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Chapter 1891

Bai He took a deep breath and said lightly: “Don’t ask more, come with me!”

At this time, the white crane had an unprecedented sense of solemnity on his face.

With that said, Baihe should step into the dark road first.

Edward looked suspicious, but didn’t dare to ask more, and quickly followed.


After entering the dark tunnel, Edward couldn’t help but breathe in the air-conditioning. The steps in front of him couldn’t see the end at all, and didn’t know how long they were. They seemed to lead to the center of the earth!

The more you go down the steps, the larger the surrounding space!

Under the manor, there is no cave, and I grew up here since I was a child, and I knew it for the first time.

For a while, Edward’s heart was even more puzzled.

After walking for a while, I saw that the passage in front was blocked by a layer of water-like membrane, filled with strange power fluctuations.

“Father, what is this?” Edward couldn’t help but ask.

Baihe responded concisely with two words: “Enchantment.”


Hearing this, Edward was stunned and asked again, only to see that his father had passed through the barrier, and immediately followed closely.

After crossing this barrier, Edward clearly felt that the space below was filled with a powerful force, but the passage had not yet reached the end.

The more he walked down, the more shocked Edward was.

Because every time you walk a certain distance, there will be an enchantment, and every time you pass through an enchantment, the power pervading the surrounding air becomes stronger, but Edward didn’t panic at all, instead there was an inexplicable excitement.

In the dark, Edward sensed that the power filled in the air had an inexplicable intimacy, just like the feeling of blood connection.

I don’t know how long I walked, passing through the eighteen layers of barriers. Finally, Edward followed the white crane and walked to the end of the dark road. He saw that what appeared in front of him was a huge open space. This open space contains the entire cloud valley. size.

And in the middle of this open space, there is a round boulder platform.

On the stone platform, there was a burly figure sitting cross-legged, wearing black armor, motionless, as if it had been petrified, showing no signs of life.

Even so, Edward felt out of breath when he saw the burly figure.

Who is this person? It seems to have been dead for a long, long time.

At this moment, Edward stared at the burly figure on the stone platform, shocked in his heart.

Having been dead for so long, and still giving people such a strong aura, the identity is by no means simple.


In shock, Edward was deeply attracted by the thing in front of the burly figure, which was a drop-shaped spar, quietly suspended in front of him.

The spar is the size of a fist and exudes a dazzling light. Not only that, a strong breath is permeating from the spar.

At this time, Edward immediately realized that the power permeating the entire underground space was emitted from this spar.

What kind of treasure is this?

And who is this person?


Just as Edward was muttering secretly, Bai He slowly said, “Do you know what our ancestors did?”

“Father, why did you suddenly ask about this?” Edward was stunned, and then subconsciously responded: “When I was young, you told me that our ancestors of the Bai family were peerless and powerful. Recluse in Yungu, the genealogy handed down from generation to generation, it is also written like this…”

Before he finished speaking, Bai He shook his head and interrupted: “That’s not true.”

not real?

Hearing this, Edward stayed there, only feeling a little confused in his mind.

What is written on the family tree is actually fake?

As if he had guessed Edward’s thoughts, Bai He slowly said: “Our Bai family hides a huge secret. This secret is related to the survival of our Bai family and is of great importance. Therefore, those written on the family tree are only for the family. What the ordinary members of China saw, the truth is only known to the patriarchs of previous generations.”

As he said, Bai He took a deep breath and looked extremely solemn: “Yunfei, you are an adult. We will rely on you from the Bai family. I will tell you the truth now.”

“Our ancestors of the Bai family are not humans, but demons. Demons were born after the creation of heaven and earth and were transformed by the evil thoughts of the Great God Pangu. Therefore, they have always been incompatible with the gods transformed by Pangu’s good thoughts…”

“Thousands of years ago, the gods and demons broke out in a big battle, the demon veteran was defeated and dissipated nine days away, and the other members of the demon clan were also annihilated by the gods one by one, but our ancestors escaped by chance at that time. “

“In order to escape the chase of the gods, the ancestors fled everywhere, and were later rescued by a human woman. After that, the two sides had mutual affection. With children, the ancestors lived in seclusion in the mainland of Kyushu as human beings, and their descendants reproduced, and then there was the Bai family. family.”

“Because we want to avoid God’s pursuit, our Bai family has lived here for generations.”


Hearing this, Edward felt his brain humming, completely stupid.

