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Chapter 1531


Seeing this situation, Darryl smiled bitterly.

“Sisters!” At this moment, Madeline couldn’t help but softly said, “Since Jiaxue can’t help it, let’s let Darryl try!”

For some reason, Madeline chose to believe in Darryl from the bottom of her heart. After all, in this situation, Darryl didn’t need to make a joke.

Seeing that Madeline said so, Yu Ling’s several saints couldn’t say anything more.


Seeing that the eight saints had no objection, Darryl showed a slight smile, then opened his hands, hugged them together, and then walked forward.


At this moment, being held by Darryl, the eight saints blushed, but they didn’t dare to move, because if they moved, they would go out of the scope of the protective mask and would be burned by the bone spirit in cold fire.

“Left five, right seven… Gan Er Kun four…”

In the next ten minutes, Darryl muttered the formula silently, and soon successfully brought the eight saints out of the stone forest.


The moment he walked out of the stone forest, whether it was Jiaxue or the other saints, they all trembled and were completely shocked.

Really succeeded in coming out, how did this Darryl do it?

Especially Ka Xue, staring at Darryl closely, his eyes are full of incredible: “Darryl, you…how do you know where the exit is?”

Darryl smiled slightly and said slowly: “This stone forest is not a formation, but two formations superimposed together, one is the evil spirit gathering formation, the other is the’spirituality pure soul formation’, but gathering The Evil Soul Array is in the light, and the Spirit Void and Purity Array is in the dark, so it’s hard to find.”

These two formations are recorded in the “Bai Qi Shen Formation”, and they are still very complicated high-level formations. Speaking of which, Darryl didn’t notice it at the beginning. When he reached the center of the stone forest, he saw the huge stone pillar. , I suddenly understood.


Hearing this, Jiaxue suddenly understood, looking at Darryl’s gaze, also gleaming with a strange light.

This person seems to be not serious, but his attainments in formation are higher than himself.

At the same time, Madeline and Yu Ling next to them were also secretly emotional. Unexpectedly, this Darryl knew so much…


As he was speaking, he heard a sound of footsteps in the mist not far away.

Darryl quickly looked over, his face suddenly changed.

I saw dozens of sect masters approaching here quickly. Obviously, they were also exploring the environment here and looking for a way out.

However, Darryl was not at all happy, but his expression was a bit complicated.

The disguise on his face is gone, and he is still with the eight saints. If seen by these people, it is easy to misunderstand. After all, at the blessing altar meeting before, the king of Castro said that the eight saints are fake. And still his own party.

More importantly, the long skirts of the eight saints had just been burned by the bone spirit demon fire, and there was no obstruction. If they were seen by these sects, it would be even more unclear.


At the same time, the saints of Madeline were also very anxious.

No, I’m too embarrassed as I am now. If I’m seen, how will I see people in the future?


Anxiously, Madeline urged Darryl: “You…you quickly find a way, don’t let these people come over!”

When she said this, Madeline was too anxious. As a nine-day saint, Bing Qing Yujie, but innocence is more important than life.

At the same time, Yu Ling and Huan Xiang also looked at Darryl, with urgency in their eyes.


Feeling the anxiety of the eight saints, Darryl didn’t panic at all, and said with a smile: “Saint Ziyan, you can ask me for help. You call me a good brother.”


Hearing this, no matter it was Madeline or the other saints, their faces flushed and became very embarrassed.

This Darryl is too hateful, so he dared to make such a request, and he was looking for death.

Madeline stomped her feet with anger, and said softly, “Darryl, stop making trouble, think of a solution.”

While talking, looking ahead, the people from the sect soon arrived.

Darryl looked leisurely and said lightly: “I’m not fooling around. We have nothing to do with you. How can I help you? And, I have helped you a lot just now. Bringing you out of the stone forest is the ultimate goal. Let’s talk about it. Yes, you have always said that I am still the Saintess of Orchid, and you don’t give me a chance to explain at all. Now you want me to help with one sentence, is it appropriate?


Madeline bit her lip, her pretty face flushed anxiously, but she was speechless.

