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Chapter 126

“Goddess, don’t panic, I will kill this fly.” Mateo said with a smile, and then waved his hand: “Give me all.”

In an instant, dozens of people drew out their knives and cut them in an instant!

Peter’s face was earthy. In a hurry, he swept his wrists, summoned an axe, and greeted him.

But how can he beat dozens of them by himself? !


The whole box was in a mess in an instant.

Lily’s beautiful face was full of panic. She had never seen such a bloody scene.

Mateo smiled and comforted: “Don’t be afraid of the goddess, but if you send a fly, you will be fine immediately.”


Accompanied by a loud noise, a machete fell on Peter’s back, and the flesh was spattered and blood dripped!

“Ah!” Peter yelled loudly. He has experienced many battles, but he can’t stand such a siege!

Enduring the pain on his body, he swung out an axe and directly brought down two people.

But then four or five people gathered around and slashed at him.

“Stab! Stab!”

Peter’s body was already dripping with blood. He didn’t know how many times he was chopped off, his eyes were black and he fell directly to the ground, knowing his life or death.

After a while, several people in black dragged the bloody Peter and threw him directly outside the bar.

On the other side, Li Nan was outside the bar, taking out his mobile phone and dialing continuously.

But when I called more than a dozen people, no one answered. Only then did I remember that today, Grandpa Sun is going to have a family meeting, and all of Peter’s men should be in the meeting.

Li Nan was anxious, thinking of Darryl, he immediately fought over.

Soon, the call was connected.

“Darryl, you are coming soon, there is something wrong with the Great Sage.” Before Darryl could speak, Li Nan shouted anxiously, his voice hoarse.

On the other side of the phone.

Darryl was lying on the sofa in the office to rest. Hearing this, he immediately sat up: “What’s the matter, don’t worry, speak slowly!”

“You come first, you come to the Dynasty Bar first, the great sage has been hacked for life and death!” Li Nan cried out.


Darryl’s expression instantly became gloomy. Hang up while talking and walk out of the office quickly.

It was already past nine o’clock in the evening, and Ziyu’s employees had already left work. As soon as he walked out of the company’s door, he ran into a man.

There was a bump, but the man didn’t move. But Darryl was almost knocked down.

At that time, the situation was urgent, Darryl said sorry and was about to bypass him.

As a result, at this time, the man grabbed Darryl: “If you hit someone, it’s over to say I’m sorry?”

This sound felt weird. Darryl looked up and saw this man, wearing a black windbreaker with a hat on his head, and the brim of his hat was so low that he couldn’t see his face at all.

“Sorry, I have something urgent. You are a company employee, and you will be promoted tomorrow.” Darryl said, and wanted to bypass him again.

“Haha.” The man smiled faintly, without any intention of giving way.


Darryl frowned: “I have something urgent, please let me know.”

Until this time, Darryl could feel that this man was filled with an aura of pressure! Although the opponent has deliberately converged a lot, it is still very strong.

At that time, I was anxious to support Peter, so my tone was a little impatient: “Get out of the way, I’m in a hurry!”

The man smiled faintly: “Don’t be nervous, my master wants to see you.”

the host?

With a whisper, Darryl didn’t even think about it, and refused directly: “I’m not interested, I have something urgent to do.”

After saying this, Darryl didn’t bother to talk nonsense, and turned around and left.

At this moment, the man took out a hemp egg and directly covered Darryl’s body!

D*mn, it’s a sack again!

At this moment, the man slapped him on the back of the head. As the world turned around for a while, Darryl passed into a coma directly.

He didn’t know how long he was in a coma, he only knew that when he opened his eyes, his head was dizzy.

D*mn, who is the one who tied me up? Darryl’s eyes were red, and the Great Sage didn’t know whether to live or die now, but he didn’t show up!

Darryl frowned and looked around. Suddenly he was stunned.

Where is this?

A sea breeze hit. Looking around, it turned out to be a small island, surrounded by the sea, and the scenery is pleasant.

Not far away, there is a large stone pillar erected, more than fifty meters high, on which a few large characters are carved with dragons and phoenixes, which is particularly eye-catching: Tongtian Island!

Tongtian Island? !

D*mn it, this is Tongtian Island?

Darryl couldn’t help his heart shake.

Tongtian Island is an artificial island. It is not very far from Donghai City, and it takes only three to four hours by boat.

When the island was established, it was originally intended to develop marine resources. Later, I don’t know why, the project was stranded, and this island was directly occupied by the Tongtian Sect and became the general altar of the Tongtian Sect.

No one dares to come to Tongtian Island unless they don’t want to live anymore. The fishermen nearby have to walk around. As for some cultivators, some are bold and want to come to see Tongtian Island, but they never come back.

But to be honest, this place is so beautiful, the sea breeze blows, it is simply a paradise.

I was enjoying the beautiful scenery, but I found that not far away, there were strange flowers and weeds!

Fcuk, Heavenly Grass, Holy Spirit Mushroom, Sangyu Sanyang Leaf, Bicolor Flower… and Luohan Blood Fruit…

D*mn, these are all alchemy treasures! Hahaha, yes, if you can harvest all these things, wouldn’t you just make any pill if you want to make it? !

