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Chapter 136

D*mn, these two women are mentally ill. Lao Tzu has the Immortal Pill, but he stole it?

Darryl didn’t say a word, and didn’t bother to stumble his mouth with them.

Sun Yao took a deep breath: “Great Sage, you can see that your brother is very good to you, and all elixir like Shenxian Pill has been given to you, haha, hurry up and eat it.”

However, Sun Yao’s eyes could not conceal his inner eagerness.

Seriously, at this moment, Sun Yao really wanted to take the Immortal Pill. He is now a five-stage general, and if he takes Shenxian Pill, he can be promoted to Wuhou!

Wuhou! This rank, in the vulgar dust, is definitely the strong one among the strong!

But… Peter is now the head of the Sun family. Whether the Sun family can flourish in the future depends on the Peter. So let this immortal pill be given to grandson.

But Peter smiled and said, “Grandpa, you have been stuck in the Wudan martial arts for several years. You should take it. I am about to enter the Shangwu Academy. There will be more opportunities in the future.”

“No!” Sun Yao’s face was determined. Although I really want to take it, he needs to be rational now: “It’s up to you to eat. I’m older. It doesn’t matter to me to break through the realm, but your life is still a long way away. There will be many opportunities in the future, and there will be many dangers at the same time. Increasing your strength will only benefit you and it will not hurt you. Listen to Grandpa, you eat…”

“No… Grandpa should take it.”

“What? When I grow up, I don’t listen to Grandpa?”

For a while, the grandfather and grandson gave way to each other, and were at a stalemate.

“Don’t let the two of you, I still have one.” At this moment, Darryl smiled and said, and then took out another Immortal Pill from his body.


There is one more.

All of a sudden, the hall was silent.

Even Tang Xin and Tang Xue couldn’t help but look at Darryl a few more times.

You know, every immortal pill, the temptation to cultivators, is indescribable!

Seeing the expressions of the people, Darryl smiled, and handed the Immortal Pill to Peter: “Okay, now your grandfather and grandson are taking one. Don’t let it go. Take it quickly.”

“Darryl, you…” Peter was so excited, he was not polite with him, and while laughing, he swallowed the Immortal Pill.

Sun Yao hurriedly swallowed the elixir of gods.

The grandfather and grandson were extremely excited and fidgeting.

At this moment, Tang Xin calmed down, his face was full of eagerness: “Darryl, do you still have it?”

She and her sister Tang Xue had also been stuck in the fifth martial arts master for a long time, no matter what method they used, they never succeeded in breaking through.

Seeing Darryl took out two Immortal Pills in succession, his eyes suddenly became eager.

“If so, give us one too.” At this moment, Tang Xue couldn’t help but speak.

It’s just that their tone of voice is really uncomfortable, and they are still aloof.

“Sorry, there are two Immortal Pills on my body, they are gone.” Darryl said lightly, without even looking at them.

I mocked me just now, so ridiculously.

Now you want the god pill again?

Treating me as a child, thinking it’s so coaxing?

But then again, I really only have two on my body. There is no time for alchemy these few days!

Tang Xin and Tang Xue’s expressions froze, and a trace of displeasure suddenly appeared.

It’s just that Sun Yao is present, and the two women dare not say anything.

At this time, Sun Yao was too strong to drink, and after taking the Immortal Pill, he got up to say goodbye and went to the room to rest.

As soon as the front foot left, Tang Xin looked at Darryl and sneered: “You just have two Immortal Pills for a long time?”

“That’s right, if I guess right, you must have stolen it from somewhere.” Tang Xue answered, with a bitter and mean tone: “You are very brave, steal the Immortal Pill, and you were caught. Be careful to interrupt your legs. Your whole family’s lives are not worth these two gods.”

Darryl smiled.

These two women, if they didn’t get the Immortal Pill, they turned their faces immediately.

With a sneer in his heart, Darryl said indifferently: “You really exalted me. Who is not a treasure to protect me? I don’t have the ability to steal it from others. If you find it easy, you can also steal it. Here are two for me to see.”


Tang Xue’s face flushed, and she was speechless for a while, stood up and said to Peter, “Cousin, we have something to leave first.”

While talking, the two sisters stood up and walked out of the hall on high heels.

When they left, the sisters were full of arrogant faces, and they didn’t even look at Darryl.

I thought I could get the Immortal Pill from Darryl. In the end, he only had two, so there was no need to waste words with him.

That night, Peter and Darryl drank until the middle of the night.

The two big men bragged and talked about each other. I can’t remember how much I drank, and I don’t even know how I got back to the room in the end.

Early the next morning, when Darryl and Peter were sleeping with Zhengxiang, Li Nan stepped in on high heels.

Today Li Nan is wearing a black fringed dress with a looming tattoo, which is s3xy and charming.

