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Chapter 1496

Although Yan Hong has a cruel personality, he is a fairy after all, with a simple thinking.

In her heart, Darryl in front of her was just a mortal, and her own defeated general. At this time, provoking herself was completely seeking death.

Even if there was Miaoying watching, but with her own strength, it was completely easy to kill Darryl.


Seeing Yan Hong rushing in, Darryl smiled, and his heart was very excited.

It’s so easy to be fooled, this Yan Hong is really innocent.

Standing outside, Lu Dongbin was secretly worried. The formations deployed by Darryl were absolutely fine, but it was still unknown whether Yan Hong could be trapped.

“Boy, die!”

At the moment when he rushed into the formation, Yan Hong didn’t hesitate at all, screamed, and slapped directly at Darryl with a palm.

Darryl smiled slightly, and immediately stepped back, avoiding the palm, and at the same time silently muttering the formula, stepping on the direction under his feet, and distanced himself from Yan Hong.

At this time, Darryl seemed calm, and he was too flustered.

D*mn, the strength of this Yanhong is really terrifying, if there is no formation, I am afraid that this palm will seriously hurt himself.


Seeing Darryl avoiding a palm of himself, Yan Hong’s eyebrows frowned, very surprised.

It’s impossible to avoid it. With his strength, how could it be possible to avoid a palm of his own?

Soon, Yan Hong reacted, believing that Darryl was lucky for a while, and attacked again.

However, after a few minutes, Yan Hong realized something was wrong. >Darryl was clearly right in front of him, but he speeded up, but he couldn’t catch up with him. >The mobile terminal will remember to provide you with wonderful novel reading in one second.

Not only that, Yan Hong noticed that the surrounding rocks were very weird, and no matter how they moved, they would stand in front of him.

Could it be the problem with these stones?

As a fairy, Yan Hong didn’t know that there was a formation technique in the world, but he was also aroused in anger.

“You want to block me by getting these stones?” A cold voice came from Yan Hong’s mouth.

The voice fell, a strong breath erupted from Yanhong’s body, and then the jade hand fiercely hit the stone in front of him.

Yan Hong thought it over, no matter how weird the stones in front of them were, they would be destroyed directly, but it would be up to you how to hide.


Seeing this scene, Lu Dongbin and Miaoying, who stood outside watching the game, sweated for Darryl.

You must know that Darryl and Yan Hong’s deal with each other depends entirely on the mystery of the formation. If the formation is forcibly destroyed by Yan Hong, he will have no support, and the result will be a dead end.

D*mn it!

Darryl was also taken aback, but he had already prepared, and the figure flashed to the front of the eyes, activated the power in the eyes, and the power of Miaoying was injected into the eyes. >And this power is the key.


When I slapped my palm on the stone, I saw that the stone did not move at all. Yanhong’s palm and Miaoying’s power contained in the stone directly offset each other.

How could this be?

Yan Hong’s body was shocked, shocked.


Darryl was very excited. He just tried it and injected external force into the formation, but he didn’t expect it to be possible.

At the same time, Lu Dongbin was also extremely excited.

“The kid is looking for death!”

Seeing Darryl’s smug look, Yan Hong turned into anger from annoyance, yelled, and rushed towards Darryl again.

However, ten minutes passed in a blink of an eye, Yan Hong urged his figure, almost as fast as lightning, but could not catch Darryl!


Seeing this scene, Miaoying who was standing outside was very excited, her eyes shone with the same light as she watched Darryl.

He really did it!

You know, both are fairy spirits. For nearly a thousand years, Miaoying and Yan Hong have been a fierce battle when they met, but between each other, no one can help each other. >At this time, Miaoying saw that although Darryl was a mortal, relying on the subtlety of the formation, Yan Hong was tightly trapped inside.

Finally, the branches stuck in the ground burned out.


Darryl took a deep breath, stood still, smiled at Yan Hong and said, “The time is up, you have lost!”

Yan Hong’s beautiful face was full of anger, but he looked at the burning branches, but he was speechless to refute, his eyes stared at Darryl fiercely and speechlessly.

At this time, Yan Hong was unwilling and angry!

The kid in front of him was obviously not his opponent, but it was a shame to tease himself by a pile of rocks.


At this time, Darryl showed a slight smile, and said slowly at Yan Hong: “Since you have made a bet, you have to speak and count, will you deny it?”