At this moment, a man in a black windbreaker came and directly pulled Darryl up: “Wake up? Come with me.”

Darryl knew that he was the one who knocked him out.

However, this person is very strong. He picked up Darryl with one hand and walked towards the square along the stone steps in front of him.

There is a square on the island, which is the size of seven or eight football fields.

There are two stone steps leading to the square. There are Tongtian Sect disciples standing guard, almost five steps one post, ten steps one sentry, and they are heavily guarded.

There is no doubt that these people are all masters, just pick one out, the strength is not inferior to Darryl!

Tongtian Sect has hundreds of thousands of disciples distributed in various places, but there are only more than 3,000 people who stay in the main altar of Tongtian Island.

And these three thousand people, all are elite disciples, it is said that the strength is at least four martial arts masters!

Darryl allowed him to carry himself, his eyes kept looking around. On the hillside not far away, there was a magnificent building complex, like a fairy palace. I have to say that the main altar of the Tongtian Sect is too magnificent.

When he arrived at the square, Darryl was silly!

More than a thousand people stood in the square, neatly arranged! In front of everyone, there is a dragon chair.

This dragon chair is probably some years old, and it is carved from a whole piece of red sandalwood! This chair is priceless!

On the dragon chair, there is a woman sitting at this time, gentle and dignified, with the temperament of the world!

The woman is about thirty years old, her face is exquisite, beautiful as a fairy, and her figure is even more exquisite. Wearing a light yellow dress, she looks immortal and indescribably charming.

The wife of Tongtian Sect leader, Kendra Qin.

Darryl’s eyes straightened, and he couldn’t help swallowing his saliva.

Unexpectedly, there is such a s3xy beauty on Tongtian Island.

“Looking at the teacher’s wife so directly, boldly, don’t kneel down!” Just when Darryl was fascinated, a person walked over behind him, kicked him fiercely, and yelled.

Darryl couldn’t stand steady, so he knelt down.

The woman on the dragon chair is actually the wife of the leader?

It is said that the master of Tongtian, doting the master’s wife. So in Tongtianjiao, see the wife as see the leader. She is in charge of hundreds of thousands of Tongtianjiao disciples!

It’s broken. Just looking at the teacher’s wife so directly, I won’t be beheaded, right?

Thinking about it, Darryl felt anxious.

To be honest, he had never thought to be so nervous before. In Donghai City, he still has some connections, and he has the ability to deal with anything he encounters.

And now, when I arrive on Tongtian Island, I really can’t help myself! It’s really a man made a knife and I’m a fish!

“Darryl, right?” At this moment, Kendra spoke slowly, with a soft and pleasant tone, and at the same time with a sense of majesty.

Darryl nodded dumbly.

“Do you know why this seat invited you here?” Kendra quietly looked at Darryl and said again.

Invite me? please? Darryl smiled bitterly and knocked me out, calling for please.

Darryl was also scared at this time. Before, He Tianyou stole the secret book of “Nine Dragons Ascension” from the general altar, and then he learned it again.

The teacher’s wife knows the truth, so send someone to catch and deal with it, right?

Chapter 127

Thinking of this, Darryl swished down in a cold sweat, stealing secrets, that was a big taboo. Because if that were the case, it would be really hard to fly.

At this time, there were more than a thousand people standing beside him, all of them were masters, and it was estimated that even a fly would not be able to fly out.

“You don’t need to be nervous, I’m not here to blame you, I just want to prove something.” At this moment, Kendra smiled lightly and said: “I ask you, did you save more than a dozen girls three days ago? “


Darryl’s expression froze, suddenly a little confused.

I remembered. At that time, Lorenzo arrested a dozen women for his own enjoyment. But Darryl let them go.

“Do you know who those girls are?” Kendra continued to ask, his tone softer.

Darryl scratched his head: “Return to Madam, their true identities, I don’t know, I only know that they are members of our Tongtian Sect, so my first thought at that time was that I had to let them go and ensure their Safety.”

“Okay, okay, well said.”

Kendra nodded his head a few times in approval, and looked at Darryl with a smile: “We Tongtian Sect has a loyal disciple like you, so why don’t you worry about carrying it forward, so I invite you this time to reward you.”

D*mn it, you want to reward me for a long time? This way of rewarding is really peculiar. Give me a sack and tie it to reward? !

Darryl couldn’t laugh or cry.

At this time, Kendra raised his hand, and a soft internal force directly supported Darryl’s knees and made him stand up.

“The dozen or so girls are my Tongtian Sect, the Saintess candidate.” Kendra said.

The saint is a special position in the Tongtian Church, and there is only one. She is proficient in the beliefs of the Tongtian Church. The main responsibility is to teach the teaching affairs and recruit the congregation.

It can be said that the saint is the spiritual symbol of the Tongtian Church, second only to the leader and the wife of the leader.

However, the saint has no real power. Even so, the saint is respected by the congregation in the Tongtian Church.

After listening to this, Darryl was overjoyed. Unexpectedly, at that time, I actually made a great contribution to the accident. If it is those saint candidates, they are really contaminated. Tongtian Island has lost face.

After all, the saint is the spiritual symbol of the disciples of Tongtian Sect.