Li Nan stepped forward: “Darryl, Peter, get up quickly. It’s dawn and I’m still asleep. It’s time to report to Shangwu Academy today. You won’t forget.”

When the voice fell, Peter immediately became sober, a Ji Ling sat up, patted his forehead and said: “Oh, don’t you tell me, I really forgot. Darryl, hurry, hurry, wash your face!”

Today’s Donghae City is particularly lively.

Shangwu Academy opened today and caused a huge sensation in Donghai City. Everyone wants to see the excitement.

Private cars are parked at the door of this fashion martial arts academy. In the square at the entrance of the school, there are already 20,000 to 30,000 students waiting.

On this occasion, as a qualified man, the most important thing is to look at beautiful women.

I have to say that there are many girls in Shangwu Academy, who are very beautiful.

“Look at you, the girls in skirts over there are pretty good.”

“The beauty in shorts over there is called s3xy!”

The boys were whispering.

There are few familiar figures in the crowd. Lily, Liu Qianshuang, Liu Zhiyuan. Bessie, Qin Shousheng… They all came to the Shangwu Academy.


At this moment, there was an exclamation from the crowd.

For a moment, everyone followed the voice to watch.

I only saw a Rolls Royce coming from a distance.

“Fcuk, Rolls Royce!”

“This car is several million, right? I heard that an umbrella in the car is worth one hundred thousand!”

There was a loud discussion in the square. I saw that Rolls Royce stopped, and then a young man walked slowly down. It is Hao Jian.

At this time, he was wearing a brand-name suit, and his hair was specially dyed yellow, looking extremely unbeatable. But when he walked down from Rolls Royce, even if he looked awkward, some people said he was handsome.

I only saw many girls, showing nymphomaniac eyes.

But at this moment, Elisa was also with Hao Jian. Compared with Elisa, those girls paled.

Hao Jian thought he was handsome and shook his head. He enjoys the feeling of being watched.

It turned out to be handsome for only three seconds, and then I heard another commotion from the crowd on the other side.

From a distance, a Lamborghini is coming!

“Fcuk, sports car, sports car!”

“I saw this car for the first time, it’s so handsome! This car is more than ten million!”

A few boys looked like car fans, and they were extremely excited at this time. Some girls, even more eagerly, gathered around to see which son they were.

With the roar of the engine, Lamborghini stopped and the door slowly opened. A handsome young man walked out of the car.

“Young Master Lin Family, Lin Yuntian!”

The Lin family is in the clothing industry. Industries are located in several nearby cities. It’s definitely a big family! Lin Yuntian is the young master of the Lin family.

I have to say that this Lin Yuntian is very handsome, with a luxury car, it really drives the girls crazy.

Sure enough, several girls suddenly became his little fans, screaming constantly.

“Look at it! Someone is here again!” At this moment, the crowd didn’t know who it was, said this, and then everyone looked over!

At this look, the audience was silent!

Seeing an extended Lincoln, slowly approaching. On both sides of the car, following more than one hundred people in black, walking in neat steps, slowly came, wearing a uniform black suit, the scene was extremely shocking!

This, this pomp is too big! who is this? !

Many rich second generations were stunned.


This extended Lincoln is still a limited edition customized version, no more than five cars in the world!

Chapter 137

This luxury car is already conspicuous, and there are more than one hundred people protecting it! This, this is so shocking!

Those who can ride this kind of car are definitely big people with prominent backgrounds, and they are simply not comparable to people from their small family.

Who is the person in the car?

Did you come to report from Shangwu Academy?

Shocked in everyone’s hearts, and under the focus of their eyes, the car slowly stopped at the gate.

The next moment, a hundred people in black quickly lined up in two rows and opened the door very respectfully.

In the next second, a slender and s3xy superb beauty slowly got out of the car.


At this moment, everyone present held their breath.


So beautiful!

A long black dress brings out the cold and noble temperament. That s3xy and graceful figure is really beautiful!

This woman’s body is filled with a high-cold aura!

Not only the ordinary people were dumbfounded, but even the children of the rich family were dumbfounded.

“This…this is the eldest lady from Nalan’s house in Kyoto, Nalan gladly?!”

“Oh my God, did she sign up for Shangwu Academy too?”

I don’t know who shouted, causing an uproar in the surroundings.

The Nalan House in Kyoto is a large family with a long history, with family businesses all over the world! Not only that, but it is said that there are several people in the Nalan family who are elders of the Tianshan Sect!

Unexpectedly, the eldest lady of Nalan’s family would actually be able to appear here.

“Miss Nalan Xinran is so beautiful, if you can sleep with her for one night, death is worth it.”

“Don’t dream, this kind of goddess is not something we can be worried about…”

When everyone was talking about it, I saw a school staff member walking out of the school with a list.

“It’s going to post the list, it’s going to be divided into classes!”

That’s right, on this list, it is written which person is assigned to which class.

Everyone surrounded them all at once.

