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Chapter 1456

“Tsk tut!”

The moment he entered the hall, Lawrence looked at the magnificent surroundings, chuckled lightly, and said to the white horse: “I really missed you before. I didn’t expect the White Horse King to be very ambitious, and he became the lord of the Longshen Hall in a blink of an eye. .”

“Mr. Zhang is serious.” Bai Ma squeezed out a smile and cautiously said: “I don’t know if Mr. Zhang came suddenly, what do I have to order?”

White Horse didn’t want to be so polite to Lawrence, but there was no way, the opponent was too strong.


Seeing Baima’s attitude, Lawrence nodded with satisfaction: “Well, let’s not talk too much nonsense, your place is very good, find me a secret room, I want to retreat and practice!”

“By the way, this is the main altar of the Palace of Longevity. There must be many treasures of heaven and earth, and they will all be sent to me.”

The tone was full of commands, beyond doubt.

In Lawrence’s heart, the white horse was just a beaming clown, and it was a coincidence that he could sit on the head of the Palace of Longevity, and he didn’t take it seriously.

More importantly, Bai Ma was hit by his own’heart-destructive palm’, and he didn’t dare to disobey his request.

At this time Lawrence didn’t know that the white horse had already solved the crisis of destroying the heart and bones.


Hearing this, the white horse was very angry. Does this horn regard himself as a dog under his? >Not only do you want to close the secret room for cultivation, but you also want the treasures of heaven and earth in the main altar?

Thinking about it, Bai Ma wanted to refuse, but because of fear, he held back.

“I will prepare for the treasures of heaven, material and earth, and my husband will go to the practice secret room with me first.”

In the next second, Bai Ma held back his anger and said with a smile. >Then, with Lawrence, walked out of the main hall and walked towards the forbidden area behind.

A few minutes later, Bai Ma brought Lawrence to a secret room in the forbidden area.

This secret room, located on the cliff behind the main altar, is very secret. It is the place where the masters of the Palace of Longevity retreat and practice. It is difficult for ordinary disciples to get here.


At this moment, Lawrence looked around the surroundings and nodded approvingly: “This place is great!”

This is the forbidden area of ​​Changsheng Island. It is difficult for those underworld soldiers to find here. With such a secret place, I believe that they will be able to fully restore their internal strength soon.

“Mr. Zhang likes it! Mister can meditate in it first, and soon, I will send the treasures of heaven and earth.” The white horse said respectfully with a smiling face, but his eyes were gloomy and cold.

“good very good!”

Lawrence showed a slight smile, without any doubt, and went straight into the secret room.


At this moment, I saw the white horse sneer, pressed a mechanism at the door of the secret room, and heard a sound. Then, a huge cage landed from the ceiling of the secret room, directly covering the corner.


All this happened so quickly that Lawrence couldn’t react at all, and he was immediately frightened.

Lawrence saw that the giant cage in front of him was made of a black metal and was very tough. It felt cold to the bone, and he didn’t know what material it was made of.

Afterwards, Lawrence quickly took out the Sky Axe and slashed the cage fiercely. However, what he didn’t expect was that the cage remained motionless after a loud noise.

“White Horse…”

Lawrence’s anger rose, and through the cage, his eyes locked on the white horse: “You dare to trick me, have you thought about the consequences?”

Lawrence at this time can be considered to understand that the smile of Bai Ma just now was all pretended. >What he didn’t expect was that this kid was bold enough to tease himself.


Feeling Lawrence’s anger, Bai Ma didn’t panic, sneered and sneered: “I didn’t expect that, I have today? Speaking of which, we didn’t have any grievances, but you used to show me a’heart-destructive palm’ and forced me. I surrender to you, and now I’m looking for a door to show my strength to me. If I can bear it, how can I be the Lord of Longevity?”

When he said this, Bai Ma was full of resentment.

Madder, who was in the general altar of the Wutian Organization before, was inferior to a dog before him, and was humiliated by him in every possible way. Now that he is trapped, he must take a good breath.

“Little man!”

Lawrence laughed back and was too lazy to talk nonsense. He held the Sky Open Axe tightly and hacked towards the cage again, but as before, although the Sky Open Axe was extremely sharp, it could be chopped over, but the cage had no traces at all.


Seeing this scene, the white horse laughed up to the sky and mocked: “Lawrence, you don’t need to waste your efforts. This cage is made of our ancestors of the Longevity Palace, made of meteorites from the outer world. It is extremely tough. If you are the peak of strength, you may be able to Push the Open Sky Axe to break it, but now, don’t think about it.”

