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Chapter 1101

“Sister, don’t!”

Seeing this scene, the pavilion master’s body trembled and hurriedly stopped, but it was too late. Seeing Yu Wenyan chasing Darryl, he had disappeared from sight.

“Quickly, catch up.” The pavilion master stomped his feet in anxious manner, shouting at the disciples around him.

“It’s the pavilion master!” All the disciples reacted, urging their figures and chasing them in the direction of the two.

On the other side, Darryl flew for a few minutes, only to feel that the distance between Yu Wenyan and himself was getting closer and closer, and he was about to catch up!

Although Yu Wenyan couldn’t fight Darryl internally, he was crossing the Tribulation Realm after all, and the speed was very fast.

However, Darryl at this time did not panic at all, but was rather helpless.

This Yu Wenyan is too persistent, which is really a headache.


Muttering in his heart, seeing a bare hillside in front of him, Darryl took a deep breath, tapped his toes on the ground, and stopped.

At the same time, outside the mountains and forests, Yu Wenyan also stopped, and looked at Darryl coldly: “Don’t run away?” His tone was cold, revealing deep resentment.


Darryl sighed lightly and looked at Yu Wenyan with a smile: “There are beautiful women chasing, why should I run?”

With that, Darryl showed a bit of playfulness on his face, and continued: “Yu Wenyan, you chased me so tightly, did you fall in love with me, and you want to take me back to Xiyan Pavilion and be your man? If this is the case, you can just say it directly, without so much effort.”

When the voice fell, Darryl smiled all over his face.


Hearing this, Yu Wenyan’s face flushed extremely, and she screamed: “Dogs can’t spit out ivory. For people like you, keeping it is a curse. Today I must kill you!”

The ba5tard Darryl had already reached this point, and he ridiculed himself with a smile on his face. It would not be a pity to die 10,000 times.

“kill me?”

Darryl smiled, shook his head and said: “I advise you to give up. Although you are crossing the tribulation realm, you are not my opponent! You should go back obediently!”


Seeing Darryl’s confident face, Yu Wenyan couldn’t help taking a sip, and said coldly: “Darryl, you are less proud, don’t think I really can’t kill you!”


At this moment, Yu Wenyan slowly raised his hand, and a strong internal force surged between the sky and the earth.

“Holy Ruins Divine Art.”

Yu Wenyan opened her red lips slightly, and four cold words came out slowly from her mouth.

In the next moment, the air suddenly split in front of her! Groups of black whirlpools appeared around her! Those black vortices were obviously transformed by internal force.

The Holy Ruins Divine Art is Yuwenyan’s skill at the bottom of the box. It is a last resort and will not be displayed. Because it consumes too much internal energy, it takes a month to recover after performing it once. But today, in order to kill Darryl, Yuwenyan cannot take care So much!


In the blink of an eye, hundreds of black whirlpools suddenly oscillated. It was a clear sky, and the sky was dim all of a sudden. Then those black whirlpools formed a terrifying whirlwind and flew towards Darryl instantly!

“Darryl, you die for me!” Yu Wenyan shouted coldly.


The huge black whirlwind was moving around the world, the speed was really too fast, and in the blink of an eye, it had already swallowed Darryl.

D*mn it!

Darryl was shocked, this Yu Wen Yan went crazy.

He knew that every master who crossed the Tribulation Realm had a skill at the bottom of the box. He never expected that Yu Wenyan in front of him would release his skill at the bottom of the box in order to kill herself, and this skill was so terrifying!

To be honest, just in the blink of an eye, the sweat on Darryl’s face swished down!

“Nine Streets Ascend to Heaven!”

At this critical moment, Darryl didn’t hesitate, his internal force burst out, and he roared.

In an instant, a terrifying aura spread out from Darryl’s body, and then, nine golden dragons roared out to meet the huge black whirlwind.

Ninth Street Ascended to Heaven was the skill that Darryl had learned as a cultivator at first, and after more than ten years, this skill has become a perfect skill.


The nine golden dragons collided with the black whirlwind, erupting a terrifying aura vibration, and the strong aura collapsed, making the radius of a kilometer within a kilometer, as if it was the end of the world.

I saw that Darryl stood there unscathed. This move Ninth Street ascended to heaven, successfully blocked Yu Wenyan’s stunt.


Seeing this scene, Yu Wenyan’s body trembled and was extremely shocked.

Completely shocked.

All his strongest stunts have been displayed, yet he has not succeeded in killing Darryl?


Just when Yu Wenyan was shocked, suddenly, the hillside below her feet, there were bursts of violent roars and vibrations, and then, the hillside suddenly collapsed, revealing a large pit several hundred meters in diameter.

