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Chapter 1431

“Come on!”

Seeing Darryl standing still, Madeline couldn’t help but urge.

“That one…”

Darryl scratched his head and couldn’t help asking: “Since you have lost contact with the other eight saints, the most important thing now is to find them, how can you bring me to the Heavenly Spirit Realm?”

“You were poisoned by Pluto before, and you were entangled by the trapped spirit cord. The loss of energy is serious. Only in the Heavenly Spirit Realm can you heal quickly.” Madeline responded slowly.

With that said, Madeline glanced at Darryl: “After you recover, let’s leave here as soon as possible.”


Hearing this, Darryl nodded suddenly, and then quickly followed.


the other side!

In the unnamed valley, Jed ordered his subordinates to look after the people of the major sects, and then sat cross-legged on a rock and recovered quietly. >


Soon, Jed let out a sigh of relief, and his huge body gradually returned to normal. >But his eyes still flickered with anger.

Mad, thought that taking the pill given by Pluto would be able to catch the mysterious woman, but he didn’t expect to let her run away in the end, not only that, but also took Darryl away.

However, if he caught people from all major sects in Kyushu, he could explain to Pluto when he returned.

Thinking about it, Jed stood up slowly and waved his hand: “Go on!”


When the voice fell, the many men around immediately escorted the people of the major sects, slowly marching toward the depths of the valley.


At this moment, Ora, Sheri and others were inexplicably nervous.

They saw an unfathomable black hole in the depths of the deep valley in front of them, where the dense fog was permeated, and a wave of gloomy air constantly permeating from the black hole, which made people shudder.

Where are these people like yourself to be taken?


Finally, Sheri couldn’t help it, and shouted at Jedjiao: “Where are you going to take us, I tell you, let us go quickly, otherwise, you will die without a place to be buried.”

When she said this, Sheri was full of anger.

When the voice fell, Ora also followed coldly and said: “Yes, don’t forget our identity, do you think of any consequences if you do this?”


Hearing this, Jed couldn’t help laughing, and didn’t panic at all: “Consequences? I am not afraid of the consequences. When you enter the road to lead the soul, you will no longer be human.

“Facing a group of dead people, what am I afraid of?”


At this moment, whether it was Ora or the other sects around, their expressions changed.

Lead the soul? >Is the black hole in front of you connected to the legendary ghost world?

Thinking of this, while everyone was shocked, they were also a little desperate.

According to rumors, the way of guiding the soul is the way people walk after death, connecting the ghost world, and after entering the ghost world, don’t even think about coming out again, because the ghost world is a place where the dead are treated.

Seeing everyone’s expressions, Jed’s face flashed a bit of abuse, and he urged his subordinates to speed up.


However, at this moment, a cold voice came, and immediately next to the entrance of the black hole, I didn’t know when, a dark shadow was standing.

The black shadow was wrapped in black robe, because of the dense fog, everyone couldn’t see his face, but they could feel the gloomy aura permeating him.

It is Lorenzo.

“Your Excellency?”

Seeing Lorenzo, Jade was taken aback for a moment, then accompanied by a smile, stepped forward to say hello: “Your Excellency came suddenly, I don’t know what to advise!”

The ugly dress is unrecognizable by others, but as a subordinate of Pluto, Jed is naturally no stranger. >Moreover, the identity of the messenger of Hades was special, and Jed did not dare to neglect.


Lorenzo responded and said lightly to Jed: “Jed, Your Majesty Pluto did not misunderstand the wrong person. He caught all the major sects in Kyushu so quickly.”

Hearing the praise, Jade was overjoyed and said quickly: “It is my duty to share the worries for Your Majesty Pluto.”

However, at this moment, Lorenzo said, “However, His Majesty Pluto has just issued a new order, let me tell you specifically.”

Hearing this, Jade looked solemnly: “What order!?”

Lorenzo looked around and pointed at the people in Ora: “Let these people go.”


Jed’s heart was shocked, and he was stunned.

People who let these sects go? >You know, I took a lot of effort in order to catch these people. Now I just let it go?

Thinking about it, Jade thought he had heard it wrong, and tentatively said: “Your Excellency, don’t make a joke with me. When I left before, His Majesty Pluto had repeatedly confessed that he must catch all the sects of Kyushu. How… “

Lorenzo coldly interrupted without waiting for him to finish.

