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Chapter 1441

“Close your eyes!”

Feeling Darryl’s squinted gaze, Madeline was so embarrassed and angry that she couldn’t help but yell.

Darryl smiled, turned his head, not to look at her.

To be honest, Darryl still wanted to tease her, but Madeline is a nine-day saint after all. She had already taken advantage of her just now, and asked her to call a good brother. If she stimulated her again, she couldn’t justify it.

“If you don’t see it, don’t watch it!”

In the next second, Darryl turned his back to Madeline, and slowly said: “You don’t need to be so excited, and you don’t have any clothes, how can you look for other saints? Or else, you wear my clothes. .”

With that, Darryl took off his coat.

“Don’t wear it!” Madeline said coldly, without hesitation.

This Darryl just took advantage of himself, how could he wear his clothes? >Moreover, the clothes are dirty.


Darryl sighed lightly, smiled and said: “If you don’t wear it, don’t wear it, but you have to think clearly, if other people see you like this, and know that you are a nine-day saint who does not stain the mortal world, what should you think?

Upon hearing this, Madeline bit her lip lightly, and finally took her clothes and put them on.

From the bottom of her heart, Madeline didn’t want to wear Darryl’s clothes, but she couldn’t help it. She really couldn’t see people like this.


After getting dressed, Madeline couldn’t help but speak: “I warn you, don’t tell anyone what happened just now, let alone think about me, otherwise, I will definitely not forgive you!”

“Look at you. You called me a good brother just now. How could I have thoughts about my sister?”


For two days, while bickering, he walked towards the exit of the canyon.

After what happened just now, Madeline became cautious and no longer proposed to separate from Darryl.

Madeline thought it over, and when she arrived in the town, she quickly changed her clothes. After all, wearing Darryl’s coat was really awkward.

Finally, the two left Death Valley and arrived in Heishui Town.


At the entrance of the street, Darryl was stunned when he saw the scene in front of him. He saw a checkpoint set up at the entrance. A dozen cultivators wearing uniform costumes were standing there, interrogating the passers-by, all with arrogant expressions.

what’s the situation?

Darryl frowned secretly, and then walked over immediately. >Madeline hesitated and followed behind.


Before they got to the front, the two of Darryl were stopped. One of the leaders said coldly: “Where did you come from?”

The leader is Li Chongguang, and his surrounding companions are all members of the Mercenary Alliance. A month ago, in order to combat the deprivation of the black market and the Huangtian transaction, the Mercenary Alliance was established, and then gradually controlled Heishui Town.

When he said this, Li Chongguang couldn’t help but look at Madeline, his eyes straightened suddenly.

Unexpectedly, there are such beautiful women in such remote Heishui Town.

At the same time, the surrounding companions stared at Madeline closely, all staring dumbfounded.

nice! >It’s so beautiful!

Madeline at this time, even though she was wearing Darryl’s coat, could not conceal her beautiful face and graceful curves.


Perceiving Li Chongguang’s eyes, Madeline was very unhappy, but she still held back.

At this time, Darryl responded with a smile: “We just came back from the wild expedition, please let us pass!” Darryl saw that this group of people belonged to the Mercenary Alliance. Although the other party’s words were not good, they were still polite. Response.

After all, Ye Meng, the leader of the Mercenary Alliance, was his apprentice.


Hearing the answer, Li Chongguang looked at Darryl up and down, too lazy to talk nonsense: “If you want to enter Heishui Town, you have to pay!” His tone was arrogant and beyond doubt.

“Why?” Darryl frowned and asked, “Heishui Town, isn’t anyone allowed to come and go freely?”

As soon as the voice fell, Li Chongguang coldly interrupted.

“That was before!” Li Chongguang said irritably, “Heishui Town had no rules before, so there was a mixture of fish and dragons, but now, Heishui Town is under the control of our Mercenary Alliance, understand? You can pay if you pay, this It’s the rules set by our mercenary alliance, where are you so much nonsense?”


Darryl took a deep breath, resisted the anger, and said lightly: “What if I don’t pay?”

“What did you say?” Li Chongguang was stunned, his eyes suddenly darkened.

At the same time, the dozens of companions behind him also locked Darryl tightly with their gazes, each of them looked bad.


Hearing the movement here, many passers-by also watched them one after another, and they talked a lot at the same time.

“Who is this? Dare to challenge the Mercenary Alliance?”

“It’s over if you pay the money, you have to be true, there is a problem in your mind.”