With that said, Darryl slowly walked out of the formation and walked in front of Yan Hong: “I wish to accept the bet. From today, you will be my servant!”


Hearing this, Yan Hong’s beautiful face was instantly bloodless!

As a fairy, Yan Hong is not only cruel, but also very arrogant. Being a servant to a mortal is more uncomfortable than killing her.

Seeing Yan Hong’s gloomy and scary face, Miaoying hurriedly walked out and said, “Yan Hong, I would like to surrender, but if you don’t want to, we won’t force it, but you are not allowed to trouble him in the future.”

Seriously, Miaoying didn’t want to interrupt, but she was afraid that she would hurt Darryl.


Darryl was suddenly anxious, and blinked at Miaoying secretly to make her speak less.

You know, in order to trap Yan Hong, I took a big risk. If I didn’t let it go, my previous efforts would be wasted.

Darryl knew that Miaoying did this because she was afraid that Yan Hong would become angry and hurt herself. But then again, she couldn’t leave the illusory realm. It would be meaningless to live well.

Thinking about it, Darryl was always paying attention to the changes in Yan Hong’s expression.


At this moment, Yan Hong took a deep breath, took a cold look at Miaoying, and said coldly, “You think of me as a treacherous villain? You look down on me too much!”

With that said, Yan Hong said to Darryl: “Okay, I will be your servant.”

When he said this, Yan Hong bit her lips tightly, feeling extremely ashamed and angry, and her beautiful face couldn’t conceal her inner arrogance, and she was very dissatisfied.

To be honest, Yan Hong was going to refuse. It was impossible for her to bow her head to a mortal, but Miaoying’s words deeply stimulated her.

For thousands of years, Yan Hong regarded Miaoying as a deadly enemy. If Darryl and Lu Dongbin said so, Yan Hong would not take it to heart, but when Miaoying said this, Yan Hong couldn’t stand it immediately.

Whoever despises herself must never make Miaoying look down.

It can be said that Yan Hong was able to bow his head to Darryl completely because of Miaoying’s words.


Seeing Yan Hong let go of his dignity, Darryl was so excited that he smiled and said, “Since you have become my servant, you have to listen to me in the future, you know?”

Yan Hong was very dissatisfied, but there was nothing to say, and he whispered: “I see, Master!”

“Sect Master Yue!”

At this time, Lu Dongbin reacted and couldn’t conceal his excitement: “Sect Master Yue is really a genius of heaven. I didn’t expect that you really succeeded. Injecting external force into the formation is simply a precedent.”

When he said this, Lu Dongbin’s eyes were full of admiration.

As a master of Dao Sect generation, Lu Dongbin can be said to be Broad through the past and present, but he has never thought of changing the formation created by his predecessors. After all, this method is too dangerous, and if it is not done, it will be trapped by the formation.

But Darryl in front of him really did it, not only did it, but also forced Yan Hong to surrender.

Chapter 1497

Hearing this, Darryl looked humble: “Liu Daochang Liao praised it, I just tried it. I didn’t expect it to be a real success. It is good luck!”


Listening to their conversation, Yan Hong was extremely silent, and at the same time couldn’t help but look at the stone formation, frowning secretly.

What magical thing is there in these stones, they can actually trap oneself.


While she was thinking secretly, Darryl walked over and smiled slightly: “Since you have become my servant, don’t regret it. Now I need you to do something for me.”

“What’s the matter?” Yan Hong responded faintly, without the slightest mood swing on the beautiful face.

She has a arrogant personality, even if she is willing to bet and lose and become Darryl’s servant, she can’t be respectful. This is her nature.


Darryl took a deep breath, did not answer directly, but tilted his head to look at Lu Dongbin.

“It’s very simple!” Lu Dongbin stepped forward, unable to conceal his excitement, and said to Yan Hong: “The main Yuezong and I are leaving here. It is difficult to send it out with our strength alone, and you and Miaoying are both. The spiritual energy here is transformed, and if we join hands, we will succeed!”

When he said this, Lu Dongbin’s eyes were full of urgency.


Hearing this, Yan Hong’s beautiful face suddenly changed, frowning and looking at Miaoying next to her, her eyes full of resistance.

Myself and Miaoying have always been incompatible with each other, and joining hands is absolutely impossible.

Seeing her expression, Darryl couldn’t help but said: “As a servant, are you going to disobey my orders?”

Hearing this, Yan Hong bit her lips tightly, resisting, but nodded.