“Jed, the mind of your Majesty Pluto is not something you and I can guess.” Lorenzo said with a blank face, coldly said: “Perhaps, this matter is just a deliberate test of your loyalty by Majesty Pluto, not to arrest these people.”

When saying this, Lorenzo ugly glanced at Ora and the others calmly.

Yes, Pluto did not order these people to be released at all, it was Lorenzo’s fake order.

When the Hades asked Jed to act before, Lorenzo was still imprisoned in purgatory, but he still learned the situation from the ghosts. At that time, Lorenzo didn’t think much, and found a chance to escape from Purgatory.

To be honest, Lorenzo knew that he was taking risks. After all, Pluto was powerful, but there was no way. If all the major sects were arrested and sent to the ghost world, the entire Kyushu rivers and lakes would be over.


At this moment, Jed stood there with a complex expression and hesitated.

Lorenzo’s face sank: “What? Do you dare to disobey the order of His Majesty the Hades?”

“Don’t dare, don’t dare…” Jed trembled and shook his head quickly.

In the next second, Jade waved at the surrounding subordinates and said, “What are you still doing in a daze? Quickly let go.”

Seriously, after finally arresting the major sects, Jed didn’t want to let people go, but there was no way, Pluto’s orders had to be followed.

At this time Jed didn’t know that he was completely deceived by Lorenzo.


When the voice fell, everyone in Ora was untied, but did not leave immediately, but stood there one by one, shaking incomparably.

Are these people in front of them not from the Raksha tribe? >How did you become a Pluto person?

And… why does Pluto arrest people like himself?


Just when everyone in Ora was thinking secretly, Lorenzo said to Jed: “You go back quickly, Your Majesty Pluto has a new task for you!”

Jed nodded, led his subordinates into the black hole, and disappeared from everyone’s sight in the blink of an eye.


At this moment, Lorenzo breathed a sigh of relief, Mad, and finally deceived Jed.

In the next second, Lorenzo looked at Ora and the others: “You leave here quickly, Pluto will definitely send your subordinates to chase after you have been released.


Hearing this, Ora and the others were shocked. It turned out that the messenger of the Pluto had just given a fake order.

But soon, everyone also reacted that the other party was deliberately helping themselves.

“Your Excellency!”

At this time, the people of Ora gathered around and thanked one after another.

But while thanking, everyone was also very puzzled, isn’t he an envoy of Pluto? >Why should the family inheritance Pluto order to help yourself?

Chapter 1432

Just when everyone in Ora was secretly puzzled, they saw Lorenzo slowly taking off the black hat on his head.


At this moment, seeing his face, the audience was in an uproar.

It turned out to be the Lord of the Palace of Longevity, Lorenzo! >?


Especially Ora and Sheri, both of them shocked, their faces full of incredible.

“Palace Master Wen, it was rumored that you were killed by Lawrence, why…”

“Yeah, didn’t you fall into the abyss?”

Everyone’s doubts came, Lorenzo smiled bitterly!

In the next second, Lorenzo said: “It’s hard to say a word. I won’t say much. You can leave as soon as Pluto is still unclear about the situation!”

Ora nodded, and then said: “Aren’t you with us?”

Although he is not very familiar with Lorenzo, he is Darryl’s eldest brother, and he has a marriage contract with Darryl, he is his own, naturally he does not want him to stay alone.

Lorenzo smiled bitterly, shook his head and said, “I have other things!”

To be honest, Lorenzo wanted to leave with the people of Ora very much, but his life was in the hands of Pluto, and his whereabouts would be known by Pluto soon, so he couldn’t hurt everyone.


Seeing Lorenzo’s refusal, Ora didn’t force it, nodded, and quickly left with everyone.


At this moment, watching everyone go away, Lorenzo took a deep breath, his figure flashed and disappeared into the night.


the other side.

Tianqi Continent, the Tianji Mountains north of the imperial city.

More than ten years ago, Mateo found the sky-opening axe in the depths of the Tianji Mountain Range, which caused the sky to tremble, the mountain range collapsed, and the entire Tianji Mountain Range became a ruin.

Now more than ten years have passed, the Tianji Mountain Range has regained its vitality, with shades of green trees and beautiful mountains and rivers everywhere.

And in the woods in the northwest of the Tianji Mountains, there is a quiet courtyard hidden around the courtyard with various flowers and herbs, and the environment is quiet.

