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Chapter 2041

“Owner, give me a few jars of good wine!”

When she arrived in the private room of the tavern, Princess Sally yelled, then smiled at Rodolf and said, “Today you are safe from danger, we must celebrate!”

When she said this, Princess Sally was in a good mood. Can you be upset that you can finally be with Rodolf?


Rodolf was somewhat uninterested, hesitated, and tentatively said: “Princess, you successfully helped Edward grab the body of pure sun, the devil will be reborn soon, when the world is in chaos, we…”

Before she finished speaking, she was interrupted by Princess Sally: “No matter how chaotic the world is, my father will be there. Besides, Shi Gong’s great ancestor has boundless mana. He can successfully seal the Demon Venerable before, and this time he can deal with it easily. “

As she said, Princess Sally’s mouth curled up and her smile was like a flower: “So we don’t need to worry about these things, we just need the company of red dust to be happy!”


Hearing this, Rodolf couldn’t laugh or cry, opened his mouth to say something, but didn’t know how to say it.

Princess Sally was a little displeased: “Why? Are you reluctant to be your leader? Don’t want to be with me?” As she spoke, her red lips pouted, with a bit of anger, very charming.


Seeing Princess Sally like this, Rodolf took a deep breath and was stunned.

In the next second, Rodolf reacted quickly and shook his head and said: “How come? The princess is so beloved, it is a blessing that I can’t repair for several lifetimes.”

Princess Sally smiled. At this time, the shop owner brought a good wine.


At this moment, Princess Sally was full of interest and poured two glasses of wine herself: “This first glass of wine, I wish you a new life!”

Feeling the princess’s straightforwardness and gentleness, Rodolf was full of emotion in his heart, and immediately raised the wine glass and touched Princess Sally.


After a glass of wine, Rodolf got a little drunk and became so restrained. He tentatively asked, “What is going on with you and Darryl’s marriage?”

Speaking of it, Rodolf had already guessed that it was Darryl who pretended to be himself that caused the misunderstanding, but at this time, he wanted to hear Princess Sally talk about the details at that time.


As soon as Darryl was mentioned, Princess Sally’s delicate face suddenly showed some anger: “That Darryl is too despicable, he pretended to be you in order to get Liuli Water Purification…”

When she said this, apart from the anger on Princess Sally’s face, her gaze also revealed a touch of complexity. You know, at that time, Darryl pretended to be Rodolf, not only caused a misunderstanding, but also performed Zhou Gong’s gift by mistake.

It’s just that Princess Sally is still awake at this time. How can such a thing that hurts her innocence be said?


Knowing these things, Rodolf clenched his fists and became resentful.

I didn’t guess wrong before, and it really was Darryl who faked himself.

Thinking about it, Rodolf showed a slight smile and said to Princess Sally with comfort: “Okay, princess, don’t be angry anymore, all this is over.”

As he said, Rodolf looked serious and sincere: “It’s my honour for the princess to love me so much. Don’t worry, I will treat you sincerely in the future.”


When she heard this, Princess Sally was very moved, and couldn’t help but laugh out loudly: “Well, you know that I treat you well, you don’t need to be so numb…”

While talking, Princess Sally filled the wine again.

Rodolf smiled, feeling much better at this time, and then chatted with Princess Sally while drinking.

At this time, in Rodolf’s heart, although Princess Sally was finally married, she still disagrees with Princess Sally’s arrangement. After all, Princess Sally has a special status, and she is also the leader of God’s Domain. She really wants to live in seclusion. God must be furious.

Therefore, this matter needs to be considered in the long term.

However, Princess Sally was in the mood at this time. Rodolf couldn’t speak out directly, so she decided to find an opportunity in the future and was discussing with her.

Unconsciously, the two drank from afternoon to night.

Speaking of which, Rodolf and Princess Sally are both from the realm of Gods, possessing the soul, drinking Kyushu wine is like drinking water, but after several hours of booze, they can’t stand the alcohol anesthesia in the end.


At this time, Princess Sally drank another glass of wine, her beautiful face was flushed, and her eyes were drunk, she said slowly: “We will be married couples in the future. If there is something, if I keep concealing it. I will feel sorry for you.”

Chapter 2042

“What’s the matter?” Rodolf smiled slightly and said.

