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Chapter 1766

Hearing this, Lolita’s expression eased slightly, and she said softly: “Thea, what’s the matter with you looking for me so late?”


Thea groaned, and said slowly: “I heard that Du Leng came back and took your position as the patriarch and put you under house arrest. I felt a little worried.”

“You…” Lolita was very moved, but she was still a little confused: “Why are you so good to me?”

He and Thea can only be regarded as acquaintances, not friends, but tonight, Thea is risking a visit to herself, which is really curious.

Thea smiled lightly: “Actually, I came this time for Darryl. Darryl is my friend and you are his wife. How can I just sit back and watch if something is wrong with you?”

When she said this, Thea glanced at Darryl intentionally or unintentionally.


Seeing Thea mentioned Darryl, Lolita’s body trembled, and her heart suddenly became confused.

What made Lolita even more surprised was that Thea, who was always high above her, actually regarded Darryl as a friend.


Seeing that Lolita was silent, Thea continued: “At that time, there were too many doubts about the death of Old Man Dumen. I checked some circumstances. Although there is no conclusive evidence, I can be sure that Darryl was framed, you. .. You misunderstood him.”


Hearing this, Lolita was completely stunned, only feeling her brain humming.

Even Xia said that, did she really misunderstand Darryl?

Thinking about it, Lolita asked Thea: “Thea, during this period of time, have you…have you seen Darryl?”


Thea hesitated, glanced at Darryl subconsciously, and responded: “I have seen him, he is safe now, you don’t need to worry.”

After chatting for a few more words, under Darryl’s hint, Thea and Lolita said goodbye.


The moment he walked out of the room, Darryl couldn’t help but looked back at Lolita, swearing secretly in his heart.

Lolita, don’t worry, as long as I’m here, you won’t be in any danger.

To be honest, Darryl wanted to reveal his identity at this time, and then took Lolita away, but finally held back. You know, Yan Hong controlled the Temple of Light, and also summoned the rulers of the major duchy. , Must be brewing a huge conspiracy, this matter is not trivial.

Darryl thought it over, and after dealing with Yanhong and Guangming Temple, he will come back to see Lolita.

“Du Leng!”

When he got outside, Darryl looked at Du Leng and said coldly, “Miss Lolita, it’s Thea’s friend. If something happens to her, you will not escape the blame, understand?”

When saying this, Darryl glanced at McGrady, his eyes sharp.

“Understood! Understood!” Du Leng wiped the cold sweat from his forehead and nodded repeatedly.

McGrady was even more nervous, and didn’t dare to let out the atmosphere.

To be honest, McGrady didn’t want to be so embarrassed to realize it, but the person in front of him was Darryl Tao, but the benefactor of the Twelve Paladins, even Tianma was very respectful when he saw it.

Darryl stopped talking nonsense, and walked out of the manor with Xia.

Tianma quickly followed.


Outside, Thea’s delicate face was full of puzzlement, and she couldn’t help but said: “I really don’t understand. I obviously saw Lolita, why don’t you recognize her?”

Darryl smiled bitterly, and slowly said: “Thea, I understand your feelings, but I must not reveal my identity now, otherwise, I dare not imagine the consequences.”

When saying this, Darryl glanced at Tianma not far away intentionally or unintentionally.

Thea is a smart woman, vaguely guessed something: “Are you…you are from the Temple of Light?”

“Not bad!” Darryl didn’t deny it, nodded and said: “Twelve Holy Knights are my subordinates, but my identity is more sensitive, so I can’t let too many people know.”


Hearing this, Xia’s delicate body trembled, staring blankly at Darryl speechless.


Completely shocked.

Even the Twelve Paladins are his subordinates? What is his identity in the Temple of Light?

How many secrets are there in Darryl?

After a full ten seconds, Xia was relieved, and then bid farewell to Darryl and left.

“His Royal Highness.”

As soon as the front foot left, Tianma hurried over, with an anxious expression on his face: “The situation in the temple is becoming more and more dangerous. That woman, we want the twelve paladins to secretly control the guards of the major duchy tomorrow… “

In the next few minutes, Tianma told the details, One Five One Ten.

D*mn it!

Knowing these circumstances, Darryl frowned and his expression was solemn.

This Yanhong’s ambition was finally exposed. This was to rule the entire Roland Continent.

