long, drunk and dimly: “It’s a very strong wine, stop drinking it…”

At this time, Darryl didn’t know that he was caught in Dong Long’s trap. He thought he was too big and underestimated the stamina of the wine.


Dong Long showed a slight smile, and said with a non-smiling smile: “Sect Master Yue, since you’re drunk, you don’t want to drink it anymore. Take a good rest.”

When the voice fell, Dong Long put away his smile, quickly shot, and slapped Darryl on the back of the head.


Darryl was so drunk that he couldn’t react at all, his eyes went dark and he passed out directly.


At this moment, Dong Long was very excited, very proud.

It succeeded, even though Darryl was famous in Kyushu, he didn’t manage it in the end.

Afterwards, Dong Long called two cronies outside and ordered: “Quickly, take off this kid’s clothes.”

Hearing the order, the two cronies took off Darryl’s clothes in a rush.

“Lift up and go!” Dong Long waved his hand and walked out.

The two confidants hurriedly lifted Darryl, followed behind, and at the same time did not forget to hold Darryl’s clothes.

Taking advantage of the darkness, Dong Long and two cronies brought Darryl to Sheri’s room. At this time, Sheri had not come back because of something wrong.

After throwing Darryl on Sheri’s bed, Dong Long hurriedly took two close friends and hid them in the shadows outside.


After hiding it, Dong Long showed a treacherous smile, and said to himself: “Don’t blame me for being sinister and mean, who let you provoke us to Phantom Music, and the cousin still admires you so much?”

Speaking of it, Dong Long originally planned to take out the famous sword villa immediately after drunk Darryl and send it to the general altar of Phantasy Sect, but after fierce battles during the day, the famous sword villa strengthened patrols nearby. It’s hard to get Darryl out without knowing it.

Dong Long thought it over, took off Darryl’s clothes, and put it on his cousin’s bed. When the cousin came back and saw it, she must be surprised. She rushed in and accused Darryl of bad intentions. Anyway, Darryl was drunk and unconscious and unable to. argue.

At that time, the cousin’s impression of Darryl will definitely become very bad, and the owner loves the cousin the most, if he knows that Darryl is plotting against her cousin, he will be very angry.

At that time, he would find another reason to get Darryl out.

In this way, not only did it destroy the relationship between Darryl and his cousin, but he could also deal with the leader, killing two birds with one stone.


I am so smart.

Dong Longzang was there, and the more he thought about it, the more excited he became. He couldn’t wait to get up.


At this moment, in the front hall of Mingjian Villa.

Sheri stood there, with a bit of dignity and helplessness on her delicate face.

During the day, Darryl helped Famous Sword Villa through a catastrophe. Sheri was grateful and wanted to find Elsa as soon as possible to repay Darryl’s kindness.

However, just now, the people sent by Sheri heard news, and there was no news about Elsa yet.


At this moment, Sheri breathed a sigh of relief, forget it, let’s go back and rest first, and send more people out to inquire about the news tomorrow morning.

It’s getting late, and it’s time to rest!

Thinking about it, Sheri stretched out and walked to the backyard.


When he reached the door of the room, Sheri was stunned, and saw the door open, and immediately afterwards, he smelled a strong alcohol.

Who was so bold and broke into his room drunk?

Sheri bit her lip tightly, feeling a little angry in her heart, and then hurriedly walked in.


The moment he entered, Sheri’s body trembled, his delicate face flushed with shame.

I saw that Darryl was lying on his own bed, his upper body unobstructed, just so naked…


Two seconds later, Sheri reacted and couldn’t help but scream, his heart beating wildly.

This…. Why is Darryl so drunk? What is he doing in his room? Besides, I haven’t put on clothes yet…

Could it be that he wanted to do something to himself. . This. .

For a moment, Sheri’s brain buzzed, and the whole person was a little confused.

Chapter 1067


At this moment, Dong Long, who was hiding outside, rushed in directly with two cronies.

“What’s the matter with cousin?” Dong Long yelled with concern, and then his eyes fell on Darryl on the bed, with a look of surprise: “This… why is Sect Master Yue here?”

I have to say that Dong Long did a lot of play, and Sheri didn’t notice that it was wrong at all. He thought it was his own low voice, which alarmed his cousin.

“I…” Sheri bit her lip lightly, her face flushed red, and she was very shy: “I don’t know…”

At this time, Sheri was in a mess. As any girl, it was difficult to calm down in the face of this situation.


At this time, Edgar and many disciples of the famous Sword Villa rushed over when they heard the movement.


In an instant, everyone was stunned when they saw the situation in the room, with extremely complex expressions.

“This…. Why is Darryl in Missy’s room?”