At this time, a private car came slowly from a distance.

Afterwards, Darryl and Peter got out of the car.

D*mn it, so many people?

Seeing that the square in front of him was crowded with tens of thousands of people, Darryl was stunned.

On the way here just now, it couldn’t be blocked. I thought it would be better when I came to the academy. Unexpectedly, there are more people in front of the school.

The gate of Shangwu Academy is quite domineering. It is more than forty meters wide.

On the left side of the gate, four characters are written: Liuhe Duzun.

There are also four characters on the right: Shangwu Tianxia.

The meaning of these words is very obvious. The six major factions are united and the world is domineering. There is no force that can compete with them. After all, this Shangwu Academy was co-founded by the six sects.

“Fcuk, Darryl, we have already started to divide into classes, come and have a look!” Peter said.

There are too many people, Darryl and Peter finally squeezed in, searching for a long time before they found their own names.

“Hahaha, Darryl, we are in the same class.” Peter smiled and said: “There are also my eldest cousin and second cousin, we have four classes in one class!”

Darryl took a closer look and found that their four classes were 16 classes a year.


At this moment, a familiar and joyful voice came, and then a slender and charming figure walked over quickly.

It is Lily.

As soon as Lily appeared, the eyes of many men around him gathered in an instant.

Such a beautiful woman, I don’t know who is lucky enough to be in the same class with her!

When she arrived, Lily gently took Darryl’s hand: “Darryl, are you still angry with me? I know it’s wrong, it’s really wrong.”

Her voice was so small that only she and Darryl could hear it.

Darryl didn’t speak, nor did he want to speak.

“Sister-in-law, are you here too? Haha…” At this moment, Peter came over and greeted Lily with a smile.

Although I was seriously injured because of her. However, she is Darryl’s wife after all, so she certainly can’t hold a grudge.


Lily was stunned immediately.

I heard that he had been cut with more than 30 knives, and his hamstrings and hamstrings were broken.

Why… Nothing at all?

Thinking about it, Lily bit her lip tightly and said in a low voice embarrassed: “Great Sage, I’m sorry, that night I…”

Before she finished speaking, Peter laughed and waved his hand: “My sister-in-law is serious. Darryl and I are brothers. How can I just leave it alone when I see something wrong with you? Haha…”

Peter’s laughter immediately eased the embarrassing atmosphere.

Lily smiled and looked at Darryl subconsciously. Seeing that he hadn’t paid attention to himself, he was a little anxious.

“Darryl, you, don’t you be angry with me, I know I was wrong, I really know it was wrong…” Lily bit her lip and said softly.


Darryl let out a long sigh of relief. Still stern.

It’s not that he is pretending to compare, but that he is really angry.

In his entire life, the most lacking is his brother. When I was in the Yue family, I had many good friends. But after being expelled from the family, those so-called friends all hid far away.

In Darryl’s world, those brothers who were born to death in the mouths of others were all jokes. But after meeting Peter, his mind changed.

Peter is a brother worthy of a lifetime. But because of Lily, the Great Sage was cut more than 30 times and almost died! It is really difficult to make up for this.

At this moment, a strange sound of Yin and Yang came from behind.

“Hey, isn’t this the son-in-law of the Liu family? If you don’t clean at home, you also want to sign up for Shangwu Academy.”

Darryl frowned and looked back.

I saw Hao Jian walking over with a sneer, followed by Elisa.

Elisa wore a conservative long skirt today with a pair of high heels underneath. Nevertheless, the s3xy curves were perfectly presented.

Darryl smiled indifferently and looked at Hao Jian: “What? Who stipulated the door-to-door son-in-law and couldn’t sign up anymore?”

At this time, many wealthy children gathered around and stood behind Hao Jian.

A trace of contempt arose from the corner of Hao Jian’s mouth: “There are no rules, but as soon as you come, you will be of the grade of our Shangwu Academy.”

Speaking of this, he deliberately said loudly: “Hey, come and see, this kid is the son-in-law, hahahaha! You should have heard of him, hahaha!”

Sure enough, hearing this, many people around burst into laughter.

The wedding three years ago was the laughing stock of the entire Donghai City.

Elisa couldn’t listen anymore, and pulled Hao Jian a bit, “Can you stop doing this?”

Elisa didn’t come to school today. As the captain of the criminal police team, she really didn’t have time to come here. She just came to send Hao Jian to school.

“To tell the truth is not allowed.” Hao Jian murmured: “I was there, who didn’t know that he was the son-in-law at the door.”

Darryl chuckled lightly without responding.

On the other side, Peter couldn’t help it, and suddenly stood up: “Hao Jian, you are so special, you really are so cheap, are you sick?”

Mad, this stupid thing.

Throw your nose on your face, owe you a beating, right?

Darryl could bear it, his grandson grandson could not bear it, and pointed to Hao Jian and said, “Don’t be so broken, Bibi is talking about it.”