The ancestors of the Bai family were not humans, but demons?


After a full ten seconds, Edward reacted, swallowing his saliva and asked: “So, what is on the stone platform in front of you is the remains of the ancestors?”

As he said, Edward couldn’t help but glance at the burly figure on the stone platform, and his heart was inexplicably shaken.

Baihe nodded: “Yes.”

“Then what is the thing floating in front of him?” Edward continued to ask.


Baihe took a deep breath and replied: “That is the demon soul of the ancestors. You must know that demons are different from humans and gods. Humans rely on dantian for cultivation, gods rely on primordial spirits, and demons rely on demons for cultivation. .”

“The ancestors evaded the chasing and killed by the gods, and were severely injured in the flight, so after having a child with a human woman, they died not too many years ago, but before dying, he condensed his demon soul out of his body, waiting for future generations Take over the inheritance.”

Speaking of this, Baihe pointed to the long dark road behind: “The eighteen layers of barriers on the dark road were also deployed by the ancestors before they died, to prevent being detected by the gods to isolate the breath of the devil soul.”

Hearing this, Edward felt confused and couldn’t help but said, “Isn’t it unnecessary for the ancestors to do this? He couldn’t fight against the gods during his lifetime, even if he left the devil soul, what’s the use?”

“Ha ha!”

Bai He smiled and looked at Edward with a deep look: “You are wrong, the ancestors did this, not to avenge the devil soul after the descendants inherit the devil, but to wait for the devil’s resurrection.”

“The ancestor is the most trusted general of the Demon Venerable. His Demon Soul can sense the existence of the Demon Venerable. At that time, the Demon Venerable was defeated by the gods and dissipated nine days away, but the ancestors firmly believed that the Demon Venerable was not dead because he was the Great God of Pangu. It’s not going to die if it’s transformed by evil thoughts.”

“Therefore, when the ancestors were dying, they left a last fate. Only the patriarchs of the past knew about this fate.

Hearing this, Edward only felt that his blood was soaring, and he was inexplicably excited, and quickly asked: “What is the content of the last life?”

Bai He looked serious, and said every word: “The content of the last life is that when the ancestor’s demon soul, when a vision occurs, it proves that the existence of the demon venerable has been sensed. At that time, the Bai family will no longer escape from the world. Inherit the power of the Demon Soul, and then find the Demon Lord, who will assist and assist for life.

“There was a sudden vibration here just now. It was the vision caused by the Demon Soul. In other words, it sensed the Demon Lord.”

Chapter 1892

Speaking of this, Bai He Qiang endured his inner excitement and watched Edward closely: “Yunfei, inheriting the demon soul of the ancestors, and then finding your demon lord is the responsibility of our Bai family.”

“You are talented and intelligent, you are the leader of the young generation of our Bai family, and the heir to the patriarch, so this big task is left to you!”


Edward took a deep breath and stayed there for a long time, but he couldn’t relax. Although he knew the ins and outs, he still couldn’t calm down.

This kind of thing, it is difficult for anyone to calm down.

In Edward’s heart, he thought that the family had been avoiding the world for other reasons, but he never expected that such a huge secret would be hidden.


Finally, Edward slowed down and said: “Then what should I do now?”

Baihe looked at the demon soul floating on the stone platform, and slowly said: “Fusing the power of the demon soul, we are the descendants of the demon, our physique is very different from ordinary people, and we can bear the powerful power of the demon soul. So, don’t worry. “

“Is the power contained in this demon soul strong?” Edward asked again.

Hearing this, Baihe laughed at once and looked at Edward, with a deep meaning in his tone: “As long as you successfully integrate the devil soul, you are not afraid of gods, are you strong?”

Said, Baihe urged: “Go.”


Edward nodded, forcibly calmed himself down, then urged his figure, jumped onto the stone platform, took the demon soul in his hand, and then urged the power of his dantian to begin to merge.

Hum! Hum! Hum!

In an instant, I saw the demon soul burst into a dazzling red light, instantly enveloping Edward, and at the same time, the power contained in the demon soul crazily poured into Baiyunfei’s Dantian.

At this moment, Edward hurriedly held his breath, sat cross-legged on the ground, and began to merge this force.

Seeing this scene, the white crane standing under the stone platform, with excitement gleaming in his eyes, and at the same time secretly praying in his heart: Bless the ancestors, and Yunfei must be successful in integration.

Unknowingly, the day passed.

