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Chapter 1606

“Yeah…” Doug hesitated, and said with a smile: “I want to invite Mr. Darryl, Irene’s teacher, my daughter, who has been smart since she was a child, is a little headstrong. I hope Mr. Darryl can teach her So that she can reduce her temperament…”

This one….

Darryl groaned, and after a few seconds, he nodded and said: “Okay.”

Speaking of which, Darryl didn’t want to agree. After all, the most important thing now is to find Miaoying and Yanhong, and then think of a way to return to the world of the Jiuzhou Continent.

But I just got here and I still need Doug’s help in the future.


Seeing Darryl’s promise, Doug was very excited and beamed with joy.

Afterwards, Doug invited Darryl out of the study very politely.

When I got to the outside courtyard, I saw Irene and the surrounding soldiers still there.


At this moment, seeing Doug and Darryl talking and laughing, no matter it was Irene or all the soldiers present, they were all stunned.

This…what’s going on? Are you dazzled?

This humble slave unexpectedly stood shoulder to shoulder with the city lord, and the city lord was still very polite to him?

Especially Irene, her body trembling even more, her face is full of incredible.

“Eileen!” At this moment, Doug beckoned to Irene.

Irene slowed down and walked over slowly.

When he arrived, Doug smiled slightly and pointed at Darryl and said, “Eileen, I just found a master for you, this is Mr. Darryl. In the future, you must be obedient and concentrate on learning skills with Mr. Darryl, knowing ?”


Hearing this, the entire castle was in an uproar, and everyone exploded.

Irene trembled even more, completely stunned.

Is father crazy? Let a slave be his own teacher?

Immediately afterwards, there was a lot of discussion around.

“what’s the situation?”

“The city chief asked Miss Irene to be the slave’s apprentice?”


The surrounding discussion kept coming, and Irene also reacted and shouted at Doug: “Father, he is a slave, how can he be qualified to be my teacher? Are you confused?”

When she said this, Irene gave Darryl a cold glance, unable to conceal her inner contempt.

“shut up!”

Doug trembled with anger, and yelled at Irene: “Mr. Darryl is not a slave at all, but a person with great ability. It is an honor for you to be your teacher!”

Not a slave?

Hearing this, Irene was stunned, and then said disapprovingly: “Even if he is not a slave, he has nothing special and is not worthy of being my teacher!”

Dao’s anger was not good, and he pointed to Darryl and said, “Isn’t it worthy? Did you know that he just used…” In the middle of the talk, he was stuck. In the Roland Continent, no one knows the existence of the formation, even Dao Ge Zhen has collected an ancient book which records innate gossip, which is completely incomprehensible.

At this time, Darryl reminded him: “Bagua Formation!”


Doug nodded his head heavily, and then yelled at Irene: “Mr. Darryl used the gossip array just now, and a dozen soldiers couldn’t touch him. This is what I can do. I tell you, if you want to recognize him as a teacher today, I There is no such daughter as you!”

When he said this, Doug was anxious and angry.

The descendants of Lord Fuyi beside him, he finally asked Darryl to agree to him, but this daughter was still unwilling in every possible way.


At this moment, the entire castle was silent!

Everyone looked at Darryl closely, and their eyes were full of complexity. Who the hell is this kid? Can make the city owner respect him so much.

Irene is also stupid!

Doug’s words are like an invisible sledge hammer, slammed into her heart, and if he does not recognize the teacher, the father does not recognize his own daughter. Why? This person is dressed like a slave, what is so good about it?

Thinking about it, Irene took a deep breath and said, “What gossip array, he just doesn’t have any abilities, and he was not caught just because of good luck. Anyway, I won’t recognize him as a teacher.”


Doug was completely angry, shivering with anger.

Seeing her father’s anger, Irene also realized that there was something wrong with her direct refusal. She looked around and pointed to a burly soldier next to her: “It’s okay to let me recognize him as a teacher, unless he can beat Heath.”

Hearing this, Doug frowned.

Darryl tilted his head to look and saw this Heath, who was very burly, almost two meters tall, wearing heavy armor, and looking like a hill from a distance, holding a wide giant sword, looking at Ling Ling. Fear of life.


At this moment, the other soldiers around were also cheered up.

You should know that martial arts are popular in the Roland Continent, no matter which city, there is a special venue for people to compete. Of course, it is not called a ring here, but a competition.

