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Chapter 2156

During the fierce battle with Demon Lord Gone just now, Nine Heavens God had already consumed a lot of internal strength. At this time, facing Demon Lord Gone, he could no longer perform his stunts.

After all, that is the strongest Demon Race, the existence that can rival the ancient ancestors.

“His Majesty!”

Seeing this scene, Haotian God Sovereign screamed and was about to rush over. Just after rushing a few hundred meters, I saw two blood-colored figures, like lightning, coming quickly, directly intercepting the Haotian Divine Lord.

Twelve Holy Demon Kings?

The Haotian God Lord was furious, but he was still secretly surprised when he saw the other side’s appearance.

I saw the two figures standing in front of them, both extremely tall and burly, wearing black and red armor, wearing a hideous mask on their heads, and only showing two blood-red eyes.

There was a mist of yin and evil blood pervading all around his body.

It was just tens of thousands of years ago that the twelve holy demon kings who had made God’s Domain frightened.

The Twelve Sacred Demon Kings are the twelve powerful generals under the seat of Demon Lord Gone. Because of their outstanding achievements in combat, they were designated as Saint Demon Kings by Demon Lord. In the battle of Gods and Demons tens of thousands of years ago, all the twelve holy demon kings were in the domain of God. Kill.

However, the Twelve Saint Demon Kings were successfully resurrected by Demon Lord Gone in Fengde Mountain a day ago.


Being blocked by the two holy demon kings, Haotian God Lord was furious, and did not hesitate at that time, the power of the original spirit broke out, and he directly fought fiercely in midair with the two holy demon kings.


Seeing Haotian God Monarch being intercepted by his subordinates, Mozun Gone was very proud. After a big laugh, his eyes were fixed on the Nine Heavens God, his tone revealing a proud gesture: “Dignified Nine Heavens God, is this strength? People are disappointed…”

“Come, get up and fight again!”

While talking, Mozun Gone flashed, landed on the square, and then slowly walked towards the Nine Heavens God.

The terrifying demon soul aura permeated the entire Yutian Palace!

The God of Nine Heavens clenched his teeth and did not respond, but he was very unwilling in his heart.

“Gogne, stop!”

At this critical moment, I only heard a sweet drink from the sky not far away.

At this moment, whether it was the Demon Lord Gone, the Nine Heavens God, and the army of both gods and demons, they all subconsciously followed the voice to watch, and they were all stunned at that time!

Not far away, a beautiful and charming figure came hurriedly like a fright.

A pure white dress, otherworldly, and an alluring face, no matter whether it is the demons or the gods, they can’t bear the slightest blasphemous heart.

It is Nuwa Empress!

“The empress is here…”


“There is Empress Nuwa here, the crisis of the Imperial Palace is solvable…”

At this moment, whether it was the Haotian Divine Lord, the priests, and the tens of thousands of divine soldiers around, they were extremely excited.


But Demon Zun Gone, and the hundreds of thousands of demons, frowned secretly.

“Nuwa is here…”

“As expected to be the Supreme Goddess of God’s Domain, it’s so beautiful.”

Under the shock, the eyes of many Demon Warriors stared at Empress Nuwa, unable to extricate themselves.

Just looking at the Nuwa Empress floating in the air, her exquisite face and s3xy perfect body can be said to eclipse all women in the world.

Especially the unique temperament on his body, it makes people intoxicated!

Beautiful, s3xy, unparalleled Fanghua…

Adding up all the beautiful words in the world, it seems that they are not enough to describe her.

In the emotions of the surrounding Demon Warriors, Demon Zun Gone had a complex face, and a trace of worry also arose in his heart.

You must know that Empress Nuwa is the most proud female disciple of the great ancestors, and has been inseparable from the great ancestors. It can be said that where the great ancestors are, where the empresses are.

At this time, Nuwa suddenly appeared in the Yutian Palace, indicating that the ancestors of the wild may also be nearby.


Thinking of this, Mozun Gone couldn’t help but mobilize the power of the Demon Soul to perceive the direction behind the Nuwa Empress and the 10,000-meter area around the Yutian Palace.

As the supreme demon, Gonietian is not afraid of fear, but he is afraid of the ancestors.

But after a while, Demon Lord Gone didn’t notice the aura of the wild ancestor. Even so, Gone didn’t take it lightly.

“Junior Brother, don’t panic, I’m here!”