When he said this, Bai Ma was a little proud.

It is true that Lawrence has been chased by the Underworld Soldiers for several days, and his internal strength has been so severe that he can’t use the power of the Heavenly Axe at all. >Otherwise, a cage can’t hold him at all.

“you wanna die!”

Lawrence’s eyes were blood-red, and he furiously said: “Wait for me to go out, you will surely be broken into pieces!”

“I’m afraid you don’t have this chance!” Bai Ma Yin smiled coldly, and then took out a few green inner alchemy from his body: “These are the inner alchemy of Bilin centipede, and the energy contained in it is extremely poisonous. “

“Aren’t you poisoning? I don’t know if there is a way to resist Bilin Centipede’s poison.”

“Also, this Hall of Longevity knows that you killed Lorenzo, kill you, I can give an explanation to the Hall of Longevity, haha…”

When the voice fell, the white horse urged the internal force, suddenly squeezed the inner pills and threw them into the cage.


In an instant, there was a thick green fog, which instantly spread and filled every corner of the secret room. >The mist is highly toxic, and corrosive sounds can be heard in the air.

Lawrence was inevitable, and was immediately enveloped by poisonous fog.

“Despicable and insidious kid, wait for me, ah…” Lawrence roared continuously in the poisonous mist, accompanied by screams.

White Horse smiled coldly, turned and left as soon as he didn’t hear it.

White Horse thought about it. After Lawrence died, he opened the secret room and took out the Sky Axe. The Sky Axe was a peerless magic weapon, no matter how poisonous it was, it would not corrode.

When you get the Sky Open Axe, you can lead the Palace of Eternal Life and return to the Nine Provinces to fight for the hegemony of the martial arts.


the other side.

Tianqi Imperial City, Qianyuan Palace.

The weather is bad today, dark clouds are overwhelming, and the civil and military officials in the hall all have complex looks and solemn thoughts.

Yes, today is the day to execute Gary. >Castro summoned a hundred officials early in the morning and went with him to the gate of the palace to supervise the beheading. >To prove his emperor Tianwei,

The street outside the palace gate was surrounded by layers of people. >Your Majesty is going to execute the prince, this matter has spread in the imperial city, and many people want to see the excitement.

At the gate of the palace, Gary was wearing a prison uniform, his hands and feet tied with chains, and he was tightly tied to the execution platform.

At this time, Gary had a calm expression, without the slightest panic, but there was a trace of nostalgia for the world in his eyes. >At this time, but Gary had matured a lot.

If things have been done, the corresponding price must be paid. There is nothing to regret.

Chapter 1457

At this moment, Gary looked at the dim sky above his head, with tears faintly shining in his eyes.

Mother, I can’t do my filial piety to you in the future.

At this moment, inside Qianyuan Palace.

Seeing that it was almost time, Castro raised his hand.

The eunuch next to him hurriedly shouted: “Get up!”

When the voice fell, King Castro would lead a hundred officials to supervise Gary at the gate of the palace.


At this moment, a guard walked in quickly and respectfully said to the Castro: “There is a woman outside begging to see you!”


King Castro frowned and said lightly: “Bring in.” When he said this, King Castro’s face was gloomy.

Asking to see you at this time, could it be sent by the Ouyang family to rescue Gary? >Since it was delivered to the door, he grabbed it and beheaded with Gary to show the public.

The guard nodded, quickly turned and went out, and soon returned with a charming figure.


At this moment, seeing this woman, whether it was the king of Castro or the hundreds of civil and military officials present, could not help taking a deep breath, completely stunned!

I saw this woman in her twenties, with a beautiful face and an even more exquisite figure. She was wearing a light pink dress, she looked immortal and extremely charming!


It’s as beautiful as a god!

Especially that otherworldly temperament, even in the presence of Chang’e, is not inferior.

“I have seen your Majesty!” The woman gave a gentle salute, neither overbearing nor overbearing: “My name is Lan Xin. I was originally a Nine Heavens Saint. I have been in the Spirit Realm. However, ten years ago, the Heaven and Earth Profound Formation collapsed, causing us to The girl has lost contact with God’s Domain…”

Yes, this woman is one of the nine heavenly saints, Lan Xin.

Like Madeline, after the Nine Heavens Saintess was separated half a month ago, Lan Xin was also looking for her companions. However, after searching for half a month, there was no clue. Today, after passing through the Imperial City of Apocalypse, Lan Xin wanted to seek the help of Castro. .

