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Chapter 1111


At this moment, Xiao Er’s face was angry, and he walked over and pointed at Darryl and shouted: “Let you get out, can’t you hear it? Are you deaf?”

Darryl was upset, glanced at him lightly, and ignored it.

“What’s the matter?” The shop owner walked over and asked with a frown. He looked like a bully, and he looked like a bully and afraid of hardship.


At the same time, the movement also attracted a lot of onlookers.


Seeing that the boss is coming, the shop’s second person is more confident, pointing to Darryl and contemptuously said: “This kid breaks into the guest room, but still depends on not leaving. I think it is not a thief or a liar.”


Upon hearing this, the shop owner immediately became angry and pointed at Darryl and shouted angrily: “Where is a kid who knows how to live and die, break a leg for me and throw it out.”

Like the shop Xiaoer, the shop owner also believed that the person in front of him had escaped from the war. After all, Darryl’s dress was too ordinary.


When the voice fell, several folks in the store rolled up their sleeves and surrounded Darryl.

At this moment, everyone around secretly shook their heads, and many people pointed to Darryl.

“I’m afraid this kid will be unlucky.”

“Yes, the owner of this inn, but there is a face with a face in Fengling Town. Does this kid dare to make trouble here? Looking for death…”

“Looking at his appearance, he must have fled from another place. Alas, at a young age, if he doesn’t do anything well, he must cause trouble…”

The surrounding discussion kept coming, and the corners of Darryl’s mouth raised up, which was very funny.


Does he look like a refugee?

At this time, Darryl was very funny. He didn’t want to attract attention, so he hid the aura of strength, but he didn’t expect that it was ridiculous to be regarded as a liar to escape.

“Boy! I really don’t see the coffin, don’t cry.”

Seeing that Darryl could still laugh, one of the shop assistants finally couldn’t help it, yelled, and punched him.

Darryl’s face was calm and composed, and he didn’t even mean to hide.

These shop folks are all ordinary people, and they seem to be very fierce, but hitting Darryl is just like scratching, and there is no harm at all, and Darryl can easily avoid it.

“Boss, do you have a room?”

Seeing that punch, he was about to hit Darryl, and suddenly, he heard a voice from outside, and then, a man with good temperament slowly walked in.

A black brocade robe, showing a decent temperament, about 30 years old, thin body, but the whole body is filled with an aura that is not to be underestimated.

The man’s name was Ye Fei, a certain Wuhuang strength, and he was a branch hall master of Tianmen.

Ye Fei?

Why is this kid here?

Seeing Ye Fei, Darryl was stunned, and he was very puzzled.

Recently, Yang Jian sent troops to conquer, and he deliberately gave orders to Tianmen. He was always prepared to defend the Diyuan Continent. Ye Fei was not in the Diyuan Continent at this time. Why did he come to the Yellow Sea Continent?


At the same time, the eyes of all the people present suddenly gathered in the past.

Just a glance, almost everyone believes in their hearts that the person in front of them, with such a strong aura, is definitely from an extraordinary background, and an absolute identity is not simple!

“The guest officer!”

At this time, the shop owner reacted with a smile on his face and respectfully said to Ye Fei: “This is the best inn in Fengling Town, with the best rooms. I will make arrangements for you.”

Like everyone else, the shop owner also decided that the visitor was not easy, and he looked humble and respectful at this time.

At the same time, when the shop owner glanced over Darryl, there was still a trace of contempt.

After I have arranged the distinguished guests, I will take care of this kid.


At this moment, Ye Fei nodded and said lightly: “Go and prepare, I want to rest quickly.”

When saying this, Ye Fei couldn’t hide his exhaustion.

Yes, originally Ye Fei shouldn’t be here, but the Beiying army suddenly invaded the Diyuan Continent. Huashan and Yunzhou have already fallen. Now the entire Diyuan Continent is in chaos. In this case, Tianmen sent many people. , Go to all continents to find Darryl.

After all, only Darryl could save the situation in the Earth Round Continent.

In this case, Ye Fei was responsible for coming to the Yellow Sea mainland to search for it.

“Good!” The shop owner nodded and bowed in response, and quickly ordered Dian Er to prepare the room.


But at this moment, Ye Fei’s eyes flashed, and when he saw Darryl sitting there, his heart was shocked and he was pleasantly surprised.

metropolitan? !

Ye Fei rubbed his eyes, thinking that he had made a mistake, but after a closer look, he was really the Sect Master!

Excited, Ye Fei pushed the shop owner away and walked quickly towards Darryl.


Seeing this scene, everyone present was stunned.

This…what’s the situation?

This extraordinary guest, know this kid?


When everyone was secretly suspicious, they saw Ye Fei approaching Darryl, bending his knees, and knelt down directly.

At this moment, everyone was completely dumbfounded!

And even more shocked they are still behind.

Seeing Ye Fei’s expression of excitement, he said to Darryl: “Subordinate Ye Fei, see Sect Master, Sect Master…finally found you.”


For a moment, the whole inn was silent, and many people couldn’t help taking a breath of air-conditioning.

metropolitan? This ordinary-dressed guy turned out to be the suzerain?