Obviously, the underside of this bare hillside is empty. Just now, Yu Wenyan and Darryl competed for their stunts, and the terrifying aura that broke out caused the landslide.


Suddenly, both Darryl and Yu Wenyan’s expressions changed, and they fell directly before they had time to react.


The wind whistling in his ears, Darryl’s body kept falling, secretly surprised.

Darryl saw that the deep pit was steaming hot, and it was actually a huge underground karst cave, and there was an underground magma river flowing slowly.

No wonder there is no bare tree on the entire hillside. There is magma underneath.

However, what made Darryl relax was that this underground magma river did not cover all of it below, and there were many places to stand on.


Ten seconds later, Darryl’s feet had already touched the ground. Despite his preparations, his inertia made Darryl stagger and retreat more than a dozen steps.

Steady his figure, Darryl quickly glanced at the environment in front of him, and saw that this molten cave was very deep and deep, curved and stretched, and he didn’t know where it led to.

Looking at the top of his head, it was tens of thousands of meters high. Just now Darryl used a skill to block Yu Wenyan’s stunt, which consumed a lot of internal strength, and it was difficult to fly up.

D*mn, it was really unlucky today, being entangled by the mad woman Yu Wenyan, she fell into such a ghost place.

To be honest, Darryl has the cold fire of Bailian, and is not afraid of this underground magma at all, but in this strange environment, he is also very depressed.


At this moment, I heard a movement from the top of my head and saw Yu Wenyan’s pretty face pale and falling down.

At this moment, Darryl clearly felt that Yu Wenyan’s state was extremely weak. It was obvious that the use of the’Holy Ruins Divine Art’ just now consumed internal energy.

In this state, if you fall to the ground, you will be immortal and disabled.

Thinking about it, Darryl didn’t hesitate, and ran over quickly, holding Yu Wenyan in his arms.

Although Yu Wenyan wanted to kill him all the time, Darryl had a forgiving heart and couldn’t bear to see her disappear.


smell good.

Warm and soft in his arms, Darryl couldn’t help sighing, and then looked at Yu Wenyan with a smile: “Yu Wenyan, I didn’t take you to lie to you, it would be a shame for a beauty like you to fall to death like this!”


As soon as the voice fell, I saw Yuwenyan’s pretty face flushed, and a pair of eyes almost burst into flames. Then, he slapped him over without warning.


Darryl covered his face, his face was depressed, and at the same time he was a little bit suffocated.

I saved you. Don’t worry if you are not grateful. You still beat others? It’s really unreasonable.

“Darryl, you ra5cal ba5tard, the deity fell to death, don’t let you save it!” Yu Wenyan said coldly, eyes flashing with disgust and contempt.

When the voice fell, Yu Wenyan struggled to escape from Darryl’s embrace.


In the next second, Yu Wenyan looked around the surrounding environment, and suddenly her body trembled.

This… is actually an underground cavern? There is also an underground magma river?


At this moment, Darryl said indifferently: “I know that the reason you hate me so much is because I was in the famous sword villa before, which ruined your plan and made you lose face in front of many people, but, I saved your life just now, and we are also cleared up!”

With that said, Darryl looked at the huge karst cave in front of him, and continued: “This place is very complicated, and it’s so hot. It’s hard to say whether we can go out or not, let’s settle for our destiny!”

Chapter 1102

When the voice fell, Darryl walked straight forward.

After spending so many years in the rivers and lakes, Darryl was calm in the face of trouble. He firmly believed that the huge cave in front of him was deep and long, and there must be a way out.

Yu Wenyan bit her lip, did not respond, and then slowly followed.

Darryl guessed right, Yu Wenyan just performed her stunt and exhausted her internal strength. At this time, there is no doubt that with ordinary people, it is difficult to go out alone with her current state, and she can only follow Darryl.

The two of them moved forward slowly along the underground magma river one after the other. In the magma river, the fire was rising, and the whole cave was filled with extremely hot aura.

There was Bailian Cold Fire in Darryl’s body, and this scorching aura had no effect on him.

As for Yu Wenyan, his internal strength was exhausted, and he could endure it forcibly at the beginning, but gradually, he couldn’t hold it anymore. The delicate face is extremely red, and the body is sweaty. Yuwenyan is the strength to cross the tribulation realm, but there is too much magma around it, like a sea of ​​fire, and the magma here is extremely hot. Rao is her ability to cross the Tribulation Realm, and it won’t last long.


Seeing Darryl’s expression as usual, Yu Wenyan couldn’t help being curious, and asked: “Darryl, why are you doing nothing?”