When the voice fell, Yan Hong’s delicate body flashed and flew directly into the sky.

Seeing this scene, Darryl showed a slight smile, and at the same time he felt a little emotional.

This Yanhong is really hard to control, and it seems that you will need more training in the future.

Thinking about it, Darryl smiled at Miaoying and said, “Miaoying, trouble.”


Miaoying was kind-hearted and understood what Darryl meant. After a response, her figure rose lightly and merged with the Yanhong in the sky.


In the next second, Miaoying and Yanhong burst out of their own powers, and saw that after the two forces merged, the world suddenly changed color, and the entire illusory realm suddenly became dim, like a chaotic world.

Darryl saw that the surrounding mountains, rivers and lakes had also become illusory, just like dreams.

Worthy of being a fairy, this power is too powerful.

Although he had prepared in his heart, Darryl was still extremely shocked when he saw the scene in front of him.


Lu Dongbin next to him was also shocked.

The sky and the earth are getting darker and darker, and then, in the endless chaos above the head, a dazzling light penetrates the sky and the earth and is directly projected onto the ground not far away.


Seeing the beam of light, Lu Dongbin hurriedly shouted, and then rushed in first.

Darryl couldn’t think about it, but after that, he knew that this beam of light was the essence of Yanhong and Miaoying’s power, and he could take himself and Lu Dongbin to leave here.

At the moment when he entered the beam of light, Darryl only felt a strange power, completely enveloped himself, and immediately afterwards, his body was lightened and he was directly transmitted away.


At this moment, the other side!

Nanyun Palace, Shangwu Hall.

Shangwu Hall was the place where the Nanyun imperial family tested the cultivation of royal disciples. It was a forbidden royal land, and ordinary people were not allowed to enter.

At this time, many people gathered in the Shangwu Palace, and the atmosphere was extremely depressing.

I saw that Ora was wearing a princess dress and sitting on the throne. On both sides of the side, there were a few charming figures sitting, exactly the eight saints of Ziyan and Huanxiang.

Next, Peter, Raquel and others are tied up by the big five flowers.

One day ago, after Ora caught Peter and others, he issued a notice on the rivers and lakes to force Darryl to show up. As a result, he did not see Darryl showing up. This made Ora very annoyed and led everyone with him. Come to Shangwu Hall for interrogation.


At this time, Ora’s gaze fell on Peter and asked coldly: “I ask you, where is Darryl on earth?”

“I don’t know!” Peter responded in an angry tone.

In the next second, Peter looked directly at Ora and continued: “Ora, you are still the princess of the Nanyun Continent, and you have a marriage contract with Darryl. Don’t you know what kind of person he is? “

“You said he hurt the saint by mistake, I believe, but it is impossible to tarnish the saint’s innocence.”


Hearing this, Ora’s delicate face suddenly changed.

At the same time, a royal guard next to him couldn’t help shouting angrily: “Presumptuous, dare to click and talk like this with the princess!” The voice fell, he drew a soft whip, and slammed it over.

The soft whip is made of cold iron and the tendons of spirit beasts. It is extremely tough and has barbs on it.


With a crisp sound, I saw Peter’s back, a blood stain appeared on Peter’s back instantly, blood poured out, and the clothes were soaked in an instant!

Peter gritted his teeth and did not shout, but his eyes were extremely annoyed at Ora.

This Ora is crazy.

Everyone beside Raquel was also taken aback, trying to stop him, but their hands and feet were tied up, and they couldn’t move at all.


At this time, Ora said coldly: “You mean, I blamed Darryl? This matter has been confirmed by the two saints. I will never wrong him. I know that you and Darryl are life and death. Brother. But he killed the saint and his sin is inexcusable.”

“As long as you tell the whereabouts of Darryl, I promise to release you.”

Peter shook his head, gritted his teeth and said: “Darryl would never do such a thing, and we don’t know where he is now.”

Darryl was in the Qiankun Gourd at this time, and the Qiankun Gourd was in Gary’s body. Peter, Raquel and others were very clear about this matter.

But Ora before him believed that Darryl killed the saint, how could he tell her!

“You have to cover up Darryl, don’t you? Keep hitting me until he says it!” Ora’s tone was trembling, and he let out a cold voice.

The voice fell, and the guard standing behind Peter waved the whip again.


There was a loud whistling sound, and Peter’s body twitched suddenly, gritted his teeth tightly, did not shout, but he was full of cold sweat on his face!