It’s just… is he the suzerain of that sect?

“you you…”

Finally, the shop owner was the first to react, looking at Darryl, his throat trembled, and the shocked words were unsuccessful.

Before he finished speaking, Ye Fei interrupted him with an angry shout.

“Presumptuous.” Ye Fei glared at the shop owner, coldly scolding: “This is our Tianmen Sect Master, Your Excellency Darryl, you dare to be so rude and find death!”

Ye Fei is a wise man. Seeing a few shop associates and surrounding Darryl, he guessed something at once.


Upon hearing this, the entire inn suddenly exploded, and everyone looked at Darryl dumbfounded, shocked.

Completely shocked.

This person turned out to be Tianmen Sect Master Darryl? Some time ago, helped the Southern Cloud Continent repel the existence of the Beiying army? The emperor wind of Xi Cang?

The shop owner only felt that his legs were soft, dripping with cold sweat, staring at Darryl blankly, his brain was in a mess. Completely speechless.

He turned out to be Darryl?

Just now, I asked the guy to shoot him, it was just looking for death.

At this moment, Ye Fei came over delicately and said coldly: “Dare to be disrespectful to our Sect Master, you don’t want to live anymore.” After the voice fell, Ye Fei’s internal force burst out, and he would take action.

The shop owner and several buddies were so frightened that they even urinated their pants on the spot.

“Forget it!”

At this moment, Darryl said indifferently: “Don’t blame anyone who doesn’t know, besides, they didn’t do anything to me.”

When talking about this, Darryl didn’t even look at the shop owners. In his heart, there was no need to care about these people.

“Yes, Sect Master.” Ye Fei replied and retreated.

“Ye Fei!”

At this time, Darryl frowned and asked, “Why did you come to the Yellow Sea Continent? What happened?”

The Yellow Sea Continent is remotely located and separated from the Earth Round Continent by the West Cang Continent. Therefore, the news of the invasion by Yang Jian’s troops hasn’t reached this side, and Darryl naturally didn’t know.

Ye Fei looked at the people around him, and he stopped talking.

Realizing something, Darryl got up and took Ye Fei to an empty room on the second floor.

A few minutes later.

Ye Fei was in the room and explained the situation of the Earth Circle Continent in detail.

At the end, Ye Fei looked ashamed and anxious: “Sovereign, we have tried our best, but the Beiying army is too strong. Now not only the Huashan area and Yunzhou city have fallen, but also many people have been arrested by Yang Jian… ..”


Hearing this, Darryl’s body trembled, his brain buzzed, and he was startled and angry.

D*mn, this Yang Jian is too cunning. He even took advantage of his absence to attack the Diyuan Continent?

A few seconds later, Darryl reacted and quickly pointed at Ye Fei: “Quickly, in my name, immediately, in my name, ask Danzong for help from the Nanyun Continent Royal Family and Dongao Continent’s Wen Zong!”

When he said this, Darryl looked anxious. The Beiying army is powerful, and even if it goes back by itself, it will be difficult to save the situation, so it can only ask for help from other continents.

“Yes, Sect Master!” Ye Fei replied and walked out of the room quickly.

Watching Ye Fei leave, Darryl found paper and pen in the room and wrote a letter to Zhu Bajie.

After writing it, Darryl called the owner of the shop and said: “If someone named Zhu Bajie comes to the inn, give him this letter. Remember, you must hand it over to him, okay?”

To be honest, Darryl wanted to be here and continue to wait for Zhu Bajie. After all, Elsa had amnesia, and he had been looking for her for so long, and it was hard to find him, so he really didn’t want to leave like this.

But there is no way, the Earth Round Continent is at stake, and we must go back to preside over the overall situation.

Moreover, with Zhu Bajie watching around Elsa, there is no danger.

“Yes, yes, don’t worry, Sect Master Yue, the villain will do it.” The shop owner nodded his head again and again, very respectful, and did not dare to violate the slightest. Compared with before, his attitude was completely above and below ground.

In front of him is a big man who is famous in Kyushu, the owner of a small place in his own place, how can he bother?

After arranging everything, Darryl left Fengling Town and hurried towards the direction of Xicang Continent.

Darryl had thought about it, and first went to Xicang Continent to gather an army, so that he would have a better chance of winning against Yang Jian.

Chapter 1112

After a long flight, Darryl reached the boundary of Xicang Continent.

At this moment, Darryl was inexplicably excited when he stepped onto the land of Xicang Continent.

D*mn, finally arrived.

The strength of Xicang Continent is still high among the nine states. Darryl believes that as long as Xicang’s army is assembled, even if Yang Jian cannot be defeated, he can at least help Diyuan Continent to hold off for a while.

Thinking about it, Darryl finally arrived at Canglong Pass after another hour of flying.

Canglong Pass, located on the border of the Xicang Continent, is one of the important gateways to enter the Xicang Continent. The mountains are high and dangerous, and it is easy to defend and difficult to attack. It is known as the number one fortress in the Xicang Continent.

