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Chapter 2061


Hearing this, everyone in Lorenzo was taken aback.

Soul Eater Bloodworm?

At the same time, Elder Huo and the surrounding Rushers disciples were filled with righteous indignation, and they screamed.

“This Edward is really despicable to the extreme.”

“Made, let’s not talk about killing our former head, but now we are killing our current head…”

“It’s the scum of the scum.”

Amidst the anger of everyone, Elder Huo was even more furious, and said to Ginger: “If this is the case, we have nothing to be afraid of. Our entire Rushers and Bai Yun fought hard, even if we all die in battle, we can’t. At his mercy…”

When the voice fell, everyone around nodded in agreement.

Ginger bit her lip tightly, her delicate face is full of entanglement: “Elder Huo, don’t be so excited, how can I be afraid of death at this point?”

“I can’t wait to smoke Edward’s tendons and take his skin, but I can’t take the Rushers adventure.”

Having said this, Ginger looked at the Lorenzo people standing across from him, and slowly said, “I came here this time to tell the truth and make the Ouyang family and Darryl fair.”

“Palace Master Wen, Head Sun, I have offended a lot before, please forgive me.”

The last sentence fell, Ginger bowed deeply at Lorenzo, her beautiful face was full of apologies.


Seeing this scene, Elder Huo was very embarrassed, but he quickly reacted, and the Elder Hefeng, together with everyone, also bowed to the people of Lorenzo.

Although Edward was the cause of this matter, the Rushers did cause a lot of trouble to the Ouyang family, so an apology should be right.

“You are polite!”

Facing Rushers’s apology, Lorenzo smiled and said, “Since the truth has been found out, the past is over.”

Ginger smiled lightly: “Thank you, Haihan, the master of Wendian!”

At this time, Elder Huo couldn’t help but said: “Head, what are you going to do next?”

When he said this, the elder Huo looked at Ginger in his eyes with deep pity. This girl grew up by himself, and now she is the head of her life, but she was caught in the blood of the soul. insect.

Oh, God doesn’t open his eyes.


Elder Darryl and other Rushers disciples also looked at Ginger.

Like Elder Huo, everyone felt uncomfortable at this time. Ginger was so young, but Edward used Soul Devouring Bloodworm to control her. If something happened to her, Rushers would have no leader.

Is Rushers really bad luck?


In the face of everyone’s attention, Ginger’s red lips lightly opened, and said softly: “This soul-devouring bloodworm is a poisonous mist unique to demons, and we can’t get rid of it at all.”

“The only way is for me to sever contact with Rushers.”

Speaking of this, Ginger turned his head to look at Elder Darryl: “Elder Darryl, I will pass you the position of the head now, and then you will return to the hermitage with the Rushers and wait for the opportunity.”


Hearing this, whether it was Elder Darryl or the others, they were all stunned.

She wants to give up her position?

In the next second, Elder Darryl reacted and shook his head and said: “Master, this must not be done, how can I be the head? And…”

Elder Darryl was very excited at this time, but was interrupted by Ginger before he finished speaking.

“Elder Darryl.” Ginger yelled, watching Elder Darryl closely, eyes flashing with tears, very excited: “Don’t you understand now? I am controlled by Edward, if I continue to stay in Xia In the words of the Yinzong, Edward doesn’t need to take action by himself, he can use me to kill all of you.”

“I was caught by the Soul Devouring Bloodworm and there is no cure. This is the best way to protect the Hidden Sect of Xia. Understand?”

Elder Darryl froze there, not knowing how to answer for a while.

Everyone around Elder Huo also looked at each other with a low expression.

The atmosphere has also become depressed.


At this moment, Lorenzo, who was standing opposite, took a deep breath, walked over with a smile, and looked at Ginger and said: “Nalan head, you calm down, the situation is not as bad as you think.”

When saying this, Lorenzo looked relaxed.

The people behind Raquel also all smiled.


At this moment, Elder Darryl and Elder Huo all frowned secretly, very unhappy in their hearts.

The people of the Ouyang family are too much, our heads are like this, can you still laugh?