Thinking about it, Darryl took a deep breath and comforted Tianma: “Don’t panic, let me tell me where Yan Hong is now, and where did she lock Yarina?”

Tianma nodded and said quickly.

Darryl nodded, showing a slight smile: “Okay, let’s act tonight, and strangle the crisis in the cradle.” After the voice fell, Darryl and Tianma rushed to the temple.

D*mn it!

Soon after arriving at the temple, Darryl’s heart was shaken when he saw the situation in front of him, and he couldn’t help but sigh with emotion.

This Yan Hong is not only ambitious, but also a perfectionist.

I saw that the temple in front of me was magnificent and magnificent, showing elegance and magnificence everywhere.

But Darryl didn’t have time to appreciate it. The most important thing now was to rescue Yalena first.

With the help of Tianma, Darryl replaced the knight’s soft armor. Avoid being spotted.

After that, Tianma quickly converged with the Golden Lion and the others, while Darryl rushed to the secret room behind the temple, where the true Goddess of Light was imprisoned by Yanhong.

A few minutes later, Darryl rushed to the secret room where Yarina was detained, and he saw a few knights guarding outside the secret room.

Seeing this scene, Darryl didn’t think much about it, urging his figure, and raising his hand to seal the acupuncture points of these knights with lightning speed.

Bang bang bang….

Darryl’s speed was very fast, and several knights couldn’t move even before they could react.

In the next second, Darryl hid a few knights in the grass beside him, and after doing this, he walked into the secret room.


The moment he entered the secret room, Darryl couldn’t help taking a deep breath when he saw the scene in front of him.

I saw that there was only a stone bed in the secret room, and a charming figure curled up on the bed, a white dress with beautiful curves and beautiful features, but it was pale and weak.

Not only that, his hands and feet were tied with chains, and several acupuncture points on his body were blocked.

It was Yalena.

Seeing this situation, Darryl felt a trace of pity in his heart, and softly called: “Yalina?”

Yarina’s heart trembled when she heard the call, thinking that Yanhong had come in.


In the next second, when she saw Darryl, Yalena’s body trembled, and her brain buzzed with surprise.

Ever since Yan Hong took away the position of the goddess, Yalena prayed for Darryl to appear quickly every day, and at this moment, could she be upset when she finally saw him?

Chapter 1767

Seeing Yalina’s excitement, Darryl smiled slightly, walked over, and lifted his hand to unlock Yalina’s acupuncture points.


Immediately afterwards, Darryl’s internal force urged, and directly broke the iron chains on Yarina’s hands and feet.

At this moment, Yalena was completely free again, but she was still a little weak after being detained for so long.


Yarina got out of bed very excited, and looked at Darryl closely: “Is this true?”

When she said this, Yanina’s eyes blurred with tears.

“Yes.” Darryl smiled slightly.

Hearing the answer, Yalena was so excited and happy that she couldn’t tell herself, she threw herself into Darryl’s arms: “Teacher, I’m so afraid these days, I’m afraid the Temple of Light will be destroyed like this. But now it’s alright, you are back.”


Feeling Yalena’s soft body, Darryl was taken aback for a moment, and then smiled: “Yalina, please calm down first.”

But when he said this, Darryl’s gaze couldn’t help but look at Yarina.

Not seen for a few days, this Yalena seems to be even more beautiful, even though she has been detained for a few days, she can’t hide her otherworldly temperament.


Hearing this, Yanina also realized that she was a little too excited, her beautiful face flushed with shame all at once, and then she let go of her hand.

For a while, the atmosphere was a little bit awkward.

A few seconds later, Yalena reacted and her red lips opened slightly: “Teacher, that woman named Yanhong is very strong, let’s…”

Halfway through the conversation, I heard a faint footstep outside.


Yalena’s delicate body trembled, and she became flustered: “It must be Yan Hong. She has been here often these past two days, trying to ask me the secret of the temple.”

When she said this, Yanina was again in grief and panic.

Darryl looked at ease and said with comfort: “Don’t panic!”

With that, Darryl asked Yalena to lie back on the stone bed, and then hung the iron chain on Yalena’s hands and feet, disguising as Yalena was trapped.

After doing this, Darryl urged Yalena: “I will try my best to attract her attention later.”

As the goddess of light, Yalena is very smart, and she immediately understood what Darryl meant, and nodded.