Nine Heavens Saint?

All of the civil and military officials were all stupid, and their brains buzzed.

Castro was also shocked, and at the same time was a little secretively happy, great, the messenger of Hades, who had just confessed to himself, inquired about the whereabouts of the Nine Heavens Saint, took the initiative to send one to the door today.

“It turns out to be a saint!”

At this time, Castro said with a hypocritical smile: “The saint is so honorable. It is my honor to come to me for help. Don’t worry, I will send someone to help you find other saints.”

“However, it’s almost noon. I will execute the felon first and ask the saint to wait for a while!”

King Castro thought about it, and after slaying Gary first, he would find a way to deal with this sage Lanxin.

“Thank you, Your Majesty!” Seeing King Castro simply agreed, Lan Xin was very happy, and smiled lightly: “Since I am a prisoner and a repeat offender, let me take a look.”

“it is good!”

Castro nodded, and then led everyone out of the main hall to the gate of the palace.

“See Your Majesty!”

Seeing the emperor coming out, the people watching the excitement outside the palace stopped talking and knelt down together.

Castro raised his hand to signal the exemption, and then sat on the dragon chair. Lan Xin was a saint with a special status, so she resigned from her seat.

“His Majesty!”

At this time, the commander of the Imperial Forest Army Nie Yunxiao walked over and said cautiously: “The hour is here!”

Yes, Nie Yunxiao is the execution officer who executed Gary today.

Castro did not speak, but just nodded.

Nie Yunxiao immediately turned and walked towards the execution platform. When he reached Gary, he coldly read the crime: “Gary, originally a prince, was loved by his majesty, but he was favored and arrogant. He secretly colluded with his majesty and stabbed his majesty. The crime is not to be blamed , Executed today, to curb your example.”

After the reading, Nie Yunxiao looked at Gary: “What else do you want to say?”


Gary took a deep breath and looked up at King Castro who was sitting on the dragon. >At this time, Gary wanted to say something to the Castro, but what made him disappointed was that the Castro was expressionless and didn’t look at him at all.

And seeing Lan Xin sitting next to King Castro, Gary was completely cold.

Just because I made a big mistake, my father doesn’t even like his mother, so I changed a queen so quickly?

At this time, Gary didn’t know that the one sitting next to King Castro was not the new empress, but the Nine Heavens Saint.

A few seconds later, Gary pointed at Nie Yunxiao, “I have nothing to say.”

“You really have nothing to say!”

Nie Yunxiao sneered, his face was full of mockery: “Although you are not your own person, your Majesty treats you as your own, but you, even if you avenge your grievances, killing you today is already cheaper for you.”

When he said this, Nie Yunxiao’s eyes flashed with abuse.

Nie Yunxiao is very conceited. He thinks that his strength and the ability to lead soldiers are no worse than Gary. However, Gary enjoys the treatment of the prince as the adopted son of his majesty, and he has to obey his orders. Thinking of this, Nie Yunxiao was jealous.

But today, Gary has lost everything, and he is still the execution officer, it’s really good to think about it.

“Prepare to be executed!”

In his pride, Nie Yunxiao yelled, and suddenly several guards came over and pulled Gary down on the execution stage.

Seeing this scene, the people watching around couldn’t help but talk.

“As the prince, to assassinate your majesty is absolutely rebellious.”

“Yes, although he is not his own person, his majesty has not treated him wrongly. Such a person is really worthy of death!”

“Cut him…”

Under the discussion, many people couldn’t control their emotions and yelled at Gary, urging to execute the punishment quickly.

At this time, none of the onlookers present sympathized with Gary. After all, the Apocalypse Continent was a country of etiquette and emphasized morality, while Gary’s behavior was a rebellion.

Everyone’s curses kept coming, Gary didn’t seem to hear him, his face was dumb, as if he had lost his soul.


At this time, Lan Xin, who was sitting there, couldn’t help but sigh slightly, looking at Gary, without the slightest mood swing: “Unexpectedly, it was a prince who was killed today, helping the repeat offender, and assassinating herself. His father, it is indeed not a pity to die.”

Upon hearing this, Castro smiled.

In the next second, Castro said to Nie Yunxiao: “Let’s execute it!” When he said this, the pity of Castro flickered in his eyes.

Ya’er, my father didn’t want to be like this, but what you did before really disappointed me. If I don’t kill you today, how majestic is my father? >How to seize the world in the future?

