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Chapter 171

Hearing Tan Ming’s analysis, Xiao Qingshan laughed very relievedly.

Haha, I didn’t see the wrong person! As soon as Tan Ming spoke, he swept away all his worries! He deserves to be the apprentice of the national master appraiser!

It’s a perfect match with his own daughter!

Even Bessie on one side couldn’t help nodding secretly.

I have to say that this Tan Ming does have very high attainments in appraising treasures.

At this moment, the boss Zhao Yan also gave a thumbs up: “This gentleman, as expected, is a connoisseur of goods, and he explained the essence of this painting at once.”

Tan Ming smiled without saying a word.

As the apprentice of the famous master appraiser Yuan Xingzhi, this kind of scene that has been highly sought after has long been accustomed to it.

At this time, Xiao Qingshan smiled and said to Zhao Yan: “Okay, Lao Zhao, I bought this painting.”

One billion, even if you smash the pot and sell the iron to make one billion, it’s worth buying this painting! After you buy it, you can sell it for 3 billion after changing hands!

Bessie was also very happy and couldn’t help but stare at this painting to appreciate it.

At this moment, many wealthy merchants and collectors around sighed.

Xiao Qingshan bought this painting, they had no chance. What a good opportunity to make a fortune!

“Boss Xiao, congratulations.”

“Yes, Boss Xiao, your worth is about to double.”

Several antique dealers around congratulated each other.

Xiao Qingshan couldn’t laugh from ear to ear, and couldn’t wait to transfer money. As a result, at this moment, a calm voice suddenly sounded from the crowd: “Is the authenticity of Tang Bohu so common now? You can see it at antique stalls?”

It is Darryl!


Just for a moment, all eyes were focused on him!

Who is this kid? Is something wrong? Can you speak?

Tan Ming on one side also flashed his eyes, and his face showed a bit of displeasure. I said that this painting is authentic, so what do you run out of it?

“Yuruo, why is he here too?” Xiao Qingshan asked unhappy. If I let Tan Ming come, why did Darryl follow?

As soon as I saw this kid, I couldn’t help but think of his picture of tying three women together. Among them is his own daughter.

Thinking of this, it’s a fire in my stomach!

Bessie didn’t speak, he took the painting and handed it to Darryl’s hand, whispering: “Darryl, look at this painting.”

Bessie at this time didn’t know what she thought. I always feel that Darryl suddenly speaks, there must be his reason.

Seeing this scene, Tan Ming felt even more upset.

This kid is just a door-to-door son-in-law, even if he knows a little bit of appraising knowledge, can he beat me?

Darryl glanced at the painting and said lightly: “The painting is very good, but it seems to be a little short of Tang Bohu’s realm.”


What does he mean, this painting is fake?

Suddenly, there was an uproar around, and many people talked about it.

The boss Zhao Yan’s expression changed, and he said with an iron face: “What does this little brother mean? You mean my painting is fake? In the antique world, who doesn’t know me Zhao Yan? Everyone knows that I have A rule, I would rather not make money than sell fakes!”

As soon as he said this, many people around nodded one after another.

What Boss Zhao said is correct, he really hasn’t sold fakes!

At this moment, Xiao Qingshan couldn’t help it, and said angrily: “Darryl, I know that I do have some accomplishments in antiques, but you are still young, and there is always a time when you look at you. You know who Tan Ming is. A disciple of the famous master appraiser Yuan Xingzhi in China.”

The meaning is obvious.

Although you know antiques, you can’t match the master’s disciple.

These words fell, and the audience heatedly discussed!


This young man is the apprentice of Master Jianbao Yuan Xingzhi?

Master Yuan Xingzhi is well-known in China, he is a national master appraiser! In the past two years, it has often appeared on some appraising columns! This young man is actually his apprentice!

In this case, this “Tiger Roaring Mountain Living Picture” is definitely authentic!

At this time, Lily was also a little embarrassed, she gently pulled Darryl, and whispered: “Husband, don’t talk nonsense.”

Xiao family is a famous antique family in Donghai City, and Xiao Qingshan is convinced that this painting is real.

Didn’t you deliberately add confusion?

Bessie was also a little anxious at this time: “Darryl, how are you sure that this painting is fake?”

Darryl smiled, and slowly said: “Tan Ming said just now. Tang Bohu’s paintings have a very obvious feature. No matter how powerful they are, there is a sense of bookishness. I have to say, this The painting is imitated to its essence.”

Ha ha…

You even said that this painting is an imitation? Tan Ming sneered.

He could see it, this kid just wanted to show the limelight, he was scornful here.