The power of the Demon Soul was completely absorbed. Edward opened his eyes, his face full of excitement.

At this time, Edward clearly felt that the power in his body was not known how much stronger than before, and what made him even more excited was that after fusing the power of the devil soul, a technique appeared in his mind.

“Tianma Jue!”

What a domineering name!

Edward took a deep breath, before thinking about it, continued to sit there, following the exercise formula in his mind, and began to practice.

Seeing this situation, Baihe was excited and guarded the law quietly.

Another night later, Edward was done and he completely understood the Heavenly Demon Jue. Speaking of which, even if Edward was talented and intelligent, it would take at least half a month to fully understand the Heavenly Demon Jue. But after integrating the power of the Demon Soul, it would be more effective. So, it only took one night.

Bai He was very excited about his son’s successful integration of the Demon Soul and the successful practice.

“Yunfei, you really did not live up to my expectations!” Baihe looked at Edward with a smile, and his eyes were full of love and approval: “I will call everyone in a while and announce the cancellation of the family. Then pass on the position of the patriarch to you. .”

“After that, you will take people and go out to inquire about the news of Demon Lord. Remember, we are the descendants of demon, we must not expose it, otherwise the consequences of being known by God’s Domain will be disastrous.”

“I see, father.” Edward nodded quickly.

The father and son said a few more words and left the secret room. After that, Baihe gathered all the family members and gathered in the front hall.

At this time, in the hall of Baiyun Manor.

Bai He sat there with a smile on his face, and Edward stood aside, because he had just completed his exercises, his whole body was filled with an indescribable temperament, and his expression was radiant.

Around the hall, sitting family elders and elite disciples.


Seeing all the people there, Baihe smiled and looked around and said: “Now I announce two things. The first one is that our Bai family has stayed away from the world for thousands of years. From now on, we don’t have to stay in Yungu anymore. The family disciple can go outside and wander around.”

“The second one, I officially passed on the position of patriarch to Yun Fei. From now on, you will help Yun Fei well and revitalize the family.”


Hearing this, the whole hall was in an uproar, and many elite disciples were inexplicably excited and excited.

“Is it finally possible to break through the rivers and lakes? Great!”

“Haha, I’m dreaming.”

These elite disciples are all young and energetic, and they are all oriented towards the swordsmanship, but because of the family rules, they can only suppress the dream of going out in their hearts. At this time, the patriarch Bai He suddenly wants to lift this family rule, can he be unhappy ?

The several elders looked at each other with complicated expressions.

Finally, one of the elders stood up and pointed at Bai He and said complicatedly: “The patriarch, living in Yungu, is a family rule passed down by our Bai family for thousands of years. It seems inappropriate to break it like this.”

When the voice fell, the other elders also nodded in agreement.

These elders are all older, with a little outdated thinking, and they all feel that rashly canceling their escape from the world violates the legacy of their ancestors.

Hearing this, Bai He smiled slightly, and said: “The rules are that people stand up. If we keep being complacent, how can our Bai family continue to talk about it? My heart is determined, and this is the matter.”

As he said, Bai He and Edward looked at each other.

The ancestor is a matter of demons, and the father and son decided to temporarily hide it from the people. After all, this matter is of great importance. Once it is leaked out, it will be a disaster.

Seeing the patriarch insisted, several patriarchs couldn’t say anything.


At this time, Bai He smiled at Edward and said: “You are the patriarch now. From tomorrow, with the elite disciples of the family, go out to meet the world.”

“Okay, father!” Edward nodded. He knew that what his father said about seeing the world was actually looking for the Demon Venerable, but these things couldn’t be said clearly in the presence of the tribe.

At the same time, Edward looked at the sky outside the hall, and his heart was filled with pride.

In the mainland of Kyushu, I am coming, Baiyunfei.


One day later, Heaven Alliance!

The weather is nice today, the sun is shining, and the Tiandao League’s general altar is even more lively.

Ten days ago, Luo Jue led the breach of Shellmound Island and forced the Qinglong clan to surrender. This incident shocked the Nine Provinces. You must know that the Qinglong clan was called the Shellmound clan by Kyushu. They are powerful and are the existence that countless cultivators look up to.

But the Heavenly Dao League defeated the Qinglong clan in one fell swoop. This was an unprecedented feat, enough to be remembered in the annals of history.

For a time, the Tiandao League was shocked throughout Kyushu.

