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Chapter 1576

“Sure enough, it’s you!”

At this moment, Darryl clenched his fists and his eyes were extremely bloody red. When he was slandered before, Darryl knew that Bai Ma and Su Shengfei could not escape the relationship. At this time, seeing Bai Ma admit it himself, he couldn’t help it.


In anger, a horrible aura erupted from Darryl’s body, and then he held Fang Tian’s painted halberd tightly, and went straight to the white horse.

The white horse smiled contemptuously, urged by internal force, and a dazzling golden light burst out from the open-sky axe, directly facing Darryl!


In the next second, Fang Tian’s painted halberd and the sky-opening axe collided, and there was a loud noise. Darryl snorted. The whole person was directly shaken for more than a hundred meters, and a mouthful of blood spurted out.

Speaking of the single-round training strength, White Horse is not Darryl’s opponent at all, but just after taking a lot of pills, his strength has greatly increased, and at the same time he still has the Heavenly Axe in his hand, Darryl is naturally not an opponent.

You know, in the Star Picking Building just now, facing the Xi Cang soldiers, Darryl slaughtered him, and the blood-drinking sword now has the purple rank! But still can’t stop the open axe!


Seeing this scene, the people below Raquel were all sweating for Darryl.

This white horse has a sky-opening axe in his hand, its power is too terrifying, Darryl is not good at fighting hard, how can he fight it!

“Darryl, be careful…”

Raquel sat cross-legged, while regaining his internal strength, while paying attention to the situation on Darryl’s side, couldn’t help but shout.

The few Peter next to him were also secretly anxious.

The other people around also wanted to rush to help, but they all knew that they came up to die. After all, Raquel and Peter just suffered a loss just now.


White Horse laughed up to the sky, extremely proud: “Darryl, today is the day when you and the Ouyang family are destroyed, and I, White Horse, can truly stand on top of Kyushu!”


After the voice fell, the white horse raised his hand again, a breath of ruining the world, erupting from the opening axe again! Cut to Darryl fiercely!


This axe seemed to split the entire sky into two worlds!

Feeling the power of this horror, everyone was shocked and sweated for Darryl!


Darryl was also taken aback. At this time, he didn’t expect that Bai Ma’s understanding of Kaitian Axe was no less than that of Mateo.

“Miaoying, Yan Hong, come and help me!”

In desperation, Darryl hurriedly opened the spirit beast pouch and shouted at the same time. In an instant, two fascinating figures broke out and stood in front of Darryl.

It was the fairy spirits, Yanhong and Miaoying that were nurtured in the too illusory realm.

Before leaving the Saint Sect, because Yan Hong and Miaoying’s identities were too special, Darryl asked them to temporarily enter the spirit beast’s bag. At this moment, in extreme danger, he quickly called out.

I saw that both Yan Hong and Miaoying were wearing long skirts, one red and one blue, dancing lightly, dazzling people.


At this moment, Bai Ma was stunned, his eyes straightened.

These two women are so beautiful, not only look exactly the same, but they are also terrifying in strength. Who are they?

At the moment when the white horse was stunned, Yan Hong and Miaoying joined forces to form a protective layer in front of Darryl!


At this moment, the golden light that opened the sky axe exploded, severely slashed on the protective film, and let out a roar that shocked the world!

Under the violent vibration, Yan Hong and Miaoying were both stunned. They took a few steps back in the air. Although they were celestial spirits bred in the illusory realm, they possessed supreme spiritual power and could face openly. Heavenly axe, such a peerless magic weapon, was also somewhat unable to withstand it.

“Tsk tsk…”

At this time, Bai Ma reacted and sneered at Darryl: “Darryl, I didn’t expect that you have a lot of confidantes. This pair of sisters are pretty good flowers. I will take them for you first, haha…”

When the words fell, Bai Maxie laughed, and rushed towards Yan Hong and Miao Ying with his open axe tightly.

At the same time, Bai Ma’s gaze was constantly looking at Yan Hong and Miaoying.

“court death!”

Yan Hong has a hot personality. Seeing Bai Ma’s gaze, he was immediately embarrassed and directly confronted him.

Miaoying also bit her lip, cooperating with Yan Hong’s attack.

However, the sky-opening axe in the hands of the white horse is too powerful. Yan Hong and Miaoying cooperated with each other and could not occupy the upper side. On the contrary, they were almost injured by the white horse several times.


Seeing this scene, Darryl was very anxious.

It won’t work like this.

