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Chapter 1596

After setting up the camp, Darryl asked him to bring the two Cang Huoyue brothers over.

“I ask you!”

Darryl was expressionless and looked directly at the brothers: “Mateo and Jed, where have they gone?”

When he came back just now, Darryl could see that something was wrong. The only ones staying near Longmen Pass were Zang Shuiyue and Zangyunyue, as well as tens of thousands of death soldiers, but Mateo and the main force were missing.

Mateo was arrogant and arrogant, and he was very warlike, and suddenly disappeared with the main force. This is not his style.

“do not know!”

Cang Huoyue and Cang Shuiyue looked at each other and replied in unison!

do not know?

Hearing this, Darryl’s expression turned cold: “As your subordinates, don’t you know where Mateo and Jed are going? When I am stupid?”

As soon as the voice fell, Peter next to him exclaimed, “Darryl, stop talking nonsense. These two scums first betrayed the Raksha tribe, and then followed Jed to trouble the Jiuzhou Continent, so let’s just cut them down.”

Peter’s character is very hot, and at this moment, seeing the brothers still stubborn, he can’t help it.

“The Great Sage!”

As soon as the voice fell, Lorenzo, who was sitting next to him, gave a wry smile: “Don’t talk, let Darryl decide!”

These two brothers are Jade’s right-hand man and must not be killed easily.

Peter stopped talking.


Darryl took a deep breath and looked at the two brothers in front of him: “I’ll give you another chance, where did Mateo and Jed go?”

“Darryl, kill if you want, stop talking nonsense!” Cang Huoyue sneered.

Zang Shuiyue said coldly: “Yes, even if we know, we won’t tell you! If you want to do it, do it, your Majesty Pluto and Lord Jade will definitely give us revenge.”

When talking about this, the brothers both looked fearless. Even if Darryl really killed them, Mateo could use the power of the ghost world to resurrect them, so it was not at all false.


Seeing that the brothers were not eating, Darryl’s expression was extremely ugly, but he was helpless.


At this moment, a slender figure walked in, an ice-blue long skirt, and an icy temperament that could not be blasphemy all over his body. It was Irma, who was as beautiful as an immortal and detached from the mundane world.

After Irma helped Lorenzo dispel the soul contract, he went to investigate Mateo’s situation, but at that time Mateo left with the main force. Irma pursued Mateo for a day and night, but did not find Mateo’s whereabouts, and finally returned to no avail.

When I returned to Longmen Pass, I saw that Darryl and Lorenzo were not there. Only then did I learn that Darryl and Tianmen were excluded by the rivers and lakes of Jiuzhou, and finally found here.

“Irma! You are back!” Darryl was very pleased to see Irma, and he quickly said: “Have you found Mateo’s whereabouts?”

“No!” Irma red lips lightly opened, and spit out two words.


In the next second, Irma’s eyes fell on the two Tibetan Huoyue brothers, with strong hostility in their eyes.

Feeling Irma’s gaze, the brothers were inexplicably flustered.

“What did you ask?” Irma asked Darryl.

Darryl shook his head: “These two people are not afraid of death at all, so they didn’t ask anything.”

Not afraid of death?

Irma frowned, walked slowly in front of the two brothers, raised her hand, a terrifying aura filled her, she saw his palm come out, condensing a Ming curse.


Seeing the Ming curse in Irma’s palm, the brothers became inexplicably panicked, and took a breath of air-conditioning almost at the same time.

“You…what are you going to do?” Zang Huoyue couldn’t help but said, her voice trembling.

Irma said blankly: “I know you are not afraid of death, but don’t forget, I am the former Queen of Pluto, some of Pluto’s methods, and I will too! The reason why you are not afraid of death is because you will be affected by that after death. Mateo is resurrected, so he is so confident!”

“Have you seen the meditation curse in my palm? As long as I pat on your head, you will be dispelled and there will be no possibility of rebirth!”


When the voice fell, Irma gently waved his palm and patted the head of the nearest Tibetan Fire Moon.

Seeing the curse getting closer and closer, Cang Huoyue made her legs weak in fright, and quickly said: “I said, I said…”

Zang Shuiyue next to her was also pale, completely devoid of her previous arrogance and composure.


Seeing this scene, Darryl was very happy. Fortunately, Irma was there, otherwise, there is really no way to take the two brothers.

Thinking about it, Darryl yelled at the brothers: “Say it!”

Cang Huoyue’s body trembled and squatted: “His Majesty the Hades and Lord Jed, we have gone to Kunlun!”