The few Huanxiang beside them were too angry, but they had nothing to refute, because Darryl was right, the two were not friends, and there were even some grievances. There really was no reason for Darryl to help.

However, if Darryl didn’t help, when those people from the sect came over, his image of the Nine Heavens Saint was completely ruined.


Two seconds later, Madeline took a deep breath and said softly to Darryl: “Good brother!”

To be honest, called Darryl brother, Madeline was 10,000 reluctant, but the situation was urgent at the moment, and if he didn’t compromise, it would be too late.

Seeing Madeline opened her mouth, Huanxiang and the other saints also put down their dignity and spoke.

“Good brother…”


The shout of good brother made Darryl’s whole body crisp, and he only felt refreshed.

“A few good sisters, so good!” Darryl said with a smile, then raised his hand and waved, Bai Lian jumped out coldly, forming a white light curtain, like a curtain, surrounding the eight saints stand up.


At this time, those dozens of sect masters also arrived.


“And those eight fake saints…”

“How are they together?”

At this moment, everyone was stunned when they saw Darryl.

While discussing, many people couldn’t help looking at the eight saints, and many men’s eyes were straight.

The eight saints at this time, even though they were blocked behind the white light curtain, the exquisite curves are still looming, and the faces with their own merits are almost dazzling. First issue @@@

I go!

At this moment, Darryl was also stunned, and saw that among the crowd, there was a slim figure with delicate features and a hint of cold arrogance.

It is Ora.

At the same time, Ora also saw Darryl, and immediately frowned.

After being sucked into the Nether King Cauldron before, Ora quickly encountered other sect masters, and then went with him and began to explore this independent and sinister space, but he did not expect to encounter Darryl here.


Finally, Ora reacted and said coldly at Darryl: “Why are you here? You always explain, what is going on with these eight saints pretending to be the Nine Heavens? What is their relationship with you, what do you have? What conspiracy?”

There were several questions in a row, and there was no doubt that they were asked in a row.


The voice fell, and the gazes of the sect masters next to him suddenly gathered on Darryl’s body, one by one with unkind expressions.

Before the king of Guangping said at the conference that Darryl was related to these fake nine-day saints, everyone would still be suspicious, but at this time, seeing that they were actually together, suddenly couldn’t help but doubt it.

Chapter 1532


Facing Ora’s questioning, Darryl was very helpless.

Fortunately, this Ora was still the eldest princess of Nanyun Continent, and his mind was too simple. Now that the situation is so obvious, he even thought that the eight saints were fake.

Thinking about it, Darryl looked at Ora and slowly said: “As of now, haven’t you seen it? You have all been deceived by the Castro. These eight saints are real. As for the Castro, keep saying Said for the sake of the world of Kyushu, he is actually Pluto’s person.”

“Look around you, do you know where this is? This is the inner space of the Pluto Cauldron. The Hades Cauldron is a magic weapon in the ghost world. If Castro is not from Pluto, how can he have the Pluto Cauldron in his hand?”


Hearing this, dozens of sect masters looked at each other and were speechless for a while.

At the same time, Ora’s beautiful face was instantly embarrassed, could it be…I misunderstood the eight saints?


At this moment, a man wearing a cyan gown walked out and asked Darryl, “You keep saying that they are true nine-day saints, what evidence do you have?”

The man is about 30 years old, with a refined temperament, but his eyes flash with cunning.

It is Su Shengfei, the head of Wan Hezong.

Wan Hezong is the second largest cultivating sect in the Xuanye Continent, second only to Yuyao Pavilion in strength. Su Shengfei, the head, has a gentle and elegant appearance, but he is actually a narrow-minded villain.

Speaking of, Su Shengfei and Darryl have no grievances, but over the years, Darryl’s reputation in the mainland of Kyushu is too strong. Su Shengfei has always been unconvinced, and has always wanted to find an opportunity to suppress Darryl, and this is a good opportunity. .


Feeling the cunning in Su Shengfei’s eyes, Darryl took a deep breath, a little displeased.

D*mn, the head of Wanhezong, is he mentally ill, he has already said so much, and deliberately picks things up.