Fortunately, fortunately, I didn’t get up and down at the time, otherwise I would really be dead today.

Darryl was rejoicing in his heart, and heard Kendra smile and say: “You made a great contribution this time. I heard that He Tianyou from Donghai City gave you his position as Hall Master.”

“However, with your ability, I feel that just being a hall master is too shameful.”

After saying this, Kendra slowly raised his jade hand.

A maid beside her immediately walked up to Darryl and respectfully handed out a jade card.

Kendra smiled lightly and said softly: “Now I announce that from today onwards, Darryl will be the Venerable Tongtian of my Tongtian Sect.”


Venerable Tongtian? !

As soon as the words fell, everyone in the entire square was in an uproar. Thousands of pairs of eyes gathered on Darryl’s body instantly, full of envy and jealousy, and at the same time, they were all shocked.

And Darryl was also dumbfounded. Venerable Tongtian?

The name sounds very domineering.

Is the position high?

Darryl held the purple token, and his heart was full of doubts.

As we all know, the positions of the Tongtian Church are divided, and the highest status is naturally the Master and the wife of the Master. Below are the two envoys of yin and yang, the four great masters… and then the hall master.

But Tongtianjiao still has a position.

That is Venerable Tongtian.

The status of Venerable Tongtian is second only to the leader and wife of the leader. Moreover, Venerable Tongtian really has real power!

It can be said that if Tongtian Sect is a country, then the Venerable Tongtian is equivalent to the prime minister!

“Madam, the position of Venerable Tongtian has been vacant for so long because I have not been able to find a suitable candidate. Although this Darryl has both talents and virtue, but his strength is not good, he is only a four-stage martial artist. How can I take the position of Venerable Tongtian This big job? Please think twice, Mrs.

At this moment, a burly man next to him stood up and said with a flustered face.

This big man is exactly one of the four great masters of the Xuanwu Dharma, Dong Wu.

When he said this, Dong Wu glanced at Darryl, his face full of contempt.

Back then, from a Tongtian disciple, relying on unremitting efforts and great military exploits, he took the position of Dharma King Xuanwu step by step.

You, a small hall master, can suddenly rise to the position of Venerable Tongtian, which is nothing short of child’s play.

As soon as Dong Wu’s voice fell, many people around him also spoke up one after another.

“Yes, this Darryl’s strength is average, it’s hard to be a big responsibility!”

“Yes, and it’s too young, it’s not stable enough to do things, it needs to be tempered!”

“The teacher’s wife, think twice!”

Thousands of people knelt down and kept kowtow.

Kendra sat on the dragon chair with a smile: “Are you questioning me?”

The sound was not loud, but the audience heard clearly! A powerful aura filled her body!

I have to say that the aura of the teacher’s wife is really too strong.

“The subordinates dare not, the subordinates dare not!”

Dong Wu trembled in fright, his head desperately knocked to the ground, and then stepped aside.

Kendra slowly said: “Darryl saved the saint woman candidate, and with this single contribution, he can be fully designated as Venerable Tongtian. This matter was decided by the leader and me through a joint discussion. Darryl has both virtue and ability. , Can take on this great task.”

Everyone closed their mouths, not daring to say a little more.

And at this time Darryl was also extremely excited!

Haha, it seems that Venerable Tongtian has a very high position!

“Darryl, you don’t leave today.” Kendra said slowly: “The leader is in retreat, and it will take two days to get out. You have just been named Venerable Tongtian. Tonight, a banquet will be held for you. ‘Venerable Banquet’. You can’t be absent.”

After the appointment, the venerables of the past dynasties will hold a banquet for the venerables, which is also a form of identity.

This is the rule and cannot be changed.

Darryl didn’t understand this, he smiled and said, “This… don’t have to be so troublesome.”

After coming to Tongtian Island for so long, I don’t know what happened to Peter.

Darryl was very anxious, he just wanted to return to Donghai City quickly.


He doesn’t want to participate yet?

At this moment, the expressions of many people around became complicated in an instant. Looking at Darryl’s gaze, it was like looking at a fool.

Kendra also frowned: “Darryl, as Venerable Tongtian, you must attend this Venerable Banquet. If there is no Venerable Tongtian Dojo, what else is called a Venerable Banquet? This is our Tongtian Sect’s rules, isn’t it? Can it be a play?”

Seeing Kendra’s eyes, Darryl was startled.

It is estimated that this banquet will not work if you don’t attend. Forget it, just stay one more night. There are so many exotic flowers and plants on the island, you can take the opportunity to pick some.

Thinking about it, Darryl hurriedly said: “Madam, misunderstanding, I was just thinking that the first time I came to the general altar, I was treated like this, and the general altar held a banquet for me. The subordinates were a little flattered, and the subordinates just made a decision just now. Determined to swear allegiance to the Tongtian Sect from now on, allegiance to the leader and his wife!”

Haha, I’m so witty.

This answer is not leaking.

Kendra’s expression eased a lot, and he nodded: “You have this loyalty, and the leader and I are very pleased. Okay, everyone, please withdraw.”

After speaking, she slowly stood up, surrounded by several maids, turned and walked towards the hall behind her.

“Respectfully send the teacher’s wife.”