In Simon City, a competitive competition is held every year. At this time, every soldier was inexplicably excited when seeing Irene wanting Darryl to fight with Hiss.

Of course, Heath’s voice is very high. You must know that Heath is Doug’s personal guard, and he has the title of knight. He is the strongest man under Doug.


Seeing Darryl groaning silently, Irene looked smug: “Dare you?” As she said, she looked at Darryl up and down, very confident.

The man in front of him had no holy power on his body, and Heath could easily knock him down with a single finger.

Irene at this time didn’t know that Darryl came from another world, and the dantian internal power she practiced was completely different from here. The sacred power here belongs to the exogenous aura, while the dantian internal power is introverted. At this time, Darryl has constrained her internal power. Impossible.

Perceiving Irene’s contempt, Darryl didn’t care, smiled slightly, and said lightly: “What can’t you dare?”

To be honest, Darryl didn’t want to compete with Heath, but he had already promised Doug that he had to take Irene as an apprentice, so he could only compete.


When the voice fell, Heath strode out, and at the same time, the surrounding soldiers quickly dispersed and made a clearing.

At this time, Doug said at Darryl: “Mr. Darryl, what weapon do you use?”

To be honest, Irene asked Darryl and Heath to compete, and Doug was very angry, but at the same time he wanted to see what strength this descendant of Lord Fu Yi was.

At this moment, Heath had already reached the center of the clearing.

Darryl took a deep breath and said lightly: “I don’t use weapons.”

Although the internal force only recovered a small part, it was more than enough to deal with the Heath in front of him. Moreover, his Fang Tian painted halberd was a special-shaped weapon in this different world and could not be easily displayed.


Hearing this, no matter it was Doug and Irene, or everyone around, they were all taken aback.

Of course, most people think that Darryl is bragging. You must know that in Roland Continent, the battle among sacred power cultivators is not as complicated as that of Kyushu, and there is no saying that softness is used to overcome rigidity. Its own strength and weapons are particularly important.

Heath’s giant sword is hard and sharp, and it has an advantage in itself, but Darryl does not even use weapons, it is impossible to win, and he is properly defeated.

Chapter 1607

At this time, Heath also slightly narrowed his eyes and looked at Darryl: “Are you sure you don’t need weapons?”

Darryl slowly walked into the court and nodded: “Yes, we can start!”

Darryl’s attitude made Heath feel contemptuous, and with a roar, holding the giant sword tightly, his figure leaped high, slashing towards Darryl directly!


At this moment, Darryl only felt a strong wind rushing toward his face, and he was surprised secretly. The holy power of this different world was nothing special, but the aura that broke out was really strong.

Thinking about it, Darryl turned his feet and quickly dodged backwards.


Darryl’s precision was very good, and he just avoided it, and saw Heath’s giant sword slashed to the ground at once.


Seeing this scene, the surrounding soldiers couldn’t help laughing. In their opinion, Darryl’s dodge was showing weakness.

Irene was also smug, and couldn’t help but said to Doug, “Father, you see, this man has no abilities. Once he meets his opponent, he knows to hide.” Remember to read for a second. htp:/ /m.*.net

Doug frowned, did not speak, but couldn’t help muttering in his heart.

This descendant of Lord Fuyi, wouldn’t he really be able to beat Heath?

At this time in the field!

Seeing Darryl avoiding himself with a sword, Heath couldn’t help but sneer, taunting: “That’s the only thing you can do? Can you only hide?”

The voice fell, his hands clasped the giant sword tightly, and he rushed towards Darryl again.


The wind on Darryl’s face was light and the clouds were light, and he sighed lightly, and then rushed forward.

Seeing that the two were about to collide together, Darryl suddenly went around to Heath’s right side, raised his hand and tapped on Heath’s acupoint. Yes, Darryl saw that the sacred power of this world is completely different from the internal power of the Dantian. There is no meridian, let alone what acupuncture points are. As long as you click on Heath’s acupuncture points, you can easily defeat it.


When the acupuncture point was tapped, Heath’s body trembled, and he couldn’t move immediately.

Darryl’s speed was very fast, everyone felt that there was a flower in front of them, and Heath did not react at all.

“Huh? What’s the matter, why isn’t Heath moving?”


At this moment, many soldiers around couldn’t help but talk, very surprised.