“Yes, life and death…”

There was constant discussion, and no one sympathized with Darryl. In the eyes of everyone, Darryl dressed up, just an ordinary passerby, but dared to challenge the mercenary alliance. Isn’t this looking for death?

“Get out if you don’t pay!” At this moment, Li Zhongguang reacted and shouted at Darryl.

Darryl smiled and said lightly: “Heishui City is to provide convenience for people who travel between Kyushu and the savage and savage territories. It is not for you to seek benefits. Does your leader know about the establishment of checkpoints?”

Since separating from Ye Meng in Qingyunzong, I don’t know what happened to her, whether something happened. >As for those people in the Mercenary Alliance, when their leader is not there, they start chaos, which is really hateful. >Fastest update


Li Chongguang instantly became angry, locked on Darryl tightly, and shouted angrily: “You are looking for death! What are you eligible to mention our leader?”

Immediately afterwards, Li Chongguang did not hesitate, pointing at Darryl and shouting: “Tie this kid to me.”


The voice fell, and the dozens of companions behind him pulled out their weapons one after another to surround Darryl.

Seeing this scene, Darryl didn’t panic at all, because he clearly felt that the strength of these mercenary alliances in front of him was not particularly high, and there was no threat to him at all.

Madeline on the side, her delicate face, is also indifferent.

These people in front of you are too hateful, it is not bad to let Darryl teach them a lesson!

“Stop it!”

However, at this moment, there was a soft drink not far away, a tight-fitting suit, extremely s3xy, beautiful appearance, and a cold and arrogant breath filled the whole body.

It is Ye Meng!


As soon as Ye Meng appeared, his surroundings instantly caused a stir.

Especially feeling the momentum of Ye Meng, many onlookers hurriedly backed away to make a way, and many more men stared at Ye Meng closely, their eyes straightened.

This…is the leader of the Mercenary Alliance? >It’s so charming.


Seeing Ye Meng, Li Chongguang was stunned for a moment, then walked up quickly, accompanied by a smiling face: “Where have you been during this time? Everyone in the alliance is looking for you, but we are worried about us.”

With that said, Li Zhongguang pointed to Darryl: “There is a kid who is making trouble, I will deal with it quickly, and then call someone to pick up the dust for you.”


As soon as the voice fell, Ye Meng slapped Li Chongguang’s face without warning.

This slap slapped Li Chongguang directly.

The people around were even more silent.

“Leader!” Li Chongguang covered his face, very aggrieved: “Why are you hitting me? What did your subordinates do wrong?”

Chapter 1442


Before he could finish his words, Ye Meng slapped him again and shouted at Li Chongguangjiao: “Why hit you? I ask you, who asked you to set up checkpoints in Heishui Town and charge pedestrians to pass by?”

When he said this, Ye Mengqi’s delicate body trembled.


Li Chongguang yelled unwillingly, wishing to cry without tears: “During this period of time, you are not here. The establishment of the checkpoint is the leader of the various mercenary regiments who discussed together. Besides, this kid doesn’t put our mercenary alliance at all. In my eyes, did I teach him wrong?”

Ye Meng trembled all over: “You shut up, do you know that this person is me…”


Before finishing speaking, Darryl quickly coughed and winked at Ye Meng secretly.

Yes, at this time Darryl didn’t want to reveal his identity, Lawrence framed himself to blaspheme Chang’e, and there was a lot of uproar in the rivers and lakes. Before the truth was clear, Darryl didn’t want to be too public.

Ye Meng is a smart woman, and she immediately understood that Master didn’t want to reveal her identity.

In the next second, Ye Meng said coldly at Li Chongguang: “I tell you, this person is my distinguished guest. If you dare to be rude to him, you are disrespectful to me!” Remember to read for one second ** .net

“Also, immediately summon the heads of the major mercenary groups to meet me together.”

What? >!

When the voice fell, both Li Chongguang and everyone around were dumbfounded.

This…this kid is the guest of honour of the lord? >Seeing his ordinary dress, he still has this kind of identity! >!

Li Chongguang is also completely stupid! >Looking at Darryl blankly, he was speechless. >He could see that the leader he was in awe of, stood in front of Darryl at this time with a respectful face!

how can that be? >This kid has no background at first glance. How could he be a blind guest?

Obviously just a door-to-door son-in-law!

“Right… I’m sorry…” Li Chongguang almost cried, and kept bowing to Darryl and apologizing.

Darryl’s expression was indifferent, his face didn’t matter.

To be honest, if it had been three years ago, Darryl might have taught Li Chongguang a few words, but now, in the face of such a snob, Darryl doesn’t bother to talk nonsense.