At this moment, thousands of people in the square knelt in a low voice, shouting in unison, shaking the sky.

Darryl knelt there in a decent way, shouting at everyone, but his eyes were staring at Kendra’s slim figure in a daze.

I heard that the Lord Tongtian is 60 years old, and he actually has such a flowery wife.

It’s simply violent.

At eight o’clock in the evening, the entire Tongtian Island was brightly lit, and a grand banquet was held for Darryl.

Fireworks illuminated the entire Tongtian Island. Hundreds of showgirls danced, unspeakably pleasing to the eye.

At the banquet, everyone graciously toasted Darryl. After all, he has become Venerable Tongtian, and he wants to flatter him.

Of course, in the midst of the crowds’ coveting, Darryl did not forget to toast the teacher’s wife!

Of course, while Darryl was toasting, he kept his measure and was not drunk.

After all, after the banquet is over, I have to secretly gather medicine.

The banquet didn’t end until early morning. Walking out of the main hall, Darryl found an opportunity and went to the seaside, a place full of spiritual grass.

Haha, it was a fruitful harvest. After picking a few pockets of spirit grass, Darryl returned with a full load after half an hour.

So many herbs, enough to make a lot of pills by yourself!

Darryl’s room was not far from the teacher’s wife, so when he was approaching the room, Darryl let go. I was afraid that Kendra would be disturbed. After all, secretly picking spirit grass, this is not authentic.

However, when passing by her door, Darryl suddenly stopped!


From Kendra’s room, there was an intermittent low groan, with pain.

It is the voice of the teacher’s wife!

The sound came in bursts, as if carrying a kind of fatal temptation, Darryl only felt that the bones all over his body would be crisp.

Chapter 128

D*mn it, what is the teacher’s wife doing in the room?

The sound she made…

Unable to restrain his curiosity, Darryl slowly walked to the door.

Because Darryl just finished picking the spirit grass, he made a sound with a big bag in his hand.

I heard Kendra whisper: “Who is outside, come in quickly.”

Hearing this, Darryl didn’t hesitate, and directly opened the door.


Seeing the scene in the room, Darryl couldn’t help taking a breath, and the whole person was stunned.

In the fragrance-filled room, Kendra was in a purple dress, curled up on the bed, dripping with fragrance and sweat, and trembling gently. That beautiful face looks extremely painful!

This is…what’s the situation?

Mrs. Master, this is… the Tongtian Pill has happened? !

It was like this when He Tianyou had a poisonous attack before.

As long as you join Tongtianjiao, you must take Tongtian Pill. The Master’s wife is no exception.

Perceiving Darryl’s gaze, Kendra was a little angry. In the entire Tongtian Sect, no one has been so presumptuous yet, dare to stare at his body so much.

But at this time, she doesn’t care about these anymore! Now that the Tongtian Pill’s poisonous attack, her life is hanging by a thread!

Yes, today is the day of her poisonous attack. The antidote to the Tongtian Pill is only available to the leader! But now that the leader is in retreat, no one can bother. After all, being disturbed during cultivation makes it easy to get confused!

Kendra’s red lips opened slightly, and weakly urged: “Darryl, you…you…hurry up and see, is there an antidote in the box beside the bed…”

When Darryl walked over, he saw a wooden box beside the bed. After opening, it was empty inside.

“No, Mrs. Master,” Darryl said.

Kendra was desperate instantly!

Could it be that he couldn’t escape this disaster after all.

She felt like thousands of ants were biting on her body, and her s3xy body was constantly tumbling.

Darryl took a deep breath and said with a smile: “Madam, don’t panic, I have an antidote.”


Do you have an antidote?

Kendra’s body was shocked and looked at Darryl inconceivably. At this moment, under the onset of the drug’s effect, he was already weakly speechless, but in those bright eyes, there was an anxious mood.


For hundreds of years, in order to ensure the loyalty of the disciples, the refining methods of the Tongtian Pill and the antidote have been controlled by the Master of the Heavens alone.

Except for the leader, even the wife of the leader does not know.

This Darryl just joined Tongtian Island, why is there an antidote?

Kendra looked at Darryl tightly. Did he deliberately deceive himself with the purpose of taking advantage of him? He thought, the teacher’s wife’s delicate face was blushing, and his heart was also a little embarrassed.

However, in the next second, Darryl’s movements exceeded her expectations.

I saw him spinning around the room and picking up a porcelain jar casually. Then light a fire.

The main ingredient of Tongtian Pill is bicolor flower. He secretly picked a lot just now.

Kendra, who was lying there, was at a loss in pain at this time. What is he doing?

Is the antidote for Tongtian Pill refined on-site?

how can that be!

However, Kendra was dripping with sweat at this time. The toxicity in the body continued, and pain came from his body, Kendra couldn’t help it, and his body rolled to the ground.

The toxicity of this Tongtian Pill became more and more uncomfortable. It can be tolerated at first, but as time goes on, the pain gets heavier!

Darryl was concentrating on alchemy, and Kendra’s disturbance at this moment seriously interfered with his alchemy.

“Darryl, tie me.. tie me up.” Kendra said softly, and her consciousness was still sober at this time. She knew that Darryl was her last hope and could not disturb him!