Here is the hermitage of Qin Sheng Mu Xixi.

At this moment, in the courtyard of the courtyard, Raquel, Bessie, and Elsa were sitting there one by one with a sad face.

Outside, Peter and the others, sitting in the courtyard, were also dejected.

A month ago, Raquel and Peter were arrested by Lawrence. Later, Lorenzo desperately rescued them. They finally escaped from the Wutian organization headquarters. Later, they encountered chasing soldiers. Fortunately, they met Mu Xixi at the time. Completely safe.

After being rescued, everyone was brought here by Mu Xixi.

Because after taking Lawrence’s Sangong Pills, all of them lost their internal strength and almost became a useless person. Now a month has passed, everyone has tried many methods, but the results have not diminished at all.

This matter made Raquel and Peter all anxious and angry.

Lawrence, the insidious villain, has done such a terrible harm to people like himself, and it is really hateful. Besides, I don’t know what’s going on outside.


At this moment, footsteps sounded outside the courtyard, and soon, two slender figures were seen entering the small courtyard. It was Mu Xixi and his apprentice Song Qian.

At this moment, Peter and Raquel everyone hurriedly greeted them.

When he got to the front, Raquel said anxiously: “What’s the situation outside?” Recently, Mu Xixi has been taking care of everyone, and at the same time, constantly inquiring about the situation outside.


Mu Xixi’s eyes flickered, and she sighed softly.

Afterwards, Song Qian told her inquiries in detail.

At the end, Song Qian clenched her pink fist and was very angry: “That Lawrence is really sinister and contemptible, slandering her brother, saying that he has blasphemed Chang’e, and then what supreme conference was held…”


Hearing this, everyone in Raquel was taken aback. Unexpectedly, in just one month, so many things happened.


With a hot temper, Peter couldn’t help but patted the table, gritted his teeth and roared: “Lawrence!!!”

Mad, this horn, first harmed everyone, and now it’s harming Darryl.

At this time, Peter’s heart was completely shrouded in anger.

The surrounding Raquel was also very angry, but Raquel was wise and quickly calmed down and said softly: “The most important thing now is that we quickly regain our strength!”

As the voice fell, everyone nodded.

“Not bad!”

“Without strength, no matter how urgent we are, it’s useless!”

“Yes, we have to restore our strength!”

While discussing, everyone looked sad.

Lawrence’s San Gong Pill is very evil. In the past month, people like me don’t know how many methods have been used, but they don’t work. How can it be so easy to restore strength?

Seeing this scene, Mu Xixi and Song Qian looked at each other, and smiles appeared on each other’s faces.

In the next second, Song Qian came over and said with a smile: “Don’t panic, everyone, Master and I will go out this time. In addition to inquiring about the news, we will also deliberately find an antidote for you.”

With that said, Song Qian took out a bottle of pill from her body: “These spirit-returning pills were specially obtained by us from the black market. Maybe they are useful!”


Hearing this, everyone in Raquel looked surprised. You must know that Ling Hui Pill is a rare elixir for restoring internal strength, and it is generally difficult to obtain. Unexpectedly, Mu Xixi had brought so many.

Especially Peter, with joy, took the lead in taking the pill.

“Thank you for the beautiful Qinsheng…”

Peter smiled at Mu Xixi and said: “I thought I was abolished. When I recover my skills, if you have anything to send, just speak up!”

When the voice fell, Peter directly took out a Spirit-Returning Pill and swallowed it openly!

At this moment, everyone around Raquel also walked over and took the spirit pills one after another!


With a slight smile, Mu Xixi looked at everyone quietly, waiting for the effect.

However, ten minutes passed, and no one reacted at all.

How could this be?

Mu Xixi frowned and couldn’t help but ask Raquel: “How do you feel?”

Raquel frowned and shook his head gently: “It seems to have no effect!”

As he said, Raquel’s eyes flashed with resentment: “It seems that we are still too optimistic. Lawrence has been famous for thousands of years, and the San Gong pills he refined are not comparable to ordinary poison.”


When the voice fell, Peter stood up angrily: “It’s been for nothing.”

How could this be?

At this moment, Mu Xixi frowned, very anxious!

In order to restore Raquel’s strength, he tried various methods in the past month, but in the end, all of them didn’t work. Could it be that these people were completely unsaved?

Song Qian next to her was too anxious.


But at this moment, I heard the sound of footsteps in the woods outside, listening to a lot of people.