Heath in the field was even more shocked. He clearly felt that his body was completely out of control, as if he had been cursed.

How could this be?

Just when Heath was panicking secretly, he saw Darryl smile slightly, his body flashed directly to the front, and then he kicked Heath’s stomach.

This foot also solved Heath’s acupoint by the way.


There was a dull sound, and Heath was kicked out and he flew a full ten meters before falling to the ground. Although the injury was not serious, he was very embarrassed.


Seeing this scene, everyone in the audience was dumbfounded, this Darryl defeated Heath without using weapons? It’s incredible. The mobile terminal will remember to provide you with wonderful novel reading in one second.

It’s just… how did Heath stop moving just now?

When Darryl tapped his acupuncture point just now, he made a quick move, and even Heath himself did not respond, so everyone around him didn’t see clearly, thinking that something was wrong with Heath himself.

“You lost!” Darryl stood there with his back, smiling at Heath and said.

Heath gritted his teeth and stared at Darryl fiercely. He was very unconvinced in his heart, but he didn’t know how to refute it.

At this time, Irene walked over quickly and blamed Heath: “This man doesn’t even have a weapon. You can’t beat it. Also, what happened to you just now? Why didn’t you move and let him stand there? kick?”

When I said this, Irene was furious. I thought Heath would win, but he didn’t expect to lose so embarrassed.

“Miss Irene, I…”

Heath opened his mouth and wanted to cry without tears: “I don’t know what’s going on. I just couldn’t move just now.” He was the entire Simon City, a famous knight, and he lost to the hands of an unknown soldier. It’s shameful.

Depressed, Heath didn’t look at Darryl attentively because of his defeat, thinking that the defeat just now was just a coincidence.


At this time, Doug came over with a big laugh, and said to Irene: “Irene, have you seen it, Mr. Darryl defeated Heath, is he qualified to be your teacher?”

When he said this, Doug couldn’t hide his excitement.

Although Darryl didn’t win very well in the competition just now, and even a little confusing, he still won.


Irene bit her lip and said: “Just now you can see that Heath suddenly couldn’t move. Obviously he is not in the state today, so this game cannot be counted!”

Like Heath, Irene felt that in the fight just now, Heath suddenly couldn’t move his body, which was an accident. Otherwise, Darryl would not be able to beat him at all.

When Doug’s face changed, he was going to scold him.

At this moment, Darryl smiled, and said to Irene: “It’s really interesting. It turns out that Miss Irene can say nothing. You proposed the game. Now you lose and you deny it, Lord City Lord, you Simon The established rules have always been the same. Whatever has been said, can it not be counted?”

After saying this, Darryl’s face was light and breezy.


At this time, everyone’s eyes fell on Irene. Irene said in person just now that if Heath wants to lose, she will recognize Darryl as a teacher.

Is she really going to ruin the betting contract?

At this moment, looking at Darryl’s smile, Irene bit her lip tightly, almost bleeding from the bite.

Doug couldn’t help his face, and couldn’t help but scolded: “Eileen, don’t you hurry up to apologize to Mr. Darryl?”

He is the city lord of Simon, if his daughter doesn’t count, where will the face be saved?

Irene’s body trembled when she heard the scolding.

In the next second, Irene walked over slowly, and when she reached Darryl, her face blushed, and she whispered in a low voice, “Mr. Darryl, I’m sorry… in the future… please give me more guidance in the future!”

In the mainland of Roland, apprentices recognize their teachers, there is no saying that they kneel down in salute, and there is no tradition of serving tea.

However, in Irene’s heart, agreeing to recognize Darryl as a teacher and apologizing in public is already his bottom line.

At this time, Irene was full of aggrieved heart! To be honest, at this moment, she really wanted to turn around and leave, but in this way, her credibility would be ruined and her father’s reputation would be compromised. After all, it is a fact that Heath lost the fight, and there are so many people around watching.

Ha ha….

However, when Darryl stood there, he sneered secretly. This Roland Continent really had no rules at all. Since he had been apprentice, he didn’t even have basic etiquette.

“Mr. Darryl?” Seeing Darryl standing still, Doug realized that something was wrong and asked quickly: “Does Mr. have something to say?”


Darryl took a deep breath and said lightly: “At my place, I have to pay my respects to the teacher, and I have to kneel down, otherwise it doesn’t count!” When he said this, Darryl looked at Irene with a smile.