At this time, Yu Wenyan didn’t know that Darryl possessed Bailian Lenghuo in his body, thinking that he had cultivated a special technique and could not fear the flames.


Seeing her look curious, Darryl smiled slightly and said: “I have the cold fire of white lotus, the ordinary flame, and it can’t hurt me at all!”

While talking, Darryl raised his hand and saw a white flame jumping out.


Seeing Bailian’s cold fire, Yu Wenyan’s body trembled, and his flushed face was full of shock.

He actually owns Bailian Lenghuo? You know, Bailian cold fire, but the world’s first different fire, has the characteristics of devouring other different fires. For thousands of years, I don’t know how many cultivators want to integrate Bailian cold fire, but finally ended up tragically.

And this Darryl in front of him, a complete ba5tard, could actually blend the cold fire of Bai Lian? It’s really no eyes.

Thinking about it, Yu Wenyan bit her lip, angrily.


Seeing her reaction, Darryl couldn’t express his ease. He deliberately showed off Bailian’s coldness, just to be arrogant.

Don’t you want me to die? But not only can I not die, I can take it easy in this harsh environment.

Are you angry?

This Yu Wenyan usually has a high-handed cold and arrogant posture. Just now, she was fighting to the death against herself, and Darryl was about to stimulate her and blow her arrogance.

Yu Wenyan was depressed and stopped talking.

However, Yuwenyan couldn’t stand the heat waves from the surroundings, she was dripping with fragrant sweat, and the sweat completely soaked her clothes.


Darryl looked at Yu Wenyan, his eyes straightened. She is too s3xy at this time.

“Darryl, you! Close your dog’s eyes!” At this moment, Yu Wenyan’s pretty face changed when she noticed Darryl’s gaze.

Close the dog’s eyes?

It’s okay for Yu Wenyan not to say these words. After saying these words, Darryl looked at her without blinking.

I have to say that Yu Wenyan’s figure is really tight.

“You!” Yu Wenyan’s face was extremely blushing, she regretted that she had known this a long time ago, and she shouldn’t have chased him.

It’s all right now. Not only did he use up his internal strength, he fell into this underground molten cave, and he was also taken advantage of by Darryl.


Darryl smiled and looked at her for a long time before he laughed and said, “What are you excited about? You think I admire your figure. I’m thinking whether you want to use Bailian coldly. Help you block the heat around you, since you are so disgusted with me, then forget it.”

With that said, Darryl deliberately put away Bai Lian’s cold fire.

Yes, at that moment, Darryl really thought so, but seeing Yu Wenyan’s arrogant face, he deliberately teased her.

“You!” Yuwen is so angry!

This Darryl, he was obviously looking at himself, but he was still confident, and it was really disgusting that he would sell well when he got the cheapest.

In the next second, Yu Wenyan calmed down, looked at Darryl, bit his lip and said: “What you just said is true? Bailian Lenghuo can really help me resist the heat?”

When she said this, Yu Wenyan looked forward a little bit.

If you can do this, you don’t have to be so uncomfortable!

“Of course!” Darryl smiled slightly: “You said it yourself, Bailian cold fire can swallow other abnormal fires, these ordinary flames are naturally not a problem. As long as I am around you, use Bailian cold fire to deploy a barrier, you There is no need to endure the pain of the scorching heat.”

As soon as the voice fell, Yu Wenyan hurriedly said: “Then you hurry up, why are you saying so much?”


Darryl smiled, and then looked at her seriously: “I said that, but you have been killing me, why should I help you?”


Hearing this, Yu Wenyan’s face turned redder, and she lowered her head and said softly: “You…didn’t you just say that we have settled our grievances? Are you going to die?”

When he said this, Yu Wenyan’s delicate face was deeply complex.

To be honest, I beg Darryl for help, Yu Wenyan felt 10,000 unwilling, but there was no way, the heat wave in the air was really uncomfortable.


Darryl pretended to ponder, then smiled and nodded: “Well, since you said that, then I will help you, but I have one condition!”

“What are the conditions?” Yu Wenyan asked without even thinking about it.

Darryl showed a slight smile, deliberately leaned forward, and looked at Yu Wenyan with a smile: “You beg me, maybe I will help you if I feel softer!”


Yu Wenyan’s body trembled, and he stomped angrily: “You are clearly falling into trouble, taking advantage of the danger! I want you to dream!”

When saying this, Yu Wenyan was ashamed and angry!

Yu Wenyan bit her lip, scolded Darryl hundreds of times in her heart!

Darryl said with a smile, “Well, since you don’t want to, just forget it!”