Hearing this, Darryl was stunned, and then asked: “What will you do in Kunlun?”

Cang Huoyue lowered her head and said with trepidation: “His Majesty Pluto is preparing to fuse the power of the eight saints, and the entrance of the Heavenly Spirit Realm where the Nine Heavens Saints is located is above the Kunlun Peak, so…”

In the next few minutes, Zang Huoyue didn’t conceal the slightest, she told all she knew.

To be honest, Cang Huozue didn’t want to say it, because the fate of betraying the Hades was terrible, but there was no way. If you didn’t say it, you would lose your soul.


Knowing these circumstances, both Darryl and Irma’s expressions changed.

No wonder Mateo’s whereabouts are so difficult to find. It turns out that he took the main force of the death army to Kunlun Extremely.


Finally, Lorenzo took the lead in reacting, and told the people outside: “Hurry up and inform the major gates of Longmen Pass, so that they can rush to Kunlun Peak!”

With that said, Lorenzo directed at Darryl: “It shouldn’t be too late, let’s leave now.”

If Mateo combines the power of the eight saints, the consequences will be disastrous.

Darryl nodded, and hurriedly sent someone to Longmen Pass to report the letter, and at the same time greeted everyone to prepare to leave.


A few minutes later, the person sent to Longmen Pass returned quickly with an ugly expression: “Return to Brother Darryl, the major gates of Longmen Pass, I don’t believe that Mateo is at the top of Kunlun. A waste of effort…..”

Hearing this, whether it was Darryl or Lorenzo and others, they were all angry.


Peter slapped the table fiercely and cursed: “It’s really a bunch of villains, all of them are full of benevolence and morality, saying that others are not. When it comes to the matter, none of them can count on.”

With that, Peter directed at Darryl: “Darryl, if they don’t believe it, let’s go!”

“Yes, this matter can’t be delayed!” Lorenzo said afterwards.

“it is good!”

Darryl’s eyes flickered, and he nodded, and then rushed towards the top of Kunlun with everyone.

After several hours of rushing, Darryl and Lorenzo everyone finally arrived in a forest near Kunlun Peak.


At this moment, seeing Kunlun’s top direction, everyone couldn’t help but breathe in air-conditioning.

I saw that at the foot of the top, the army of death was densely gathered, like a copper wall and an iron wall. Not only that, but Jed led thousands of elites, constantly patrolling the surroundings.

Obviously, in order to prevent Kyushu from coming to support, Mateo deliberately asked Jed to lead the death army to make a deployment under the mountain.

“How to do?”

At this time, Raquel observed for a while, very anxious, and couldn’t help saying: “So many enemies, when we all break through and rush to the top, I’m afraid it is too late.”

Lorenzo also frowned and pondered, pondering countermeasures.


A few seconds later, Darryl thought of a way, and slowly said: “You attract Jed’s attention and draw the army away. Miaoying and I are looking for a chance to fly to the top.”

Chapter 1597

When talking about this, Darryl was very helpless.

To be honest, if the major sects believe in themselves and come together, they can completely contain Jed and the death army. At that time, he and Wen Ge, Peter, and Raquel and others will be able to reach the top of the mountain smoothly.

But now, with severe shortage of manpower, we can only plan like this!

As soon as the voice fell, Raquel shook her head and refused: “No! I want to go with you!”

At the same time, Lorenzo and Peter also expressed opposition.

“Darryl, Mateo is too strong, but if you three go up, I’m afraid you are not opponents!”

“Yes, let’s three brothers go up together, live together, and die together!”


Hearing this, a warm current surged in Darryl’s heart. He was alive, and it was worth it to have such a brother.

In the next second, Darryl took a deep breath and slowly said, “It’s better to follow my plan. We are too few, and if we all rush to decide, there are too many goals and it is easy to cause casualties.”

As he said, Darryl smiled slightly: “Don’t worry, Irma and Miaoying, one is the queen of the night, the other is a fairy. With their protection, I won’t have anything to do.” Remember to read a book for one second. .*.net

Hearing these words, Lorenzo and Peter were very unwilling, but they had nothing to refute.

Because Darryl was right, Kunlun was extremely high and steep, and if they rushed upward together, they would be completely targets. First issue @@@

Soon after the agreement was reached, Darryl took Miaoying and Irma, and looked and hid in the dark.


Lorenzo and Peter led the crowd, waving the flag and shouting, pretending to be a lot of people, and directly attacked Jed’s army of death.