To be honest, Darryl had just arrived, and didn’t want to embarrass this City Master Miss, but thinking that she had treated herself as a slave and humiliated her in every way, he was ready to take the opportunity to teach her a lesson.

Chapter 1608



Hearing this, the audience was in an uproar. All the soldiers looked at Darryl in surprise, thinking that this man was crazy.

Especially Irene, her eyes widened, glaring at Darryl, her body trembling.

You should know that in Roland Continent, only on very solemn occasions can the bowing ceremony be performed, and the object is only the supreme ruler or one’s own parents.

I’ve never heard of it. If you recognize a teacher, you have to bow down, because the atmosphere here is more open. Teachers and students are both teachers and friends.


Doug was also taken aback, but he quickly realized that Darryl is a descendant of Lord Fu Yi. He lives on overseas islands all the year round. The customs and etiquette are different from those of Roland mainland, which is normal.

Thinking of this, Doug didn’t hesitate, and urged Irene: “Quick, kneel.”

However, Irene stood there and didn’t mean to kneel at all.


Finally, Irene reacted and couldn’t help but shouted at Doug: “Why? Why do I have to let me recognize him as a teacher? Kneel down? I won’t kneel!”

Doug was so angry that he walked over quickly and slapped Irene on the face!


This slap almost used all his strength, and Irene was immediately beaten up, her face was covered with her hand, and her eyes were full of grievances!

“Father!” Irene cried out all of a sudden: “What kind of devil are you in? What is so good about this person?”

Daoge trembled all over, pointing at Darryl and said, “Do you know who he is? Don’t say it’s me, even if he gets to any place in Roland Continent, he can enjoy the highest treatment!”

At this time, Doug wanted to say that Darryl was a descendant of Lord Fu Yi, but at the critical moment, he still held back.


Hearing this, the soldiers around were all stupid.

Where can I enjoy the highest treatment? What kind of identity is this Darryl!

Irene is also stupid!

At this moment, she felt her legs feel soft, and Jiao Chu couldn’t help taking two steps back.

She could see that when her father mentioned Darryl, his expression was full of respect and politeness.

Could it be that this man is really extraordinary.


A few seconds later, under Doug’s strong pressure, Irene had to bend her knees and knelt in front of Darryl.


Seeing this scene, Darryl couldn’t tell the ease, he walked to Irene with a smile, and touched her head: “Well, this is good, apprentice, get up.”

With Darryl’s action, Irene was ashamed and angry, her delicate face flushed all of a sudden, and she secretly swore in her heart.

Darryl, you are waiting for me, today I am so embarrassed, I will not let you go if I have a chance in the future.


On the other side, the mainland of Kyushu.

Mateo’s power of the Hades was swallowed by Yanhong, and then Yanhong, Darryl, and Miaoying were all swallowed by the vortex of chaos, and Kunlun Peak also completely collapsed and disappeared. The news spread, and the entire Kyushu was a sensation.

Under this circumstance, the situation in Kyushu has also changed rapidly.

At this moment, far away from Shellmound Island outside Kyushu.

In the main hall, Sandi was wearing a long dress, sitting on the throne, with a smile of relief on her beautiful face, and in the seat next to her, Krista, the young dragon, sat there very well-behaved.

Half a month ago, in order to protect Darryl, the young dragon was seriously injured and was taken away by Long Xiang’er who arrived in time. After returning to Shellmound Island, Xiandi used a lot of natural resources to heal the young dragon.

At this time, the young dragon Krista had healed from his injuries, and with the help of Sandy, his strength had greatly increased, and he had the ability to transform a human form.

These days, Sandy has been with the young dragon.

However, the young dragon has always been depressed. You must know that inside the young dragon is Krista’s soul. When Long Xiang’er brought him to Shellmound Island, Krista knew that the situation in Kyushu was chaotic and Darryl was the Sect Master of Tianmen. , If you want to turn the tide, you will definitely suffer many difficulties, and you must return to Darryl’s side.

Krista had talked to Sandy more than once about this matter, but Sandy would always refuse because Kyushu was too dangerous.

Sandy didn’t know yet, the younger sister in front of her had another soul in her body.

However, Sandi couldn’t stand Krista’s soft and hard foam in the end, and finally decided to let Long Xiang’er go to Kyushu to inquire about the situation.