As he said, Darryl shrugged, his face was indifferent, but looking at Yu Wenyan’s gaze was full of teasing.

Yu Wenyan bit her lip, furious.

This Darryl is too ba5tard, knowing that he is about to be unable to hold it, so he deliberately made such an unreasonable request.

How can he be subdued to him as the master of Xiyan Pavilion and the master of the phantom music?

Thinking about it, Yu Wenyan gritted his teeth secretly, trying to resist the scorching air around him with willpower.

However, ten seconds later, Yu Wenyan’s body was flushed, and his delicate face also showed a trace of pain.

Obviously it was about to be unable to withstand it.


At this time, the two of them had reached the depths of the molten cave. They saw that the underground magma river had widened a lot, the diffuse heat became more intense, and waves of incredibly hot air continued to invade.

Seeing this scene, Darryl smiled and said, “Honorable Lord, don’t hold on, if you continue, you are dehydrated to death, or you are roasted alive to dry corpses.”

As he said, Darryl looked serious and continued: “Furthermore, I just asked you to beg me, but I didn’t want you to be my woman. Besides, there is no one else here. Why are you so stubborn? In my heart, dignity is more important than your own life?”


At this moment, Yu Wenyan’s beautiful face was completely bloodless!

She bit her lip tightly, and Darryl was right. Her internal strength was exhausted, she couldn’t stand the scorching environment in front of her, and she couldn’t support it!

Chapter 1103

“Darryl…” At this moment, Yu Wenyan bit her lips tightly, walked slowly to Darryl, lowered her head, very shy.

“Darryl, I beg you…” The voice was very small, and I couldn’t hear it if I didn’t listen carefully.

She never dreamed that one day she would plead with this ba5tard! Unexpectedly, in front of this ba5tard, he would be so humbly!


Darryl looked like he couldn’t hear it: “What did you say? I can’t hear it.”

Speaking of this, Darryl fished out his ears and looked down at Yu Wenyan.

Yu Wenyan’s body trembled. Biting his lip tightly, almost bleeding from the bite.

“I…I beg you…” Yu Wenyan bit her lip tightly and whispered.

When she said this, Yu Wenyan lowered her head, not looking at Darryl, her delicate face was extremely red, you know, Darryl was the person she hated the most, and she wanted to kill him in her dreams. She was shameful. But now, in front of Darryl, she has given up all her dignity!

“Really good.” Darryl said with a smile.

With a smile on his face, Darryl’s heart was even more cheerful.


Isn’t this Yu Wenyan very arrogant? On the rivers and lakes of the Yellow Sea mainland, Wuji is rampant, and everyone shuns when they see him, but in front of him, hasn’t his dignity been put down?

When the voice fell, Darryl waved his hand, urging Bai Lian to cold fire, and put a protective film around him. It’s just that this protective layer is very small, it takes a lot of effort to accommodate Darryl alone.


Yu Wenyan’s body trembled and his face was extremely blushing.

This Darryl is too ba5tard. He is not satisfied with the advantage of his mouth. He deliberately made the protective film so small that if he passed by, he couldn’t avoid skin contact.

But if you don’t go in, you will be dehydrated and die.

Thinking about it, Yu Wenyan reluctantly accepted the reality, bit his lip, and entered Darryl’s protective layer.

smell good.

At this moment, Darryl smelled a fragrance rushing towards his face, and his whole person was going to be intoxicated. With his eyes, he couldn’t help but look at Yu Wen Yan from close range.

I have to say that this Yuwenyan not only looks beautiful, but also has no figure, which is simply perfect.

For a time, the two were close to each other, very ambiguous. At this moment, if there are other people nearby, you will definitely be surprised.

The master of the dignified phantom music, the lord of Xiyan Pavilion, in the rivers and lakes of the Yellow Sea mainland, Yu Wenyan, who was so distracted by people, turned soft to Darryl?

Feeling Darryl’s squinted gaze, Yu Wenyan bit her lip and was about to bite and bleed. She was uncomfortable, but she didn’t dare to move.

If it moves, it may break away from the protective layer and be scalded by the heat outside.

“Darryl, I warn you, don’t think too much of me, otherwise, I will be a ghost and I won’t let you go!”

“I don’t think so much about you? Don’t be passionate about yourself. You are a woman with a strong personality, so I am not rare! It’s you, I won’t be attracted to me anymore.”


Two days while arguing and moving forward.

Finally, without knowing how long they had been walking, the eyes suddenly opened up, Darryl and Yu Wenyan walked out of the underground cavern, in front of them was a huge pit dug by manpower.

D*mn it!