Hao Jian was full of jealousy, but when there were so many people at the time, he was scolded a lot and felt embarrassed. He still bit his neck and said: “Big Sage, I said Darryl, it seems to have nothing to do with you.”

To be honest, the strength of the Sun family is one of the best in Donghai City, and he can’t afford it.

“Fcuk you code.”

Seeing that he was still Bibi, Peter was completely angry and rushed over and hit him in the face with a punch.


Hao Jian yelled, his left eye swelled up in an instant, and he couldn’t help crying.

Before he could react, Peter kicked him to the ground.

Everyone around let out an exclamation, but they didn’t dare to come up and persuade him. In Donghai City, who didn’t know that Peter’s fiery temper angered him, and it would be cheaper to get beaten up, better than being chopped off!

Seeing this scene, Darryl was amused secretly, and then hurriedly went over to pull the frame: “Great Sage, Great Sacred Journey, what’s your name for this kind of beam jumping clown.”

Saying that, Darryl took the opportunity to kick Hao Jian at the moment he was pulling the frame.

This kick hit his head directly, causing him to fall into the mud.

“Oh, I’m really embarrassed.” Darryl smiled and said with a careless look.

“Darryl, you are very special!” Hao Jian was not good, but he couldn’t say a word.

“Darryl, Peter, you have enough.” At this moment, Elisa walked over in high heels and said, “This is the gate of the academy. You still have to do it!”

Chapter 138

Elisa helped Hao Jian up. He is his fiancé. Will he feel comfortable seeing him being beaten?

Elisa and Peter are also’old acquaintances’. One is the biggest ba5tard in the East China Sea, and the other is the East China Sea police flower. The two dealt with each other a lot.

In Donghai City, Peter is equivalent to the Emperor of Tu. Unless he committed a great thing, Elisa really couldn’t catch him.

Peter spit out fiercely: “Ma De, something undue beating.” He walked to the side as he said.

Hao Jian wanted to cry without tears, D*mn, Peter’s punch just now was too strong, and his head is still buzzing.

But I was a little dissatisfied, and didn’t dare to say anything.

Seeing Peter stopped, Elisa secretly breathed a sigh of relief.

Then he took Darryl and walked to a corner.

“Hey hey, why are you pulling me?” Darryl muttered. In a blink of an eye, the two of them had already gone far.

At this time Elisa stopped, biting his lip and said in a low voice: “Good brother, I want to beg you for something.”

“What’s the matter?”

This week Elisa, when he has something to ask for himself, he will call good brother, and when it is all right, he will call good brother.

Elisa whispered, “Well…do you still have a god pill on your body? Would you give me another one?”


Want a god pill again?

The last time he gave Hao Jian the immortal pill to the boy, he still cursed. It’s really annoying to think of it!

Muttering in his heart, Darryl smiled casually: “I’m gone, let’s talk about it another day.”

They are indeed gone. The last two were given to Peter and his grandfather yesterday.

Elisa bit her lip tightly and pleaded softly, “Good brother, please, you must help me.”

A week later, the Emei faction will hold a division meeting in Donghai City. There is an elder who has a very good relationship with Elisa. Called Su Wan.

Su Wan is in her thirties and is extremely talented. She is the youngest and most beautiful elder of the Emei sect. She has been stuck in the realm of Wudan generals.

Therefore, taking advantage of this teacher-door meeting, Elisa wanted to give her a gift. If she can give her a god elixir, she must be very happy!

At this moment, I saw the gate of the college. A security guard walked out and shouted with a loud speaker: “Dear classmates, classmates! The class has been assigned, all students, hurry into the academy and find your own class.”

As soon as the voice fell, the tens of thousands of people gathered at the entrance of the college rushed in like a tide, looking very spectacular from a distance.

The faces of everyone who entered were filled with excitement and excitement.

As long as you enter the Shangwu Academy, the future is limitless.

D*mn it! They are in school! Darryl hurried back to school: “Okay, I’ll talk about the Shenxian Pill tomorrow. I’ll go to school first.”

“Good brother, don’t forget, I will contact you tomorrow!” Elisa stood there and shouted softly.

There are tens of thousands of freshmen in the School of Business. Divided into hundreds of classes. The sixteenth class of the year where Darryl is located is on the third floor of the teaching building.

When I arrived at the class, the classroom was already full of people, and every student was excited, discussing constantly, and the classroom was noisy. People who don’t know thought they entered the vegetable market.

But it’s no wonder that if you successfully enter the Shangwu Academy, you can’t be excited.

As soon as I walked to the door, I heard Peter yelling: “Darryl, come here, sit here.”

Peter sat in the middle row of the class and waved with a smile.

Darryl smiled and walked straight over.

When he was about to reach his position, Darryl’s body was shocked, and he was attracted by a cold and graceful figure.