In the next second, Darryl saw the scorching sun above his head, and suddenly thought of something, he hurriedly shouted at Yan Hong and Miaoying: “Yan Hong, you attack from the left, Miaoying, you cooperate on the right, remember, don’t Head-on.”

Darryl remembered that when he first became Emperor Xi Cang three years ago, Mateo’s concubine at that time had told him about the drawbacks of Kaitian Axe!

Sky-opening axe is the most masculine and sturdy artifact. Every time it explodes its power, it is like the same round of scorching sun.

But at this time, it was the burning sun that led the white horse to urge the power of the sky-opening axe, and sooner or later it would backfire.

You know, Mateo couldn’t control the ultimate power of Sky Axe back then, and the white horse in front of him was even worse.


Hearing this, Yan Hong and Miaoying looked at each other and changed their strategy quickly according to Darryl’s command.

What Darryl asked them to deploy was a Liangyi Formation. The Liangyi Formation in “Bai Qi Shen Formation” belongs to the middle and upper-class formations. Two people can use it. White horses don’t understand the formations, and the Liangyi formations can be completely sleepy. Live him.

Darryl thought it over, let Yan Hong and Miaoying restrain him, and it was easy to deal with it when the white horse was backlashed by the power of the sky axe.

For a time, the battle became more and more fierce, and Bai Ma was trapped in the Liangyi formation by Yan Hong and Miaoying, and could not rush out.


White Horse was very annoyed, and couldn’t help but shouted at Darryl: “If you have the ability, just fight with me one-on-one, and always ask women to help. What kind of heroes are you?”

Darryl smiled slightly and said faintly: “White Horse, aren’t you very capable? Both women can’t handle it, and still want to stand on the top of Kyushu?”

When the voice fell, Raquel beside him couldn’t help but shouted: “Yes, you can only be qualified to fight Darryl after you defeat them. I’m afraid that you two women can’t fight.”

Raquel Bingxue was smart, and he could tell at a glance that Darryl was dragging time.


Hearing the ridicule of Darryl and Raquel, the white horse was extremely angry, and an evil fire rose in his heart, and continued to fight fiercely with Miaoying and Yanhong in mid-air.

The white horse at this time had already been stimulated by Darryl.

How can he not even beat two women if he owns the Sky Open Axe? !


In anger, the white horse exploded all the internal force of the dantian and injected it into the sky-opening axe.

In an instant, the scorching power of the scorching sun overhead was almost completely absorbed by the sky-opening axe. A terrifying aura condensed within the sky-opening axe. At the same time, the burst of light was extremely blazing.

Everyone present could barely open their eyes.

“Die to me!”

In the next second, Bai Ma’s eyes were locked on Yan Hong’s two, and he roared wildly before rushing over. Suddenly, his body trembled, and his face was blue and white.

Chapter 1577


Seeing this scene, Darryl showed a slight smile.

This white horse was finally backlashed by the power of the Open Sky Axe. This was the end of arrogance.

what happened?

At this time, the white horse was also terrified. He clearly felt that his Dantian internal strength was completely out of his control and was on the verge of collapse.

Until this time, Baima didn’t know that Kaitian axe had the disadvantage of being just over easy to break.


Finally, the white horse trembled violently and couldn’t bear it anymore. A mouthful of blood spurted out, and his eyes were full of unwillingness. At the same time, the whole body collapsed and became extremely weak.

I thought my strength was improved and could smoothly wipe out the Darryl and Ouyang family, but he never expected it, but was backlashed by the power of the Heavenly Axe.

“Shameless villain, go to hell!”

At this moment, Peter howled, his figure rose into the sky, raised his palm, and hit the white horse.


Peter’s speed was so fast that the white horse had no time to react. This palm hit the white horse’s back hard and heard a dull vibration, the white horse spurted blood, and the whole person flew out all at once.


After flying a full 100 meters away, the white horse sprinkled a rain of blood in the air, and finally smashed heavily on a rock, the bones were shattered, and the breath was gone.

Seeing this scene, both Darryl and Raquel all breathed a sigh of relief.

The treacherous villain Baima finally got his due end.

Dang Cang.

At the same time, the Sky Open Axe also fell to the ground, Peter’s eyes flashed, he rushed over and picked it up.


Darryl couldn’t help laughing, and congratulated Peter: “Peter, you will be the master of Kaitianaxe from now on!”