At this time, Empress Nuwa was suspended in the sky, smiled at the Nine Heavens God below, and said.

Chapter 2157

At that time, the great ancestor Darryl Darryl became the Profound Sage of the Nine Heavens, and she began to practice in retreat. As a major disciple, Empress Nuwa was guarding the Fa, always ensuring that the great ancestor would not be disturbed.

Just now, Mozun led an army of hundreds of thousands to besiege Yutian Palace, with a ferocious and powerful momentum. Although the place where the ancient ancestors retreat was far away from the Yutian Palace, Empress Nuwa still felt it.

At first, Empress Nuwa thought that God’s Domain could block Demon Zun Gone, but she soon discovered that the situation was getting worse and worse. At that time Empress Nuwa didn’t think much, so she hurried to support.


At this moment, seeing Empress Nuwa rushing in in time, Jiu Tian God also showed a smile on his face and nodded and said: “Sister, it’s all up to you.”

As he said, God of Nine Heavens pointed to Demon Zun Gone: “After he reshapes his body, his strength is stronger than before. Senior sister must be careful.”


After hearing the words of God from Nine Heavens, Empress Nuwa nodded, and then her figure rose up and went straight to Demon Lord Gone.


At this moment, Empress Nuwa’s red lips lightly opened, and she coldly exhaled a few words: “If you want to destroy the Imperial Palace, pass me first.” The voice fell, and the divine power exploded, and she saw a dazzling red light. She was enveloped all over, like a burning phoenix,


Looking at the swiftly coming Nuwa Empress, Demon Lord Gone was floating there, unmoved, an arrogance of contempt filled his entire body.

And those eyes tightly locked Nuwa Empress, and said coldly: “Nu Wa, I admit that you are very powerful, but it is not enough to stop me. If you really want to relieve the crisis of the Imperial Palace, let you teach you. Respect the great ancestors show up.”

When he said this, Mozun Gorne looked around and made sure that the great ancestor was not nearby, and he suddenly had no scruples in his heart.

“Arrogant!” Upon hearing this, Empress Nuwa bit her lip and coldly retorted: “Gone, you are a little overconfident. I don’t need my master to deal with such evil spirits as you.”

When the voice fell, Empress Nuwa rushed forward and fought fiercely in midair with Demon Zun Gone.


Seeing this scene, both the Nine Heavens God and the Vast Sky God Sovereign were extremely excited, and at the same time they were a little worried. Nu Wa’s strength was not weak, but it was even worse than Demon Lord Gone.

Now it depends on how long Nuwa can last.

Thinking of these, Nine Heavens God stopped thinking, holding his breath and began to restore his divine power.

The God of Nine Heavens thought it through, as long as Nuwa dragged Demon Zun Gone, until her strength recovered, she could unite with Nüwa to suppress Gone.

Bang bang bang!

Nuwa Empress and Demon Zun Gone fought endlessly in mid-air. For a time, the sky was dim, the sun and the moon were dark.

I saw that Demon Zun Gone was very relaxed, with a contemptuous smile on his face. On the other hand, Empress Nuwa was biting her lips, very strenuous.

“The demon warrior listens to the order!”

At this time, the Demon Lord Gone fought fiercely with Nuwa, and at the same time ordered the surrounding demon warriors: “Take down the imperial palace for the deity, and destroy these hypocritical gods in front of you, leaving none.”


When the voice fell, the hundreds of thousands of demons made a howl like the sky, rushing toward the Imperial Palace like a tide.

Seeing this scene, the priests standing at the gate of the Imperial Palace were all panicked.

“Don’t panic!”

At this moment, Haotian Divine Lord quickly rushed out and raised his arms: “Listen to my command, line up to meet the enemy, even if you fight to the last minute, you must keep the Imperial Palace and protect your Majesty.”

When shouting these, God Monarch Haotian looked firm, but he was extremely worried.

Your Majesty has been injured, and although the Nuwa Empress has dragged the Demon Zun Gone, she is still struggling to support her. The situation is not optimistic at all. More importantly, at this time, only tens of thousands of patrolling soldiers are guarding the Yutian Palace. The whereabouts of most of the army that had been brought to Fengde Mountain was still unknown.

In this case, it is almost difficult to stop an army of hundreds of thousands of demons.

But if you can’t stop it, you have to stop it, because once Yutiangong fails, the entire God’s Domain will fall into a situation where it will never be restored.