Everyone hurriedly walked out of the yard, seeing the scene in front of them, they were all taken aback!

I saw thousands of soldiers coming quickly, wearing uniform bright armor, holding long spears, and domineering. It was the elite of the Apocalypse Continent, the Imperial Forest Army!

In front of the Yulin Army, a man riding a white horse and wearing golden armor was handsome and extremely excited.

It is Gary!

Chapter 1433


“Is it the young master?!”

At this moment, everyone reacted, one by one was excited.


At this moment, Raquel could not conceal the joy in her heart, walked over quickly, and said to Gary: “So it was you, I thought it was a person without heaven!”

This month, although hiding in Mu Xixi’s hermitage, Raquel and others were all in fear. After all, Lawrence’s Wutian organization was too powerful.

Gary also smiled: “Auntie, I finally found you!”

While speaking, Gary’s heart was shaken when he noticed Raquel’s state.

I saw that Raquel’s face was weak, not only that, there was no internal strength in the dantian! >Not only that, but also the surrounding Peter and others.

How could this be?

“Auntie, what’s wrong with you?” Gary asked quickly. >

After leading the Imperial Forest Army and fighting the Wutian organization, Gary was very excited to learn that Raquel and the Ouyang family had successfully escaped. In the following month, he was looking for everyone at all times, but it was hard to find him. But found that everyone has no internal strength. >No one can accept this thing.


At this moment, everyone looked sad, and then, Raquel lightly breathed a sigh of relief, and briefly said the situation.

At the end of the talk, Raquel bit her lips tightly and couldn’t help but sadly said: “We lost our internal strength, it’s nothing, but it’s a pity that Brother Wen, he was finally trapped in the General Altar of the Wutian Organization in order to let us go out. Later… .. I heard that he fell into the abyss with no bones left…”

When the voice fell, Peter said in grief: “Ma De, if this revenge is not reported, my Peter swears not to be a man!”

Thinking of Lorenzo’s death, Peter couldn’t calm down. The three brothers agreed to live and die together, but they didn’t expect that Lorenzo died so miserably, and Darryl’s whereabouts are now unknown.

At this moment, everyone around was very angry.

At this time, they didn’t even know that Lorenzo did not really die, but became the messenger of Pluto.


Hearing this, Gary’s eyes were extremely bloody red, and he suddenly raised his hand and snapped a tree next to him abruptly: “Lawrence, I will call you a thousand cuts!”

At this time, Gary’s heart was completely shrouded in anger.

Although he didn’t have much contact with Lorenzo, he was his father’s elder brother and his uncle. Over the years, Lorenzo has made so many contributions to the Jiuzhou Rivers and lakes that Gary has always admired Gary, but now he is so Misery, this made Gary extremely angry.

“Auntie, if that’s the case, you all follow me to the palace.” At this moment, Gary reacted and looked at Raquel and said seriously: “In the palace, there are countless treasures of heaven and material, as long as I ask the emperor, the emperor. I will definitely find a way to restore your internal strength!”

When he said this, Gary looked forward to it.


Raquel did not agree, but bit her lips tightly, and began to ponder.

Speaking of it, Mu Xixi’s reclusive place is not far from the Imperial City of Apocalypse. In the past month or so, Raquel never wanted to go to the Imperial City. In her heart, after the death of Emperor Apocalypse, this Imperial City had nothing to do with her. Up.

And that Guangping King, it was precisely because he took the seat of his father, that he became Emperor of Apocalypse, and Raquel didn’t want to see him at all.


Seeing Raquel not answering, Gary was a little anxious: “Aren’t you in a hurry to recover your skills?”

Hearing this, Raquel looked around subconsciously, and looked at Peter and others.

I don’t want to see King Castro because of my old grudges, but these people, should they follow me and become a useless person? >In this case, are you too selfish?

Thinking about it, Raquel breathed a sigh of relief and nodded: “Okay!”


Seeing her finally agreed, Gary showed a slight smile, and quickly ordered the Yulin Army to escort Raquel and others back to the imperial city.

Mu Xixi and Song Qian did not follow, but left the hermit and continued to inquire about the situation on the rivers and lakes.


the other side.

Ghost Realm, in the Great Hall of the Underworld!

Pluto sat on the throne, with a gloomy face that seemed very relaxed at this time.

