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Chapter 221


Elisa was panicked, tears streaming down her jade hand, still holding the hilt of the sword. At this time she trembled: “I’m sorry…I’m sorry, I don’t want to hurt you, I really don’t want to…”

The moment she stabbed Darryl just now, she only felt that her heart was about to break.

But she can’t help it, really can’t help it. She has to listen to what the master said, she represents the whole Emei…

Darryl laughed miserably, wanted to speak, but couldn’t say a word!

“Qin’er, hurry up… pull out the sword and kill him!” Master Miao Yuan’s voice came again!

Elisa’s hands were shaking, and she kept shaking her head.

He had hurt Darryl and felt guilty. If he killed Darryl, he would regret it for the rest of his life.

At this moment, Darryl only felt like a balloon about to explode, and his whole person felt uncomfortable! A huge impact spouted from Darryl’s wound!

After Darryl practiced “Chunyang Zhenjing”, his internal strength was extremely strong. At this time, his Dantian was stabbed, and these internal strengths suddenly poured out!

The huge internal force hit Elisa directly and fell out of the ring.

Seeing this scene, Master Miao Yuan was too anxious! What a great opportunity she just wasted! It was a good time, she was ejected from the ring and lost the game!

Fortunately, Darryl’s Dantian hit a sword, and he was not far from death.

Thinking of this, Master Miao Yuan nodded.

Puff through.

At this moment, Darryl weakened and knelt on one knee on the ring, his breath was extremely weak, but with strong willpower, he had not fainted yet.

“Husband!” Lily in the audience cried into tears, and she was about to run to the ring.


However, at this moment, Bessie grabbed her, her delicate face was full of pain, and shook her head: “Don’t be impulsive, the teachers from the six schools and the academy are all there. After all, you are still playing, don’t you Go up, hold on first.”

Seeing Darryl’s injury, Bessie was also worried, but she had a wiser personality, and was more sensible than Lily.

Hearing this, Lily’s body trembled constantly, looking at Darryl on the stage with tears, and kept muttering: “Husband, you must be fine…”


At this moment, Darryl on the stage finally couldn’t hold on, fell to the ground all of a sudden, fainted!

“Take Darryl down and see if you can save it.” Principal Ye Yun rushed over, and his voice spread throughout the playground: “Everyone, this ring competition should also be over. Although Darryl fainted, but I said he was the first, no one has an opinion, right?”

Although Darryl fainted at this time, through the previous game situation, there is no doubt that he is the strongest among all the younger generations present.

First defeated Ye Wentian.

Then came Lu Shaoqing.

Facing more than two dozen opponents, he can easily win.

Moreover, everyone had just noticed that Darryl had no plans to fight against Elisa.

Therefore, Darryl is No. 1 and deserves it. It’s just that… he may not be able to enjoy the first treatment anymore. Because a cultivator was pierced into the Dantian, the consequences were really disastrous.

On the ring, a few disciples from the Six Major Schools lifted Darryl down with all their hands.

Ji Yun sat there paralyzed, her delicate face, unspeakable paleness, and her jade hands were tightly intertwined, her body trembling.

Sure enough, whatever I was worried about, I would come. I am afraid that only Darryl can refine Xiao Huan Dan in the world..

Darryl, you must not have an accident.

In the seventeenth class, Lily’s tears flowed down, holding Bessie’s hand tightly, anxiously worried: “Yu Ruo, he, he will be fine…”

Seeing Darryl’s body covered in blood, Lily only felt that her heart was being picked up by a pair of invisible hands. It hurts and was unspeakably uncomfortable.

Bessie exhaled, patted Lily’s hand, and gently comforted: “It’s okay, don’t panic, he will definitely be fine…”

Although she said so on her lips, her heart was empty. She could feel it, this time, Darryl really couldn’t stand it anymore.

On the other side of the audience, Elisa returned to his seat in despair.

Just now, I was shocked by Darryl’s powerful internal force. At this moment, I could no longer feel the pain in my body, but there was a kind of needle-stick pain in my heart.

The pain is accompanied by deep debt and guilt.

What did you do just now?

Darryl helped himself several times.

Because of him, he made great contributions several times and solved several big cases. Because of him, he has been promoted to the realm of a military commander.

But just now, I stabbed him with a sword, and he was still in Dantian’s position.

He… will he die?

Thinking of this, Elisa’s heart sank to the bottom.

Master Miaoyuan next to him did not pay attention to Elisa’s emotional changes at all. A smile appeared on his face. Dan Tian was pierced by a sword, and the chance of surviving was less than 10%!

Grandpa Yue, I finally help your Yue family to eradicate this unscrupulous offspring, and you can rest in peace.