At this time, Jed was patrolling the surroundings with his subordinates, and suddenly he was stunned when he heard the sound of killing.

Immediately afterwards, I saw dust and smoke in the woods not far away, followed by Lorenzo, Peter and others, killing them, soaring into the sky.


Seeing this scene, Jade was furious, and hurriedly shouted: “Hurry up, meet the enemy, the major sects of Kyushu are here!”

At this time Jed didn’t know yet, in the dust and smoke in front of him, there were not many people at all, it was Lorenzo and Peter who deliberately raised the noise.


Upon receiving the order, the army of death quickly assembled to meet Peter and others, and fierce fighting broke out between the two sides.

However, Lorenzo, Peter and others did not forget Darryl’s explanation. After fighting with Jed, they did not fall in love with each other, but led the death army away.


Seeing this scene, Darryl who was hiding in the dark breathed a sigh of relief, then greeted Irma and Miaoying, quickly rushed over, and flew to the top of Kunlun.


At this moment, Kunlun is above the top.

On the extremely wide platform, a huge bronze cauldron was erected at this time. This bronze cauldron was four or five meters high, and was engraved with black runes, filled with lifelessness.

Below the bronze cauldron, a dark blue flame was burning.

And around the copper cauldron, there was a circle of white bones with skulls exuding a trace of death black air, which was continuously being absorbed by the copper cauldron.

Not only that, the entire sky above was also enveloped by thick black clouds.

At this time, Mateo stood aside, looking at Tongding, with a trace of pride and excitement.

Behind him, the eight saints, Ziyan and Huanxiang, were all tied up with five flowers, each of them pale and extremely weak.

“All saints!”

At this moment, Mateo slowly turned around, his eyes swept over the eight saints one by one, jokingly said: “The soul-melting formation is complete, we can start. When I merge your power, it will be the whole The masters of Kyushu and the ghost world, so you should be honored!”


When the voice fell, Mateo raised his hand and waved, the chain of the god of the gods suddenly flung out, directly entangled the nearest Madeline tightly.

“Let go of me, let me go…”

Madeline resisted her whole body, and her face was a little desperate in addition to resentment.

The soul-melting formation in front of him is complete, and there is no room for reversal.

But it just died like that, not reconciled.

The remaining seven saints were all biting their lips, watching Madeline about to be thrown into the copper cauldron, almost biting and bleeding.

“Shameless villain!”

Finally, Huanxiang, with the strongest personality, couldn’t help it, and stared at Mateo fiercely: “You killed Lan Xin first, and now you want to merge our strengths. You will be punished by God, you let Madeline go. , Let her go…”

While shouting, Huanxiang struggled.

The Sisters of the Nine Heavens are deeply affectionate. Now that Madeline is about to be thrown into the copper cauldron, Huanxiang almost collapses.

At the same time, the other saints also cheered.

“Let Ziyan…”

“You villain, let her go…”

“Ha ha!”

Mateo didn’t panic after hearing the anger of the saints of Huanxiang, but a cruel smile appeared on his face: “What are you shouting? It is your destiny that falls on my hand. Waiting for me to merge her power. , It’s your turn now.”

With that said, Mateo was about to throw Madeline into the copper tripod.


At this moment, Madeline closed her eyes in despair, tears could not stop streaming down.

Sisters, goodbye.


At this critical moment, only a roar was heard, followed by a figure, leaping to the top, the knife-shaved face was full of anger, his eyes were like electricity, it was Darryl.


Seeing Darryl, whether it was Ziyan or Huanxiang, was a pleasant surprise.

Mateo’s pupils contracted even more, staring at Darryl closely, flashing with consternation and anger.

Mad, how did he know that he was top in Kunlun?

Soon, Mateo reacted, looked around Darryl, grinned and said: “Okay, you can find this place, you are the only one?”

“Yes, I’m the only one!” Darryl said coldly.

When he said this, Darryl looked cold, but he was a little uneasy. At the same time, Yu Guang also subconsciously looked at Mateo’s back.

I saw that two slender figures were quietly approaching the sages of Huanxiang.

It was Irma and Miaoying.

Yes, when he climbed to the top just now, Darryl was ready to attract Mateo’s attention, and then asked Irma and Miaoying to find a chance to quietly release the eight saints.

After all, Mateo is too strong. If he fights head-on, he will not only have no chance of winning, but will also accidentally hurt eight saints.