Thinking about it, Darryl said indifferently: “What else can I prove? The physique of the Nine Heavens Saints is different from that of ordinary people. At the meeting of the prayer altar, the figures that appeared on their bodies are the unique elements of the Nine Heavens Saints. infant.”

“What kind of evidence is this?” Su Shengfei sneered.

At the same time, Su Shengfei’s gaze constantly looked at Huanxiang.

Su Shengfei was not only narrow-minded, but also very lustful. In fact, he had understood at this time that the eight saints in front of him were real, but seeing Darryl’s relationship with them, he couldn’t help but become jealous.


At this moment, Darryl had no patience. He looked at Su Shengfei and said coldly: “Then what do you want?” This Su Shengfei is really sick.

Seriously, if it weren’t for seeing so many people present, Darryl really wanted to teach him a lesson.

For a while, the atmosphere became a bit solemn.

Darryl thought it over, no matter what, he must not let these people in front of him hurt the eight saints again.

“OK OK!”

Seeing the bad atmosphere, a slender figure walked out and said in a rounded tone: “Everyone should say a few words. The most important thing now is how to get out of here.”

The voice was gentle and nice, and it was the head of Yuyao Pavilion, Ye Zhixin.

When saying this, Ye Zhixin couldn’t help but take a deep look at Darryl. Two months ago, Darryl dressed up and joined the Yuyao Pavilion, as if getting along for a few days. Ye Zhixin trusted Darryl very much and knew him. Not a confidant.


Seeing Ye Zhixin’s words, Su Shengfei couldn’t say anything. He chuckled and stepped aside.

Yuyao Pavilion and Wan Hezong are both sects of the Xuanye Continent, and their relationship has always been good. Moreover, Su Shengfei has always secretly admired Ye Zhixin. At this time, seeing her speak for Darryl, although he felt very upset in his heart, it was difficult to refute.

Seeing this scene, Ora also walked out and said lightly to Darryl: “Well, I will believe you once for now!”

While speaking, Ora looked around and continued: “Everyone, Ye Zhangmen said it is right. The most important thing now is to find other people and find a way to leave here.”

When the voice fell, everyone around him nodded subconsciously.


At this moment, Darryl secretly breathed a sigh of relief, and gave Ye Zhixin a grateful look.

He deserves to be the head of the first sect in the Xuanye Continent, so profoundly righteous.

Muttering in his heart, Darryl tilted his head and said to the eight saints of Huanxiang: “Several saints, what are you going to do next?”

The eight saints looked at each other, then Madeline said softly: “In the stone forest just now, we consumed too much internal energy. Now we need to find a hidden place to recover from cultivation.”

When she said this, Madeline blushed, showing a bit of shyness.

Because at this moment, the eight of them have no barriers on their bodies, and the white lotus that is still being displayed by Darryl coldly covers them. Of course, such an image can’t be with these people from the sect.

When the voice fell, the other saints also nodded one after another.

Darryl nodded: “That’s also good.”

This place is treacherous, and we must find a way to gather the other people who have been separated.

Speaking of which, these major sects have always misunderstood himself, and Darryl is unwilling to be with them from the bottom of his heart, but for the sake of the Jiuzhou Continent, don’t worry about it.

After all, the people who are trapped here are all famous sect masters in the Kyushu Continent. Once they have nothing to do, the entire arena of the Kyushu Continent will be completely finished.

“Let’s take a step first, wait until we regain our strength, and then come and join you.” Madeline bit her lip and said, greeted the other saints, and under the cover of Darryl Bailian’s cold fire, she quickly left towards the distance.

In the blink of an eye, the eight saints disappeared into the mist.


Seeing the eight saints go away, Darryl breathed a sigh of relief and sat on the ground all of a sudden.

Starting from the stone forest, Darryl has been urging Bailian Lenghuo to protect the eight saints.


Seeing this scene, dozens of sect masters were all stunned.

In the next second, Su Shengfei strode over and shouted at Darryl: “Darryl, what did the eight saints do?”

At the same time, everyone else also looked at Darryl, waiting for his answer.

“The eight saints have important things to do.” Darryl responded lightly.

The eight saints avoided these people because they didn’t cover up. How could this matter involve the reputation of the Nine Heavens Saints?