Muttering in his heart, Master Miao Yuan nodded too much, showing a slight smile.

At this time, Ye Yun, who was standing in the center of the ring, raised his hand to signal everyone to be quiet, and said: “Everyone, everyone. Darryl’s injury is unknown, so this ring match will come to an end for the time being. If Darryl wakes up. The Golden Lion Karmapa is at his disposal. If he fails to survive, then the Emei school girl Elisa will be the first to deal with the Golden Lion Karmapa.”

Hearing this, many people around whispered, but no one dared to raise objections.

At this moment, Ye Yun’s conversation turned and his face became solemn: “Now, I’m talking about another matter. Recently, our six major factions have received news that the Apocalypse Continent has quietly lurked over many masters, and it seems that it is going to be detrimental to our martial arts fellows. “


At this moment, all the students of Shangwu Academy in the audience looked at each other with surprise and confusion.

What did the principal say? What is the Apocalypse Continent?

Seeing a lot of people looking confused, Ye Yun sighed lightly and slowly said, “Students of Shangwu Academy, after you graduate, you will all join the Six Martial Arts, which is also the future of the Six Martial Arts, so there are some things. , It’s time to tell you.”

Speaking of this, Ye Yun said lightly: “In fact, in this world, there are actually two continents. We live in this continent, called the Diyuan Continent, and the other is called the Apocalypse Continent.”

“In ancient times, the emperor and Chi You broke out in a war. After Chi You was defeated, he entered the Apocalypse Continent with his remaining forces and his people.” Ye Yun said word by word: “Chi You exhausted his life skills in these two pieces. Between the continents, a sea of ​​death was created.”

“This sea of ​​death separates two continents. This sea of ​​water has a strong suction power! No ship can float in the sea of ​​death, and even if a leaf is dropped, it will be immediately sucked to the bottom of the sea. Even a bird , Airplane, don’t even think about flying over.”

“If you want to cross this sea of ​​death, only a powerful cultivator can do it. Because a powerful cultivator, in mid-air, can use internal force to fight against the suction of the sea. Of course, if the cultivator is not strong enough. , It’s also dangerous.” Ye Yun said slowly.


Hearing these words, the entire playground was in an uproar!

All the students of Shangwu Academy were shocked, each of them opened their mouths wide, unable to speak for a long time.

It turns out…where I am, is not the only continent in the world.

It’s incredible!

At this moment, the principal spoke again: “After Chi You and his millions of people fled to the Weather Continent, they spent thousands of years on the Apocalypse Continent thriving and living in peace with our continent.”

“It wasn’t until the Yongzheng period of the Qing Dynasty that the two continents gradually communicated with each other. Of course, because of the sea of ​​death, only cultivators can cross each other.”

“The science and technology development of the Apocalypse Continent is slow. They are still in the period of the feudal dynasty, but the style of martial arts prevails, everyone knows about cultivation, and the level of cultivation is not low.”

When talking about this, Ye Yun showed some worry on his face, and continued: “Recently we have received news that the emperor of the Apocalypse Continent has sent many masters to cross the sea of ​​death and want to win over our martial arts. The school, the purpose, intends to rule the martial arts of our land circle.”

“If our entire arena and martial arts falls into the hands of Emperor Apocalypse, the next step, they will destroy our continent. This emperor of Apocalypse has vicious means and ambitious. I’m afraid, our two continents, sooner or later. There is a battle.”

At this moment, the entire playground was silent.

No one spoke, but everyone felt an indescribable sense of crisis in their hearts.

Perceiving the changes in the expressions of the people, Ye Yun smiled softly: “After saying so much, I think everyone understands what I mean. The situation we are facing is not optimistic, so I hope that when the cultivation forces on the Apocalypse Continent, When we came to violate us, our martial arts can be united, even if they sacrifice their lives and become benevolence, they will definitely not be the running dogs of the Emperor Apocalypse!”

The last sentence, with a breath of awe, spread to every corner of the playground.

At this moment, everyone present was shocked and full of blood!

When the voice fell, Don Su, the leader of the Beggar Gang, immediately stood up and shouted loudly: “I have six fingers, Don Su, the 32nd generation of the Beggar Gang, and I swear on behalf of the entire Beggar Gang, as long as the Apocalypse Continent dares to invade. , Our Beggars will fight to the end! Swear not to be running dogs!”

“Yes, the same goes for our Kongtong school!”

“And our Yipintang, although in the arena, it is not considered to be a big sect, but the disciples under the sect are all iron-clad men. When the time comes, even if the last person is killed in battle, they will not be the running dogs of the Apocalypse Continent!”

“Unite as one, unite as one!”