“Hurry up and get things done.” Ye Mengxiu frowned and scolded coldly.

Li Chongguang hurriedly nodded, let people remove the checkpoint, and then went to notify the major mercenary groups.

At this moment, Ye Meng showed a slight smile and led Darryl to the most luxurious hotel in town.


As soon as he entered the hotel room, Ye Meng changed his previous high coldness, and ran over and hugged Darryl’s arm: “It’s great to see you all right!”

As he said, there was a trace of embarrassment on Ye Meng’s Jiaomei face: “I’m really sorry for what happened just now. Don’t worry, I will take care of them in the future.”

Hearing this, Darryl showed a slight smile and couldn’t help but reached out and touched Ye Meng’s head.


Seeing this scene, Madeline, who was standing on the side, was stunned.

This… the leader of this mercenary alliance turned out to be Darryl’s apprentice? >I can’t tell, he still has this kind of ability.

Perceiving Madeline’s gaze, Ye Meng let go, her delicate face showing a trace of embarrassment.


In the next second, Ye Meng walked over and smiled generously at Madeline Luoluo: “This is the mother, hello, mother, my name is Ye Meng, and I have just been apprentice.”

When the words fell, Ye Meng bowed to Madeline, very respectful.

In Ye Meng’s heart, Master Darryl is a famous hero in Kyushu. There are many confidantes around him, such as Elsa, the lord of Wenzong, and Raquel, the predecessor of the Apocalypse Continent. Each is a peerless Fanghua, and this one, Whether it is temperament or appearance, she is the goddess of the best, and she must be one of Master’s confidantes.

More importantly, this woman is still wearing Master’s coat. How could she be so intimate if it weren’t for his woman?


At this moment, Madeline’s beautiful face turned red all of a sudden, and quickly defended: “You…Don’t talk nonsense, I’m not your mother!”

Having said that, Madeline couldn’t help but stared at Darryl fiercely.

It’s all him, letting himself wear his coat, which is now misleading.

Isn’t it?

Ye Meng was stunned, and turned his head to look at Darryl suspiciously, a little confused for a while.


Seeing Madeline’s reaction, Darryl was overjoyed.

In the next second, Darryl said at Ye Meng: “How can you scream, you girl? There are so many goddesses in the world, can’t they all be my women.”

With that said, Darryl glanced at Madeline with a smile, and continued: “This is girl Madeline, count as a friend of mine, wait for you to help her get her a set of clothes.”

Hearing this, Ye Meng gave a hum, and hurriedly ordered the people in the hotel.

After a while, the clothes were delivered, and Madeline went to the next room.

“Little Dream!”

At this time, Darryl couldn’t help asking: “At that time, the Qingyun Sect was in chaos. I thought you had an accident. During this time, where have you been?”

Seeing Darryl mentioning this, Ye Meng’s eyes flashed with resentment: “At that time, I escaped from the Azure Cloud Sect and had been chased by people without heaven. It was only two days ago that I completely threw them away, and then came black. Water Town, ready to summon the people of the Mercenary Alliance to deal with the Wutian organization.”

As he said, Ye Meng clenched his powder fist and said fiercely: “Lawrence ruined the Azure Cloud Sect and killed my adoptive father. If this revenge is not reported, Ye Meng swears not to be a man.”


Hearing this, Darryl took a deep breath and felt very heavy.

Lawrence is ambitious and has killed so many people, so he must be eliminated as soon as possible. >It’s just that Jed led someone to disrupt the Supreme Convention, Lawrence was injured and escaped, and now he doesn’t know where.


At this moment, Ye Meng stared at Darryl closely, and said sincerely: “Two Heavenly Artifacts, I heard rumors from Jianghu that you blasphemed Chang’e Empress and made a riot in Beiying Palace. I knew it was Zhang. Horn is deliberately slandering you.”

“Master, I have the entire mercenary alliance under my hand. As long as you say a word, I will lead people to the general altar of the Wutian organization, how about it?”

When saying this, Ye Meng’s delicate face was full of urgency.

Yes, she wanted to take revenge too much. Although Qingyunzong’s suzerain was not her biological father, she cared for her since she was a child and had a deep affection. Now she was killed by Lawrence and couldn’t bear it.

Darryl pondered, and slowly said, “It’s useless for you to go to the general altar of the Wutian organization now, because Lawrence has disappeared.”

Having said that, Darryl told Ye Meng about the situation at the Supreme Conference in detail.