On the two sides below, several ambassadors and elite subordinates are neatly arranged, one by one looks calm, the atmosphere of the whole hall seems very relaxed.

Yes, Pluto is waiting for Jade’s good news.

Half an hour ago, Jade ordered someone to send back news that he had successfully seized all the sects of Kyushu, which made Pluto very happy.

As long as the major gates of Kyushu are captured, the entire Kyushu will be in chaos, and once Kyushu is in chaos, Pluto will have a chance to take advantage of it!

Thinking of this, Pluto smiled, very proud.

However, at this time, a ghost pawn walked in quickly outside the hall, with a panic expression, and said to the king of Hades: “Your Majesty, it’s not good!”

When he said this, the ghost was panting and sweating all over.

“Above the hall, what kind of body is panicking?” Pluto’s face sank, coldly scolded!

In the next second, Pluto said impatiently: “What the hell is going on?”

The ghost soldier was almost crying, and he was obviously panicked: “The subordinate is negligent, I beg your majesty to open up the net!”

“What the hell, say!” Pluto said coldly.

The ghost wiped his cold sweat: “Your Majesty, that ugly man, escaped from purgatory! Subordinates are not optimistic!”

what? >!

Pluto’s face changed, and frowned, “Lorenzo ran away?”

This ugly text is in his own hands, and he has the courage to escape from purgatory. >Moreover, I just made him repent in purgatory, and didn’t punish him. Why did he run?

“His Majesty!”

Just as Pluto was thinking secretly, he saw Jed slowly entering the hall with Zang Shuiyue and others.


Seeing the empty space behind them, Pluto’s face became even more ugly: “Jed, didn’t you arrest the major sects? What about people?”

Jed looked confused, stepped forward and saluted, and respectfully said: “Your Majesty, didn’t you let me let people go?”

As soon as the voice fell, Jed suddenly had a bad idea when he saw Pluto’s face.

It’s over… Could it be that the messenger lied to himself?

“When did I let you let go?” Pluto was furious, furious, and shouted: “Say, what’s the matter?”


Feeling the anger of Hades, Jade was in a cold sweat. He knelt down and squatted to tell the situation: “Your Majesty, the subordinates originally caught the person, but on the way back to the way to lead the soul, he encountered I thought the messenger…”


Upon learning of the situation, Pluto’s eyes were extremely bloody red, and his anger rose: “Okay, you are a Lorenzo, dare you to give a false order, come on, immediately issue a soul-chasing order to capture Lorenzo, without error.”

“Yes, Your Majesty.”

Feeling the anger of Pluto, the following envoys quickly responded, and then walked out of the hall quickly.


On the other side, the Apocalypse Continent.

Raquel everyone, under the escort of Gary, finally arrived at the imperial city!

When entering the palace, looking at the majestic and majestic building, Raquel’s heart was unspeakable. She was a noble princess back then, but now she is so down!

Chapter 1434

At the same time, Peter and everyone also looked complicated.

In the same year, Emperor Tianqi held a recruitment meeting for Raquel. At that time, Darryl concealed his identity and won the double first. Later, his identity was leaked and he was arrested by Emperor Tianqi. Upon learning of the situation, the Ouyang family immediately came to support.

Later, Castro suddenly appeared, killed Emperor Tianqi to control the situation, and then captured the Ouyang family and various sects.

It can be said that before the Ouyang family and King Castro, there were some grievances, but at this time, under the leadership of Gary, they came to the palace to seek the treasures of heaven and earth. It really complied with that sentence, things are impermanent.

Soon, under the leadership of Gary, everyone entered the palace and came to Qianyuan Palace.

As soon as I stepped into the Qianyuan Hall, I saw hundreds of civil and military officials standing neatly on both sides of the hall, each with a sacred expression and a solemn atmosphere.

And on the dragon chair in the main hall, sitting a tall figure, a golden dragon robe, a strong aura, and the royal majesty filled his body.

It is the Castro.


At this moment, whether it was the king of Guangping or the civil and military officials, all of a sudden, their eyes focused on Raquel and others.

Why are these people here?

“Father.” At this moment, Gary slowly moved forward and saluted King Castro.

Speaking of, a few years ago, after Gary put down his hatred of Darryl, he originally wanted to stay in the Ouyang family, but his mother, Kendra, had been in the weather palace and had no choice but to stay with her mother.

King Castro nodded, looked at Gary and smiled: “Emperor, what’s going on?”