The reason why Darryl came to Canglong Pass was because the distance from Canglong Pass to Diyuan Continent was the closest.

Darryl thought it over. After arriving at Canglong Pass, he directly asked the garrison to convey his will, let the army rush to meet, and then quickly support Earth Continent. After all, the situation on Earth Continent was critical and could not be delayed for a moment.


On the official road outside Canglong Pass, Darryl took a deep breath and landed slowly.

After flying for more than ten hours in a row, Darryl was a little tired, and there was still a few hundred meters in front of him, so he decided to walk over.


Without taking a few steps, Darryl stopped, looking at the front and frowned secretly.

I saw a car parked on the side of the road ahead with smoke from the hood. It was obviously broken. A pair of young men and women stood beside them, helpless.

The man was about twenty-five years old, and he was quite handsome, he was dressed in a brown plaid suit, but he wore ancient short boots on his feet.

The woman looked younger, a plain white cheongsam, perfectly showing her exquisite and tight figure, her facial features were exquisite and charming, and there was a trace of stubbornness between her eyebrows. Darryl noticed that the woman’s long hair curled up. , Similar to the head of an ancient maid.

The men and women are dressed in modern styles, but with ancient elements on them. If it had been before, Darryl would definitely be puzzled, but now it is not surprising.

Since the enchantment of the Kyushu Continent disappeared, in the past ten years, the various continents have communicated with each other, humanities and customs have collided with each other, like this kind of both modern and ancient dress, Darryl does not know how much he has seen.


In the next second, Darryl reacted, walked over, and said to the pair of men and women: “Need help?”

To be honest, Darryl hurriedly summoned the army, originally didn’t want to be troublesome, but the cheongsam woman in front of him, who looked like Lily in her gestures, decided to help.

“Go! Go! Go…”

The man in the suit looked at Darryl up and down with disgust, and said with an aura: “You are a passerby, what are you going to do? This is called a car, have you seen it?”

The kid in front of him, dressed in ordinary clothes, had little insight at first glance.

In the man’s mind, he thought that Darryl was a commoner in the Xicang Continent, and he had never seen a car. After all, the Xicang Continent was an ancient society. Although the continents have been communicating for a long time, the car is a high-tech product that ordinary people can hardly see!

Darryl frowned secretly.

D*mn, this kid has a strong sense of superiority.

“Cousin.” At this moment, the cheongsam beauty pulled the man in the suit and gently said, “Don’t do this.”

With that, the cheongsam beauty smiled at Darryl lightly: “I’m so sorry, you just said you want to help, do you know how to fix the car?”

The voice is sweet and pleasant.

Darryl nodded and smiled and said: “Understand, your car has broken down, it looks like it is a problem with the water outlet.” As the former Yue family master, Darryl is no stranger to cars.

While talking, Darryl opened the hood and checked it.


Seeing this scene, the man in the suit was very surprised. He didn’t seem to expect that Darryl would really repair the car, but there was still some disdain in his eyes.

Soon, Darryl checked the problem and started to repair it. At the same time, he asked the cheongsam beauty, “Where did you come from? Has this car been unmaintained for a long time?”

Many parts of this car need to be overhauled. Obviously, the men and women do not know how to maintain them.


Hearing this, the man in the suit furrowed his brows and screamed in disgust: “Oh, if you want to know how to fix it, hurry up. What are you asking? Where did we come from and who did it have anything to do with you? “

There was a deep contempt in the words, and in the eyes of the man in the suit, Darryl had no right to know their identities.

As soon as the voice fell, the cheongsam beauty looked displeased, and she blamed the man in the suit: “People are kind to help us, and it’s okay to ask, don’t talk with guns and sticks.”

As he said, the cheongsam beauty smiled apologetically at Darryl: “My cousin is like this, don’t mind, we are from China Mainland, and my name is Sun Ting.”

The Sun family is a well-known big family in the Zhongyuan Continent. On the rich side, Sun Ting is the eldest lady of the Sun family.

Although Sun Ting is a rich lady, she has a strong personality. In the past few years, the family business has been expanding to other continents. Sun Ting wanted to share some of it. This time she took the initiative to come to Xicang Continent to find some business cooperation for the family.

As for this car, it was Sun Ting’s father who got it from the Diyuan Continent. Sun Ting was a novelty. After learning to drive, he drove to the Western Cang Continent. How did he know that he was about to arrive at Canglong Pass, the car suddenly didn’t. Gone, broken on the side of the road.


Darryl nodded silently, it turned out that it was from Zhongyuan Continent. The Central Yuan Continent, like the Apocalypse Continent, is also an ancient society. This pair of men and women, dressed in such avant-garde styles, certainly have extraordinary status in the Central Yuan Continent.


At this time, Sun Ting introduced the man in the suit to Darryl: “This is my cousin, named Dugujing.”


Darryl responded, but he was too lazy to say hello to Dugujing. This kid was disrespectful and too lazy to talk to him.

However, Darryl muttered secretly in his heart.

This kid’s surname is Dugu? Does it belong to the same family with that Dugu Jiu?