Over the years, the Kaitian Axe has passed through several masters, whether it is Mateo, Lawrence, or Baima, either a big treacherous villain or a treacherous villain. At this time, the Kaitian axe fell into Peter’s hand. It can be regarded as having met the real master.

Hearing Darryl’s congratulations, Peter was also very excited. He touched the open axe with love and kept admiring: “It’s worthy of a peerless magic weapon, a good weapon…”

With that, Peter directed at Darryl and said, “It shouldn’t be too late, let’s go and support Nanyun Continent!”

At this time, Peter couldn’t wait to get the Heaven-Opening Axe, and he just wanted to reach the battlefield quickly and fight the enemy courageously.


Darryl nodded, then greeted everyone and continued to set off.

At this time, Darryl was very happy in his heart. Killing the white horse is also regarded as a sigh of foul for Brother Wen.

And thinking of Lorenzo, Darryl couldn’t help but feel a little worried. Before, I heard Saintess Madeline said that Lorenzo was captured by Pluto again, and now he doesn’t know what happened.


On the other side, an unknown valley in the Southern Cloud Continent.

This valley is remote, and there is a bandit camp that has been abandoned for decades, which is indescribably desolate.

However, in a cave behind the camp, a person was chained inside, a black robe, a gentle face, and a scent of bookishness, but there was an evil atmosphere all over his body.

It is Lorenzo.

Before the white horse caught Lorenzo, because he was going to the Southern Cloud Continent to participate in the Xuantian Conference of the Nine Heavens Saints, at that time he could not bring Lorenzo, passing here, he shut Lorenzo in this abandoned camp cave. A few confidant guards were sent.


At this moment, Lorenzo sat there, unable to help taking a deep breath, his mood was very complicated.

In the past few days, Lorenzo has been trying to dispute the iron chain, but he was too weak and failed. This made Lorenzo very annoyed, and what made him inexplicably disturbed was that some of the soul contracts between himself and Pluto seemed to have happened. Variety.

At this time, Lorenzo did not know that many things had happened in the past few days. Mateo swallowed the power of Pluto and replaced him with the new Pluto.


Just when Lorenzo was dark and depressed, at this moment, I heard a sound of footsteps outside, very light and light.

Immediately afterwards, the dungeon door was pushed open, and a figure walked in. The visitor looked like a roe-headed rat eye, and his eyes flashed with cunning. It was the white horse’s confidant Huang Qiang.

Seeing Huang Qiang, Lorenzo secretly frowned.

“Master of Wendian!”

When he arrived, Huang Qiang squeezed out a smile and said in kindness: “How do you feel after being here for a few days?”

Lorenzo sneered: “If you came to see me making a joke, you would be disappointed. I can’t die even after being closed for ten and a half months.”

White Horse is sinister and despicable, and Huang Qiang is his minion, Lorenzo will naturally not have a good face.


Seeing Lorenzo’s attitude, Huang Qiang was very embarrassed, but he still laughed and said: “Palace Master Wen, don’t be so far away, your subordinates are here to care about you.”

When he said this, Huang Qiang looked serious, but his eyes flashed with cunning.

This Huang Qiang was also cunning by nature, and there was no news about the white horse for a few days, and he suddenly became unwilling, and wanted to find Lorenzo for some benefit.

Care about me?

Hearing this, Lorenzo couldn’t help but sneered: “Stop this one, let’s talk, what will Baima tell you to do with me?”

“Palace Master Wen!” Huang Qiang hurriedly said: “It was not the white horse who sent me here, but I came to you by myself. Speaking of which, the white horse took the position of the palace lord and imprisoned you. It was all the following crimes, subordinates. I can’t stand it a long time ago, and I just ventured in this time and planned to go out just for you!”

“Really?” Lorenzo looked at Huang Qiang up and down, and said lightly: “I’m afraid it’s not that simple, right?”

Lorenzo thought carefully, and at a glance, he could see that Huang Qiang had another plan.


Huang Qiang smiled and leaned in and said, “The Master of the Palace of Literature is indeed foresighted. Yes, his subordinates take such a big risk. Of course, there is a condition. As long as you pass the technique of changing flowers and trees to me, I will release you. kind?”

Yes, Huang Qiang’s goal is to obtain the technique of transferring flowers to wood. You must know that transferring flowers to wood is the secret book of the Changsheng Palace. Only the palace master can practice. Huang Qiang has long coveted it.