Hearing Darryl’s answer, Mateo couldn’t help laughing up to the sky. The laughter was full of mockery: “Darryl, Darryl, sometimes I really admire you. There are many things that I know I can’t do. I like to be strong. How would you deal with me without that Lu Lingshan teamed up with you?”

The corner of Darryl’s mouth raised, and he said lightly: “I’m not sure, I will come up alone? Tell you, Lu Lingshan has passed the power of the Chaos Yin Bead to me, and I have merged the power of the Yang Bead and Yin Bead. If you don’t believe it, you can try.”

While talking, Darryl clenched his fists tightly, his palms covered with sweat.

Yes, Darryl frightened Mateo, the Chaos Yin Yang Pearl could not fuse in one person.


Mateo was stunned for a moment, looked at Darryl closely, secretly surprised.

Darryl integrated the power of Chaos Yin Yang Pearl? how can that be?

In Longmen Pass, after being injured by Darryl and Lu Lingshan, Mateo deliberately studied the Chaos Yin-Yang Bead. These two beads were conceived before the chaos opened the world. One Yin and Yang can only depend on each other. It is impossible to merge together.

Wipe, wipe, wipe….

Just when Mateo frowned and was puzzled, he heard a noise coming from behind him.

Mateo looked back quickly, and at this look, suddenly became angry.

Chapter 1598

I saw that the shackles of the sages of Huanxiang who were tied up by the five flowers had been untied. In front of them, two slender figures stood.

It was Irma and Miaoying.


Seeing this scene, Mateo was taken aback for a moment, and then his eyes were instantly congested, and the anger in his heart rose!

“good very good!”

In the next second, Mateo turned his head and looked at Darryl coldly: “The master of the dignified heavenly gate has actually learned to lie, Darryl, can you play this set with me! Just rely on the three of you to want to save Nine Heavens Saint? You look down on me too much!”

When he said this, Mateo looked arrogant.

But I have to say that Mateo combines the power of Pluto and also has arrogant capital.


Feeling Mateo’s anger, Darryl took a deep breath and slowly said: “The Nine Heavens Saints are about the safety of Kyushu, I must take them away!” First posted @@@

Mateo clasped the chain of the underworld, with a terrifying expression: “Okay, let me see how you can save it! Today I will give you a chance, and the three of you can get on together!”

The voice fell, and a terrifying breath broke out from Mateo!


Seeing this, Darryl frowned secretly, and at the same time glanced at Irma and Miaoying.

At this time, Darryl was very depressed. He wanted to attract Mateo’s attention and asked Irma to leave with the Nine Heavens Saintess quietly, but he did not expect that they had just let go of the Nine Heavens Saintess, Mateo. Just found out.

Darryl saw that the power of the Saints of Huanxiang had been sealed, and they were no different from ordinary people, and could not help at all.

D*mn, just hit it!

Thinking about it, Darryl didn’t hesitate, and directly summoned Fang Tian to paint a halberd. Together with Irma, he rose into the air and surrounded Mateo!

There are two Darryl and Irma, one is the famous Tianmen Sect Master of Kyushu, the other is the Queen of the Ming, and the other is the fairy of the illusion. They are placed in the rivers and lakes of Kyushu, and they are the existences that everyone looks up to. At this time, they joined forces to erupt. , I saw the Kunlun peak, the wind and clouds surging, the entire sky was distorted, and the momentum was amazing!

At the same time, Darryl did not forget to shout to the sages of Huanxiang: “Quickly, you go, we will block him!”

Darryl knew that he and Irma would not necessarily be Mateo’s opponent if they were to join forces, but since they had already come up, no matter what, they had to get the Nine Heavens Saintess out of danger.

Hearing this, Huanxiang’s saints looked at each other and were about to leave Kunlun extremely.


Mateo laughed wildly, eyes full of contempt: “Do you think they can go?”

When the voice fell, Mateokou had a word in his middle age, and he saw a black mist spread out from the huge Tongding, and in just a few seconds, the entire Kunlun was completely enveloped.

Feeling the evil spirit in the black mist, both Darryl and Miaoying frowned, only feeling that their breathing became heavier. As Empress Irma, although she was not afraid of these black mists, her beautiful face became solemn.

Puff, puff…

What made Darryl even more furious was that the eight sages of Huanxiang, after inhaling the black mist, trembled one by one, and all collapsed to the ground, as if they were emptied of energy.


Darryl was startled, furious, and anxious.

What’s the situation? Irma two, didn’t they help them untie them? And there was no injury on his body, how could he not even have the strength to walk.