“God is mysterious and secret, there must be a problem!” Su Shengfei continued to yell unforgivingly.


Darryl frowned and couldn’t help cursing in his heart, this Su Shengfei was really sick.

Darryl was too lazy to talk nonsense, and said lightly: “Everyone is trapped here, what else can I have, the Nine Heavens Saint is gone, but I’m still here, what are you afraid of?”


Hearing this, Su Shengfei’s face was extremely ugly, but he was speechless to refute.


At this moment, Ora said, “Don’t make any noise, everyone is tired. First find a place to rest, and then think of a way to find someone else.”

When the voice fell, Ora glanced at Darryl, and then walked towards a valley not far away.

Ora was the eldest princess of the Southern Cloud Continent. She was full of royal demeanor and was quite prestigious. In a short time, everyone followed her.

Darryl smiled bitterly and followed behind.

Chapter 1533

Soon, when they arrived in the valley, Ora and everyone were relieved.

I saw that the valley was quiet and there was a clearing in the middle. There were only a few sparse trees around. The view was wide and it was convenient for observing the situation. It was a very good resting place.

However, Darryl looked at the big trees carefully and frowned secretly.

I don’t know why, the quieter the place in front of him, the more bad Darryl has a premonition, especially those big trees, Darryl clearly felt that they were very different from the trees he had encountered before.

The branches are twisted and twisted, branches with teeth and claws, like ghosts and charms, very evil.

“All right!”

At this time, Ora found a flat place, sat cross-legged, and said: “Everyone, just cultivate and recover here.”

When the voice fell, everyone also looked for a place to meditate.

“Wait!” At this moment, Darryl couldn’t help but said, “This place is not good!”


Hearing this, everyone looked at each other!

“Darryl!” Su Shengfei couldn’t help but yelled, “What do you want to do?”

Darryl did not respond directly, but looked around, carefully observed the surrounding trees and the environment of the valley, then took a deep breath and shook his head and said, “This valley is not safe!”

Not safe?

Ora’s eyebrows furrowed: “Why is it not safe?”

Darryl pointed to the surrounding big trees and slowly said: “Let’s not talk about the environment of this valley. These big trees are completely different from the ones we encountered before. They are very evil. I think we should change the place! “


Hearing this, everyone’s eyes fell on the big trees, one by one in doubt. As you can see, the shapes of these big trees are different, and they are indeed different from those seen before.

It’s just…. Just a few trees, what can be dangerous?

Seeing the expressions of the people, Darryl took a deep breath and continued: “This is the interior of the Pluto Cauldron, everywhere is extremely dangerous, I don’t think we should take it lightly.”

With that said, Darryl explained the situation he encountered in Shilin in detail.

Hearing this, everyone became nervous inexplicably.

Ye Zhixin frowned and couldn’t help but softly said, “Darryl, what do you mean, these big trees also have bone spirit fire hidden in them?”

Darryl shook his head: “I don’t know this, but I just feel that this place is not right!”

Yes, Darryl observed carefully just now and hasn’t found any problems with these big trees, but based on past experience, Darryl firmly believes that he can’t feel wrong.


Hearing this answer, Su Shengfei couldn’t help but get upset: “Sect Master Yue, just based on your feelings, we are all going to give up such a good place to rest? Do you think it’s children playing games? Or… before you Scared by the bone spirit demon fire?”


When the voice fell, many people around couldn’t help but laugh.

They also felt that Darryl was a little fussy.

Seeing that everyone didn’t believe it, Darryl was very helpless.

In the next second, Darryl looked around and said, “I have already said what I should have said. In short, it is not safe to rest here. I will go to the nearby hillside to rest. Whoever wants to be together can follow me!”


At this moment, everyone present looked at each other, and none of them stood up.

Everyone was too tired at this time, and no one wanted to follow Darryl to fool around.

“I’ll go with you.” At this moment, a graceful figure came out from the crowd, with delicate features and seriousness.

It was Ye Zhixin.

In Ye Zhixin’s heart, Darryl would not do this for no reason. Since he said that this valley is dangerous, there must be a problem.