Ha ha…

Hearing this, Lorenzo laughed on the spot, and was too lazy to talk nonsense: “You are a shameless villain who wants to get the peculiar knowledge of the township of the Palace of Longevity? Hurry up and don’t let Laozi dirty his eyes.

Some words, decisively resolute, no mercy.


Huang Qiang’s face changed all of a sudden, extremely ugly, and at the same time annoyed into anger.

“Ma De!”

In the next second, Huang Qiang’s face was hideous and his true face was revealed. He drew his dagger, hitting Lorenzo’s heart, and said viciously: “I don’t know how to promote, Lorenzo, do you think you are still the lord of the palace of longevity? Now it’s just one. It’s just a prisoner, and quickly hand over the secret book, otherwise, I will let you die without a place to bury you.”

However, Lorenzo did not panic at all, but stared at him coldly, with contempt in his eyes.

“court death!”

Lorenzo’s gaze completely angered Huang Qiang, and with a howl, the dagger was stabbed fiercely.

Seeing that the dagger was about to pierce his heart, Lorenzo’s hands and feet were all tied up with chains, unable to fight back, so he turned his body in a hurry.


In the next second, I heard a crisp sound, and then the iron chain on Lorenzo’s hand broke. It turned out that the moment Lorenzo dodged himself, the dagger accidentally cut off the iron chain in his hand.

Chapter 1578


Seeing that the iron chain on Lorenzo’s hand was accidentally cut by himself, Huang Qiang’s body was shocked, and he was immediately stunned.

“Shameless villain!”

At this moment, Lorenzo shouted angrily, suddenly raised his right hand, and slapped Huang Qiang with a palm.

After being detained for so many days, Lorenzo was extremely weak, but he did his best with this palm.


Huang Qiang hadn’t slowed down, there was no time to dodge, the whole person let out a miserable cry, flew out, flew a full tens of meters away, and finally hit the wall at the entrance of the cave before sliding down softly.


At the moment he landed, Huang Qiang spewed out blood and lost his breath. He didn’t expect to die. He ventured in to claim benefits from Lorenzo, but he was self-defeating and killed himself.

He killed Huang Qiang with one palm, and Lorenzo’s remaining internal strength was almost exhausted, and he was too tired to sit and gasp.

Click! Click!

After resting for a while, Lorenzo slowly stood up, picked up the dagger that fell on the ground, and cut off the iron chain on his feet. Then prepare to leave the cave.


However, at this moment, there was a roar from the entrance of the cave, the soil and gravel crashed down, the entire cave collapsed, and the entrance was suddenly sealed.

Obviously, this cave was deserted for a long time. Just now, Huang Qiang was shaken by a palm and hit the entrance, causing it to collapse.

D*mn it!

Seeing this scene, Lorenzo was frightened, and he wanted to cry without tears.

I thought I could take the opportunity to escape, but I didn’t expect that he was completely in desperation.

Is this my destiny?

At this moment, Lorenzo was full of bitterness, stepped back a few steps, and leaned on the rock wall, feeling extremely bad.


At this moment, I heard a piece of rubble slipping down on the stone wall behind him, revealing a fist-sized hole.


Lorenzo was stunned, uncertain, he could clearly feel that from the entrance of the cave, there was a faint wind blowing, revealing a hint of cold air.

Strangely, there is something else in this abandoned cave.

Thinking about it, Lorenzo immediately squatted down, with a dagger in his hand, and began to cut the hole.

In a short while, the hole is getting bigger and bigger!


At this moment, Lorenzo was shocked when he saw the situation inside, completely stunned!

I saw that the steps stretched down one after another. This was not a natural cave at all, but a secret road. Lorenzo saw that the stone walls on both sides were engraved with primitive patterns, which were obviously old.

In astonishment, Lorenzo walked in directly.

The more I walked down, the more surprised Lorenzo was. The steps in front of me couldn’t see the end at all, and I don’t know how long they were. Not only that, there was also a faintly murderous atmosphere in the cold and cold atmosphere. gas.


I don’t know how long it took. Finally, Lorenzo reached the end of the stone steps. Lorenzo was completely stunned by the scene in front of him.

What is presented in front of you is a huge open space! And in this clearing, there was a black army neatly lined up, a crowd of hundreds of thousands, all blood-red black armor, holding a black iron long knife, murderous Lingyun.

This…. How can there be a large army underground in this secret road?

Shocked, completely shocked.

Soon, Lorenzo reacted and found that something was wrong.