Darryl nodded, indeed, alchemy must be fully focused. At that time, he turned his head and saw a rope on the table, so he took it and walked over: “Madam, I’m sorry.”

With that said, Darryl tied her with a rope, and at the same time used a silk scarf to plug Kendra’s red lips.

“Hmm!” Kendra still cried out in pain, but could no longer make a sound.

After half an hour.

Darryl showed a slight smile and took the medicine out of the porcelain jar.

The fragrance of a pill filled the room.

Kendra’s body trembled, and his eyes looked at the pill in Darryl’s hand unblinkingly, unbelievable!

Darryl walked over with a smile, haha, today he saved the teacher’s wife again, and he has done a great job again. Waiting to be rewarded for a while! Hahaha! While thinking about it, he pulled out the silk scarf from the leader’s husband, then slowly opened her red lips, and put the pill into her mouth.

After doing this, Darryl stood by and waited quietly.

Kendra slowly closed her eyes. At first, she was still skeptical, but after more than ten seconds, the pain in her body gradually disappeared. Suddenly I was pleasantly surprised.

“Darryl, how could you refine the antidote?” Kendra couldn’t help but ask in surprise.

At this time, she had no pain in her body.

Darryl responded indifferently: “I saw it in an ancient book.”

“Okay, okay!” Kendra looked at Darryl appreciatively: “I did not see the wrong person. It is worthy of your name to let you be Venerable Tongtian. By the way, when you return to Donghai City, I have a mission , I will leave it to you to do it.”

Fcuk, I just saved you, don’t give me a reward, even if you don’t give me a task.

Darryl was a little speechless, but had to respond respectfully: “Madam, please say that the subordinates must do their best.”

Kendra slowly said: “I just received the news that the Six Martial Arts Sects will set up a training academy in Donghai City, called Shangwu Academy, specifically for them to train outstanding disciples for the Six Martial Arts Sects.”

Want to set up a training academy? Is there such a thing? Haven’t heard the news?

Kendra slowly said, “This academy will be established in two days. I got the news in advance. Of course you won’t know.”

It turned out to be still in preparation.

Darryl nodded suddenly. There was an indescribable shock in my heart.

Nowadays, many ordinary people still don’t know how to practice. By then, this academy will be established, I’m afraid the whole Donghai City will be boiling.

When I thought about it, I listened to Kendra continue to say: “Once this academy is established, there must be many rich children in Donghai City who sign up. Then, you will find a way to get into the school and help me find a book called “Tai Xuan Zhen Jing “.”

Tai Xuan Zhen Jing?

Darryl was stunned, and then said bitterly: “Madam, the college is so big, where can I find it?”

Kendra smiled softly: “I have already inquired, this academy is headed by Ye Yun from Wudang School, and the “Tai Xuan Zhen Jing” is on Ye Yun’s body. You can try to steal it.”

D*mn it.

People who can become principals must be very strong. But I had to agree: “Madam, don’t worry, I will complete the task.”

While talking, Darryl couldn’t help looking at the teacher’s wife.

She was still tied up at this time, the exaggerated curve, like a magnet, attracted Darryl’s sight.

Kendra glared at him: “Let me untie it first.”

“Yes!” Darryl hurried over to untie the rope.

The result was tossing for a long time, but did not untie it. When tying her up, she was a little anxious, so the rope was snapped. No matter how to solve it now, Darryl was sweating profusely.

When the rope was untied, she inadvertently touched her chest. That soft feeling made Darryl trembled all over.

At this moment, Kendra’s body trembled, indescribably shy. The delicate face was hot, and the whole body was soft.

She is respected as the wife of the leader, but he and the leader of Tongtian only have the name of husband and wife, and there is no real husband and wife.

Master Tongtian is more than 60 years old, and he is too old in that regard.

There is another reason. Master Tongtian has always been fascinated by martial arts, and he has long stopped greedy for beauty.

As the wife of the leader, everyone treats themselves respectfully. Which man dares to be close to himself? Darryl was really the first one.

An unprecedented throb arose in Kendra’s heart. Jiao Chu was constantly shaking slightly.

But she still whispered: “If you can’t untie it, don’t untie it. There are scissors in the drawer. Cut the rope directly.”

Darryl responded, hurriedly walked over, opened the drawer, and there really was a pair of scissors inside.


what is this?

Next to the scissors, there is a strange ginseng. This ginseng is a bit interesting, the whole body is turquoise green, and it has a seductive glow.

Isn’t ginseng all yellow or white?

There is also the rare blood ginseng, which is red.

Why is there still green ginseng?

Chapter 129

“Madam, what is this?” Darryl picked up the green ginseng and asked curiously.

Kendra took a look and said, “This is called’Jade Flower Ginseng’, which can improve the strength of the cultivator. It is a rare ginseng that was specially given to me by the leader.”

Speaking of this, Kendra smiled: “Just now you helped me detoxify, this ginseng will be rewarded to you.”


Darryl was excited, now his strength is already a four-stage martial arts master.

After eating this ginseng, you will definitely be able to rise to the fifth stage of martial arts. When the time comes to eat another god pill, won’t you be promoted to a general?