At this time, the disciples of the Shangwu Academy around were also infected, as if the blood all over the body had been ignited, and they all started shouting!

“Unite as one, unite as one!”

A full tens of thousands of people shouted in unison, the imposing impossibly spectacular, the momentum was shaking the sky, straight into the sky!

Chapter 222

“Good! We are united to resist the Apocalypse Continent!”

Ye Yun was very pleased to hear the rhetoric of the crowd, took a deep breath, nodded in satisfaction, and laughed: “Okay, okay, okay! Everyone is a clumsy guy, I, Ye, bow. Up!”

Ye Yun bowed deeply, and then shouted: “Everyone gathered here today and formed an alliance. This is an event worth celebrating! As the dean of the Shangwu Academy, everyone here, I must treat him well. I have prepared a banquet! Today. Let’s celebrate on the playground of the Shangwu Academy. We won’t be drunk or go home!”

“it is good!”

“Then we’re welcome, don’t get drunk or return! Haha!”

A loud laugh, spread throughout the playground!

late at night.

Today’s night is exceptionally beautiful, moonlight and starry.

The entire Yue family fell asleep in silence on this wonderful night.

However, in the secret room, there was a depressive breath. Song Qian sat motionless in the corner, curled up, her hands clasped her knees tightly, her delicate face was filled with hopeless despair, her eyes were red, she didn’t know how long she had been crying, she would cry Drained.

She had been sitting here for a day and a night, and the table next to her was full of meals from the Yue family, and Song Qian did not move her chopsticks.

Last night, that nightmare experience will never be forgotten. After being tarnished by Wang Yan, Song Qian only felt that the beautiful world she had dreamed of for more than ten years had all collapsed.

Defiled by a beast, it is no longer clean. How can you still have the face to live?


At this moment, outside the secret room, there was a sudden opening of the door.

Song Qian’s body trembled, and her eyes showed horror. Again…and…was that ba5tard last night?

He…he wants to insult himself again?

Thinking about it, a figure slowly walked in.

The head of the Yue family, Banson.

Feeling Song Qian’s nervousness, Banson’s expression was complicated, and he said softly, “Little girl, don’t be nervous.”

Banson didn’t know about Wang Yan’s visit to the secret room late last night. He only thought that this little girl was full of tears because of fear.

“You can go now.” Banson waved his hand and said.

Just now, Master Miaoyuan sent someone to hear that Darryl was stabbed by Master’s apprentice at the Lion Slaughter Conference. His life was unsafe and his injuries were serious. It is estimated that it would be difficult to survive tonight.

In this way, the previous plan is invalidated.

There is no need for this girl to continue to be imprisoned.

Song Qian was not at all happy when she heard that she was ready to go. She asked softly, “Who are you guys and why are you arresting me?”


Banson sighed and said: “Darryl is about to die, so I won’t hide it from you. We are the Yue family, catch you. It’s just to bring out the scum of the Darryl family.”

The first family in the south of the Yangtze River, the Yue family. Song Qian has certainly heard of this family.

Banson spoke slowly: “I heard that your name is brother-in-law Darryl. I tell you that he defiled his younger brothers and sisters and angered his grandfather. He is an unforgivable sinner of our Yue family…”

Although the imprisonment of this girl is very disgraceful, it is necessary to make her understand the facts.

As soon as the voice fell, Song Qian’s eyes instantly turned red, and she shouted: “You lied, my brother-in-law is not that kind of person, he is not… and you are all bad people…”

I will never forget what happened last night!

Banson sighed: “Whether you believe it or not, this is a fact. The so-called Skynet is magnificent and not leaking. The kid Darryl has done too much evil. It is no longer possible to survive.”


Upon hearing this, Song Qian’s body trembled, her head buzzing as if she was struck by lightning.

Brother-in-law was seriously injured?

Impossible.. It’s absolutely impossible. Brother-in-law is so powerful, and even stars are afraid of him. How could he get hurt?

Song Qian was full of disbelief, tears streaming down her eyes, shook her head and said: “I don’t believe it, you must be lying to me…”

What Jiangnan First Family? They are all bastards and big bad guys!

Banson was too lazy to say something, and said indifferently: “If he was badly injured and his life would be unsafe, why would I let you go? Let’s go. Just open the door and no one will stop you.” After that, Banson turned around. go away.

Back in the hall, Banson was also depressed.

Speaking of which, I have always been optimistic about Darryl. Who knows that he made many mistakes and ended up like this in the end, which is really embarrassing.

At this moment, Clint walked in happily, his face filled with excitement: “Dad, I heard that the kid Darryl was stabbed with a sword by Girl Elisa. He won’t survive tonight, really?”