“Swear to the death to defend Your Majesty and the Imperial Palace…”

Hearing the cry of Haotian Divine Lord, tens of thousands of divine soldiers and divine generals erupted with a loud roar, directly attacked, and in the blink of an eye, they collided with the hundreds of thousands of demons and killed each other.

Chapter 2158


For a time, screams and weapon collisions continued to echo around the Imperial Palace.

There are only tens of thousands of troops guarding the Imperial Palace, but there are hundreds of thousands of troops on the Mozu side, and the strength of the two sides is very different.

In less than a few minutes, I saw thousands of god soldiers, who were destroyed by the demons, fell to the ground one by one.


Seeing this scene, Mozun Gone was very proud, and laughed up to the sky, and then watched Nu Wa Empress and mocked: “Nu Wa, you are not my opponent, and you can’t change the situation today. I advise you not to Do this kind of meaningless resistance.”

“This Imperial Palace, I have broken it. The entire God Realm will also be mine.”

“So, you should give up.”

The voice was proud and could not be refuted.

Hearing this, Empress Nuwa chuckled and said coldly: “Let me give up? Dreaming.” When she said this, Empress Nuwa did not shrink at all, but kept urging her divine power to come to Mozunge. Nirvana contends.

“Very, very good.”

Demon Lord Gone sneered, his eyes filled with admiration and coldness: “As expected of the great apprentice of the great ancestors, facing such a desperate situation, he will not give up.”

“Since you are so overpowered, the deity has nothing to say.”


As the voice fell, Demon Lord Gonje slowly raised his right hand, and saw a group of bloody rays of light flashing out, condensing a long knife. This long knife is completely condensed from Gone’s demon soul. The meters are long, and the surrounding dark clouds were all dyed blood red at the moment of forming.

Seeing this scene, Nu Wa’s body was shocked, she knew that Demon Lord Gorne was about to show his true strength.

“Sister, be careful…”

At this moment, the Nine Heavens God, who was still recovering his divine power below, felt the horror of the long knife in Goni’s hand, and couldn’t help exclaiming.


As soon as the voice fell, I saw Demon Lord Gone hold the blood-colored long knife, and with a vigorous wave, he heard a roar that ruined the world and the earth burst out. Then, a blood-colored light was like thunder, tearing the world apart. Burst towards the Nuwa Empress.

Is this the true strength of Demon Lord!

too horrible.

Feeling the power of the blood-colored sword light, Empress Nuwa trembled in her heart, and before she could think about it, she quickly raised her hand and deployed a golden protective film in front of her.

At this time, the Nuwa Empress did not dare to underestimate the enemy, she burst out all her divine power.


In the next second, the bloody sword light slashed against the protective film, and she heard the female Nuwa snorting, her body trembled, and she was shaken back several hundred meters in the sky.


The moment she stabilized her figure, Empress Nuwa’s delicate face showed a trace of paleness, and at the same time, her eyes were tightly looking at Demon Zun Gone, shocking her heart.

This Gone is worthy of being the supreme demon, even the master is afraid of the existence, the strength is really terrifying, he has activated all the divine power, and he can’t stop it.



Seeing this scene, whether it was the Nine Heavens God, the Haotian Divine Lord not far away, and the divine warriors and generals who were fighting fiercely with the demon warriors, they all couldn’t help but exclaim.

Especially Nine Heavens God, who was horrified and furious, stood up abruptly, and was about to rush to help.

In the heart of God of Nine Heavens, he intended to let Nuwa hold the Demon Zun Gone, so as to give himself a chance to recover his divine power, but now it seems that he can’t wait for that time.

After all, the strength of Demon Zun Goni is too terrifying, and if you delay it for a while, the senior sister will be in danger of life.

“Don’t come…”

However, at the moment when Nine Heavens God was about to burst out, Nuwa’s voice rang in her ears. Only Nine Heavens God could hear this voice.

It is the unique secret technique of the ancient ancestors, “Sound Transmission in Ten Thousand Miles”.

Hearing this, the God of Nine Heavens was there for a moment, and then he also used the “Wan Li Sound Transmission”, and responded to the Nuwa Empress: “Why?”

The God of Nine Heavens and Empress Nuwa, both disciples of the ancestors of the great ancestors, will be’voiced in thousands of miles’.

“Junior Brother!”