If it had been before, Peter would not take this kind of torture in his eyes at all, but now he has no internal strength, just like ordinary people, he can’t bear it at all.

“stop fighting…”

“stop it!”

Raquel and Gary on the side couldn’t help shouting, but Ora didn’t seem to hear them.

The eight saints of Ziyan and Huanxiang sitting on both sides also looked indifferent.

Darryl killed his sister, and these were the people Darryl was closest to, and they must not be tolerated.


Seeing Peter’s back, the bloody blood was drawn, Ora sighed lightly and slowly said: “Peter, you are also a famous person in the world, why do you persist in not understanding? Darryl made a big mistake and must bear the response. Punishment, are you going to die for him in vain?”


Peter gritted his teeth, his expression is still very firm: “I said, Darryl won’t do that kind of thing, absolutely won’t…”

Ora’s tone was too bad, and he had to let the guards continue to fight.


However, at this moment, I saw Gary’s waist suddenly burst out with a ray of light, and in an instant, a strange power filled the entire Shangwu Palace.

Then, as the light disappeared, four figures appeared in front of everyone.

Chapter 1498

Two men and two women.

The two men, one handsome and cold, and the other immortal, are Darryl and Lu Dongbin.

The two women look exactly the same, with exquisite facial features and charming curves. They are filled with celestial spirits, but they seem to be extremely cold and arrogant, while the other is gentle and peaceful.

It was Yan Hong and Miaoying.

Yes, after Yan Hong and Miaoying teamed up, they also came out after sending Darryl and Lu Dongbin out of the Realm of Unreality.

what’s going on?

At this moment, looking at the scene in front of him, Darryl was stunned.

what happened?

Darryl saw that the hall in front of him was solemn and solemn, and it was the Shangwu Hall of Nanyun Imperial Palace. Not only that, besides the saint Ziyan and the saint of Huanxiang who chased him, there were six others on the seats on both sides. A beautiful woman.

In front of him, everyone Raquel was tied up by the big five flowers, especially Peter, with blood on his back, obviously passive.

At the same time, the entire Shangwu Palace was silent.

Where did this Darryl come from? >And, with Lu Dongbin!


Soon, Ora was the first to react, stood up all of a sudden, pointed at Darryl and shouted: “You scum from the rivers and lakes, are you finally willing to show up?”

At the same time, the eight saints of Madeline sitting on both sides were also very angry, glaring at Darryl one by one.


Darryl took a deep breath, staring at Ora urgently, and his body trembled: “Ora, what’s the matter? You arrested the Great Sage and the others, why did your family get tortured?”

At this time, Darryl was puzzled and annoyed.

Especially when he saw Peter’s miserable appearance, Darryl’s fist couldn’t help clenching tightly.

“Who is with your family! Our marriage contract has been terminated” Ora’s exquisite face, unable to conceal the disgust, said coldly: “You are guilty of cruelly torturing Saint Orchid, you are guilty of death!”

When the voice fell, Huanxiang couldn’t help standing up, pointing at Darryl and shouting: “Evil thief, today I will rectify you on the spot and avenge Lanxin!”

Madeline and the other saints all nodded one after another, very excited.


Darryl only felt a pain in his heart, and his eyes were extremely bloody. He looked around at Huanxiang and gritted his teeth and said: “Sage of Huanxiang, right? I said before that Lanxin was not killed by me. Someone framed me. .”

This magic incense saint, there is a problem in his mind, the situation at the time was obviously suspicious, but I did not believe that it was Lan Xin who killed me.


The scent of magic is not light, and he yells: “Before Lan Xin committed suicide, can you still be fake if you personally identify you?”


Seeing this scene, Lu Dongbin was shocked.

what’s the situation? >Ora and Darryl cancelled their marriage contract, and they said that Darryl killed a saint?

Muttering in his heart, Lu Dongbin stepped forward and couldn’t help but speak to Ora: “Princess, you and Sect Master Yue are both prestigious people. If you have something to say, don’t make it too stiff!”

Although he doesn’t know the specific situation, Lu Dongbin believes in Darryl’s personality.

“Dao Master Lu!” Ora’s expression was somewhat relaxed, and he said politely: “Darryl is despicable and sinister, don’t be fooled by him, and this matter has nothing to do with you, I hope you don’t interfere!”