At this time, hearing the sound of footsteps getting closer, Darryl didn’t say anything any more, and quickly hid behind the stone bed.

As soon as Darryl hid, he saw a charming figure and slowly walked into the secret room.

A golden robe, wearing a multicolored crown on his head, set off that charming figure exquisitely, and the whole body is filled with a powerful aura that cannot be profaned.

This outfit was in sharp contrast with the frail and embarrassed Yarina.

It is Yan Hong.


After entering the secret room, Yan Hong saw that the knight guarding the door was missing, her eyebrows furrowed, and she muttered to herself displeased: “It’s a bunch of trash. Everyone is lazy to look after.”

As he said, Yan Hong’s eyes fell on Yalena on the stone bed, and he didn’t notice anything unusual, so he secretly let go.

At this time, Yan Hong didn’t know that Yalena had regained her freedom.

At this time, Yalena looked at Yan Hong closely: “What are you doing again?”

When she said this, Yalena deliberately acted in a panic, because Darryl said that she should try her best to attract Yan Hong’s attention.

At the same time, Darryl, who was hiding behind the stone bed, also condensed his strength and held his breath at the same time.

“What are you doing?”

At this time, Yan Hong looked at Yalina with a smile but a smile: “What do you say I’m here for? I’m telling you, this time you don’t tell me the formulas for the cultivation of the temple magic, you don’t want to live tonight.”

When he said this, Yan Hong’s delicate face was full of gloom and cold.

After taking control of the Temple of Light, Yan Hong began to study the techniques of the Temple. It was only the magic of the Temple of Light. It was created by Fuxi on the basis of this world background. It was very profound, and it was difficult for Yan Hong to understand it.

In the past two days, Yan Hong often came to ask Yalena, but Yalena refused to say, which made Yan Hong very annoyed.


Faced with Yan Hong’s threat, Yalena’s delicate face did not have the slightest emotional fluctuations, and said lightly: “I’ve said before that only the true goddess of light can practice this magic, and the position of your goddess is from me. Snatched from here, do you think I will tell you?”

Hearing this, Yan Hong’s pretty face changed: “It seems that you are really not afraid of death.”


As the voice fell, a powerful breath erupted from Yan Hong, and the air in the entire secret room was distorted. The strong breath almost made people breathless.

Immediately, Yan Hong stopped talking nonsense, and walked towards Yalena step by step.

D*mn it!

Feeling the aura of Yanhong’s eruption, Darryl was secretly frightened.

After a few days, Yan Hong’s strength has become so strong?


Seeing Yanhong getting closer and closer, Yalena’s beautiful face was a little pale, and she said in a panic: “Don’t mess around, I’ll just tell you!”

When she said this, Yanina was flustered on the surface, but she was extremely calm in her heart. With Darryl in her mind, she didn’t panic at all.

“now it’s right!”

Seeing Yalena finally compromised, Yan Hong smiled: “It’s so good, you don’t have to suffer so much.”

Yan Hong was very excited at this time. After practicing the divine art of the temple, no one would be his opponent in this world.

Thinking about it, Yan Hong walked forward and wanted Yarina to tell her the secret.


At this moment, I saw a figure, as fast as lightning, rushing out from behind the stone bed, and slapped Yan Hong with a palm.

It is Darryl.

The reason why Darryl hid was to wait for the opportunity to make a surprise attack. After all, Yan Hong’s current strength was too strong, and Darryl was unsure of one-on-one. Seeing Yan Hong’s attention at this time, it was all on Yalena, Darryl did not hesitate, and he did not hesitate to take action.


Rushing to the front, a violent aura burst out from Darryl.

“It’s you!”

Seeing Darryl, Yan Hong’s delicate body trembled, furious.

At this time, Yan Hong didn’t expect to encounter Darryl here.

No wonder the knights guarding outside were gone, it turned out that they were all ghosts made by Darryl.

“Yanhong!” Darryl smiled, but his tone was beyond doubt: “I didn’t want to surprise you, but there is no way. You messed up the Temple of Light and wanted to rule the entire Roland Continent. I had to Do it!”

When the voice fell, Darryl’s internal force surged, and a palm shot out like lightning.


All this happened too fast, almost at the moment of lightning and stone fire, Yan Hong had no time to react. He was hit on the shoulder with this palm, and he heard Yan Hong’s muffled hum, and he flew out all at once.