The stall owner is almost mad, Zhao Yan, who has been in the antique business for 30 years, has never sold fakes in his life! This painting was obtained by accident by him, as a treasure! Now that he was so tarnished by this kid, he couldn’t help but yelled: “You kid, you’re really talking about it! Okay, okay, then you are going to talk about this painting, why is it imitated?! If you can tell it , I will never be in the antique business! If you can’t tell, just kowtow to me and apologize!”

Wow! The voice fell, and there was an uproar around!

“Yes, you just talk about it.”

“In my opinion, this kid doesn’t understand anything, just Hu Zou Balie!”

Listening to the dissatisfaction, Lily stomped anxiously, and said, “Boss Zhao, don’t be angry. I apologize for my husband. I’m sorry, he doesn’t know much about antiques…”

“Don’t understand?” Boss Zhao Yan patted the table: “Don’t talk nonsense if you don’t understand! Don’t be disgusting people if you don’t understand!”

At the same time, Xiao Qingshan couldn’t help it, and said coldly: “Darryl, I was enough to give you face just now, you are a door-to-door son-in-law, can you not make trouble?”

Darryl smiled coldly, stretched out two fingers, and made a mark on the scroll.

Everyone’s face changed at that time!

What is this kid doing? Do you want to destroy the painting?

Such a rare ancient painting has a mark printed by him, which is inexcusable!

Zhao Yan’s expression also changed drastically, and he was about to stop, but he was still a step slower.

The upper left corner of this painting has been folded.

But at this moment, Tan Ming took a sharp breath!

He looked at Darryl’s technique, his eyes widened!

Folding wild goose?

Isn’t this Grandpa Master’s Folding Goose Hand?

Tan Ming’s grandfather is the No. 1 appraiser of China, Kang Lianping!

Folding wild goose hands is Kang Lianping’s unique skill in appraising ancient paintings! Because Zheyin really wants to have a simple image of a wild goose, it is called Zheyin Shou!

This stunt, Tan Ming has only seen the teacher public once in an international treasure appraisal competition, and that is only the one time!

At this moment, everyone present was confused. Looking at the trace that Darryl had folded, the audience was silent!

Zhe Yanshou, who does not know about the treasure world? ! In today’s world, only Kang Lianping can do it! This kid, this kid…how…how could such a peerless trick? !

Chapter 172

Everyone looked at Darryl blankly, only to see a trace on the ancient painting being broken by him.

Darryl laughed: “Boss Zhao, just now you said that if this painting is fake, you will withdraw from the antique industry?”

At this time, Zhao Yan didn’t dare to speak too presumptuously after seeing Zhe Yanshou. However, I asked a dozen masters to appraise this painting, and they all said that this painting is real! The Darryl in front of him is not well-known in the antique world. He said it was fake. Is that fake? Thinking of this, he had the confidence: “Yes, I will say it again, this painting is fake, I quit the antique industry! If it is true, you kneel down and apologize to me!”

Darryl took a deep breath and continued: “Tang Bohu painted many paintings throughout his life, but very few have been handed down. At the beginning of the 20th century, there was a folk painter named Lin Yunxiang who admired Tang Bohu’s paintings very much, and he also collected some authentic works. After ten years, I copied many of Tang Bohu’s works.”

Speaking of this, Darryl raised his hand with a serious look: “This “The Picture of Tiger Roaring in the Mountain” should be a copy of his copy of the painting.”

At this moment, no one in the crowd asked: “What evidence is there for you to say this?”

Darryl waved his hand and said: “This Lin Yunxiang’s painting skills are first-rate. The copying of Tang Bohu’s paintings is so vivid that it can be used as fake and true. Professionals can’t tell whether it’s a painter or Shen Yun.”

Speaking of this, Darryl pointed to the traces that he had just folded on the painting: “But Lin Yunxiang’s paintings are like again, he overlooked one problem, and that is the paper.

“Tang Bohu’s paintings use a kind of rice paper rich in the Dong family in southern Anhui. During the Ming Dynasty, the Dong family’s rice paper was very famous, and then it declined, and the manufacturing process of this kind of rice paper was lost.”

“This kind of rice paper has a great feature. No matter how hard the crease is, it will be restored soon! As for imitations, it will never be restored!”


At this moment, everyone gathered around to see the crease.

Even Lily and Bessie couldn’t help stepping forward on high heels. Sure enough, the creases on the painting were very clear, and they didn’t mean to restore at all!

Is this painting really fake? !

Bessie couldn’t help trembling with a heart, and looked at Darryl’s gaze with some respect and admiration.

He, is he omniscient…

Tan Ming clenched his fists tightly, trying to refute, but his voice seemed to be blocked. No matter how you look at this painting, it looks like the original one..

How can I lose to a door-to-door son-in-law as an apprentice of Master Appreciation Master?

Tan Ming’s face rose red at this time! At this time he took the painting and said coldly: “I still feel that this painting is genuine. I will send a video call to my master.”