If it were someone else, Ora would definitely not be so polite, but Lu Dongbin is different, this is a master of the Taoist generation, respected by the world, no matter how courteous it is.


Hearing this, Lu Dongbin still wanted to help Darryl speak, but he didn’t know how to speak.

At this time, Darryl was too lazy to talk nonsense, and said to Ora: “Since you also believe that I have harmed Saint Lanxin, then I don’t want to say more. In short, this is my own business, you let it go first. Great sage and them. Otherwise, I’ll be blamed. You’re welcome.”

When he said these, Darryl looked determined.

Ora canceled the marriage contract, she can accept it, but she arrested the great sage and them, and she was tortured, absolutely intolerable.


Hearing this, the whole Shangwu Palace was in an uproar.

This Darryl is crazy, dare to talk to the princess like this.

At the same time, Ora’s pretty face flushed with anger, and his body trembled.

In the next second, Ora stood up suddenly, pointing at Darryl and shouting: “Do you think you still have the right to negotiate terms with me? Take it for me.”


When the voice fell, the surrounding royal guards urged their internal forces to surround Darryl.

“Whoever wants to die, come up!” Darryl shouted, and then raised his hand, Fang Tian painted the halberd tightly in his hand.


Feeling the aura erupting from Darryl, the guards around were all jealous, and no one dared to do it.

Seeing this scene, Ora had a bad tone, so he had to do it himself.

However, at this moment, I heard Huan Xiangjiao yell: “Evil villain, in this palace hall, you dare to be presumptuous, do you really think that no one can cure you?”


When the voice fell, Huan Xiang Jiao’s body flashed, and he came directly to Darryl.

Seeing Huanxiang coming, Darryl’s heart was startled, and he quickly picked up his spirits and greeted him.

Bang bang bang…

In the blink of an eye, Darryl and Huanxiang fought fiercely. At the beginning, Darryl still had a chance to fight back, but gradually, facing the suppression of Huanxiang’s powerful force, Darryl gradually became confused. >First issue @@@

Seeing this situation, Lu Dongbin wanted to stop it, but Ora had said just now that he would not let him be nosy, so he held back.


Seeing Darryl getting more and more powerless, Miaoying became a little anxious, and said to Yan Hong: “You go up and help, I will rescue others.”

Miaoying thought about it, let Yanhong help Darryl deal with Huanxiang, and rescue Peter and others at the same time, so that she could retreat all over her body.

However, Yan Hong didn’t seem to hear the same, her beautiful face was very indifferent.

In Yan Hong’s heart, he was not willing to be Darryl’s servant. >Seeing him in trouble at this time, I was very gloating, how could I go up to help?

At this time, Yan Hong not only wouldn’t help, but also looked forward to the magical fragrance saint who could kill Darryl. As long as Darryl died, he would no longer need to be his servant.


Seeing Yan Hong didn’t move, Miao Ying stomped her feet anxiously, then flew up and went directly towards Huanxiang.

At the same time, Miaoying shouted at Darryl: “I’ll deal with her, you hurry up and save your family.”


When the voice fell, a powerful aura burst out from Miaoying’s body, and the entire Shangwu Palace was enveloped in a dazzling light. Then, Yu’s hand raised and struck Huanxiang.


At this moment, whether it was Huanxiang, Ziyan’s other saints, and Ora, they were all taken aback.

What a powerful force, who is this woman?

Also…what is her relationship with Darryl?

Soon, Huanxiang reacted, biting her lips tightly, turning her delicate body, and directly greeted Miaoying.

Darryl was extremely hateful, killing his sister, and he wouldn’t be a good person with him.

Chapter 1499


At this moment, the many guards in the Shangwu Hall were stunned, and their eyes were tightly looking at Miaoying, unable to extricate themselves!

The eight nine-day saints who came before are already the best goddesses, especially the fairy temperament on them, which is unforgettable.

But this one is even more fascinating.

The exquisite face, s3xy figure, especially the special aura pervading his body, is simply intoxicating.



It seems that all the beautiful words in the world are not enough to describe her beauty.

At this moment, these guards didn’t know that Miaoying in front of her was not a human being at all, but a fairy conceived in the illusory realm.

At this moment, watching the oncoming magic fragrance, Miaoying’s red lips lightly opened, and she gently uttered a few words: “I am here today, you don’t want to hurt her!”

The voice is soft and pleasant, but it is beyond doubt.