As he said, Castro’s eyes slowly swept across Raquel’s body.


Gary took a deep breath and slowly said: “Father, Lawrence formed the Wutian organization to bring harm to Jiuzhou and persecute the Ouyang family. They are all poisoned by Lawrence, and their internal strength is lost!”

“The sons and ministers brought them to the palace in order to ask the emperor father to bestow the heavenly materials and earth treasures on the palace to help them regain their strength!”

Upon hearing this, Castro’s eyes flickered and he did not immediately respond.

At the same time, the surrounding civil and military officials were in an uproar from time to time!

This prince is so ridiculous. The treasures in the palace belong to the royal family. How can they be given out casually? >Moreover, these people from the Ouyang family once offended your majesty.

Especially Raquel, the daughter of the previous generation of Emperor Apocalypse, is considered to be a sinner in the previous dynasty.

“That’s it…”

Finally, King Castro reacted and looked at Gary with a smile: “Since these people have come to ask for the treasures of the world, but when these people saw me, they didn’t show me at all, so insincere, why should I give them? ?”

When he said this, Castro had a smile on his face, but his eyes flashed with coldness.

Hearing this, Gary lowered his head, his face was very embarrassed, and then he gave Raquel a wink.


At this moment, whether it was Peter or Raquel and others, they were all a little bit angry.

This king of Castro has been emperor for a few years, and his frame has become bigger and bigger.

However, looking at Gary’s embarrassed look, Raquel and Peter and the others looked at each other and chose to compromise.

“Have seen your Majesty!”

“See Your Majesty!”

The next second, Raquel everyone spoke in unison, and at the same time they bowed deeply to Guangping Wang Shen.

In their hearts, their ability to salute Castro is already the greatest respect.


Seeing this scene, the surrounding civil and military officials suddenly couldn’t help but began to criticize.

“You are so bold, do you just salute when you meet your Majesty?”

“I don’t know how to kneel, I have no sincerity…”

“I don’t think they are here to ask for treasures, but to despise Your Majesty on purpose.”

Everyone’s anger came, Gary was a little anxious, wanted to help Raquel and the others to speak, but couldn’t get in the mouth.

“Ha ha…”

At this time, King Castro stood up slowly and waved his hand: “Just give me some peace!”

When the voice fell, the civil and military officials closed their mouths quickly.

In the next second, Castro slowly walked down the steps and went straight to Raquel.

Raquel didn’t panic at all, but frankly looked at him.

“full moon!”

King Castro slowly said: “I can give you the treasures of heaven, material and earth, but I only have one condition. I kneel down and call me your majesty. You can choose the treasures in the palace treasury.”

Yes, although King Castro became the emperor, he has one regret, that is, he did not get Raquel’s recognition. In his heart, he could not get Raquel’s recognition, and he would not be regarded as the true ruler of the Apocalypse Continent.

After all, even though Raquel was a princess, she also had a lot of influence in the Apocalypse Continent.


Hearing this, Raquel’s body was shocked, and her brows were frowned in an instant.

This Castro King actually used this method to make himself recognize his identity as the emperor! >If he admits it, isn’t his father dead in vain?

“The Castro.”

In the next second, Raquel did not hesitate at all, and said coldly: “Want me to admit that you are the emperor of the Apocalypse Continent, dreaming!” Her tone was cold, without the slightest hesitation!


The huge Qianyuan Palace was suddenly silent! >Everyone’s eyes are on Raquel!

She… what did she say? >!

Your Majesty Nine-Five, she is so rude!

At this moment, Castro’s face changed suddenly. >In front of hundreds of civil and military officials, who was so ignored by this Raquel, where did he put his face?

Suddenly, the atmosphere of Qianyuan Hall was extremely solemn. >The civil and military officials did not even dare to breathe.

“Not bad!”

And at this moment, Peter also walked out and shouted at Castro: “Your throne is originally shameless. You killed her father, but now you let her admit that you are the emperor. It’s ridiculous. pole.”

With that said, Peter looked around and pointed at Raquel: “No matter what kind of treasure, let’s go!”

The other confessions around also nodded one after another.

If Raquel had to let go of his dignity in exchange for everyone to regain their internal strength, then they would rather not have internal strength for the rest of their lives.

That’s it!

Seeing this scene, Gary was very anxious, and whispered at Raquel: “Auntie, don’t be impulsive!”