After receiving instructions from King Castro, Nie Yunxiao yelled, then drew his long sword and slashed directly at Gary’s neck.


Seeing the long knife cleaving, Gary slowly closed his eyes.

Mother, father, see you in the next life!


However, at this moment, only a roar was heard, which came from mid-air!

Immediately afterwards, from the far horizon, a figure flew at extremely fast, his face was full of anxiety, and his eyes were blood red!

It is Darryl!

In the next second, Darryl’s figure flashed, as fast as lightning, and directly blocked in front of Gary, howling: “I am here, who dares to hurt my son’s hair?”


In an instant, everyone present, their eyes converged on Darryl’s body, shocked, and the entire imperial city inside and outside was deadly silent.

Chapter 1458

It took a few minutes before a heated discussion broke out in the crowd!

“Sect Master Tianmen?”

“Is it Darryl?”

At this moment, King Castro was also furious. He stood up and pointed at Darryl and shouted, “Darryl, you are so courageous, you dare to make trouble on the execution ground?”


Darryl roared, and stared at Guangping Wang Yaoyao: “You are full of morals. In fact, you are the most hypocritical person in the world. You say that you love Ya’er. Let Ya’er help you fight. Cross the river and demolish the bridge.”

“I’m telling you, I want to kill my son, I’m afraid you don’t have this skill yet.”

The last few words sounded like thunder, and the audience hummed.


Castro’s face flushed, his anger was not light, but he didn’t know how to refute it for a while.

At this moment, Lan Xin’s eyebrows frowned, and she looked at Darryl curiously: “This person is the Sovereign of Tianmen?” During this time, Lan Xin was looking for other saints and at the same time she heard a lot of rumors. Among them, Darryl’s name is heard the most. >

“Not bad!”

King Castro took a deep breath and said coldly: “This person is Darryl, brave, and doing no evil. He not only desecrated Chang’e before, but also wanted to be the emperor of Beiying.”

Upon hearing this, Lan Xin’s beautiful face suddenly showed a trace of disgust.

As the Nine Heavens Saint, what Lan Xin hates most is this kind of treacherous and evil person, but she doesn’t know that King Castro and Darryl are enemies, so they deliberately vilified them.

At this moment, on the execution ground, Darryl strode like the wind, walked in front of Gary, grabbed the iron chain on his body, and yanked forcefully.


In an instant, the chain cast by cold iron broke!

“Ya’er, I’m sorry!” Darryl’s eyes flashed with tears, and he stroked Gary’s head: “Daddy is late, so you suffer!”

Half an hour ago, Darryl rushed to the imperial city, thinking about how to rescue the Ouyang family, and learned from the people that the Ouyang family had successfully escaped, and today, the emperor will personally supervise Gary.

Upon hearing the news, Darryl didn’t think much about it and rushed over.


At this time, Gary was surprised and happy, because he was too excited, only shouted, and couldn’t say anything.

“Don’t be afraid, Dad is here, no one can hurt you today…” Seeing Gary’s strong appearance, Darryl felt even more heartache.


Seeing this scene, King Castro was angry, and he rushed up, roaring: “Darryl, if you bring it to the door today, don’t want to leave alive.”

Darryl sneered, he didn’t care at all, but helped Gary up.

Feeling Darryl’s contempt, King Castro was almost furious.

At this moment, Nie Yunxiao yelled: “Darryl, you dare to be disrespectful to your majesty and pay your life!”

When the voice fell, Nie Yunxiao clasped the long knife tightly and rose into the air!


A strong aura burst out from Nie Yunxiao’s body, and the long knife drew a burst of shock, piercing the heart of Darryl’s back, wherever he passed, that piece of air was torn apart, and the aura was shocking.

Seeing Nie Yunxiao attacking, Darryl didn’t panic at all, his eyes flashed with coldness.

“court death!”

Hearing a shock, Fang Tian painted a halberd burst out of his mouth, and was firmly held in Darryl’s hand!

Hiss… Fang Tian painted a halberd!

Feeling the power contained in Fang Tian’s halberd, Nie Yunxiao’s face changed and he was flustered.


At this moment, Darryl didn’t talk nonsense and waved hard! >A dazzling light from the sword burst out from Fang Tian’s painted halberd. At that moment, Nie Yunxiao wanted to dodge, but it was too late.


The light directly hit Nie Yunxiao, only to hear his scream, the whole person sprinkled a rain of blood in the air, flew a full 100 meters away, and finally smashed on the palace gate, sliding down like a puddle of mud !