At this time, Krista looked at the direction outside the temple, unable to conceal the worries in her heart: “I don’t know how the situation in Kyushu is, how is Brother Darryl!”

Upon hearing this, Sandy smiled slightly: “Sister, your heart is too kind. Kyushu has nothing to do with our Shellmound Island. What do you care about?”

With that, Sandy thought for a while, and continued: “Speaking of Darryl, this person is not weak and witty, there should be nothing wrong with him. Also, although you and Darryl have a drop of blood to recognize the Lord Relationship, but not too close, you know? You are a dragon, he is a human, how can you be called the big brother?”

As he was talking, he saw a slender figure, walking quickly into the hall.

It was Long Xianger who went to Kyushu to investigate the news.

“Sister Xianger!”

Seeing Long Xiang’er, Krista quickly stood up and couldn’t wait to ask: “Is there any news about Brother Darryl?”

When asked about this, Krista’s eyes were full of expectation.


Long Xiang’er took a deep breath, her beautiful face was full of complexity: “Yes… it’s just…”

After a pause, Long Xiang’er said word by word: “I found out that Darryl finally reached the top of Kunlun, swallowed by the chaotic vortex, life and death is unknown, and the top of Kunlun also collapsed…”

Having said this, Long Xiang’er’s eyes flickered, and she couldn’t express her sadness if she didn’t look at Krista at each other.


Hearing these words, whether it was Krista or Xiandi, their bodies trembled, completely stunned!

Especially Krista, her heart aches, like being struck by lightning!

“How could this happen, did you misheard it?” Krista asked softly, with red eyes, trying to control her emotions.

Long Xianger sighed for a long time and said, “It should be right. I went to the Kunlun superb site, which is already in ruins. Not only that, the two brothers of Darryl also specially built a huge stone monument. Remembering Darryl…”

Having said that, Long Xianger looked at Krista and said with comfort: “Furthermore, the situation in Kyushu has become more complicated, you still don’t want to go, it’s too dangerous!”

When the voice fell, Krista’s figure flickered, almost fainting to the ground, tears bursting into her eyes!

Brother Darryl is dead?

No, this is not true!

“Sister!” Xiandi, who was next to him, hurriedly held Krista, gently persuaded: “Darryl has something like this, maybe it’s his calamity, don’t be too sad, it’s fine, it’s gone. You are free as well for the relationship of confessing the Lord by dripping blood. Let’s take care of Shellmound Island with me in the future and help my sister to revive the dragon clan!”

“Do not!”

Krista shook her head with grief on her face: “Big Brother Darryl will not die. I have contacted with his blood-recognizing master and has not completely disappeared. He is not dead, not dead…”

When she said this, Krista’s immature face showed a trace of madness.

Krista didn’t lie, she clearly felt that the connection between herself and Darryl was vaguely nonexistent and had not been completely cut off. If Darryl really died, she would definitely not feel that way. Therefore, Krista concluded that Darryl was not dead yet.


Upon hearing this, Xiandi and Long Xiang’er were both taken aback.

Chapter 1609

Is there such a thing?

A few seconds later, Sandi reacted and said softly: “Even if Darryl is really not dead, but he is swallowed by the chaotic vortex, it will be difficult for him to come back alive. I don’t think you should hold too much hope.”

Krista didn’t say a word, she was stunned in the sky outside the hall, her immature face was full of sadness, arousing pity. First issue @@@

“He will definitely come back!” Krista’s eyes flashed with determination, and then she said to Xiandi: “Sister, I have decided to return to Kyushu. Brother Darryl is not there. I want to help her protect the Ouyang family.”

When she said this, Krista’s tone was firm and unquestionable.

She firmly believed that Darryl would definitely come back alive, and the first time Darryl returned, he would definitely return to the Ouyang family.


Hearing this, Sandy hesitated, but seeing Krista’s firm appearance, she still reluctantly agreed: “Okay.”

With that, Sandy said to Long Xianger: “In this case, protect your sister’s safety. Remember, if it is a last resort, don’t reveal the identity of your dragon clan!”

“Understand!” Long Xianger quickly agreed

A few minutes later, under Long Xianger’s escort, Krista quickly returned to the mainland of Kyushu.


the other side. Ouyang family!

In the hall, Lorenzo, Peter, Raquel and others were discussing the situation in Kyushu, and they saw that the former queen of the Southern Cloud Continent was also there.