“Soul Locking Curse?” At this moment, Irma frowned and spit out a few words gently.

Darryl was stunned: “What kind of soul-locking curse?”

Irma breathed a sigh of relief and slowly said: “The Soul Locking Curse is similar to the soul contract. Those who have been hit by the Soul Locking Curse will be controlled by the caster, which is very insidious.”


As soon as the voice fell, Mateo laughed and nodded at Irma: “As expected of the previous generation Ming Empress, I saw it at a glance, yes, I have cast a soul-locking curse on these eight saints, as long as I Neither of them can leave after chanting the spell.”

Hearing this, Darryl was completely stunned.

Unexpectedly, Mateo still has a back player, what should I do now?


Just when Darryl was secretly anxious, Mateo’s eyes were blood red, and he roared wildly, and the chain of the underworld in his hand was thrown out like a spirit snake.

In an instant, I heard a scream from the chain of Underworld God, and immediately after that, a blood-colored light burst out, instantly enveloping Darryl and Irma.

None of the three Darryl had time to dodge, and they were directly swept by the golden light!

Bang bang bang…

All of a sudden, Darryl and Irma trembled, and they were directly taken away and fell to the edge of the summit.

Darryl struggled to stand up, only to feel the qi and blood in his body churning, and at the same time he was shocked in his heart.

Can’t he, Irma, and Miaoying join forces to stop Mateo’s move?

Is this the power of Pluto? It’s horrible.

Mateo didn’t take advantage of the momentum to pursue, but coldly glanced at Darryl: “You see Darryl, your strength is not worth mentioning in front of me. Want to save people? It’s ridiculous.”


Darryl frowned, unable to tell the fire, but his expression was still very firm: “I am here today, don’t you want to hurt the Nine Heavens Saint.”

“Okay, kind of.”

Mateo looked fierce and shouted: “Since you have to die, I am as you wish. From now on, I want you to completely disappear in Kyushu!”

As the voice fell, Mateo’s internal strength burst out, and a terrifying aura swept out from his body. In an instant, the surrounding air seemed to be stagnant, and immediately afterwards, the chain of Underworld God in his hand flew towards Darryl again.

At the same time, the sky-opening axe in his hand also shone with dazzling light!

Darryl couldn’t think too much, and quickly dodged.

“Darryl, let’s help you!”

At this time, Irma Jiao yelled, and Miaoying rose up again and fought Mateo with Darryl. The bursting power of the two sides caused the surrounding dark clouds to roll and thunder and shake, like the end of the world.

However, after a few minutes passed, the three Darryl were unable to subdue Mateo at all, but were suppressed by Mateo.

And Mateo continued to chant the spell while fighting with Darryl three fiercely.

Of course, what Mateo chanted this time was not the Soul Locking Curse, but the activation of the Soul Fusion Array.


At this moment, I saw the dense inscription on the huge copper cauldron in the center of the formation, emitting a green and faint light, and then the copper cauldron was spinning at high speed.


During the high-speed rotation, a strong suction burst out from the copper cauldron, and then, I saw the eight saints of Huanxiang, one by one, their bodies trembling violently, and at the same time, the strength of the Yuan Ying on their bodies was lost. Inhaled frantically in the copper cauldron.


Mateo was very proud, and sneered at Darryl: “See Darryl, even if you bring your helper to make trouble, it will not affect my plan in the slightest. Even if I fight with you, I can pass the Rong Soul Grand Formation. Come to absorb the power of the Nine Heavens Saint’s Nascent Soul, hahaha…”

Darryl did not respond, but he was anxious.

How to do? This piece of Yu was able to fight against himself while absorbing the power of the Nine Heavens Saint Maiden through the soul-melting formation.

Irma and Miaoying also stomped their feet in anxious manner.


In the next second, Irma pointed at Darryl and said, “Go help the Nine Heavens Saintess, Mateo and Miaoying will deal with it.”

As he said, Irma bit her lip, avoiding Mateo’s whip, retreating without advancing, and getting closer with Mateo, Yushou hit his heart.

Chapter 1599

“Fight against me?”

Seeing Irma attacking, Mateo didn’t panic at all, sneered, and greeted him with a palm.

Although Irma is the Queen of the Ming, Mateo didn’t pay attention to it at all, and the other party and himself were getting closer, which was completely seeking death.


At the moment when Mateo and Irma’s palms touched each other, Miaoying quickly attacked, also with one palm.

Mateo didn’t think much, raised his left hand to meet.