Raquel smiled lightly at him: “Ya’er, I know you are kind, my aunt, thank you.” With that, she was about to leave with Peter and others.

At this time, Raquel regretted it very much. If she knew this way, she shouldn’t have come to the palace with Gary.


However, before he walked out of the door, he saw an imperial army gushing out of the hall, encircling everyone at once.


At this moment, I only saw King Castro laughed and said: “Raquel, you are a felon from the court. I don’t care about the past and give you a chance, but you are so rude to me. Do you think you can go?

When he said this, King Castro had a smile on his face, but his heart was full of anger.

Since ascending to the throne, whoever sees himself is not respectful, but this Raquel has despised himself so much and can’t easily forgive him.


Gary’s expression changed drastically, and he hurried over to intercede: “Please give your children a face and let them go.”

At this time, Gary was too anxious. He thought that after so many years, the curse between the father and the aunt had faded, but he never expected that it would be like this when they met.

“Retreat!” Guangping Wang coldly scolded, “No one is allowed to intercede in today’s affairs, otherwise, they will be sent to prison together!”

Chapter 1435


Hearing this, Gary trembled, and then silently retreated to the side.

When it was over, the father was really angry.

However, while retreating, Gary couldn’t help but glance at Raquel. Don’t worry, Auntie, I will definitely find a way to let you go.

Gary knew that in this Qianyuan Palace, it was really no good to compare with King Castro, so he didn’t argue with him for the time being. Anyway, he was a prince and wanted to let everyone Raquel go easily.


Soon, at the signal of King Castro, the Imperial Forest Army rushed in, tied Raquel and the others, and sent them to the prison.


Seeing this scene, the hundreds of civil and military officials in the hall were all lingering fears. >The atmosphere in the hall was also extremely depressing.

The king of Castro sat back on his seat with a gloomy expression.

I wanted to let Raquel admit it personally, so that his emperor status would be justified, but he didn’t expect that Raquel’s character was so tough that he had no internal strength at all, and he dared to confront him.

For a time, the entire Qianyuan Palace was silent.


At this moment, an eunuch hurriedly walked in, with a respectful tone and a bit of trepidation: “Your Majesty, from the Beiying mainland, there has just been news that the Raksha tribe has raided the Beiying Palace and will participate in the Supreme All the major sects of the conference have been taken away!”


Suddenly, the whole hall exclaimed.

Castro also changed his complexion, and his heart shook inexplicably.

A few days ago, the royal family of Apocalypse also received an invitation to the Supreme Conference, but the king of Castro thought carefully and thought that this matter was not that simple, so he didn’t send anyone to participate. Now it seems that he guessed right.

What Guangping Wang didn’t expect was that the Raksha tribe would suddenly intervene.

“His Majesty!”

However, at this moment, a person slowly walked outside the hall with a solemn expression. It was Nie Yunxiao, the commander of the Imperial City Guards!

“Your Majesty.” Nie Yunxiao took a deep breath, walked slowly to the front, sweating profusely: “Just got the news that Empress Raksha has entered our Apocalypse Continent, less than ten miles away from the imperial city! “

Having said this, Nie Yunxiao’s eyes flickered: “Your Majesty, your subordinates guess that the Raksha tribe’s invasion must be related to the Supreme Convention. They have arrested the major sects, and now they have sent a large army. It is obvious that they are going to die first. The forces of the arena, and then conquer Kyushu!”


Upon hearing this, the civil and military officials below suddenly exploded!

“This Raksha tribe is really wolfish ambition!”

“I knew this, three years ago, I shouldn’t have a peace talk with them!”

“Yes, they should have been wiped out in one rush at the beginning, but now the tiger is in trouble…”

The comments of the Minister of Civil and Military Affairs kept coming, the eyes of Castro flickered, and his heart was frightened.


In the next second, Castro stood up all of a sudden and shouted, “Quickly, summon the Imperial Forest Army immediately.”

“Yes! Your Majesty!” Nie Yunxiao responded quickly.

A few minutes later, hundreds of thousands of Yulin Army quickly assembled and lined up outside the imperial city under the leadership of King Castro.


In a short while, I heard the sound of horseshoes coming from a distance, and then I saw an army that had been pressing down in darkness, galloping from far and near. This army was wearing a uniform black leather armor and holding a bone knife.

It is the army of Raksha!