Princess Sally bit her lip tightly and did not respond for a while, but fell into an inner struggle.

Feeling that the atmosphere is not right, Rodolf’s expression becomes solemn: “Princess, what’s the matter? Is it related to your Majesty?”


The voice just fell. Princess Sally couldn’t help it anymore, she cried all of a sudden: “I…I’m not innocent anymore…” Then, she simply said what happened with Darryl in the bedroom. Came out.

At the end of the talk, Princess Sally was shy, and her eyes showed a bit of inferiority, and she didn’t look at Rodolf.

To be honest, Princess Sally intends to keep it secret, but she loves Rodolf too much. I felt that I kept hiding this matter because of disrespect to Rodolf.

When she was sober before, Princess Sally was ashamed to speak, but at this time she said it out of her drunkenness.


At this moment, Rodolf’s heart trembled. The smile froze on his face.

Princess…. Princess and Darryl….

After a few seconds, Rodolf thought he had heard it wrong, and looked at Princess Sally closely: “Palace Master, you… are drunk, don’t talk nonsense!”

When he said this, Rodolf only felt uncomfortable in his heart.

He hoped that these were all fakes, but the expression of Princess Sally was totally different.

You know, Rodolf has admired Princess Sally for so many years and has been regarded as the pure goddess in her heart. Suddenly, the goddess lost her innocence. This is simply a bolt from the blue.


Princess Sally shook her head and said with a drunk look: “I’m not talking nonsense, this is all true, do you know? I hate Darryl, but he is the Nine Heavens Profound Sage, my master personally sealed him You can’t kill him at all!”

“Because of this incident, the father and mother, in order to preserve the royal face, had to hold a wedding for us.”

“But I like you, so I escaped desperately…”

At the last time, Princess Sally was drunk and confused, and she was almost unable to hold it.


At this moment, Rodolf was completely stunned, only feeling his brain humming. The whole person seemed to have lost all their strength and left empty.

But seeing the grievance in Princess Sally’s eyes, Rodolf still squeezed a smile. Softly persuaded: “Princess, you are so stupid, in my heart. You are the most perfect goddess, how would I mind this? And, this kind of thing happened, it is not your fault!”

Upon hearing this, Princess Sally smiled: “Rodolf, you are so kind to me…” she said, she fell into Rodolf’s arms and fell asleep.

After drinking so much wine in a row, I also told the secret in my heart. Princess Sally was relieved and rested in Rodolf’s arms.

At this moment, Rodolf hugged Princess Sally. But my heart is mixed, especially under the anesthesia of alcohol, my mood is even more messy.


Under the uncomfortable heart, Rodolf’s eyes gradually became blood red.

Darryl, you have taken away the princess’ innocence. I am at odds with you.

Thinking about it, Rodolf gently picked up Princess Sally and sent it to the upper room to rest. Then one person returned to the wine table.


Sitting back on the wine table, Rodolf became more and more annoyed as he thought about it, and slapped the table fiercely. In a moment, the table fell apart and there were a few jars of fine wine. Also broke the ground.

The guy in the tavern not far away was taken aback, but looked at Rodolf’s face. He didn’t dare to come and ask.

Rodolf at this time was extremely uncomfortable, why? Why it came out like this? I thought that the princess desperately rescued herself, so she could stay and fly, why must she be mixed with Darryl?

Not reconciled….

“Continue to serve me wine!” Rodolf’s eyes were red, and he slapped the table and shouted.

He feels uncomfortable, not uncomfortable! Thinking of the princess’s innocence being taken away by Darryl, Rodolf’s heart was as uncomfortable as a knife.

You know, that is the goddess that he has admired for nearly a thousand years.

Soon, the wine was delivered!

“Gudong, Gudong!”

Rodolf directly opened the wine jar. Pour into your mouth with big mouthfuls, the so-called drunk to relieve one’s sorrows, only to get drunk. Can there be no worries.

However, Rodolf was holding things in his heart, and the more he drank, the more clear he became.

I don’t know how many altars I drank. Rodolf left the tavern and walked aimlessly on the streets of the town.

Chapter 2043

It was late at night. Although the town was not big, it was very lively. It was still so late with people coming and going, and it was very lively, but in Rodolf’s heart. But there is a sense of desolation and loneliness.

