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Chapter 2176


Seeing this scene, Darryl was furious.

This Rodolf is really despicable, he even made a shield by himself, but I have to say that he played very beautifully with this hand.

Seeing Rodolf running away, Mo Yan was also taken aback, and then his exquisite face showed a bit of contempt: “It’s ridiculous that he can be appreciated by the Nine Heavens God, and he has achieved the position of commander. “


After that, Mo Yan turned his head and locked his eyes on Darryl: “You are the nine-day Profound Sage named by the great ancestor? That human named Darryl?”

After being resurrected by Demon Lord Gone before, the Twelve Saint Demon Kings inquired about the situation in God’s Domain.


Facing the inquiry, Darryl suddenly panicked, and smiled bitterly: “Don’t listen to that Rodolf nonsense. If I were the Nine Heavens Profound Sage, I would be acupuncture and trapped here?”

With that said, Darryl thought about it, and continued: “Actually, I broke into God’s Domain by mistake through the teleportation array. I was not lucky enough to be seen by Rodolf, so I was arrested. My name is Darryl Tao, not at all. Darryl.”

When he said this, Darryl looked serious, but he was uneasy, and at the same time, he kept praying in secret.

This female devil had never seen herself before, so don’t see through her lies, otherwise, it would fall into her hands, it would be better to be killed by Rodolf.

Not Darryl?

Hearing this, Mo Yan did not respond, but frowned slightly, looking up and down Darryl.


Mo Yan’s gaze made Darryl feel uncomfortable. At that time, he squeezed out a smile and said carefully: “I really am not the Nine Heavens Profound Sage. You were deceived by that Rodolf. He just wanted to divert his gaze so that he could escape. .”

“Speaking of which, I am also a victim…”

Without waiting for him to finish, Mo Yan’s face was cold, and he yelled: “Shut up. You are not allowed to call me beautiful.”

With that said, Mo Yan noticed something, his eyes flashed with cold light, and said coldly at Darryl: “You have the power of the bird ancestor in your body. You are obviously the Nine Heavens Profound Sage Darryl, so you still lie to me?”

Mo Yan was very angry at this time, because she clearly felt that there was a strange power fluctuation in Darryl’s body, and this power fluctuation was caused by the power of the bird ancestor.

As one of the twelve sage demon kings, Mo Yan had dealt with the four innate spirit beasts and was no stranger to the power of bird ancestors. Among the news from the gods that he received before, the nine-day Profound Sage had bird ancestors. Power.

Under this circumstance, Mo Yan immediately realized that the man pretending to be poor in front of him was Nine Heavens Profound Sage Darryl.

That’s it!

Seeing this situation, Darryl was dumbfounded, and he wanted to cry without tears.

The strength of this female demon is too strong, she has reduced the aura of the power of the bird ancestor, but she still feels it.


Depressed, Darryl smiled bitterly, and said helplessly: “Beauty…Oh no, you are really a wise eye and knowing bead, you can see it, yes, I am Darryl, but I want to explain, you demons I didn’t even think about participating in the war with God’s Domain, and I’m seriously injured now, which was caused by Rodolf’s conspiracy just now.”

Since his identity was exposed, Darryl had no choice but to tell the situation and state his position at the same time.

However, Mo Yan no longer believed him at this time.

“Glib tongue!”

Mo Yan’s delicate face was full of coldness, her red lips lightened, and he said contemptuously: “You humans are more cunning and full of lies. You better shut up and don’t say a word. You will anger me at that time. Destroy your soul directly.”

With that, Mo Yan’s delicate body flashed, and rushed over to grab Darryl: “Since you are the Nine Heavens Profound Sage, let me go to the Demon Venerable.”

The last word fell, Mo Yan Demon Soul exploded and headed out of the canyon.

D*mn, this is in trouble.

Being taken high in the sky by Mo Yan, Darryl was startled and panicked, and wanted to struggle very much. However, Rodolf tapped the acupuncture points before and couldn’t get rid of it. For a while, Darryl was desperate.


the other side.

Wei An led thousands of basalt warriors and protected Liya to a quiet valley.

