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Chapter 1231

Mateo didn’t respond immediately. He looked at the back of Moroye, his face changed, and said in surprise: “Master, look over there, are you from the Raksha ethnic group?”

Yes, Mateo lied. There were only two of them around here, and they weren’t caught at all. He said that, only deliberately drew Moroye’s attention.

Moroyah didn’t know that there was a fraud, so he turned his head and looked at it.

“This place is suitable for killing people, go to death, smelly monk!” At this moment, Mateo’s face was fierce and he burst out with a loud shout, raising his hand and hitting the back of Moroye fiercely.

Yes, Mateo spent several hours in the enlightenment, and finally found the weakness of Moroyah in the Buddhism practice, and this weakness is the back of Moroyah.

“Mechanism, you…”

Feeling a powerful force coming from behind, Moroyah was extremely furious. He didn’t expect that the apprentice who had always been in front of him would suddenly attack him.

At this moment, Moroye wanted to dodge, but Mateo was too fast to avoid it.


This palm, containing Mateo’s ten levels of skill, hit the back of Moroyah fiercely, and he heard a muffled groan. The whole person flew directly, flying for more than 100 meters, and finally hit a piece of it. On the rock.

puff! >

The moment he landed, Moroyah spewed out a mouthful of blood, and then struggled to stand up, staring at Mateo from a distance: “Huasheng, you…you are a rebellious disciple, you want to kill as a teacher?”

As a teacher?

Hearing these two words, Mateo’s eyes were extremely bloody, and he locked onto Moroye tightly. >The anger in the heart rose. >He roared: “Smelly monk, don’t be in front of me, put on a posture of a respectable chief, you have harmed me so badly, I can’t wait to break your corpse into pieces!”

This Moroyah first abolished his lifeblood, and then forced himself to become a monk. This kind of humiliation cannot be forgotten for the rest of his life!

At the same time, Mateo was also secretly shocked.

D*mn’s, this smelly monk took a palm of himself, but he didn’t die, and he could hold it. His strength was really terrifying.

Yes, Moroyeh has advanced and profound Buddhism, and also has the body of Buddhism. Although he was severely injured by Mateo, there was no life-threatening danger.

“What a villain!”

Hearing Mateo’s words, Moroye was furious, and immediately thought of something, and asked: “I ask you, those disciples of the sect with you before…”


Before he was finished, Mateo laughed up to the sky, his face full of hideous and madness: “Smelly monk, I’ll tell you everything up to now, those disciples of the sect were killed by me in the sea. One will not stay.”

“Those sects claim to be famous and authentic, but they are in fact hypocrites, especially Tianmen. Why is it not an excuse for Darryl to fight for fame and fortune? Death is not a pity.”

When it came to the last sentence, Mateo’s eyes flashed with cruelty.

“You…” Moroyah was shocked and angry when he learned this, and he regretted it in his heart.

He never expected that this Mateo could hide so deep, before worshiping himself as a teacher, all pretending, and being so cruel, killing so many people.

If I knew this, I should have killed him directly.

“Monk smelly, don’t look at me with this kind of eyes, all of this is caused by you!” Mateo screamed frantically.

“And now, it’s your turn, die!”

Mateo roared wildly, and directly summoned the Open Sky Axe. In a tight handshake, his figure resembled a ghost and rushed directly to Moroye.


At this time, Mateo was filled with infinite killing intent, and he swung the axe to open the sky, and the sky was covered by golden light, and the power was terrifying.

Seeing Mateo bursting out, Moroye was very furious, raised his hands and ran the Buddhist mudra, trying to resist!


The two sides collided in the air, and there was a loud noise that broke out. Mateo and Moroye were seen, each backing dozens of steps.


Mateo was furious. He didn’t expect that Moroye was severely injured by himself, and he could explode with such power. For a moment, his eyes were extremely bloody red, and his determination to kill Moroye was strengthened.

“There is no doubt that you will die today, and the gods can’t save you!” After saying this coldly, Mateo clenched the axe tightly and rushed up again.

Moroyeh did not respond, but Buddhism urged him to fight with Mateo in mid-air.


At this moment, from the ruins of the Chaos Mountains, a huge abyss a dozen miles away, this place is already in the realm of a wild and treacherous territory.

At the edge of the abyss, hundreds of Rakshasa soldiers who controlled hungry wolves were waiting there quietly. It was the wild wolf group of the Raksha tribe.