At this moment, Darryl raised his eyes and looked up, his heart shook suddenly, and his whole person was dumbfounded.

I saw the huge pit in front of me. It was hundreds of meters wide. Underground magma gathered in the huge pit to form a magma pool. Above the magma pool, there were huge furnaces, dozens of them. The furnace is connected to a continuous melting cold iron chain, and the other end of the cold iron chain is firmly fixed on the surrounding stone walls.

On the stone wall just south of the giant pit, there are three big blood-red characters with dragons flying and phoenixes: Casting sword pool!

Sword forging pool?

Seeing this, Darryl couldn’t help but mutter in secret.

Fcuk, isn’t this the place where Mingjian Villa casts weapons?

It’s a coincidence that this underground magma river is connected to the place where the famous sword villa forged weapons.

Whispering, Darryl even saw that in front of the dozens of huge furnaces, many people were focusing on smelting and forging iron. These people wear uniform forging clothes with the logo of the famous Sword Villa on the clothes.

Darryl guessed right. The Sword Casting Pond was the place where Ming Sword Villa cast weapons, and it was also a forbidden place that was never open to the outside world. Most of the top quality weapons of Ming Sword Villa were born here.

Outside the Zhujian Pond, there is the famous Sword Villa with beautiful scenery.

Mingjian Villa inherited several years ago, and its casting skills are extremely exquisite. Thousands of years ago, the ancestors of the Ye family found through tests that the fire of natural magma and the weapons cast were sharper and tougher. A huge casting base was built here.


Seeing the scene in front of her, Yu Wenyan also trembled, and her heart was extremely shocked.

In the next second, Yu Wenyan reacted and immediately distanced herself from Darryl. At this time, her face was still blushing a bit, grabbing Darryl’s clothes, pulling forcefully, and draping them on her body.

My clothes are soaked with sweat, how can I see people?

At this moment, her face looked like a ripe red apple. His own dignified Lord Xiyan Pavilion, he had been with Darryl in close quarters just now for so long.

Feeling her coquettishness, Darryl smiled slightly, and said nothing.


At this moment, the busy people in the Jianchi Pool finally discovered the two Darryl, and they were startled and yelled.


In the next second, dozens of guards rushed over with long knives and surrounded Darryl and Yu Wenyan.

At the same time, many guards called for support loudly.

“No, someone broke in!”

“Come on.”

Hearing the movement, the entire famous sword villa suddenly exploded. Soon, I saw the patriarch Edgar, with Sheri, and many elite disciples, rushing quickly, including Sheri’s cousin, Dong Long. .

“You… Darryl?” Seeing Darryl, Edgar was taken aback and was taken aback. At the same time, my heart is extremely complicated.

Before, Yu Wenyan took the magic sound to teach his disciples and came to besie the Famous Sword Villa. At a critical time, Darryl stepped forward to help. At that time, Ming Sword Villa was very grateful.

However, afterwards, Darryl was drunk and broke into his daughter’s boudoir in the middle of the night, making people feel bad about him. After that, Darryl suddenly disappeared. Everyone thought that he was absconding in fear of crime, but he did not expect to appear again.

And what surprised Edgar was that this Darryl not only returned, but also appeared in the sword casting pool?

You should know that the environment of the sword casting pool is complicated and connected to underground magma. It is difficult for ordinary people to resist such a hot aura. Coupled with the tight defense of the famous sword villa, no one has been able to come here for thousands of years.

And this Darryl not only came in, but he didn’t seem to be affected by the scorching environment at all.

How did he do it?

At this time, Edgar didn’t know that Darryl had the cold fire of white lotus. This underground cave with harsh environment was an insurmountable dangerous place for others, but it had no effect on Darryl.

Chapter 1104

It’s him!

Sheri looked at Darryl, her Jiao body trembled slightly, and she was speechless.

Dong Long next to him was even more shocked.

After Dong Long slandered Darryl, he got drunk, then knocked Darryl unconscious and sent him to Sheri’s room. The people at Famous Sword Villa thought that Darryl was drunk and wanted to defile Sheri. Later, Dong Long took the drunk Darryl out of the famous Sword Villa, originally intending to send it to the Hall of Phantom Music Education and hand it over to Yu Wenyan for disposal. In this case, the people at Mingjian Villa thought that Darryl had escaped in fear of sin.

Only halfway through, Dong Long became greedy and wanted to search for the treasure on Darryl, but he accidentally released Qiong Qi, and finally watched Qiong Qi take Darryl away.

When he returned to Mingjian Villa, Dong Long lied, saying that Darryl had escaped by himself.