Knowing this, Ye Meng’s body trembled, and she was stunned.

Some people from the Raksha tribe have taken refuge in Pluto? >Later, he destroyed the Supreme Conference, not only arrested the people of the Wutian organization, but also the major sects of Kyushu?


After a few seconds, Ye Meng reacted and couldn’t help asking: “Then what shall we do now?”

“Let’s watch the changes.” Darryl breathed a sigh of relief and slowly said: “Now the situation in Kyushu is getting more and more chaotic. Pluto is stronger than Lawrence, so you must not act rashly.”

As he said, what Darryl thought of: “You now quickly send someone to inquire about the news, and at the same time, help me find the Ouyang family and Lawrence’s whereabouts. Remember, don’t be surprised.”

“Okay!” Ye Meng nodded.

To be honest, Ye Meng has a strong personality and doesn’t want to be so passive, but there is no way, Master’s words can not be ignored.

Soon, Ye Meng sent his men to the rivers and lakes to inquire about the news.


At this moment, the other side!

Mona led an army of tens of thousands of Rakshasa and finally arrived at the border of the Beiying mainland.


At this moment, Mona was looking at the direction of the imperial city, her delicate face was very calm, but there was a touch of complexity in her eyes.

Just now, the spies who marched first sent back news that the Supreme Convention had been destroyed by Jed, and Darryl was also missing, and Mona was even more worried about the situation.

Chapter 1443

“His Majesty!”

At this moment, Cang Yunyue walked over and said softly: “It seems that we are a step late. The Supreme Conference is over. Jed’s group is also uncertain. It is difficult to find them. It is better to find them first. Set up a camp in this place, let’s find out what’s going on.”


Mona nodded: “For the time being, this can only be done.”

While speaking, Mona’s heart was shocked when she saw the wilderness ahead, and her expression suddenly became solemn.


At the same time, the Rakshasa warriors who were resting around all stood up one after another, looking at them one after another, shocked one by one.

I saw that in the wilderness a few miles away, there was a dusty area with hundreds of thousands of troops. They moved quickly to this side. You could see that the man on the right was wearing dark red armor with silver armor in the middle. , And the one on the right is pure black armor.

Obviously, these were soldiers from the Xicang Continent, Beiying Continent, and Zhongyuan Continent.

I have to say that the army of the three continents is formed together, and the formation is really shocking.

what’s the situation?

Why did the troops of the three continents suddenly appear here?

At this moment, Zang Yunyue next to her was also faintly trembling.

Worse, the army in front of me must be directed at people like myself.


Mengna reacted, raising her hand and yelling softly.

In an instant, tens of thousands of Rakshasa warriors lined up and waited.


At this time, hundreds of thousands of coalition forces on the three continents had already arrived.

The head was a burly man wearing white armor and riding a blood-red war horse. He was majestic and majestic. It was Tu Shengjie, a fierce general in the Northern Ying Continent.

Tu Shengjie, who was once a general under Yang Jian, made great contributions with Yang Jian’s conquests.

“Enclose it!”

At this moment, Tu Shengjie did not hesitate, waved the long knife in his hand and roared.

In an instant, hundreds of thousands of coalition forces surrounded the men of Mengna.

Half a day ago, the mainland of Kyushu received a message from King Castro that the Raksha tribe had invaded Kyushu and the goal was to occupy Beiying Imperial City. The news spread, and the various royal families of Kyushu were greatly shaken.

Soon, the Beiying Continent, the Xicang Continent, and the Zhongyuan Continent were the first to act, forming a coalition force to stop Menna.

“you guys…”

Seeing this scene, Mengna was furious, but still politely said: “My Raksha clan has no intention of offending. I just learned that Lawrence threatened Chang’e Empress to host the Supreme Conference and slandered Darryl…”

Before he finished speaking, he was interrupted by Tu Shengjie.

“Shut up!”

Tu Shengjie looked at Mengna coldly, and shouted: “You led the Raksha army into the territory of Kyushu. If you violated the original agreement, don’t try to quibble!”

“We all know about the Supreme Conference. It was Jade of your Raksha tribe who led people to sabotage, and finally took away the major sects, but you pushed everything to Lawrence. These are Darryl. Teach you?”

When he said these, Tu Shengjie said righteously on his face.

Speaking of it, Tu Shengjie didn’t know the situation of the Supreme Assembly at that time, because he was a general guarding the border. He was at the border at the time. This time he came to block Mona and he also heard the news from King Castro.

In Tu Shengjie’s heart, King Castro was the Emperor of Heaven and would not lie.