When the voice fell, he took out his mobile phone and sent a video invitation to the master.

At this time, everyone was shocked when they saw the name on Tan Ming’s phone.

Yuan Xingzhi?

He wants to give his master a video link? !

Soon, the video connection was successful, and an old man appeared on the screen with a thin face, but it gave people a sense of knowledge and talent.

Oh my!

Really Master Yuan!

At this moment, seeing the screen of the mobile phone, many people around couldn’t help but exclaim.

Feeling the admiration of everyone around him, Tan Ming was very relieved. He couldn’t wait to put this painting in front of the camera and asked, “Master, there is a painting by Tang Bohu. You can see if it is true or not.”

As long as the master speaks, the truth will come to light.

Who dares to question Master Jianbao’s words? !

In the picture, Yuan Xingzhi’s expression faintly vibrated, and he said: “”The Tiger Roaring in the Mountain”? The tiger in this painting is vivid and mighty…this is absolutely genuine!”


At this moment, the scene exploded!

The son-in-law who came to the door just made a blind analysis, but the analysis was wrong!

Master Yuan said it was authentic, but is there still a fake? !

“Boy, did you hear that?” Boss Zhao straightened up and said to Darryl, “Kneel down and apologize!”

“Boss Zhao, don’t be angry and calm down…” Bessie hurriedly stepped forward: “My friend has a clumsy eye for a while. You calm down. Isn’t this painting a billion, we bought it.”

After speaking, she smiled embarrassedly, and took out her mobile phone to transfer money to the stall owner. At this moment, Darryl took a step forward and snatched Tan Ming’s mobile phone!

“Yuan Xingzhi, are your old eyes dizzy?” Darryl said coldly to the video: “You can see with wide eyes, is this painting true? Show me carefully!”

Tan Ming suddenly became angry and stared at Darryl: “Darryl, why are you talking to my master? Are you polite? Give me the phone back!”

Master is almost sixty, and his status in the domestic treasure appraisal circle is not low. Who saw it, don’t call Master Yuan?

You a door-to-door son-in-law, in order to show the limelight, even said that? There is really no education at all!

At the same time, everyone present also pointed at Darryl and criticized.

“This kid is too rude.”

“Even if you know a little bit of appraisal, you can’t be arrogant, that’s a master appraisal in China!”

However, at this moment, Yuan Xingzhi on the other side of the video suddenly shouted: “Master Yue?! So you are here! It’s my dim eyes, my dim eyes… it’s me who is blind for a while…”


Master Jianbao… even called him… Master Yue?

Moreover, the tone is still so polite? !

This…this…what the hell is going on here? what’s going on? !

The people around were wide-eyed at this moment, and couldn’t say a word! Shili Circular Street is silent at this time!

At this time, Tan Ming’s head buzzed!

What’s going on here?

Does the master know this door-to-door son-in-law? !

Darryl smiled slightly, and said to the video: “Yuan Xingzhi, next time you are not sure enough, don’t appraise calligraphy and painting at will. Do you know that you are wrong?

Darryl and Yuan Xingzhi were both disciples of Kang Lianping.

After all, Darryl is still Yuan Xingzhi’s senior.

Don’t look at Yuan Xingzhi now that he is famous, and he is very popular in the antique industry. He just became a teacher back then, he is nothing, even the true and false of the silver dollar can not be distinguished!

Once Yuan Xingzhi made a mistake in his identification, which resulted in the loss of millions of customers. The client almost found someone to kill him. Fortunately, Darryl appeared in time and saved his life.

So Yuan Xingzhi is very grateful to Darryl. Now that he heard his instruction, Yuan Xingzhi nodded repeatedly: “I know it’s okay if I am wrong… I was blinded just now, this painting is indeed imitated…”

At this time, everyone was completely shocked!

One by one looked at Darryl, like a monster!

Bessie bit her lip and looked at Darryl’s gaze, full of admiration! She only felt that her legs were a little soft, and she couldn’t stand still! She really wanted to kneel for Darryl!

This man is like a vast ocean, unfathomable!

Chapter 173

Lily, who was on the side, couldn’t calm down for a long time!

Even if she doesn’t understand antiques, she has heard of Yuan Xingzhi. After all, this person is active on various appraising programs. But I didn’t expect that Yuan Xingzhi would respect her husband so much? !

Darryl coldly hung up the video, threw the painting aside, and looked at Zhao Yan coldly: “Boss Zhao, just now you said that this painting is fake. Have you since retired from the antique world?”

“I, I, I…” Zhao Yan hurriedly fell to the ground with a scream and passed out.

Darryl laughed and turned to look at Xiao Qingshan: “Uncle Xiao, when I came just now, I saw a Qing Dynasty carved unicorn enamel vase at the third stall on the left. You can buy it for less than 20 million.”