In Dong Long’s heart, he believed that Darryl would not come back again after he left, but he did not expect that Darryl would come back again.


At the same time, other people around were also in an uproar.


“A few days ago, this person sneaked into the lady’s room while drunk, and then ran away quietly. He didn’t expect to dare to come back.”

“I brought a woman with me, so beautiful.”

During the discussion, many people couldn’t help looking at Yu Wenyan, and many of the male disciples’ eyes were straight.

At this time, Yu Wenyan, although wearing Darryl’s clothes, can hardly conceal the exquisite curves, especially the beautiful face, under the steaming of heat, it is rosy, like a ripe apple, indescribable Charming and s3xy.

Although Yu Wenyan was very famous in the rivers and lakes of the Yellow Sea mainland, she rarely showed up, and she had always pretended to be a man before, so the people present did not recognize her.

Feeling everyone’s gaze, Yu Wenyan was uncomfortable, and her heart was very angry, but she did not dare to attack.

I have consumed too much internal energy, how can I teach these people?


Finally, Dong Long reacted and walked out and pointed at Darryl and shouted: “You brazen person, dare you come back? You honestly confess, that night, you sneaked into my cousin’s room, what do you want to do?”

After speaking, Dong Long looked around and continued: “Darryl, you helped Famous Sword Villa before. We are so grateful to you and trust you, but I didn’t expect that you turned out to be a despicable villain…”

The words were awe-inspiring and loud.

Dong Long thought it through, no matter what purpose Darryl came back, he must preemptively, not let him tell the truth.

Moreover, at that time, Darryl was so drunk, it was not so easy to explain.


When the voice fell, the eyes of everyone around him suddenly gathered on Darryl, with anger on their faces.

The innocence of the eldest lady is related to the reputation of the entire famous sword villa. This Darryl must give an explanation.

Sheri’s face was blushing instantly. Although Darryl didn’t do anything rude to him that night, it was related to his innocence, and he would be embarrassed to be any girl.

Edgar stood there, staring at Darryl closely, waiting for his answer.


Darryl was stunned, only feeling his brain humming, looking at Sheri with a shy face, he was completely blinded.

I broke into Sheri’s room, trying to plot against her?

How can it be? If you do it, why don’t you know?

At this time, Darryl was very puzzled. He only remembered that that night, Dong Long called for a drink, and later became drunk and unconscious. When he woke up again, he went to the side of the holy lake in Xiyan Pavilion.


As soon as his thoughts turned, Darryl suddenly figured out that it was all this Dong Long’s ghost, with the purpose of slandering himself.

Thinking about it, Darryl smiled lightly and looked at Dong Long and said, “Dong Long, I don’t understand what you said. On the contrary, I want to ask you what’s going on.”

Having said that, Darryl recalled and continued: “I remember that after I drank with you, I became drunk, and then you knocked me out, right!”


Hearing this, everyone’s eyes turned to Dong Long, and their hearts were extremely surprised.

He… knocked out Darryl?


Facing everyone’s gaze, Dong Long felt a little flustered, but he reacted quickly and sneered at Darryl, “Darryl, you really know how to quibble, you dignified Heavenly Sect Master, the emperor of Xi Cang, I can easily take you Stunned? Don’t think about quibbling, and put the blame on me.”

As he said, a sneer evoked at the corner of Dong Long’s mouth: “Darryl, you are also a person with a face and a face. You did something but didn’t dare to admit it. What a man?”


Seeing him reversing right and wrong, Darryl suddenly became angry, but he said that he was useless and didn’t know how to explain it.

“Ha ha!”

Seeing Darryl’s silence, Dong Long was very proud, and said with a sneer: “Darryl, you have nothing to say, right? I think you are guilty of conscience.”


Darryl took a deep breath, didn’t bother to pay attention to him, turned his head and looked at Edgar seriously: “Zhuangzhu Ye, I really don’t know what happened that night, but I promise with my personality that Miss Ye and I are friends, absolutely I won’t do anything wrong with her.”


Hearing this, Edgar’s stern expression eased, and he nodded and said, “Sect Master Yue’s words, I naturally believe it. Speaking of which, there is something strange about this matter. It seems that this matter needs to be investigated in detail. It’s a moment.”

As the owner of the Famous Sword Villa, Edgar is an old Jianghu. Although he has been in contact with Darryl for a short time, he still feels that Darryl is not such a person.


Dong Long suddenly became anxious and exclaimed: “This Darryl has different appearances. He is a gentleman on the bright side, but a villain on the dark side. How can you believe his words?”

At this time, Dong Long was very nervous.

The whole thing was planned and participated by myself, how could Edgar check it down?