When the Apocalypse imperial family held a martial arts contest for Raquel, a high-sounding contestant, Dugu Jiu, came to the Zhongyuan Mainland. Darryl clearly remembered that Dugu Jiu was from the Dugu family of Zhongyuan Mainland at that time. A well-known talent, in the final Wen Bi final, Darryl also compared with Du Gu Jiu in poetry.

And the Dugujing in front of him is also from Zhongyuan Mainland. Could it be that Dugujiu is a family?

Darryl guessed right, this Dugu Jing came from Dugujiu’s family, and he was also Dugujiu’s younger brother.

The Dugu family and the Sun family have been married for generations. Dugujing is Sun Ting’s cousin. She liked this cousin when she was a child. When she learned that Sun Ting wanted her only son to drive to the Western Cangland to find business opportunities, Dugujing followed her facelessly.


Seeing Darryl’s indifferent answer to him, Dugu Jing suddenly came to the fire, and sneered: “Have you heard of the Dugu family in Zhongyuan Mainland? I am the young master of the Dugu family. As long as you fix the car, I will reward you, young master. One silver ingot.”

When the voice fell, Dugujing took out a piece of silver ingot, with a high arrogance on his face.

In Dugujing’s heart, even if Darryl could repair a car, he would be no more than an ordinary citizen, and the silver ingot he gave, I was afraid he would never see it in his lifetime.

Ha ha..

Seeing the silver ingot, Darryl’s expression was light, without the slightest fluctuation, but his heart was secretly funny.

This Dugu Jingkang really belongs to the Dugu family. But this kid is really interesting. He is just a young master of the family, he is very proud and doesn’t put anyone in his eyes.

Thinking about it, Darryl still ignored Dugujing.

After a while, the car was repaired, Darryl put down the hood and smiled at Sun Ting: “Okay, you can continue on the road.”

Chapter 1113

“You are amazing.”

Sun Ting clapped her hands and jumped for joy. She looked at Darryl with gratitude and admiration: “I thought this car was completely broken. I didn’t expect you to fix it so easily.”

With that, Sun Ting couldn’t help asking: “Yeah, I don’t know what your name is, and where do you come from.”


Darryl thought for a while and replied: “My name is Darryl Tao, I am from the mainland.”

Darryl wanted to say his real name, but after another thought, his reputation is too loud, so it’s better to keep a low profile.

“It turns out that it came from the Continent of Earth Yuanyuan, so it’s no wonder that she can repair cars.” Sun Ting’s face was stunned.

Among the Kyushu Continent, the Diyuan Continent is technologically advanced, and almost everyone there knows cars, and it’s not surprising that they can repair cars.

Immediately, Sun Ting thought of something and asked Darryl curiously: “Did you come to the Xicang Continent to escape the war?”


Hearing this, Darryl was stunned.

Sun Ting looked complicated and continued: “On the way here, I saw a lot of people fleeing, most of them came from the land of the earth. Alas, they are all dragging their families, so poor…”


Darryl took a deep breath and secretly clenched his fist, feeling very uncomfortable in his heart.

For his own selfish desire, Yang Jian attacked the Earth and Yuan Continent with troops, and the people who suffered in the end were the people.

I must seize the time and quickly summon the Xi Cang army to resist Yang Jian.

“Oh, kid!”

At this moment, Dugujing looked at Darryl up and down, and said contemptuously: “I can’t tell, you really repaired the car, here, the young master speaks for you, this is a reward for you.”

When the voice fell, Dugu Jing threw a piece of silver ingot in his hand at Darryl’s feet, with a very arrogant attitude.

Dugujing has been pursuing Sun Ting. At this time, seeing Sun Ting and Darryl talking and laughing, he was very upset, like a blow to Darryl’s self-esteem.


Darryl frowned secretly, not looking at the silver ingots on the ground, and at the same time, there was some fire in his heart.

This kid, I ignore you, you are getting more and more energetic.


Seeing Darryl standing still, Dugujing sneered and mocked: “Why? Not too young? I tell you, this piece of silver ingot has been enough for people like you for a long time, don’t know what is good or bad.”


Sun Ting couldn’t stand it anymore and stomped her feet: “Could you please stop this.”

Dugujing hurriedly smiled and coaxed: “Cousin, don’t be angry. He is an ordinary person at first glance. I am helping him by giving him money.”

Darryl chuckled lightly, and said lightly: “I helped you repair the car out of kindness, and didn’t want to return it.”


Upon hearing this, Sun Ting secretly nodded her approval.

It’s rare to see such good people for helping without asking for anything in return.

At this time, Sun Ting had a good impression of Darryl.

In the next second, Sun Ting smiled and invited Darryl: “It seems that you are also going to Canglong Pass. Since we are on the way, let me take you a ride.”

When she said this, Sun Ting’s charming eyes were full of sincerity.


Dugujing suddenly shouted: “Cousin, this person is dirty, how can he ride in our car? Anyway, Canglong Pass is right in front of him, let him walk by himself.”

When he said this, Dugujing still did not forget to look at Darryl with a look of disgust.

How can an inferior person qualify to ride in his cousin’s car?