I saw that the valley was surrounded by mountains on three sides, with a dense forest in the middle. On the edge of the forest, there was a big rock several meters high, and under the rock was a shady clearing.

Chapter 2177

This place is nice.

Seeing this environment, Wei An ordered thousands of basalt warriors: “Everyone, take a rest here, watch the surroundings, and don’t take it lightly.”


Upon hearing the order, thousands of Xuanwu fighters immediately dispersed and rested around the valley.

Wei An took Ria to the open space under the big rock.


When he arrived in the clearing, Wei An quickly shot to help Liya unlock the acupuncture points, with a full face of concern: “Liya, are you seriously injured? Is there anything wrong?”

“I’m fine!” Liya shook her head, her delicate face, her unbearable worry, said slowly: “I don’t know how your Excellency Darryl is now, Wei An, you must find a way.”

Although she was out of danger, Liya’s heart was always on Darryl’s side.


Hearing this, Wei An’s face did not fluctuate at all, but anger rose in his heart.

I don’t know what is good about Darryl, at this time, Liya is still worried about his safety.

Thinking about it, Wei An looked embarrassed: “Lia, don’t worry, I have been thinking of ways just now along the way. That Rodolf’s strength is not trivial, hard touch is not enough, but you have to think about it. It is very difficult to rescue Your Excellency Darryl without casualties.”


Liya was anxious all of a sudden: “What should I do? If it doesn’t work, let’s go to the new territory to find my father.”

In the current situation, I can only go to the White Tiger King.

“No way!”

As soon as the voice fell, Wei An quickly vetoed: “Liya, this is absolutely not possible. What if we have not reached the new territory yet and we meet the demons?”

Wei An was eager for Darryl to die soon, how could he seriously think of a solution?

“Then what do you say?” Liya had no idea for a moment.

Wei An pretended to think for a while, then took out a medicine from his body, and said seriously: “Lea, I think we have to rely on ourselves for this matter. This one is the holy medicine of our Xuanwu clan.’ Xuanwu Huiyuan Pill’, when you take it and your strength is completely restored, let’s save your Excellency Darryl.”

“I believe that as long as the two of us cooperate tacitly, we will succeed!”

Having said this, Wei An handed the pill to Liya with a smile on his face, but his eyes flashed cunningly.

Xuanwu return to the original pill?

At this moment, looking at the pill in her hand, Liya Jiao’s body trembled, inexplicably excited.

You should know that in each of the four innate tribes of spirit beasts, each tribe has a unique healing medicine. The Xuanwu tribe’s “Xuanwu Huiyuan Pill”.

Soon, Liya calmed down, picked up the pill, and lightly smelled it.

It is really Xuanwu Huiyuan Pill.

Liya clearly smelled that the pill was permeated with a unique aroma, which was the unique taste of Xuanwu Huiyuan Pill. You know, as the daughter of the White Tiger King, Liya had a lot of knowledge and had taken Xuanwu Hui when she was a child. Yuan Dan, naturally remember.

“Wei An.”

At this moment, Liya was very excited and looked at Wei An and said, “Thank you.”

“You’re polite with me?” Wei An smiled and said, “You take it quickly, and I will help you protect the law by the side. When you regain your strength, we will kill you.”

When saying this, Wei An looked sincere, but he was extremely excited.

Yes, everything Wei An did just now was pretended to be to gain the trust of Leah.

As for the pill that was taken out, it was indeed the’Xuanwu Huiyuan Pill’, but this’Xuanwu Huiyuan Pill’ had been soaked in the’Huanhe Water’.

Huanhe Water is a unique phantom medicine of the Monster Race. No matter how stout, a tough-minded woman, as long as she takes Huanhe Water, she will lose herself completely.

Yes, when I chose this place to rest, Wei An planned to get Ria right here.


At this moment, Liya didn’t expect Wei An to calculate herself. He nodded at that time, and immediately put the medicine in her mouth and swallowed it down.


At this moment, watching Liya taking the pill, Wei An couldn’t conceal the excitement and excitement in his heart, and smiled triumphantly.