At this time, the warriors of these wild wolves stood on the edge of the abyss, carefully watching the lava surging at the bottom nearly a thousand meters below, and their faces were extremely jealous.


At this moment, several figures rushed over quickly, the leading one, wearing a black aD*mnl skin cloak, with a cold face, it was Meng Ao.


Seeing Mengao, the warriors of the Wild Wolves, they spoke in unison, very respectful.

Meng Ao looked around and said coldly: “You said you found the clue to the king, where is it?”

When he said this, Meng Ao was very suffocated. Seeing that he was about to become the new Rakshasa king, he had news of his father.

“Shizi!” The leader of the wild wolf group walked over and cautiously said: “We searched here just now and found traces of fighting here, and there are fragments of the king’s armor on the rocks below.”

With that, the leader of the wild wolf group pointed to a place on the abyssal stone wall below.


Hearing this, Meng Ao looked down and saw that 100 meters below, where a stone wall protruded, there was indeed a fragment of armor, gleaming with a cold and faint light, which fell from the armor of King Rakshasa.

Could it be…Father is down there?

Seeing this scene, Meng Ao murmured secretly, and then ordered to the surroundings: “You are here to guard, I will go down and take a look.”

“Yes, my son!” Hundreds of wild wolf groups responded in unison.

The leader also hurriedly said: “Second, be careful, the bottom is unfathomable, and the bottom is still full of magma.”

Meng Ao didn’t talk nonsense, drew out the bone machete, jumped, and jumped down.

Every tens of meters down, Mengao used his internal force and inserted the bone knives on the rock wall to slow down the force of the fall.

After dozens of seconds, Mengao finally reached the bottom of the abyss.

It was seen that the bottom was full of rolling magma, and a dozen meters above the magma, the rock wall extended a huge platform, the platform has a basketball court size, the junction of the platform and the rock wall, is a small cave. Know where to go.

At the entrance of the cave, a burly figure sat there, his armor was in tatters, and there was blood all over his body. The whole person was extremely weak, but his eyes were still gleaming.

It is Raksha King.

Yes, the fierce battle with Yang Jian at that time triggered the collapse of the Chaos Mountains and the fission of the earth. Afterwards, King Rakshasa and Yang Jian fell and fell into this abyss.


Seeing King Raksha, Meng Ao was shocked, hesitated, walked quickly over, and couldn’t help but call out softly.

At this time, Mengao tried to calm down, but he was panicked in his heart.

If it’s broken, my father really didn’t die, so it seems that I can’t keep it from killing my eldest brother.

Chapter 1232

Hearing the call, King Raksha tilted his head to look over.

Seeing that it was Mengao, King Raksha smiled, gratified and excited: “Haha.. The sky does not kill me!”

After that, King Raksha looked at behind Meng Ao: “Why are you alone? Where’s your eldest brother?”

In the heart of King Raksha, although the second son Mengao is strong, but his personality is too impulsive, the eldest son Menglang is what he likes in his heart. >Only Menglang can inherit his throne.


As soon as he saw his father, he asked his eldest brother first. Meng Ao felt very uncomfortable and extremely annoyed.

Is he not worse than Menglang in any way? >However, his father always believed that Menglang was the next generation of Raksha King. Why?

Thinking about it, Meng Ao held back his anger and made a very sad look: “Father, eldest brother… something has happened.”

As he said, Meng Ao wiped his tears pretendingly, and continued: “One day ago, the Kyushu army raided, and the eldest brother personally went into battle. Finally, he was severely injured by Darryl of Kyushu, because his injuries were too serious and he could not be rescued…”


King Raksha shook his body, his heart ached, and his eyes became red.

The eldest son, Wen Tao Wulue, was a rare and wise talent of the Raksha tribe in a century, but now he has died young.


In the heartache, King Raksha couldn’t help spitting out blood.

Meng Ao was taken aback, and hurriedly stepped forward to try to support the Rakshasa King. At the same time, he persuaded: “Father, people cannot be resurrected from the dead. People in Kyushu are sly and nasty. I swear that I will kill all the people of Kyushu, for my eldest brother. revenge.”

As he was talking, Meng Ao was stunned.

I saw that King Raksha’s legs were broken, and the blood on them had solidified.

It turned out that after King Rakshasa and Yang Jian fell into the abyss, they fought fiercely on this platform for a day and night. In the end, King Raksha broke his legs and Yang Jian broke his heart.

