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Chapter 1336


Suddenly, Cynthia became alert for an instant, her body trembled, and she sat up all of a sudden.

“You…who are you?” Cynthia asked in a panic.

I only remember that when I was caught by the white horse and was about to be humiliated, suddenly a very vicious and ugly man came, and then I didn’t know anything.

What happened after I was in a coma? >Who is this person in front of me?

Where is that ugly middle-aged man?

Seeing Cynthia’s puzzlement, the man smiled slightly and said, “I’ve only been in a coma for a day, so I don’t know my savior?”

Cynthia frowns her eyebrows lightly, this voice is exactly that of that ugly man…

Yes, this man is Fang Qifo.

What’s the situation?

At this moment, the man turned around, turned his back to Cynthia, and muttered a serial art in his mouth. A few seconds later, when he turned around again, his cold face became extremely ugly.

Cynthia looked silly, and stared at Fang Qifo blankly: “You…what is your method?”

Fang Qifo looked at Cynthia and said lightly: “Don’t make a fuss, this is a way for me to disguise.”

As he said, Fang Qifo’s eyes were a bit serious: “Girl, what’s your name? Where is the person from?”

She was in a coma after she rescued Cynthia, so until this time, Fang Qifo still didn’t know her identity.


Cynthia bit her lip and said softly: “My name is Cynthia, I belong to the Ouyang family, I…” she was talking, thinking that the relatives of the Ouyang family were all caught by Lawrence, and Peter and Raquel Waiting for people, but also disappeared, suddenly sad, tears flowed down.

Ouyang family?

Fang Qifo was taken aback, very surprised: “It turns out to be a member of a prominent family.”

Seeing that he knew about the Ouyang family, Cynthia calmed down and asked a little excitedly: “Heroes, can you help me find my family? I’m separated from them, woo…”


Fang Qifo took a deep breath, and his expression became complicated: “This…Half a day ago, I was shopping in a nearby town. I heard that the Wutian organization sent many people to capture the Ouyang family and Peter. According to the gossip , Their situation does not seem to be optimistic.”


Hearing this, Cynthia’s body trembled, her delicate face full of resentment.

Lawrence, the bad guy, is too hateful. Not only does he harm Big Brother, but also to deal with all the people related to Darryl, especially when he thinks that Peter and others have been harmed by Lawrence and lost their internal strength. Cynthia is even more resentful. .

The more Cynthia thought about it, the more resentful she got, and she stood up and rushed to the distance.

“What are you doing?” Fang Qifo shouted from behind.

Cynthia stopped and looked back at Fang Qifo: “I want to avenge everyone. Get rid of the wicked Lawrence.”

Hearing this, Fang Qifo was taken aback for a moment, and then couldn’t help laughing: “Miss Ouyang, with your strength, even if you see Lawrence, you will die in vain.”


At this moment, Cynthia’s face flushed, and she was indescribably embarrassed.

Fang Qifo is right, his strength is too low, I’m afraid that even the elite disciples of the Wutian organization can’t beat it, how to get rid of Lawrence?

For a while, Cynthia stood there, a little at a loss.

Then when she saw Fang Qifo, Cynthia’s eyes flashed, and she knelt down towards him: “Heroes, please accept me as a disciple, pass on my exercises, and wish me revenge.”

This person can easily defeat the white horse and save himself, but there is no rumors of him in the arena. He is definitely a hidden expert. As long as he learns to practice, he will definitely have a way to deal with Lawrence.


Fang Qifo was stunned, staring at Cynthia quietly, after a few seconds, he took a deep breath and said, “Sorry, I never accept apprentices.”

Cynthia was anxious: “Please accept me as a disciple, otherwise I won’t get up.”

Hearing this, Fang Qifo didn’t have the slightest fluctuation on his face, and said lightly: “Let’s do it!” As he said, he turned around and lay down at the entrance of the cave, and soon fell asleep.

Is this person cold-blooded?

Seeing this scene, Cynthia was a little desperate, but she still bit her teeth and continued to kneel there. Speaking of it, although Cynthia was a young lady in the Ouyang family, she had a very strong personality, and she would never give up on what she identified. .

Time passed by, and it was dark.

Fang Qifo slept for a few hours, sat up and looked at it, and was stunned.

I saw that Cynthia was still kneeling in the same place, her delicate body swaying, and she was about to faint at any time. She had been in a coma before. After waking up, she knelt for several hours without eating or drinking. No one can stand it .

The personality is really stubborn.

Fang Qifo sighed inwardly, walked slowly to Cynthia, and said word by word: “Do you really want to worship me as a teacher?”

Cynthia was about to faint. When she heard Fang Qifo’s words, she suddenly became energetic and nodded firmly: “Yes, I beg Master to accept me as a disciple.”