After that, Luo Jue decided to hold a celebration banquet and invited the major sects of Kyushu to further establish the prestige of the Heavenly Dao League.

Today is the day of celebration feast.

I saw that nearly 10,000 seats were set up on the square of the General Altar of the Tiandao League, the aisle was paved with red carpets, and flags fluttered around, which was very magnificent.

At this time, there were quite a few people sitting on these seats. Looking at the huge crowds of people in the past, from a distance, the darkness was overwhelming, and it was very spectacular. These guests, except for the royal families, were masters of the various mainland sects.

Chapter 1893

At this time, tens of thousands of people had arrived at the banquet, all waiting for Luo Jue to appear.


At this moment, there was a commotion at the entrance of the banquet. Then, everyone’s eyes quickly looked over, and they were all dumbfounded.

Seeing the entrance of the banquet, two figures slowly walked in.

One man and one woman. The male is handsome and cold, while the female is graceful and beautiful.

It was Darryl and Elsa.

Speaking of which, when discussing with the Ouyang family before, Darryl had planned to come alone, but Lorenzo felt that everyone was dangerous, and they all opposed it. In desperation, Darryl had to agree to take someone with him, and finally chose Elsa.

You know, Elsa used to be the Sect Master of Wenzong. Not only was he powerful, but he also handled things better than Wenzong. At critical moments, he could help Darryl make decisions.


Elsa appeared. It became the focus of the audience in an instant, and many men looked straight.

Elsa, the former Sovereign of Wenzong and the goddess of Dongao mainland, wore a rose-red dress at this time, showing her perfect and s3xy figure to the fullest. The almost S-shaped curve almost made many men in the room crazy. .

“Beautiful. So beautiful!”

“This is Elsa, the former Sect Master of Wenzong? It really deserves his reputation.”

For a time, many people in the audience looked up and down Elsa, and talked a lot.

“Huh? The man next to Elsa…”

At this moment, no one in the crowd called out, and the eyes of the audience suddenly gathered on Darryl.


This is Darryl?

At the beginning, everyone’s attention was on Elsa. Seeing Darryl at this time, they were all stupid, all of them froze in place, petrified.

Wasn’t Darryl involved in the vortex of chaos three years ago?

how? Is he still alive?

Feeling the gazes of everyone around him, Darryl’s expression was indifferent.

After that, Darryl looked around and saw a lot of familiar faces. Not far from the seat, Lingbao real person of Wudang School, Master Jueyuan of Shaolin School, Gongsun E, head of Xiaoyao…

They are all the masters of the sect of Diyuan Continent.

See this group of acquaintances. Darryl was extremely happy, and went over to say hello with Elsa.

“Lingbao real person, Master Jueyuan! Don’t come here unharmed.”

When he arrived, Darryl said with a smile on his face.

Hearing Darryl’s voice, whether it was Grand Master Jueyuan or Lingbao Mortal, everyone was shocked. Looking at Darryl one by one, shocked!

Three years ago, Darryl was drawn into the vortex of chaos, and his life and death are unknown ever since.

At that time, Peter and Lorenzo established a monument on the top site of Kunlun to cherish the memory of Darryl. Not only that, many schools in the rivers and lakes of Kyushu that have a good relationship with Tianmen also launched their own memorial activities.

It can be said that everyone believes that Darryl is dead. However, he never expected that after three years, Darryl would come back unharmed.

“Sect Master Yue, is it really you?” Mortal Lingbao first reacted and looked at Darryl with excitement.

Darryl smiled slightly: “Isn’t there anyone else? I haven’t seen you in three years, the real person still has the same style.”


The real Lingbao also laughed. Sincerely said: “I really didn’t expect that Sect Master Yue was involved in the vortex of chaos and could return safely. Seeing that Sect Master Yue is fine, I am really happy from the bottom of my heart.”

When talking about this. Lingbao’s real face was sincere.

Since the establishment of the Tiandao League, the structure of the rivers and lakes of the Kyushu mainland has been suddenly broken. It seems that the surface is calm, but in fact, undercurrents are surging. For this matter, the real person Lingbao was very anxious, but helpless. You must know that Luo Jue was an envoy sent by God’s Domain. His position was extraordinary, and his strength was unfathomable. No one could match it.

Now that Darryl is back, he might be able to break this deadlock. After all, Darryl is a recognized superpower on the Jiuzhou Continent.