I saw the army in front of me. Soldiers riding black horses, neatly arranged, but still motionless, like sculptures. Every soldier is very burly, but his face is a dead gray, obviously dead. After a long time, but the body showed no signs of decay, it seemed that he could come back to life at any time.

In front of this army, there is a huge stone platform on which is placed a tiger symbol and a volume of texts.

Lorenzo walked over curiously, unfolded the text, and read word by word: “My name is Sima Yunfei, the commander of Dawu Zhou Xuanjia…”

Da Wu Zhou?

At this moment, Lorenzo only felt his brain buzzing.

Lorenzo is familiar with ancient books and once read a historical document on the Southern Cloud Continent. He clearly remembers that before the current Nanyun imperial family, there was a Dawu Zhou Dynasty, which ruled the Nanyun Continent for nearly a thousand years. At that time, the Dawu Zhou Dynasty The dynasty once established a mysterious armored rider called the Blood Buddha. This blood Buddha is brave and invincible, and the one who commands the Blood Buddha is called the commander.

Later, the Dawu Zhou dynasty fell, and this bloody Buddha army also mysteriously disappeared.

Could it be that the army in front of you is the Blood Buddha?

Shocked, Lorenzo looked at Zong Wen and continued reading: “Recently, I heard of the Long clan’s rebellion. I led all the generals and rushed to support the imperial capital at the border. How did I know that while resting on the way, I was lurked by the Long clan’s spy who was lurking in the army. No one is spared from the poisoning of 180,000 soldiers, and I will never look down….”

“After… the Dragon’s rebels seized the throne, in order to avoid the scandal, I buried all my 180,000 soldiers in the ground… I and all the soldiers failed to serve the emperor’s grace, died with anger and died. But the grievances will not dissipate, just wait for one day to see the sky again…”

At the end of the reading, Lorenzo’s hair trembled and it was difficult to calm down for a long time.

It is no wonder that there are few ancient books about Xuanjia Iron Agent in history books. It turns out that when the Dawu Zhou Dynasty was destroyed, the soldiers of the Blood Buddha were poisoned to death by the enemy using despicable means, and then they were all buried.

And these 180,000 soldiers of the Blood Buddha died because of anger, and their phantoms persisted after death, which led to the corpse not decayed for thousands of years.

Speaking of it, if it was before, Lorenzo would never figure it out, but after becoming the messenger of Pluto, he would understand a lot. For example, the soldier of the Blood Buddha in front of him died because of his anger. After death, the ghost would not leave the body, which would create the scene in front of him. .


Just when Lorenzo was secretly sighing, suddenly, the bloody Buddha soldiers in the audience, with a cold light shining in their eyes, directly locked Lorenzo.


Suddenly locked in by so many dead people’s eyes, Lorenzo ugly’s heart trembled, and his whole body shuddered.

Although these soldiers of the Blood Buddha have been dead for a long time, they still have some consciousness because of their grievances and the lingering spirits. It is totally offensive to enter their dormant place by mistake.


Panicked, Lorenzo tried his best to calm himself. After taking a deep breath, he subconsciously picked up the tiger charm on the stage as a weapon, and said nervously, “Guardians of the Blood Buddha, I didn’t mean to offend, I just came here accidentally. .”

“I sympathize with what happened to you, but it’s been so long and you should rest in peace.”

While talking, Lorenzo blocked the Tiger Talisman in front of him to prevent the bloody Buddha army in front of him. The dagger on his body was lost when he dug a hole just now, and he could only use the Tiger Talisman as a weapon.


However, what Lorenzo did not expect was that the bloody Buddha army in front of him did not attack, but bent his knees one by one and knelt directly towards him.


At this moment, Lorenzo was completely stupid. The hundreds of thousands of troops knelt in front of him. It was too shocking. It was difficult to calm down whoever did this.

what’s going on?

A few seconds later, Lorenzo reacted, seeing the tiger charm in his hand, and instantly understood.

Chapter 1579

It is said that the soldiers of the Blood Buddha have strict discipline and regard military orders like a mountain, and the tiger symbol symbolizes the supremacy of the monarchy. Holding the tiger symbol in his hand, he is naturally regarded as the commander-in-chief by these soldiers of the Blood Buddha.

Understand this, Lorenzo was surprised and delighted.

“All the soldiers, get up!”

In the next second, Lorenzo cleared his throat and slowly said.


As soon as the voice fell, hundreds of thousands of bloody Buddha soldiers stood up together, and there was no response, and the whole body was filled with lifeless coldness, but the momentum was shocking.