Fang Qifo looked at Cynthia and nodded slowly: “I didn’t expect that you, a girl, would have such great perseverance. Okay, I promise you.”

With that, Fang Qifo helped Cynthia stand up and went back to the cave to rest.

“Since you have become my disciple. Then I will tell you my rules.” Fang Qifo said with a serious face and said to Cynthia: “The exercises I practice have no discipline or sect, but there is a saying, called Thousand Faces!”

“Being a thousand-faced person, we must help the weak and the strong, and don’t be greedy for fame and fortune.”

“Thousand-faced people are a single pass. This is the rule. My master is just one of my apprentices, and I only accept you. Therefore, if you have no brothers or sisters, you will die for your teacher someday, you are the only thousand-faced person in the world. In addition, we must find a suitable person to pass on the thousand-faced people.”

Thousand Faces?

Hearing this name, Cynthia’s beautiful face was full of surprise.

What a strange name, and I have never heard of it.

Seeing the change in Cynthia’s expression, Fang Qifo took a deep breath and slowly explained the origin of the thousand-faced one.

It turned out that the Thousand Faces had been passed on for more than two thousand years. The founder of the Thousand Faces was originally a disciple of an aristocratic family, who often bullied others. Later, there were disputes between the rivers and lakes, the family was destroyed, and the founder was also beaten and maimed. Living in the rivers and lakes, suffering from the warmth and cold of the world.

Speaking of this, Fang Qifo’s eyes flickered and slowly said: “Later, this founder was killed by a gang of wicked men and fell into the abyss. He was bound to die, but a year later, he appeared on the rivers and lakes again. After the broken leg, he also created his own “Thousand Faceless” exercise, calling himself a Thousand Faces.”

“Because of the great wealth, the sinister rivers and lakes, and the ugly human nature, this founding ancestor set the rules, as long as he becomes a man of thousands of faces, he must help the strong and support the weak, and he must not be greedy for fame and gain.”

“More importantly, the one with a thousand faces must remain mysterious. You can’t let anyone in the rivers and lakes know our existence, even if you are relatives and friends, otherwise a catastrophe will come, understand?”

When talking about the last sentence, Fang Qifo was extremely serious, and his voice was not loud, but it was beyond doubt.


Cynthia took a deep breath and nodded quickly: “I know Master.”

After that, Cynthia was a little excited and said, “Master, after you teach my exercises, can you help me kill Lawrence?”

Hearing this, Fang Qifo couldn’t help laughing: “Lawrence is powerful, even if you learn all of my skills, we will not be able to beat him together.”


Cynthia looked disappointed, so what good is it for herself to be a teacher?

At this moment, Fang Qifo continued: “You have to know that we have a thousand faces to eradicate the wicked, not by strong cultivation strength, but by the means of’without a thousand faces’.” The mobile phone remembers for a second. Provide you with wonderful novel reading.

Cynthia was stunned for a moment, she has nothing to do with her? >Is it the disguise method used by Master just now? >That’s just a disguise technique, how can you deal with the wicked?

Chapter 1337

Seeing Cynthia’s expression, Fang Qifo showed a confident smile: “Don’t underestimate this’Missing Faces’. Not only can you change your appearance, you can also change your voice.”

Change the voice?

Hearing these words, Cynthia was stunned!

At this time, Fang Qifo did not hesitate, urging the invisible in front, changing into Cynthia’s appearance, and said, “Do you believe it now?”

When I said this, the appearance of Fang Qi Buddha was almost exactly the same as Cynthia, and even his voice was vivid.

It is the essence of the “Thousand Faces of No Phase”.


At this moment, seeing that Master had become herself, and her voice was exactly the same, Cynthia’s body was shocked, and her whole body was stunned!

This…. This infinite face is really amazing!

If you display the incomparable face and change into a person close to you, wouldn’t it be easy to deal with him? Who would have thought that he is a close relative and someone else pretends to be?

Finally, Cynthia reacted, unable to conceal her excitement, and smiled at Fang Qifo: “Master, you are amazing, I want to learn…”

Fang Qifo smiled slightly and said earnestly: “You must be thinking that after you learn this, you can become someone else at will. But the teacher will tell you that every time you display the incomparable one, you have to pay a lot. Big price.”

“This skill consumes the most internal strength. It will cost you a month of cultivation if you use it once, so remember, don’t use it at will, understand?”


Hearing this, Cynthia was stunned for a moment. It would take a month of training for a real battle? >The price is really high.

But then I thought about it, if the price is not high and can be used at will, wouldn’t it be invincible?