The admired Princess Sally is no longer perfect.

As the special envoy of God’s Domain, he was captured by Edward, who was the leader of Nine Heavens God’s fancy, and he simply lost the face of God’s Domain.

These things turned over and over in Rodolf’s mind, like a curse, constantly eroding his nerves.


Why is this happening?


Just when Rodolf was struggling and struggling in his heart, suddenly, an extremely terrifying aura pressured him. It came from a high altitude, and soon, this powerful coercion enveloped the entire town.

Under the shroud of this horrible atmosphere, I saw the crowds coming and going on the street, all of a sudden settled in place. Not moving, it’s as if you’ve been anchored.

This… is this the Haotian Divine Lord coming?

Seeing this scene, Rodolf instantly sobered up a lot.

Before he showed up, he showed such a terrifying power, able to immortalize the entire town of human beings invisibly, and with this ability, except for the Nine Heavens God, he is the Haotian Divine Sovereign.

Whoosh whoosh…

Muttering in his heart, Rodolf saw that dozens of figures slowly appeared in the air, all armors. Awe-inspiring, headed by a purple-gold armor, unparalleled domineering!

It is Haotian God Lord.


Seeing the Haotian Divine Lord appeared, Rodolf secretly swallowed, feeling a little nervous.

Speaking of it, Rodolf’s status in God’s Domain is not low, and he is highly appreciated by Nine Heavens God, but compared with Haotian God Sovereign, it is much worse.


At this time, the gaze of God Monarch Haotian was tightly locked on Rodolf: “His Royal Highness has captured Lei Shengyun, the lord of the Holy Sect, and went to the Five Poison Sect to save you. Where is she now?”

When inquiring about this, God Monarch Haotian’s face was cold, without the slightest fluctuation.

Two hours of money. After the Haotian Divine Sovereign caught Darryl, he directly sent him back to God’s Domain, and then returned to Kyushu to look for Princess Sally.

Passed here just now. God Sovereign Haotian found Rodolf walking down the street desperately, so he immediately came down and asked.

This one….

Facing the question of Haotian Divine Lord, Rodolf only felt that his heart suddenly became suspended. sweating a lot.

How to do? How should I answer?

With his brain turning rapidly, Rodolf took a deep breath and said: “Return to the god, after the princess replaced me with Lei Shengyun, she left directly, and the subordinates didn’t know where she was.”

When answering, Rodolf bowed his head deeply, not daring to look at Haotian Divine Sovereign.

Although he drank a lot of alcohol, Rodolf’s mind was still sober. Knowing that the whereabouts of Princess Sally cannot be said, because once it is said, Haotian Divine Lord will definitely take the princess back to the gods.

By the time. The princess must be very sad when her plan to live in seclusion has failed.


Hearing this, God Monarch Haotian frowned and looked at Rodolf suspiciously: “I don’t know?”

Rodolf broke out in cold sweat, but still gritted her teeth and said: “I don’t know, maybe. She has already returned to God’s Domain.”

“It’s impossible!” God Lord Haotian denied, and said lightly: “I have just come from God’s Domain, if there is news about the princess, I won’t be looking for it for so long!”

As he said, God Monarch Haotian suddenly thought of something and stared at Rodolf closely: “Rodolf, let me ask you another question.”

Rodolf lowered his head, very respectful: “Excuse me, God.”

“Your Royal Highness has always been stubborn and self-willed. This time I am desperate to save you.” God Sovereign Haotian looked at Rodolf up and down, saying every word: “For your safety, do not hesitate to damage the prestige of God’s Domain. Capture Lei Shengyun. It was given to Edward, why is this?”

Speaking of this, Haotian Divine Lord’s eyes flickered: “Is there any secret between you and the princess?”


When the last sentence fell, Rodolf’s heart trembled, his legs were soft, and he knelt down, and his voice trembled: “Shenjun Mingjian, Princess Jinzhiyuye, I am just a leader. How can we have a secret?”

When talking about this, Rodolf was very flustered.

Haotian Shenjun has an upright character. He is even more loyal to the God of Nine Heavens, with his personality, if he knows that he is going to elope with the princess. Surely I will not spare myself lightly.

Perhaps, he will kill himself on the spot.