Haha, perfect! Darryl was ecstatic, without even thinking about it, he directly stuffed the ginseng into his mouth, chewed it a few times, and swallowed it in his stomach.

“Why did you just eat it?”

Kendra’s body trembled, his eyebrows furrowed, and his face was anxious: “This kind of ginseng is very medicinal and cannot be eaten directly. It needs to be soaked in water and can only be taken once a month.”


Soaked in water?

“Madam, why didn’t you say it earlier!” Darryl wanted to cry without tears! If you say two seconds earlier, it’s too late!

Darryl’s face was bitter: “Madam, what will happen if I eat it directly?”

Won’t you die?

As long as you don’t die, everything is trivial!

Kendra shook his head with a complex expression: “I don’t know, because no one has ever taken’Jade Flower Ginseng’ like this.”

Darryl sighed. Forget it, don’t worry about it, let’s untie the wife first.

Thinking of this, Darryl walked over with the scissors. As a result, as soon as I arrived at her side, in an instant, I felt the whole body, suddenly extremely cold. It’s like falling into an ice cellar!

“It’s cold!”

Darryl’s whole body trembled, and ice ball appeared on his hair!

You don’t need to think about it, this is the consequence of mistaking the ginseng!

That’Jasper Flower Lingshen’ is a very powerful elixir. Originally it was soaked in water to drink, but Darryl chewed directly. The energy contained in the spiritual ginseng burst into his body in an instant, how could he bear it!

“It’s so cold, so cold!”

Darryl shivered, and in time to react, the cold sensation quickly disappeared, replaced by an indescribable scorching sensation.

That kind of feeling is like a fire burning in the body!


At this moment, Darryl intuitively felt that his whole person would be incinerated! The painful burning sensation made him scream, and he fell to the ground and rolled.

“Madam, what’s wrong with me? Hot, so hot, so hot!”

Darryl asked loudly.

Kendra’s eyebrows furrowed: “You, you are… I’m afraid of going crazy.”


Going crazy?

Hearing these four words, Darryl’s body trembled, and he instantly felt desperate.

Betrayal is what every cultivator fears most! How many peerless powerhouses have died due to delusions!

“I’m so uncomfortable, I’m so uncomfortable!” Darryl kept rolling on the ground, painful! He felt that his body was getting hotter and hotter, and almost his whole person was about to burn, and he took off his clothes in one fell swoop!

“Darryl, you.” Kendra’s perfect face quickly flashed a blush.

When the voice fell, Darryl looked at her suddenly!

I’m so hot, I’m so hot! Darryl roared loudly, feeling a burst of fire from his dantian place! This evil fire. Makes his mind go blank.

Darryl stared at the teacher’s wife, and in a moment, he rushed over!

“Darryl, you should be sober. I am the wife of the leader, you, you must not be rude!”


As soon as the words fell, Darryl rushed over and tore her long skirt to pieces.

Kendra was tied up at this time, unable to struggle. At this moment, Darryl’s lips kissed without warning.

His breath hit his face, and Kendra felt weak for a while. At this moment, Darryl completely invaded!

“Oh!” Kendra couldn’t help making this noise, biting his lips tightly.

Donghae City. Lily just went live, dressing up and getting ready to go out. Just now, my best friend called her to go shopping.

The weather outside today is good, but Lily is not in good spirits.

After Peter was chopped at the Dynasty Bar last night, Peter’s men rushed over.

The situation was chaotic at that time, Mateo let Lily go first.

Peter is one of the best in Donghai City. Mateo provoked him, I was afraid that he would be in big trouble, and he didn’t know what was going on now.

From last night to now, Lily has been very worried.

And during the live broadcast just now, he did not show up in the live broadcast room.

He won’t have any trouble, right.

Lily was thinking wildly.

Ding ding.

At this moment, her cell phone rang suddenly.

I took out the phone and looked at it. Mateo sent it, and he was immediately happy.

He sent only a short sentence: “Goddess, what happened yesterday did not scare you?” In the words, there was still the gentleman’s demeanor.

I don’t know why, seeing this sentence, Lily relaxed a lot and her mood improved.

Hearing what he meant, he was fine last night.

Lily quickly replied: “I’m okay, but how about you, that Peter is very powerful in Donghai City, you beat him last night, he will not let you go, you have to be careful.”

On the other side of the phone, Mateo smiled at the corner of his mouth. Immediately, he smiled and replied: “Don’t worry, although that Peter is very powerful in Donghai City, I haven’t paid attention to it. He wants to move me, it’s impossible, so don’t worry.”

Seeing the reply, Lily relaxed.

At this time, Mateo sent another message: “Goddess, I was disturbed by the fly like Peter last night. How about we come out to sit again tonight? Or the Dynasty Bar? I don’t know why, I’m very happy to be with you. , As long as I am with you, any troubles are gone.”

After the message, there was also a smiling face.

Seeing this passage, Lily couldn’t express the sweetness in her heart.

This Mateo is really good-mannered, talkative, handsome, and rich. How come all the advantages are concentrated on this man.

Such a good man, that girl doesn’t like it.

Thinking about it, Lily replied almost without hesitation: “Okay, see you tonight.”


The First Hospital of Donghai City.