Next, Fang Qifo confessed a few more words, and then began to teach the mantra of Cynthia’s incomparable beauty. >Cynthia is clever and very serious, and keeps her formulas in her heart.

A few hours passed, and the sky was bright.

“You have a good understanding here, get some food for the teacher, and then inquire about the situation outside.” Fang Qifo stood up and said to Cynthia, with admiration in his eyes.

This apprentice is extremely talented and can perfectly inherit the mission of a thousand-faced man.


Cynthia nodded obediently, sat cross-legged, and began to comprehend.

Half an hour later, Fang Qifo brought back something to eat. It was a few delicate breakfasts. Speaking of which, Fang Qifo had always been alone, and suddenly there was a female apprentice, who naturally took care of it in every possible way.

However, Cynthia was not in a hurry to eat, her mind was focused on the exercises.

“Master, I understand again, I’ll try it.” Cynthia said excitedly.

“Good! Good!” Fang Qifo smiled and said, “Let Master take a look.”

Cynthia nodded, began to meditate the formula silently, and then used her internal strength. In a short time, she felt a special sensation on her face, and then her skin’s facial features gradually changed.

Ten seconds later, Cynthia looked at Fang Qifo with a smile, “Master, how?”


Fang Qifo was very happy, laughed and exclaimed: “I didn’t expect that your comprehension ability is so high, not bad…”

I saw that at this time, Cynthia’s face changed to the appearance of a square seven Buddha, but the voice did not imitate it. However, it is very rare to have such an effect when she has just cultivated without a thousand faces.

Fang Qifo clearly remembered that when he was just learning, it took half a month to change his appearance, and the apprentice in front of him took only over an hour, which was incredible.

Cynthia was also pleased to receive Master’s admiration.

“Master, have you found any news?” Cynthia asked impatiently.

Because of a blessing in disguise, I worshipped a good master, but Peter and Raquel had no internal strength, and they didn’t know what was going on.

Fang Qifo smiled and said: “I have found out that those people like Peter were rescued by Qin Sheng. As for that Lawrence, I just secretly invited many heads of schools in Kyushu. I don’t know what to do.

“This bad guy, there will definitely be no good things.” Cynthia clenched her fist tightly and said angrily.

Fang Qifo thought for a while: “On the way back, I saw the head of the Snow Mountain School in the Southern Cloud Continent. He should have been invited by Lawrence. Let’s eat first, try to catch him, and then pretend to be his. Looks like, go see Lawrence…”

This… seems a bit risky.

Hearing this, Cynthia’s body trembled faintly, pretending to be a guest to see Lawrence, isn’t this self-inflicted? >You know, Lawrence is not only cunning, but also very powerful.

But seeing Fang Qifo looking confident, Cynthia nodded.

Soon, after eating, the master and disciple were on the road.

As Fang Qifo said, he really ran into the head of the Snow Mountain Sect on the way. Fang Qifo didn’t hesitate at that time. After he was subdued, he received the invitation letter and displayed the incomparable thousand faces and became the head of the Snow Mountain Sect. Look like.

Cynthia also changed her appearance slightly.

Afterwards, the master and apprentice rushed towards the general altar of the Wutian organization. >Starting

Along the way, Cynthia was very nervous, but seeing her master following by her side, she had courage again in her heart.

After several hours of driving, finally arrived at the foot of Taiyin Mountain.


At this moment, looking at this place where she was trapped, Cynthia’s heart was complicated, but her eyes were extremely firm.

At this moment, at the gate of the Wutian Organization’s general altar, Lawrence’s two apprentices, Shen Fei and Su Li, were welcoming distinguished guests. The handsome men and beautiful women were very eye-catching.

Fang Qifo walked over with Cynthia and handed the invitation letter. Everything went smoothly. I have to say that Fang Qifo’s incomparable thousand faces are really magical skills of the rivers and lakes, and the demeanor and demeanor are the same as those of the real Xueshan School , No one in the room doubted.

Seeing this scene, Cynthia was more relieved, but her gaze couldn’t help but look at Su Li.

Cynthia can’t forget, Lawrence, this female disciple, how vicious her heart is under that beautiful appearance.

It was at her suggestion that Lawrence arrested Zhu Bajie again, and she was also the one who took people to the cell repeatedly to humiliate himself and Peter and others.

Cynthia will never forget the humiliation she suffered during the days when she was locked up in the cell.

Cynthia knew that she was pretending to be a disciple of the head of the Snow Mountain faction, but seeing the woman Su Li still couldn’t help the hatred in her heart.

The brothers and sisters and I were separated from each other, and I will surely make you pay the price.

Thinking about it, Cynthia clenched her fist secretly.

Seeing Cynthia’s gaze, Su Li was constantly looking at herself.