When the voice fell, Master Jueyuan next to him read the Buddha’s name: “Amitabha, Sect Master Yue can return safely. It is a great blessing for my Kyushu.”

at the same time. Gongsun’e and the other heads also walked over and exchanged greetings with Darryl.

The atmosphere is harmonious and pleasant.

“Tsk tut…”

However, at this moment, a discordant voice came. With a somewhat ridiculous taste: “Isn’t this the famous Tianmen Sect Master Darryl? You are not dead, it is incredible…”

Hearing the sound, Darryl and everyone around looked back, and saw a few disciples of the Tiandao League walking quickly, the one headed, wearing gorgeous soft armor, and a face with a sense of ambition.

It is Guo Dong.

Guo Dong is a sleek person. After the eight saints were imprisoned by Luo Jue, he won Luo Jue’s trust with his extraordinary flattering methods. Finally he was promoted to the guardian of the Heavenly Dao League.

Guo Dong is also solely responsible for today’s celebration banquet.


Seeing Guo Dong, Darryl frowned, this kid is a bit familiar.

Come to think of it, it seems to be the head of a small school. The name is Guo Dong. Look like this, this guy is doing well in the Heavenly Dao League.

At this moment, Guo Dong swaggered to the front and looked up and down Darryl: “Oh, Sect Master Yue, it’s really you.”

As he said, Guo Dong patted his mouth bashfully: “Oh, I almost forgot, you are no longer Tianmen Sect Master. I didn’t expect that, Darryl, you were drawn into the vortex of chaos three years ago. I can come back alive.”

“But let me tell you, the current Kyushu. It is not the Kyushu three years ago. Now the whole Kyushu is respected by the Heavenly Alliance, so no matter how beautiful you were before, when you come here at this time, you must understand it honestly. ?”

When he said this, Guo Dong looked proud.

In the past, when Guo Dong was the head of the Little School, he was often suppressed by Tianmen because he often did some shameful deeds on the rivers and lakes. Now he has become a protector of the Tiandao League, and he has become proud of him. Guo Dong suddenly became proud.

Under this circumstance, Guo Dong didn’t pay attention to Darryl, the former hero of Kyushu.

On the contrary, thinking of the suppression of the Tianmen, Guo Dong still had to tease Darryl a few words to vent his anger in front of everyone.

Speaking of which, Guo Dong knew that Darryl was very powerful, but this place was the main altar of the Heavenly Dao League. So Guo Dong was determined, and Darryl didn’t dare to mess around, so he mocked him a few words unscrupulously.

“Guo Hufa, this is Darryl. You have to be polite.”

“That’s it, be careful that someone gets angry and your cultivation is abolished…”

At this moment, Guo Dong’s accomplices around him, as well as the sects who have a bad relationship with Tianmen. One after another started booing.

Hearing these yin and yang weird sounds, Darryl smiled faintly and ignored it.

In Darryl’s heart, Guo Dong is just a bunch of clowns who care about them, and simply pull down his identity.

However, Elsa on one side couldn’t help it, and said displeased at Guo Dong: “Guo Hufa, my husband and I are here to attend the banquet on behalf of Tianmen, Huaguo Mountain, and the Palace of Longevity. You said yin and yang weirdly. Are these interesting?”

Seeing Elsa speaking, Guo Dong looked embarrassed and didn’t know how to answer the conversation.

“Light smoke!”

At this time, Darryl whispered towards Elsa: “Don’t pay attention to him, there is no need to care about this kind of person, is it because a dog bites you, you have to bite it back?”


Hearing this, Elsa couldn’t help but laughed, smiling like a flower, extremely charming, and in an instant, many men around were dumbfounded.

Chapter 1894

Darryl’s voice was very small, but Guodong Station was relatively close, and he could hear clearly.

“What are you talking about?” Guo Dong rose in anger, glaring at Darryl, and yelled.

Ma De, he is now the guardian of the Heavenly Dao League, and Darryl is likened to a dog. If this is tolerated, how will he convince the public in the future?


At the same time, the disciples of the Tiandao League behind Guo Dong also walked over and surrounded Darryl.

Seeing this situation, Darryl’s expression remained unchanged, very indifferent.

Elsa frowned slightly, and said coldly at Guo Dong: “Guo Dong, is this how your Heavenly Alliance treats distinguished guests?”

Guo Dong sneered: “I don’t mean anything else, but Darryl must apologize to me for what he said just now.”