On the second floor of the inpatient department, there were hundreds of brawny men standing in the dark! His face was filled with uncontrollable anger, and his whole body was filled with evil spirits, and the aura was overwhelming. The water blocked up the entire second floor was blocked.

These people are all under Peter.

No one dared to walk around on the second floor, not even the doctors and nurses dared to speak loudly. After all, there are so many strong men, who is not afraid to look at them.

Headed by these brawny men is an old man in a white Tang suit with an anxious expression on his face.

It is Peter’s grandfather, Sun Yao.

Because of the good air in the suburbs, Sun Yao has been in the suburban manor during this period, planting flowers and birds, and playing with antiques in his spare time.

Sun Yao was shocked and angry when he heard the news that his grandson had been cut, and rushed to the hospital last night.

Peter has been rescued, and the operation has not ended yet.

Sun Yao was worried and angry.

Back then, with a pair of fists, I fought hard in Donghai City to create a world, only to have the glory of the Sun family today. The big families in Donghai City, who met me, didn’t they give three points?

And now, someone dared to touch his baby grandson! I can’t swallow this breath!

On the chair next to him, Li Nan’s face was covered with tears, very sad.

Last night, Li Nan’s heart was broken when he saw that Peter was covered in blood and chopped up and down like that.

Later, after dozens of Peter’s subordinates arrived, they were about to smash the Dynasty Bar, but no one thought that Mateo’s subordinates all rushed out, and there were more than one hundred people.

The result is conceivable. After a period of melee, Peter’s subordinates are almost all gambling, and they are all hospitalized now.

But at this moment, Li Nan only begged that her husband should never have anything to do.

Must get better.

At this moment, the door of the operating room opened and Evelyn in a white coat walked out.

Evelyn performed this operation herself. Because she knew that Peter and Darryl had a good relationship.

From last night to now, the operation has been carried out for six or seven hours.

At this time, Evelyn’s face was tired, and her forehead was covered with fine sweat. No one could bear such a long operation.

“Dean Xue, how is the Great Sage?”

“What happened to my grandson?”

At this moment, Sun Yao and Li Nan hurriedly greeted them, almost speaking in unison, their expressions all the same eagerly.

Evelyn sighed, and then stopped talking: “The situation is not very good. I don’t know if my life can be saved. Even if I can barely save my life, I am afraid that I will become a useless person in the future…”

To be honest, Evelyn has been in medicine for so many years and has never seen a patient with such a serious injury.

Peter was chopped a full 36 times, and he almost became a blood man. There were wounds all over his body, almost bloody, his hands and feet were cut off, and the entire operating bed was soaked with blood.

Chapter 130

When she first entered the operating room, a nurse who had just practiced internship was scared to tears when she saw Peter.

If this kind of injury is replaced by an ordinary person, I am afraid that if I can’t be sent to the hospital, I’ll be breathless in the middle.

Therefore, while Evelyn was emotional, she also had to admire Peter’s tenacious perseverance.

Because the whole body was wounded, anesthetics could not be applied, and after six or seven hours of operation, Peter didn’t say a word, and he survived abruptly. After the operation, Peter couldn’t help but fainted.

Hearing Evelyn’s words, Sun Yao’s body trembled, and his eyes instantly became blood red.

Sun family, single pass from generation to generation! Do you want to make my Sun family a queen!

Mateo, I will let you pay the Duan family’s blood!

This can no longer be regarded as a grudge.

It’s a bloody vengeance!

“Grandma, sister-in-law, something is not good!” At this moment, a junior ran over in a panic, shouting at Sun Yao and Li Nan.

Sun Yao scolded: “What are you panicking? What’s the style of yelling. What’s the matter?”

The junior gasped heavily: “Old lady, Mateo took the people and occupied Peter Street.”


Peter Street in Donghai City is named after Peter because 90% of the shops on the entire street are owned by the Sun family.

These include hotels, KTVs, bars, and even Internet cafes and billiards halls. These shops pay money on time every month in order to obtain the protection of the Sun family.

This Mateo not only cut and wounded Peter, but also occupied the entire Peter Street, which was equivalent to breaking the Sun family’s fortune!

Sun Yao’s body shook, and then a pair of eyes almost burst into flames! He smashed the wall fiercely with his fist: “The Duan’s house in Yunzhou City, I am at odds with you.”


With a violent vibration, I saw that the concrete wall was hit by a big hole by Sun Yao.

Many medical staff around saw that they were all tremblingly unable to speak, and were afraid to speak out.

“Is it true that there is no one in our Sun family?” At this time, Li Nan stepped on high heels and walked out with a frosty face: “Everyone is going with me, today and Mateo will never die!”

After saying this, Li Nan will take people out.

“Xiao Nan, don’t be impulsive.”

At this moment, Sun Yao held her.

Li Nan stopped, her Jiao body trembling: “Grandpa, the Great Sage and so many brothers have all been chopped up. Now their Duan family is still reluctant to take up our territory. This tone can’t bear it. !”

Sun Yao nodded: “I know, this hatred must be repaid. But the Duan family is too strong, we can’t fight it hard. Go home first, let’s discuss the countermeasures carefully.”


Tongtian Island.

After overturning the clouds and raining, Darryl released all the evil fire to the teacher’s wife.