This is definitely good news!

As long as Darryl died, and he sullied Zhang Jiajia, there would be no right to prove it!

Banson nodded silently, without speaking.

Clint was extremely relaxed, thinking of something, and said with a smile: “By the way, the girl who was caught is useless, it’s better to let me deal with it.”

Patsy had been staring at him last night, and he had no chance to start.

You can’t miss this opportunity now!

Banson sighed lightly: “I have already let go.”

“What? It’s already released..”

A trace of disappointment flashed in Clint’s eyes.

Banson was a little depressed, too lazy to talk to him too much, and waved his hand: “It’s been a few minutes after leaving, all right, I want to be quiet, you can go out!”

“Oh…” Clint walked away quickly, and when he walked to the door, a smile appeared on his face.

Such a beautiful girl, if she doesn’t go to bed for a while, what a regret! Darryl walked out of the villa, going faster and faster, chasing Song Qian.

It was late at the time, and there were already few people on the street, but within three minutes, Clint saw Song Qian on the road.

“Haha, there is still a chance!”

Clint rubbed his hands in excitement, and followed Song Qian quietly. He crept on his feet, afraid to make a sound.

This Song Qian must go back to Darryl’s house, about five minutes later, she will pass a remote alley.

Clint had already thought about it, and when he arrived in the alley, he immediately started to taste the taste of this little beauty.

However, what made him depressed was that Song Qian did not go in when she was almost in the alley, but walked towards the seaside step by step.


Why is she going to the beach at this late hour?

Clint wondered in his heart, and quickly followed.

After a while, Song Qian came to the edge of a cliff.

This cliff is more than a hundred meters high, and below it is an endless sea. The waves are constantly beating on the rocks, which is very steep.

The moment Song Qian finally couldn’t help standing on the edge of the cliff, she cried out. Tears flowed down her cheeks and kept falling.

“Cousin, brother-in-law, I miss you so much, but I don’t have the face to see you…oooo…”

Just now, Song Qian tried her best to suppress the sadness in her heart, and finally all burst out at this moment.

“Brother-in-law… I was bullied by a bad guy…”

“I really want to die… but I can’t bear you… what should I do?”

At this time, Song Qian, heartbroken, crying constantly, almost collapsed, her delicate body wobbly, she was about to fall off the cliff at any time.

While crying, Song Qian clenched her pink fist tightly.

She really wanted revenge. But the person who arrested himself was from the Yue family. The Yue family is known as the largest family in Jiangnan. Even if a miracle happened, the brother-in-law survived, it was impossible to be the opponent of the Yue family, that was a super big family.

Thinking of this, Song Qian’s inner hope was extinguished little by little, and her whole body collapsed completely.

It’s better to die than to live.

With a secret sigh, Song Qian closed her eyes and was about to jump off the cliff.


However, at this moment, a burst of malicious laughter suddenly came from behind.

Song Qian’s body was shocked, and when she looked back, she saw a man walking over with a wicked smile on her face.


Song Qian’s body is trembling!

The man in front of him, wouldn’t he be following him all the time.

This person looks so annoying, especially his eyes, which are too wretched.

“You…who are you…” Song Qian asked in a low voice.

Clint couldn’t help looking at her up and down, approaching step by step, and said with a smile: “It doesn’t matter who I am. What’s important is that you are so young and beautiful, so it’s a shame to die like this.”

Chapter 223

Clint walked forward while smiling. He was shocked just seeing Song Qian about to jump off the cliff.

But he also heard that Song Qian said that she was unclean and defiled by others. Clint was unspeakably depressed.

You don’t need to think about it, the person who defiled Song Qian must belong to the Yue family. Mad, the woman he fancyed, but gave the others in vain.

At this time, Clint’s face gradually sank, and he walked over step by step.

“You, don’t come over.”

Seeing him approaching step by step, Song Qian was shocked and frightened, screaming in a trembling tone.

Song Qian closed her eyes, she couldn’t take care of that much at the time, she was about to jump off the cliff.

As a result, her speed was still slower. Clint rushed forward and pressed her to the rock! It’s about to k!ss.


However, at this moment, a cold woman’s voice came from behind him. This voice is charming and majestic!

Clint was stunned for a moment, stopped and looked back.

Under the night, a slender figure came slowly. The pace seemed to be slow, but it gave people a very light feeling. Just a blink of an eye, he arrived in front of him.


Seeing the appearance of the incoming person, Clint couldn’t help taking a breath, only feeling that the blood all over his body was faintly boiling.


It’s so beautiful. Is this a fairy…

The person here is a woman in a long purple dress. And this kind of long skirt is still the kind of antique, classical beauty!