Although Darryl spoke very quietly, many people still heard him.

“Go grab it!”

No one in the crowd yelled, and then everyone rushed to the third booth!

At this moment, Darryl’s words are just like Jinkouyuyan to them! They believed in Darryl’s words!

Xiao Qingshan is so old, how could he rob this group of people? He is in a hurry.

At this time the crowd had dispersed, Darryl laughed, and looked at Xiao Qingshan again: “Uncle Xiao, don’t worry, let them grab it. The twelfth stall on the right, there is a Qin Dynasty dagger, two thousand You can buy it within 10,000 yuan. At the sixteenth booth on the left, there is a palace lamp for the Chongzhen period in the late Ming Dynasty. You can buy it for 10,000 or 20 million. Goodbye, Uncle Xiao.”

When the voice fell, Darryl took Lily’s hand and turned and left.

Looking at Darryl’s back, Xiao Qingshan couldn’t help taking a deep breath.

This Darryl, genius, genius! He is really a wizard in the antique world! No wonder my daughter likes him so much! But, but he already has a girlfriend, does his daughter work with other women?

Outside Circular Street, Lily allowed Darryl to hold her hands. At this moment, she only felt dizzy in her mind.

This omnipotent man is his husband.. Why haven’t you found him so powerful before?

Since marrying him, the relatives of his own Liu family have mocked him, saying that he is a countryman, a bumpkin, and looks down upon him.

Thinking of this, Lily’s unspeakable guilt suddenly threw herself into Darryl’s arms: “Husband, I’m sorry…”

Darryl was walking, that delicate body had already slipped into his arms. Darryl stopped, gently patted Lily’s fragrant shoulders, and said softly: “What are you doing, I suddenly said I’m sorry.”

“Husband, I used to be bad to you, I’m sorry. In the future, I will definitely compensate you and never leave you for half a step.” Lily said softly, hugging tighter.


Leaving Circular Street, Darryl and Lily went to shopping malls and amusement parks.

Finally, I watched the movie again, and went home until after ten o’clock in the evening.

Lily is very happy today. It is also the happiest day in the three years of marriage. Maybe it was too tired to go shopping, and the two of them fell asleep when they got home. Early the next morning.

Zhengxiang, who was sleeping in Darryl, was suddenly awakened by a rush of phone calls.


Who is it so early? Seeing that the time is less than seven o’clock, Darryl’s face was speechless, and he took his cell phone to see that it was Teacher Maria.

“Darryl, today is the alchemy meeting, I am waiting for you at school, come soon.” As soon as the phone was connected, Maria’s soft and pleasant voice came over.

Oops, I almost forgot about it!

Darryl patted his forehead and quickly got dressed.

At the entrance of Shangwu Academy, after Darryl arrived, he saw Maria standing there waiting from a distance.

A pair of light blue jeans with long hair hanging down his shoulders. The figure is tight and the curve is perfect, it is really beautiful.


Darryl couldn’t help swallowing his saliva, and then greeted him up: “Teacher Su, it’s too early.”

Maria smiled softly and said, “The race started at around eight o’clock. Is it still early? Let’s go and get in the car as soon as possible.”


Darryl was stunned: “Teacher, where is the alchemy meeting held?”

Maria said: “In Haiwang Square.” As she said, she opened the car door.

Neptune Plaza, the largest square in Donghai City, is next to Neptune Street. How big is this square? The area of ​​seven or eight football fields is visually observed. At night, many old people dance square dances and young people play roller skating, which is very lively.

When Darryl and Maria arrived, there was already a crowd of people in Haiwang Square. The parking spaces around are full of luxury cars.

In the center of the square, a huge alchemy arena was built! On both sides of the ring, some colorful flags were flying, with the words Shaolin, Wudang, Emei, Tianshan and so on.

The alchemy conference this time was a sensation across the province!

Many people from other places rush over here deliberately, wanting to witness alchemy with their own eyes!

At this time, dozens of pill furnaces were placed on the ring. Obviously, it will be used for a while. These alchemy furnaces are all pure copper.

Among alchemy vessels, the copper alchemy furnace has the best heat transfer effect. Usually it takes two hours to refine a pill. It takes only an hour to use a pure copper pill furnace.

There are more and more people in Neptune Square. From a distance, Darryl saw many familiar figures, such as Hao Jian, Elisa, Qin Shousheng, Liu Zhiyuan, Bai Zhan and others.

Basically all the rich children who participated in the outing together last time. No, to be precise, almost all the rich children in Donghai City have arrived. Because they heard that the pills refined by the contestants this time can be auctioned on the spot!

All the rich children want to auction one or two. After all, everyone wants to improve their strength, and even if they have money, they can’t buy a pill.