“is it?”

Feeling Rodolf’s tension, the corners of Haotian Divine Monarch’s mouth turned up. With a chuckle: “But when I just left God’s Domain, I heard rumors that you and the princess are in love with each other. Not only that, have you ever written love poems for the princess?”

Chapter 2044


Hearing this, Rodolf was completely panicked. He knelt there and trembled all over, squatting and explaining: “It’s all rumors. Her Royal Highness has already made a marriage contract with Darryl, and she will get married soon. How dare I have a covetous heart?”

God Monarch Haotian pondered, and said lightly: “If this is the case, then tell me, why does the princess care about your safety so much?”

Princess Sally wanted to save Rodolf. To actually grab the body of pure sun and give it to the demon lord to help him regenerate, this is a big taboo, and he will be replaced by anyone. Would doubt it.


Rodolf wiped the cold sweat from his forehead, and whispered: “Maybe…maybe the princess sees my allegiance to her majesty for so many years, and can’t bear to see that I’m in a deep crisis, so she will rescue her.”

Rodolf at this time was extremely uncomfortable.

My beloved goddess can’t admit it in person, but also fabricates lies to cover up.

This is too awkward.

But there is no way, but Haotian God Lord is in front of him. Easily kill your own existence.


Seeing Rodolf’s trembling look, God Monarch Haotian stopped asking more questions and nodded: “You don’t need to be nervous, I just ask, there is nothing wrong between you and the princess, and I’m relieved.”

“You have to know that the princess is a golden branch and a jade leaf. Reputation is very important. You must be innocent. Even if you have admiration for the princess. You must have your own proportions and must not be emotional. It will ruin your own future.”

“Yes, yes…” Rodolf did not dare to refute. Just nodded.

At this time, God Monarch Haotian stopped talking nonsense and looked around and said: “The whereabouts of the princess is unknown. As the special envoy of God’s Domain to Kyushu, you must not relax in the slightest. You must help me find the princess with all my strength. As soon as there is news, Tell me immediately. You know?”

“I know!” Rodolf nodded quickly.

At this moment, Rodolf’s heart also mentioned his throat, because Princess Sally was in a tavern not far away. If Haotian Divine Sovereign turns on the primordial spirit perception, everything will be exposed.

But Rodolf’s luck is good. God Monarch Haotian didn’t explore the entire town carefully, but gave a few words and left with dozens of magic soldiers.


After the Haotian Divine Monarchs left, the coercion enveloped the entire town. Also disappeared quickly, for a time. Pedestrians who were pinned there regained their freedom.

“What happened just now?”

“do not know..”

“I feel dizzy… so strange!”

Many pedestrians talked about it without knowing what happened just now.

Rodolf’s eyes were dull, as if he could not hear the discussion around him, he walked towards the tavern step by step.

Back to the pub, it was only a few hundred meters away, but Rodolf felt like he had been walking for a long time.

How to do?

Rodolf didn’t know how to get back to the tavern room, but when he arrived outside Princess Sally’s door, his mind was still a little tranced.

I continued to travel around the world with the princess, looking for a place to live in seclusion. Or… send the princess back to God’s Domain?

Wandering outside the door for a long time. Rodolf finally settled his attention.

It is just a good wish to live in seclusion with the princess. It’s impossible to achieve, after all. Princess Sally has a noble status, no matter where she lives in seclusion, Nine Heavens God can easily find it.

Moreover, his career was ruined, and he would even be executed by God of Nine Heavens.

More importantly, the innocence of Princess Sally was taken away by Darryl, which was an insoluble knot in Rodolf’s heart.


in the room!

Princess Sally slept for a few hours before waking up.


The moment she opened her eyes, Princess Sally was stunned, and she saw that she was alone in the room and Rodolf was nowhere to be seen.


In doubt, Princess Sally called out softly.

The voice fell, the door was gently opened, and then Rodolf walked in, and he had been waiting outside the door.


The moment he walked into the room, Rodolf showed a slight smile: “Are you awake? Did you have a headache after drinking so much alcohol?” When he said this, Rodolf was concerned on the surface, but his eyes flashed with complexity.