The tone is cold and unquestionable.

At this time, Guo Dong had a gloomy face, and his eyes flashed with cunning.

If you can make the former Jiuzhou hero apologize to yourself in public, you can not only frustrate Darryl’s spirit, but you can also become famous in Jiuzhou, why not do it?


Hearing this, Elsa frowned and Darryl had an arrogant personality. How could he apologize to Guo Dong?

At this time, Darryl smiled and looked at Guo Dong: “I didn’t say anything wrong, why should I apologize to you?”

As he said, Darryl looked around and said loudly: “Everyone commented, I was talking to my wife just now, I said,’Dog bites you, do you want to bite it back?’ This is just a whisper between our husband and wife, and the result is This Guo Dong listened and thought I was scolding him. This is really inexplicable.”


When the words fell, there was a lot of laughter around, and many people looked at Guo Dong with amusement.


At this moment, Guo Dong’s complexion flushed, almost exploding with anger, this Darryl cursed once was not enough, and he had to say what he said just now in front of everyone.

In anger, Guo Dong drew his long sword and glared at Darryl: “Okay, very good, see if you don’t plan to leave safely today.” As he said, a strong breath broke out from Guo Dong.

The atmosphere became serious in an instant, and the sword was tense.

Seeing this scene, the real person Lingbao and Master Jueyuan couldn’t stand it anymore, and they all spoke up.

“Guo Hufa, Sect Master Yue is just joking with you, there is no need to take it seriously.”

“Yes, everyone regards harmony as the most important thing…”

Persuasion continued to sound, and Guo Dong looked grim and coldly said: “Shut up, this is a matter between me and Darryl. Whoever interrupts indiscriminately will just be in an alliance with us.”

Ma De, Darryl dared to mock me in public, so he must show him some color.

Moreover, taking advantage of the opportunity, it can also deter other sects who have not joined the Heavenly Alliance, killing chickens and monkeys.


Seeing Guo Donglaizhen, Lingbao real person and Master Jueyuan, they secretly sighed and stopped talking.

To be honest, whether it is the real person of the pendulum or the master of Jueyuan, they are not afraid of Guo Dong, but the Tiandao League behind him is not easy to provoke.

At the same time, the other sects around were also standing not far away, looking at the excitement with a smile, no one came up to help Darryl speak, no one was stupid, and they were not willing to offend the Tiandao League.

Seeing this, Guo Dong sneered.

Darryl, Darryl, there is no one to help you speak, just rely on you, how to fight our heavenly way.


At this time, Elsa was also a little anxious, and whispered to Darryl, “What should I do?”

When she said this, Elsa couldn’t help but glance at Guo Dong. Her beautiful face was full of anger. She never expected that Guo Dong would embarrass Darryl in public.

To be honest, Elsa didn’t put Guo Dong in his eyes, but if he really wanted to fight, he and Darryl would suffer a loss. After all, this is the general altar of the Heavenly Dao League.

Feeling Elsa’s anxiety, Darryl looked relaxed and smiled: “It’s okay, don’t panic!”

Upon hearing this, Elsa stopped speaking.

She knew that Darryl was so calm, there must be a solution.

Seeing Darryl’s nonchalant look, Guo Dong completely lost his patience and said coldly: “Darryl, I will give you a chance and immediately kneel down and apologize to me. The unpleasantness just now has passed.”

Ha ha…

Darryl chuckled lightly, just about to speak.

However, at this moment, I saw a handsome figure and slowly walked over.

He is dressed in a white gown, personable, with extraordinary bearing, and an unfathomable breath permeates his whole body.

It is Edward.

“The Heavenly Dao League is really powerful and prestigious.”

When he arrived, Edward looked at Guo Dong up and down, and smiled lightly: “Your Heavenly Dao League claims to be the supreme of the Nine and Kyushu Provinces, but at the banquet, you are not afraid of ruining your reputation by doing this kind of bullying?”

When he said this, Edward couldn’t help but glanced at Elsa.

One day ago, after Edward became the patriarch, he selected a dozen elite disciples and started to explore the news of the devil. Half a day ago, I learned that the Tiandao League held a celebration ceremony. All the schools in Kyushu have come, but Edward has not. After hesitating, he brought people to the general altar of the Tiandao League.

Speaking of it, Edward had planned to go to the banquet to quietly search for news about the Demon Venerable. He didn’t want to attract attention, but he couldn’t help seeing Guo Dong embarrassing Elsa and Darryl.