On the other side, Darryl and Maria entered the player waiting area.

In this alchemy contest, six major sects sent ten people to participate in the competition. So there are sixty contestants in total. At the same time, each player brought a Dantong.

As soon as Darryl and Maria came in, a staff member held a stack of number plates and handed them over.

Maria’s was the number 13 player, with the number plate on his shoulder.

A big number plate was also posted on Darryl’s shoulder. However, the word Dantong was written on it.

At this moment, a middle-aged man took a microphone, walked quickly to the ring, and said with a smile: “Okay, everyone, please be quiet.”

Suddenly, the entire Neptune Square was quiet, and everyone’s eyes focused on him.

The middle-aged man was very satisfied with the effect and nodded: “I am the host of this alchemy conference. Next, let me tell you about the rules.”

“There are a total of 60 contestants in this competition. Whoever refines the rarest pill will win! In addition, the pill that our contestants refine this time will be auctioned on-site. Each pill will be auctioned. The price is one yuan.”


The pill auction starts at one yuan!

Suddenly, hearing the host’s words, the audience was in an uproar. Some wealthy children are eager to try, one by one can’t wait.

You know, those who can participate in the alchemy conference are all very accomplished alchemists, and the pill that they refine is certainly not low-level!

If you can bid for a superb elixir, it will be comfortable!

Seeing the enthusiasm below, the host waved his hand: “Be quiet, everyone, the competition is about to begin, and now we have the jury! The first jury is the Shaolin Sect Master Jueyuan.”


When the voice fell, I saw a monk wearing a red robe and holding a meditation stick walking out. He was about fifty years old and he was upright!

“I’m going, Master Jueyuan is here.”

Master Jueyuan is one of the senior elders of the Shaolin School, the third Wuhou!

The Shaolin School is the first of the six major schools. So when Master Jueyuan appeared, the audience cheered!

Master Jueyuan walked to the center of the ring, folded his palms together, and chanted Amitabha, and sat on the judges’ bench.

The host continued yelling: “The second judge, the real Lingbao from Wudang faction!”

An immortal Taoist leader came up with a light gait.

In an instant, the audience once again exclaimed!

“Next, the elder of the Emei school, Master Miaoyuan!”


When the host called out this name, the audience was the most enthusiastic. Many people can’t help but stand up from their seats!

Under the attention of everyone, Master Miao Yuan walked up too slowly, wearing a white long skirt, with a variety of demeanor and indescribable beauty.

Chapter 174

Master Miao Yuan’s body has that kind of detached temperament, which makes many men stunned.


So beautiful!

At this moment, many men secretly swallowed saliva!

During this time, Master Miao Yuan has been living in Yue’s house. This alchemy conference invited her to be a judge, and of course she readily agreed.

Immediately afterwards, four or five judges appeared. Among them is the vice president of the Jiangnan Alchemy Association, who is an old man.

At this time, with a smile on his face, the host continued to shout: “I have the last judge, please! Ren Feifei, President of the Jiangnan Alchemy Association!”


The president of the Alchemy Association is here? !

The audience in the audience stretched their heads and stared excitedly. The spectators who were far away from the ring also tilted their feet one by one, looking towards the stage.

At this moment, a superb beauty slowly stepped onto the stage.

The hip skirt, with a white gown, is unparalleled and beautiful, which makes people thrilled! Exquisite face, with a slight smile, but it also gives people a strong aura!

It is the president of Jiangnan Alchemy Association, Ren Feifei!


At this moment, everyone present couldn’t help taking a breath!

So beautiful.

Unexpectedly, the president of the Alchemy Association was a woman and a beautiful woman!

For a time, the entire Neptune Plaza cheered! And those rich kids in the audience looked at Ren Feifei without blinking, their eyes couldn’t move away.

Along with the riots, Ren Feifei walked to the most central chair and sat down slowly.

At this time, the host took a look at the time and said loudly: “Okay, it seems that the audience is very enthusiastic, I think everyone can’t wait. Okay, let’s invite all the contestants to appear!”

Hearing this, all the players in the waiting area also appeared one after another.

Darryl and Maria followed everyone out.

Among all the contestants, there is no doubt that Maria is the most eye-catching.

“Look, isn’t this our teacher Su?”

“Teacher Su is so beautiful.”

Many men’s eyes converged on Maria’s body, full of obsession.

But then, I heard a burst of laughter from the audience!

“Haha, look quickly, isn’t that the son-in-law?!”

“It’s really Darryl! This kid has run here to be a Dantong. Hahaha!”

And at this moment, Hao Jian, who was sitting in the first row, saw Darryl. He was taken aback for a moment, and then he couldn’t help laughing when he saw the word Dantong on his shoulder.

The gazes of Qin Shousheng and others immediately locked on Darryl and laughed.