“Dugujing, are you enough?” At this time, Sun Ting was completely anxious, and said coldly: “If you do this, don’t follow me.”

After speaking, Sun Ting smiled at Darryl and said, “Darryl Tao, let’s get in the car.” After the voice fell, Sun Ting took the driving seat.


Darryl nodded and got into the car.

To be honest, Darryl didn’t want to take a car. After all, Canglong Pass was close at hand, but Sun Ting was so kind and so embarrassed to refuse.

“Cousin, wait for me.” Dugujing called out and quickly sat up.

Soon, Sun Ting started the car and drove towards the gate of Canglongguan.


When approaching the gate of the city, Darryl took a deep breath and felt very heavy when he saw the scene in front of him.

I saw that in the open space outside the city gate, thousands of people gathered. Most of these people came from the Earth Yuan Continent. Some were carrying packages, and some were carrying their families, one by one. All look tired.

At the gate, a checkpoint was set up. The fully armed Canglong City garrison soldiers were interrogating these people who had fled one by one.

Because there were too many people, they squeezed together, pushing and shouting, making the whole front door noisy.

“Shut up!”

A soldier captain yelled with a serious face: “What’s the noise? All line up, one by one, you don’t obey the command, don’t blame the army master, I’m welcome.

The voice was loud and deterrent, and in a moment, the noisy crowd suddenly became a lot quieter.

At this moment, when they arrived, the three Darryl got out of the car!

“Why are there so many people?” Dugu Jing couldn’t help but muttered, looking very upset.

In Dugujing’s heart, he was the aloof young master of the family, standing with these filthy people, losing his identity.

Sun Ting also frowned slightly.

However, Sun Ting didn’t dislike the people around, but wanted to enter the city quickly, so she was a little anxious.

With so many people, when will they wait in line?

Darryl’s face was solemn.

With so many people fleeing, one can imagine how tense the situation in the Earth Yuan Continent has become.

Thinking about it, Darryl was about to walk over, preparing to enter the city.

The situation on the Earth Circle Continent brooks no delay, and we must quickly summon the Xi Cang army.


However, at this moment, Sun Ting spoke to Darryl gently and said, “I’ll go over and ask if these soldiers can be accommodating. If possible, I will bring you in together. Then, you won’t have to line up. .”

In Sun Ting’s heart, she thought that Darryl was also a civilian who had fled, so she decided to help him. After all, he was a representative of his family and came to the West Cang Continent to do business. The soldiers at this level would definitely give him the priority to enter the city.

“Cousin, I’ll be with you.” Dugujing yelled, and quickly followed.

Darryl smiled, this Dugujing, as the eldest family lady, has no arrogance at all, and is quite kind.

Thinking about it, Darryl also followed.

“Military Lord!”

When he reached the checkpoint, Sun Ting smiled lightly and said to the soldier captain: “I’m from the Central Yuan Continent, and I am going to come to the Western Cang Continent to do business. Can you accommodate me?”


At this moment, whether it was the soldier or the people around him, his eyes suddenly focused on Sun Ting.


It’s so beautiful.

This must be the lady of some big family.

The soldier captain also looked straight, but after a few seconds, he reacted and shook his head: “Sorry, this lady, no matter what your status is, you will have to line up.”

Although the young lady in front of me is very charming, the military command is like a mountain, and he is a small captain, how dare he to be accommodating in private.


As soon as the voice fell, Dugujing beside him called out: “You have to line up for anything? Do you know who we are? You compare us to these ordinary people?”

As he said, Dugujing took out a few silver ingots from her body and looked proudly: “The money has invited you to drink, now let us pass it.”

In Dugujing’s heart, he thinks that money can solve anything.


At this moment, the soldier captain’s face suddenly changed, and he said coldly at Dugujing: “What do you mean? Are you bribing me?”

To be honest, the soldier captain didn’t want to be troublesome, but seeing Dugujing doing this, he felt humiliated and immediately became angry.


In the next second, before Dugujing could react, the soldier captain slapped him on the face without warning.

For a moment, the audience was silent.

Chapter 1114

Sun Ting couldn’t help but whispered and froze there.

But Sun Ting was not angry, because the cousin’s behavior just now was a bit too much.


Darryl showed a slight smile, and his mood was dark and refreshing.

This Dugu Jing has no one in his eyes, and now that he has been beaten, he is making his own way.

At the same time, Darryl looked at the soldier captain, his eyes flashing with approval.

Unexpectedly, there is such an upright soldier captain in this little Canglong Pass, not bad!


Dugujing covered his face, was surprised and angry, and pointed to the soldier captain: “Do you dare to hit me? I tell you, I am the young master of the Dugu family in the Central Yuan Continent. You are a small soldier captain, just a gatekeeper. Do you actually do it to me?”

At this time, Dugujing was almost furious, his own dignified young master, who was not polite when he saw him, but the soldier captain in front of him actually beat himself, it was a shame and shame.


The voice fell, and the audience was in an uproar.

“The young master of the Dugu family? Is that the famous talent, the family of Dugu Jiu?”

“Sure enough, the background is not small.”