“A lot of alcohol…”

“This Darryl wouldn’t be using wine to be courageous, wanting to treat the eldest…”

Everyone’s comments kept coming, Dong Long’s face looked very surprised, but his heart was full of laughter.

Haha…. So many people have seen it, and now Darryl can’t dispute it.

“Purple clothes!”

At this moment, Edgar reacted and asked Sheri, “What’s the matter?”

In Edgar’s heart, Darryl was a hero who stood up to the ground, not what everyone said!

Sheri bit her lip and was interrupted by Dong Long before he responded.

“Uncle, do you still need to talk about it?” Dong Long was angry and exclaimed: “The situation is obvious. Darryl coveted the beauty of his cousin. He sneaked into the cousin’s room while he was drunk, trying to do something wrong with the cousin. ….”

As he said, Dong Long stared at the familiar Darryl with contempt: “I didn’t expect that such a famous person in Kyushu would act so despicable.”


Hearing this, Sheri’s tender body trembled, and couldn’t help but yell at Dong Long: “Shut up, Darryl is not such a person, don’t slander him.”

Darryl was upright, even if he admired himself, he would actively tell himself, how could he sneak into his room in the middle of the night?


Dong Long chuckled and looked at Sheri: “Knowing people, knowing their faces and not knowing their hearts. This Darryl has a heroic attitude on the surface. In fact, no one knows who it is. You just met him a few times, not yet. Understand him, don’t be fooled by him on the surface.”

Sheri bit her lip with a complicated expression and did not respond.

The next second, Sheri thought of something and frowned at Dong Long: “I remember, you invited Darryl to drink before, you got him drunk! Right? Did you get him into my room? “

At this moment, Sheri reacted, and the embarrassment was gone, and his brain was refreshed.

My cousin has always been sleek and careful. Seeing that he and Darryl are close, he feels jealous and thinks of ways to frame Darryl.

“Not bad!”

Dong Long nodded and admitted: “I did drink with Darryl before. Didn’t I laugh at him during the day, so I asked him to drink to make amends.”

As he said, Dong Long was a little excited, with an innocent look on his face, and continued: “Cousin, how can you doubt me? Darryl did drink and get drunk with me, but I asked him to be sent back to the room, who Knowing that he came to your room quietly again…”

The voice fell, and the two cronies behind him quickly nodded in agreement.

“Yes, Miss Ye, the two of us sent Sect Master Yue back to the room in person.”

“Yes, I can prove it.”


Seeing someone testify to Dong Long, Sheri’s eyebrows frowned lightly, and her heart suddenly became confused.

Could it be that…Darryl really broke in by himself?

“Unexpectedly, this Darryl has a chivalrous demeanor on the surface, and he turned out to be this kind of person behind him.” A cousin of Sheri next to her, with some contempt on her beautiful face: “Fortunately, I worship him so much during the day. “

When the voice fell, the several maids around also nodded silently, looking at Darryl’s gaze, and couldn’t conceal the disgust in his heart.

On the bright side, he is a great hero, but behind the back he is a generation of cocky pirates.

It’s ridiculous.


At this time, in order to prove that he was right, Dong Long walked over and slapped Darryl’s face, shouting: “You, as the Sect Master of Tianmen, the Emperor of Xicang, and the hero of the Diyuan Continent, did such a thing. Don’t sleep, get up and explain.”

To be honest, if it were normal, Dong Long wouldn’t dare to do this, he would have to pass through the existence of Darryl, and he could not provoke him.

But Dong Long knew in his heart that Darryl had drunk too much’Drunk Life and Dream of Death’. He was so drunk at this time that it was impossible to wake up.


Seeing this scene, Edgar waved his hand: “Okay, don’t shout, wait until he wakes up from the wine tomorrow, and then ask carefully.”

When he said this, Edgar’s expression was gloomy and his heart was also complicated.

To be honest, Edgar didn’t believe that Darryl was such a daring person, but the situation in front of him did happen, and Darryl was still drunk.

However, as the owner of Famous Sword Villa, Edgar was prudent and decided to wait for Darryl to wake up before asking about the situation.


However, at this moment, Dong Long suddenly became anxious and said seriously: “No matter what the real situation is, Darryl got drunk and lay on his cousin’s bed. This is a fact. It not only harms his cousin’s innocence, but also damages the famous sword villa. If we pretend to be ignorant, what should others think of the famous sword villa if we pretend to be ignorant? How will my cousin marry in the future?”

As he said, Dong Long looked around the audience with a righteous attitude: “In my opinion, tie up Darryl first, wait for him to wake up, and interrogate him, so as not to damage the reputation of our famous Sword Villa.”

When the voice fell, many people around nodded.