“Hahaha, this Darryl is too funny. I guess he can make a lot of money if he does Dantong once. Dantong’s price should be one hundred and fifty yuan a day? Hahahaha!”

There was a burst of laughter. It was originally an alchemy competition, but now it became like a circus. Everyone looked at Darryl as if they were watching a joke.

Elisa couldn’t help but pulled Hao Jian a bit, and frowned, “Can you stop talking. Be quiet.”

Seeing Darryl, she was indeed a little surprised. But he didn’t seem to be ashamed of being a Dantong. He is the son-in-law at home, living in a tight life, and being a Dantong for others, what’s wrong with earning some pocket money? Is it embarrassing to make money from your own labor without stealing or stealing?

I really don’t understand why these people laugh at him.

But at this moment, on the ring, Master Miao Yuan, who was closing her eyes and rested her mind, heard the laughter and sarcasm below, her eyes instantly locked on Darryl, and a trace of anger flashed on her beautiful face.


Is he that Darryl?

People from the Yue family said that this kid had defiled his younger siblings and was expelled from the Yue family.

Such a despicable and shameless person appeared here and became a Dantong? !

This is simply the shame of the alchemy conference!

Master Miaoyuan at this time, holding his jade hand tightly, wishing to kill him with a sword!

She was originally the elder of the Emei school, a person of righteousness and bravery! The most unbearable person is the unrighteous person like Darryl!

But if you think about it carefully, the game is about to begin. If you kill him with a single sword, the game may not go on.

I thought, Master Miao Yuan was too strong to suppress the anger, but looking at Darryl’s gaze, he was still full of disgust.

“Okay, please, everyone, come to the front of their own pill furnace.” The host said again.

Hearing this, Darryl followed Maria to the alchemy furnace on the 13th. Other players have also taken their place.

At this time, at the host’s gesture, dozens of staff members, holding a pile of alchemy materials, placed them in front of each contestant.

“Dear contestants.” The host said: “Now there are a hundred kinds of alchemy materials in front of you. You can choose what kind of pill to make and what you need. I will only explain two points. First, the competition. The time is one hour, and one hour later, if no pill is refined, even if it fails.”

“Second, whoever refines the rarest pill will win! The first place has a mysterious reward, the second place and the third place, you can also learn a secret book! So you must take good care of it, of course, who is the last If you can win the championship, I don’t count, it depends on the judges present! As long as the pill you refine is really rare, the judges will definitely make you a good place!”

After speaking, it was almost time to see, the host shouted: “Okay, now the game starts.”

The voice fell, and the audience cheered. Each contestant entered the state in an instant, began to choose materials, lit the fire, and they were all methodical.

Maria was very confident, and said to Darryl: “Darryl, bring me the materials, half a coin of cinnabar, two coins of honeysuckle…”

Maria also lit the fire at this time, and according to the order, the materials seemed to be in a copper furnace.

Darryl watched quietly from the side, waited until she had put all the materials out and closed the pill furnace, then said: “Teacher Su, you want to refine the Zengyuan Pill?”

Zengyuan Dan. It is an elixir to improve cultivation.

However, it only works for cultivators below Wuhou. After taking it, you can improve one rank, but you can only take it once in your life.

Maria was a little surprised: “Do you know Zengyuan Pill too?”

This Enhancement Pill is the highest-level pill that he can refine. Generally, only those at the level of a master alchemy know how to refine it.

Unexpectedly, Darryl noticed it at a glance.

Darryl smiled and said, “I was fortunate enough to have seen an alchemy master refining it before, so I know a little bit about it.”

Darryl knew when Maria asked him to get the materials. In “Promise Pill”, Zengyuan Pill can only be regarded as a middle-to-lower pill. However, it is not bad to be refined at this kind of alchemy meeting.

Maria nodded silently, not talking, focusing all on the pill furnace.

As long as the Zengyuan Pill is refined and the top three in the competition, there is no problem at all. So only succeed, not fail!

At this time, the crowd in the audience also looked at the stage curiously. One of the boys in white is the most eye-catching. He is about twenty years old and belongs to the Shaolin school. His name is Liang Shaohua.

At this time, Liang Shaohua turned his wrist over, grabbed four or five kinds of pills, and skillfully placed them in the furnace.

Seeing these kinds of materials, Darryl trembled all over! what’s the situation? Does this kid want to refine a solid spirit pill?

Gu Ling Pill, but a rare elixir. It seems that at this alchemy conference, there are still experts in alchemy.

Darryl nodded secretly, that is, at this moment, he felt a faint burning smell. Darryl looked down and was taken aback.

Immediately, he couldn’t help but said, “Ms. Su, the fire is too strong. Take water to cool down!”