She wore a veil on her face. Although she couldn’t see her face clearly, her eyes were like autumn water, which made people look at it and fell deeply into it.

For a moment, Clint looked silly.

I have seen a lot of beautiful women, but this one in front of me is so different in terms of temperament and feeling.

“Tsk tut…”

At this moment, Clint calmed down, his eyes swept back and forth over the purple-clothed beauty, and sighed with a smile: “Beauty, is there anything wrong?”

The eyes of the purple-clothed beauty showed a hint of coldness and did not speak.


At this moment, the purple-clothed woman raised her hand lightly and slapped it over.

This slap seemed to be light and slow. But only Clint can feel how terrifying this slap is!

He only felt a terrifying power, and instantly swept himself, as if his whole person was stunned, and his body was like a kite with a broken wire, and he flew out directly!


Clint let out a miserable howl, and was directly knocked off the cliff by this slap, and quickly fell towards the bottom. The miserable howl was soon drowned by the sound of the waves!

Seeing this scene, Song Qian was shocked and her heart trembled! Song Qian was very grateful that she had saved herself. Although she had not been succeeded by Clint, Song Qian’s heart was already utterly devastated, and she had no meaning to live.

It’s not clean anymore. What does it mean to be alive? Thinking of this, Song Qian jumped and jumped off the cliff!

Her feet were already off the ground, but at this moment, the purple-clothed woman gently raised her hand.

A gentle force instantly supported Song Qian and pulled her back.

“You…” Song Qian bit her lip, looking at the beauty in purple clothes in front of her, her eyes dimmed: “Why are you saving me? I, I don’t want to live anymore, I don’t want to live anymore…”

The beautiful purple-clothed beauty looked at her quietly, and said softly: “An ant is still alive, you are young, why do you want to be short-sighted?”

She has a nice voice, but at the same time she has a bit of majesty.

Song Qian sighed lightly, her eyes flushed, she couldn’t help sobbing: “I…I was insulted… I don’t want to live anymore, I really don’t want to live anymore.”

As he said, tears flowed down, looking heartache.

The purple-clothed woman glanced at her and said faintly: “You have the courage to die, why don’t you have the courage to live well. Make yourself stronger, and then take revenge.”

“I…” Song Qian was speechless.

“The deity has no disciples in his life, and today we can make an exception and accept you as a disciple.” The purple-clothed woman said softly, her voice was like a spring breeze.

Song Qian’s body trembled, and in her mind, she couldn’t help but recall how this woman slapped Clint down the cliff.

“Sister, I don’t know you yet, your name is respected…” Song Qian asked curiously.

“Your name is wrong.” The purple-clothed woman said faintly: “From now on, you will be called Master Master.”

Speaking of this, she paused, her eyes deep and cold: “The deity, Sage Qin, Mu Xixi.”

“Sage Qin, Mu Xixi!” Song Qian repeated in her heart.

At this moment, Mu Xixi raised her jade hand in front of him, and with a light wave, she took Song Qian into the air, and quickly flew away with her. In a blink of an eye, she disappeared into the night.

early morning.

Halfway up the cliff. Clint’s face was full of blood, and he slowly opened his eyes.

“I’m not dead?” Clint almost didn’t cry with excitement. It was also his fate. He was knocked off a cliff before. He thought he was going to die, but he didn’t expect to hang on a tree.

There is only this tree in the entire cliff! If it is a little bit too far, he will fall down.


Clint was so panicked that he couldn’t help but yelled. At this moment, he was hanging on the branch and didn’t dare to move.

This tree grows halfway up the cliff. The cliff wall is so smooth that it can’t go up at all. It’s tens of meters away from the beach below, and it’s completely up and down.

After shouting several times, no one answered, Clint thought of the phone on his body, and quickly took it out to make a call.

At first glance, I felt like crying without tears.

There is no signal at all in this place!

D*mn, why did she carry her back like this, the beauty didn’t enjoy it, and she was almost killed.

I don’t know how long I’ve been tangling, seeing that the tree branches can’t support him, Clint secretly gritted his teeth and closed his eyes and jumped.

In fact, at this height, jumping down is indeed easy to fall to death. But Clint is now a fifth-stage martial artist. The strength is not weak, plus the beach below, there is a lot of sand, not so hard, so this jump, his legs are numb.


Clint landed on the ground and exhaled a long breath. D*mn, there is no cell phone signal here, the cliff is so high, how can you go up?

While thinking about it, he ran forward, trying to see if there was any other way to get out of here.

Don’t know how long it took, Clint stopped. A cave appeared in front of him, the cave was gloomy. Clint didn’t want to go in, but there was no way ahead. There was really no way, so he could only bite the bullet and walk in.