When the voice fell, the other generals around also all spoke up.

“Yes, Darryl blasphemed Chang’e Empress, wanted to be the emperor of Beiying, and also colluded with the Jade of your Raksha tribe to destroy the Supreme Convention. And your Raksha tribe and Darryl have a very close relationship. At this time, you led the army and invaded Kyushu. It is conceivable.”

“Did Darryl and your Raksha tribe make an agreement to carve up Kyushu together?”

“Don’t talk nonsense with these alien races, kill them all.”

Everyone’s questions kept coming, Menna bit her lip tightly, her heart was anxious, but she didn’t know how to answer.

“His Majesty!”

At this time, Cang Yunyue also realized something, and said: “It seems that this is the trick of the Castro. After losing the battle in our hands, he deliberately reversed right and wrong and sent a message to let other continents deal with us.”

Hearing this, Mengna’s eyes flashed and she was furious.

Yes, it must be the ghost of Castro.

Thinking about it, Mona’s mind turned quickly, wondering how to avoid war.


However, at this time, Tu Shengjie screamed and rushed forward first, holding a long knife, and swiping it hard!


With a scream, several Raksha tribe warriors suddenly fell in a pool of blood. >Fastest update

At this time, Tu Shengjie, expressionless, yelled at Mona: “Darryl Langzi’s ambition, colluding with your Rakshas, ​​trying to control the entire Kyushu, is completely wishful thinking. Today, you Rakshas, ​​don’t even think about any of them. go away!”


Mona was so angry that she retorted loudly: “You have been blinded to the truth. Darryl can’t blaspheme the Chang’e empress, let alone control Kyushu. It is you people who treat the gentleman’s belly with a villain…”

Tu Shengjie sneered without responding.

Now the whole of Kyushu is preaching that Darryl blasphemed the Chang’e Empress. Could it be that all people in the world are stupid, and they all blame Darryl?

“Kill, kill them all!”

At this moment, hundreds of thousands of coalition forces surged like a tide.

Seeing this scene, Mona knew that it was useless to explain it herself, and shouted softly: “Warriors, fight!”


The words fell, tens of thousands of Raksha warriors, howled and greeted them!

Although the Rakshas are brave and good at fighting, the number of people is only tens of thousands, but the opponent is hundreds of thousands, which is ten times the number of people. Soon, after a tragic fight, many Rakshas warriors are almost unable to stop. Up.

However, none of them flinched, gritted their teeth and resisted desperately! >Because they knew in their hearts that if this battle failed, the Raksha tribe would be completely over.

“Clang clang!”

For a time, soldiers from both sides were in this wilderness, constantly clashing, and the sound of weapon collisions and roars echoed in the whole world!


the other side!

Heishui Town, in the hotel room.

Darryl rested for several hours and was meditating on the bed at this time.


At this moment, the door of the room was pushed open, Ye Meng walked in quickly, with solemn expression on his delicate face: “It’s not good!”

“what’s happenin?”

Darryl quickly sat up and asked: “What did you find out?”

“The Ouyang family is locked in the great prison of the Apocalypse Imperial City.” Ye Meng bit his lip, and said the news he inquired one by one: “Also, the queen of the Raksha tribe led the Raksha army to the north. Yinghuangcheng, I said I would help you while eradicating the traitors, but when passing through the Apocalypse Continent, I fought a battle with the Apocalypse Imperial Forest Army.

“and also….”

After talking for two minutes, Ye Meng finished the news, and finally couldn’t help but said: “Master, what should we do?”


At this moment, Darryl’s heart trembled, and only felt his brain humming.

Raquel and the others were caught by the Castro?

Also, Mona actually led a large army to go to the Beiying Palace to help herself.

Chapter 1444

Under the shock, Darryl was also touched in his heart. In his heart, Mona had a straightforward character, and he and he were friends, but he was not close to life and death, but he did not think about it. Knowing that he is in trouble, unexpectedly Violated the agreement three years ago, led to enter Kyushu.

It’s just… what Mona does will cause public outrage in the Kyushu mainland.


Seeing Darryl’s face gloomy and uncertain, Ye Meng became a little anxious and couldn’t help but shout.


Darryl took a deep breath, slowed down, and said seriously: “In this way, you immediately take someone you can trust to the Apocalypse Continent and find my son Gary. How will he help you rescue the Ouyang family.”

“Raksha tribe, I’ll go!”

Hearing this, Ye Meng nodded and quickly organized people to set off.

After Ye Meng left, Darryl quickly left the room, and Madeline left Heishui Town.