If there are other people nearby, you will definitely be frightened by the scene in front of you. It is incredible that an army that has been dead for thousands of years can still obey the command, but it did happen.


On the other side, at the border of Nanyun mainland, Longmen Pass!

Longmen Pass is a border fortress on the Southern Cloud Continent. The environment is dangerous, easy to defend and difficult to attack. There is a man as a pass, and it is known as Wanfu. However, at this time, the entire Longmen Pass is shrouded in huge panic.

I saw that in the wilderness more than ten miles outside the city, the dense army of death was constantly gathering, and the breath of death enveloped the entire world.

On the tower of Longmen Pass, Nanyun’s defenders were waiting in full battle, but every soldier’s face was filled with panic from the bottom of his heart.

The army of death in front of you, even the brave and fighting Raksha tribe could not stop them, how could it be possible to defeat them with a small dragon gate?

In order to resist the death army, the people of Longmen Pass have all evacuated under the arrangement of the defending generals. Not only that, the various sects of the Kyushu mainland have also come to support one after another.

At this moment, on the official road northwest of Longmen Pass, Darryl and everyone from Raquel were coming quickly.

I go!

At this moment, looking at Longmen Pass not far in front of you, no matter it was Darryl or Raquel, everyone was stunned.

I saw that on the wall of Longmen Pass, all the soldiers standing densely were all soldiers, holding long knives one by one.

The Longmen Pass at this time can be said to be heavily guarded, like a copper wall and an iron wall, no fly can fly in.

On the vast fields a few miles away from Longmen Pass, nearly a million death forces are gathering. These death forces are all people who died in the Chaos Mountains three years ago, some are soldiers from Kyushu, and some are warriors of the Raksha tribe. Gives a feeling of being in hell.

A long distance away, you can feel a strong breath of death.

D*mn, this Jade has gathered so many dead soldiers!

After a few seconds, Darryl slowed down, greeted everyone at Raquel, and hurriedly entered Longmen Pass.

When I got inside, I saw that many sects were coming, with hundreds of thousands of them, but it paled in comparison to Jed’s army of millions of deaths.


Darryl looked around, not only frowned secretly, but the southern cloud border was at stake, why didn’t he see the empress and Ora?

At this time Darryl didn’t know that the empress and Ora had been imprisoned by Long Yaotian.


Just as Darryl was muttering secretly, he heard a sound of footsteps coming from outside the city, and then someone exclaimed: “Quickly, the other party is calling!”

Hearing the sound, the masters of the martial arts were all taken aback, and then they flew up and landed on the city wall, ready to begin to meet the enemy.


Darryl couldn’t think much, his internal force urged him to fly high into the sky, and looking outside the city, he saw the army of millions of deaths, slowly advancing.

“I’m here to see how powerful these death soldiers are!” A cold voice came from Darryl’s mouth, and then he waved Fang Tian’s painted halberd, and a bloody light condensed.

“Blood battle in all directions!”

Darryl roared, Fang Tian painted a halberd and pointed at the death army!


The blood-colored light, like a thunder and lightning, swept down and blasted into the army of millions. There was a violent roar, and nearly a thousand dead soldiers were shaken off.

Seeing this scene, whether it is the defenders of Longmen Pass or the major sects, they are extremely excited.

It is worthy of being the Sect Master of Tianmen, with such a strong strength, these death forces are not to be feared.

“Haha, Darryl, I’ll help you…”

At this moment, Peter laughed, his whole body filled with fighting spirit, and he also flew high into the sky, wielding a heavenly axe, bursting out golden glows, and blasting towards a million army.

Boom, boom, boom!

With a roar, another piece of the army of millions of deaths fell down, nearly 10,000 people.

Seeing this scene, Darryl and Peter smiled at each other.

What death army is not vulnerable.

However, in the next second, a shocking scene appeared. One by one, the killed soldiers stood up tremblingly. The wounds on their bodies looked shocking, but there was no trace of blood flowing out.

Obviously, the outbreak of Darryl and Peter just now did not cause fundamental damage.


Suddenly, the entire Longmen Gate closed in an uproar, and everyone was stunned.

what’s going on? Can’t these death army kill?

At the same time, Darryl and Peter, who were suspended in mid-air, frowned secretly, their eyes full of solemnity.

D*mn, if you don’t die like this, how can you fight this?


At this moment, there was a burst of laughter, and immediately afterwards, I saw a figure flying quickly over the army of death, a black armor, a mad look, it was Jed.