The cave is not big, and as soon as he entered, he felt strange noises under his feet.

Looking down, he was almost half dead!

That is a skeleton!

“Groove!” Clint was sweaty in shock, and kicked the skeleton to fall apart in a hurry.

At this moment, inside the skeleton, a yellowed ancient book appeared in front of him.

Clint was stunned, and quickly picked it up to take a look, and his heart couldn’t stand ecstasy!

I saw four big characters on the cover of the book: “Xuanyin Divine Art”.

Liu family.

In the bedroom, Darryl closed his eyes tightly, lying motionless on the bed, his breath was very weak, and he could stop at any time.

During the day, the principal and several masters used internal force to enter Darryl’s body, temporarily saving his life.

However, it is only temporary.

He was stabbed by Dan Tian!

Just now, Lily called seven or eight doctors, but the doctors agreed, all in one sentence: prepare for funerals.

At this moment, Lily and Bessie stood by the bed, their expressions haggard, and they almost collapsed!

“Yu Ruo, or else… if you are tired, take a break first, I can take care of him by myself.” Lily said weakly.

Bessie bit her lip tightly, her heart was about to break, she was worried that Darryl was going to die, but she couldn’t show it yet. At this time, she could only squeeze a smile: “It’s okay, I’ll accompany you.”

It was already dark, Alexandra walked out of the bedroom in his pajamas, and said softly to Lily: “Lily, Yuruo, you have to go to sleep, what are you doing with him? The doctor said, he won’t be able to live.”

When Darryl was sent back yesterday, his body was full of blood, and Alexandra was also taken aback at the time.

You can’t live at this sight, what’s the use of guarding him?

Alexandra frowned: “Lily, why are you so stupid, your body is important, this waste will die.”

Because of this waste, my daughter missed a good time for three years.

If my daughter had married a rich man, she would have lived a good life with her.


Lily’s body trembled, and tears of anger flowed: “How can you say that? Anyway, he is also your son-in-law.”

She was already heartache to death, Alexandra’s words made her feel even more uncomfortable.

Seeing Lily’s excitement, Alexandra shook his head and muttered: “What son-in-law, I have never admitted.”

While talking, she put on a professional attire. Just now, the old lady said, let everyone pass by and said that there are major events to be announced, so you have to dress more formally.

After freshening up and dressing up, Alexandra looked in the mirror and nodded in satisfaction.

In the mirror, she is mature and s3xy, beautiful and temperamental. She put on her high heels and walked out the door. Before closing the door, she turned her head and said: “Yes, quickly get rid of this rubbish, a person who is dying, will he be unhappy at home? Let him leave this early, do you hear?


At this moment, Lily finally couldn’t control her emotions, and cried out: “Mom, can you stop telling me! I like Darryl, even if he is dead, I will only like him in my entire life!”

Chapter 224

“You, I’ll forget if you are so angry!” Alexandra said irritably.

The daughter said she only loves Darryl alone, can she not be angry! Alexandra stomped angrily, and said to Lily, “Wait for me to come back and clean up you.” After saying that, he slammed the door and left.


Lily sighed deeply, only feeling that she wanted to cry. Tightly pulled Darryl’s hand.

Jingle Bell!

At this moment, Darryl’s cell phone rang suddenly.

Lily picked it up and took a look, she was stunned. Shown above is Teacher Ji.

Isn’t this the husband’s head teacher?

Bewildered, Lily answered the phone.

“Hello, are you Darryl’s wife?” Ji Yun asked anxiously over the phone.

Lily replied: “Yes, Teacher Ji, it’s me.”

“I know there is something that can cure Darryl, called’Nine Turns Huanyang Pill’.” Ji Yun said softly, “If you can find this pill before Darryl’s breath, you can save him!”

Dantian is the dead spot of every cultivator.

When the pubic field is pierced, nine out of ten are dead. But once Darryl died, who would give Ji Yun Xiao Dan back?

So Ji Yun kept reading through ancient books, praying for a way to save Darryl. Finally, in an ancient book, a way was found.

That is Nine Turns Return Yang Dan!


Upon hearing this, Lily and Bessie were overjoyed!

“Teacher Ji, do you have the ninth rank to return Yang Dan?” Lily asked expectantly.

However, Ji Yun on the phone sighed, “This… the ancient book said that the Nine Turns Returning Yang Pill is an extremely rare and peerless spirit pill. Its refining method has been lost for hundreds of times. Years…I…Where do I have this kind of medicine…”


Hearing this, Lily was stunned, she was full of joy, and she fell to the bottom of the valley.