Liya has taken the pill and will become her own woman later, can she be upset?

Chapter 2178

“Wei An!” Liya frowned slightly, “Why are you so happy?”


Hearing the question, Wei An no longer concealed it, and said with a sinister smile: “Liya, you are usually so cautious and sometimes negligent. Tell you, the’Xuanwu Huiyuan Dan’ you just took, in’ Soaked in the “Huan He Shui”!”

“You may not know that once the Xuanwu Huiyuan Pill is contaminated with Huanhe Water, the efficacy of the medicine will be weakened.”

what? Happy in water?

Hearing this, Liya’s pretty face changed, and she subconsciously wanted to push her energy, but she couldn’t get it out with any strength, her body softened and she slumped on the grass.

At this time, Liya clearly felt that after taking the pill, not only did her strength not recover, but a strange heat came from all over her body.

Not only that, but my mind started to feel dizzy.

This is just a sign of being in the water of joy.

Although Liya had never drunk Huanhe Water before, she also knew what it would be like after taking Huanhe Water.

“Wei An, you…”

At this moment, Liya was very furious, realized that she had been deceived, and shouted at Wei Anjiao: “Why are you doing this?”


Wei An smiled and stared at Liya closely, flashing crazily: “I like you so much. I can do everything for you, but what about you? I think about Darryl wholeheartedly.”

“I’m telling you, I didn’t even think about saving her today, Leah, I didn’t want to be like this, but who told you to treat me like that before?”


Hearing this, Liya was furious and wanted to refute, but as soon as she said a word, the hot feeling on her body suddenly became stronger.

Liya bit the tip of her tongue and tried to make herself sober, and then stared at Wei An fiercely: “Wei An, if you do this, my father won’t let you go!”

When she said this, Leah was very regretful.

Wei An was a narrow-minded person. He had been entangled with himself because of Darryl’s affairs before, and then hated Darryl.

I was so stupid, how could I believe him just now.


Hearing Liya’s scolding, Wei An didn’t panic at all, but sat beside Liya, smiling and said: “Afraid? Today I got you, raw rice and cooked rice, even if your father is angry, it depends on my father. Face, it won’t do me anything.”

“On the contrary, the marriage of the Xuanwu tribe and the white fox tribe is a good thing, and more importantly, I can share joy with my beloved woman, even if your father kills me, it’s worth it!”

Finally, Wei An looked up and down at Liya, unable to control himself anymore, and reached out to grab Liya’s wrist.

Liya hurriedly hid, her delicate face was full of resistance to coldness: “Get away!”

However, her internal strength was too much, and she was originally weak. At this time, she took the Xuanwu Huiyuan Pill of’Huanhe Shui’. Even if she avoided it, she was still weak and weak.

“Lia, don’t hide, you can’t escape from my palm today. Don’t worry, after today, I will protect you and love you.”

Ria’s resistance did not stop Wei An, but instead stimulated his interest.

Having said this, he caught Leah again!

This time, Wei An was much faster, Liya did not hide, her wrist was tightly grasped.

Immediately, Wei Ann moved up slowly, sniffed in front of her, and his face was intoxicated: “Lea, I have liked the smell on you since I was a child, but when I grew up, you wouldn’t let me come close. Thinking of these years, the smell on your body is getting more and more fragrant!”

“Shameless, get out of me, get out of here!”

Hearing these words, Liya was unspeakable and disgusting. While struggling, she drank softly: “Let go of me!” However, she didn’t have any strength, where could she break free?


However, the more Liya scolded, Wei An became more excited, raised his hand to deploy a protective film around to cut off the sound, and then said with a smile: “Lea, you shout, all around are my men, no one will come to rescue you, or Follow me!”

The last sentence fell, and Wei An suddenly rushed forward, preparing to tear Liya’s clothes.

Chapter 2179


At this moment, Liya was unspeakably embarrassed and desperate, and regretted it in her heart.

I was so stupid, how could I believe Wei An, this shameless guy.

If he was defiled by him, how would he face his clansmen in the future, and how would he face Darryl? By the way, is Darryl also dangerous now?