What happened to this Xueshan school disciple?

At this time, Su Li hadn’t realized that the girl in front of her was the Miss Ouyang Clan pursued by the Heavenless Organization.

“The head of the Snow Mountain faction?”

Under doubt, Su Li smiled at Fang Qifo: “You apprentice, do you know me?”

Fang Qifo’s brows moved, knowing that the apprentice could not restrain his emotions, so he wanted to explain.

“do not know!”

At this moment, Cynthia reacted and showed a charming smile: “I just think my sister is very beautiful and very close to others.”

When saying this, Cynthia made a very well-behaved look.

Although your identity will not be exposed, you must restrain your emotions.

Chapter 1338

“Very good at talking.” Su Li was in a good mood and made a please gesture: “Master is in the main hall. He has been waiting for a long time. Please come in.”

Fang Qifo nodded and took Cynthia into the hall!

so many people? >!

As soon as they entered, the master and apprentice were stunned, and they saw many familiar figures in the hall, which were very lively.

Almost dozens of sects from all continents have gathered. Although these sects are not top sects, the gathering together makes the scene a bit shocking.

Fang Qifo remained silent and took Cynthia to find a place to sit down.

At this time, the guests were almost all there, and the banquet began.


At the same time, Lawrence appeared, causing the whole hall to be restless. >Fastest update

“Mr. Zhang!”

“Mr. Zhang, don’t come here unharmed, haha…”

Everyone got up and greeted them with a very polite attitude. You must know that Lawrence has been famous for thousands of years. He once crossed the continent of Nine Provinces. Three years ago, he helped Yang Jian to fight in the west. It can be said that he is famous. Who dares to be polite.

Cynthia also stood up with Fang Qifo, but Cynthia didn’t say anything, instead she frowned her eyebrows and looked at her horns tightly.

“Master!” Cynthia couldn’t help but said.

Fang Qifo lowered his voice: “Disciple, what’s the matter?”

“Master!” Cynthia lowered her voice and said softly, “Lawrence secretly invited so many people. There must be a conspiracy. Let’s be careful.”

Cynthia clearly remembers that a month ago, Lawrence visited the Ouyang family alone, claiming to know the whereabouts of Darryl, which led everyone in the Ouyang family into a trap.

Seeing this scene now, Cynthia has a feeling of deja vu. After all, Lawrence is too cunning to guard.


Fang Qifo nodded, and at the same time he glanced at Cynthia approvingly: “I understand for the teacher, this time we are here to investigate the news. If there is any sudden change, don’t panic…”


At this time, Lawrence slowly stood up, looked around the audience, and said with a smile: “It’s not an honor for you to be invited to come, I’m not honored to be Lawrence. I invite you to come. Once we come, it is to enhance our friendship among the same people. I have come to discuss with you for cooperation.”

Hearing this, the audience was in an uproar.

Cooperation? >What cooperation?

Fang Qifo and Cynthia also frowned secretly.

Lawrence smiled slightly, and continued: “I know that all the clans present have enmity with the Raksha tribe. In my eyes, the barbarians of the Raksha tribe should be wiped out. It’s a pity that Darryl advocated peace. Raksha people peace talks.”

When the voice fell, many people nodded one after another.

“Yes, those Rakshas are savage and rude, and getting along with them is the worst decision.”

“I feel angry when I see those Raksha tribes.”

“Three years ago, in order to fight against the Raksha tribe, my disciples died and wounded countless…”

Hearing the surrounding discussion, Cynthia discovered that the sects who were invited were all hostile to the Raksha tribe.

What exactly is this corner going to do?

“Ha ha…”

In the scene before him, Lawrence was very satisfied and smiled and said: “It seems that we have reached a consensus on dealing with the Raksha tribe together. There is a second thing, I hope to get everyone’s support.”

Everyone looked at each other and spoke.

“Mr. Zhang has something to say.”

“Yes, as long as we can do it, we will definitely do it.”

Regarding the issue of the Raksha tribe, Lawrence won everyone’s recognition. In their hearts, it is an honor to cooperate with Lawrence. At this time, they all expressed their attitude.

Seeing that the fire was almost over, Lawrence’s expression became serious and slowly said: “The second thing, I want everyone to help me deal with Darryl.”

What? >To deal with Darryl?

At this moment, everyone present was stunned!

You know, Darryl is a well-known figure in the Kyushu Continent. He is strong and has led the Kyushu Continent for three years. He defeated the Rakshasa army and has tremendous merit.

Under the shock, many people looked at each other and couldn’t say a word!

Cynthia frowned her eyebrows, her heart felt cold.

I knew that this horn was uneasy and kind, so soon the fox’s tail was exposed. >Want to unite so many sects to deal with Big Brother?