The glimmer of hope that had just ignited was so shattered.

It has been lost for hundreds of years, and it is impossible to have it now. Thinking of this, Lily’s eyes flushed, and tears fell again.

However, at this time, Bessie’s face suddenly flashed with joy: “Lily, take good care of Darryl, I’ll go out and be back soon!”

Having said this, she turned and walked out of the room.

When he got outside, Bessie couldn’t wait to take out his cell phone and dialed a phone number.

In just a few seconds, the call is connected

“Yuruo, why did you call me?” A man’s voice came over the phone.

Bessie bit her lip tightly, hesitated for a few seconds, and said softly: “Yu Yang, are you right now? I want to meet you.”

Yu Yang, the young master of a rich family in Donghai City.

Two years ago, I met Bessie at an antique exhibition.

At that time, Yu Yang fell in love at first sight and launched a crazy pursuit of Bessie, but Bessie didn’t feel at all for him. Because he is extremely lascivious.

So far, Bessie has not contacted him for more than a year.

But in order to save Darryl, he did not hesitate to contact him! When Yu Yang was pursuing himself, in order to show off his family background, he mentioned that their Yu family had spent 3 billion yuan, and in a private auction, they bid for a’Nine-turned Yang Pill’.

Although it has been so long, Bessie still remembers clearly!

Hearing that the goddess was about to meet with him, Yu Yang was so excited that he repeatedly replied, “Okay, well, I haven’t seen the goddess for a long time, so I miss it…”

Bessie interrupted him: “Then come out. I’ll wait for you at the Mengyuan Cafe.”

“Okay, I’ll be there soon!” Yu Yang was so excited, haha, the goddess suddenly had an appointment, what a great happy event!


Mengyuan Coffee Shop.

At this time, the cafe didn’t have many customers, only a few pairs of young men and women, sitting there whispering.

The moment Bessie came in, he instantly attracted the attention of many men. Short skirt, high heels, that beautiful face, unique temperament, almost make people hard to extricate themselves.

However, there was a trace of anxiety on Bessie’s face.

Not long after sitting down, a young man wearing a street fashion brand walked in quickly. Holding a bouquet of roses in his hand.

It is Yu Yang!

“Yuruo, give it to you.” Yu Yang said affectionately, and couldn’t help but look at Bessie. When he saw her good figure, he couldn’t help but complimented: “You are so beautiful today.”

He was telling the truth, and he hadn’t seen him for more than a year, Bessie became more charming and more feminine.

Bessie managed to squeeze a smile, put the rose flower aside at will, and said, “Yu Yang, I remember you said before that you once had a’Nine-turned Yang Pill’ in your family, right?”

Yu Yang was stunned, then smiled and nodded: “Yes, why did you mention this suddenly?”

Bessie became excited at once, looked at Yu Yang tightly, bit her lip and said: “Yu Yang…you…can you sell it to me? Any money is fine!”

As long as you can save Darryl, you will not hesitate to bankrupt your family!

Yu Yang did not respond directly, frowning and said: “Yu Ruo, what do you want it to do?”

“I want to save people, Yu Yang, how much can you sell to me, you can make a price.” Bessie’s anxious body trembled.

Darryl is still in a coma, I’m afraid he won’t survive for four or five hours!

“Yu Ruo, the person you want to save is not Darryl, right?”

Yu Yang looked at Bessie with a smile, breaking the secret.

Darryl fought all the heroes at the Lion Slaughter Conference, and the event that suffered a lot from the final has spread in Donghai City.

It is said that Xia Dantian was thoroughly pierced and his life is hard to save.

In the entire world, only the’Nine Turns Return Yang Pill’ can be cured. And just, there is one in his own family.

It is no exaggeration to say that there is probably only this one in this world!

Bessie asked this as soon as they met, not to save Darryl, but who would he save?

“Yes, it is Darryl.” Bessie nodded quickly, his eyes still showing urgency.

Yu Yang smiled slightly, his eyes showing a little smile: “Yu Ruo, you know, although this’Nine Turns Huanyang Pill’ was bid by my family at the auction, this pill is absolutely rare. You let me sell it to you, I’m really embarrassed.”

While talking, he looked up and down Bessie. Haha, once you never looked at me high.

Now there is a day to beg me.

Bessie became anxious, hands intertwined, and his body moved forward slightly: “Yu Yang, this pill is really important to me, you can tell me, how can you give me the Nine Transformation Pill. As long as you I promise you all the conditions!”

“Promise me on all terms?” Yu Yang smiled even more on his face.

Bessie nodded very firmly.

Yu Yang looked at her delicate cheeks, and said word by word: “Okay, then you will marry me, and let’s get married in three days, how about?”