“Saint Ziyan!”

On the road outside Heishui Town, Darryl smiled and said: “I wanted to help you find other saints, but I have more important things, so I’m sorry!”

“Who wants you to help!”

Madeline said angrily: “When we reach the fork in the road ahead, let’s go separately!”

As a nine-day saint, but she has suffered from Darryl repeatedly, how can she continue to be with him?


Hearing this, Darryl showed a smile, this Madeline is really interesting, didn’t it just make you shout good brother? >Even now, even holding grudges.

Thinking about it, Darryl was about to speak.


However, at this moment, Darryl frowned, and he clearly felt that there was a dangerous aura not far in front of him.

At the same time, Madeline also frowned, her face solemnly said: “What a strong Yin and evil spirit, is it Pluto’s subordinate?”

With that, Madeline walked over quickly with a graceful figure.

Darryl did not hesitate and followed closely!


When he arrived in a forest, Darryl was stunned when he saw the scene in front of him.

I saw that more than a dozen guys in black robes were surrounded by a person. This person was also in black robes, but there were some special marks on the clothes.

Because of the dim light, Darryl couldn’t see the person’s face for the time being, but he didn’t know why, but he had a very familiar feeling.

Not bad! >These are the Ming soldiers under the Pluto, and Lorenzo.

After Lorenzo faked the order, Pluto was furious and immediately sent Ming soldiers to arrest him, and finally found Lorenzo’s whereabouts in Heishui Town.

“Heaven Soldier?”

At this moment, Madeline’s eyes flickered, and she couldn’t help but speak: “Strange, the one who is surrounded, looks like the messenger of Hades, how could he be hunted down by Hades?”

Madeline is a nine-day saint who knows the situation of the ghost world very well, and she can tell at a glance that the clothes that Lorenzo wears are the messengers of the Pluto.

The messenger of Hades?

Hearing this, Darryl was stunned, and then smiled: “Since they are fighting on their own, let’s not act rashly and sit on the mountain and watch the tiger fight.”

At this time, Darryl hadn’t realized that the besieged person was his eldest brother.

Seeing his frivolous face, Madeline snorted softly, ignoring, but also tacitly acquiescing to Darryl’s suggestion, standing there quietly and watching.

At this time, Lorenzo is here.


After a dozen soldiers surrounded him, the leader shouted: “Lorenzo, Your Majesty Pluto is not bad to you, you betrayed him, let go of the major sects by false orders, and now you still want to fear sin. abscond.”

“Your life belongs to Your Majesty Pluto. Do you think you can escape? Those who know you will be caught, and your Majesty Pluto will send you off in front of us.”

Ha ha…

Hearing this, Lorenzo sneered, and said fearlessly: “Treat me not badly? Pluto is just using me and wants me to go back with you and dream!”

“court death!”

More than a dozen Ming soldiers were furious and rushed towards Lorenzo one after another.


The power of the evil spirits erupted by a dozen underworld soldiers caused gusts of yin wind around them, and the air seemed to be frozen.

Brother Wen?

Seeing this scene, Darryl, who wanted to stay away, was shocked at this moment, and his body trembled faintly.

This… this besieged person is Lorenzo?

Excited, Darryl thought he was wrong, and quickly rubbed his eyes.

That’s right, it’s really Brother Wen. >Haha… Brother Wen is not dead…

For a while, Darryl was excited, but also secretly shocked.

Darryl clearly perceives that the Lorenzo in front of him is not only pale, but also an evil yin is permeated all over his body, just like the mutated black sand python before.

what’s the situation? >Why did Brother Wen become like this?

Also, Madeline said that he is the messenger of Pluto. Could it be that he works for Pluto now?

“Brother Wen, let me help you!”

Soon, Darryl reacted, yelled, and rushed directly. >No matter what, Brother Wen is in danger now, and he can’t just sit idly by.


Seeing this scene, Madeline wanted to stop, but seeing that Darryl had already rushed over, she immediately stomped her feet in a hurry.

Although Darryl’s strength is very strong, but in front of these, but Pluto’s subordinates, in other words, are not human at all, how does he fight?


In the blink of an eye, Darryl rushed into the battlefield, and the surrounding air was distorted under the urging of internal force.

However, what shocked Darryl was that these Ming Soldiers in front of him were too weird, and he had clearly hit him, but the other party had nothing to do.

Soon, Darryl realized that these Underworld Soldiers in front of him did not belong to the Jiuzhou Continent. Using the exercises of the Jiuzhou Continent by himself would naturally be useless for them.