“Yes, for the reputation of our famous sword villa, that should be the case.”

“This Darryl is powerful. If you really want to be worthy of the young lady’s plot, as Dong Shaoye said, we have nothing to say. When he sobers and denies tomorrow, who can stop him?”

“Yes, tie him up first!”

Everyone’s discussion, you and I heard one sentence, Edgar frowned, very hesitant.

Darryl’s status is not simple, if he is tied up while drunk, I’m afraid it’s wrong.

But what everyone said is correct. In case he is really a greedy villain, once he let it go, after he wakes up from the wine, no one in the famous sword villa is his opponent.


Seeing Edgar’s hesitation, Dong Long hurriedly said: “During the day, Darryl repelled Yu Wenyan and helped Mingjian Villa a lot. If my uncle finds it inconvenient, I will tie it up. Even if it’s a misunderstanding, it won’t affect it. His relationship with your famous Sword Villa.”


Hearing this, Edgar no longer hesitated anymore and nodded.

Yes, Edgar was also worried in his heart. If Darryl was tied up, it would be hard to say if it was a misunderstanding in the end.

After all, friends like Darryl can never meet, if the relationship with him becomes stalemate, Mingjian Villa will lose a powerful ally.

Seeing Edgar’s promise, Dong Long’s expression was solemn, but his heart blossomed with joy.

In the next second, Dong Long turned his head to look at Sheri: “Cousin, what do you think?”

After all, this Darryl is a friend of his cousin, and now he wants to tie up Darryl, so naturally he has to ask her for advice.


Sheri bit her lip tightly, her delicate face was extremely complicated. Seeing everyone in the audience staring at her, she was confused and whispered: “I don’t know, you can figure it out.”

To be honest, Sheri has never believed that Darryl is a horny person, but for the sake of the reputation of the famous sword villa and his innocence, it is nothing to tie him up!

Sheri thought it over. If it was a misunderstanding, he would just apologize to Darryl. She firmly believes that Darryl is open-minded, and he definitely doesn’t care about it.


Hearing Sheri’s answer, Dong Long didn’t hesitate and waved his hand: “Immediately tie Darryl to me.”

The voice fell, and the two cronies behind him immediately tied Darryl’s five flowers.

At this time, Darryl was drunk and unconscious, and he still didn’t know what happened.


Dong Long looked serious, and said to Edgar: “Tonight, I will take a good look at Darryl, you all go to rest.”


Edgar nodded and looked around: “Okay, everyone go and rest!” With that, Edgar slowly walked out of the room.

Everyone around also dispersed.

“Cousin.” Dong Long smiled at Sheri: “You should rest earlier too.”

Having said that, he ordered two cronies to leave the room with Darryl.


When he got outside, a close friend couldn’t help but said, “What do you do next, wait for Darryl to wake up tomorrow?”

“Idiot!” Dong Long glared, and said angrily: “The movement of the cousin’s room just now attracted people. Now those patrolling disciples must have not returned to their posts. Take this opportunity, let’s take the Darryl slipped out.”

He got Darryl drunk after setting up such a big game, how could he wake him up in Famous Sword Villa?

Hearing this, the two cronies nodded again and again. Following Dong Long, he quickly walked in the direction of the back door.

As Sheri’s cousin, Dong Long often came to Mingjian Villa as a guest. He was almost familiar with the environment here. Soon, taking advantage of the night, he brought Darryl out of the villa.


Half an hour later, on the hillside a few miles north of Mingjian Villa, Dong Long breathed a sigh of relief and felt extremely happy.


After all, he succeeded in getting Darryl out, and then he would be able to return to the main altar to deal with the leader.

Speaking of it, Darryl suddenly disappeared, and Dong Long was not afraid of Edgar’s inquiry. At that time, he said that after Darryl woke up, he knew that he had done something bad and had no face to stay at Mingjian Villa and escaped secretly.

Chapter 1068

“and many more!”

When he was about to set off, Dong Long suddenly thought of something and said to two of his cronies: “Put Darryl down and search for what’s on him.”


This Darryl is not only the Sect Master of Tianmen, but also the emperor of Xi Cang, and there must be a lot of treasures on him.

Before sending Darryl to the Phantom Music Education, he first took the treasure from him, maybe he could get a peerless secret book from Darryl.

Thinking about it, a smile appeared on Dong Long’s face.

“Yes, master!”

The two confidants replied, put down Darryl, and began to search.

Soon, two things were searched out, one was Linglong Tower and the other was Spirit Beast Pouch.

The Linglong Tower can be large or small. When Darryl is not using it, he turns it into the smallest form, only the size of a finger. Most people can see that it is not an ordinary thing, but it is difficult to find the secret.