At Peter’s front table, sitting a superb woman, coldly like an iceberg. It was Nalan gladly.

Compared with the surrounding bustle, Nalan was gladly quiet, the kind of quiet that was thousands of miles away. The temperament in her body is enough to make any man deeply fascinated by her.


So beautiful.

Naturally carved, hibiscus emerges from the clear water, ice muscle and jade snow.

Unexpectedly, there are such beautiful girls in the class.

Darryl couldn’t help but glanced more, then smiled and said in a low voice: “Okay, Great Sage, this position is good, I’m sitting behind the beauty, hahaha!”

Peter was also proud, and smiled: “That is a must, such a good position, of course only our brothers can sit.”

As he was talking, a sound of high heels came, and a beautiful woman in professional attire walked straight to the podium.

This beautiful woman is about 30 years old. She has a really good body. Her curves are shown vividly under the package of professional attire, but her face has a bit of majesty.

“Everything is quiet.”

The voice fell, and the class was silent.

The beautiful woman looked around: “My name is Ji Yun, I am the elder of the Xiaoyao faction, and also your head teacher.”


When the voice fell, the class was in an uproar. Many boys suddenly boiled in their hearts.

The luck is really great. Not only is she in the same class with Nalan Xinran, but also has such a beautiful female teacher. It’s so happy, haha!

“Teacher, you are so beautiful, do you have a boyfriend?”

At this moment, a voice came from the back row.

Suddenly, many boys started booing.

Most of the booing people are rich kids. These guys are usually spoiled. When they see beautiful women, they can’t help but tease. The talking boy, Deng Guang, who runs a chain supermarket in Donghai City, is considered a rich second generation.

On the podium, Ji Yun raised her hand gently and pointed at Deng Guang and said coldly: “You, stand up for me.”

Deng Guang stood up with a grin, still not knowing what he was about to face, looking like a fool.

Holding the teaching material in her hand, Ji Yun walked straight to Deng Guang in a cold tone: “Have you never been to school before? I don’t know how to respect the teacher?”

There was a sense of majesty in the voice.

Seeing her gaze, Deng Guang suddenly became a little nervous: “I…”


Before he could finish speaking, Ji Yun raised the scroll in his hand and hit him on the head!

Fcuk, this loud noise made everyone tremble. This strength is not small, the light felt his head buzzing.

Ji Yun said coldly: “You will not give me a hippie smile in the future, can you understand?”

When the voice fell, Ji Yun’s energy sank to Dantian, a powerful internal force fluctuating, burst out instantly!


A section of Wuhou?

Feeling her strength, for a time, the class was deadly silent! Everyone held their breath, and didn’t dare to let out the atmosphere!

Deng Guang was also completely stupid, standing there, dripping with cold sweat!

He is a rich second generation, and he is used to teasing girls. When did he encounter this situation? This teacher Ji is a section of Wuhou?

With this kind of strength, a single finger can abuse oneself.


At this time, Darryl also secretly swallowed his saliva.

He could tell that the teachers and principals of this school are all masters. D*mn, how do you steal things by yourself? Wasn’t you beaten to death if you were caught?

Thinking in his heart, Darryl’s face was bitter, and he wanted to cry without tears.

“You, go to the door and stand.” Ji Yun said coldly.

How dare Deng Guang talk nonsense anymore, holding a big bag on his head, and standing honestly outside the door.

At this time, all the students in the class were honest, and such a stern teacher, no one dared to hit the gun again.

Ji Yun stepped on high heels and returned to the podium. She looked around and said coldly: “There is one more thing. Just now, at the school gate, a few people were fighting and stood up for me.”

The voice fell, and the classroom was quiet.

Many people secretly aimed at Peter.

At the gate of the college, Peter taught Hao Jian, and many people have seen it.

Peter’s face was indifferent. Only then would the fool stand up and admit it.

“Dare to do it or admit it, right?” Ji Yun sneered, and pointed at Darryl and Peter: “You two thought, if you don’t admit it, I don’t know it is you? Stand up.”

D*mn, still did not escape.

Peter murmured depressed, with an indifferent expression on his face, and stood up lazily. Darryl also stood up.

“Your name is Peter, right?”

At this moment, Ji Yun slowly said: “Your grandfather still has strength in Donghai City. Your grandfather’s name is Sun Yao. Decades ago, with a pair of fists, he started from the port of East China Sea and slowly beat you. The Sun family is a world. I’m right. In the past few years, your Sun family has been in Donghai City and has been domineering and monopolizing half of Donghai City’s power. No one dares to mess with it, right?”


Teacher Ji’s investigation is so clear?

At this moment, many people in the class couldn’t help but breathe in air-conditioning, and their expressions were all indescribably shocked.

Peter was also dumbfounded and looked at Ji Yun blankly.

She… how does she know so much about my situation?

When everyone was very surprised, Ji Yun said slowly: “I tell you, before you enter the school, the school has thoroughly investigated the family background of each of you.”