After the Kunlun peak incident ended, the empress followed everyone and returned to the Ouyang family. In the empress’s heart, she was pregnant with Darryl’s flesh and blood, and she was also a member of the Ouyang family.

At this time, Lorenzo looked around: “I got news last night that Ora controls the power of the Nanyun Continent and is the new Nanyun Queen!”

When saying this, Lorenzo looked at the empress subconsciously.

The empress’s body trembled, she didn’t feel the slightest joy in her heart, but was incomprehensible. She knew Ora’s personality too well. Although she was strong, she acted more willful. At this time, she became a new empress and faced Nanyun Continent. That is not a good thing.

“This dragon thousand words!” Peter couldn’t help but said: “After Darryl was swallowed by the vortex of chaos, she still hated Darryl, thinking that Darryl had defiled the queen, and now she is a queen, I’m afraid to deal with us.”

Speaking of Darryl, Peter felt very uncomfortable.


Lorenzo took a deep breath, sat there without speaking, his expression also showing a trace of worry.

The great sage said it was right. Before Ora had hated the wind, and now he is a queen, he will definitely not let the Ouyang family go. What’s more, the queen is still carrying Darryl’s flesh and blood in her belly.


As he was talking, only a vibration came from outside.

At the same time, a disciple walked in quickly with a panic expression: “Palace Master Wen, Headmaster Sun, it’s not OK, the Southern Cloud Continent sent a large army to surround… the mansion.”


Hearing this, whether it was Lorenzo or Peter and others, their expressions changed. D*mn, this Ora is quite fast. Just mentioning her, the Nanyun army is here!

In fright, Lorenzo hurried out, and Peter and others followed closely!

When I got outside, everyone was surprised when they saw the scene in front of them!

I saw the tens of thousands of Nanyun army, waiting in full battle, enclosing the entire Ouyang Mansion like iron barrels. These soldiers, wearing uniform armor and holding long knives, were murderous!

In front of the army, a man riding a tall horse and holding a spear was full of mighty and majestic aura.

It is Yan Chao, the commander in chief.

Seeing Yan Chao, the empress had a complicated expression. This person was the captain of the palace’s guards. He had been loyal to the empress before. It seemed that after Ora became the empress, he was promoted to the commander.

However, the empress clearly felt that Yan Chao looked at her eyes without the respect of the past, but with indifference.

Obviously, the empress was pregnant with Darryl’s child, which ruined the reputation of the Nanyun imperial family. Yes, Yan Chao’s attitude has also changed.

“Yan Chao!”

Soon, the empress reacted, stepped forward, and shouted at Yan Chao: “What are you doing here with the army?”

Yan Chao took a deep breath and looked directly at the queen’s gaze: “I am upon your majesty’s order, and I specially invite you to go back!”

As he said, Yan Chao took out an imperial decree from his body and read it out: “The former empress Long Qianying, pregnant with her privately, humiliating the royal reputation, today she is very strict, leading her army to bring her back, destroying the fetus, and thinking about it in Lenggong. Don’t miss it.” Long Qianying is the empress’s real name.

After reading the imperial decree, Yan Chao faintly said to the queen: “You have also heard the imperial edict. I am acting on orders. I hope that I will not be embarrassed.


Hearing this, the empress felt a pain in her heart, as if she was struck by lightning, her body staggered back a few steps.

Ora wants to destroy his own child, and also shut himself in the cold palace? ! This…. This is my own sister, why is it so cruel now?


At the same time, Lorenzo and others around were also in an uproar.

To beat the queen into the cold palace, but also to kill the child.

This is too ruthless. When Ora became a queen, did he lose any affection?


Peter’s personality is so hot that he couldn’t help it on the spot, and shouted at Yan Chao: “What sh!t imperial decree, for the sake of the royal family, can you sacrifice the life of an innocent child?”

When the voice fell, Lorenzo next to him also took a step forward and whispered at the queen: “Are you going to follow it back?”

The empress bit her lip and shook her head.

At this time, the empress’s heart was unspeakably uncomfortable. She and the sisters Ora were deeply in love. They had been helping each other for so many years, but they never thought that after she became pregnant, the sisterhood would quietly change. .

Speaking of which, the empress wanted to return to the Nanyun Palace, and talked to Ora face to face, but once she went back, the child in her stomach would not be able to keep her.