At this moment, Dong Long picked up the Linglong Tower, looked at it over and over again, frowning and said: “The whole body’s spiritual energy fluctuates, it should be a treasure, but what’s the use?”

With that, Dong Long hung Linglong Tower on Darryl’s neck again.

Then Dong Long picked up the spirit beast bag and said with joy: “This bag is interesting!”

Although Dong Long is the eldest of the family, he is idle and has limited knowledge, and he does not know that Linglong Tower is a peerless treasure that can never be met. As for the spirit beast bag, it is also a rare treasure, and Dong Long has never seen it.

However, Dong Long felt that there was a seal of strength on the mouth of the spirit beast bag. This seal of strength was very weak.

At this time, Dong Long, although he didn’t know what the spirit beast pouch was, he could guess that there must be a power seal on his mouth, and there must be something good in it!


In the next second, Dong Long did not hesitate and used his internal force to break the seal of power above.

Dong Long felt good. The power seal of the spirit beast’s pouch was indeed very weak. It only played a role of isolation, and the purpose was to allow the spirit beast inside to rest quietly.

It can be said that as long as a cultivator in the martial sage realm, he can easily open the spirit beast bag.

However, at this moment Dong Long didn’t know what was inside, his eyes flashed with excitement and anticipation.

After unlocking the power seal, Dong Long couldn’t wait to stretch out his hand and dive into the spirit beast’s bag.


At this moment, a roar that shocked the world came from the spirit beast’s bag, and then, a huge figure broke out of the sky and appeared in front of the three of Dong Long.

It is Darryl’s strangeness.

Qiong Qi was resting in the spirit beast pouch, but suddenly saw someone open the spirit beast pouch, and his aura was not that of his master Darryl, Qiong Qi rushed out without hesitation.


Suddenly, Dong Long’s body trembled, and he sat down on the ground, staring at Qiongqi blankly, and his whole body was frightened.

The two cronies behind him trembled and dripped cold sweat.

What a strong breath.

Such a huge body, like a tiger in appearance, with wings on its back, is it… the legendary Qiongqi?

For a moment, the three of Dong Long stood there, staring at Qiongqi in a daze, trembling, not daring to breathe.

At this time, Dong Long was full of horror.

I thought that there would be many treasures in this bag, but I never expected that there was a strange beast in it.

Dong Long could clearly feel that the Qiongqi in front of him was powerful, and that he and two of his cronies were not opponents.


At this time, Qiong Qi let out a roar again, and his blood basin held the spirit beast pouch that fell on the ground with a big mouth. Then, his two front paws tightly grasped Darryl, his wings shook, and he rushed to the sky.

Qiongqi is full of spirituality, and it can be felt that the three people in front of him are not Darryl’s friends. Qiongqi will only launch an attack if he receives the order. At this time, Darryl is deeply drunk, and Qiongqi can only take him away.


When the three of Dong Long were relieved, Qiong Qi and Darryl had disappeared from their sight.


Dong Long calmed down and looked at the sky blankly, his expression extremely embarrassing.

After finally catching Darryl, he watched him being taken away by Qiong Qi.

Dong Long at this time was very regretful.

Knowing this a long time ago, I wouldn’t mess with Darryl’s things.

the other side.

Taken by Qiong Qi, Darryl flew over the mountains, and finally landed in a beautiful valley.

The valley is surrounded by mountains on three sides, with a small lake in the middle. The lake is clear and surrounded by lush flowers and trees, like a fairyland on earth.

Qiong Qi was originally a divine beast, quite spiritual. Seeing that the environment here was good and there was still water, he placed Darryl by the lake, and then used his front paws to lift the water, trying to wake Darryl.

However, Darryl was too drunk, and the lake water splashed on his face without any reaction at all. In the end, Qiongqi had to give up, lying on the side, quietly guarding Darryl.

Darryl didn’t know how long he had been drunk, only knew that when he opened his eyes, his head was dizzy.


At this time, Darryl looked drunk and dim, his eyes were red, and he sat up with his forehead. The stamina of the wine Dong Long gave himself was so strong.

And… when he was drunk, Dong Long seemed to knock him out.


Thinking about it, Darryl frowned and looked around. Suddenly he was stunned.

Where is this?

I saw that there was a clear lake in front of me, with blue waves rippling, with breeze coming. Looking around, it turned out to be a valley as beautiful as a fairyland.

And beside him, Qiongqi was lying there, very gentle.

“Where is this place?” Darryl reacted, looking at Qiongqi in surprise: “Why am I here? What happened?”

At this time, Darryl only remembered that he and Dong Long were drinking, and he was drunk before drinking a few jars. He didn’t know what happened later.


