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Chapter 2091

As he said, Darryl showed some confidence on his face: “When I enter, I will use my own strength to deploy a protective film around, but my primordial power is limited, and I need you behind me to help me It’s just a matter of inputting divine power, understand?”

It turned out to be so.

Hearing this, Rodolf’s eyes flickered, nodded, and smiled: “Don’t worry, I will do my best.”

When saying this, Rodolf was full of sincerity, but his heart was extremely gloomy.

This Darryl, you snatched my princess Sally and robbed her of her chastity, and now, let me inject inner strength into you, what beautiful dreams can you do?

Rodolf thought it over, and pretended to agree first, and when it was critical, he resolutely abandoned Darryl and let him die in this heavenly devil blood sacrifice formation.

Darryl didn’t notice that there was something wrong with Rodolf, and when he heard his answer, he nodded in relief.

Immediately, Darryl didn’t have time to think, and ordered the tens of thousands of soldiers behind him: “Wait for me and Rodolf to enter the big formation in front of you to inquire. Don’t act rashly, just keep your surroundings, understand?”


Tens of thousands of god soldiers responded in unison.

At this moment, Darryl stopped talking nonsense, and said to Rodolf: “Okay, you can act.”

When the voice fell, Darryl urged his figure to move directly towards the blood sacrifice formation of the Heaven Demon.

Rodolf took a deep breath and followed closely.

Soon, Darryl and Rodolf reached the position of the Shengmen. The eighteen towering stone pillars seemed to have spirituality. When someone was approaching, they immediately emitted a bloody mist.

The blood mist spread quickly, and soon enveloped the surroundings of the large array, and at the same time flooded Darryl and Rodolf. Not only that, in the blood mist, there is also a powerful force to suppress.


The blood mist was permeated, directly blocking the line of sight, watching the situation of tens of thousands of god soldiers in the distance, and instantly seeing the figures of Darryl and Rodolf, one by one became nervous inexplicably.

What a weird blood mist.

Mr. Ma and Rodolf, will something go wrong?

While nervous, these magic soldiers thought of Darryl’s previous explanation, and they were not easy to act rashly.

At this time, Darryl was here.

Feeling the suppression of the power in the blood mist, Darryl looked as usual without panic.


The next second, directly urging the Yuanshen and the power of the bird ancestor, forming a protective film around the body, and you can see that the protective film is pale gold with some red lines on it, which is very strange.

Darryl not only possesses the primordial spirit, but also the power of the bird ancestor. This situation is unique in the entire God’s Domain, so the protective film deployed is completely different from others.


Seeing this scene, Rodolf’s expression was complicated, and his heart was extremely shocked.

I can’t see that this Darryl is so powerful, the protective film deployed, I am afraid that he will not be able to break it with a full blow.

Shocked, Rodolf strengthened his determination to kill Darryl. After all, he couldn’t have the slightest softness in dealing with a powerful enemy like Darryl, otherwise there would be endless troubles.


Seeing Rodolf stunned, Darryl turned around and said, “Quickly enter the protective film, and then help me. Remember, there can be no pause in the middle, otherwise both of us are in danger.”

Rodolf slowed down, and quickly responded, entered the protective film, and then put his hand behind Darryl, urging his divine power.

Feeling Rodolf urged the divine power, Darryl no longer hesitated, and slowly walked into the life gate, as long as he passed through the life gate and entered the inside of the Heavenly Demon Blood Sacrifice Array, Darryl was sure to interrupt the Demon Zun Gone.

However, Darryl didn’t notice that Rodolf, behind him, had no respect before, but was incredibly hideous.

At this moment, in midair.


Darryl and Rodolf approached the blood sacrifice array, and Demon Zun Gone instantly sensed it, but he was at a critical moment and couldn’t get out.

For a while, Demon Zun Gone was furious, very anxious.

At the same time, Demon Venerable’s gaze locked Darryl tightly through the blood mist, and he was also a little shocked.

His own Heavenly Demon Blood Sacrifice Formation, in the realm of God, no one except the ancestors can break it, and this guy has found his life so easily.

It is incredible.