As the words fell, a terrifying breath burst out of Miaoying’s body. In a moment, the air in the entire Shangwu Palace seemed to freeze!

The unfathomable breath filled every corner of the hall, and everyone was flustered inexplicably!

Especially the saints of Madeline, their bodies trembled, secretly shocked.

The woman in front of her seemed delicate, her strength was so terrifying, and more importantly, the spiritual power she burst out was pure and uD*mnginable.

Huanxiang also frowned and became nervous inexplicably.

Where did the ba5tard Darryl find his helper? >This strength is also terrible.


While Huanxiang was muttering secretly, she saw that Miaoying had already rushed to her, Yu hand raised, and she hit directly with a palm.

So strong…

Feeling Miaoying’s powerful burst of power, Huanxiang was startled, and she had no time to dodge, she could only urge her momentum, and rush forward. At this time, Huanxiang did not dare to be careless, and almost urged all the strength to resist.


In the next second, Miaoying and Huanxiang’s palms collided, and a dull vibration erupted. Huanxiang only felt an uD*mnginable force coming, her delicate body trembled, and she was shaken back several tens of meters by the volley. Falling at the entrance of the hall, his beautiful face was extremely pale.

How could this be?

Stealing her figure, Huanxiang looked at Miaoying blankly, her eyes full of shock.

The strength of this woman is simply too terrifying, she has mobilized all her strength, barely blocking this palm!

Who is she?

At the same time, the saints of Madeline stood up all of a sudden, staring at Miaoying closely, unbelievable, and sweating for Huanxiang at the same time.


Seeing this scene, Darryl secretly breathed a sigh of relief.

D*mn, fortunately, when she left the realm of illusion, she came out with Miaoying, otherwise, it would be really hard for her to deal with this situation.

After all, the saints of Huanxiang are all from God’s Domain.

“Darryl, don’t be afraid, there is me!” At this moment, Miaoying turned her head to look at Darryl, and said with a smile.

Miaoying has a simple mind. Since Darryl is her own man, she has an obligation to protect his safety.

Upon hearing this, a warm current rose in Darryl’s heart, and a smile appeared on his face: “Thank you very much.”

While speaking, Darryl thought of something, and continued: “Miaoying, these saints are not bad people, but they have misunderstood me, wait for you to act gently, and you must be harmed.”

When talking about this, Darryl was very complicated.

This magic incense is indiscriminately indiscriminate, insisting that he killed the Lanxin Saintess, which is really irritating, but if it is too stiff with them, it will be even more difficult to wash away the innocence.

Miaoying obeyed Darryl and nodded immediately.


At this moment, Huan Xiang was very angry, her absolutely beautiful face flushed, and she stared at Darryl with shame and rage.

This villain actually confessed to his companion to act lightly. This is simply humiliating himself, and his own magnificent nine-day saint must not be humiliated.

At the same time, Madeline and the other saints looked ugly.

This Darryl is too arrogant, even if this Miaoying is very powerful, she doesn’t need her to show mercy.


At this time, Miaoying looked at Huanxiang earnestly: “Darryl has already said that I will not hurt you, so you should give up and stop fighting against Darryl.”


It’s okay for Miaoying not to say this, her face changed, and she almost exploded with anger.

Darryl killed my sister, but you said I was against him?

Is it tolerable or unbearable.

“No matter who you are? Don’t try to shield Darryl today.” Huanxiang glared at Miaoying, and her cold voice came from her mouth: “He killed my sister, no matter how much he paid, he will kill him today. he!”

“Since you want to be nosy, then you die with him!” The last sentence fell, Huanxiang bit her lip, flew up, and went straight to Miaoying!

My own dignified nine-day saint was so despised, and there are so many people around, how can I bear this tone?

“Huanxiang, let’s help you.”

At this moment, Madeline and the other saints sang sweetly, and then the figure flew up, eight figures quickly surrounded Miaoying!

D*mn it! >Go together?

Seeing this scene, Darryl was extremely furious, and at the same time extremely worried, shouted at Miaoying: “Miaoying, be careful!”

The status of the Nine Heavens Saintess is special, and her strength should not be underestimated. >No matter how strong Miaoying is, it is impossible to deal with eight at the same time.

Feeling Darryl’s concern, Miaoying couldn’t express the sweetness in her heart.

In the next second, Miaoying smiled sweetly at Darryl: “Don’t worry about me!”