Hearing the question, Qiongqi snorted, stretched out his tongue and licked Darryl’s hand affectionately, and then made a whining sound, as if to express something, but could not speak, making Darryl’s face confused.

A few seconds later, Darryl laughed at himself. Although Qiongqi was spiritual, he couldn’t speak, so he asked him what he was doing?

Muttering in his heart, Darryl washed his face by the river.

No matter where it is or how you came here, you will be at ease if you come.

The clear lake water slammed on his face, and Darryl was immediately refreshed, and the feeling of drunkenness suddenly eased a lot.


With a clearer mind, Darryl took a deep breath and began to think.

It stands to reason that I should be in Mingjian Villa now, but suddenly appeared in this place somehow? By the way, before he was drunk, Dong Long seemed to attack him sneakily.

This kid must have knocked himself out because Sheri was jealous of him, and then threw himself in this valley again.

To be honest, if it had been the case before, Darryl would definitely not be able to swallow this breath and returned to the famous sword villa to find Dong Long to settle the account.

But after thinking about it, that’s okay.

After all, he couldn’t stay in Mingjian Villa forever, doing nothing, just waiting for Elsa’s news.

Darryl thought it over. Since he left the famous sword villa, he went out to look for Elsa, so that by working with the famous sword villa, the chances of finding Elsa would be higher.


Looking at himself in the reflection of the lake, Darryl thought about it, then took out Yi Rong San from his body and began to dress up in disguise. This Yi Rong San was originally found from the Dizang Pavilion of the descendant emperor. At the beginning, Darryl pretended to be a descendant, playing with Yang Jian, and then there was still some distractions left.

Since he decided to investigate Elsa’s whereabouts alone, he had to conceal his identity. After all, his reputation was too loud and it was easy to be targeted. So let’s change myself.

After some tinkering, Darryl shone on the surface of the water, showing a slight smile, and his mood was extremely cheerful.


This Yi Rong San is really a good thing.

I saw that Darryl’s appearance had completely changed into another person at this time, and his temperament was also different from before, becoming very ordinary, thrown in the crowd, almost impossible to find.

Yi Rong San is a very peculiar treasure of Yi Rong. At the beginning, Zhu Bajie joked to Darryl in the Beiying Palace. pissed off.

Later, in order to find the phantom bead for Lily, Darryl quietly sneaked into the underground storehouse where the treasure was placed by the Great Emperor Hou Yi, and also got some easy to disperse, and put it on his body, which was of no use.

At this time, in order to conveniently hear Elsa’s news, Darryl decisively dissipated Yi Rong.

In his heart, although Yi Rong San is a good thing, it is nothing compared to Elsa.

After dressing up, Darryl was very satisfied, put away Qiongqi, and prepared to leave the valley.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

However, at this moment, Darryl heard a few bursts of air.

This sound was very strange, Darryl subconsciously looked across the lake.


As a result, at this sight, Darryl’s whole body was shocked, and he couldn’t help taking a cold breath, and his whole body was instantly stunned.

I go, anyone here?

Darryl’s mouth grew big, and he rubbed his eyes with his hands, very surprised.

He saw that a few slim and soft figures were flying towards him. Several women, all in their twenties, with delicate and charming faces, all in lavender dresses, were flying in the air at this time, like a lake. Fairies in general.

To be honest, the appearance of these women is slightly inferior to Elsa, Bessie and the others, but at this time their long skirts and the beauty in front of them are really as beautiful as paintings.

For a while, Darryl froze there, completely staring blankly.

At this moment, several women arrived in front of Darryl. One of them had Danfeng eyes and the s3xiest figure. He looked at Darryl up and down, and asked coldly: “Who? What a bold person, dare to trespass into the forbidden area of ​​Xiyan Pavilion!”

The tone was sharp, showing a lofty posture.

Chapter 1069

Xiyan Pavilion? Hearing this, Darryl was stunned.

Isn’t this just a valley with beautiful surroundings? How is it forbidden?

And… what kind of school is Xiyan Pavilion?

As the Tianmen Sect Master, Darryl is well informed. Although he has never been to the Yellow Sea Continent before, he also knows a lot about the situation of the rivers and lakes in the Yellow Sea Continent. He has never heard of the sect of Xiyan Pavilion.

Darryl didn’t know that Xiyan Pavilion was a newly-emerged organization in the last ten years. His disciples had a secret track. They never interacted with other sects in the rivers and lakes. Let alone Darryl, they were the rivers and lakes of the Yellow Sea. Most of them did not. Know the existence of Xiyan Pavilion.

The beautiful woman who opened her mouth to question Darryl, called Yanyue, was the eldest disciple of Xiyan Pavilion, a stage of Wuhuang realm.