The head was a woman with exquisite features and a charming figure. She was wearing blood-red armor. She was unspeakably heroic, and her body was filled with a powerful queen aura.

Exactly… Mona!


When approaching, Mona immediately raised her hand when she saw the Yulin Army, and suddenly, the tens of thousands of Rakshasa army suddenly stopped.

In the next second, Mona’s eyes fell on King Castro, her beautiful face was very calm, and she said softly: “It turns out to be the Emperor of the Apocalypse Continent.”

King Castro said without expression: “You Raksha tribe, suddenly entered my Apocalypse Continent, what is the intention?”

When these words were said, the Imperial Forest Army behind them pulled out their long knives one by one, waiting in full battle.


Seeing this scene, Mona didn’t panic, and smiled slightly: “Don’t be nervous, we are just passing by the noble realm, Beiying Palace, holding the Supreme Convention. It was a prosperous age for thousands of years, but was rebelled by our Rakshas. We are going to clean up the Raksha rebels.”

Mona looked sincere when she said this.

Yes, the residence of the Raksha tribe is on the border of Kyushu. If you want to go to Beiying Continent, you must pass through the Apocalypse Continent.


Upon hearing this, King Castro frowned secretly: “You mean, the people who took away the major sects have betrayed your Raksha tribe?”

“Not bad!” Mona nodded: “The leader of the rebel, called Jed, was originally the city lord of Profound Stone City. He was very respected by me, but I did not expect that this man was ambitious and led his subordinates to betray. Raksha.”

“I heard that your Majesty is also a man of great talent and strategy. Now that we have gathered a large army, it is better to follow us to the Beiying Continent to help me destroy the rebels and rescue the major sects at the same time.”


At this moment, Castro pondered down and hesitated.

“His Majesty!”

At this moment, Nie Yunxiao, who was next to him, couldn’t help but whispered: “These Raksha people are cunning and cunning. Their words are not credible. Beware of fraud!”

Castro did not respond, but his eyes flashed faintly.

At this time, Mona couldn’t wait any longer, and said again: “If your Majesty is unwilling to help, please withdraw the army and let us pass!”

“Let you pass?”

At this moment, King Castro’s face was cold: “When the peace talks were made, it was agreed that without permission, you Rakshas were not allowed to step into Kyushu for half a step, but now, you are leading the army and approaching the foot of my imperial city, and said Why do you want to kill the rebels?”

“Do you really think I’m a fool, so easy to lie?”

The last sentence fell, Castro suddenly drew out his sword, his eyes were fixed on the Raksha army, and he said coldly: “Listen to the order of the whole army, kill these invaders without leaving a piece of armour to strengthen my apocalyptic power. !”

When shouting these, King Castro looked righteous, but his eyes flashed with cunning.

When the Apocalypse Continent was breached by Yang Jian, Castro was forced to become a courtier. This incident was an eternal shame in Castro’s heart, and it also deeply stimulated Castro.

Castro realized that he wanted to become stronger if he didn’t want to be crushed. Therefore, Castro has been looking for opportunities to dominate Kyushu over the years, but unfortunately there has been no suitable opportunity.

At this time, Castro knew that the opportunity was coming. Regardless of whether the Mona in front of him said it was true or false, he took this opportunity to destroy the Rakshas in front of him, and then enter other continents…

Castro knew that the Rakshasa tribe could fight well, but the Rakshasa army in front of him was only tens of thousands, and his imperial forest army was hundreds of thousands, several times more than the opponent, so he didn’t panic at all.


At this moment, upon hearing the command of King Castro, the hundreds of thousands of Imperial Forest Army behind him screamed and rushed towards Mona.


Seeing this scene, Mona’s body was shocked and furious, and then quickly turned back and shouted: “Quick, prepare to meet the enemy!”

At this time, Mona was very angry. She thought that she showed her sincerity and could exchange for the understanding and support of Castro, but she did not expect that the other party was so vicious that she would do it when she said she did it, and she didn’t give a chance to explain at all. .

To be honest, Mona didn’t want to fight against the Apocalypse Continent, but she couldn’t just watch the warriors die tragically.


When the voice fell, the tens of thousands of Rakshas army responded in unison, the momentum was shaking, and it surged up like a tide!

In the blink of an eye, the two armies collided head-on, and a fierce fight broke out!


Suddenly, shouts of killing, roars, constantly sounded, blood kept splashing, and the earth was dyed red.

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