Bang bang…

He heard two dull vibrations, Mateo’s two hands, respectively, reached Irma and Miao Ying, and joined forces in the air.

Yes, Irma made eye contact with Miao Ying just now, and the only way to hold Mateo was to fight him internally.


Seeing this scene, Darryl was stunned.

“Ha ha!”

At this time, Mateo also reacted and sneered: “Fight with me? Do you think you will win? You will only lose even more miserably!” The voice fell, and the terrifying Yin Sha power exploded through his hands far and wide.

Feeling a strong force coming, Irma and Miaoying both pale, their bodies trembled, but they still gritted their teeth to resist.

In the next second, Irma urged Darryl: “Darryl, hurry up!”

The nine-day saint was already unable to withstand the absorption of the bronze cauldron.

Hearing this, Darryl gritted his teeth and flew down to the eight saints.

At this time, Darryl saw that the eight saints were extremely pale and the situation was very dangerous under the absorption of the bronze cauldron.

“Several saints, what should I do?” Darryl asked quickly, sweating profusely.


At this moment, the eight saints looked at each other, their expressions a bit complicated.

Immediately afterwards, Huan Xiang sighed lightly and slowly said: “It’s too late, Darryl, you and your friends are going, leave us alone!”

This section of Yu is too strong, and the three Darryl are not opponents at all. More importantly, because of Lan Xin’s death, his sister had misunderstood Darryl, and he could no longer make him take risks for his eight sisters.

“No!” Darryl was anxious: “I will never allow you to have an accident. Tell me quickly how to stop the bronze cauldron.”

Seeing Darryl’s expression, the sages of Huanxiang were all moved and guilty inexplicably.

This Darryl is a real man, but it’s a pity that he has always misunderstood him before.


Finally, Huan Xiang took a deep breath and said softly at Darryl: “Once the soul-melting formation is opened, it can’t stop, unless you have a way to form a barrier around us to cut off the absorption power of the copper cauldron. “

what? can not stop?

Hearing this, Darryl furrowed his brows, anxious, and immediately stopped hesitating, and directly urged Bai Lian Lenghuo to deploy a protective film around the eight saints.

The moment the protective film was formed, it immediately protected the eight saints and blocked the suction of the copper cauldron.

It’s a success!

Seeing this scene, Huanxiang was very happy, but seeing Darryl’s face, they were all worried.

I saw that Darryl’s face turned pale, and cold sweat kept on his forehead.

The bursting power of the soul-melting formation is so powerful that it is uD*mnginable. Darryl can only keep the eight saints safe by constantly urging the white lotus cold fire and continuously strengthening the power of the protective film.

However, the constant urging of Bai Lian’s cold fire consumes a lot of internal strength.

In less than a minute, Darryl was almost unable to hold it, his legs were straight and soft.

In midair, Irma and Miaoying were still fighting Mateo. The whole situation seemed to froze, but it was very unfavorable for Darryl.


However, at this moment, a powerful aura came from below the summit, a fiery red figure flew up to the summit, with a beautiful face, revealing an icy, arrogant, s3xy body, and a breath of terror.

It is Yan Hong!


Feeling the breath of Yan Hong, whether it was Mateo or the eight saints, they were secretly surprised.

Darryl’s expression changed even more.

Oops, Yan Hong is also here, and the situation is even more difficult to control.

Thinking about it, Darryl shouted at Yan Hong: “Yan Hong, hurry, help me deal with Mateo!”

“Ha ha!”

Hearing this, Yan Hong’s mouth curled up, revealing an indifferent smile: “Darryl, why should I help you? I killed Long Yaotian for you before, but you blamed me on the other hand, and you have to draw a line with me. , It’s been less than two days now, let me help you again, when will you become silly?”

Uh …

Darryl was very embarrassed, then squeezed out a smile, and said with comfort: “Yan Hong, I was wrong before, I shouldn’t blame you, I apologize to you now.”

“The Nine Heavens Saint is about the safety of Kyushu, there must be no accident, and you and Miaoying have the same roots, do you want to watch her have an accident?”

When he said this, Darryl’s eyes were full of expectation, and his body couldn’t stop shaking.

Yes, continuously urging Bailian Lenghuo to help the eight saints resist the power of the soul-melting formation, Darryl’s internal strength was almost exhausted, almost unable to withstand it.

To be honest, apologizing to Yan Hong, Darryl was very reluctant.

But there is no way. The situation is getting more and more dangerous. If Yan Hong does not help herself, not only will the eight saints not survive, but also both herself and Irma will not escape death.