At this time, Jed and Darryl were facing away in the air, his tone was full of contempt: “The Rakshasa has been defeated, and your Nine States Continent is united, and it won’t be my opponent. You should surrender.”


Hearing this, Darryl smiled coldly, met Jed’s gaze, fearlessly, and his voice spread throughout the audience: “Jed, you betrayed the Raksha tribe and took refuge in the Pluto. You surrender, isn’t it even worse than you?”

Some words, neither humble nor humble.

“you wanna die.”

Upon hearing this, Jed’s face flushed, and he felt greatly humiliated. In his heart, he never felt that he had betrayed the Raksha tribe, and Darryl’s mouth was a traitor, which was simply unbearable.

Feeling Jed’s anger, Darryl didn’t panic at all, and mockingly said: “You have betrayed the tribe and have taken refuge in the Hades. The world is not tolerant. Even if you have an army of millions of deaths, you are just a poor soulless bug!”


Jed was completely furious, and screamed frantically: “The whole army is attacking, give me a level of Longmen Pass, and leave no one!”

The voice fell, and the millions of death army screamed, rushing up like a tide.

Jed was floating in the air, madness flashing in his eyes.

Even if Darryl and the major sects arrived, they couldn’t stop his death army.


Looking at the death army swarming up, Darryl took a deep breath, turned his head and shouted at the people at Longmen Pass: “The way of heaven will live forever, the evil is invincible, kill with me!”

When the voice fell, the guards of the major sects and Longmen Pass, like chicken blood, responded loudly.

“Yes, evil is invincible, kill!”

In the next second, everyone rushed out of Longmen Pass and fought fiercely with the army of millions of deaths.

Chapter 1580

Darryl was suspended in the air, watching the fierce battle below, secretly surprised.

I saw that each of these death fighters of Jed was extremely brave, because they were dead, and there was no pain at all. Some had an arm cut off, and even their head was gone, but they could still fight.

There is a huge disparity in the strength of the two sides. Every master of the sect has to deal with five or six death soldiers. Coupled with this special situation, everyone present is somewhat powerless.

These death fighters can’t kill them at all, so how can they fight?


Darryl frowned secretly, also too anxious.

It’s not going to work like this, you must find the weakness of this army of death, otherwise, not only will the Dragon Gate be unbearable, the entire Southern Cloud Continent, and even the entire Kyushu will be reduced to war.


Just when Darryl was secretly anxious, he saw Jade with a crazy laugh, his eyes were directly at Darryl: “Darryl, see it, my army is invincible, no one in Kyushu can do it, even before You have defeated the Apocalypse army in Black Cloud City, and you will definitely not be able to stop me!”

“Today is the day when you and the Jiuzhou rivers and lakes will be completely destroyed, right?

When the voice fell, Jed’s figure burst out, coming straight towards Darryl. Wherever the figure passed, that piece of sky was torn apart, and the whole body was filled with a terrifying and evil atmosphere.

“Darryl! Be careful…”

“be careful.”

Seeing this scene, everyone at Raquel below couldn’t help exclaiming in exclamation.

Although Darryl is very strong, Jed has taken refuge in Pluto, and his evil practice is so terrifying that he must not be underestimated.


Seeing Jed burst out, Darryl didn’t panic at all.


Seeing Jed rushing to the front, he saw his hands crossed, and a yin and evil aura burst out, forming a green flame in front of him, directing towards Darryl.

Jed’s shot was quick, and Darryl had no time to react. He was immediately surrounded by this sea of ​​green fire. In it, Darryl couldn’t feel any heat, but there was a kind of trembling panic in his soul.


“Green Fire…”

“Could it be…this is the Nether Karma fire of hell?! Burned to the point where there is no bones left…”

“Get out of the way!”

At this moment, many people below couldn’t help but scream in exclamation, and their hearts trembled one by one. In panic, all the sect masters closest to Darryl did not hesitate, urging their figures one after another to avoid them far away.

Seeing this scene, Jed became more proud, and sneered loudly at Darryl: “Darryl, who can save you this time!”

Nether Karma fire, like the ancient spirit demon fire, only exists in the ghost world. Once it is burned, the soul and body will be burned without a trace, very terrifying.

However, Jed didn’t know that the Netherworld Karma Fire was a different fire, and Darryl was not afraid at all.

“Netherworld Karma Fire?”