Perceiving everyone’s astonishment, Lawrence let out a chuckle: “I know what you are worried about. Darryl is strong, and there is Tianmen, but to me, it’s not enough to be afraid.”

“Although this person has a righteous heart, he is too benevolent as a woman. Back then, he advocated peace talks with the Rakshas. At that time, we fought with the Rakshas. How many people died? How much blood was shed?”

“Furthermore, the relationship between Darryl and the Raksha tribe is delicate. If we are to deal with the Raksha tribe, we must be hindered by Darryl. Therefore, this person must be removed.”

After speaking the last sentence, Lawrence’s eyes slowly swept across the audience, the strong aura made people palpitate.

“This… seems reasonable…”

“But… Darryl is very strong, even if we join hands, I’m afraid…”

After a few seconds, everyone reacted one by one and couldn’t help but speak.

Feeling everyone’s doubts, Lawrence smiled confidently: “Everyone does not need to worry, to deal with Darryl, you don’t need to act, you only need to provide me with clues.”

Yes, the giant dragon suddenly appeared at that time, and Darryl was missing. Lawrence sent people to search for a few days and there was no clue. The more he couldn’t find it, the more anxious Lawrence became.

Finally, Lawrence thought of this method, using the power of these sects to investigate Darryl’s whereabouts.

Lawrence is cunning and cautious, knowing that he said to deal with Darryl from the beginning, these sects would definitely be fearful, so he mentioned the Raksha tribe first to win everyone’s approval.

At this moment, Lawrence summoned the Heavenly Axe and another thing, and said loudly: “I promise, after removing Darryl and the Raksha tribe, I will share Kyushu with everyone present.”


Seeing what Lawrence took out, the audience was shocked.

I saw that a huge golden axe and an exquisite pagoda, both treasures, were filled with incomparable spiritual power.

It is Kaitianaxe and Linglong Tower.

Yes, after Yu Wenyan was framed by Lawrence, at a critical moment, she was rescued by Darryl, but did not take away the Linglong Pagoda. After that, Lawrence obtained the Linglong Pagoda in the secret room where Yu Wenyan was practicing.

This… these are two peerless treasures.

At this moment, everyone looked at the two treasures, and their hearts were shocked.

Cynthia was shocked, her delicate face was full of resentment and complexity.

The eldest brother’s Linglong Tower was also in Lawrence’s hands.


Finally, everyone interpreters turned it over. I don’t know who shouted: “You can get two peerless treasures. Mr. Zhang is really a wizard of heaven. I will cooperate with you.”

After someone expressed their attitude, others also expressed their support.

“Yes, although Darryl is strong, he is indeed too kind.”

“Mainland of Jiuzhou, you need someone like Mr. Zhang!”

Hahaha! >Everyone hit it off and laughed at the same time.

Seeing this scene, Cynthia was very anxious and looked at Fang Qifo: “Master, what should I do?”

Fang Qifo shook her head, signaled her not to worry, and then continued to watch the situation in front of her.

“it is good!”

Hearing everyone’s response, Lawrence was overjoyed and ordered someone to bring a covenant letter: “Since everyone agrees and there is no proof to speak, let’s come to an alliance of blood and handprints on the covenant letter, and we will be our own people in the future.”

When the voice fell, Lawrence cut his finger with a dagger and pressed the bloody handprint first.

At this moment, many people stepped forward one after another and pressed their fingerprints one after another.

Chapter 1339

Fang Qifo also pressed his fingerprints, anyway he was the head of the fake Snow Mountain School, and it didn’t matter if he pressed his fingerprints.

When the covenant was reached, Lawrence was very happy, raised his glass, and celebrated with everyone.


Seeing Cynthia’s expression, Fang Qifo said in a low voice, “Don’t worry, Lawrence will leave everyone here to rest tonight. At that time, let’s see if there is a chance to steal the Kaitianaxe and Linglong Tower.”


Cynthia nodded heavily, her eyes shining with expectation.

Originally, seeing so many sects uniting to deal with the eldest brother and the Raksha tribe, Cynthia was anxious, but when he heard Fang Qifo’s plan, her heart became calmer.

Without the Open Sky Axe and Linglong Tower, where is Lawrence’s opponent?


the other side!

Qingyunzong, Darryl, with the help of Ye Meng, received a lot of news about the weather royal family and Tianmen, attacking the Heavenless Organization’s general altar, and returning without success. The whereabouts of the Ouyang family, Peter and Raquel are unknown. >

Knowing these circumstances, Darryl was very anxious.

Darryl thought it over, first went to Tianmen to gather the people, and then figured out a way to find Peter and the others.

At this moment, inside the hall.