“Yes, we must avenge Menglang.” King Raksha resented and said coldly: “Wait for you to take me up, and then destroy this platform. Yang Jian hid in the depths of the cave and his injuries were no better than me. Without a foothold here, he will be trapped here alive.”


Meng Ao responded, his eyes kept turning, but he didn’t move. At the same time, he also let go of his hand to support King Raksha.

My father broke his legs and is no longer a threat to him, so why take him back? >Let a person who has lost his legs take away the kingship that is about to fall in his hands?

“Mengao, you…”

Seeing Meng Ao’s face change, King Raksha frowned and said weakly: “What are you doing in a daze? Take me up quickly.”


Meng Ao took a deep breath and shook his head: “Father, please forgive me for not being able to do it. I think it’s better for you to stay here.”

“what did you say?”

King Raksha’s face changed, and he glared at Mengao: “You rebellious son, do you want to abandon your father?”

As he said, King Raksha faintly guessed something, and asked: “I ask you, did you kill your eldest brother?” King Raksha wisely considered the situation in front of him. At a glance, he could see that something was wrong with Mengao, and the eldest son. His death is also full of strangeness.

“Not bad!”

Meng Ao showed a hideous face and said loudly: “He was confused by the two Kyushu women, and he wanted to talk to the Kyushu mainland. He was completely devoid of the blood of the Raksha tribe. Such a person is not worthy of being the son of the Raksha tribe, let alone. Be the king of the next generation.”


King Raksha trembling with anger, pointed at Meng Ao: “You actually killed your eldest brother, you are flesh and blood compatriots, you rebellious son, ba5tard thing, I want to kill you, kill you…”

Having said that, King Raksha wanted to stand up, but his legs were broken. In addition to the continuous fierce battle with Yang Jian before, he was injured so badly that he couldn’t move at all.


Seeing this scene, Meng Ao Yangtian laughed and said coldly: “All I did is for the future of the Raksha clan. What’s wrong with me? But you want to kill me?”

As he said, Meng’ao’s internal force was operating, floating above the air, and said one word: “Since I have no affection for a father or son, don’t blame me for being meaningless.”

When the voice fell, Meng Ao held the bone knife tightly and swung it fiercely.


Seeing a knife shadow slashing out, directly blasting the platform to pieces, a large piece of rubble fell into the magma below, leaving only a small place under the Raksha King.

King Raksha was extremely frightened and vomited blood again and again.

“You are my father after all. I won’t kill you. You can live and die here.” Meng Ao said coldly, turning around and quickly climbing up the wall with the help of a bone knife in his hand.

To be honest, at that moment, Meng Ao wanted to kill King Raksha very much.

But after thinking about it, some members of the tribe may come down to check it out. Once they know that they killed their father, it will definitely have a bad effect.

But when he destroyed the platform, King Raksha broke his legs, and he would never come up. He would only be trapped underneath. >At that time, his death has nothing to do with him.

“Nizi, Nizi…”

For a time, the roar of King Raksha reverberated at the bottom of the abyss.

But Meng Ao just didn’t hear it, and kept climbing up the wall. After a few minutes, he finally reached the top.


As soon as he went up, the surrounding wild wolf group warriors quickly surrounded him.

“Shizi!” The leader of the wild wolf regiment, with a look of urgency, asked Meng Ao: “What’s the situation? Is there any king’s whereabouts?” At the top of the abyss, several kilometers from the bottom, the roar of King Raksha, they I can’t hear it at all.

Meng Ao glared at him and said coldly: “What great king? There is nothing below. What crime should you be guilty of spreading the news?”

The following things about King Raksha must not be known to anyone.


Feeling Meng Ao’s anger, the leader of the wild wolf regiment trembled and knelt on the ground quickly: “Second, forgive me, my subordinates see there are fragments of the king’s armor here, they think the king is below…”

The surrounding wild wolf group warriors were all panicked.

The Raksha tribe’s military laws are strict, and false information is about to be chopped off.

Seeing them all frightened, Meng Ao’s eyes flickered with a sneer, and then raised his hand: “Okay, now the war is coming, I won’t care about you anymore.”

As he said, Meng Ao looked around and continued: “All the wild wolf group warriors follow the order and immediately return to agree, waiting for the battle order, looking for the king, I will send another person.”

“Yes, my son!”

Soon, under the leadership of Meng Ao, hundreds of wild wolf group warriors hurried towards Daying.

Bang bang bang…

After walking a few miles, Meng Ao frowned and raised his hand to signal everyone to stop.