Seeing Liya’s clothes were about to be torn to pieces by Wei An, at this critical moment, a powerful wave of power suddenly spread from the horizon not far away.

Mad…Who is doing bad things about Lao Tzu?

Hearing the movement, Wei An was very annoyed and cursed inwardly, and then subconsciously looked back. For a moment, his heart shook, and he was stunned.

I saw that a slender figure came quickly, wearing a colorful long skirt, too beautiful, but the whole body was filled with a breath of innocence.

It is the colorful spirit phoenix.

Half an hour ago, under the leadership of the White Tiger King, all the demonic tribes successfully transferred to the new territory. When the team was counted, it was discovered that Wei An and thousands of Xuanwu warriors were not there. At that time, the White Tiger King and the Xuanwu King were absent. Very anxious, let Qi Cai Lingfeng come back to investigate.

You know, the colorful spirit phoenix belongs to the Suzaku clan, flying fast, even if it encounters the demons, it can escape in time.

Just now, Qicai Lingfeng passed by here and saw a lot of Xuanwu warriors, so he hurried down to take a look.


Just when Wei An was stunned, the colorful Lingfeng figure fluttered and landed quickly.

“Wei An!”

Seeing the scene in front of her, Qi Cai Lingfeng’s delicate face was puzzled: “Why are you here? Also, what’s wrong with Miss Liya?”

Seeing Qicai Lingfeng, Liya Qiao’s face flushed, her eyes flashed with strange light, she had lost her mind.


Facing the questioning, Wei An was flustered and squatted: “She seems to be poisoned?”

Speaking of which, if someone else comes, Wei An is not afraid at all, but Qi Cai Lingfeng is different. She has always been the elder of the Suzaku clan. She used to be the elder of the Suzaku clan. She used to be the right arm of the Suzaku queen. His strength was extraordinary. Even the White Tiger King and the Xuanwu King had met. Be polite to three points.

Therefore, Wei An has always been very jealous of Qicai Lingfeng.

Wei An had thought about it, and he couldn’t say anything about taking “Huanhe Water” to Liya by himself.

Hearing the answer, Qi Cai Lingfeng frowned.

In the next second, Qicai Lingfeng carefully observed Liya, and asked suspiciously, “Didn’t she take care of Darryl in the cave? How could she suddenly become poisoned?”

After that, what did Qi Cai Lingfeng think of, and asked Wei An, “And you, why didn’t you follow everyone to the new territory? What are you doing here with thousands of Xuanwu warriors?”


Wei An took a deep breath, his face was extremely complex, and at the same time his brain turned quickly, and he responded: “That’s it. When I was transferred at that time, I got news that there was a small group of Demon warriors nearby. The situation was critical at the time. I didn’t have time to tell my father, so I took it. Let someone go to investigate.”

“At that time, I inspected and did not find the shadow of the Demon Warrior, so I was about to leave, but after passing through the cave where Darryl was recuperating, I heard Liya’s cry.”

“Then I was curious to go in and take a look.”

When talking about this, Wei An deliberately paused.

“What did you see?” Qicai Lingfeng asked quickly.


Wei An clenched his fist and smashed his fist against the rock next to him, full of anger: “That Darryl is really a jerk. Liya is so kind to him and takes good care of him. He is not grateful, but returns to Li. Ya was drugged and wanted to defile Leah.”

Speaking of this, Wei An pointed to Liya and said: “You should know that I have liked Liya since I was a child. I was very angry when I saw that scene, so I taught Darryl a lesson, and then brought Liya here. Yes. But my abilities are limited and I can’t make Ria wake up.”

“Qicai Lingfeng, you are the elder of the Suzaku tribe with extraordinary strength. Please help Liya.”

When the last sentence fell, Wei An begged.

I have to say that Wei An’s acting is very similar.


Hearing this, Qi Cai Lingfeng’s delicate body trembled, and was furious: “What are you talking about? Darryl is going to defile Liya?”

Chapter 2180

If it were before, Qicai Lingfeng would never believe it, but since she was in the stone room that night and saw Mengya unobstructed in front of Darryl, Qicai Lingfeng didn’t trust Darryl so much.