“Master!” Ye Meng took Darryl’s arm, his beautiful face was full of dismay: “Are you really leaving now?”

Not a day after he had just worshipped the teacher, Darryl was about to leave, and Ye Meng was very reluctant.

Darryl showed a wry smile and nodded.

“Or, let me be with you.” Ye Meng said expectantly.

Darryl shook his head: “This is the grievance between me and Lawrence, and it cannot be implicated to you.” You must know that Lawrence is cruel, and he must report it, and he can’t hurt Qingyun Sect.

Beside, Xie Cai and some Qingyunzong disciples stood there politely.

Especially Xie Cai, knowing that Ye Meng had been called Darryl’s apprentice, was even more unhappy in her heart. This girl was also very lucky, but even though her heart was upset, Xie Cai didn’t dare to show it because of Darryl’s side.

“The head is back.”

At this moment, a disciple’s shout came from outside, and then a middle-aged man with extraordinary craftsmanship walked in slowly. It was Ye Changsong, the head of Qingyunzong.


“You’re back!”

Seeing Ye Changsong, Ye Meng and Xie Cai yelled almost at the same time and greeted them with a smile.

Afterwards, Ye Meng pulled Ye Changsong’s sleeves and looked very proud: “Father, we Qingyunzong has come to a big man, and I have successfully apprented a teacher, look at who it is?”

When the voice fell, Ye Meng looked at Darryl with a smile, his face full of joy.


Ye Changsong was stunned. She was an adopted daughter with extremely high cultivation talents. Few heroes in the world could make her look at him. Who has such a charm that would make her so happy to be a teacher.

Muttering in his heart, Ye Changsong’s eyes fell on Darryl.

“Head of Ye!” Darryl smiled slightly, and said: “Darryl rushed to visit, how disturbing!”


Hearing this, Ye Changsong’s heart was shocked, and the whole person was stupid, staring blankly at Darryl speechless.

Tianmen Sect Master Darryl?

Yes, Ye Changsong also attended Lawrence’s banquet, and he also pressed his handprint on the covenant book. Because Qingyun Sect had important things to do, he did not stay in the Wutian Organization’s general altar and came back early.

At this moment, Ye Changsong only felt that his entire head was humming.

A few hours ago, I had just agreed with Lawrence to deal with Darryl and the Raksha Clan together. They never thought that Darryl was in the Azure Cloud Sect, and he was still his daughter’s master.

This makes people a little unprepared.

“Ha ha…”

Finally, Ye Changsong reacted, smiling and holding a fist at Darryl: “Sect Master Yue came here, really making my Qingyun Sect shine.”

As soon as the voice fell, Ye Meng came over and said, “Father, Master is in trouble, Lawrence designed the frame of the Ouyang family, let’s help Master.”

With that, Ye Meng explained the situation in detail.

Father is back, as long as he is willing to help, the master may not leave for the time being.

This one….

Ye Changsong’s face was embarrassed.

In the next second, Ye Changsong squeezed out a smile and said to Darryl: “Unexpectedly, that horn is so hateful. Please Sect Master Yue wait a moment and let me think about it.”

“Thank you Ye Master!” Darryl nodded.

Darryl originally didn’t want to involve Qingyun Sect, but seeing Ye Changsong say this, he couldn’t refuse.

Ye Changsong didn’t say much, walked out of the main hall and went to the back wing room.

Xie Cai on the side, seeing her husband look strange, hurriedly followed.

“Naga Song, what’s the matter?”

Xie Cai couldn’t help asking as soon as she entered the room.

Ye Changsong smiled bitterly and looked at Xie Cai: “Madam, guess who is the head of the Wutian organization who invited me to the banquet this time?”


“It’s Lawrence!” Ye Changsong said complicatedly.


Xie Caijiao’s body trembled, and she was stunned.

Ye Changsong sat in a chair, and suddenly became anxious: “At the banquet, Lawrence advocated dealing with the Raksha tribe and Darryl, and he was also ashamed of blood as an alliance. How could I think that Darryl was in our Qingyun Sect. Master of Meng’er. This is a bit difficult.”

When he said this, Ye Changsong was melancholy. Just now he asked Darryl to wait, but he didn’t know what to do for a while and wanted to calm down.

You must know that Darryl is very strong. If you let him know that he and Lawrence will deal with him jointly, you will definitely not let the Azure Cloud Sect be spared.

But if he let him go, Lawrence knew that he was just as troublesome.

Seeing his melancholy expression, Xie Cai’s eyes turned, and she didn’t have a good air: “What’s so rare about this. Since you are in an alliance with Lawrence, you can find a way to catch this Darryl.”