Seeing Darryl and Rodolf, they were about to pass through the life gate and enter the blood formation.

Chapter 2092

At this moment, Darryl’s face was calm, but his heart was extremely excited.

As long as he enters the blood formation, he is half successful.


However, at this moment, Rodolf suddenly withdrew his hands, then turned around and flew away quickly.

While flying away backwards, Rodolf did not forget to turn his head and smile at Darryl grinningly: “Darryl, you want to break this formation and make a great contribution, don’t be delusional, and you robbed my princess Sally, This hatred is not shared, you…go to death.”

After the last word fell, Rodolf laughed triumphantly, then speeded up and rushed out of the blood mist.


At this moment, Darryl was extremely frightened, how could he never expect that at this most critical time, Rodolf would actually plot himself behind his back because of personal grievances, regardless of the overall situation?


Rodolf fled before the battle, Darryl’s strength alone could not resist the terrifying pressure from the blood formation, he heard a crisp sound, and the protective film around his body instantly shattered.


Without the protective film, the terrifying coercion of the blood formation burst out, and he heard Darryl snorting, his whole person was directly shocked and flew out, and finally hit the stone pillar, his eyes were black, and he passed out.

Outside the blood array at this time.

Rodolf rushed into the bleeding fog and returned to the front of the tens of thousands of soldiers.


Seeing this situation, the tens of thousands of god soldiers looked at each other and were very puzzled.

what’s the situation?

Aren’t they headed by Hu Ma and Rodolf to explore the big formation together? Why is it that only the leader of Rodolf is back now?

Facing the gazes of tens of thousands of sacred soldiers, Rodolf looked sad, with a distressed look, and said hypocritically: “The horse is too arrogant and self-confident, and if he wants to enter the big formation, the commander will not listen to any persuasion.”


Hearing this, tens of thousands of soldiers were stunned.

This confidant was too arrogant, he broke into the blood formation alone.

I have to say that Rodolf’s performance is very similar, and there is no doubt about these tens of thousands of magic soldiers.

At this time, Rodolf glanced back and said with regret: “The horse hastily entered. I am afraid that I will die forever. I need to go back and report this matter to your Majesty as soon as possible. You continue to stay here and pay attention to the situation of the big formation.”

Having said this, Rodolf rushed towards Yuyao Xianyuan with a few magic soldiers.


On the other side, Kyushu.

Located on the southern border of the Apocalypse Continent, there is a huge ruin. This was originally the top of Kunlun, the first sacred mountain in Kyushu. Later, after the collapse of Kunlun, this ruin was formed.

At this time, hundreds of thousands of troops gathered in a clearing at the center of the ruins.

This army, wearing a uniform golden armor, each with a strong aura, but at this time one is more embarrassed.

It is true that these hundreds of thousands of troops were the sage soldiers who followed the Haotian Divine Sovereign to besiege the Five Poison Sect before being defeated by Mozun Gone.


At this moment, in the distance, a figure came quickly, looking like a golden meteor from a distance, with a powerful aura permeating the whole body.

It is Haotian God Lord.

The Haotian Divine Sovereign has vast magical powers. Through perception, he quickly knew the position of hundreds of thousands of divine soldiers and generals. At that time, he rushed over without thinking about it.

I saw that God Sovereign Haotian was still holding a figure tightly in his hands, dressed in white, very handsome, but his face was weak and unspeakably embarrassed.

Not Edward, who else?


“His Royal Highness.”

Seeing the Haotian God Lord appeared, many God Generals hurriedly surrounded them, all excited.

One of the divine generals cautiously said: “God, we are relieved to see that you are okay.”

When the voice fell, another god general also said: “Since the god is caught by Nagogne, we have tried our best to contact God’s Domain, but we have used many methods, and we can’t get in touch with God’s Domain at all.”

Is there such a thing?

Hearing this, God Monarch Haotian frowned secretly, and immediately urged his divine power to try to get in touch with God’s Domain, but he also failed.

For a moment, Haotian God Lord was inexplicably anxious.

How could this be?

At this time, the Haotian God Lord did not know that all the portals in God’s Domain had been destroyed by Demon Lord Gone.