After receiving a response, Lorenzo did not hesitate, and said to Yan Chao: “Go back and tell Ora that she will not go back with you.”

The sound is not loud, but it is beyond doubt.

Before Darryl was swallowed by the vortex of chaos, there was no bones left. This matter made Lorenzo very guilty, but at this time, he must not just watch Darryl’s unborn child and suffer persecution.


At this moment, Yan Chao’s expression became extremely ugly. The group of people in front of them dared to ignore His Majesty’s decree. How could the matter spread out, how could they gain a foothold in the Nine Provinces?

Angrily, Yan Chao glared at Lorenzo, “You are not brave enough, do you know the fate of defying the imperial edict?”

As soon as the voice fell, Raquel, who had been silent for a long time, couldn’t help but yelled: “Stop this one. This is the Earth Round Continent, not the Southern Cloud Continent. How can you resist the edict? On the contrary, you led your army to surround Ouyang. The family is bad intentions!”

“good very good!”

Raquel spoke sharply, Yan Chao was speechless, and suddenly became furious: “All the soldiers listened to the order and immediately took Long Qianying away. Who dares to stop, kill him!”


The words fell, and more than a hundred soldiers in the front row rushed towards the queen.

Chapter 1610

“Fcuk you…”

Looking at the Nanyun soldiers swarming up, Peter’s eyes were blood red instantly, and he roared, the Sky Open Axe appeared in his hand instantly, and the dazzling golden light burst out.

In the next second, Peter’s figure flashed, directly blocking the queen behind him.

“As long as my Peter lives for one day, you don’t want to hurt anyone in the Ouyang family!” Peter howled desperately, filled with a powerful fighting spirit, turned and said to the people behind him: “Defend the family, kill me!”

Peter knew that the Ouyang family was the only thing Darryl cared about. It was his home. In any case, the Nanyun army could not be allowed to act recklessly here.

When the voice fell, the entire Ouyang family responded one after another.

“Defend the Ouyang family!”

“Can’t let them take people away casually!”


Speaking of it, after experiencing the great changes before, the great sage of Ouyang family’s vitality is now able to fight. There are less than one hundred people. Compared with the tens of thousands of Nanyun army, they are like a man’s arm, but all of them have a firm expression. Overnight.


Accompanied by the howls, Peter held a sky-opening axe, and took the lead, and was the first to enter the enemy!

“Yan Chao, if he has his life to go back, tell Ora that Darryl has helped Nanyun Continent so much before, and he has never been sorry for him. If it is because he and the empress have a child, the Ouyang family will suffer unreasonable disaster, I She must pay her blood and blood!” A cold voice came from Peter’s mouth.

In the next second, Peter urged his internal force, and he saw the air around him, instantly distorting!


In the next second, a sound of dragon chants resounding throughout the world came from the Heaven-Opening Axe, and then a golden light burst directly into the crowd of Nanyun Continent.


In an instant, the earth-shaking sonic boom sounded, and within a kilometer of a radius, the dust was filled, and in the dust and smoke, hundreds of weather soldiers screamed and fell in a pool of blood.


Seeing this scene, the remaining Nanyun soldiers couldn’t help taking a breath.

This is the power of the Sky Open Axe? so horrible.

Yan Chao’s face was also extremely ugly at this time, just a move that caused so many soldiers to die. But soon Yan Chao calmed down.

Yan Chao clearly felt that the power of Peter’s explosion seemed very strong, but he hadn’t fully understood the power of the Heavenly Axe. There were so many people in him, so there was no need to be afraid.

“Don’t be afraid, everyone!”

Aware of this, Yan Chao looked around and shouted at the soldiers: “Peter hasn’t realized the power of the sky-opening axe, and it consumes a lot of internal energy to use the sky-opening axe.”


Hearing this, the surrounding soldiers reacted, revived, and rushed forward again.

“Clang clang!”

The constant confrontation between the two sides, the sound of weapon collisions and roars echoed over the entire Ouyang family, and strong blood could be smelled in the air.

At this time, in the fierce melee, Peter descended like a god of war, holding a sky-opening axe, constantly waving!


Every time the sky axe is swung open, several Nanyun soldiers must fall.