I saw that in the mid-air not far away, two figures were fighting fiercely, an old monk and a young monk. The young monk was holding a giant axe in his hands, and the golden glow flashed, shocking people.

It is Mateo and Moroye.

broken! >People of the Raksha tribe!

Seeing Meng Ao and the wild wolf group, Mateo and Moroye both changed their expressions.

Immediately afterwards, Mateo rolled his eyes and shouted at Meng Ao: “You Raksha warriors, the one who fought against me is the high monk Moroy of Linyin Temple. It was he who informed the Kyushu Continent. You are stopped here by the army of Kyushu, please help me kill him!”

To be honest, with Mateo’s personality, he would never ask others for help, but there is no way, this Moroye is too strong.

At the beginning, he succeeded in the raid and had already injured Moroy, but in the following battle, he was still unable to suppress him.

And now, there are so many people from the Raksha tribe. Even if they kill Moraya, they will be ill-fated. It’s better to ask these Raksha tribes for help. Then, I can save some energy. Okay. Leave calmly.

Chapter 1233


Metamorphosis, this rebel, even invited the Raksha tribe to deal with him?

At this moment, when he heard Mateo’s cry, Moroye’s face changed drastically, and his heart was filled with anger, and he shouted angrily: “Huasheng, you rebel, you dare to invite the Raksha tribe to kill your master.”

He originally thought that Mateo just hated himself for breaking his life, and then he would attack him. In fact, he was in the righteousness and had some conscience, but he didn’t expect that Mateo’s fierceness was already evil to his bones.

“shut up!”

Mateo looked savage and roared: “Don’t call me metamorphosis. I have never regarded you as a master, and I have never really converted to Buddhism. I don’t know anything about this sh!t name. Also, don’t pretend to be a master in front of me. .”

While talking, Mateo frantically swung the axe.

“Seeing this scene, Meng Ao was also stunned, frowning.

“Shizi, what shall we do?” At this moment, a wild wolf group warrior next to him asked cautiously.


Meng Ao took a deep breath, his eyes flickered, and said coldly: “Kill that old monk!”

When the Rakshas hadn’t crossed the Chaos Mountains, they had continuously sent experts to inquire about the situation. Therefore, Mengao had known about Lingyin Temple’s report to the mainland of Kyushu, and the entire Rakshas had treated Lingyin Temple as if I have long wanted to get rid of it.

Knowing that the old monk in front of him was the high monk Moroy of Linyin Temple, Meng Ao’s heart was overwhelmed, without the slightest hesitation.

As for the young monk, it doesn’t matter what identity he is.


Hearing the order, the hundreds of wild wolf group warriors behind them all responded in unison, and then one after another urged their figures to rise into the air and head straight for Moroyah.


The wild wolf group is a special team of the Raksha tribe, each with strong strength. At this time, hundreds of them broke out at the same time, and a horrible breath broke out, and the surrounding air was distorted.

The powerful breath surging, makes people feel flustered!


Seeing this scene, Mateo was overjoyed, couldn’t help but laugh a few times, and shouted at Meng Ao below: “Thank you.”

As he said, Mateo locked Moroye tightly, his eyes were full of viciousness and viciousness: “Moroyee, today you are dead.”


Looking at the wild wolf group warriors swarming up, Moroyah laughed loudly, and the rod of Bodhidharma appeared in his hand instantly!

“As long as I still have a breath, I must get rid of you, the scum that deceives the master and destroys the ancestors.” Moroyee sank in anger and said coldly.

Immediately afterwards, Moroyah swept his eyes from the wild wolf group warriors one by one, and continued: “And you, never think about cholera Kyushu!”

After the words fell, a Buddhism technique broke out, centering on Moroyah, and a golden light burst out, covering everyone. Then, Moroyah rose up into the sky and fought fiercely with everyone.

Speaking of which, Moroye is very strong, crossing the Tribulation Realm, even stronger than Darryl.

However, he was raided by Mateo before, and at this time he was besieged by hundreds of warriors from the wild wolf group. The disparity between the enemy and us was too great.

But despite this, Moroyah looked resolute and regarded death as home!

Bang bang bang…

In a blink of an eye, under the powerful eruption of Moroyah, dozens of wild wolf group warriors were shaken out and fell into a pool of blood.

Seeing this scene, Mateo was shocked and angry.

This smelly monk is too abnormal in strength. He has a sky-opening axe and he is not an opponent. Fortunately, he met the soldiers of the Raksha tribe and invited them to help. Otherwise, this opportunity might be missed.