Empress Nuwa took a deep breath and replied: “Your divine power has not been fully recovered, and you can’t change the situation if you rush over. Let me hold the Demon Lord temporarily.”

Chapter 2159

“What you have to do now is to find a way to activate the innate formation around the Imperial Palace.”

Innate formation?

Hearing this, Nine Heavens God was taken aback for a moment, and then his eyes brightened and excited.

Yes, there are three innate formations around the Imperial Palace, why did I forget.

The congenital formations were formed tens of thousands of years ago, after the battle between the gods and demons, the ancestors deployed around the Yutian Palace. There were three formations, each of which contained supreme power.

At that time, the great ancestors did this to protect the Imperial Palace, because the three formations were too powerful, so they set the rules at the beginning, and they must not be opened unless they are a last resort.

However, these three innate formations have been used for more than nine thousand years from the start of deployment to the present, so the Nine Heavens God almost has to forget them. At this time, I was reminded by the Nuwa Empress, and then I realized it.


At this moment, the God of Nine Heavens reacted and shouted at the dozens of soldiers around him: “You guys, go and smash the glazed orb on the roof of the Imperial Palace, quickly…”

When shouting these words, Nine Heavens God was extremely anxious.

The three innate magic arrays, the outermost one is the nine-day profound thunder array, the way to open it is to destroy the nine glazed orbs on the roof of the Imperial Palace.

Of course, this secret is only known to the God of Nine Heavens and Empress Nuwa.


Upon hearing the order, the dozens of god soldiers looked at each other and were all stunned.

What is your Majesty’s situation? Now that the situation is so critical, he doesn’t want to deal with Demon Zun Gone, but allows himself to destroy the glazed orb on the Imperial Palace.

Is it too desperate, mental problems?

Doubtful, one of the magic soldiers couldn’t help but said to the God of Nine Heavens: “Your Majesty, calm down.”

When the voice fell, other magic soldiers also discouraged.

“Your Majesty, we have not reached the point where the mountains and rivers are exhausted. We don’t need to destroy the Imperial Palace first.”

“Yes, taking advantage of the Empress’s hold of the Demon Venerable, Your Majesty will seize the time to restore his divine power. We will definitely protect Your Majesty and never let those Demon Warriors approach.

In the hearts of these divine soldiers, it was the Nine Heavens God’s mental disorder that would allow them to destroy the glazed orbs on the Imperial Palace. Those glazed orbs are rare treasures and symbolize the supreme authority of the Nine Heavens. , It’s a pity.

“Shut up!”

Nine Heavens God was too lazy to talk nonsense, and shouted: “Hurry up and do what I say, otherwise, you will be condemned to deceive the king, hurry up.”


Seeing Nine Heavens God’s anger, those god soldiers did not dare to neglect, they burst out and rushed to the roof of the Imperial Palace, and then began to destroy the glazed orb on it.

It’s just that those glazed orbs, each one is protected by divine power, it is very difficult for these divine soldiers to completely destroy them.


It took a full two minutes and dozens of magical soldiers to work together to destroy a glazed orb. One of them was exhausted. At the same time, one of them was puzzled, but I didn’t dare to ask more and continued to try to destroy the second one. .

Ha ha….

Seeing this scene, Demon Zun Gone, who was above the sky, couldn’t help but laughed contemptuously, and then mocked at the Nuwa Empress: “Nu Wa, have you seen it? You are here desperately resisting, yours Junior Brother has given up.”

In the heart of Mozun Gone, he thought that God of Nine Heavens did this to destroy the Yutian Palace, but he didn’t realize that the opponent was opening the formation.

“Not bad!”

Upon hearing this, Empress Nuwa snorted coldly: “Even if we are not your opponents, we will ruin this place and let you get nothing.”

When she said this, Empress Nuwa looked exquisitely angry, but she chuckled secretly in her heart.

This Demon Venerable did not know that the glazed orb on the Imperial Palace was the key to the innate magic circle.

“All ruined?!”

At this moment, Demon Zun Goni fixed his eyes on the Nuwa Empress, his tone revealed absolute confidence and pride: “As long as I occupy the entire Divine Realm, what is a small imperial palace?”

“Since you are going to break the boat, then I am as you wish.”

While talking, Demon Zun Gone tightly gripped the blood-colored long knife, volleyed towards Empress Nuwa and quickly approached.

The powerful demon soul aura permeated the entire world.