When he landed, Nie Yunxiao sprayed several mouthfuls of blood, his face was extremely pale, and his combat effectiveness was lost.


Seeing this scene, both civil and military officials, or the people around, couldn’t help but breathe in air-conditioning!

This Darryl’s strength was too terrifying. It was just a move that defeated the leader of the Imperial Forest Army…

“Who is not afraid of death, just come up!” Darryl guarded Gary behind his back, clasped Fang Tian’s painted halberd, looked around the audience, and said coldly.

The sound was not loud, but it spread throughout the imperial city.

At this moment, the entire imperial city was silent.


King Castro stared at Darryl closely, his heart was full of anger, and he hadn’t seen him for three years. This Darryl’s strength unexpectedly increased so much.

At this time, King Castro wanted to do it himself, but after taking the Nine Nether Profound Ming Pill, he still hadn’t fully integrated the power of the evil spirit, and he was the emperor, and he was really unable to take action against Darryl himself.

“What a mad tone!”

At this moment, Lan Xin frowned, and then slowly stood up: “Your Majesty, I will help you hold this fanatic.”

Castro promised to help find other saints, who were his friends, and at this time, Darryl made a big disturbance in the execution ground, so naturally he couldn’t ignore it. >After all, in the rumors of the arena, this Darryl is not a good person at all.

Catch him, it can be regarded as a way of doing things for the sky.

At this time, on the execution ground!

Seeing the surrounding Imperial Forest Army, no one dared to come up, Darryl sneered, and he was about to take Gary away. >Fastest update

“If you hurt someone, you want to leave? You are really lawless!”

However, at this moment, a soft drink came, and Darryl stood still, and when he turned around to see Lan Xin, he was stunned.

What a beautiful woman, and her breath is so strong!

Who is this woman? I haven’t seen it before.

“Who are you? Why are you stopping me?” In shock, Darryl took a deep breath and said politely to Lan Xin.

“You don’t deserve to know my name!”

A few cold words came from Lan Xin’s mouth, and the voice fell, her delicate body looked like a shock, and she directly hit Darryl with a palm.


In a moment, the air seemed to be stagnant where Lan Xin’s figure passed.

D*mn it!

Darryl’s expression changed, and before he could think about it, he quickly raised his hands and greeted him with a palm. At the same time, he was also frightened.

Ma De, this woman is too direct, she doesn’t even say hello to her.

Speaking of which, Darryl could have dodged, but he was afraid that Lan Xin would hurt Gary, so he had to bite the bullet and greet him.


The two palms collided fiercely, and everyone present heard a thunderous roar, the clear sky was dimmed, and dust and smoke were everywhere on the execution platform.

In the dust and smoke, he heard Darryl snorting and took a dozen steps back.

At this time, Darryl’s face was pale, and he only felt the blood in his body churning.


Who the hell is this woman? >The strength is simply terrifying.


Seeing this scene, Gary couldn’t help but yelled, very anxious, and at the same time rushed to help, but his internal strength was blocked, and he couldn’t use any strength.

Darryl smiled and signaled that he was okay, and at the same time he was wary of Lan Xin.


Lan Xin was suspended in the air quietly, her beautiful face was a bit proud, but in her heart, she was a little shocked, she was very surprised when she looked at Darryl’s gaze.

“It’s really powerful to block my palm. No wonder there are rumors of you everywhere in the rivers and lakes.” At this time, Lan Xin looked up and down Darryl and spoke coldly, while chills flashed in her eyes.

This fanatic is so powerful, he must not let him run away.

Chapter 1459


Darryl took a deep breath, calming the turbulent aura of his dantian, and felt extremely anxious in his heart.

Mader thought that he could easily take Ya’er away with his own ability. After all, Darryl knew the strength of King Castro very well, and people like Nie Yunxiao were even less concerned.

But I never expected that at a critical moment, a beautiful woman would appear, and her strength was terrifying.

and many more…

In the next second, when he felt the refined aura on Lan Xin’s body, Darryl suddenly thought of something. Such a temperament, he missed the Madeline he had met before. Moreover, when he fought against him just now, the other party’s exercises were not only powerful. , Also very mysterious.

Could it be that she is the companion that Madeline is looking for, one of the Nine Heavens Saints?

Thinking about it, Darryl looked at Lan Xin and couldn’t help but speak: “Dare to ask you, but the Nine Heavens Saint?”

“How do you know?” Lan Xin’s body was shocked, very surprised.