In the next second, Yan Hong rammed a pit on the wall of the secret room, and then fell down, with a trace of paleness on his delicate face.

Seeing this scene, Darryl took a deep breath.

Finally the raid was successful.

At the same time, Olena also sat up with joy: “Teacher, success!”

“you guys!”

Seeing this scene, Yan Hong was very angry, and at the same time he was extremely shocked.

This goddess of light actually called Teacher Darryl?

Chapter 1768

Perceiving Yan Hong’s expression, Olena couldn’t hide her pride: “Unexpectedly, Your Excellency Darryl is my teacher. Just before you came in, I had already opened the shackles on my body…”

Yan Hong gave a cold snort, did not respond, but silently adjusted his internal strength to restore his strength.

At this time, Darryl took a step earlier and said to Yan Hong, “Yan Hong, give up, you and Miaoying are both fairy spirits, how good is freedom? Why do you want to rule the entire continent?”

“Shut up!”

Yan Hongqi’s delicate body trembled, pointing at Darryl and shouting: “You can only surprise behind the villain, you are not qualified to teach me!”

With that, Yan Hong’s eyes flickered with coldness, and continued: “Darryl, do you think that saving the Goddess of Light can turn the situation around? You are wrong, and the Temple of Light is still under my control. Twelve Holy Knights Where is it?”

When he said the last sentence, Yan Hong looked at Darryl coldly, full of resentment.


When the voice fell, he saw twelve figures, rushing in quickly, one by one wearing golden armor, with a strong aura.

It is Tianma, Golden Lion and others.

Seeing this scene, Yalina suddenly became nervous. She believed that the Twelve Paladins were loyal to her. However, they were all poisoned by Yan Hong before. If they disobey Yan Hong’s order, the consequences would be disastrous.

At this time Yarina didn’t know that the poison of the twelve paladins had been solved by Darryl.

Seeing Tianma, Golden Lion and others, Darryl didn’t panic at all, but smiled instead.

“You guys!”

At this time, Yan Hong directed at Tianma and the others, and shouted: “Take him down to me immediately.”

However, when the voice fell, Tianma, Golden Lion and others stood there motionless.


At this moment, Yan Hong’s anger rose, and Jiao said: “Can’t you hear it? Don’t you do it right away?”

When the voice fell, the golden lion couldn’t help but yelled: “You hateful woman, you control the Temple of Light by despicable means, and the Goddess is under house arrest. Your sin is unforgivable.”

Tianma and other Paladins also shouted.

“Yes, how can our paladin take orders from you?”

“Let’s not point fingers at us.”

Hearing these words, Yan Hong’s body trembled and was frightened.

In the next second, Yan Hong’s eyes swept across Tianma and the others coldly, and said coldly: “You are looking for death, don’t forget, the poison on your body is only half solved. If you dare not listen to my orders, it is a dead end .”

Hearing this, Tianma, Golden Lion and others looked at each other and couldn’t help laughing.

At this time, Darryl also showed a slight smile, joking at Yan Hong, “Yan Hong, haven’t seen it yet? The poison on their bodies has long since been resolved.”

Having said that, Darryl continued: “Yes, I forgot to tell you that I am still the nobleman of the Temple of Light. Therefore, I will never sit back and watch what you do in the Temple of Light.”


As soon as he said this, Yan Hong’s body shook, staring at Darryl and unable to speak.

This Darryl… is the Lord of the Temple of Light? Why didn’t I know?

“Twelve Paladins!”

At this time, Darryl stopped talking nonsense, pointing at Yan Hong and shouting: “Take her immediately.”

“Yes, His Royal Highness!” Hearing the order, Tianma, Golden Lion and others responded in unison, and then burst of Holy Power, directly thinking of Yanhong and rushed.

For a time, twelve figures, as fast as lightning, directly surrounded the Yan Hong Tuan Tuan.


Seeing this scene, Darryl showed a slight smile and said to Yan Hong: “Yan Hong, give up, don’t struggle!”

These twelve paladins, each of them are of the strength of the holy gods, and when they join hands at this time, the power is very terrifying.

Hearing this, Yan Hong sneered, without any expression on his face: “Darryl, you thought you raided me with a palm before, but now that these twelve white-eyed wolves help you, can you defeat me?”