“Every teacher who leads the class has a detailed student profile in his hand. So I tell you, no matter how good your family is, you have to be honest in this school!”

At this time, Ji Yun’s eyes fell on Darryl’s body: “You! Darryl, the son-in-law of the Liu family in Donghai City, has been in Zhui Liu’s family for three years and has no status. His parents have always lived in the country, right.”


When the voice fell, the class suddenly burst into laughter!

Chapter 139

“Shut up what you are laughing at.” Ji Yun stared at her and snorted coldly. A strong breath permeated.

Suddenly, everyone in the classroom closed their mouths quickly, but there was still a smile in the eyes looking at Darryl.

Ji Yun glared at Darryl: “Darryl, looking at you, it’s reasonable to fight, right? Just let Peter fight, his family is prominent, how about you? What are you, no one is rich and powerful, and follow fight.”


Who am I to provoke?

Then Hao Jian humiliated me in public, so I kicked it..

Darryl was a little unhappy, but he didn’t talk back.

Ji Yunxiu’s eyebrows furrowed: “I don’t care how delicate you are. When you arrive in this class, you have to cultivate for me and make me less troublesome.”

When the voice fell, her eyes fell on Darryl and Peter: “You two, fight at the gate of the college on the first day. There is no rule. Go to the playground below and run a hundred laps for me.”

What? D*mn!

100 laps? !

Peter’s expression changed, and he said coldly: “A hundred laps? I don’t run a lap.”

With that said, Peter sat down with a gesture of love.

Extraordinary, crazy, right? The person who made Lao Tzu run a hundred laps hasn’t made a sound yet.

As a result, no one thought that at this moment, Ji Yun walked over with a cold face, raised her hand without warning, and slapped Peter’s face with two slaps!

Snapped! Snapped!

How crisp are these two slaps? The whole class heard clearly!

Peter’s face suddenly swelled up. His violent temper can still stand this? He stood up immediately, and only heard a click, an axe appeared in his hand!

Regardless of whether Ji Yun was a man or a woman, he slapped him twice, this matter was endless!

As a result, Peter did not expect that as soon as the axe was drawn out, Ji Yun slapped it again!

“Papa!” Peter’s other face was also swollen like a pig’s head. Suddenly staring at Venus.

D*mn! Darryl could see that this teacher Ji is really ruthless. At that time, he quickly stabilized Peter and said in a low voice: “Okay, don’t be impulsive. Let’s admit punishment.”

As a result, Ji Yun raised her hand again before she finished her words, and gave Darryl two slaps!

“Slap! Slap!”

Darryl only felt hot pain on his face!

D*mn, what kind of situation is this?

Why are you hitting me? D*mn, I am not wronged!

Darryl at this time, want to cry without tears!

“You two, if you do something wrong, you must be punished. This is the rule.” Ji Yun said coldly: “In school, I have the final say, or you can get out of me, and don’t come to me in the future. Class in the classroom, or just give me a run in the playground.”

Having said that, Ji Yun looked at Peter quietly and stretched out three fingers: “I will give you three counts.”




Peter was angry immediately, his eyes were red, and he wanted to explode. But he really couldn’t beat this Ji Yun.

At this moment, Darryl pulled him: “Forget it, Great Sage, let’s go for a run.”

I have to say that this teacher Ji really can’t afford to provoke him. This D*mn, who came to the college to report on the first day, was fined to run.

What a shame.


Peter took a deep breath and walked to the playground with Darryl with a cold face.

On the playground, Peter ran and cursed: “D*mn’s, I remember Ji Yun for this Ji Yun, I haven’t been so miserable!”

After being slapped four times, he ran a hundred laps.

What a shame!

Darryl looked speechless, and smiled bitterly: “Okay, with our current strength, don’t think of revenge for the time being. People are under the eaves and have to bow their heads.”

Upstairs teaching. After each teacher in the class had finished introducing himself, he let these college disciples go to self-study.


Hao Jian, who was sitting on the window sill in the seventeenth class of the year, was feeling bored. He turned his head to see the playground in the distance outside the window, and he was immediately happy.

Then, he shouted at the students in the class: “Haha, look at everyone, the son-in-law who came to the door, was punished for running.” His face was full of triumph and excitement.


Everyone in the class gathered around the window and pointed at Darryl on the playground.

“Haha, it’s really him.”

Not only that, but people in other classes also looked towards the playground. Haha, I was fined to run a lap on the first day of school, which became a unique landscape.

Even Lily and Bessie couldn’t help but lie down by the bed, looking at Darryl on the playground.

Today is Shangwu Academy, the first day of school begins. But in the school, several’well-known people’ have appeared.

The first is Nalan Xinran.

Nalan is the eldest lady of the Nalan family in Kyoto. She has a distinguished and special status and a top-notch beauty. So soon there are many admirers. Almost every boy in every class regards Nalan Xinran as the goddess of his dreams.