At this moment, Darryl reacted and couldn’t help but swallowed his saliva. He smiled at Yanyue: “This beauty, you have misunderstood. I didn’t break in intentionally. I just happened to pass by. Let’s go, this Just go…”

When the voice fell, Darryl turned around and was about to leave.

In Darryl’s mind, the most important thing is to look for Elsa, not wanting to grow out of it.

“Do you want to leave without trespassing?”

As soon as Darryl turned around, Yan Yuexiu’s eyebrows furrowed, and she let out a cold voice, and immediately afterwards, the figure flew up and came directly towards Darryl.


Darryl Jiujin hadn’t completely eliminated him, he couldn’t react at all, and saw Yanyue fired up and directly sealed his acupuncture points. Suddenly, Darryl stiffened and couldn’t move.


Darryl wanted to cry without tears, and smiled bitterly: “I really passed by, I didn’t lie to you, a few beauties, if you have something to say, how can you do it?”

“It’s so inelegant for a few beauties who are decent enough to act so rudely…”

At this time, Darryl was very depressed.

It is a shame that he was arrested by a few female disciples of the sect, the emperor of Xicang, and the hero of Beiying Continent.

But there is no way, who allowed himself to drink so much alcohol, and now the alcohol hasn’t gone down.

But Darryl was also somewhat fortunate.

Fortunately, before these women came, they changed their faces, and they didn’t know their identities.

“Glib, shut up!”

Darryl’s yelling made Yanyue’s several women no longer be there, and Yanyue’s face flushed even more, and she couldn’t help but scream.

This person, who seems to be honest, but speaks smoothly, is definitely not a good person.

Uh …

Hearing Yan Yue’s tender drink, Darryl’s face was embarrassed, and he gave a wry smile and stopped talking.

A few minutes later, Darryl was taken by Yanyue to the main altar of Xiyan Pavilion.


At this moment, Darryl couldn’t help taking a deep breath, and the whole person was stunned.

I saw that the main altar of the Xiyan Pavilion was built in the deepest part of the valley, next to the lake, and was a magnificent group of ancient buildings. Because the surrounding area was covered by a bamboo forest, it was hard to find from a distance.

Darryl saw that inside the main altar, corridors and pavilions could be seen everywhere, and among them were many strange flowers and plants, which was indescribably quiet and elegant.

On a monument at the gate, a few elegant characters are written, especially eye-catching: Xiyan Pavilion!

D*mn it!

At this moment, Darryl stared blankly.

I thought that the scenery of Mingjian Villa was beautiful, but I didn’t expect that there was a hidden sect on the shore of this deep mountain and lake, and the scenery was even more charming like a picture scroll.

And what surprised Darryl even more was that in this Xiyan Pavilion, there was not a single man, all were women.

It seems that this Xiyan Pavilion, like the Emei School, only accepts female disciples.

Darryl muttered in his heart, his eyes kept on looking at the female disciples, and he secretly admired.

Sure enough, it is one side who feeds the other side.

Here is not only Jingmei, but also more beautiful people.

“Look again and dig out your eyeballs.”

At this moment, Yan Yue brought Darryl to the gate and said coldly: “Follow me!”

Darryl smiled and had no choice but to keep up with it honestly.

To be honest, with Yanyue’s strength, he could only temporarily seal Darryl’s acupoints. On the way just now, Darryl had already secretly opened the acupoints.

However, Darryl did not leave immediately. In his heart, this was a misunderstanding in itself, there was no need to be true, he believed that as long as he explained the situation, Xi Yan Pavilion would not embarrass himself.

There are many towering old trees in the group of Xiyan Pavilion, and the road leading to the main hall is shaded by green trees, giving people a feeling of winding paths.

Not only that, on both sides of the passage, there are female disciples of the Xiyan Pavilion standing guard, Darryl felt that the more inside, the stronger the strength of these disciples standing guard, which shows that the Xiyan Pavilion has strict rules and strict precautions.

Finally, in the hall inside, Darryl was suddenly silly!

I saw that in the hall, there were hundreds of female disciples standing neatly arranged, all white dresses, floating like a fairy, and at the innermost height, there was a delicate throne.

This throne is carved from a whole piece of golden nanmu, with a yellow halo flowing throughout, and exquisite carvings. This throne is invaluable!

On the throne, at this time, there is a woman sitting in a rose-red silk dress, revealing the charming curves loomingly, sitting lazily on it, unspeakably charming and charming, and at the same time reveals a new look. An inviolable temperament.

It is the master of Xiyan Pavilion, Yu Wenji.