“You underestimated me!”


When the voice fell, a terrifying breath burst out from Yan Hong’s body. In a moment, the surrounding air seemed to be stagnant.


At the same time, Yan Hongyu slowly raised his hand and saw that a black chain appeared in Yan Hong’s hand. It is the chain of Pluto.

At the same time that Mateo’s power was absorbed, the underworld chain also fell into Yan Hong’s hands.

As soon as the chain of the underworld came out, not only the secret room, but the entire temple, and even the entire Pearl City, were enveloped in a thick black mist.

D*mn it!

Seeing the chain of the underworld, Darryl was startled. This Pluto artifact was actually in Yan Hong’s hand.

While muttering in his heart, Darryl squeezed a cold sweat for the twelve holy knights. Because he clearly felt that Yan Hong’s injury had almost recovered.

Darryl was shocked at this time.

With the palm just now, she used eight levels of skill. Not surprisingly, Yan Hong had to cultivate for at least half a month, and at this time, she recovered in less than half an hour?

At this time, Darryl didn’t know that after Yan Hong had completely integrated the power of Hades, not only his strength was greatly increased, but his healing ability was also improved a lot.

At this moment, feeling the aura of Yanhong, Yalena was inexplicably nervous, her body trembling faintly.

At the same time, Tianma, Golden Lion and others were also secretly surprised.

What a strong breath.

What kind of weapon is this? Looks very unique.

“Don’t panic everyone!”

At this moment, Darryl reacted and shouted at Tianma and the others: “Listen to my arrangement, Tianma, you take two steps forward, Golden Lion, you take five steps to the left, Gemini, you take a walk to the right. …”

When shouting these, Darryl was anxious on the surface, but he was extremely calm in his heart.

Yes, what Darryl asked the twelve holy knights to deploy was a formation called a ten-sided counter-attack formation.

The ten-fang counter-kill formation, in the Bai Qi Shen formation, belonged to the top formation, Darryl rarely used it, but the Yan Hong strength in front of him was too terrifying, and he could only let it go.


Hearing Darryl’s call, the Twelve Holy Knights did not hesitate to move their figures one after another, surrounding Yan Hong in the middle.

This… is this a formation? It feels very subtle.

Seeing this scene, Yanina’s body trembled, inexplicably excited. Originally Yarina didn’t understand the formation technique, but after recognizing Darryl as a teacher, she also had some understanding of the formation technique Yishu.

Yalena at this time, clearly saw that the twelve holy knights cooperated with each other under the command of Darryl, which seemed chaotic, but every step was very mysterious.

In an instant, Yan Hong was trapped inside, even if he had the chain of the underworld in his hand, he could not rush out for a while.

In the blink of an eye, half an hour passed, Yan Hong could not rush out of the formation and became extremely irritable.


Seeing that Yan Hong had lost his mind, Darryl knew that the opportunity was coming. You must know that fighting at this level is most taboo and impetuous. At that time, Darryl did not hesitate, and his figure flashed into the battlefield, facing behind Yan Hong. Leaving in a surprise attack.

Yan Hong’s attention was all on the twelve holy knights at this time, and he didn’t expect Darryl to rush over.


When he got to the front, Darryl shot the electricity, and immediately sealed Yan Hong’s several acupoints. Yan Hong’s body trembled and he couldn’t move anymore, and his delicate face was flushed, staring at Yue fiercely. Wind, extremely angry.

“Darryl, would you just make a surprise attack?” Yan Hong almost burst into anger, shouting at Darryl.

Chapter 1769

Upon hearing this, Darryl smiled and joked at Yan Hong: “The so-called winners and losers, besides, your previous control of the Temple of Light was not very glorious, right?”


Yan Hong’s face flushed, and he wanted to refute, but didn’t know how to speak.

“Holy Lord!”

At this moment, Tianma walked over quickly and pointed at Yan Hong and shouted: “This woman is so hateful, just kill it.”

As soon as the voice fell, the Golden Lion and the other Paladins also drank tenderly.

“Yes, this woman is so hateful that she cannot stay.”

“It’s all her, the Temple of Light that caused the damage was almost discredited.”

“Kill her directly…”

Everyone’s anger came, and Yan Hong’s body trembled, and suddenly he became a little panicked.