Princess Sally shook her head: “I’m fine, how can this Kyushu wine compare to the Qiong Niang of God’s Domain? I can drink more than a dozen altars, no problem. By the way, I will not be called a princess in the future. , We will be married couples in the future, you can call me Tanglin directly.”

Princess Sally at this time didn’t know that Rodolf had changed her heart.

Chapter 2045

Uh …

Hearing this, Rodolf was a little embarrassed, and then nodded and said: “Okay.”

“Where did you go?” Princess Sally asked curiously.

Rodolf thought about it, and randomly fabricated a reason: “I will go outside to inquire about the nearby situation to see if there is a place where the environment is good and can be accommodated.”

Princess Sally showed a slight smile: “It’s really thoughtful, so have you found it?”

“found it!”

Rodolf smiled and said, “It’s a few dozen miles away!”

When talking about this, Rodolf looked serious, but he was a little flustered. These were all made up by him in order to let Princess Sally relax her vigilance.

Princess Sally was very pleased and clapped her hands and said, “Great, after we arrive, let’s build a small wooden house, no, let’s build a beautiful pavilion…”

While talking, Princess Sally couldn’t wait to pull Rodolf out of the room.


However, as soon as she walked out of the room, Rodolf suddenly raised her hand and tapped Princess Sally’s back to seal off her primordial power.

Princess Sally walked in front, she didn’t expect Rodolf to make a sudden move. She was unprepared. At that time, her delicate body trembled and she couldn’t move.


At this moment, Princess Sally’s beautiful face was full of astonishment, and she looked at Rodolf and said, “What are you doing?”

Rodolf sighed. Because of his guilty conscience, he didn’t dare to look at Princess Sally at all, and slowly said, “Your Royal Highness, I’m sorry, I have to do this because I have no other choice.”

“You are a high princess. I am just a small leader. Although I am highly used by your majesty, I am not worthy of you at all. I wrote love poems for you before. It was completely self-defeating. You treat me as a clown. Forget it.”

When talking about this, Rodolf felt very uncomfortable.

He didn’t want this either.

But following the princess, she was digging her own grave.

“Are you crazy?”

Upon hearing this, Princess Sally trembled, and she was anxious: “What nonsense are you talking about? Don’t you like me? Now that we are together, why do you want to do this again?”

Rodolf didn’t respond, but knocked Princess Sally stunned and took off into the sky.

After half an hour’s flight, Rodolf arrived at the top of a mountain. Before Haotian Divine Monarch and him agreed to find Princess Sally, he would meet here.

When I reached the top of the mountain, I saw God Monarch Haotian meditating there. The hundreds of thousands of soldiers and generals brought from God’s Domain were all sent by him to various parts of Kyushu to look for Princess Sally.


Hearing the movement, Haotian Divine Lord slowly opened his eyes and saw Rodolf coming holding Princess Sally. He suddenly smiled, and at the same time he was a little curious: “What happened to your Royal Highness?”

Rodolf gently put down Princess Sally, and said respectfully: “Return to the Lord, the princess just drank some wine, but she hasn’t woken up yet.”

Having said that, Rodolf thought for a while, and continued: “When the subordinates found the princess, she was already drunk, so they quickly brought her over.”

I didn’t dare to tell the story of knocking the princess stunned.


God Monarch Haotian nodded and applauded: “Very well, although you were caught by Edward before and lost the face of God’s Domain, now you can find the princess in time and you can make up for it! I will help you when you return to Kyushu Your Majesty spoke.”

In the heart of Haotian God, as long as the princess can be found as soon as possible, the process is not important.

“Thank you God!” Rodolf was grateful, but also secretly relieved.

Fortunately, the gods did not ask carefully, otherwise it would be difficult to answer.


the other side! Holy area.

In the sky cell behind Yuyao Immortal Garden, Darryl sat there, his face full of anxiety.

I saw that there were divine soldiers guarding the sky prison. Not only that, the two exits were also deployed in enchantments, and they were heavily guarded. It can be said that a fly can’t fly out.


Faced with this situation, Darryl almost wanted to cry without tears.

Before being under house arrest, there is still a chance to escape, but now he is locked in a jail, and there is no chance at all.

How to do it?

In his anxiety, Darryl suddenly thought of something, his eyes flashed, and then he took out something from his body.

It was Anthony who gave him a glimpse of the sky before.

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