At this moment, Meng Ao, who was watching the battle below, frowned, and stared at Moroye closely, showing a bit of coldness.

Is this monk so strong? >In a blink of an eye, he killed dozens of warriors of the wild wolf group. It seemed that he had to do it himself.


Thinking of this, Meng Ao didn’t hesitate, his figure burst out and rushed towards Moroyah.


Seeing Meng Ao’s attack, especially feeling his formidable strength, Moroye’s expression finally changed, becoming a little desperate and unwilling.

With Meng Ao’s joining, the situation completely fell to Mateo’s side. Soon, Moroye had only the power to parry and no power to fight back, but with the faith in his heart, Moroye did not give up in the slightest, still biting. Tooth, resist desperately.

At this time, Moroyah’s heart was very clear.

He couldn’t escape alive, but before he died, he must kill a few more Rakshas and try to clear more enemies for the Nine Provinces.

Puff puff…

After a few minutes passed, Moroyah was already covered in blood, from head to toe, there was no one intact place, there were dozens of wounds, like a blood man.

In front of him, Meng Ao, Mateo, and hundreds of wild wolf group warriors surrounded him.

At this time, Moroyah had almost exhausted his internal strength, and the hands holding the Dharma staff were shaking, but they still gritted their teeth, insisting on one last breath.


At this moment, Mateo found the opportunity and slashed Moroye’s back with an axe. >He only heard Moroyah snorted, and the blood spurted, but he still stood firm and didn’t fall down.

“Smelly monk, are you still alive?” Mateo looked fierce and roared like a demon.

“Adversary, if I don’t kill you, I won’t die first.” Moroye roared loudly, as loud as a bell, and as powerful as thunder, like a glaring King Kong, making people afraid to look at him.

At this moment, Mateo trembled inexplicably.

This smelly monk is about to die soon, and can burst out with such a powerful aura.


At this moment, Meng Ao raided from behind and slapped Moroye’s back with a fierce palm.

Moroyah couldn’t react at all, his body shook, and a few more blood spurted out.

Hundreds of wild wolf group warriors around took this opportunity to swarm again to attack, and then a warrior, holding a bone spear, stabs Moroy’s lower abdomen!


This spear pierced Moroyah directly!

The blood swarmed out all of a sudden!


At this moment, Moroyah only felt the strength of his whole body fading quickly, his face was pale, his whole body was extremely weak, and he suddenly half-kneeled on the ground.

At this moment, more than a dozen wild wolf group warriors took the opportunity to rush towards Moroye with their weapons!

“Punch! Punch!”

In an instant, Moroyah’s blood was sprayed, and his body was almost pierced into a hornet’s nest. A dozen weapons pierced him.

“Mechanism!” At this time, Moroyah was covered in blood, but his eyes were still shining, making people afraid to look at him. He stared at Mateo and said: “You betray Buddhism, betray the Jiuzhou Continent, and deceive the teacher. Ancestor, in the world, no one can protect you. You will die miserably, and you will be thrown into the Hell of Abi after you die…”

Moroye’s words were very calm, but Mateo heard them like thunder.

Mateo was a little panicked. He knew that there was a talk about going to hell in Buddhism, and Moroyah was a Buddhist monk. He had said these words before he died, obviously foreseeing his fate.

Soon, after an inexplicable panic, Mateo was cruel and roared: “Long, long, long, go to death.”

When the voice fell, Mateo moved his inner strength and slapped Moroye’s heart with a palm.

This palm contained all of Mateo’s internal strength and was extremely violent. Moroyah was deeply hit, exhausted and unable to resist. His heart pulse instantly shattered, and his whole person was shocked to fly more than 100 meters away, and finally fell. When it fell, it was already breathless.

Chapter 1234


Seeing this scene, Mateo looked up to the sky and laughed. Finally, he finally got his revenge.

Moroyah has been eliminated, and the next one is Darryl.

Thinking about it, Mateo was extremely proud and excited, tilted his head and hugged Meng’ao: “Thank you for your help! There will be some time later!”

When the voice fell, Mateo jumped and flew towards the distant sky, and soon disappeared from everyone’s sight.


Seeing this scene, the surrounding wild wolf group warriors frowned and looked gloomy.

This person is too rude. Shi Zi helped him a lot, but he left with just a thank you? >!

“Shizi, do you want to chase?” The leader of the wild wolf group next to him couldn’t help but said to Meng Ao.