Chapter 2093

“You guys, continue to try to contact God’s Domain.”

A few seconds later, God Monarch Haotian took a deep breath and ordered several gods.

“Yes, His Royal Highness!”

Several gods responded and quickly walked aside, urging the soul to try to contact the gods.

Haotian Divine Sovereign took Edward aside, his face was gloomy, and asked coldly: “Edward, where is the Demon Venerable?”

Getting in touch with God’s Domain and inquiring the whereabouts of the demons are both very important.

Feeling the evil spirit of Venerable God, Edward took a deep breath and smiled: “Divine Monarch Vast Sky, didn’t I say that before? Your Lord Demon Lord is uncertain, and I don’t know where he is.”

As he said, Edward looked at the ruins in front of him: “Perhaps, the Lord Demon Lord is nearby. Be careful…”


Before he finished his words, God Monarch Haotian flashed a cold light, clenched his fist, and slammed into Edward’s heart.

Edward snorted, and spouted a mouthful of blood.

“Edward, don’t challenge my patience.” Divine Lord Haotian said coldly, looking at Edward from a condescending position.

Edward endured the pain and did not respond, thinking about how to get out.

It’s just that, I was hit hard by the Haotian God before, and has not yet recovered. At this time, he was punched again, and I only felt that the devil soul was about to collapse. In this case, unless the Demon Lord arrives, there is no possibility of escape. .

But Edward thought it over, no matter what, he had to spend it with Haotian Divine Lord.

Seeing Edward not speaking, Haotian Divine Lord sneered: “Don’t tell me, right? You think you can just pretend to be dumb? If I destroy your devil soul, guess what?”


When the voice fell, the Haotian Divine Lord raised his right hand, and saw a group of golden lights flashing, and a golden dagger was condensed by the divine power.

Edward’s heart shook, and then he remembered something, and laughed: “God Haotian, Lord Demon Sovereign has cast a forbidden curse in my devil soul, you can’t destroy it!”

When saying this, Edward was full of pride.

He was right. After Demon Lord Gone successfully possessed a physical body, in order to reward Edward, he blessed a forbidden curse in his demon soul.

With the protection of this forbidden curse, even if Edward was severely traumatized, the devil soul would not be destroyed.

Forbidden spell? !

Hearing this, Haotian God Sovereign frowned, and immediately sensed Edward’s demon soul. Sure enough, he sensed that a powerful forbidden curse was hidden in that demon soul.

Knowing this, Haotian Divine Lord was very suffocated.

Ma De, in this kid’s demon soul, there is a forbidden curse blessed by Demon Lord Gone.

Annoyed, God Monarch Haotian thought of something, and said coldly: “Okay, this monarch can’t destroy your devil soul, there are other ways to teach you!”

When the voice fell, Haotian drew a golden whip from his purple-gold armor.

The whip’s golden light circulates, and it contains extremely strong power.

It is to hit the whip.

The whip of the gods, as the name suggests, can spur the gods. There are three gods’ whips in the entire God Realm, symbolizing the supreme authority. Two of them are in the hands of the God of Nine Heavens and Empress Hua Zhao, and this last one, At this time, it was on Haotian Divine Lord’s body.

“Do you know what this is? The whip of the gods can whip the gods, and of course it can also deal with the remnants of the demons like you!” The god of the sky waved the whip of the gods, and the corner of his mouth was cruel.


Seeing the beating of the magic whip, Edward subconsciously swallowed his saliva. Of course, he had heard of the beating of the magic whip.

Even though he was panicked, Edward still showed an indifferent look on his face: “Dangling Haotian God Lord, can you just do two things like this?”

Haotian Divine Lord snorted coldly, stopped talking nonsense, raised the whip and drew it fiercely.


Hearing only a thunderous explosion, a blood mark appeared on Edward’s body. Not only that, but the depths of his soul were also extremely tortured. The pain was not something ordinary people could bear.


Edward couldn’t help but breathe in cold air, his whole body convulsed, but his personality was tough, and he gritted his teeth tightly without screaming.

Chapter 2094

Seeing his distorted expression, but he didn’t scream, Haotian Divine Lord also screamed, and exclaimed: “Quickly, where is the demon?”