Chapter 2062

Elder Huo had a strong temper, so he couldn’t help it at that time, and he strode out, pointing at Lorenzo and shouting, “Lorenzo, what do you mean?”

As he was talking, he was interrupted by Ginger: “Elder Huo, don’t be rude!”

To be honest, Ginger has an arrogant temperament. If he encountered this situation before, he would have been very popular, but during this period of time, he has managed so much, and the whole person has become calm.

Seeing Elder Huo’s remarks, Peter couldn’t help it, and shouted: “What do you mean? What is our laughter hindering you?”

Although the misunderstanding was resolved, everyone in the Ouyang family had been trapped by Rushers for several days after all, and Peter was still a little bit worried about this matter. At this moment, seeing Elder Huo speak badly, how could he bear it?

“Peter!” Lorenzo hurriedly stopped, beckoning Peter not to be impulsive.

Immediately, Lorenzo looked at Ginger and smiled: “Nalan head, don’t get me wrong. We are not laughing at you, we are not telling each other. The Great Sage and my son Bryant have also taken Edward’s bite before. Soul blood worm.”

“At the time in the Heavenly Dao League, the Great Sage suddenly attacked Luo Jue, because he was secretly controlled by Edward.”


Hearing this, no matter it was Ginger, Elder Huo and others, they all looked astonished.

At the same time, all eyes were gathered on Peter and Bryant, and they saw that the expressions of the two of them were as usual, and they didn’t seem to be poisoned at all.

Aware of these, the Rushers tribe was secretly surprised.

Seeing their expressions, Lorenzo laughed again, and then said to Peter: “Peter, where is the Liuli Purifying Water that Darryl brought before? Give it to me.”

Darryl had brought a lot of Liuli Water Purification from God’s Domain before. At that time, Peter and Bryant only took some, and still had a lot of them.

Because of this, Lorenzo would be so relaxed just knowing that Ginger was also caught by the Soul Devouring Bloodworm.

“Brother Wen!”

Peter almost jumped up, with a look of reluctance: “You want to give Liuli water to them? Don’t forget, Rushers almost killed us twice.”

Hearing this, Lorenzo couldn’t help but smile and said, “Great Sage, the enemy should be settled but not settled, forget it!”

Peter murmured, even though he was reluctant, he still took out the Liuli Purifying Water.


At this moment, whether it was Ginger, Elder Darryl and others, their eyes suddenly gathered on Lorenzo’s hand.

In the next second, Ginger couldn’t help but said: “Palace Master Wen, what is in your hand…”

Before he finished speaking, he was interrupted by Lorenzo: “Nalan, this is called Liuli Jingshui, which is the antidote to the soul-devouring blood worm.” As he said, he walked over and handed Liuli Jingshui to Nalan. Lan Wu’s hands.

“Do you know why we firmly believe that Darryl did not harm your mother? Because during that time, Darryl went to God’s Domain to find Liuli Jingshui to save the Great Sage and my son.”

“How should I put it, although it was a bit unpleasant before, we all have a common enemy, and we will work together in the future, right?”


Hearing these words, Ginger’s delicate face instantly flushed, with excitement and guilt.

At the same time, all the surrounding Rushers tribes were ups and downs.


At this time, Elder Huo stepped out and knelt down in front of Lorenzo, ashamed: “Palace Master Wen, you are so righteous, you are really admirable, you have been offended before.”

As he said, Elder Huo was very excited: “You saved our head, and you are the benefactor of our entire Rushers. Please be respected by me.” The last word fell, and he started to kowtow.

Puff puff puff…

For a while, the surrounding Rushers disciples also bend their knees and knelt down a lot.

Lorenzo hurriedly helped Elder Huo and laughed: “I just borrowed flowers to present the Buddha. You really want to thank you. Thank you Darryl, haha…”

When the voice fell, Lorenzo and Elder Huo looked at each other and laughed.

At this time, Ginger was also in a good mood, and then, under Lorenzo’s reminder, took Liuli Purifying Water.

After taking it, Ginger sat there, quietly waiting for the effect.