Darryl smiled, and instantly relaxed a lot: “I have met Saint Ziyan before, and I helped her and promised her to find your other saints.”

“Speaking of which, we are our own.”


Hearing him mention Madeline, Lan Xin didn’t have the slightest doubt, and quickly said, “Where is she?”

“Because I have something to do, I separated from her one day ago.” Darryl said without hesitation.

Lan Xin frowned lightly and stood there pondering.

If it’s Madeline’s friend, it would be really bad to make another move.


Seeing this scene, Castro realized that it was not good, how did he become his own in the middle of the fight?

“My Lord Saint!”

At this moment, Nie Yunxiao, who was hiding by the side, couldn’t help shouting: “You don’t want to believe in Darryl’s words. This person is cunning and good at talking. If he is really the friend of the Saint Ziyan, how could he not? Know her whereabouts?”

“Or, he really met Saint Ziyan, but just caught her.”

When shouting these, Nie Yunxiao’s face was cunning.

Seeing that you can catch Darryl and his son, you can’t lose your merits.

Hearing this, Lan Xin’s eyes flickered, and her heart suddenly became confused.

The commander of this imperial forest army is not unreasonable.


Darryl was furious and glanced at Nie Yunxiao coldly.

This person reverses black and white, which is too D*mning.

Thinking about it, Darryl hurriedly said to Lan Xin: “What I said is true…” The mobile phone will remember to provide you with wonderful novel reading for one second.

However, he was interrupted by Lan Xin before he finished speaking.

“You fool me…”

Lan Xin’s red lips lightly opened, and she gave a squeaky chick. Then, her delicate body lifted up, raised her jade hand, and hit Darryl with a palm.

In Lan Xin’s heart, Darryl is a big wicked person, how could he be honest to himself?


Seeing Lan Xin attacking again, Darryl wanted to cry without tears. At the same time, he did not hesitate to urge his internal strength to the extreme, and greeted him again.

However, this time, Darryl found that Lan Xin’s internal force was much stronger than before, especially the speed, which was more than twice as fast.


In the next second, I saw Lan Xin’s palm, hitting Darryl first. Darryl felt a severe tearing pain coming from his whole body, and the whole person also screamed, and the figure flew out backwards. .

Flew a full tens of meters away, and finally fell under the execution stage.

Darryl struggled to stand up, staring at Lan Xin closely, his heart was incomparably shocked.

Worthy of being a saint, too strong.

At this time, Darryl clearly felt that his Dantian was injured and he had to meditate as soon as possible. It was just the situation in front of him. How could there be a chance to meditate?

Lan Xin looked at Darryl quietly: “I came to Kyushu this time. Although I didn’t find Madeline and others, I can catch you, the villainous person, and it would be considered as an eradication for the people!”

When the voice fell, Lan Xin moved Lianbu, slowly walking towards Darryl!


Seeing this scene, King Castro laughed triumphantly: “Thank you for your help!”

Seeing Lan Xin coming, Darryl couldn’t help but smile wryly. >From Darryl’s perspective, I saw her breathtaking s3xy curves at close range, and at the same time, I felt that death was approaching…

Could it be…this is God’s will?

Thinking about it, Darryl looked back at Gary with guilt in his eyes: “Ya’er, it’s useless father…”


Gary yelled, trying to rush over, but was stopped by a few guards, howling desperately in his mouth, tears couldn’t help streaming down.

The fact that I ended up in this way today was entirely caused by my own mistakes. If he hurts his father, he will not be willing to die.

“Darryl! Your life is over!”

At this moment, Lan Xin finally walked in front of Darryl, spoke coldly, without the slightest emotional fluctuation, and at the same time raised her hand and took a picture of Darryl’s head.

Darryl sighed in his heart and closed his eyes.

If this is fate, then admit it.


However, at the very moment of the attack, a powerful internal force wave suddenly spread among the crowd under the execution stage. >Immediately afterwards, he saw a fiery red figure, like a bright meteor, directly blocking Darryl.


At this moment, everyone present was taken aback, and their eyes focused on the incoming person.

D*mn it!

At the same time, looking at the graceful figure in front of him, Darryl was also shocked, stunned!

Lu Lingshan?

At this time, Lu Lingshan, in a fiery red dress with charming curves, looks like a fire from a distance, but her exquisite and beautiful face reveals a chilly arrogance that looks like a fiery heat. The cold temperament instantly became the focus of the audience.

“Master Lu?”