“It’s true.” Wei An nodded heavily.

“You ba5tard Darryl.” Qi Cai Lingfeng’s pretty face was cold, and couldn’t help cursing: “I really didn’t expect him to be this kind of person.”


Seeing that Qi Cai Lingfeng had no doubt, Wei An looked angry, but he was extremely proud.

I was so witty, and in just a few words, he shifted the responsibility to Darryl, and this colorful Lingfeng still believed it.


Seeing this situation, Liya was anxious and angry. She was struggling to stand up and tell the facts to Qicai Lingfeng. However, the effect of the “Huanhe Water” in her body began to appear, her body was hot, and hallucinations began to appear in her mind. In this case, I can’t say a word.


Qicai Lingfeng hurriedly walked over, took out a crimson pill from her body, and stuffed it into Liya’s mouth: “Don’t talk for now. At this time, the’Suzaku Pill’ of our Vermillion Bird clan, after taking it, your body The poison will be expelled.”


At this moment, Wei An’s expression changed and he wanted to stop it. If Liya wakes up, her lie will be broken. How can this be done?

But because of Qicai Lingfeng by the side, Wei An didn’t have the courage.


After taking the Vermillion Bird Pill, Liya only felt a buzzing in his brain, a strange force spread all over his body, and then the eyes went dark, and she didn’t know anything.

Wei An was nervous at first. At this time, seeing Liya passed out in a coma, he quickly asked, “What happened to her?”

“Don’t panic!”

Qi Cai Lingfeng’s delicate face did not fluctuate in the slightest: “It looks like this after taking the Vermillion Bird Pill. The deeper she is poisoned, the longer she will be in a coma.”

It turned out to be so.

Hearing this, Wei An breathed a sigh of relief and secretly rejoiced. Fortunately, Liya didn’t wake up immediately, she still had time to remedy it.

But… how to remedy it?

“Wei An!”

At this moment, Qi Cai Lingfeng asked what he thought of: “You just said that you taught Darryl back then. What happened later?”


Wei An scratched his head, thinking, while responding: “After I taught Darryl, I left with Liya. I don’t know how Darryl is now.”

Colorful Lingfeng nodded silently: “Go, let me take a look.”

When she said this, Qi Cai Lingfeng’s face was indifferent, but her heart was full of anger.

This Darryl used to plot against Mengya in the stone room, but fortunately he was discovered by himself, but now, he hit the attention of his sister Liya again.

Wei An nodded quickly: “Okay!”

At this time, Wei An was very excited. Without worrying, Qi Cai Lingfeng would see Darryl, because Rodolf would not let Darryl go, but he was afraid that his soul had already been destroyed and his body was destroyed.

However, Wei An didn’t know that Rodolf did not succeed in killing Darryl, and Darryl was taken away by Mo Yan, one of the Twelve Saint Demon Kings.

Soon, Wei An summoned thousands of basalt warriors and rushed towards the canyon where the cave is located, together with the colorful spirit phoenix.


A few minutes later, Wei An, Qicai Lingfeng, and thousands of Xuanwu warriors arrived near the cave. When I saw the scene in front of me, I was stunned.

Especially Wei An, standing there with a blank mind.

I saw that there was blood everywhere near the cave, and the rocks next to it were all traces of fighting!

Obviously, the tragic fight took place here before.

This…what is going on?

Wei An frowned, unable to conceal the consternation in his heart, and then entered the cave, but the inside was empty, there was no shadow of Darryl at all, and Rodolf was gone.

At this time, several basalt warriors found the bodies of some sage soldiers and generals not far away.

“This…what happened?”

Qi Cai Lingfeng was also frowning her eyebrows. At this time, she reacted and couldn’t help but said to Wei An, “How come there are so many corpses of god soldiers here? After you taught Darryl, you had a conflict with God’s Domain?”

Wei An shook his head: “No.”

Qi Cai Lingfeng must not let Qi Cai Lingfeng know about the conspiracy between himself and Rodolf.

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