Edward showed a slight smile, but still didn’t say a word!

God Monarch Haotian was completely furious, and once again raised the whip in his hand, and slammed it on Edward’s body.

“Flap! Pop! Pop!”

The whip flew up and down, like a flying golden dragon, raging everywhere on Edward’s body, and the clear and loud whip sound reverberated over the ruins.

Seeing this scene, the surrounding magical soldiers and generals were all shocked.

But Edward didn’t say a word from beginning to end.


the other side.

Rodolf hurried back to Yuyao Xianyuan with a few magic soldiers.

Soon after seeing the God of Nine Heavens, Rodolf told the lie that he had made up.


At this moment, whether it was Nine Heavens God, Hua Zhao Empress, and the priests around, they were all shocked.

Immediately, God of Nine Heavens reacted and looked at Rodolf closely: “What did you say? Darryl broke into the blood formation deployed by Demon Venerable alone? Corpse… no bones?”

When Darryl was sent to Fengde Mountain at that time, God of Nine Heavens had confidence in him.

You know, at the beginning, it was the master of the great ancestors, and in front of the gods, he sealed the nine-day Profound Sage Darryl, and the people whom the great ancestors could favor were by no means the general generation.

Unexpectedly, the first time he sent Darryl to do something, something went wrong.

Rodolf knelt there, looking extremely sad, and nodded: “Yes, your majesty, at that time, his subordinates tried their best to dissuade, because the blood formation was too weird, but Ma Ma didn’t listen at all. He said that he was a master of formation. , The best Kyushu, even the blood formation deployed by the Demon Lord can easily be broken, but the result is…”

Hearing this, God of Nine Heavens was helpless: “Reckless, reckless…Ah, speaking of it, I believe in Darryl too much.”

Empress Hua Zhao next to her was also extremely sad: “This Darryl is too conceited.”


Seeing this situation, Rodolf secretly breathed a sigh of relief, looking sad, but incomparably delighted in his heart.


It’s so simple to fool your Majesty, Darryl, Darryl, even if you die, don’t blame me, who told you to steal my Sally Princess?

At this time, Empress Hua Zhao thought of something and asked Rodolf: “By the way, did you see Sally Tomb when you arrived at Fengmo Mountain?”

Rodolf shook his head: “Subordinates didn’t see it.”

With that, Rodolf was also secretly anxious.

At that time, she did not see Princess Sally around the blood formation. Could it be that she had been killed by Demon Lord?

After hearing the answer, Empress Hua Zhao couldn’t tell the misery, “My Tanglin is too bitter. I was taken away by Mozun, and the newlywed husband is also dead…”

For a while, the audience was silent.

The atmosphere is unspeakably depressing.

“His Majesty!”

At this moment, a figure walked in quickly, and it was Lord Baiyue Xing.

When he arrived, Mr. Baiyue Xingjun respectfully said to the Nine Heavens: “Your Majesty, the portal has been built.”


Hearing this, God of Nine Heavens was very excited, and hurriedly said: “Quickly, send a message to Kyushu immediately, ordering God King Haotian to lead his army to return to the realm of God quickly.”

“Yes, Your Majesty!”


the other side.

Kunlun Ruins, Kyushu.

Bang bang bang….

The Haotian God Sovereign was waving his magic whip, and he didn’t know how many times he beat him, and he saw Bai Yun flying all over his body with cuts and bruises, dying.

At this moment, God Monarch Haotian put away the whip, unspeakably annoyed.

This Edward can’t kill or kill him, and he won’t be able to succumb to the whip.


At this moment, a god general walked over quickly, with joy on his face: “We are in contact with God’s Domain. Just now, your Majesty has received a message that the God Sovereign Fire Speed ​​Army will return to God’s Domain.”


Hearing this, God Monarch Haotian took a deep breath, his cold expression softened, and he immediately asked, “What else did your majesty say?”

The God General did not dare to neglect, and quickly said: “Your Majesty also said that the Demon Venerable went to Fengmo Mountain, and he was in a hurry.”


Mozun Gone went to Fengde Mountain?