Chapter 2160


Empress Nuwa bit her lip tightly, her delicate face was extremely solemn, and when she saw the Imperial Palace below, those magical soldiers had only destroyed five glazed orbs.

Can’t go on like this, it’s too slow!

Thinking about it, Nu Wa yelled at Haotian Divine Sovereign and those priests: “Haotian, come and stop him!”

“Yes, mother!”

Hearing this, God Monarch Haotian and dozens of priests responded in unison, and then burst out, coming towards Demon Lord Gone.


Haotian Divine Lord and these priests, originally and tens of thousands of divine soldiers, fought against the twelve holy demon kings and the army of demons. At this moment, they left the battlefield and the formation was in chaos. Under the impact of the demons, many divine soldiers made a loud noise. Screaming, fell in a pool of blood.

Even so, God Monarch Haotian and these priests did not hesitate in the slightest. They knew that Nuwa had her reason to do this.

“Gogne, I’m here to learn and teach your strength!”

Arriving in front of him in the blink of an eye, God Monarch Haotian roared, his divine power broke out completely, and he was the first to rush towards Demon Zun Gone.


At the same time, dozens of priests followed closely behind them, and in the blink of an eye, they cooperated with the Haotian Divine Sovereign and surrounded Demon Lord Gone in the air!

“The defeated general, dare to come out and show off?”

Seeing the Haotian Divine Lord and the many priests surrounding him, Demon Lord Gone didn’t panic at all, but showed a trace of contempt and coldness: “Just because of you, you still want to block the deity? Get away from me!”

The voice fell, and a terrifying aura burst out from the body of Demon Lord Gone. In a moment, the surrounding air seemed to be stagnant.

Immediately afterwards, Demon Lord Gone brandished a bloody long knife and fought fiercely with the Haotian Divine Lord and many priests.


During the fierce battle, whether it was the Haotian Divine Sovereign or the priests, they were shocked in their hearts.

This Demon Lord Gone, after reshaping his body, his strength has increased more than tenfold, which is simply terrifying.

Despite the shock in his heart, God Monarch Vast Sky and these priests still gritted their teeth, bearing the pressure, and fought fiercely with Demon Lord Gone.

A few minutes passed in a blink of an eye, and several priests were already killed by Demon Zun Gone. The remaining priests and Haotian Divine Sovereign were also pale, and they would soon be unable to hold them.


At this time, Demon Zun Goni fought fiercely with the Haotian Divine Lord, and at the same time laughed at the Nuwa Empress, “Nu Wa, you let these rice buckets hold me, are you trying to restore my divine power? It’s a pity that they are too wasteful. I can’t hold it for an hour, I’m afraid you will be disappointed!”


Empress Nuwa breathed a sigh of relief, without the slightest fluctuation on her delicate face, she looked at Demon Lord Gone coldly and said: “Gone, you don’t know me too much. Sacrifice others to create time for me to restore my supernatural power. This kind of thing I Never do it!”

“Also, you thought you were in control of the overall situation, but in fact you were so wrong!”


When the voice fell, Empress Nuwa raised her hand, and the air around her body suddenly condensed. Then, a violent divine power burst out of her body.

“Sky Splitting Technique!”

In the next second, Empress Nuwa’s red lips lightly opened, and she uttered a few words coldly. Then, her delicate body flashed like a fright, and she walked directly towards the Imperial Palace.

Ok? What is she going to do?

Seeing this scene, Demon Zun Gone frowned, and at the same time, the surrounding demons were puzzled.

Boom boom boom…

At this moment, I saw the remaining four glazed orbs on the Imperial Palace, which were directly destroyed by the Nuwa Empress, and in an instant, the dust was filled with smoke.

Hum! Hum! Hum!

Immediately afterwards, the innate aura between the heavens and the earth was invisibly attracted by a powerful force, from all directions, frantically gathered towards the Imperial Palace, and then, a huge transparent protective layer appeared in front of everyone, this protective cover, with purple flowing on it. The blue light, with countless cumbersome runes flickering, is dazzling.


As the light of the protective cover became stronger and stronger, dark clouds quickly gathered above the Imperial Palace, and between the clouds, purple lightning could be seen tearing through the sky.


This is the Nine Heavens Profound Thunder Array?

At this moment, Demon Lord Gone finally realized something, his body was shocked, his face was extremely solemn.

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