At this moment, his mind slowly became sober.

Wudan Wushi!

Darryl took a deep breath, it seemed that the’jasper flower lingseng’ really worked! Although the way of eating was wrong, he was almost crazy. But fortunately, it’s all right now.

Under his excitement, Darryl’s heart was shaken when he felt his body.


Below Darryl, there was still a trace of blush on Kendra’s delicate face, and a pair of eyes stared at Darryl tightly, with a bit of anger, shyness, and complexity.

Broken, broken.

Darryl’s cold sweat broke out in an instant, and he actually defiled the teacher’s wife. This, isn’t this completely over!


Darryl only felt that his mind was blank in an instant!

“Madam, I…”

As soon as he said three words, Kendra interrupted his voice: “Darryl, can you get up first?”

The moment the voice fell, Kendra’s face once again showed a touch of shame.

It stands to reason that she is the wife of the high-ranking teacher. This hairy boy is really looking for death if he dares to blaspheme himself like this.

But after some cloud and rain, Kendra felt somewhat satisfied inexplicably.

She has been married to the Lord Tongtian for many years. The Master Tongtian is old, and he can’t do anything about men and women. But Kendra is at a good age!

“Madam, I…” Darryl calmed down and got up hurriedly.

Kendra said blankly: “Untie the rope for me.”

Darryl hurriedly responded, quickly put on his clothes, and then took the scissors to cut the rope.

Kendra didn’t say a word, quickly took a long skirt from the side and put it on.

Darryl stood beside him like a kid who did something wrong.

For a while, the atmosphere in the room was somewhat depressing and subtle.

“Darryl, today’s thing, I think it hasn’t happened.” After putting on his clothes, Kendra bit his lips tightly, and said word by word at the end: “But if you let me know, you leaked out, I will kill you The whole family.”

As the wife of the leader, she has an improper relationship with her subordinates.

If this matter spreads out, what will others think.

She wanted to kill Darryl very much. However, he saved himself after all.

“Madam, don’t worry, the subordinates will definitely not talk nonsense.” Darryl nodded quickly, his expression must be more serious and serious.


Fortunately, this woman didn’t turn her face with herself, otherwise, she would be buried in Tongtian Island tonight.

Kendra didn’t say much any more, restored the posture of the teacher’s wife, and waved his hand: “Okay, it’s getting late. Go back to your room and rest.”

“Subordinates obey.”

Darryl responded, and quickly retreated.

When he returned to his room and lay on the bed, Darryl couldn’t help but reflect the scene just now.

Maybe it was the reason for being too tired, and fell asleep soon.

With this sleep, Darryl slept very sweetly.

Early the next morning, three rods of the sun.

“Huh, ha!”

There was a burst of loud shouts. Waking Darryl awake, opened his eyes dimly, and through the window, he could hear the square not far away, and many Tongtian disciples were practicing. The slogans uttered were almost uniform and vigorous.

D*mn, I started practicing qigong this early. Let people not sleep anymore.

But I have to say that these elite disciples are really hardworking.

Thinking about it, Darryl stretched out and got up.

At this moment, the door of the room was suddenly pushed open, and then Kendra walked in.

On her beautiful face, she was very calm.

As if last night, nothing really happened.

D*mn it.

What is the master’s wife doing?

Seeing her, Darryl felt tight. I’m really afraid that this woman will kill herself.

Today Kendra changed into a long purple dress, showing his beauty and s3xiness, but at the same time he added a noble temperament.

Her face is very good, charming and indescribably charming.

After watching her for a few seconds, Darryl didn’t dare to be too presumptuous, so he withdrew his gaze and slowly said: “Madam is looking for me so early, is there anything wrong?”

Kendra walked to the chair, sat down slowly, and said, “Darryl, I will tell you again, what happened last night, you rotted me in my stomach. Otherwise, all those who are related to you will die. , Understand?”

“Understand and understand.” Darryl’s head is like smashing garlic: “Don’t worry, Madam, I will definitely do what Darryl promised.”

Hearing the answer, Kendra nodded with satisfaction, and his tone softened: “In addition, don’t forget the task I gave you yesterday. After returning to Donghai City, do everything you can to help me get the scriptures. Get it.”

“Subordinates obey.” Darryl nodded and responded, but his heart was helpless and depressed.

Stealing the scriptures is easy to say, but it is as difficult to implement.

Kendra said yesterday that the president of the Shangwu Academy is a master of Wudang School.

He is only a fifth-stage martial artist, so much weaker in strength, and the chance of success is too small. And I have lived for more than 20 years, so I haven’t stolen anything. Oh, except for stealing those two phones.

Kendra laughed and took out an ancient book from his body.

“I know this task is very difficult for you, so I thought about it and decided to give this book to you. After reading this book, you might be able to steal the scriptures.” Kendra said softly. , Handed the ancient book to Darryl’s hand.

what is this?

Are you martial arts cheats?

Darryl was inexplicably excited, and when he took the ancient book, he saw two vigorous and primitive words written on the yellowed cover: Ghost Hand.


The title of this book is a bit interesting. Is it possible that this is a peerless secret book? Haha, a cheat like Nine Dragons Ascension?

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