The second one is Lin Yuntian.

Lin Yuntian’s family is in the clothing industry. The clothes are particularly tasteful, and Lin Yuntian is handsome and stylish, so in less than half a day, he has gained the hearts of many fans.

For a time, Nalan Xinran and Lin Yuntian were recognized as school flowers and school grass by the entire Shangwu Academy.

Of course, besides the two of them, Darryl is more famous.

Darryl quickly became famous in the academy, not because he was posted a hundred times, but because he was the son-in-law of the door.

It is said that this kid has lived with his daughter-in-law for three years and has never touched his daughter-in-law, hahaha!

Therefore, Darryl’s name became the laughing stock of the entire Shangwu Academy in less than a day.

Since today is the first day of school and no classes have been arranged, school will end in the afternoon.

In less than half an hour, everyone in the school was basically gone.

It wasn’t until three o’clock in the afternoon that Darryl and Peter had finished the 100 laps.

“Fcuk, I’m exhausted.” When he walked out of school, Peter was sweating and his clothes were soaked. He hugged Darryl’s shoulders: “Walk around, find a place to take a bath, it won’t work, I’m all sweaty.”

As she was talking, she saw a woman walking towards her, who was very beautiful. It is Lily.

Lily was holding two bottles of water in her hand, and when she saw them coming, she hurriedly greeted her: “Darryl. You are thirsty, I will buy you water.”

With that, Lily handed them the water in her hand.

“Haha, my sister-in-law is really caring.” Peter took it unceremoniously, took a big mouthful after unscrewing it, and then let out a long sigh of relief.

Darryl didn’t catch the water, and grabbed Peter’s shoulder: “Peter, let’s go find a place to take a bath.”

Lily was a little anxious, biting her lip and whispering: “Darryl, don’t be angry, come home with me, I really know something is wrong, please, please..”

Chapter 140

Lily has always blamed herself in her heart these days.

Seeing that Darryl ignored herself, Lily was completely anxious and took his arm: “I was really wrong, Darryl, can you go home with me…”

Darryl just pretended not to hear it, and continued at Peter: “Go, don’t you want to take a bath, why are you still doing it in a daze? After the bath, we two find a place to drink.”

Peter shook his head: “I won’t drink with you! I won’t take a bath anymore, my sister-in-law is telling you to go back!”

Having said this, Peter turned around and ran away.

“Darryl, I was really wrong. Just forgive me and go home with me?” Lily’s eyes were red, and she hugged Darryl from behind.

She has thought a lot these days. Really recognize my mistakes.

“If you don’t go back with me, I will follow wherever you go.” Lily bit her lip and said.

Hearing what she said, Darryl took a deep breath and said: “Yes, I will go back with you.”

It would be inconvenient if she kept following herself.

It’s okay to go home with her, but you really can’t forgive her easily.

On the way back, Darryl didn’t say a word, and kept his face straight.


After half an hour.

Villa area.

Lily thinks that the most correct thing for herself is to buy this villa. After just a few days of buying, the price of the villa has grown.

At this time, near dusk, this group of villas loomed in the shadow of the sunset and the surrounding mountains and mist, like a paradise on earth, a paradise on earth.

Darryl looked around and nodded repeatedly.

This villa was built by Dafeng Company. Sure enough, I did not misunderstand Carol. Dafeng Company did develop well under her leadership. Take this villa area as an example. It is estimated that Carol didn’t bother much. You can see that every villa is beautifully designed.

And I heard from Carol that the villas here are selling very well, and now there is only one set left.

Lily held him tightly: “Let’s go, our house is number zero and two.”

Darryl smiled and said: “You go back first, I’ll go shopping.”

In the villa area, there is a commercial street with a large supermarket, and Darryl plans to buy some fruits.

After all, if he hadn’t come back for so many days, Alexandra would definitely be unhappy if he returned empty-handed.

“You don’t need to buy it, we just go home.” Lily said with a smile.

If he can forgive himself, he is already very satisfied.

It’s a bit of a disagreement to buy something.

Darryl shook his head and insisted: “It’s better to buy some. It won’t take long. I’ll be back soon.”

Go buy some fruit later, and see your parents by the way.

Seeing Darryl’s insistence, Lily had to compromise and nodded: “Well then. But we said yes, after buying something, we must come back.”

She was really scared by Darryl’s indifference for several days.

Afraid of losing him.

Darryl smiled and nodded, then turned and walked towards the commercial street inside.

When I was approaching the entrance of the supermarket, I saw a girl riding an electric car not far away. A pale pink dress, indescribably youthful and beautiful.

Darryl couldn’t help but glanced at it, feeling very familiar.

When the girl passed by Darryl, she walked down from the electric car: “What a coincidence, why are you here.”

Darryl suddenly remembered.