Finally, King Castro took the lead to react, looking at Lu Lingshan in a complicated manner: “I haven’t seen him in a few years, but the leader of Lu is still beautiful. It just so happens that Darryl is your big enemy. Today, I will let you kill him personally?”

When he said this, the face of Castro was full of smiles.

Ten years ago, Darryl and Lu Lingshan’s younger brother Lu Jiechen had an enmity. Darryl killed the Mingjiao and killed them. Later, I heard that Lu Jiechen died at Darryl’s hands. It can be said that, The blood feud between the two sides is different.

At this time, King Castro thought that Lu Lingshan had also come to seek revenge from Darryl.


At this moment, all the eyes of the audience focused on Lu Lingshan, waiting for her answer.


Nie Yunxiao, who was on the side, couldn’t help laughing proudly, and mocked at Darryl: “Darryl, no matter how strong you are? Your majesty not only has the help of the saint, but now your enemies are also here. Yes, today you can’t escape with your wings.”

Stupid one!

Hearing this, Darryl couldn’t help but chuckle, and retorted coldly: “Who told you that Lu Lingshan was here to kill me?”

As he said, Darryl smiled and looked at Lu Lingshan: “My wife, you came really in time, otherwise I’m really fierce!”

When saying this, Darryl looked relaxed.

A month ago, in the Crystal Palace of Empress Nuwa, Darryl and Lu Lingshan took the Chaos Yin-Yang Pearl at the same time, and their fate was tied together. Life and death were the same. How could Lu Lingshan kill him?

Speaking of which, Darryl also knew the situation in front of him, and it was not suitable for joking, but seeing Lu Lingshan’s cold look, he couldn’t help but want to tease her.

Chapter 1460


At this moment, everyone present was taken aback. Looking at Lu Lingshan blankly, they only felt that their brains were not enough.

Darryl called her wife? >Are not the two enemies?

At the same time, Gary was also stunned.

But soon, Gary calmed down. His father became famous all over the world and had a unique charm. The confidantes around him were countless. It was very possible to turn enemies into friends with Lu Lingshan and admire each other.


And Lu Lingshan’s face turned red all of a sudden, her body trembling with anger.

In the next second, Lu Lingshan stared at Darryl fiercely, her beautiful face flushed extremely: “Close your stinky mouth, stop talking nonsense, who…who is your wife?”

This Darryl, taking advantage of the public, is too D*mnable!

Darryl didn’t panic at all, he smiled and looked at Lu Lingshan: “No, why did you make such a big fire? Do you really want to kill me in public? Are you going to give it up!”


Upon hearing this, Lu Lingshan was furious, but she was speechless.

Soon, Lu Lingshan calmed down and faintly said to Guangping Wang: “Your Majesty’s kindness is appreciated, but Darryl can’t die now. Please tell your Majesty to retreat, and I will take him away.

Although Darryl is hateful, his fate is tied to himself, so today he must be guaranteed his safety no matter what.


When she heard Lu Lingshan’s words, Lan Xin, who was standing there, frowned.

At the same time, King Castro also changed his face and became angry: “Lu Lingshan, do you want to take Darryl away? Have you forgotten what this place is!”

“If you want to save Darryl, I’m afraid you don’t have this ability!”

Speaking the last sentence, King Castro’s eyes flashed sullenly, Ma De, originally thought that Lu Lingshan was here to seek revenge from Darryl, but he came to save people.

Speaking of it, Lu Lingshan has a high reputation in the arena of the Apocalypse Continent, but King Castro didn’t pay attention to it.

Seeing Castro’s anger, Lu Lingshan didn’t panic at all.

In the next second, Lu Lingshan glanced at Darryl lightly: “Can you go?”

“Of course!” Darryl responded with a smile, and then said to Gary: “Wait and follow me!”

Gary nodded.

Lu Lingshan stopped talking nonsense, a strong aura filled her body, and she said coldly at Lan Xin who was in front of her, “Get out of the way!”

Lan Xin expressionlessly looked at Lu Lingshan: “You are the gang of this wicked man? How can you be proud of you in the imperial city?”


When the voice fell, Lan Xin’s body flashed, and she came straight to Lu Lingshan.

As a saint, Lan Xin is very arrogant. She originally disdain to start with Lu Lingshan, but since she agreed to Castro, she must help to the end.

So strong!

Seeing Lan Xin coming quickly, Lu Lingshan’s body trembled, and her beautiful face suddenly became serious.

At the same time, Darryl couldn’t help but yelled: “Wife, the other party is a nine-day saint, with strong strength, be careful!” As he said, Darryl took a deep breath and secretly adjusted his internal strength.