Of course, Edward didn’t want to stand out for Darryl, but for Elsa.

Edward didn’t know Elsa. It was the first time I saw him today, but he was deeply fascinated by Elsa.


At this moment, the gaze of the audience suddenly gathered on Edward.

“Who is this?”

“I don’t know, I’ve never seen it, but he has a special temperament.”

“Yes, I didn’t expect that among us Kyushu, there are still such characters…”

During the discussion, Darryl was also stunned, and then asked Elsa in a low voice, “Is this your friend?”

Elsa shook her head.

“Ma De!”

At this time, Guo Dong also reacted, glaring at Edward: “Who is your kid? Want to be the first bird?”

Facing Guo Dong’s anger, Edward didn’t panic at all, and smiled slightly: “Under Baiyunfei, the current owner of Baiyun Mountain Villa, we have escaped from the world for thousands of years. We have lived an uncontested life. We only came out yesterday. Rush into the world.”

Hearing this, many people around were shocked.

It turned out to be a hidden family, no wonder I haven’t seen it before.

Guo Dong frowned and said coldly: “Since it’s the first time you’ve come out to wander the world, don’t be nosy.”

Edward smiled and said with a serious face: “What is right, speaking of it, I came here uninvited this time to participate in the celebration banquet of your Heavenly Dao League. It is for your Heavenly Dao League’s prestige, and, I plan to start joining your Heavenly Dao League today.”

As he said, Edward’s handsome face showed a bit of disappointment: “In my heart, the Tiandao League is an organization of’benevolence and righteousness first. People are disappointed. It seems that I had too high expectations for the Tiandao League at the beginning.”

The last word fell, Edward shook his head very emotionally, looking very regretful.

At the same time, Edward’s gaze quietly followed Elsa’s reaction.


Hearing these words, Guo Dong was stunned and embarrassed.

Chapter 1895

At the same time, everyone around was also talking about it.

“This Edward makes some sense.”

“Shhh, keep your voice down, this is the general altar of the Heavenly Dao League…”


Hearing the discussion around him, Guo Dong looked complicated and didn’t know how to deal with it for a while.

You know, Luo Jue’s purpose of hosting a celebration feast today is to deter those sects who have not joined, so that these sects can be used. Take the initiative to join the Tiandao League.

But now, Edward’s words, invisibly, greatly damaged the reputation of the Heavenly Dao League.

Thinking of this, Guo Dong wanted to take action against Edward and drive him out directly, but if he did so, it would be even more counterproductive. After all, the whole of Kyushu’s Jianghu sect was gathered around him.


Seeing this, Darryl breathed a sigh of relief, and couldn’t help but look up and down Edward.

This Edward has a good set of things, and Guo Dong has nothing to say in a few words.

“This one…”

Finally, Guo Dong reacted. He squeezed out a smile and said to Edward: “Zhuangzhu Bai, right? You have misunderstood, this is just a matter between me and Darryl, and has nothing to do with the Heavenly Dao League.”

Immediately, Guo Dong glared at Darryl fiercely: “I don’t care about the face of this Bai Zhuangzhu.” After finishing speaking, he greeted the surrounding Tiandao League disciples to leave.

To be honest, Guo Dong didn’t want to let Darryl go so easily, but Edward intervened and held back it temporarily. After all, a hidden family like Baiyun Manor can not be offended if the heavens respect the object.

Seeing Guo Dong put down the cruel words, Darryl chuckled lightly, just as if he hadn’t heard it.

Elsa also breathed a sigh of relief, and then smiled slightly at Edward: “Thank you, Bai Zhuangzhu, for his righteousness.” Speaking of which, Edward had been staring at himself just now. Elsa was very uncomfortable, but anyway, Bai Yun Fei also helped. Out of politeness, I naturally want to thank him.


Edward looked indifferent, and said with a smile: “Walking in rivers and lakes, it is natural to “draw one’s sword when the road sees injustice”.

As he said, Edward walked over and stretched out his hand to Elsa: “You are the legendary goddess of Dongao Mainland, Miss Elsa, my name is Edward, I only started to wander the rivers and lakes yesterday. I have heard of the name of the goddess, I would like to take care of it in the future.”

While talking, Edward admired Elsa up close.

Beautiful, so beautiful.

“Hello!” Elsa smiled slightly, and shook hands with Edward, then immediately retreated to Darryl’s side, acting with restraint and generosity.