Elder Huo everyone also smiled and looked forward to it.

Chapter 2063

A few minutes later, Ginger slowly stood up, her delicate face full of joy. At this time, she clearly felt that the special feeling of the Soul Devouring Bloodworm staying in the body disappeared all at once.


Elder Huo quickly walked over: “What do you think?”

Ginger smiled and said, “The Soul Devouring Bloodworm has disappeared. This Liulijing fruit is amazing.”


Upon hearing this, all the Rushers tribes present cheered.

Elder Huo was even more excited. He laughed and said, “Haha, God still protects us Rushers.”

With that said, Elder Huo directed at Ginger and couldn’t wait to say: “Since the Soul Eater and Bloodworm has been solved, it should not be too late. Let’s immediately kill the Five Poison Sects and find Edward to avenge the hate. We have the Ouyang Family Alliance, even if that Baiyun No matter how strong it is to fly, it will be able to fight.”

“Not bad!”

After the words fell, Lorenzo nodded and said: “As long as we are united and deal with Edward and the Five Poison Sects, there is no problem at all.”


However, Ginger sighed, shook his head and said, “Elder Huo, Palace Master Wen, your thinking is too simple, you probably don’t know that the Demon Venerable has been reborn, and he has also subdued the ancient poisonous scorpion… …”

With that said, Ginger explained in detail what he had seen before.

At the end, Ginger’s exquisite face was full of dignity: “You think Edward and the Five Poison Sect are very easy to deal with, but you don’t know that at that time hundreds of thousands of gods and soldiers were all caught by the ancient poisonous scorpion. They repelled with Edward. Their strength is far beyond your imagination. If we attack it rashly, we will only suffer heavy losses and even annihilate them all!”


Hearing this, everyone in Lorenzo couldn’t help taking a breath.

Even hundreds of thousands of soldiers and generals have repelled?

This strength is too abnormal, right?

For a while, the audience was silent.

A few minutes later, Ginger thought of something, smiled, and said to Lorenzo ugly: “You don’t need to worry, when I leave the Five Poison Sect, the Demon Lord is not there. We have to deal with Edward and the Five Poison Sect. There is no way.”

“What way?” Lorenzo asked quickly with a flash of eyes.


At this moment, the eyes of everyone in the audience also focused on Ginger.

Ginger smiled lightly, and said: “The Vast Sky Divine Lord of God’s Domain was injured by Demon Venerable and locked in the dungeon of the Five Poison Sects. As long as the Vast Sky Divine Lord is released, the Demon Venerable is not there. Zong is not an opponent.”


Hearing this, everyone was extremely excited.

This method is wonderful.

In the next half an hour, Ginger and Lorenzo discussed the details of the plan, and then Ginger returned to the Five Poison Sect as his only son.


the other side.

On the boundary of God’s Domain, on an unknown mountain.

Demon Zun Gone slowly landed with Princess Tanglin.

“You demon, shameless…” After falling, Princess Tanglin’s eyes were full of spite, and she kept screaming.

“shut up!”

Demon Lord Gone was full of gloom, and he screamed coldly. This girl, just scolded all the way, how can she be insulted by a girl with a dignified Demon Race Supreme?

“I won’t be silent.. You are a demon…” Princess Sally said with a fearless expression: “But pretending to be my cousin, secretly using poison, and now arresting me an unarmed woman, I don’t feel ashamed. ?”

“Ha ha!”

Demon Lord Gorne frowned and looked at her, proudly said: “Don’t follow me. You are the daughter of the Nine Heavens God, who I won’t arrest you?”

“You better let me go, otherwise my father won’t forgive you!” Princess Sally took a deep breath and said word by word: “Even if you are the supreme demon, what if you are successfully reborn? This God Realm, or My father’s realm, and you, are just a falling dog who doesn’t even have a home…”

“it is good!”

Hearing this, Demon Zun Gorne smiled with anger: “What an eloquent girl, it seems that I underestimated you before. If I don’t teach you a lesson, you really don’t know how good I am.”

As he said, Demon Lord Gone step by step walked over, slowly raising his right hand.