After speaking, watching the eight saints flying in, Miaoying’s delicate face showed a bit of seriousness: “Do you want to bully the less with more? I’m not afraid, let’s show your skills!”

The voice is gentle and nice, without the slightest arrogance, but extremely confident.


As the voice fell, an incomparably full of spiritual power burst out from Miaoying’s body. In a short time, the air in the entire Nanyun Palace was distorted.

what’s the situation?

Such a big movement attracted many people from the imperial city to look in the direction of the imperial palace.

In the Shangwu Palace, the situation is even more tense. Miaoying’s explosive power makes the suppressing people panic!


At this moment, I saw Miao Yingyu’s hand slowly raising, and there was a clear sound, and a sword as white as snow appeared in Miaoying’s hand.

This precious sword was a few points shorter than a normal sword, and the whole body was lingering with spiritual power, exuding a charming halo.

Yes, this sword was transformed from Miaoying’s spiritual power, and it was also the essence of all her powers.

Bang bang bang…

In the blink of an eye, Miaoying flew out of the Shangwu Hall and fought fiercely with the eight saints above the sky.

At this moment, no matter it was Darryl, Ora and the others, they all looked at the air tightly, one by one extremely anxious.

I saw that Miaoying’s figure was agile and elegant. Surrounded by the eight saints, she did not appear to be passive at all, but was able to do her best. On the contrary, the eight saints of Huanxiang seemed to be afraid of the jade swords in her hand. Some are in a hurry.

A few minutes later, Huanxiang became a little anxious, and shouted: “Sisters, kill the gods!”


As soon as the voice fell, I saw several saints of Madeline, who moved quickly, dividing into eight directions, enclosing Miaoying in the middle.

Chapter 1500


Seeing this scene, Darryl’s body was shocked, and at the same time a smile appeared.

In this world, there is no formation that she doesn’t understand. Even if the Nine Heavens Saintess has a special identity, she can use her formation in front of her, isn’t she playing a big sword in front of Guan Gongmen?

Darryl thought it over, and when he saw the flaws in the formation, he told Miaoying directly.

Anyway, Huanxiang has deceived too much, and shouting for help by herself is nothing.

This…. This formation seems to have never been seen before.

However, after careful observation, Darryl frowned, and the whole person was shocked.

At this time, Darryl could clearly see that the figures of the eight saints cooperate closely and are almost invulnerable. Every time the figure changes, it is extremely mysterious.

That’s it!

After watching for a while, Darryl didn’t find the flaws, and suddenly he felt like crying without tears.

I still underestimate the enemy, the eight saints are from God’s Domain, how could he be able to break the formation of God’s Domain?

Yes, what the eight saints displayed was the God Destruction Formation in the Gods Realm. This formation was extremely mysterious, with more than a thousand changes, unpredictable, and of course Darryl did not know it.

Lu Dongbin next to him also squinted and was shocked.

What a powerful formation, I’m afraid Miaoying Fairy Spirit will be in trouble this time.

At this time, above the air.

Facing the God Destruction Formation composed of the eight saints of Huanxiang, Miaoying was trapped inside. After trying many methods, she couldn’t rush out, she was a little anxious.

Like Yan Hong, Miaoying, as a fairy, knew nothing about the game.

Before in the illusory realm, Darryl used the stone formation to trap Yan Hong and forced her to surrender, but at this time, Miaoying was at a loss for the eight saints’ god-destroying formation.

D*mn, these things won’t work.

Seeing that the situation is getting worse and worse, Darryl is also anxious.

The next second, when he tilted his head to see Yan Hong, Darryl’s eyes lit up and he quickly said, “Yan Hong, go up and help!”

Yan Hong and Miaoying are both faeries, one good and one evil. They have just joined forces to help themselves and Lu Dongbin, leaving the illusory realm, and helping Miaoying at this time will definitely help Miaoying defeat the eight saints.


From the beginning of the battle, Yan Hong had been standing there, watching with cold eyes. At this time, hearing Darryl’s words, he didn’t even show the slightest expression, and said indifferently: “Why should I help her?”

Yan Hong fought with Miaoying for thousands of years in the too illusory realm, and always wanted to put her aside. At this moment, seeing her in trouble, only gloating in her heart, how could it be possible to help her in the past?

Darryl was stunned, and then ordered: “There is no reason, because you are my servant, you have to go if I let you go!”

When he said this, Darryl was a little bit angry.