This girl is called Zhang Duoduo. The last time I was downstairs in the TV station, the antique fragments scam, and the two scammers almost succeeded. Fortunately, I saved her in time. ask

Darryl smiled: “Yes, what a coincidence.”

Zhang Duoduo said happily: “Are you like me, came to visit this villa area?”


Darryl was stunned.

Zhang Duoduo is a college student. His major is architectural design. The school has homework every semester and he needs to submit design drawings. I heard that Dafeng Group has built a top luxury villa area, Zhang Duoduo came here to find inspiration.

Unexpectedly, I met Darryl here.

Zhang Duoduo smiled and said, “I just came to visit this villa area, didn’t you?”

Then he couldn’t help but exclaimed: “This villa area is really beautifully built.”

In Zhang Duoduo’s heart, the first time he saw Darryl, he was dressed up like a security guard. It is estimated to be a work-study security guard.

And this time, he is also dressed in ordinary clothes.

I thought that Darryl was also a college student, and like himself, he came to visit the villa.

Darryl laughed. Did not speak.

“By the way, which school are you a student. Do you also study architectural design?” Zhang Duoduo asked.

“I am…” Darryl just wanted to say that he was from Shangwu Academy, but before he could speak, Zhang Duoduo said again: “By the way, I didn’t thank you very much last time, since you also came here to visit. , Then let’s visit together! Do you know where this villa area is the most beautiful?”

Darryl shook his head. To be honest, although this villa area was built by my own company, it is the first time I have come here.

“Go, I’ll take you there!” Zhang Duoduo took Darryl’s hand and led him to Villa 028.

“Fortunately you met me today.” Zhang Duoduo said with a grin: “This is the most beautiful place! Without me, you would definitely not come here!”

Darryl looked around. Indeed, in front of Villa 028, there is an artificial lake.

A lot of trees were picked by the lake, and it was already dusk at this time, and there was a feeling of’willow bank, dawn in the wind and waning moon’.

Zhang Duoduo took out his phone and took a few photos, with joy on his face: “How about? I’m looking for a good place, right? Only by coming here can I find design inspiration.”

Darryl nodded. Indeed, for students of architectural design, this beauty is indeed worthy of appreciation.

“Oh, Zhang Duoduo? What a coincidence.” At this moment, a voice suddenly came from behind him.

Looking back, I saw a girl who had never been far away. This woman is well grown, nearly 1.7 meters tall, with a pair of AJs under her feet, and she is very fashionable. This girl is holding a fat man’s arm. This fat man, with a beer belly and a gold chain, is a solid gold chain.

“Li Ting?”

Zhang Duoduo took a look and said in surprise.

Li Ting is her classmate, from an average family background, but with a better appearance, and the means of teasing men, she has been in college for three years and has made many rich boyfriends.

Li Ting sneered and pointed at Darryl and said, “This is your boyfriend? It’s really a gathering of things, people are divided into groups. Zhang Duoduo, your family is poor, and the boyfriend you are looking for is also very poor. Just like you, Can I afford to buy a house here? Do you know how much money is here? Zhang Duoduo, you and your boyfriend will never be able to buy it for the rest of your life.”

Zhang Duoduo flushed, and said softly: “I, we are here to visit.”

Li Ting sneered, “Zhu Zhuzhao, it turned out to be here for a visit. The security guards here are incompetent. You can also let you in if you wear a street stall?”


Zhang Duoduo is not light. In school, she always laughed at herself for not having money.

Unexpectedly, I was here today and met her again.

“By the way, Zhang Duoduo, didn’t you come to visit? It would be boring to only visit outside the villa. You can visit our house later.” Speaking of this, Li Ting took the fat man’s arm: ” Chen Qi is very good to me and is going to buy me a villa here. Someone will take us to see the house soon.”

Zhang Duoduo squeezed out a smile and shook his head: “No need.”

Now she just wants to leave here quickly.

For three years in college, Li Ting often bullied her, and she was already numb.

Sometimes when the class is in class, Li Ting will deliberately say loudly: Zhang Duoduo’s shoes were bought by Taobao for dozens of dollars.

Every time Zhang Duoduo buys new clothes, Li Ting will also say to the public that the clothes are just a stall.

At this time, Darryl couldn’t stand it anymore, and he sighed and said: “This villa house seems to be sold out? You want to buy a house here, I’m afraid it’s too late and you can’t buy it. Now it’s here. Only one set of Villa No. 099 remains, the price is very expensive, 200,000 per square meter. And many people want to buy this set.”

Li Ting sneered: “Zhang Duoduo, your boyfriend knows a lot. Let me tell you, Carol, the general manager of Dafeng Group, is my husband’s cousin! She is the master, Villa 099, only sold to us. And it’s 40% off. How about it? Envy? Envy is useless. A poor boy like you, working hard for a lifetime, can’t afford to buy a house here.”

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