“Shut up!” Lu Lingshan’s face was flushed, and she screamed.

When is the time, this Darryl still does not forget to take advantage.

When the words fell, Lu Lingshan tapped her toes on the ground, and flew up and fought fiercely with Lan Xin in mid-air.


Seeing this scene, everyone present was in agitated mood, especially many men, their eyes were straight. Lan Xin and Lu Lingshan, one is the Nine Heavens Saint and the other is the goddess of the rivers and lakes. At this time, they are fighting in mid-air, so charming. The curve is revealed, it is simply a visual feast!

Even Darryl couldn’t help but take a few more glances.

At the same time, taking advantage of the two women fighting in midair, Darryl secretly urged his Dantian internal force to heal his injuries.

In the blink of an eye, Lu Lingshan and Lan Xin fought fiercely for more than a dozen rounds. At the beginning, Lu Lingshan was still confident, but gradually she couldn’t hold it anymore. Although she was not weak, the other party was a nine-day saint. Than.

Lu Lingshan became more and more frightened, her delicate face full of anxiety.

I thought that Darryl could be rescued easily, but I didn’t expect that the woman of the other party was outrageous in strength.


Seeing this scene, King Castro was so excited that he couldn’t help shouting: “The saint woman is invincible and admirable. I will definitely thank Lu Lingshan when I catch Lu Lingshan!”

Lan Xin did not respond, but speeded up.

Lu Lingshan couldn’t stop it at all, too anxious, and shouted at Darryl: “Darryl, come and help!”

The opponent’s strength is too strong and can only join hands with Darryl.

“Good wife!”

Darryl responded, holding Fang Tian’s painting halberd tightly, and flew up. At this moment, Darryl’s internal strength also recovered a little.

In the next second, Darryl and Lu Lingshan erupted together, and in an instant, the sky seemed to be shattered! >The two of them had taken Chaos Yin-Yang Beads, one Yin and Yang, complementing each other, and after joining forces, they are infinitely powerful.


They saw that when the two raised their hands, a terrifying force instantly condensed in mid-air, forming a dazzling ball of light, directly blasting towards Lan Xin.


Seeing this scene, both Castro and the people around were shocked.

What kind of techniques did these two people practice? >It turned out to be so strong.

Lan Xin also trembled in her delicate body, and before she could think about it, she quickly raised her hand and deployed a protective film in front of her. At the same time, she was shocked.

This…this seems to be the power of the Chaos Yin-Yang Pearl, but the Chaos Yin-Yang Pearl hasn’t always been there with Empress Nuwa? >How do they…

As the Nine Heavens Saint, Lan Xin immediately felt that the aura bursting out of the two Darryl was the power contained in the Chaos Yin Yang Pearl.


Before Lan Xin could understand, the ball of light hit the protective film instantly, and she heard Lan Xin’s sore groan, her beautiful face was extremely pale, and her delicate body flew far away.

Although she is the Nine Heavens Saint, she can’t stop this blow!

Taking advantage of Lan Xin’s serious injury, Darryl did not hesitate, grabbed Gary, and flew towards the distance of the imperial city. >Lu Lingshan followed closely behind.

In a blink of an eye, the three of them disappeared from everyone’s sight.


Seeing this, King Castro slapped the dragon’s seat with a palm, and suddenly stood up. Lu Lingshan rescued Darryl and his son in public, which made the Apocalypse imperial family face scandal. How about not being angry?

“Assemble the Imperial Forest Army and pursue it with all your strength!” An icy voice came from the mouth of Castro.

Together, Darryl and Lu Lingshan could burst out such a powerful force and defeated the Nine Heavens Saintess. >However, Darryl was injured before, and he definitely can’t run far!

“Subordinates obey!”

In an instant, hundreds of civil and military officials shouted in unison, shaking the sky, and then, tens of thousands of imperial forest troops quickly assembled, rushed out of the imperial city mightily, and chased in the direction where Darryl fled.

“Your Majesty, the saint seems to be very injured…” At this time, among the hundreds of civil and military officials, I don’t know who shouted.


In an instant, all the eyes of everyone present were focused on Lan Xin, and they saw that at this time, Lan Xin’s beautiful face was very pale and very weak.

Castro’s eyes flickered, and he pretended to say: “Immediately take the saint back to the palace to rest. You must take care of it and don’t neglect.”

When saying this, King Castro looked sincere, but his heart was extremely gloomy.

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