Meng Ao closely watched Mateo’s departure direction, pondered, shook his head and said: “No, this person is strong and can’t easily be an enemy. Maybe it will be useful to us in the future.”

Yes! >

The leader of the wild wolf group quickly responded.

Immediately afterwards, he looked at Moroyah who had died of anger not far away: “Then this…”

Before finishing talking, Meng Ao said coldly: “Cut off his head, and hang it on the forward warrior’s sword when it fights with the Kyushu Continent. Then let the people in the Kyushu Continent take a good look. Right, that’s the end.”


When the voice fell, several wild wolf group warriors chopped off Moroye’s head, and then returned to the Raksha camp following Meng’ao.

“Second brother!”

As soon as I arrived at Daying, I saw a beautiful figure standing at the door of Daying, with a beautiful and heroic face full of anxiety.

It is Mona.

“Little girl?” Meng Ao was surprised and happy when she saw Mona, and quickly walked over: “Are you… okay? How did you come back?” While talking, Meng Ao looked up and down.

Speaking of which, Meng Ao determined that after Mona was arrested, it was impossible for him to come back alive. You must know that the Raksha tribe treated the captives cruelly, so he believed that the Kyushu Continent treated the captives just like them.

What is delighted is that although Mona is a woman, her strength is in the entire Raksha tribe, but the famous Valkyrie, with her help, she has an extra strength.

Facing Mengao’s enthusiasm. >Mona is a little uncomfortable, you know, Mengao has always been very arrogant and rarely cares about herself so much.


Soon, Mona reacted and bowed her head and said: “I was put back.”

When talking about this, Mona was ashamed. You must know that most of the Rakshas have a strong personality and would rather die than be a prisoner. Not only was Mona captured, but also released. If this is spread out, it is almost The shame of the entire Raksha tribe.


Meng Ao was stunned for a moment, and his sullen face became even colder.

I thought that the little girl came back sneakily, so she could be accepted, but she was released back, which is simply a humiliation to the entire Raksha family.

Seeing the change in Meng’ao’s expression, Mona felt even more ashamed, but thinking of the previous conversation with Darryl, she still whispered: “Second brother, eldest brother? I have important things to discuss with him.”

Mona had just returned, and she didn’t know that Menglang was dead.

Big brother?

Meng Ao sneered in his heart, with a false face of grief: “Little sister, eldest brother…he is dead! He was hit hard by Darryl before, bleeding too much…”

Hearing this, Mona’s delicate body trembled and took two steps back, her face full of disbelief.

Big brother is dead? >impossible.

This is not true. After the disappearance of his father, the hope of the entire Raksha tribe lies with the eldest brother. How could something happen to him?

“Little sister, I know you are sad, but this is the truth.” Meng Ao sighed, put his hand on Mona’s shoulder, and said seriously: “Don’t worry, little girl, even if your father and big brother are not there, I will protect you. .”


Mona nodded, but finally couldn’t hold back, cried out with a wow, and plunged into Meng’ao’s arms.

“OK OK!”

Meng Ao patiently coaxed a few words, and then asked: “Sister, how do you say it was released? Also, what important thing do you have?”

Mona wiped away the tears from the corners of her eyes, her eyes were still a little red, she looked around and said, “Second brother, let’s go back to the camp and say.” After that, she took the lead in the big tent.

Darryl has the dragon to help, so too many Raksha tribes should not be heard, so as not to cause panic.

Meng Ao frowned and followed.

“Second brother!”

Inside the big tent, Mona took a deep breath, her delicate face full of solemnity: “Do you know that there is a dragon on the mainland of Kyushu.”


Hearing this, Meng Ao was stunned.

Mona explained the conversation between herself and Darryl in detail.

At this moment, Meng Ao reacted and couldn’t help laughing: “Haha, my little girl, you are too innocent, and Darryl is scaring you. If there really were dragons in the Jiuzhou Continent, it would have been long before we crossed the Chaos Mountains , Just released it, and wait till now?”

As he said, Meng Ao’s face turned gloomy: “On the Jiuzhou Continent, the murdered father is missing, and the eldest brother is dead. This hatred is not shared. Little sister, prepare for it. I am about to go to war. I just saw the head of a high monk in Linyin Temple , It can hit the morale of the Kyushu army.”


Mona’s expression changed, and she hurriedly said, “Second brother, is this too sloppy? That Darryl doesn’t seem to be a lie, and the eldest brother, he…”

However, before he could finish speaking, Meng Ao had already strode out and began to mobilize the army.