To be honest, if she falls into the hands of others, Yan Hong is not afraid at all, because she is the body of a fairy, and ordinary means can’t kill her at all, but Darryl is different. He has a clear picture of Yan Hong’s origin and has many ways. Let her die better than life.


Darryl took a deep breath, looked around, and said lightly: “Although this woman is hateful, she is not guilty of death, so let’s go and watch.”

When saying this, Darryl looked at Yan Hong’s gaze, full of complexity.

To be honest, Yan Hong’s actions during this period of time were very disgusting, which made Darryl very annoyed, but he still couldn’t bear to kill Yan Hong.


Seeing Darryl saying this, Tianma, Golden Lion and others were a little anxious.

At this moment, Yanina came over and said softly, “Are you not listening to the words of the Lord?”

Speaking of which, Yarina has been detained for the past few days and hates Yan Hong very much, and she wants to kill Yan Hong immediately, but she knows that Darryl must have his reason for doing this.


Seeing Yalina speaking, Tianma and the others were not saying anything, they all agreed, and then Yan Hong was detained.


Seeing everyone leaving, Yanina walked over, unable to conceal her inner excitement, and said to Darryl: “Teacher, thanks to you this time!”

Darryl smiled slightly: “What are you polite?”

“Teacher, where have you been during this time?” Lolita asked curiously.

Darryl didn’t conceal it, so he explained what happened during this period in detail.


Upon hearing this, Yalena was very emotional: “Unexpectedly, so many things happened in these short days. By the way, the teacher, that Yan Hong, in my name, will invite all the royal families of the six principalities. When we arrive at Pearl City, what should we do next?”

Darryl smiled and comforted: “Don’t panic, we can just use this opportunity to let the six principalities sign a peace agreement.”

“Okay, I understand!” Yarina is a smart woman, and she immediately understood what Darryl meant. She smiled like a flower, unspeakably charming.

After chatting for a while, Darryl left the temple. You must know that when he came to Pearl City this time, Darryl accompanied the queen as a guard of the palace. After being out for so long, he must go back and return to life.


At noon the next day, the entire Pearl City was indescribably lively.

Because today is the day when the Temple of Light will hold the Temple of Light.

I saw that the people around the temple were crowded, almost crowded. They all wanted the grace of a goddess of light, but with the protection of the Templars, these people couldn’t enter the temple at all.

Nevertheless, it cannot stop the enthusiasm of the people.

In the temple, the royal families of the six duchy gathered together, quietly waiting for the appearance of the goddess of light. The royal families of the six principalities were at odds with each other, but gathered in the hall at this time, no one dared to be presumptuous.

After all, the one to see later is the Goddess of Light.


After waiting for a few minutes, with a flurry of restlessness, I saw Yalena slowly walking in, surrounded by the twelve paladins.

At this moment, the royal families of the six principalities were shocked, unspeakable excitement.


So beautiful!

I saw that Yarina was wearing a golden robe at this time, showing her perfect figure to the fullest, wearing a colorful crown on her head, her face exquisite, floating like an immortal, and her whole body was filled with a high cold that can not be profaned. temperament.

For a while, all the kings present were stunned, their eyes unblinking.

Even the queen of the Golden Lion Principality was amazed.


At this time, Yalina slowly sat on the throne, looked around and smiled slightly: “This time the Holy Light Hall is held, mainly for the peace of the entire Roland continent. I want you to sign a covenant with the six principalities. It will never be possible. Start the war.”

When she said this, Yarina looked serious, and her heart was unspeakably relaxed.

To be honest, Yan Hong held the Holy Light Hall in Pearl City in the name of the Goddess of Light, intending to control the six great dukes and the royal family, and finally achieve the goal of ruling the entire continent. This matter seriously affected the reputation of the Temple of Light.

However, fortunately, even if Darryl appeared, the situation was reversed.


Upon hearing this, the royal families of the six duchy were all stunned.

All of you present here are a little bit conflicted when they want to conquer other principalities and unify the entire continent. Now they are about to sign a peace treaty.

Seeing their expressions, Yanina frowned slightly, a little unhappy.


At this moment, the hot-character Golden Lion strode out and said coldly: “His Royal Highness said it personally, why don’t you say anything? Do you still want to start a war and make the people unhappy?”

The voice fell, and a strong breath broke out from the golden lion’s body.