At this moment, seeing Darryl being brought in, all the eyes of the entire hall suddenly gathered on Darryl. The female disciples present were all surprised and frowned.

Xiyan Pavilion has strict rules and prohibits any man from entering the general altar.

Why was a man brought in?

Who is this man?

Yu Wenji’s delicate face also showed a bit of coldness, condescendingly looking at Darryl.


At this moment, facing Yuwenji’s autumnal eyes, Darryl’s eyes straightened, and he couldn’t help swallowing his saliva.

Unexpectedly, Xiyan Pavilion’s so many beautiful disciples are already dizzying, and this pavilion master is even more s3xy and charming.

“Looking at the pavilion master so directly, boldly, don’t kneel down!” Just when Darryl was fascinated by it, Yan Yue screamed behind him, walked over, and kicked him fiercely.

Darryl couldn’t stand steady, so he knelt down.


At this moment, Darryl suddenly became a little annoyed. This woman named Yanyue was too unreasonable. She just broke into their place by mistake and did nothing, but was treated as an enemy.


At this time, Yu Wenji said softly: “What’s the matter? Why did you bring a man back? Did you forget the rules?”

The sound is not loud, but it is filled with a strong aura.

“Back to the Pavilion Master!” Yan Yue’s delicate body trembled, and quickly said: “The disciple did not deliberately violated the rules. It was this person who broke into our holy lake. I saw him behave suspiciously, so I caught him and let Ge The Lord personally interrogated.”


Hearing this, everyone in the hall was female disciples, and their expressions changed slightly.

Yuwenji’s eyes flickered, she looked at Darryl coldly, and her red lips lightly opened: “You are not brave enough to dare to break into the forbidden area of ​​the Xiyan Pavilion, Holy Lake.”

With that, Yu Wenji ordered Yanyue: “Since he broke into the holy lake, he doesn’t need to bring it to tell me, so he drags it out and kills him.”

The holy lake is not only the forbidden area of ​​the Xiyan Pavilion, but also a symbol of the holiness of all female disciples. Because every year when new disciples are recruited, they will bathe in the holy lake and be baptized. At this time, being intruded by a man is a desecration of the entire Xiyan Pavilion. .

“Yes!” Yanyue replied, walked over and grabbed Darryl before dragging him out for execution.

Chapter 1070


Darryl was taken aback and wanted to cry without tears.

He broke into the holy lake by mistake, washed his face in it, and did nothing else, so he would be beheaded?

This is too cruel.

At this time, Darryl felt very helpless.

I thought it was a trivial matter, and I made it clear in a few words, but I never expected that I would be beheaded so badly.

Originally, in order to avoid revealing his identity, Darryl didn’t want to make a move, but the situation in front of him couldn’t help it.

If you don’t resist, you will die!

Thinking about it, Darryl would urge his internal strength to start resisting.


However, at this moment, I heard Yu Wenji on the throne, and suddenly, there was a low groan in her mouth, full of pain.

This low groan came, as if carrying a kind of fatal temptation, Darryl only felt that the bones all over his body would be crisp. hiss.

In the next second, Darryl looked back subconsciously, and couldn’t help taking a cold breath. The whole person was stunned.

I saw that Yu Wenji was okay just now, her Jiao body curled up on the throne at this moment, her body was dripping with cold sweat, and her Jiao body was trembling slightly. That beautiful face, pale, very painful!

This is…what’s the situation?


At this moment, all the female disciples in the hall suddenly panicked.

“Pavilion Master…”

“Not good, the cold poison in the main body of the pavilion has broken out.”

“Quickly, get the Yanyang Grass.”

In a sound of exclamation, several female disciples walked out of the hall quickly.

Cold poison?

Seeing this scene, Darryl frowned secretly.

Soon, several female disciples returned quickly, each holding a freshly picked sun grass in their hands.


At this time, a beautiful woman in a yellow dress took the Yanyang grass and was very skilled in refining and fusing, and then began to help Yu Wenji to get rid of the cold poison.

It was Yan Tingxue, the elder of Xiyan Pavilion and Yu Wenji’s exclusive physician.

Yan Tingxue is twenty-five years old, with a graceful figure and a delicate and charming face, just like a quietly blooming daffodil, calm and pure.

Soon after using Yanyang Grass, Yu Wenji’s pale complexion returned to a trace of rosy.


For a while, everyone in the hall secretly breathed a sigh of relief.


At this moment, Yu Wenji’s eyes fell on Darryl and said coldly: “Why is this man still here?”

In her eyes, Darryl was just an ordinary person who accidentally broke into the forbidden area. It was not a pity to die, and she didn’t want to look at it a second time.

Yanyue reacted and quickly said: “I was worried about the pavilion master’s cold poison, and it was delayed. Disciple will do it now.”