In a hurry, Dong Long pointed to Darryl and said, “This man is bold and lustful. He secretly does not know how many good women have been harmed.”

Having said that, Dong Long turned his eyes and stared at Yu Wenyan and continued: “Look, everyone, this woman is disheveled, she must have been caught by Darryl with despicable means.”

Dong Long was very cunning. Knowing that there was no evidence and not enough to convince everyone, he pulled Yu Wenyan in.

After all, Yu Wenyan’s image at this time is so embarrassed, it looks like she is being held hostage by Darryl.

At this time, Dong Long did not see that the beautiful woman in front of him was the master of the phantom voice who controlled his life and death. Although Dong Long is also a member of the Phantasmagoria, like most people, it is only the image of Yu Wenyan who pretends to be a man. He doesn’t even know that Yu Wenyan is a woman.


As soon as this remark came out, the audience suddenly exploded, and many people’s eyes fell on Yu Wenyan, and there was a lot of discussion.

“Yes, Master Dong’s words are reasonable!”

“This woman is so embarrassed, she must have been caught by Darryl…”

“I didn’t expect that this Darryl is this kind of person, I admired him so much before…”

Everyone’s discussion, you and I heard each sentence, just like Dong Long, believing that Yu Wenyan was caught by Darryl and wanted to do something wrong.

Darryl smiled without saying a word.


Yu Wenyan’s body trembled, staring at Dong Long bitterly, shy and angry.

This Dong Long, really blinded, actually said that he was a prisoner of Darryl?

How could he have such a stupid subordinate?

At this time, Yu Wenyan wanted to kill Dong Long, but still held back.

His own internal strength was exhausted seriously, and, before, he brought the magic sound to teach his disciples to find the trouble of Ming Sword Villa. If his identity was revealed, Ming Sword Villa would not let him go.

Chapter 1105


Finally, Edgar reacted and looked at Darryl solemnly: “Who is this woman next to you? Is it convenient to introduce you?”

When saying this, Edgar couldn’t help but glance at Yu Wenyan, very suspicious.

Speaking of it, Edgar didn’t believe that Darryl was a hypocrite, but the woman beside him had such an image that people had to doubt.

At the same time, Sheri also looked at Darryl tightly, his heart trembling, very complicated.

Is this Darryl really what Dong Long said? Is it a despicable villain?

If not, how can the embarrassed woman next to him explain?


At this time, Darryl smiled slightly, and said to Edgar: “This is my beloved wife, because I broke into this underground magma cave by mistake, and the environment is too hot to bear.”

Immediately, Darryl turned his head to look at Yu Wenyan, and said with a smile: “My dear, come and say hello to everyone.”

When saying this, Darryl looked relaxed.

To be honest, Darryl didn’t want to talk nonsense like this, but he knew very well in his heart that Yu Wenyan had an enmity with Mingjian Villa, and if her identity was revealed, Yu Wenyan would be over.

Although Yu Wenyan had done a lot of cruel things before, Darryl believed that her nature was not bad, so he didn’t want to see her in danger.


At this moment, Yu Wenyan’s delicate body trembled, her delicate face was extremely red, and she stared at Darryl with shame and anger, out of anger.

Darryl, the ba5tard, couldn’t solve his troubles, so he used himself as a shield and actually said that he was his woman.

It’s really hateful.

Beloved wife?

At the same time, everyone present was stunned.

Why doesn’t it look like?

This woman glared at Darryl, her eyes full of resentment, she looked like a foe, but how could she look like a husband and wife?


At this moment, Dong Long couldn’t help but sneered, and mocked at Darryl: “Okay, don’t pretend, this beauty was threatened by you at first glance, how could it be your wife?”

When the voice fell, many people nodded in agreement.


Darryl frowned and cursed secretly.

This Dong Long, there is a problem in his mind, he has no grievances with him, but he keeps slandering himself.

Thinking about it, Darryl smiled slightly and took Yu Wenyan’s hand and said, “My dear, I didn’t help you in time to keep you from getting hot. It’s me. Don’t be angry. Look, these people don’t believe you are me. Woman, hurry up and call your husband to them.”

With that, Darryl approached Yu Wenyan’s ear and whispered in a low voice: “Yu Wenyan, I did this to protect you. Think about it, if I’m trapped here, you won’t be able to leave, you and the famous sword Shanzhang. But there are grievances. When they find out your identity, they will easily spare you?”

When he said these, Darryl looked very serious.

Yes, Darryl didn’t want to waste a lot of words with these people in front of him, he just wanted to quickly clear up the misunderstanding, leave here, and meet Zhu Bajie.