Seeing Ye Zhixin stand up to support Darryl, everyone was in an uproar.

Is the head of Yuyao Pavilion confused? Darryl is completely nonsense, without any evidence, how can he believe his words?

Especially Su Shengfei, unable to sit still on the spot, quickly stood up to persuade him: “Ye Sect, don’t believe him.”

When the voice fell, other people also spoke.

“Yes, it was rumored that Darryl blasphemed Chang’e, but it hasn’t been clarified yet. Who knows what he feels right now.

“With so many of us together, even if we have problems, we can solve them together.”

During the discussion, Su Sheng walked quickly to Ye Zhixin with a sincere expression: “Ye Sect, I think Darryl just wants to slip away. He hasn’t produced evidence before that the eight are true nine-day saints. Let the people go, and now make up a reason to want to run.”

While talking, Su Shengfei glanced at Darryl contemptuously.

Ye Zhixin is her own goddess, how can she go with you? !

When the voice fell, many people around nodded one after another.

“Yes, Darryl is deliberately alarmist, there must be a conspiracy!”

“We can’t be fooled!”

Hearing these, Darryl suddenly became angry.

Ma De, I kindly reminded you, but I was treated as a donkey liver and lungs. Forget it, how about your love.

Thinking about it, Darryl gave Su Shengfei a cold look: “I have already said very clearly, you believe it or not, but something really happened then, don’t cry and beg me to save you.”


Hearing this, everyone was taken aback for a moment, and then sneered.

Su Shengfei couldn’t help but exclaimed: “Okay, Darryl, don’t pretend, we are not fools!”

Darryl didn’t bother to pay attention to him, turned and walked towards the hillside not far away. Ye Zhixin hesitated and followed quickly.

To be honest, Ye Zhi was skeptical in his heart, but in the end he chose to believe in Darryl.

“and many more!”

At this moment, Ora hurried to catch up, with absolutely no fluctuations on the beautiful face, and said to Darryl: “I will follow you too!”

With that, Ora turned his head and said to the other people: “You guys rest here, I look at Darryl!”

Like everyone in Su Shengfei, Ora didn’t believe in Darryl. He followed up at this time to prevent Darryl from escaping.

Ha ha…

Seeing Ora’s distrust, Darryl smiled and said nothing.

A few minutes later, Darryl and the three came to the hillside not far away, and they saw that there was a cave on the hillside. The cave was not big, only a few square meters, just enough for three people to rest.


Seeing the cave, Darryl showed a slight smile, walked in first, and said with emotion: “It’s still this place, which makes people feel at ease.”

With that said, Darryl was about to meditate cross-legged.


However, at this moment, Ora, who was standing at the entrance of the cave, said coldly: “You come out and rest outside the entrance of the cave.” His tone was cold and beyond doubt.

“Why?” Darryl frowned.

Ora turned his head and glanced at Ye Zhixin, and continued: “I am also the head of Ye, and I am all a woman. How can I rest in the cave with you? If it spreads out, how should the rivers and lakes talk about it?”

Ye Zhixin beside her was also shy.

D*mn it!

Darryl was very upset. He obviously proposed to rest on the hillside, and also the cave he found, but now he wants to rest outside. What kind of truth is this?

“Also, don’t even think about running away!” At this time, Ora said coldly.

Chapter 1534

Darryl was helpless, nodded, and walked outside the cave to meditate cross-legged.

At the same time, my heart is also very suffocated.

This Ora previously announced to the world and canceled his marriage contract with himself, and now he doubts himself everywhere, really…

Thinking about it, Darryl didn’t bother to care about it, and began to close his eyes and rest his mind.

I don’t know how long it took, Darryl was frozen awake.

Inside the cave, Ora also began to meditate and recover.

But Ye Zhixin was full of curiosity, and couldn’t help but ask Darryl outside the cave: “Darryl, is the valley below really dangerous?”

As the head of Yuyao Pavilion, Ye Zhixin knew a little bit about some strange arts, but he couldn’t see any problems with those big trees.

“You have to believe me!” Darryl responded with a smile.