At the same time, Tianma also said: “If anyone does not want peace today, they will no longer be blessed by our Temple of Light. Think about it.”

Hearing this, the six kings’ hearts trembled.

If you lose the blessing of the Temple of Light, the consequences will be disastrous.

“His Royal Highness!”

Finally, the Queen of the Golden Lion Principality was the first to react and said respectfully to Yalena: “We, the Principality of the Golden Lion, are willing to follow the advice of the goddess.”

Seeing the Queen’s first statement, the other royal families also agreed.

Seeing this situation, Yanina was very satisfied, smiled lightly, looked at the queen and said: “The queen is so insightful and mindful, it is really admirable!”

“Thank the goddess for the praise!” The queen’s delicate face was full of modesty.

At this moment, Yalena looked around and said softly: “After you sign the peace agreement, go back to your own territories. By the way, this Pearl City, our Temple of Light will only be used for a few days. It was only an accident that killed the city lord Seth before. As for the new city lord of Pearl City, I propose to leave it to the Dumen family!”

Having said this, Yanina looked at the king of the New Moon Principality: “What do you think of this arrangement?”

Yes, it was Darryl’s suggestion to let someone from the Dumen family be the new city lord. Yanina listened to Darryl’s words, and said it in the hall at this time.

Uh …

Seeing that the Goddess of Light took the initiative to ask herself, the king of the New Moon Principality was taken aback, then reacted and nodded and said: “Yes, yes, yes, since it is the goddess’s proposal, why don’t you want it?”


the other side!

In the secret room behind the temple. Yan Hong’s hands and feet were tied with chains, and his expression was depressed.

The original plan to rule the entire continent was about to succeed, but at the last moment, it was destroyed by Darryl. Not only that, he became a prisoner, and no one could bear this matter if he changed it to anyone.

Chapter 1770


When Yan Hong was secretly annoyed, he heard a sound of footsteps coming from outside the secret room, and then Darryl slowly walked in.

When he arrived, Darryl smiled and said, “How does it feel to be a prisoner?”


Seeing Darryl, Yan Hong’s delicate face flushed suddenly, and he was very embarrassed: “Darryl, do you still have the face to see me? Back in Pearl City, I could have killed you, but finally spared you. Fate, but you raided my back, and you are still the hero of Jiuzhou…”

In the face of Yan Hong’s abuse, Darryl didn’t get angry at all. He smiled and said, “Yan Hong, you still haven’t awakened? I am not here to fight with you this time. I ask you, where is Miaoying? “

When he said this, Darryl seemed to smile, but his eyes flashed with anxiety.

After catching Yanhong last night, Darryl searched all over the temple, but did not see Miaoying’s shadow at all.

“Tsk tut…”

Yan Hong didn’t answer right away, but couldn’t help but mocked: “You two, it’s really deep and righteous.”

“Where is she?” Darryl frowned, already impatient at this time.

Yan Hong did not show weakness, and said coldly: “You have harmed me so badly, why should I tell you?”


Hearing this, Darryl was very annoyed, but he still sneered and said: “Okay, don’t you tell me, are you? Then I will hand you over to the twelve holy knights. You can think about it. You poisoned them, will they easily let you go?”


Yan Hong’s body trembled, her eyes flickering, and finally compromised, responding: “Three days ago, after we came to Pearl City, Miaoying left.”

Yan Hong didn’t lie, Miaoying was used repeatedly by her, and she had no trust in Yan Hong, so after arriving at Pearl City, she left alone.

D*mn it!

Seeing that Yan Hong didn’t seem to be lying, Darryl was stunned, wishing to cry without tears.

This is too much luck. I thought that if Yan Hong was controlled, everything would be over, but I didn’t expect it, and I missed it with Miaoying.

The Roland Continent is so big, where will Miaoying go?

At this moment, Darryl felt unspeakably lost, and turned around to leave.


Just after two steps, Yan Hong yelled anxiously: “Darryl, you still don’t let me out? What are you going to do?”

“Yanhong!” Darryl looked back at her, and said lightly: “You are too evil, just stay in the Temple of Light, and wait until I find Miaoying, I will see you again.”

The voice fell, and Darryl strode away.

“Darryl, you ba5tard…” Yan Hong was furious and kept cursing, but Darryl had already gone far.


On the other side, the Holy Light Hall has ended.

At this time, in the temple, the six kings have left.