Simply shook hands with him, which already gave him a lot of face. This Edward spoke very politely, but his eyes kept looking back and forth on his body, which made people very uncomfortable.

Immediately, Elsa began to introduce: “This is my husband Darryl, the former Sect Master of Tianmen.” As he said, Elsa held Darryl’s arm affectionately, looking happy.

Obviously, Elsa wanted Edward to understand that he already had a man, and told him not to think about himself.

“Ha ha…”

Seeing this scene, Edward’s mouth curled up, and he glanced at Darryl lightly: “The former Sect Master of Tianmen? That is to say, nothing is anymore? Please forgive me for being ignorant, I have never heard of it.”

After that, Edward looked regretful and continued: “I didn’t expect such a beautiful and s3xy lady to have a home. It’s a pity…”

When saying this, Edward did not conceal his contempt for Darryl in his heart.

The reason why Edward came forward to help with the speech just now was entirely because he fell in love with Elsa at first sight and saw the woman he liked at this time. I already have a husband and look very affectionate, so naturally I feel very upset.

Under this circumstance, Edward naturally had no good feelings for Darryl at all.


Seeing Edward’s attitude, Elsa felt very unhappy. But with so many people around, it’s not easy to show it.

Darryl was even more indifferent, pulling Elsa’s hand: “Let’s go, the banquet is about to begin, let’s find a place to sit.”

With that said, Darryl and Elsa walked to the area where the Diyuan Continent was located and found an empty seat to sit down. After three years of leaving, seeing the various sects of the Kyushu mainland gather together again, Darryl’s heart fluctuates.

In the next second, Darryl looked around and his expression was taken aback.

Is she here too?

I saw that not far away, in the area where the South Cloud Continent was located, under the escort of more than a dozen royal guards, a slim figure was sitting quietly. A long golden dress, extravagant, exquisite features, and charming figure.

A majesty that can’t be blasphemy pervaded all over his body.

It is the current Queen of Nanyun, Ora.

Haven’t seen each other in a few years. This Ora has become more s3xy.


At this moment, Ora also saw Darryl, and suddenly his body trembled.

Did Darryl come back alive?

A few seconds later, Ora calmed down, with a bit of coldness on his delicate face.

In the past three years, Ora sent people to the Ouyang family more than once to bring his sister Long Qianying back to the Southern Cloud Continent, but they all failed in the end.

Sister Long Qianying, and Darryl secretly knotted. He also gave birth to the child and threw it into the face of the Nanyun imperial family. All this was because of Darryl.

To be honest, Ora at this time wanted to teach Darryl a lesson, but thought that this was the Heavenly Dao League. Still held back.


Feeling the hostility in Ora’s eyes, Darryl took a deep breath and couldn’t laugh or cry.

After such a long time, Ora still has resentment towards himself in his heart.


Just as Darryl murmured secretly, he saw the audience agitated, and then Luo Ju slowly walked out of the hall surrounded by a dozen elite disciples of the Heavenly Dao League.

Luo Jue at this time, a black and gold robe. There was a smile on his face, and an aura that could not be underestimated.

“See Tianzun!”

Luo Jueyi appeared, and all the members of the Tiandao League present shouted in unison, shaking the sky.

this moment. The other sects who came to the banquet also greeted them one after another.

“Lord Luo, don’t come here unharmed!”

“I haven’t seen him for a while, the leader of Luo’s style is better than before.”

Although none of these sects joined the Heavenly Dao League, they did not dare to neglect Luo Jue. After all, Luo Jue was not only a messenger from God’s Domain, but a few days ago, he broke through Shellmound Island. Who dares to offend?


Facing the greetings from the surroundings, Luo Jue was in a good mood. He looked around and smiled: “You fellows, can participate in the celebration banquet of my Heavenly Dao League in your busy schedule. My Heavenly Dao League is really brilliant, haha!”

“Sit down, everyone, you don’t have to be polite!”

Having said that. Luo Jue went to the main seat and sat down, then raised his glass: “Come on, I will offer you a glass first.”

At this moment, the audience raised their cups.

Soon, the wine passed three rounds. Luo Jue motioned to Guo Dong next to him.

Guo Dongxin walked out and said loudly: “Everyone, you must have received the news that the Qinglong clan hiding in Shellmound Island has been breached by our Heavenly Alliance. He bowed his head to our Lord Tianzun.”

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