Hearing the lotus picking, Ye Changsong smiled bitterly: “You speak lightly, Darryl is now Meng’er’s master…”

Before he could finish speaking, Xie Cai interrupted.

“Meng’er, Meng’er, you know Meng’er.” Xie Cai’s delicate face could not hide her disgust: “She is just the adopted daughter you picked up. Are you really your own? It’s a wild girl, these Years, but you hold it in the palm of your hand, like a princess…”

When it comes to Ye Meng, Xie Cai is out of anger.

Ye Changsong opened his mouth, not knowing how to refute for a while.

At this time, Xie Cai took a sigh of relief, was silent for a long time, and said: “Think about it now. Although Darryl is a famous figure in Kyushu, it was three years ago. The scenery was long gone, and Lawrence was organized without heaven. The head, there are so many allies, you should know which one is more important.”

“Offending Lawrence, we are in trouble for the entire Azure Cloud Sect.”

Hearing this, Ye Changsong was silent for a moment. After a struggle in his heart, he nodded: “Okay! I know how to do it.”

A few minutes later, Ye Changsong returned to the hall.

“Sect Master Yue!”

Ye Changsong looked at Darryl and smiled and said, “It’s true that I was on the way back, and I accidentally got news from Peter.”


Darryl’s eyes lit up and he was very excited: “Thank you, Ye Zhangmen, to tell me his whereabouts.”

Ye Changsong smiled: “I heard that Sect Master Yue and Peter have a deep relationship. It is really enviable. I will send my disciples to investigate and find Peter, and then I will bring him to meet with Sect Master Yue.”

As he said, Ye Changsong looked sincere: “Sect Master Yue, a generation of heroes, came to my Qingyun Sect and accepted the little girl as a disciple. From now on, we will be a family. For such a happy event, we must drink a few swigs.”

When the last sentence fell, Ye Changsong’s eyes flashed with complicated light.

Yes, Ye Changsong didn’t really want to entertain Darryl, but wanted to keep him in this way. >Just now, Ye Changsong had sent a disciple to pass the news to Lawrence.

Chapter 1340

Seeing Ye Changsong’s sincere expression, Darryl was very embarrassed: “Then trouble Ye Master.”

To be honest, Darryl wanted to leave immediately, but his hospitality was hard to resist.

Moreover, Lawrence sent countless eyes and ears upright, looking for his own track, and he would be very passive if he was found out.

“Ha ha…”

Seeing Darryl’s promise, Ye Changsong was very happy and waved his hand: “Quickly, get ready for wine and food.”

Upon hearing the order, Xie Cai hurriedly greeted the disciples to do it.

Seeing this scene, Ye Meng was very happy, Darryl chose to stay, and he had more opportunities to ask for advice.

Seven o’clock in the evening.

The living room was filled with a lively atmosphere, and under the arrangement of Yang Changsong, a rich banquet had been prepared.

There are four people at the dinner table.

Darryl, Ye Changsong, Xie Cai, Ye Meng. >

Ye Changsong was very enthusiastic, and he smiled and talked with Darryl, and at the same time, he did not forget to toast with enthusiasm.

Ye Changsong thought it over, first lowered Darryl’s vigilance by drinking, waited until Darryl was drunk, and then looked for a chance to subdue him. >After all, Darryl’s strength is too terrifying.

There was a smile on Darryl’s face, but his heart was difficult to calm down.

Although Ye Changsong had agreed and sent his disciples to find Great Sage Sun and then brought Qingyunzong, Darryl was still a little worried.

Three rounds of wine.

Seeing that Darryl was a little drunk, Xie Cai thought of something and looked at Ye Meng with a smile: “Meng’er, you are so destined, you have to worship such a good master, and you will have to serve a few more glasses later.”

When she said this, Xie Cai’s face was full of smiles, but her eyes shone cold. >As long as Darryl is drunk, her husband will have a chance to take action.

Ye Changsong on the side also smiled and nodded in agreement.

Hearing this, Ye Meng hurriedly poured wine for Darryl.

Although it has been at odds with Xie Cai, this time, Ye Meng very much agrees with her adoptive mother, knowing that a big figure like Darryl has few opportunities to sit and drink with him.

As a disciple, I naturally have to offer a few more cups.

Darryl waved his hand: “It’s almost done, don’t drink it, and drink it again and you will be drunk.”

Family and friends are in doubt about their lives and deaths. They are really not in the mood to drink so much. Moreover, Darryl once thought of being drunk by Sheri’s cousin at Mingjian Villa. I got to Sheri’s room and made a misunderstanding…

Thinking of this, Darryl became more cautious.


Seeing this scene, Ye Changsong frowned secretly, this Darryl was so cautious, what should he do next?