Yarina sat on the throne, looking at the mountains of gifts in front of her, her delicate face, without the slightest joy. These gifts were all given by the royal families of the six principalities.

“Tianma, return all these gifts!” Yarina ordered at Tianma.

As the goddess of light, aloft, naturally won’t be overjoyed by these worldly gifts.

“Yes.” Tianma replied, asking someone to get the gift out.

However, at this moment, I saw Darryl walk in quickly and shouted: “Stop.”

When he said this, Darryl quickly searched among the gifts.

Just came out of the secret room and learned that the Holy Light Ceremony was over, Darryl rushed over immediately, because he knew that the Queen of the Golden Lion Principality had given the Thousand Changed Exquisite Box to Yalina, which contained the second half volume. Holy Code Jade Book.


Seeing Darryl coming in, Tianma hurriedly stopped to do it, and at the same time looked confused.

Your Lord wants these gifts?

Yarina also looked curious and couldn’t help but said: “What’s the matter?”

Darryl took a deep breath and slowly said, “The second half of the sacred book is in these gifts.” With that, Darryl walked over and searched for it, and quickly found the Thousand Changed Exquisite Box.


When he got the Qianbian Linglong Box, Darryl couldn’t express his excitement, and what made him even more excited was that the Qianbian Linglong Box had already been opened. Obviously, when the Queen gave the gift to Yalina, she opened it. A thousand changeable exquisite box.


Hearing Darryl’s words, whether it was Yalena or Tianma and others, they were all shocked and inexplicably excited.

What’s in this box is the second half of the sacred book?

At this time, Darryl couldn’t wait to open the box.


Seeing the contents inside, I was stunned, my mind buzzed and went blank.

I saw that it was empty and there was nothing inside.

D*mn? How could this be?

At this moment, Darryl’s whole person was blinded. The Queen said in person at the time that the second half of the sacred book was hidden in this box. How could there be none?

Could it be that the queen lied?

But… she is a queen, and she is a gift to the goddess of light, how could she lie?


At the same time, Yalena, Tianma and others were also stunned there.

Finally, the Golden Lion took the lead and said angrily: “This queen of the Golden Lion Principality is so bold and dare to deceive the goddess. I should not go far yet, I will chase it back.”

With that, the golden lion was about to rush out of the temple.

After not taking two steps, Darryl stopped him: “Golden Lion, don’t be impulsive, there must be no secrets in this matter.” He believed that the queen was a person and could not do anything to deceive the Goddess of Light.

When the voice fell, Yanina also said: “Yes, Golden Lion, calm down.” She didn’t know why there was nothing in the box, but she believed in Darryl.

The Golden Lion scratched his head and stepped aside.

At this time, Yalina said to Darryl: “Are you going back to the Principality of the Golden Lion?” Her tone revealed a bit of dismay.

Darryl shook his head: “I won’t go back for now, I have other things to do.”

In Darryl’s heart, it was important to find out the truth and find the second half of the sacred jade book, but before leaving, he must help Lolita regain the position of the patriarch.

Knowing that Darryl had something to do, Yalena didn’t say much, leaving Pearl City with others and returning to the Temple of Light, while the Twelve Holy Knights stayed.

Because Yalena was in the main hall before, it was suggested that the Dumen family administer the Pearl City, and the Twelve Paladins would handle the specific matters.

A few minutes later, Darryl and the Twelve Paladins sent Yalena to the beach.

“Holy Lord!”

Seeing Yalina leaving, Tianma walked over and asked respectfully: “Just now the Dumen family held a banquet and sent an invitation to our temple. Would you like to go?”


Darryl frowned?

Seeing Darryl’s expression, the Golden Lion said with a smile: “Learning that Du Leng, the patriarch of the Dumen family, is going to govern Pearl City, he is so happy. It is so honorable. Of course he has to entertain other families.

Hearing this, Darryl couldn’t help but sneered. That Du Leng really thought he could be the city lord?

Thinking about it, Darryl directed at Tianma and the others: “You go first, I’ll wait a moment!”

“Yes, Your Highness!”

Tianma, Golden Lion and others responded in unison, and then rushed to the Dumen family.

Darryl returned to the temple and removed his previous disguise.

Darryl thought it over, and this time he returned to the Dumen family, no longer using any false identity, but going back as Lolita’s husband.

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