Under the discussion, the soldier captain was also a little panicked.

It’s broken, I’m afraid I will be in trouble if I beat such a big man myself.

“What happened?”

At this moment, a voice came from inside the city gate, and then, a group of people slowly walked out, headed by a young man, dressed in white, with a face like a crown jade, unspeakably suave.

It was the son of the Canglong Pass Guard Officer, Xie Zhendong!

“See the son!”

Seeing Xie Zhendong, the surrounding soldiers hurriedly saluted, all trembling. Canglong Pass guarded Xie Nanbo and guarded Canglong Pass for decades. He was highly respected and respected. As his son, Xie Zhendong also had considerable influence in Canglong Pass.

“The son!”

At this time, the soldier captain walked over quickly and directed at Xie Zhendong cautiously: “The little one just hit the wrong person, please punish him!” After that, he pointed to Du Gujing and explained the situation just now.

After speaking, the soldier captain stood there, trembling all over, panicking.


At this time, there was also silence inside and outside the city gate.

Everyone believed that Xie Zhendong would definitely punish the soldier captain.

Darryl stood there, quietly looking at Xie Zhendong, frowning secretly.

Darryl thought it over. If Xie Zhendong punishes the soldier captain and does not treat Dugujing and the surrounding people equally, he must carefully question Canglongguan guard and ask him how he educates his son.

“Ha ha!”

Finally, Xie Zhendong smiled lightly and said lightly: “But a self-righteous young master in the family, just hit him, what’s the big deal.”


Hearing this, the soldier sighed with relief, and a large rock hanging in his heart finally fell to the ground.

Darryl also showed a slight smile, and secretly nodded his approval.

This defensive boy did not let himself down as expected.


At the same time, everyone around him also whispered and praised Xie Zhendong.

“You…” Dugujing was full of shame and anger, staring at Xie Zhendong closely, angrily unable to speak.

This kid is just the son of Canglongguan guard, yet he doesn’t put himself in his eyes like this, which is really hateful.


At this moment, Xie Zhendong’s eyes lit up and he walked over with a smile.

At that moment, the eyes of everyone present moved with him. When he stopped, the audience was silent again!

See you, Xie Zhendong walked straight to Sun Ting!

Sun Ting wears a white cheongsam and her s3xy and tight figure is enough to conquer countless men.

At this time, Sun Ting’s body trembled, and she felt a little inexplicably worried.

“I said just now that the beauty is from the Sun family in the Central Yuan Continent. She is still the eldest lady, isn’t she?” Xie Zhendong smiled, looked at Sun Ting unscrupulously, and said.


Xie Zhendong’s gaze made Sun Ting uncomfortable, but she nodded and responded.

“Tsk tsk…”

Xie Zhendong looked at Sun Ting unblinkingly, and exclaimed in intoxication: “I didn’t expect that there are such outstanding beauties in Zhongyuan Mainland. Miss Sun, my son really fell in love with you at first sight. I heard you are It’s just that this young man is in the business community of Xicang Continent and has many friends. It’s better to go back to the house with me and have a few drinks. You and I will talk in detail?

As the guardian of the Canglong Pass, Xie Zhendong was unruly since he was a child. After he became an adult, he was bullying men and women and doing all kinds of evil. He was a famous evil young man at Canglong Pass. Today, when he met a beauty like Sun Ting, how could Xie Zhendong let it go? ?


At this moment, Sun Ting’s face was blushing all at once. She thought that Xie Zhendong was a gentleman, but she didn’t expect that she turned out to be a womanizer.

At the same time, everyone around was stunned, and they didn’t seem to expect that things would turn around like this.

Darryl frowned, his eyes also filled with coldness.


No wonder Xie Zhendong didn’t care so much about Dugujing being beaten. It turned out that his attention was all on Sun Ting.

“Miss Sun, this son is very sincere, don’t be shy.” At this moment, Xie Zhendong approached Sun Ting, said with a smile, and at the same time was about to grab Sun Ting’s wrist.

Sun Ting hid for a while, and said displeasedly: “You… please show respect.”

When she said this, Sun Ting was calm on the surface and very nervous in her heart! She was away from home for the first time. How could she have encountered such a thing? Xie Zhendong was dishonest in his hands and feet, and still in front of so many faces! It’s so D*mning!

“Tsk tsk, so s3xy. Your angry look is really sultry.” Sun Ting’s scolding did not make Xie Zhendong restrain, but stimulated his interest.

Having said this, he caught Sun Ting again!

This time, Xie Zhendong urged his internal force, and the speed was very fast. Although Sun Ting was also a cultivator, his realm was lower than that of Xie Zhendong. There was no time to react, and the wrist was tightly grasped.

Immediately afterwards, Xie Zhendong approached for a few minutes, sniffed lightly in front of her, intoxicated: “It smells so good.”

At this moment, in addition to the soldiers around, many people changed their faces one after another.

This Xie Zhendong, as the guardian of the Canglong Pass, can be regarded as a figure with a good head and face. He actually did something to Sun Ting in the presence of the crowd!

“You…stop me! Let go of him!” Dugujing finally couldn’t help but said coldly.