“What are you going to do?”

Feeling bad, Princess Tanglin was shocked and frightened, screaming in a trembling tone.

Chapter 2064

“What are you doing? I’ll abolish your soul first.” When he arrived, Demon Lord Gorne said coldly, a group of bloody light condensed from the palm of his hand, and hit the position of Princess Tanglin’s soul in the next second.


At this moment, Princess Tanglin’s body trembled violently, the soul was instantly destroyed, and there was severe pain, almost fainting.

“Aren’t you good at scolding? Continue?” The corner of Demon Zun Gone’s mouth was cruel, and he looked at Princess Tanglin condescendingly: “Without the primordial spirit, you are not as good as a useless person. I tell you, wait until you return to Kyushu. , I will reward you to my subordinates.”

“Guess, if your father knew that you were defiled by my subordinates, would he be crazy? Hahaha…”

Princess Tanglin was crawling there, trembling constantly, and she was extremely embarrassed and angry when she heard this.

Without the primordial spirit, he is inferior to ordinary people in Kyushu. If he is defiled by the subordinates of Demon Venerable, it would be better to die.

“Tsk tsk…”

However, at this moment, there was a light sigh not far away: “Dignified Demon Venerable, it is not ashamed to insult a weak woman!”


Demon Zun Gone yelled with a deep anger, and at the same time turned his head to look back.

I saw a gray figure slowly coming by stepping on white clouds, with silver hair and white beard, fairy style bones, and red garlic nose. It was Anthony.


At this moment, Demon Zun Gone’s face changed, and his eyes also showed a bit of dignity.

Tens of thousands of years ago, after the Shenmu War ended, Demon Zun Gone was physically destroyed. He wandered nine days away with a ray of remnant thoughts. He once met Anthony and knew each other naturally.

“Senior Anthony!”

At this moment, Princess Tanglin was also extremely excited.

Before and Darryl fled the God Realm, relying on Anthony, would you be upset to see you again at this time?

Anthony smiled at Princess Sally and motioned not to be nervous.


At this time, Demon Lord Gone couldn’t help but speak: “This is a grievance between me and God’s Domain, I hope you don’t interfere!”

The voice is not loud, and full of arrogance.

Anthony smiled and said, “I don’t care about your grievances with God’s Domain, but this female doll is predestined with me, and I can’t see you being bullied.”


Hearing this, Demon Zun Gone frowned.

Anthony smiled and continued: “Don’t believe me? I knew a friend before, named Darryl, and this princess is Darryl’s wife. Isn’t it predestined to me?”


At this moment, Princess Tanglin’s face suddenly blushed.

She had never regarded Darryl as her own man, but she had never expected that she would still be exposed to Darryl’s light at this dangerous last moment.

Demon Zun Gone also blinked.

“What do you want?” Demon Zun Gone coldly said a few seconds later.

Anthony stretched out and sat on the rock next to him, with an indifferent look: “If you don’t want to do anything, you let her go, and then you should ask God for Nine Days to settle the account, then go and settle the account!”


At this moment, Demon Zun Goni laughed up to the sky as if he heard a joke: “Anthony, are you talking about terms with me? Do you have the qualifications? You are not my opponent if you are alone.”

Anthony nodded: “Yes, I can’t beat you, but don’t forget, there is more than me.” As he said, he deliberately looked back at the distant horizon.


He still has a helper?

Seeing this, Demon Zun Gone’s face instantly became gloomy and extremely ugly.

To be honest, fighting alone, Demon Zun Gone has full certainty to crush Anthony, but if there are a few more heavenly immortals, it will be different.

You know, the strength of the immortal outside the sky is much stronger than the gods of the gods, and it is not easy to provoke.

“Not leaving yet?”

Seeing Demon Zun Gone’s expression, Anthony smiled and said: “When my companion comes, you will be over if you want to leave.”


Demon Lord Gone took a deep breath and said coldly: “Very well, Anthony, the deity took note of today’s affairs.” The voice fell, and the figure turned into a cloud of blood and moved away.