However, gradually, Peter became a little weak, Yan Chao guessed right, Peter just got the Open Sky Axe a few days ago, has not yet understood the power of the Open Sky Axe, in this case, the internal strength is consumed very quickly.

After a while, Peter had a few more wounds on his body, dripping with blood. In front of him, General Nan Yun followed suit, rushing up continuously, surrounding him round and round, unable to kill at all.

Peter only felt that his hands were weak, and the Heavenly Axe was about to be unsteady, but he still gritted his teeth and insisted on his last breath.

Not far away, the situation of Lorenzo and Raquel was not optimistic. Under the constant charge of Nan Yun soldiers, they retreated steadily. Previously, in Kunlun, fighting against the army of death, everyone has not fully recovered inside. At this time, facing Yan Chao’s tens of thousands of army, it was naturally unstoppable.

Despite being at a disadvantage, no one gave up.

The queen stood there, guarded by everyone, her delicate face was also full of anxiety.

She wanted to go up and help, but she was pregnant and couldn’t take action. If she had a fetal gas, it would be troublesome.


At this moment, I saw that Peter was injured again, and a Nanyun soldier rushed from the back, and the spear pierced Peter’s lower abdomen.

The blood swarmed out all of a sudden!


Peter’s face instantly turned pale, his body softened, and he half-kneeled on the ground, only feeling that his strength was emptied instantly, and his whole person was extremely weak.

“Do not!”

Seeing this scene, the empress trembled and couldn’t help exclaiming.

Then, the empress shouted at Yan Chao: “Yan Chao, you quickly let them stop, I will go with you, I will go with you…” When she shouted these, the empress couldn’t stop her tears. It hurts to see Peter and the people of Ou Yan’s family hurt for themselves.

Especially Peter, he is Darryl’s worshiping brother, if he died for himself, he would be ashamed for the rest of his life.

“very sorry!”

Hearing the empress’s cry, Yan Chao’s face was expressionless, with a trace of indifference in his eyes: “It’s too late for you to decide. Before I set off with the army, your Majesty specifically explained that once the Ouyang family resists the decree, he will kill him. Do not stay!”

When he said the last four words, Yan Chao’s eyes were full of killing intent.

Yes, what Yan Chao said was indeed explained by Ora. Darryl tarnished his sister’s innocence, and caused the Nan Yun imperial family faceless. Ora almost hated him, so naturally he would not easily let the Ouyang family go.


Hearing this, Ora’s body trembled and was completely stunned.

My sister is going to destroy the Ouyang family? Just because you have an affair with Darryl? How did she become so cruel and unfeeling? In any case, Darryl was also her fiance.

At the same time, Peter and Lorenzo were also furious.

Maade, it turns out that Ora will not only take away the empress, but also destroy the Ouyang family. Fortunately, he fought back as soon as possible. Otherwise, the entire Ouyang family is now a prisoner.

“Peter! Lorenzo!”

At this moment, Yan Chao showed a sneer and exclaimed: “In fact, your Majesty is not too unfeeling. She also said that if you surrender and promise allegiance, you will be spared, how about?”

“Fcuk you Mad!”

As soon as the voice fell, Peter ranted angrily, with blood red eyes: “Ora, this wicked woman, thinks pretty beautifully. Let Brother Wen and I be his lackeys? Let’s dream!”

After the words fell, Lorenzo nodded in agreement: “Yes, our Eternal Life Palace, Peach Blossom Island, Tianmen and Ouyang Clan, we are born in the Earth Round Continent, and die are the ghosts of the Earth Round Continent. We can never surrender to the Southern Cloud Continent! “


Hearing this, Yan Chao’s face was extremely ugly, and his anger rose: “Mad, I don’t know what is good or bad, and dare to insult your Majesty, you all deserve to die, D*mn!”

With the last cry, Yan Chao almost roared wildly, and immediately afterwards, the surrounding Nanyun soldiers burst out again, screaming for killing, flooding like a tide.

Seeing this, Peter and Lorenzo looked at each other, their faces were not afraid, and they greeted them side by side.

However, the number of people on the two sides is too great. In a blink of an eye, the Ouyang family killed and injured a lot of people. They couldn’t resist the Nanyun army at all, and the persecuted ones were retreating steadily!


At this time, Peter was too anxious, and he was very angry and screamed up to the sky: “Even if you die today, you must kill a few more enemies. You can’t insult the reputation of the Ouyang family!”

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