Hearing this, Yu Wenyan was extremely ashamed, but after thinking about it, she gradually calmed down.

Yes, Darryl was right. If he was trapped here, he would not be able to leave.

But… how did you shout out those two words?

Yu Wenyan at this time was ashamed and angry, and he couldn’t express regret. If he had known this way, he would not chase Darryl. In the cave before, I had already put down my dignity and begged him, and now I have to call his husband…

Finally, after tangling for a few seconds, Yu Wenyan’s red lips lightly opened, and she yelled at Darryl softly: “Husband.”

When the voice fell, Yu Wenyan’s face flushed, and she was ashamed.

To be honest, Yu Wenyan was reluctant to call Darryl Fujun, but there was no way, it is not suitable to stay here for a long time.


Darryl smiled and nodded in response, and his heart was extremely cheerful.

Unexpectedly, Yu Wenyan, a woman with a cold and arrogant personality, would be so sweet to call her husband.

Thinking about it, Darryl looked at Dong Long and said lightly: “Do you still doubt it now?”


Dong Long opened his mouth and was speechless for a while.

This beauty is really his wife…

how can that be?

In the next second, Dong Long rolled his eyes and sneered at Darryl: “Darryl, just pretend, this beauty is in your hands. If you ask her to call her husband, she dare not call it?”

Having said that, Dong Long strode forward and came to Yu Wenyan, and said gently: “This beauty, did Darryl force you to shout like this? Don’t be afraid, tell the truth. This is the famous Sword Villa, Darryl. No matter how great, he wouldn’t dare to mess around with us.”

When he said this, Dong Long looked confident, and at the same time, his eyes couldn’t help but look up and down Yu Wenyan.


It’s so beautiful.


Yu Wenyan slapped Dong Long’s face without warning!

At this time, Yu Wenyan couldn’t bear it completely. She cooperated with Darryl to leave here as soon as possible. After all, the internal strength was so exhausted and he had to go back to recuperate and recover, but this Dong Long picked things up several times, not only that, but also so presumptuous See yourself.

It’s almost dead.

This slap was heavy, but for a moment, there was no sound in the audience, and everyone was stunned.

“You…do you dare to hit me?” Dong Long covered his face and looked at Yu Wenyan in disbelief, with surprise and anger in his eyes.

My own dignified Young Master Dong’s family was beaten by a woman, so what’s the face?


But shortly after, Dong Long saw a jade medallion on Yu Wenyan’s waist, his body shook, and his whole body suddenly froze.

I saw the waist card, carved from pure white jade, in the shape of flowing clouds, white as snow, very exquisite, and there was a faint “Zun” on it.

This…this is the leader’s waist card, how can it be on this woman?

At this time, Dong Long was trembling in his heart, and only felt his brain humming.

Yes, the waist card on Yu Wenyan is the token of the leader of the Phantom Music Sect, symbolizing the supremacy. As a member of the Phantom Music Sect, Dong Long can’t recognize Yu Wenyan, but he can.


After a few seconds, Dong Long reacted and stared at Yu Wenyan blankly.

Yu Wenyan took a step closer and said coldly, “Dong Long, if you dare to offend this deity like this, it’s a D*mn crime, but this deity doesn’t care about you for the time being, and you, don’t worry about it any more, let me and Darryl leaves, otherwise, the deity will not spare you lightly.”

When talking about this, Yu Wenyan resumed her high-pitched tone when she was disguised as a man, but her voice was very soft, and only she and Dong Long could hear it.


Seeing the jade card, Dong Long had vaguely guessed something in his heart, and when he heard the voice, he was completely stunned. He raised his eyes to meet Yu Wenyan’s eyes! Fastest update


At this moment, Dong Long was stupid and knelt on the ground all of a sudden!

“I…I…!” Dong Long was terrified, and his heart was extremely shocked.

Completely shocked!

The beauty in front of me is actually the leader? She… turns out to be a woman? !

And just staring at her unscrupulously just now, it’s just looking for death.


Seeing this scene, everyone on the scene opened their mouths, and one by one was stunned. They didn’t hear what Yu Wenyan said to Dong Long.

what’s the situation?

How did Dong Long kneel to this woman? A distinguished young master of the Dong family was so frightened?


Standing there, Darryl also frowned secretly, looked at Yu Wenyan and then at Dong Long, and couldn’t help but mutter in his heart.

what happened? Why is Dong Long suddenly so afraid of Yu Wenyan?

At this time, Darryl didn’t know that Dong Long was also a member of Phantom Music Education. Now that he knew the identity of Yu Wenyan, how could he not be afraid?

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