Ha ha…

As soon as the voice fell, Ora couldn’t help but sneer, and mocked: “After Darryl is done, you don’t pretend to be a fool. To be honest, you deliberately fool everyone. What is the purpose?”

Until this time, Ora still didn’t believe in Darryl, thinking he was alarmist.


Feeling Ora’s questioning, Darryl opened his mouth and didn’t know how to speak for a while, so he was speechless.


However, at this time, I heard a chaos coming from the valley below.

Sure enough, I was right!

Darryl quickly stood up, looked towards the valley below, and was stunned.

At the same time, Ora and Ye Zhixin also hurriedly walked out of the cave. Seeing the situation in the valley, their bodies trembled.

I saw that a black mist rose up in the valley. In the black mist, many black shadows quickly shuttled, dozens of sect masters are fighting these black shadows very fiercely.


Seeing this, Ora’s body trembled, and she was secretly shocked.

It was really hit by Darryl, that valley was really unsafe.

But, what are those shadows and where do they come from? !

“Hurry up and help!” At this moment, Darryl took the lead in reacting, pressing a sentence, and the figure quickly rushed towards the valley.

Ora and Ye Zhixin looked at each other and quickly followed.


When I arrived in the valley, I clearly saw the situation in front of me. Whether it was Darryl or Ora, they couldn’t help but breathe in the air.

I saw that the dark shadows in the black fog were some evil beasts. The whole body was pitch black, reminding that they resembled wolves and dogs, but they had three eyes, each of which was shining with the light of evil spirits. lightning.

There were hundreds of these beasts, in groups, constantly attacking Su Shengfei and the others.

Su Shengfei and the others were all panicked and cooperated to resist each other. However, many others were injured, screaming, and shouting together. It was a quiet valley and suddenly turned into a hell.

This… is this hell dog? !

Finally, Darryl reacted, shocked in his heart.

Speaking of it, Darryl originally didn’t know the Hell Demon Dog. When he was in Shilin, Madeline told him because this is the space of the Hades Cauldron, and there are many evil things in it, including the Hell Demon Dog.

At that time, after Darryl learned of this, he didn’t take it seriously, but he didn’t expect that he would bump into it so soon.

Afterwards, Darryl looked at the big trees around. Even though he was separated by the black fog, Darryl could vaguely see that a hole was exposed at the top of the trunks of those big trees. Obviously, these hell demon dogs were hidden in the trunk before Among.

Ora and Ye Zhixin beside them were also inexplicably panic, not knowing what to do.


At this moment, Ora was a little anxious, and couldn’t help but said: “What should I do, go in and help them!”

With that, Ora was about to rush in.

Darryl hurriedly stopped him with a serious expression: “Don’t rush in, these are hell demon dogs, they are very evil!”

Hell demon dog?

Hearing this, Ora’s heart trembled. He only felt that his legs were weak, and he didn’t dare to act rashly.

At this moment, Darryl took a deep breath and yelled at the trapped people: “You guys should find a way to rush out!”

Darryl noticed that the area surrounded by these big trees was the range of activities of these Hell Demon Dogs. As long as they rushed out of this range, they would be safe.


Hearing Darryl’s words, many people were shocked and ashamed.

Darryl was right before, this valley really had a problem.

But people like myself laughed at him before.

I thought, everyone cooperated with each other and tried to break out, but there were too many Hell Demon Dogs around, hundreds of them.

Everyone tried several times, but they all failed. For a while, they were panicked.

“How to do?”

“Are you going to die here?”

“I don’t want to die!”

In panic, many people are desperate.

Seeing this, Ora frowned and stomped in anxious manner: “Darryl, think of a way!”

“You are the eldest princess of Nanyun Continent, with high prestige!” Darryl smiled and said, “Moreover, you also found this place. You should find a way.”

This Ora is too self-righteous, and she must have a long memory.

While speaking, Darryl also frowned secretly, thinking about countermeasures.

“You…” Ora said in a speechless voice.

When is it all, Darryl is still thinking about this.

In the next second, Ora was about to refute. Seeing Darryl’s internal force urged, with a wave of his hand, Bai Lian jumped out with cold fire, forming a circle of protective film all over his body.


In the next second, Darryl rushed directly into the black mist.