Hearing this, Haotian Shenjun’s body shook, and he only felt his brain hum.

Chapter 2095

Hundreds of thousands of demon tribes were buried under Darryl Demon Mountain, and where the demon had gone, it was obvious that they wanted to resurrect the dead tribes.

Thinking of this, God Monarch Haotian didn’t hesitate, his figure flashed, and he rushed into the air and shouted: “Gather quickly and return to God’s Domain with him.”


When the voice fell, hundreds of thousands of gods and soldiers would quickly converge.

At this moment, one of the gods pointed to the dying Edward: “His Royal Highness, how to deal with this?”

“Don’t worry about it!” God Monarch Haotian said lightly without hesitation.

Although this Edward possessed a demon soul, he was beaten so many times by the gods, immortal and disabled, and the most important thing now was to go to the gods to stop the demon lord.


Soon, hundreds of thousands of god soldiers and god generals were assembled, and they hurried back to the realm of gods with Haotian god.


Seeing Haotian Divine Lord leading the army to leave, Edward was completely relieved, and then couldn’t hold it anymore, his eyes went dark and he fainted.

To be honest, Edward couldn’t hold it after hundreds of blows, but he didn’t want to appear vulnerable in front of Haotian Divine Sovereign, so he was able to hold on to the present with a tough personality.

As soon as Haotian Divine Lord left, Edward’s spirit relaxed, and he fainted immediately.


Soon after fainting, I heard a neat footsteps coming, and from a distance, I saw an army of hundreds of thousands coming in mighty.

Uniform bright armor, holding a long spear, with an aura like a rainbow.

It is the Imperial Forest Army of the Apocalypse Continent.

In front of the Yulin Army, there was a magnificent luxury carriage, drawn by eight white horses, very magnificent. Inside the carriage, sitting a figure, filled with a powerful royal aura.

It is the Castro.

A month ago, there was a vision in the Mausoleum of the Tianqi Emperor, and then the Chi You Tomb came. At that time, the King Castro was full of confidence, but in the end, Raquel received Chi You’s demon soul inheritance.

This matter irritated Castro. He vowed to find Raquel to settle accounts, but later on, the Ouyang family had been fighting with the Heavenly Alliance. The Castro Palace was extremely deep, and they were not willing to rush to the muddy water, so they quietly waited for the opportunity.

One day ago, King Castro received news that hundreds of thousands of soldiers and generals had been found in the Kunlun ruins. At that time, King Castro hesitated and decided to bring the army to take a look.


At this moment, hundreds of thousands of Yulin Army arrived in the ruins, and they were stunned when they saw the situation in front of them.

Just saw the huge ruins, empty, where is the shadow of the gods and soldiers?

However, someone with sharp eyes suddenly spotted Edward who was unconscious, and immediately shouted: “Look, there is someone there.”


In an instant, all eyes were on a soil slope not far away.

I saw a figure lying there quietly, motionless, covered in blood, and the handsome face was even weaker.

It was Edward who was unconscious.

Seeing this scene, Castro frowned, then waved his hand: “Drag over and see, who is it?”

“Yes, Your Majesty!”

When the voice fell, the two imperial soldiers walked over quickly and dragged the man over.


At this moment, King Castro observed from a close distance and recognized Edward at a glance, and he was immediately taken aback.

At the same time, everyone around was stunned.

Recently, this Edward has disturbed the whole Kyushu. How could it appear here? Moreover, the injury is not light.


Finally, Castro reacted and said to his side: “Bring this person back to the palace, you must take good care of it.”

When talking about this, Castro couldn’t hide his excitement.

You know, Chi You, the ancestor of Castro, was also a member of the Demon Clan. In other words, Castro and the entire Weather Royal Family, like Edward, are descendants of the Demon Clan.

Under this premise, Castro saw that Edward was in a coma, so naturally he would not sit back and watch.

More importantly, Edward is a celebrity under Demon Venerable. As long as he has a good relationship with Edward, he will have the opportunity to approach Demon Venerable in the future.

The king of Castro decided that as long as he received the appreciation of the demon, the apocalyptic royal family would surely dominate Kyushu.

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