At this moment, I saw that the person who suddenly rushed in was Darryl, and Lorenzo was also pleasantly surprised: “Haha… Brother, I thought you had something wrong.”

Hearing Lorenzo’s voice, Darryl couldn’t help it all at once, and smiled: “Brother Wen, I thought you were dead too!” There was a smile on his face, but tears flashed in his eyes.

Although he and Lorenzo are worshipping, they are better than his own brother. Now that he is still alive, Darryl is almost crying with joy.

At this moment Darryl didn’t know, Lorenzo looked okay, but he was no longer a living person.

Lorenzo smiled bitterly, and then shouted: “Darryl! Although you are strong, but you can’t hurt them, get back quickly.”

Darryl looked resolute and shook his head: “No!”

No matter what the identity of the other party is, we must save Brother Wen.


At this moment, more than a dozen Ming Soldiers were upset by Darryl.

“Where’s the kid?”

“act recklessly!”

Under the anger one after another, a dozen underworld soldiers joined forces to burst out a yin wind, directly toward Darryl.


Darryl didn’t have time to dodge, he only felt a force that was cold into his bones, covering himself, and immediately afterwards, his body was shocked and flew out and fell to the ground fiercely.


At this moment, Darryl struggled to get up, shocked.

D*mn, how do you deal with these underworld soldiers?

Anxiously, seeing Madeline, Darryl hurriedly said: “Saint Madeline, please help me! Help my eldest brother?”

When he said this, Darryl’s eyes were full of expectation.

Madeline is a nine-day saint from God’s Domain, and she definitely has a way to deal with these underworld soldiers. After all, she had rescued herself from Jade before.

However, Madeline was indifferent: “Why should I help you? Also, your eldest brother is the messenger of Pluto, so I can’t help anymore.”

Chapter 1445

When she said this, Madeline was full of smiles.

This abominable Darryl took advantage of me before and caused himself to be misunderstood by his apprentice. The most annoying, he kept teasing me, now let me help? >That’s so easy.

D*mn it!

Perceiving the sneer at the corner of Madeline’s mouth, Darryl was very depressed.

Seeing this scene, Lorenzo couldn’t help it, and while struggling to resist the siege of the Ming soldiers, he shouted at Darryl: “Darryl, what do you want a woman to do? These are the ghost soldiers of the ghost world. , You can’t handle it.”

“Hurry up and leave me alone.”

When he said this, Lorenzo looked anxious. >When he was in such a situation, he couldn’t help himself, and couldn’t drag Darryl into the water anymore.

At this time, Lorenzo didn’t know that the woman in front of him had an extraordinary identity.

Darryl shook his head, his face resolute.

With a playful look on her face, Madeline smiled lightly at Darryl: “Have you heard, your elder brother doesn’t need my help.”

“Life is a matter of life, I beg you!” Darryl was anxious.

Seeing Darryl’s sincere face, Madeline couldn’t bear to refuse, and her tone was a little calm: “I can promise to save him, but…you have to promise me three things.”

Although Darryl is a bit frivolous, he has some reputation in Kyushu. If he wants to find other saints, he will definitely need his help.

“Good!” Darryl nodded without even thinking about it.

As long as he can save Brother Wen, let alone three conditions, three hundred Darryl will not frown. Moreover, although Darryl doesn’t have much contact with Madeline, he also knows that Madeline is a nine-day saint. Will let myself do things that hurt the world.

Seeing that he had promised very simply, Madeline nodded in satisfaction: “Seeing you are so sincere, then I will tell you how to deal with these underworld soldiers!”


Hearing this, Darryl was stunned, feeling like being fooled.

Tell yourself the way, that is, Madeline doesn’t need to make a move?

“If I didn’t guess wrong!” Madeline didn’t care about Darryl’s expression, and slowly said: “In addition to having a dragon spirit beast, you also have a lot of inner alchemy on your body.”

“Dragons are the strongest spirit beasts, possessing heaven and earth fortune, possessing supreme heavenly celestial auras, and combining with inner alchemy to form a universe-breaking demon array, they can suppress the evil spirits of these underworld soldiers.”


Upon hearing this, Darryl suddenly became clear.

However, in the next second, Darryl was a little embarrassed and couldn’t help but said: “I can understand what you said, but I have never heard of this universe-breaking magic formation.” There are many high-level records in the Bai Qi Shen formation. The formation method, only this Universe Demon Breaking Formation, has never been recorded, and even Darryl has never heard of it.