Seeing the raging green flames, quickly surrounded, Darryl raised the corner of his mouth and chuckled lightly: “Jed, you think you can kill me with the Netherworld Karma Fire, that’s too naive!”

When he said this, the surrounding Netherworld Karma fire had already burned Darryl’s body, and he saw that Darryl’s entire body was shrouded in green flames, but Darryl’s expression did not have the slightest pain, but was surprisingly calm.


Seeing this scene, Jed’s heart trembled, and the whole person was stunned.

Darryl was not afraid of the Netherworld Karma Fire, how could this be possible?

At this moment Jed didn’t know yet, Darryl possessed the white lotus cold fire in his body, which could restrain the world’s different fires, so he was naturally not afraid of his dark karma fire.

And what made him even more shocked was yet to come.

“Playing with me with fire, you are not qualified!” A cold and contemptuous voice came from Darryl’s mouth. When the voice fell, with the right hand, a white flame jumped out, faintly showing the shape of a lotus flower.

It was Bai Lian’s cold fire.


In the next second, Darryl raised his hand, Bai Lian Lenghuo directly greeted the surrounding Nether Karma Fire, and accompanied by a shock, the Nether Karma Fire was swallowed a lot.


Seeing this scene, Jed was completely dumbfounded, staring at Darryl closely, full of amazement.

But soon, Jed reacted, hurriedly mobilized the evil spirits, recalled the remaining nether karma fire, and yelled at the same time: “Darryl, even if you can block my nether karma fire, you won’t be able to change the situation today. “

“Great Ancient Spirit!”

Under the howl, Jed flew up high in the sky and shouted, and at the same time wrote a series of ghost world inscriptions on the volley of his right hand. In an instant, the changes between the world and the earth, and the darkness fell in an instant, and the evil spirit between the world and the earth quickly condensed!


In the blink of an eye, the evil spirits gathered more and more, and a huge skeleton was formed. This skeleton was dozens of meters high, white bones, with a cold evil glow in its eyes, holding two bone knives.


Seeing this huge skeleton, Darryl’s expression changed, shocked.

Darryl clearly felt that in this huge skeleton, there was a terrifying evil spirit power, and this evil evil power was stronger than that in the Pluto cauldron.

Darryl still didn’t know that Jed, as the first puppet of Pluto, was given a heavy responsibility by Pluto, so he taught a lot of ghost world techniques, and his strength was much stronger than King Castro.

“Blood battle in all directions!”

Seeing the huge skeleton rushing in, Darryl couldn’t think much. After a loud shout, his internal strength burst out, holding Fang Tian’s painted halberd tightly, and he saw a bloody light burst out, tearing the world apart.


At this sight, the blood-red glow collided with the huge skeleton, and a strong shock swept out. Within a kilometer, dust and smoke filled, and many sect masters and death soldiers were all shaken out.

Amidst the dust and smoke, only Darryl snorted, and the whole person was also shaken out, flying more than a hundred meters before falling to the ground, his body churned with blood and his face was extremely pale.

Although he was not injured, Darryl clearly sensed that his dantian internal strength was showing signs of disorder. After all, it was this huge skeleton, whose strength was too terrifying.

“Darryl, I’ll help you!”

At this moment, Peter roared wildly, and his figure burst out, holding the Heavenly Axe tightly, and heading straight towards Jed.

Peter’s personality is very hot, he and Darryl are brothers, and at this moment, seeing that Darryl has suffered, he can’t help it.

“The Great Sage!”

However, Darryl’s expression changed, and he couldn’t help shouting: “Don’t be impulsive…” Although the Great Sage received the Sky-Opening Axe, he has not really understood the power of the Sky-Opening Axe, and it is not Jed’s at all. opponent.

With that said, Darryl was about to rush to stop it, but Peter was too fast, and he had already rushed to the huge skeleton.


“A bunch of evil gangsters, all go to death!” Peter screamed, opening the sky axe swung out, and slashed fiercely on the huge skeleton.


He heard a loud and crisp sound, and the huge skeleton was chopped and cut to form a trace, and the huge body was also shaken. It seemed to be a little embarrassed, but in fact it did not suffer much damage.

In the next second, the huge skeleton reacted, and the cold eyes instantly locked on Peter. He raised his hand and swept the huge bone knife. Because the distance was so close, Peter had no time to dodge, so he could only use his Heavenly Axe to block him. .


The huge bone knife collided with the sky-opening axe, and Peter was seen flying out like a cannonball. The moment he landed, a mouthful of blood spurted out.

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