This kind of pure copper pill furnace, the speed of refining the pill is indeed very fast. However, this kind of furnace can easily lead to too high temperature! It is a test of the players’ control of the fire.

Obviously, there are still some shortcomings in Maria’s control of the heat.

Maria laughed and said disapprovingly: “Darryl, don’t make a fuss. Your knowledge of alchemy is still very weak. I have refined this kind of vitality pill several times before, so it shouldn’t be a big problem.”

“Teacher Su, listen to my words, quickly use water to cool down.” Darryl couldn’t help saying again.

How can it be done like this, the temperature is so high, can the pill be practiced?

Maria smiled lightly, and said, “It’s really okay, Darryl, you still need to learn about alchemy. You and I have been alchemy for many years, so don’t worry.”

Chapter 175

“Hey…” Darryl sighed.

This teacher Maria, gentle and beautiful, everything is good, but it is a bit stubborn at critical times.

Time passed by every minute.

The game stipulates one hour. By the fiftieth minute, half of the players had already practiced the pill.


As a result, at this moment, the pill furnace in front of Maria suddenly made a loud noise! Then a burnt smell came out.

The pill furnace was pitch black, and there was no half of the pill.


This, how is this possible!

Maria’s body trembled, her graceful face was pale, and she panicked.

How could this be? !

Zeng Yuan Dan had practiced it several times by himself, and never had a problem. How could it fail this time.

Alas, this is the consequence of non-stop counseling.

Darryl sighed, and said in a low voice: “Teacher Su, I said just now, this kind of pure copper pill furnace is the most important to control the heat, but it’s a pity that you don’t listen.”

Maria opened her red lips slightly, almost crying anxiously: “Darryl, what should I do?”

This alchemy conference is only held every three years. Could it be that it just failed like this!

At this time, all the players on the stage looked at Maria with a smile, showing a gloating expression.

Darryl shook his head and walked to the pill furnace: “I’ll help you refine the pill.”

What, let him come?

Maria’s expression froze and hesitated.

There are only less than ten minutes left before the end of the game.

Moreover, Darryl is still Dantong. In the alchemy competition, Dantong only hits his hands, how can he play alchemy?

But Maria really couldn’t help it, she had no remedy now, it was better to let him try, there might be room for return. Although the hope is very slim, after all, there are only ten minutes left. Even if the alchemist master, it is impossible to practice a good pill within ten minutes, right?

But it is better than admitting defeat. Thinking of this, Maria bit her lip tightly and nodded: “All right.”

As he said, he stepped aside.

Darryl took a deep breath, reignited the fire, and grabbed a few handfuls of alchemy materials.


At this moment, the faces of the judges sitting on both sides changed.

How did a little Dantong play?

Isn’t this a nonsense? !

Ren Feifei, who was sitting there, had his eyes locked on Darryl, and his delicate face revealed a bit of complexity.

It’s a big taboo for Dantong to replace the players to refine the pill! There has never been such a situation in previous alchemy conferences.


At the same time, the entire Aquaman Square suddenly boiled, and the eyes of countless people gathered on Darryl’s body, and his expression was full of surprise and mockery.

“Look, the son-in-law is coming up.”

“Haha, he can also do alchemy? It’s a laugh.”

Hao Jian, who was sitting in the first row, couldn’t help laughing: “This fool, Darryl, thinks he will play a game for his family? He actually played instead of Teacher Su.”

As soon as this remarks fell, people around were talking about it.

Zhou Qinxiu frowned and said in a low voice: “Hao Jian,

How could you say that, you forgot, when Li Nan ate wild fruits by mistake during an outing, Darryl made alchemy on the spot and saved her. “

To be honest, Elisa was also a little surprised to see Darryl going to the stage to make alchemy. But she believes that Darryl will not be able to do things in a random manner.

Hao Jian sneered with disdain: “At that time, he saved Peter’s wife, but it was just luck. With his little tricks, he could get to the alchemy meeting?”

It’s ridiculous.

Elisa did not speak, staring at Darryl on the stage, and it was difficult for him to calm down for a while.

Darryl is so self-confident, could it be that he refined all the gods before him?


Shenxian Pill is a rare panacea.

Many alchemy masters don’t know it, he can’t make it out. Didn’t he say that before, the immortal pill was given to him by a friend…

In the arena, most of the players took the pill in their hands, and the refining was successful.

Contestant number three is a woman.

When she took the refined pill in her hand, the host’s eyes flashed with surprise, holding the microphone and shouted: “Everyone, Chen Rong of the Xiaoyao School, made a Dingyan Pill. Dingyan. Dan, as the name suggests, has the effect of restoring the face. Let a woman’s face remain unchanged within ten years!”


Dingyan Dan?

In an instant, many people present were stunned, and many women exclaimed.

No matter how beautiful a woman is, she will have an old day.