As soon as his thoughts turned, Ye Changsong suddenly had a new plan, and turned his head towards Ye Meng and said, “Meng’er, I remember that you like alchemy very much, but it’s a pity that you don’t have a good teacher to teach you.”

“I heard that Sect Master Yue’s attainments in the alchemy technique is the best in the nine states, and no one can match it. As a disciple, you should ask for more advice.”

Hearing this, Ye Meng’s eyes brightened, and he pulled Darryl’s sleeves, and said coquettishly: “Master, you teach me alchemy. I have got a few alchemy recipes, but unfortunately I don’t understand the tricks and I can’t refine them come out.”

When he said this, Ye Meng’s beautiful face was full of expectation, his father did not say, he almost forgot, the master is still an alchemy master.

“it is good!”

Darryl showed a slight smile and looked at Ye Meng and said, “What kind of pill you have refined, tell me…”

Ye Meng hurriedly said the names of a few pills. At the end of the talk, he pulled Darryl and said, “Master, let’s go to the alchemy room now. You can refine it on the spot for me, and let me learn… “


Ye Changsong couldn’t help but reproach: “I’m drinking, how can I go to the alchemy room?” Ye Changsong couldn’t help but stand up.

Yes, Ye Changsong’s purpose was to ask Darryl to go to the alchemy room. >When you arrive at the alchemy room, there is a way to catch Darryl alive without blood.

“Well, let’s go take a look.” Darryl said with a smile.

My apprentice is smart and beautiful, and I really like it.

A few minutes later, under the guidance of Ye Meng, Darryl came to the alchemy room, followed by Ye Changsong and Xie Cai.

I have to say that Qingyunzong is worthy of being a grand sect. The alchemy room is very spacious, with the size of three or four basketball courts, and the decoration is antique.

Darryl could see that the shelves around the alchemy room were filled with various precious herbs.


At this time, Ye Meng walked to an alchemy furnace and asked for advice very humbly: “The last time I made alchemy was two months ago. At that time, I made a kind of mysterious spirit pill. Unfortunately, I tried many times and failed. “

Xuan Ling Wan?

Hearing this, Darryl couldn’t help laughing, and said: “It’s not difficult to refine Xuanling Pills, just control the ratio of heat to materials.”

In the Promise Pill Art, the Xuan Ling Pill is a medium-sized pill that can be refined with Darryl’s alchemy attainments at this time, with his eyes closed.

“I will demonstrate to you for the teacher.” Darryl said as he walked to the shelf, selected a few materials, and then began to refine the pill.

Ye Meng was so excited, watching Darryl’s movements closely, he didn’t dare to blink at all.


Ye Changsong and Xie Cai on the side looked at each other deeply.

Especially Ye Changsong, who was nervous and inexplicably excited.

Just now, he added something to the materials Darryl needed. At that time, Darryl talked to Ye Meng again without paying attention.

Time passed by every minute.

It originally took ten minutes to refine the Xuan Ling Pill, but Darryl succeeded in refining it in less than five minutes.


However, just when Darryl was about to take out the pill, he suddenly noticed something was wrong and couldn’t help frowning.

At this time, Darryl’s complexion was a bit bad, strange, he was fine just now, why is his body so limp now that he can’t get it out with a little effort?

Not only that, but the internal force can’t be released! >Dantian seemed to be suppressed by invisible power!

How could this be? >Poisoned yourself?


Seeing this scene, Ye Changsong took two steps forward and asked cautiously: “Sect Master Yue, what’s the matter?”

While speaking, Ye Changsong paid close attention to the changes in Darryl’s expression. >Fastest update

Darryl didn’t respond immediately, but took out the refined pill, but as soon as he got it in his hand, seeing the color of the pill, Darryl faintly guessed something.

“Ye Sect, there is a problem with your alchemy materials.”


Ye Changsong’s expression changed and he pretended to be surprised: “Why Sect Master Yue said this?”

Ye Meng didn’t know the situation. At this time, seeing Darryl’s expression on his face was wrong, he was a little inexplicably panicked: “Master, what’s the matter with you?”

Darryl took a deep breath, looked at Ye Meng, and slowly said: “In the few materials used to refine Xuanling Pills, it should have been mixed with fragrant powder.”

“Xianxiang powder is a colorless and odorless toxic drug. If it is mixed into the alchemy material, it will destroy the effect of the pill. In other words, the Xuanling pill I just refined has no effect.”

“Furthermore, in the process of refining the pill, I unknowingly inhaled the fragrant powder and it was poisoned.”


Hearing this, Ye Meng’s body trembled, and his whole body was blinded.

How could this be? >The alchemy room of the Azure Cloud Sect, no one can come in casually, and the alchemy materials are strictly selected, how could something go wrong?

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