In fact, the Universe Demon Breaking Array that Madeline said was the formation of God’s Domain, which did not belong to the Jiuzhou Continent, and it was normal for Darryl to not know.

“It’s okay!” Madeline showed a slight smile, very confident: “Just wait until you listen to my instructions. First take out the inner alchemy on your body and place it around according to the five elements and gossip.”

Hearing this, Darryl did not hesitate at all, took out a dozen inner alchemy from his body and placed them around the woods.

Having spent three years in Death Valley of the Wild and Unreliable Territory before, Darryl killed many spirit beasts, and there were countless inner alchemy. Even if he bought some before, he still had a lot left on him.

Putting down the inner alchemy, Darryl released the young dragon under Madeline’s sign.

“Little dragon.”

At this moment, Darryl couldn’t help muttering to himself: “It’s up to you to save Brother Wen this time.”


When the last sentence fell, I heard a roar that stunned the soul, and then the young dragon broke through the air. >Although he has not grown up yet, the powerful breath of the beast envelops the entire forest. >Starting


At this moment, the soldiers who were still focused on dealing with Lorenzo were all inexplicable heart palpitations. They were all dumbfounded when they saw the dragons suddenly appearing.

Lorenzo was also shocked, looking at the young dragon floating in the air, suddenly stupid.

what’s the situation?

When did Darryl have a dragon?


At this moment, the young dragon was instructed by Darryl, his eyes locked tightly on the Ming Soldiers, and after that, a roar broke out again, and suddenly, the expressions of the Ming Soldiers changed drastically.

But soon, it was discovered that this was just a young dragon, and many underworld soldiers regained their confidence.

“Ma De, a juvenile dragon!”

“Yes, don’t panic, a young dragon can’t hurt us at all.”

Under the howl, these Ming soldiers divided into two teams, one team continued to besie Lorenzo, the other team rushed towards the young dragon.


However, halfway through the rush, these underworld soldiers realized that something was wrong, and saw that around the woods, some inner alchemy had been placed, which seemed chaotic, but contained mystery.

Not only that, the location of the young dragon in front of him is in the center of these inner alchemy.

At this time, these underworld soldiers didn’t know yet, the formation in front of them was called the Qiankun Demon Breaking Formation, which just restrained the evil spirits on their bodies.


At this moment, when the formation was completely formed, with the eruption of the sacred beast aura, the evil spirits that had originally shrouded in the woods suddenly dissipated a lot.

Not only that, Lorenzo was also relieved of pressure instantly.

“Go together, kill this young dragon!”

At this time, the many underworld soldiers reacted one by one, and they were suddenly aroused by their ferocity.


Numerous underworld soldiers exploded together, and the evil atmosphere formed, like a dark cloud, shrouded toward the young dragon.

Seeing this scene, Darryl lifted it up suddenly, and couldn’t help squeezing sweat for the young dragon.

Madeline next to her was extremely calm.

Although there are a lot of these underworld soldiers, they are after all under the underworld, it is difficult to hurt the dragon, after all, the dragon is the strongest beast.


Seeing the numerous soldiers rushing up, the young dragon didn’t panic. After a roar, he immediately opened his mouth in the blood basin.

In the next second, I saw the two underworld soldiers rushing to the front, locked in by a powerful breath, and then directly swallowed by the young dragon.

D*mn it!

Seeing this scene, Darryl was shocked and excited.

Unexpectedly, the dragon can swallow the underworld soldiers?

Darryl clearly noticed that the power of the evil spirit contained in the two underworld soldiers swallowed by the young dragon was slowly fused by the young dragon and turned into his own power.


Not only that, but Madeline also trembled, her face full of consternation.

“What’s the matter?” Darryl asked subconsciously.

Madeline stared at the young dragon closely, unable to conceal the inner shock, her tone trembled: “Dragons are the strongest beasts, but their blood-borne skills are nothing more than water, fire, thunder and lightning, but there are also dragons. Some special abilities, only in this case, only appear once every tens of thousands of years.”

With that said, Madeline couldn’t help taking a deep breath, and continued: “Unexpectedly, your dragon will have the power to swallow it before it reaches adulthood. It’s incredible.”

After saying the last sentence, Madeline was very excited.

Yes, there are three powers of inheritance of the dragon family, namely, water, fire and thunder, and lightning. Therefore, in Kyushu legends, there are fire dragons, water dragons, and thunder dragons in the legends of dragons. However, there are also individual dragons who have other abilities because of their different talents. . >But as Madeline said, this situation is too rare.

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