Who doesn’t want to stay young and beautiful forever.

And this Dingyan Pill actually has the effect of keeping one’s face!

For a moment, all the women showed longing eyes.

“Oh my God, look at the sky!”

At this moment, I didn’t know who it was, and suddenly exclaimed.

In the next second, everyone is looking to the sky!

I saw a black cloud and mist condensed in mid-air, just so slowly floating above the head of an alchemy player!

It is the contestant of the Shaolin School, Liang Shaohua!

Dan Yun!

This pill that Liang Shaohua refined has attracted a pill cloud!

Wow! There was a lot of discussion in the audience!

In the final analysis, the matter of cultivation itself violates the natural way of heaven. The refining of pill is more of an act against the sky.

If someone refines the best pill, it will cause celestial phenomena!

Dan Yun cohesion is one of the celestial phenomena! There are also some stronger medicines that can even cause thunder and lightning, and those peerless medicines may even cause disasters!

At this moment, everyone looked at Liang Shaohua, and they were all shocked and speechless.

Can elicit the pill cloud, this person has advanced alchemy attainments, and has reached a realm beyond the reach of others!

It seems that talented people will come out in large numbers in this alchemy meeting.

At the same time, the judges sitting on both sides were all shocked.

The happiest one is Master Jueyuan of the Shaolin School. This Liang Shaohua is the most talented disciple of the younger generation of Shaolin School, especially in alchemy.

Today’s alchemy conference really lived up to the expectations of the Shaolin faction!


When everyone was secretly shocked, the pill furnace in front of Liang Shaohua heard a thunderous shock.


In the next second, under the gaze of countless people, Liang Shaohua took out a pill that was as white as snow, and saw the surface of the pill, a halo flowing faintly, which seemed full of aura.

The host was so excited that he walked up quickly, took the pill with trembling hands, and then asked, “Contestant Liang Shaohua, what kind of pill are you.”

Liang Shaohua smiled slightly: “This is called Guling Pill. It is also called Requiem Pill, which can improve cultivation, calm the soul, and reduce the invasion of demons.”

As soon as these words came out, several judges nodded one after another. Cultivation is difficult and difficult. Especially after reaching the realm of Wuhou, it is very difficult to improve the strength again.

In addition to the need for constant comprehension, it is also necessary to prevent all kinds of confusions in the state of mind. So Gu Ling Pill is a treasure for every cultivator!

The people below are also full of admiration!

I have to say, this time the champion, I am afraid he is none other than him! It’s not a joke to be able to trigger Dan Yun.

Seeing that piece of pill cloud, Maria felt unspeakably lost.

In this competition, I missed the top three.

At this moment, there are only two minutes before the end of the game! Only Darryl, the pill furnace in the audience, was still burning and hadn’t finished refining it! But Darryl didn’t panic at all, still looking at the pill cloud with great interest.

I have to say that this Liang Shaohua can cause the Dan Yun vision, which is also very good.

“The Promise Pill”, there is indeed a record that some rare pill medicines are refined, which can trigger celestial phenomena.

However, Darryl’s refinement of the Immortal Pill, which is also a relatively powerful pill, has never caused a pill cloud.

At that time, Darryl was still a little puzzled. Later, I read the “Promise Pill Art” carefully and I understood it.

Although the Shenxian Pill belongs to the upper-middle class elixir, it is only a supplementary elixir, to put it bluntly, it only helps the cultivator to break through the bottleneck, and has no other effect except these.

It cannot improve the strength of the cultivator, nor can it improve the physique of the cultivator. Can only help break through.

Therefore, auxiliary elixir like Shenxian Pill cannot produce celestial phenomena.

“last minute!”

The host picked up the microphone and shouted.

At this time, the eyes of everyone in the audience gathered on Darryl’s body!

Hao Jian couldn’t help laughing, pointing to Darryl and said, “Everyone else has finished refining, this kid is still competing with the pill furnace, haha, hey, Darryl, what did you do? Are you here to be funny? Hahaha!”


The audience burst into laughter.

This door-to-door son-in-law is so interesting.

There is something there, haha ​​too funny.

“Hao Jian, don’t talk about Darryl anymore, can you do it?” Elisa couldn’t help but pulled him.

Why humiliate Darryl every time. Regardless of how it was said, when he was on an outing, Darryl had indeed refined a pill and saved Li Nan. Even if Darryl’s strength in refining alchemy is not high, he at least has the courage to board this arena.

Courage is worthy of praise!

“Look, what is the sky!”

At this moment, a scream cut through the sky! Everyone present looked up one after another. At this look, the audience was silent!

In the sky, three fiery red clouds are rapidly condensing. Slowly drifting to the top of Darryl’s head!

Dan Yun, three… three flowers? !

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