When the voice fell, Dugu Jing was about to rush over.

However, before rushing to the front, he was stopped by the surrounding soldiers and then tied up by Wuhuada.

Although he was the son of the Dugu family, Dugujing was idle and never tried hard to practice. As a result, he was still in the realm of Martial Saint, and most of the soldiers in Canglong Pass were in the realm of Wuhou, not opponents at all!

At this time, Sun Ting was ashamed and angry, struggling and drinking softly: “What are you doing? Let go of me!”

Dugujing was tightly bound, and his face was livid, and his whole body trembled with anger, and shouted at Xie Zhendong: “You will let her go soon, I warn you, I am the young master of the Dugu family, she is my cousin. If she has the slightest handicap today, I can’t spare you.”

Dugu family?

Hearing this, Xie Zhendong looked indifferent, smiled coldly, and looked straight at Dugujing: “Boy, don’t use your family to scare me. This is the West Cang Continent, not the Central Yuan Continent, and it’s here. Wherever you are, you must listen to my rules, otherwise, don’t blame me for being rude!”

After saying this, Xie Zhendong said to the soldier next to him: “Look at him closely, if you say another word, he will cut his tongue.”

Xie Zhendong has been arrogant since he was a child, and in his heart, the Dugu family is far away in the Zhongyuan Continent, and he is not afraid at all.

“Yes, son!”

Several soldiers responded, drew their long knives, and surrounded Dugujing tightly.


Feeling the chill from the long knife, Dugujing’s heart trembled, she immediately persuaded, and quickly closed her mouth.

The innocence of the cousin is important, but it is not as important as his own life.

Seeing this scene, Sun Ting instantly despaired.

Cousin is already scared, who else can save himself!

Seeing this situation, Xie Zhendong smiled triumphantly, more courageous, and grabbed Sun Ting’s hand and pulled it violently.

Sun Ting exclaimed and ran directly into Xie Zhendong’s arms. Before struggling, he was hugged tightly by Xie Zhendong.

Chapter 1115

“Miss Sun, don’t be afraid, wait for a few drinks with me, I will not only support your business, but also love you…Haha!” Xie Zhendong laughed, and hugged Sun Ting. Just walked into the city.

At this moment, many people around were daring not to speak.

Knowing that she could not get out of her clutches, Sun Ting gave up the struggle and closed her eyes in despair.

Complete despair!

At this time, Sun Ting felt incomprehensible regret. She had known this a long time ago, so she should listen to what she said at home and stop doing business alone.


However, at this moment, a cold voice sounded, and then, a cold figure walked out of the crowd.

It is Darryl!

Yes, Darryl couldn’t help it anymore, and he gave very much instructions at this time.

I thought that Dugujing was very annoying, but I didn’t expect that this Xie Zhendong was even worse. Such daring, robbing women in the crowd, is simply a scum in the scum.

What irritated Darryl even more was that as the emperor of Xi Cang, it was really a shame for his ministers to have such wicked people.


In an instant, the gazes of everyone present focused on Darryl.

Especially Sun Ting, with a trembling body, looking at Darryl’s gaze, filled with consternation.

This…this Darryl, do you want to come forward to rescue yourself?

I thought, Sun Ting bit her lip tightly, moved indescribably, but also a little worried. In her heart, this Darryl Tao was just a common people who had fled from Earth Round Continent. How could it be Xie Zhendong’s opponent?

An ordinary citizen, a son of an important official in Xi Cang Continent, is not at the same level at all.

“Where’s the brat!”

At this moment, Xie Zhendong finally reacted, looking at Darryl coldly, full of disdain: “Did you talk to this young man just now?”

Darryl responded coldly: “Not bad.”

At this time, Darryl was very angry, and said coldly at Xie Zhendong: “You are Canglongguan guard, Xie Nanbo’s son, right? Xie Nanbo, as an important court minister, how can you have an unbelievable son like you, in broad daylight. , If you grab the girl, you are not afraid that the news will reach the imperial city and bring disaster to your Xie family?”

The remarks were passionate and loud.

And when he said this, Darryl’s expression was cold, as if asking guilt. As the emperor of Xi Cang, can he not get angry when he sees the family of the minister below, who is so arrogant and bullying.


Suddenly, hearing Darryl’s words, especially seeing his eyes, everyone present was shocked.

This…what’s going on? This person is clearly dressed as a commoner, but his momentum, why…how is it so strong?

Even Xie Zhendong was suppressed, watching Darryl closely, unable to speak for a while.

Who is this person? Dare to teach yourself in front of so many people?

Although Xie Zhendong is the son of Canglong Pass, he has rarely left Canglong Pass, and has never been to the imperial city. Therefore, he didn’t know that the person in front of him was Emperor Xi Cang, Darryl!

“Things that do not live or die!”

A few seconds later, Xie Zhendong reacted, staring at Darryl and shouting angrily: “Since you know who I am, and dare to talk like this, I think you are tired of living!”

Immediately, Xie Zhendong yelled at the surrounding soldiers: “Why are you still stunned? Get on me, interrupt this kid, and throw it into the mountains to feed the wolves!”