Seeing this scene, Mona stomped anxiously.


On the other side, the mainland of Kyushu.

In the Central Army Tent, Darryl was sitting there, looking at a map, studying the terrain near the Chaos Mountain Range.

The two sides fell into a state of confrontation, which was very detrimental to the Kyushu mainland. Darryl wanted to take the initiative to attack, but he did not understand the terrain of this generation, so he had to study it carefully.

After studying for a while, there was no progress. Darryl was very irritable. Moroye and his apprentices reportedly went to the rear of the Raksha tribe early in the morning to survey the terrain, but they don’t know what happened.

“Sect Master Yue!”

At this moment, a shout came from outside, and then, a figure staggered in and ran in, covered in blood, and his face was weak. It was Mateo.

“Little Master Huasheng?”

Seeing Mateo’s appearance, Darryl was taken aback, and quickly asked, “What happened?”

“Sect Master Yue.” Mateo fell to the ground and cried loudly: “Master and I were surveying the terrain behind the Raksha tribe and we were accidentally found. Then we were besieged by the Raksha tribe, and Master was killed… . Sect Master Yue, you want to avenge my master.”

When he said this, Mateo was full of grief and anger, but he kept sneering in his heart.

Yes, Mateo killed Moroye, he should have run as far as possible, but in order to get the dragon ball in Darryl’s hand, he still ventured back.

While on the road, Mateo thought about it and made up a lie, saying that Moluye was killed by the Raksha tribe. Anyway, Moluoye was dead. No one in the Kyushu Continent knew the truth.


Hearing this news, Darryl was shocked, and his whole body was shocked. He stepped back, anger and grief again.

Master Moroyah, a generation of Buddhist monks, is dead?


At this moment, hearing the movement of the army account, Lorenzo, Raquel, Ora and Peter all rushed over.


Seeing the scene in front of them, everyone was stunned.

Chapter 1235

“Darryl, what’s the matter?” Lorenzo couldn’t help asking.

While inquiring, Lorenzo couldn’t help but looked at the distraught Mateo.


Darryl took a deep breath and said with deep pain: “Master Moroye, was killed by the Raksha tribe.”

Hearing this, the entire army account suddenly aroused anger.

“What, Master Moroyah…”

“Mad, these D*mn Rakshas.”

“Master Moroye, compassionate, the Raksha tribe started cruelly…”

At this time, everyone in the military account was filled with righteous indignation. Only Lawrence stood in the corner, his expression indifferent, without the slightest emotional fluctuation.

Among the people’s discussions, Darryl stood there, his face extremely ugly.

No, I have released Mona, and before leaving, Mona promised to dissuade her two brothers from talking to Kyushu.

Why do Rakshas still do this?

Under doubt, Darryl couldn’t help muttering, “Could it be that Mona hasn’t returned to the Raksha camp and brought the news?”


Darryl’s voice was very soft, but everyone around him heard it, and in a moment, everyone’s eyes focused on Darryl.

“Darryl, what did you say, did you let go of that Mona?” Ora frowned, the first to respond and asked.

Darryl nodded.

At this moment, the entire army account exploded.

“Darryl, you are really crazy, how could you let that woman go, she is the daughter of King Raksha.”

“Yes, the Raksha tribe is cruel and easy to kill. If you let her go, wouldn’t it be the tiger returning to the mountain?”

“Sect Master Yue, you are confused.”

Everyone complained about Darryl every word from you to me.

Raquel was clever and wise. She vaguely guessed something. She looked at Darryl and said, “Darryl, did you make any agreement with that Mona?”


Darryl secretly breathed a sigh of relief, nodded and said: “Yes, she promised to help me persuade her brother to negotiate with us on the mainland of Kyushu.” Darryl was very pleased with that.

Raquel still understands me.

Hearing this, Raquel nodded silently, her eyebrows furrowed: “The Rakshas have a strong personality. Since I agreed, I will definitely not lie to you. In this case, Mona may not have returned when Master Moroyah was killed. ,or..”

With that, Raquel glanced at Mateo subconsciously, then stopped talking.

Raquel wanted to say that it was possible that the apprentice Moroyah had lied, but if this was said, it would definitely cause a lot of contradictions. Plus, there was no evidence, so she held back.

In fact, since Mateo came back alone, Raquel began to doubt him, but could not find a clue.