He said that he would take Darryl out.


At this moment, Darryl couldn’t help yelling, and then directed at Yuwenji: “Dare to ask the pavilion master, are you caught by the cold poison of a thousand-year-old ice toad?”

Just now, the pavilion master’s face was pale, and there was a touch of blue between his eyebrows. Obviously, he was caught by the cold air of a thousand-year-old ice toad.

Darryl had lived with Shennong for a period of time, and learned some pharmacy and medical skills with Shennong, and he saw it at a glance.


Upon hearing this, Yu Wenji’s expression was stunned, and everyone around her looked at Darryl in astonishment.

This… how did he see it?

“how do you know?”

At this time, Yu Wenji reacted, staring at Darryl, and said coldly: “One-to-five-to-ten is clear. If there is any concealment, this seat will tell you not to survive or die.”

It is true that the cold poison in Yu Wenji’s body is indeed formed by the cold air of the thousand-year-old ice silkworm.

Five years ago, Yu Wenji went out on a trip and accidentally broke into the cave of the Millennium Ice Toad. She was injured by the Millennium Ice Toad. The cold air accumulated in her body and finally formed a cold toxin. Every year in the hot season, the poison in the body will occur and it will be miserable.

However, only the people of Xiyan Pavilion knew about this. How did the man in front of him who stumbled into the forbidden area know about it?

I thought, Yu Wenji’s delicate face showed a bit of coldness.

Since the establishment of Xiyan Pavilion, disciples under the sect have rarely walked around the rivers and lakes, but some people in the rivers and lakes, after learning about the existence of Xiyan Pavilion, are curious and want to find out about Xiyan Pavilion, especially some evil people in the rivers and lakes. Knowing that the beauty of Xiyan Pavilion is like a cloud, she tried every means to get into the Xiyan Pavilion.

Yu Wenji thought about it. If the man in front of her had deliberately broke into the forbidden area and had another purpose, he could not take it lightly.

“Ha ha….”

Darryl didn’t care about the gaze around him, showing a slight smile, and said to Yu Wenji: “The pavilion master doesn’t need to be nervous, I have studied medicine, and I pay attention to’Look! Smell! Ask! Cut!’ Naturally it can be seen.”


Hearing this, it wasn’t Yu Wenji, but the female disciples around him, and she was quite taken aback.

Immediately, the girl disciple reacted and couldn’t help but chuckle.

“This man dressed up as a villager, stupefied, said that he has studied medicine? Interesting…”

“It looks quite honest, but it’s bragging…”

At this time, Yan Yue also hurriedly said to Yu Wenji: “Pavilion Master, this person is glib, his words are not credible.”

When she said this, Yan Yue didn’t forget to give Darryl a look.

On the way to the main hall just now, this person was chattering, his mouth full of distraction, how many words of his words are true?


Hearing this, Darryl couldn’t laugh or cry, and glanced at Yan Yue speechlessly.

This woman is too cruel. I just teased you just now, but you remembered it in your heart. At this moment, you have to punish me to death.

Thinking about it, Darryl hurriedly said to Yuwenji: “Pavilion Master, how dare I lie to you, what I said is true, my ancestors used to be a family of medicine, and in my generation, it has long since fallen, but I have read a lot of the medical books handed down from the family.”

The true identity cannot be revealed, it can only be fabricated.


Hearing this, Yu Wenji looked indifferent: “Do you think that if you say this, I will let you go because you are an individual?”

With that, Yu Wenji was too lazy to talk nonsense, and motioned to Yanyue to drag him out to do it.

“Pavilion Master!”

Darryl suddenly became anxious. Looking at Yu Wenji, he said word by word: “Of course I didn’t mean that. I mean, I have a way to completely get rid of the cold poison in your body.”

As he said, Darryl looked serious and continued: “According to my family’s medical skills, in your case, Yanyang grass can indeed suppress cold toxins, but treat the symptoms but not the root cause. I have a prescription that can protect you from recovery, but Ge Mainly within half a year, I insist on taking the medicine according to my method.”


Hearing this, everyone present was stunned, staring blankly at Darryl speechless.

A few seconds later, even the young girl disciples couldn’t help but laugh out loud, looking at Darryl’s gaze, they were all mocking.

“This person, the more he talks, the more he loses…” The update is the fastest

“It’s funny, Dr. Yan is so skilled that he can’t completely cure the pavilion master. He is a dumb guy who speaks without shame, saying that he can completely cure the pavilion master. It’s really funny…”

“It can blow, this kind of man is the most hateful…”

The ridicule of the female disciples, you and I heard one sentence, and even Yan Tingxue next to him couldn’t help but sneer.

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