When he said this, Xie Zhendong was extremely arrogant, looking at Darryl’s gaze, and even more revealing a lofty posture.

In Xie Zhendong’s heart, he also believed that Darryl was just an ordinary citizen, unable to understand his own deeds, and wanted to be a hero to save the United States. You don’t have to look at it at all.


In a short time, upon hearing Xie Zhendong’s words, dozens of soldiers rushed over and surrounded Darryl.

Seeing this scene, many people around hurriedly avoided far away, fearing that they would be hit by the fish pond, and at the same time they all sweated for Darryl and shook their heads in regret.

“This kid is afraid to finish…”

“Yes, although his courage is admirable and admirable, the opponent is the guardian son of Canglongguan, how could he be able to beat others?”

“Hey, the blood is strong, I’m afraid I will suffer a big loss.”

In the hearts of everyone, they all thought that it was a very reckless behavior for Darryl to come forward.


At the same time, Sun Ting was too anxious, her delicate body was trembling constantly, her delicate face was full of worry and anxiety, and she shouted at Darryl: “You go quickly, there is nothing to do with you here, go quickly… .”

In Sun Ting’s heart, she and Darryl Tao only met in peace. At this time, seeing him stand up for her own sake, she felt anxious.


As if he hadn’t heard it, Darryl stood there quietly, looking at the dozens of soldiers who surrounded him, his expression did not change at all, as stable as Mount Tai.


At this time, the leading soldier captain looked at Darryl up and down, and said coldly: “You are not so courageous, dare to challenge Master Xie. If you are acquainted, you should behave well, so as not to suffer from the pain of flesh and blood, otherwise…”

Before he could finish speaking, Darryl interrupted directly.

“You are the captain who guards the city gate.” Darryl said with an icy tone, saying every word: “I admired you just now, but I didn’t expect that you would help Xie Zhendong be a dog, bully innocent people. It is really unfortunate for the people to have you guards at Canglong Pass.”

Darryl said these words very seriously.

Yes, just now, this soldier captain started to fight Dugujing, not only won praise from the surrounding people, but also recognized by Darryl, just in a blink of an eye, this person helped Xie Zhendong and grabbed the girl in broad daylight. Darryl’s affection for him, All of a sudden disappeared without a trace.


Hearing this, the soldier captain was stunned, then chuckled lightly, and said contemptuously: “What a kid who doesn’t know the heights of the sky, what are you? The army master needs you to appreciate it?”

With that, the soldier captain stopped talking nonsense, and with a wave of his hand, he rushed up with the surrounding soldiers.


Darryl was completely angry, and he was too lazy to talk nonsense, urged by internal force, and directly greeted him.

“Darryl Tao, don’t…”

Seeing this scene, Sun Ting was too anxious and wanted to persuade Darryl to leave, but Xie Zhendong covered her mouth without saying a word.

“Miss Sun.” Xie Zhendong said with a smile: “A lifeless kid, why are you so nervous? He won’t be your follower. If so, I will teach him a lesson for you and let him. In the future, I will know who to provoke and who should not provoke.”

While talking, Xie Zhendong did not forget to admire Sun Ting’s figure.

Sun Ting blushed and wanted to break free, but was restrained by Xie Zhendong and couldn’t move at all.

At this time, Darryl had already fought dozens of soldiers.

Bang bang bang…

In Darryl’s realm at this time, facing the masters of the Tribulation Realm, he didn’t panic, let alone these soldiers. In a few blinks, dozens of soldiers were easily knocked to the ground.

Of course, Darryl didn’t explode with all his strength, and his men were merciful, otherwise these soldiers would have seen the king one by one.


At this time, Darryl raised his foot and kicked the captain of the soldier to the ground. He heard the soldier’s captain snorted, curled up on the ground, and couldn’t get up anymore.

At this moment, there was no one standing around Darryl.

In the next second, Darryl stood proudly, staring at Xie Zhendong closely, and said word by word: “Let the people go immediately, maybe I can forgive you.”

Listening to Darryl’s words, Xie Zhendong did not immediately respond, but looked at the scene in front of him, shocked.

what’s going on?

The kid in front of me was at most this Miss Sun’s attendant. How could it be so powerful that dozens of soldiers were all defeated in the blink of an eye? You know, these soldiers are all elites of Canglong Pass.


At the same time, everyone around was stunned!

These soldiers of Canglong Pass are responsible for guarding the border, and they are definitely strong without thinking about their strength.

But the boy in front of him, it took such a short time to knock them to the ground, and he couldn’t get up one by one. It was incredible.


Sun Ting stared at this scene blankly, her mind blank.

How could this wind wave be so powerful? Isn’t he an ordinary citizen who fled from Earth Round Continent? Actually have this kind of strength?

Dugujing who was not far away was also stunned, but in his eyes looking at Darryl, in addition to shock, there was some disdain.

This kid turned out to be a cultivator too. No wonder he dared to commit danger by himself, but no matter how strong he was, he was only a single person, and he would dare to provoke Xie Zhendong in public, it would be totally seeking death.

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