This Yan Hong actually disobeyed his order, it was too unruly. When this matter was over, he must be well trained.


The more anxious Darryl became, the more Yan Hong remained unmoved, and said lightly: “I am your servant, but I didn’t agree. I must obey every word of yours.”

“Anyway, I can’t save it.”

As a fairy, Yan Hong has a cruel personality and is also much more cunning than Miaoying.


Hearing this, Darryl couldn’t laugh or cry, wanted to scold, but was afraid that Yan Hong would be completely angered. You know, her strength is as terrifying as Miaoying, it’s really urgent, and it’s not good for him.

Thinking about it, Darryl took a deep breath, calming himself down.

In the next second, Darryl smiled and said at Yan Hong, “I know, in your heart, you and Miaoying are old enemies, but if you think about it, something happened to Miaoying, and you have no opponents. And besides, you two haven’t decided the winner yet.”


Hearing this, Yan Hongxiu furrowed her eyebrows, and groaned, shaking suddenly.

If something happens to Miaoying, she will lose her opponent, what’s the point?

Thinking about it, Yan Hong’s delicate body flashed and rushed directly into the air, joining the battle.

“If you want to hurt Miaoying, you have to ask me first!” A cold voice came from Yan Hong’s mouth, and then Yan Hong’s power burst out.


Accompanied by a strong aura, Yan Hong had a blood-red long knife in his hand. The long knife was rising in flames like a fire, and the temperature of the entire palace had risen a lot.

Yes, this knife is the essence of Yanhong’s power. >In addition, He Miaoying’s jade sword is both righteous and evil.

Miaoying’s white jade sword is kind and righteous, while Yan Hong’s bloody long sword is evil and cruel.


Darryl breathed a sigh of relief, secretly grateful.

Fortunately, this Yanhong is a fairy, not so mindful and easy to deceive. Otherwise, Miaoying is really in trouble!


Seeing this scene, Ora and the surrounding guards were shocked.

At the same time, the gazes of many guards kept switching back and forth on Yan Hong and Miaoying.

These two women looked exactly the same. Not only that, their strength was also so terrifying, but the entire Nine State Continent had never heard of such a powerful twin sister. It was incredible.

While shocking, many men are also feasting their eyes.

At this time, the two sides fighting in mid-air, whether it is the eight saints, or Miaoying and Yanhong, are the best goddesses that have been rare in a thousand years. At this time in the mid-air battle, the charming curves are revealed, and many men see The eyes are straight.

After Yan Hong joined, Miaoying was immediately relieved.

However, the Miaoshen Formation is Xuanmiao Ginger, and Yan Hong and Miaoying can hardly break through the formation for a while.

Yan Hong’s personality is impatient, and after a few rounds, he can’t help it, and he yells: “One by one flashes and flickers, I’m so annoying, get out of here!”


As the words fell, the air around Yan Hong’s body was suddenly distorted, and immediately afterwards, the heaven and earth spiritual power of the entire palace, as if attracted, quickly thought about the gathering of the bloody long sword in her hand.

Yes, Yan Hong is ready to explode with all his strength.

Miaoying is kind-hearted and doesn’t want to hurt the eight saints, so she always has reservations, because Darryl said that she can’t hurt these saints! >But Yan Hong was different. She was cruel in nature, and when she saw that she couldn’t rush into the formation, she decided to burst out with all her strength.

“This… what skill is this?”

“What a powerful breath!”

In a moment, everyone looked at Yan Hong closely, and their hearts were a little panicked.

Everyone can clearly feel that after fusing these heaven and earth auras, the blood-colored long knife in Yan Hong’s hand is condensing with an extremely terrifying force!

“Quickly, get out of the way!”

At this moment, Lu Dongbin’s face was dignified and couldn’t help shouting.

He is a master of the Dao Sect, he knows the origin of Yan Hong, and of course he knows how terrifying the power she will explode next.


As the voice fell, Ora and the surrounding guards backed away.

Daochang Lu reminded everyone, who would dare to be big.

“Dao Chang Lu!”

At this moment, Ora bit his lips tightly, unable to conceal his inner shock, and asked Lu Dongbin: “Who are the two women who helped Darryl?”


Lu Dongbin took a deep breath, and said complicatedly: “The princess, these two have extraordinary backgrounds, and they are not something ordinary people can provoke, they…”

Before he finished speaking, he was interrupted by a thunderous vibration.

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