However, Yan Hong’s face was cold and unmoved at all.

Darryl was completely anxious, almost crying: “Yan Hong, I beg you…”

Hearing this, Yan Hong breathed a sigh of relief and nodded.


In the next second, Yan Hong’s delicate body flashed, and instantly came to Mateo’s back.

At this time, Mateo was still fighting internal strength with Irma and Miao Ying, and his clone was lacking.

Feeling the danger approaching behind him, Mateo was shocked and hurriedly said: “Hey, don’t listen to Darryl. What benefits can you get for him? I am different. I am the ghost king, and I will be called soon. Kyushu rules.”

“It’s not as good as you and me unite, as long as you help me integrate the power of the Nine Heavens Saintess, I will never treat you badly…”


Hearing this, Yan Hong’s eyes flickered, and he stopped instantly: “It sounds good!”


Seeing this scene, Darryl’s expression changed, and he hurriedly shouted: “Yan Hong, don’t believe him. This person is cunning and unreliable. If you helped him today, he will turn his head to deal with you tomorrow.”

When he said this, Darryl was anxious, and never expected that Mateo would use his profit to seduce Yan Hong.

At the same time, Irma, Miaoying, and the eight saints’ gazes were also staring at Yan Hong. You must know that the only thing that can break this situation is Yan Hong.

For a while, Yan Hong was floating there, her eyebrows furrowed, and her heart seemed to be wavering.


Finally, Yan Hong sighed lightly, and looked up and down Mateo: “I heard that you not only merged with the power of a nine-day saint, but also swallowed the power of the previous Pluto?”

Mateo was stunned, and didn’t understand Yan Hong’s meaning for a while.

At this moment, Yan Hong continued: “That said, I can also swallow your power, right?”


When the voice fell, Yan Hong’s power burst out, and the jade hand was raised, and it was suddenly clasped on Mateo’s head.

Yan Hong is evil in nature, Mateo’s words really made her very interested, but she didn’t expect to cooperate with Mateo, but wanted to replace it.

Chapter 1600


Seeing this scene, no matter it was Mateo or Darryl, they were all shocked.

Especially Mateo, who was frightened and panicked: “You are looking for death… I am Pluto…”

At this time, Mateo didn’t expect that he threw an olive branch toward Yan Hong, instead of drawing Yan Hong over, he also caused a murderous disaster.

After howling, Mateo wanted to turn around and fight back against Yan Hong.

However, the two Irma in front of him were fighting internally with him, and Mateo couldn’t withdraw his hand rashly.


Suddenly, under Yan Hong’s swallowing, Mateo only felt that the strength in his body was escaping crazily. The aura that had originally defied the world disappeared instantly, and the whole person was extremely weak.

What frightened Mateo even more was that his own soul also seemed to get out of the body. This body was meant to preempt Clint. At this time, Yan Hong swallowed his entire body strength, and the soul gradually lost control of the body.

Buzz, buzz, buzz…

With the continuous devouring, Yan Hong’s power continued to rise, causing the surrounding air to be extremely distorted and extremely terrifying.


Seeing this scene, whether it was Darryl or Irma, they were all inexplicably shocked.

At the same time, Irma and Miao Ying also quickly returned to Darryl to help him resist the power of the soul-melting formation.


At this time, Darryl was paying attention to the movement of Yanhong in the air, and said anxiously: “Hurry up and find a way to stop the soul-melting formation!” Irma was the former Queen of the Netherworld, and definitely knew the way.

Irma opened her mouth and was about to speak, but Yan Hong interrupted her with a sneer.

“Don’t bother!” Yan Hong at this time had completely integrated Mateo’s strength, her delicate body flashed, and she had reached before Darryl, her cold face was extremely proud.

Yan Hong’s gaze gave Darryl a bad premonition, and said coldly, “Yan Hong, what else are you doing?”

While talking, Darryl subconsciously looked at Mateo who had fallen from mid-air, cold sweat broke out instantly.

I saw that Mateo at this time only had a skin bag left.

Yan Hong not only integrated Mateo’s power, but also swallowed his soul.

Speaking of it, although Yan Hong is powerful, it is difficult to swallow Mateo’s power and soul. However, Mateo and Irma, and Miao Ying used up a lot of internal strength before, so Yan Hong took advantage of it.

“This Mateo has deployed the Soul Rushing Formation, it can’t be wasted!” Yan Hong said coldly, then raised his jade hand and grabbed it directly to the nearest Huanxiang.