Chapter 2065

Seeing Demon Zun Gone walking away, Princess Tanglin breathed a sigh of relief.

In the next second, Princess Tanglin gratefully said to Anthony, “Thank you Anthony.”

Anthony waved his hand: “You’re welcome, I stole your father’s royal meal before, but now I save your life, and it’s cleared, hehe…”

After that, he came over to check the injuries of Princess Tanglin.

“Oh… the original spirit is destroyed, this is a bit troublesome.” After the inspection, Anthony frowned and said slowly.

Princess Tanglin smiled sadly: “Thank you seniors for your concern, I am very lucky that I am not dead.”

After that, Princess Tanglin thought of something and looked around: “By the way, where is your companion, Senior?”


Upon hearing the question, Anthony couldn’t help laughing, like a kid who had made a prank, and said mysteriously: “Hush, keep your voice down, I just scared the demon lord, I am used to being alone, then Any companions?”


Seeing his appearance, Princess Tanglin forgot her sadness for a while and couldn’t help laughing.

“Okay, we also have fate. I will take you to a place to see if I can help you reshape the soul.” Anthony said, supporting Princess Sally and stepping on the clouds towards the distant sky. Away.


the other side.

After Ginger and Lorenzo bid farewell to the crowd, they rushed back to the Five Poison Sect.

When I arrived in the hall behind, I saw Edward sitting there, sipping tea leisurely, beside Ji Hongshang and a few female disciples of the Five Poison Sect, standing there quietly.

Seeing Ginger coming in, Edward showed a slight smile on his face and said lightly: “I’m back so soon? How’s the situation?”

Ginger bit her lip, concealing her inner tension, and respectfully said: “The subordinates are fortunate enough to live up to their lives. The Ouyang family has almost been wiped out by our Xia Hidden Sect. Now there is only one Darryl, missing!

“Good, good…”

Hearing this, Edward was full of excitement and nodded approvingly: “Yes, I know you won’t let me down. It’s getting late, you go take a rest!”

“Hmm…” Ginger responded softly, and then exited the hall.

When he got outside, Ginger secretly breathed a sigh of relief.

Fortunately, he pretended to look alike, and temporarily deceived Edward, and he was not aware of the contact with Soul Devouring Bloodworm.

Next, it was time to find an opportunity to release the Haotian Divine Lord from the dungeon.


At night, the Five Poison Sect’s back mountain dungeon.

Haotian Shenjun was tied up all over his body, sitting in the corner of the cell, very embarrassed.

It was a shame that Madder, his own dignified and dignified god, was locked in such a place.

He cursed in his heart, Haotian Divine Lord wanted to stand up, but he was hit hard by Demon Lord Gone before, and he couldn’t get it out with any strength.

This is how to do!

Do you really want to be trapped here all the time?

For a moment, the Haotian God Lord sweated profusely. At this moment, I heard the sound of footsteps suddenly coming from outside the door. The footsteps are very light and light!


A few seconds later, the iron gate was quietly opened a gap, and then a slim figure walked in.

Haotian God Lord suddenly became alert, stared intently, and was stunned!

I saw that the visitor was a young woman, dressed in black, unable to conceal the graceful curve, delicate features, but at this time it was a bit solemn.

It is Ginger!

During the day, the dungeon was surrounded by patrol disciples, and Ginger had no chance at all, and could only wait until night.

“It’s you?”

Seeing Ginger, Haotian God Lord suddenly became gloomy: “What did Edward send you to?” He knew that the woman in front of him was Edward’s subordinate, so naturally he would not be polite.


Ginger breathed a sigh of relief, first looked outside the cell, and then lowered his voice: “Your Excellency, don’t get me wrong, I’m here to help you!”

help me?

God Lord Haotian smiled coldly and didn’t believe it at all.

Ginger quickly explained: “I dare not lie to the gods, I am the head of the Rushers…” In the next few minutes, Ginger will deal with Edward’s enmity, details Said it.

At the end of the talk, Ginger said fiercely: “I and Edward don’t share the same sky. I saved you out of this adventure, and I hope you can help me get revenge.”

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