Seeing Raquel’s attention, always on Mateo, Darryl frowned secretly.

What does Raquel mean? >Is he suspicious of Little Master Huasheng?


At this moment, there was a sudden roar from outside, and then, the cry of killing resounded throughout the world, coming from far and near.

Everyone was taken aback!

“Oh no!”

At this moment, a soldier rushed in and shouted: “Sect Master Yue, it’s not good, the entire Raksha clan attacked and came over.”


Hearing this, everyone was very frightened, thinking about how to avenge Master Moroye, but the Raksha tribe fought over.

Darryl said with a cold face, “Quickly, the whole army is assembled, ready to respond to the enemy.”

The voice fell, and he quickly rushed out of the big tent, Lorenzo everyone quickly followed behind.


After getting outside, the army quickly assembled and rushed out of the camp with Darryl. >Seeing the scene in front of me, I was frightened.

I saw the millions of Raksha tribe army, killing in mighty force, the one headed, wearing black aD*mnl skin and soft armor, holding a white bone knife, murderous Lingyun, it was Meng Ao.

Behind Mengao, it was Mona.


At this moment, Darryl stared at Mona and shouted: “Princess Mona, since you have reached an agreement with me, why do you want to go back and let your people kill Master Moroyah?”

“I…” Mona flushed, and immediately distinguished: “I don’t know about this matter…”

Meng Ao interrupted him before he finished speaking.

“Darryl, you despicable and shameless villain.” Meng Ao’s eyes were blood red, and he stared at Darryl closely and roared: “You despicable and shameless villain killed my brother first, and then bullied my younger sister’s youth. Ignorance, today, I will level your camp in Kyushu, take your head, and avenge my brother!”

“Vengeance for the great son!” The millions of Rakshas army behind them all responded in unison, shaking the mountains and rivers.

What the hell?

Darryl frowned and looked at Meng Ao in surprise: “What did you say? I killed your brother?”

“Ma De!” Peter took a step forward and pointed at Meng Ao and cursed: “You stupid thing, why do you say that the wind has harmed your brother? Ma De, always say that our Nine States mainland is sinister and mean, I Looking at your Rakshas, ​​it’s not much better, and we are ashamed to be ashamed of the ability to let people take the blame.”

The voice fell, and the Kyushu soldiers behind them all responded.

“Yes, the Rakshas say that we are cunning. In fact, they will slander people the most.”

“Savage ignorance…”

“Don’t pay attention to what they said.”

Everyone’s rebuttals kept coming, Meng Ao’s face was cold and extremely ugly.


In the next second, Meng Ao pointed to Darryl’s anger and said: “My brother’s death, you can’t escape it. If you didn’t hit him hard, he wouldn’t bleed to death. Also, you Lie to my little sister, saying that you can summon a dragon, and want us Raksha to make peace with you? I tell you, dream!”

As he said, Meng Ao’s face showed a bit fiercely: “There is nothing to talk about against people like you, but I can give you a meeting gift before the war begins.”

The voice fell, and Meng Ao waved his hand.


I saw a Raksha warrior behind him, holding a head with a long knife, and throwing it on the open space between the two sides. It was the head of Moroyah.


At this moment, nearly a million soldiers in the Kyushu Continent were all angry and furious.

They saw that there were no less than a dozen wounds on Moroye’s head. It was obvious that he had suffered a tragic siege before his death, and both of his eyeballs had been dug out. Needless to say, it was a masterpiece of the Raksha tribe after his head was decapitated. .

A generation of Buddhist monks, adhering to the will of Master Bodhidharma, guarding the Chaos Mountains, and doing so many things for the Kyushu Continent, but now, they have come to such a tragic end. Everyone present has blood red eyes and is extremely angry.

Card wipe!

Darryl’s eyes flashed with anger, his fists clenched, his finger bones crackling.

Lorenzo was also angry with Peter next to him.

Completely angry.


At this moment, Mateo’s voice resounded in the crowd, with great resentment and grief: “Raksha tribe, I will kill you, kill you all.” Mateo did not rush out just by howling.

Seeing the Raksha army coming over, Mateo was happy, wishing that both sides would be hurt, how could it be possible to participate, deliberately howling this voice, in order to arouse the anger of everyone in Darryl, so that they lose their minds.


Peter drew out his double axe and howled loudly: “Kill, kill all for me, for the homeland, for Master Moroye, kill!” The voice fell, and Peter rushed directly into the Raksha army like a tiger.

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