Yes, Yan Hong swallowed Mateo’s power and felt that it was not enough. At this time, he had to integrate the power of the Nine Heavens Saint.


Darryl was furious and was about to stop him, but he had consumed too much internal energy before, and he was powerless at all.

Irma and Miao Ying also changed their faces, and at the same time rushed to stop them, but Yan Hong was too fast to make it in time.


Seeing that Yan Hong was about to grasp the magic incense, suddenly, the huge copper cauldron exploded in the fusion soul formation, and the horrible roar caused the entire Kunlun to be filled with dust and smoke. At the same time, dark clouds in the sky rolled and lightning flashed. Thunder.

Obviously, Yan Hong swallowed Mateo’s power, causing the soul-melting formation to be disordered, and finally causing the copper cauldron to explode.

Boom boom boom…

Accompanied by bursts of roar, the entire Kunlun peaked and shook violently. Then, a huge black vortex appeared in the dark clouded sky.


Seeing this scene, no matter it was Darryl or Yan Hong, they were all stunned.

And the saints of Huanxiang had solemn expressions, and their eyes flashed with inexplicable panic.

what’s the situation?

In the next second, Huanxiang was the first to react and shouted at Darryl: “Quickly, leave this Kunlun peak, this is the vortex of chaos.”

Chaos vortex?

Hearing this, Darryl looked confused, and said with horror: “What chaotic vortex?”

Huan Xiang quickly said: “The Chaos Vortex is a special existence that can swallow everything. Once it is inhaled, it will never come back!”

Hearing this, Darryl’s expression changed, and a scientific term that he learned when he was young in school, the cosmic black hole, also appeared in his mind.

Could it be that this chaotic vortex is a cosmic black hole?

D*mn, how could this happen in Kunlun?

At this time, Darryl didn’t know that Kunlun was absolutely the Nine Heavens Saintess, at the entrance of the Heavenly Spirit Realm. Mateo deployed the soul-melting formation here, but was interrupted by Yanhong midway, causing the formation to erupt, and then triggering heaven and earth aura. Completely collapsed.

In this case, the chaotic vortex appeared.


When Darryl was frightened and uncertain, Yan Hong suddenly sneered, slapped Darryl’s back with a palm, and heard Darryl’s snorting, the whole person was directly shocked and flew out, and the direction of flight happened to be the chaotic vortex.

Yes, Yan Hong planned to let Darryl be swallowed by the Chaos Vortex, so that he would have no future troubles.


Darryl was frightened and angry, but the reaction was also quick, and he grabbed Yan Hong’s skirt corner tightly.


At this time, the chaotic vortex quickly turned, and a dazzling light burst out, covering Darryl and Yanhong. In this dazzling light, there was a terrifying suction.

“Let go!” Yan Hong Jiao shouted, she never expected that Darryl would grab the corner of her skirt at a critical moment.

When the voice fell, Yan Hong slapped Darryl’s shoulder with another palm. He heard Darryl snorted, a mouthful of blood spurted out, but his hands were still holding the skirt corners tightly, and he didn’t let go.

At this time, Darryl, under his anger, was ready to die with Yan Hong.

Ma De, this Yanhong. If you want me to be swallowed by the vortex of chaos, I can’t live, and you don’t want to live it well.


Seeing this scene, Irma and Miaoying, as well as the eight saints, all changed their expressions and exclaimed.


Immediately afterwards, Miaoying bit her lip, without any hesitation, flew up and hugged Darryl.

“Miaoying, what are you doing?” Darryl’s heart was shaken, and he couldn’t help but ask Miaoying.

When saying this, Darryl’s hands had been holding on to Yan Hong’s skirt corners.

“Darryl, you are finished, I am your wife.” Miaoying bit her lips tightly, her beautiful face was extremely firm: “Before in too illusory realm, you have admitted, so we are born together. Die together!”

Miaoying and Yan Hong are both fairy spirits in the realm of illusion, but their personalities are at two extremes.

Miaoying was kind and dedicated, she looked for Darryl, and seeing that Darryl was about to be sucked into the Chaos Vortex, she would definitely die, and she would never live alone!


Hearing this, Darryl was touched unspeakably: “Miaoying, why are you so stupid…”


At this moment, the suction that broke out in the chaotic vortex became stronger and stronger, completely swallowing the three Darryl, and the figure disappeared.


Seeing this scene, whether it was Irma or the eight saints, they all shed tears when they were sad.

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