Yes, Darryl planned to rescue the people inside one by one. Speaking of it, Darryl didn’t know the way to deal with the Hell Demon Dog, but he thought that his white lotus cold fire was the world’s first strange fire, and might be able to force the Hell Demon Dog back.

To be honest, Darryl is completely gambled by doing this, but there is no way, he can’t just watch these people die!


At this moment, seeing Darryl rushing in, many Hell Demon Dogs immediately surrounded them, and their three eyes were shining with blood-red evil lights, howling, and biting towards Darryl.

However, as soon as he rushed forward, he felt the protective film formed by the cold fire of the white lotus on Darryl’s body. These Hell Demon Dogs all felt the danger and quickly dispersed.


Seeing this situation, Darryl smiled, secretly grateful.

This method really works.

Excited, Darryl grabbed two people with one hand, rushed out of the black mist, and then returned to rescue the others.

In less than a minute, Darryl rescued more than half.

In the end, Su Shengfei was the only one who was trapped inside.


But at this moment, Darryl sat on the ground, wiped the sweat from his face: “I’m exhausted, take a break!”

“Oh? Sect Master Yue! Help, I’m still trapped!”

In the black fog, Su Shengfei was fighting against the hordes of Hell Demon Dogs alone, almost crying. His internal strength was almost exhausted, and his face was pale.

Darryl didn’t seem to hear it.

D*mn, this Su Shengfei has always been against himself before, and now such a good opportunity will certainly make you suffer more.

Chapter 1535

“Darryl!” Ora was too anxious: “Head of Su is still trapped inside, save him!”

Darryl smiled and said lightly: “When I said that there was danger here, he said that I was alarmist and nonsense. He also said that even if something goes wrong, he doesn’t need my help. Since he is so capable, let him Come out by yourself!”

Hearing this, Ora opened his mouth, but was speechless to refute.


At this moment, Ye Zhixin walked over, biting her lip and begged: “There was something wrong before the head of Su, but we are trapped here. We must be united. We can’t die without saving!”

To be honest, even though Yuyao Pavilion and Wan Hezong had a good relationship, Ye Zhixin couldn’t understand how Su Shengfei was. But no matter what, everyone is the same in Kyushu, so you can’t ignore it.


At this moment, Su Shengfei, who was trapped inside, was anxious and angry when he heard Darryl’s words!

This Darryl is obviously taking revenge! With so many beasts in front of me, how can I cope with it?

“Ooo, oooo…”

So many people were rescued by Darryl at once, and so many targets were missing. These Hell Demon Dogs were also completely aroused to be fierce. They screamed desperately, and flew towards Su Sheng like crazy.


Seeing this, Su Shengfei turned pale with fright and panicked completely. While dodge in an embarrassing manner, he shouted at Darryl: “Sect Master Yue, I was wrong. I was wrong before. You are a lot of people, please help me out. ….”

Su Shengfei almost cried when he yelled this.

To be honest, Su Shengfei didn’t want to be humbled in front of Darryl, but there was no way, the situation was critical, and if he refused to accept softness, his life would be lost!

After all, among all the people present, only Darryl possesses the cold fire of Bailian and is not afraid of these hell demon dogs.

As soon as his voice fell, Ora stomped his feet in anxious manner: “Yes, Darryl, Su Zhang Sect will soon be unable to withstand it!”

Darryl smiled, and said slowly to Ora: “What’s the hurry? This head Su is very capable, some hell demon dogs can’t hurt him at all.”

While speaking, Darryl stretched his waist.


Ora frowned and was very embarrassed.

Darryl made up his mind not to save people, and he couldn’t force it. After all, it didn’t matter if he broke off his marriage a few days ago.

At this time, Su Shengfei’s face was green, and he kept shouting: “Sect Master Yue, please, there are too many beasts, I really can’t stop it…”

Darryl smiled inwardly, still too lazy to pay attention.

Ma De, this idiot was always aiming at himself before, and I’m sorry if you don’t let you suffer a bit.

Seeing Darryl’s insistence soon, Ye Zhixin walked over and grabbed his arm: “Darryl, Su Zhang is a narrow-minded man, and he is not a big treacherous person. You can help him!”

When saying this, Ye Zhixin bit her lip lightly, very embarrassed.

Putting it away, Ye Zhixin also dislikes Su Shengfei, but there is no way. They are all the same, how can they die? !


Seeing Ye Zhixin’s opening, Darryl secretly sighed and nodded: “Well, this time it’s up to Ye Zhangmen’s face!”

With that said, Darryl urged Bai Lian Lenghuo to protect the whole body, and directly rushed in to rescue Su Shengfei.

“Ooo, oooo…”

At this moment, losing the last goal, the hell demon dog in the black mist let out an unwilling howl, then went back to the tree hole, walked clean in the blink of an eye, and then the black mist gradually disappeared, as if everything before It never happened.

However, everyone present was in shock. Thinking back to the thrilling scene just now, all of them were heart palpitations. The mobile terminal will remember to provide you with wonderful novel reading in one second.

“Thank you Sect Master Yue, thank you…”

Taking his life back, Su Shengfei kept thanking Darryl, and saw that his body was covered with scratches and scratches, and he was extremely embarrassed.

But while thanking, Su Shengfei’s eyes flashed with a hint of resentment.

Ma De, he almost died in it, and Darryl took the initiative to save himself. Sooner or later, he would settle this account.

Darryl ignored it, and raised his hand: “Okay, everyone quickly rest, rest, and then continue on the road, looking for other people!”

After tossing for so long, everyone was exhausted, and many others were injured.

Hearing this, everyone nodded one after another, not daring to stay in this valley, and followed Darryl to rest on the hillside not far away.


the other side!

A few dozen miles away from the hillside where Darryl is located, is a black forest.

This black forest stretches for hundreds of miles, the trees are tall, covering the sky, and there is a lot of mist inside. This place is even more dangerous than the wild and savage Death Valley.

At this time, more than a dozen figures were slowly moving forward in this black forest.

I saw that there were many familiar figures, Cynthia, Zheng Chunqiu, and other masters of the sect.

Being sucked into the Pluto cauldron, Cynthia was panicked at first, but soon ran into Zheng Chunqiu. After meeting, they walked with each other, and then ran into other comrades.

Cynthia, Zheng Chunqiu and others are ready to find a way to leave this forest before looking for others.


After walking for a while, Zheng Chunqiu in front of him suddenly stopped.

At the same time, everyone else looked ahead, frowning.

“Big Brother Zheng, what’s the matter?” Cynthia hurried up and asked.

When I met Zheng Chunqiu before, I knew that he was a friend of my eldest brother, so Cynthia removed the disguise and returned to her original form.

“The front is weird!” Zheng Chunqiu responded solemnly.

Cynthia hurriedly followed everyone’s gaze, and was immediately stunned.

I saw a circle of stone steles standing in the woods ahead. These steles didn’t know what material they were. They were dark and shiny, and the surface was as smooth as a mirror, very peculiar.

“How come there are stone monuments here?”

A few seconds later, Cynthia calmed down and couldn’t help but softly said, “There should be words on ordinary stone tablets, but there is not a word on them. Moreover, it is so smooth, like a mirror.”

While talking, Cynthia walked over curiously.

“Go, go and see!”

At the same time, Zheng Chunqiu and others couldn’t help but walked over.

When they arrived in front of these stone tablets, everyone discovered that the surface of these stone tablets was very smooth, really like a mirror. For a while, everyone looked at themselves in the stone mirror and wondered.

What are these steles used for?


At this moment, Zheng Chunqiu frowned suddenly and said, “Everyone, get out of here!”

At this time, Zheng Chunqiu’s complexion was a little bad. He clearly felt that in the stone stele in front of him, there was a strange force slowly spreading out, and under the influence of this force, his whole body was unspeakably tired and a little bit of strength. Can’t make it out.

Not only that, but the internal force can’t be released! Dantian seemed to be suppressed.

When the voice fell, Zheng Chunqiu was about to turn around and back, only to find that his feet seemed to be filled with lead, and he couldn’t move.

How could this be?

Zheng Chunqiu was horrified, and inexplicably panicked in his heart.

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