After saying this, Yu Yang’s heartbeat suddenly accelerated. A year ago, I pursued Bessie and pursued it fiercely. But she didn’t care about herself at all. If you can marry her, you can live a few years less!

In order to treat Darryl, will she agree? Anyway, looking at her appearance, I was particularly anxious for medicinal pills.


Bessie’s delicate body trembled, and his whole body was dumbfounded, so angry.

Chapter 225

Marry him in three days?

For this condition, Bessie felt a hundred reluctance in his heart!

Yu Yang is notoriously lecherous! When he was pursuing himself before, he had a mess with girls in private. Moreover, Yu Yang looks good in appearance, but he doesn’t have a little self-cultivation. I used to yell at waiters and security guards when I was on a date for dinner. To show his superiority.

Because of this, I have been reluctant to associate with him. One thousand are unwilling, ten thousand are unwilling!

How can you marry such a person?

But… if he doesn’t agree, he won’t give himself a pill, and Darryl will be helpless!

At this moment, Bessie’s mind was in confusion, and his heart was struggling.

Seeing Bessie’s hesitation, Yu Yang suddenly became bold and grabbed her hand with a sincere expression: “Yuruo, I didn’t mean to fall into trouble. I really like you. The first time I saw you , I was attracted by you. Marrying you is my lifelong dream. Really! Don’t worry, I will treat you well, and I will!”

Speaking of this, Yu Yang’s expression was serious: “As long as you promise me, I will give you the Nine Transformation Yang Pill and let you save Darryl.”

Bessie’s face flushed, and quickly withdrew his hands. An angry chest ups and downs!

“Then if you disagree, I’m leaving.” Yu Yang deliberately stood up and turned to leave. He could see that if Bessie really wanted this pill! I can see that she is anxious!

Sure enough, as soon as Yu Yang stood up, Bessie became anxious and grabbed him: “Don’t go. I…”

Bessie bit her lip, almost bleeding from the bite!

“Okay… I promise you, I promise you can’t do it!” Bessie’s eyes were red. She really can’t help it. If Darryl had anything to do, she would really regret it for a lifetime!

Hearing this, Yu Yang was full of joy and almost jumped up excitedly: “Okay!”

How many days and nights, I dreamed of marrying Bessie as his wife.

At this time, it finally came true.

Yu Yang was so excited that he stood up and wanted to pull Bessie’s hand again.

“Yu Yang.”

At this moment, Bessie raised her head and looked at Yu Yang. There is no doubt: “Don’t forget your promise. I want you to deliver the pill now.”


Yu Yang nodded again and again, thought about it, and said with a smile: “Yu Ruo, since you have agreed, it will be dawn for a while, you can let go of the news of our marriage. Such a big happy event, we must do it well Light. Let Donghai City everyone know!”

He could see that if Bessie didn’t really want to marry himself, it was just to save Darryl.

Let her release the news of her marriage, naturally to prevent her from regretting it!

After all, it is the Xiao family eldest, if she goes back, her reputation will be lost!


Bessie’s body trembled, his lips biting and bleeding.

He…he…he wants to release the news by himself…getting married three days later, if the news is released, there is no room for redemption! At that time, the nobles of Donghai City will come to give the wedding.. In that case, it is impossible not to get married.

Thinking about it, Bessie felt bitterness in her heart. But he nodded: “Okay.”

Yu Yang was so excited that he laughed and said, “Then we’re settled. If you wait for my news, I will go back to discuss with my family and give you the medicine!”

Having said this, Yu Yang stood up and walked out of the cafe happily.

At this moment, watching Yu Yang’s back leave, tears flowed down Bessie’s autumn-like eyes.

Darryl, for you, I can let go of everything.

For you, even if I marry someone I don’t like, I can do it.

As long as you can live well.


Xiao Family Courtyard.

The quiet and elegant courtyard still looks so beautiful, but in the living room, there is a depressing atmosphere.

Bessie sat there, feeling sad. On the sofa in front of her, Xiao Qingshan’s expression flickered, complicated and joyful.

Just now, Bessie came back and explained the situation. Said that he was going to get married, and his object was the young master of the Yu family. Of course, she didn’t say that it was because she wanted to save Darryl.

Xiao Qingshan looked at Bessie and asked curiously: “Yuruo, do you really want to marry Yu Yang?”

Ever since I became friends with my daughter Darryl, I have been fascinated by this kid.

And now, the daughter finally got the hang of it.

This Yu Yang has seen him several times. He is a talented person with a prominent family background, and he doesn’t know how much he is better than Darryl!

Bessie’s eyes were a little red, and she said softly, “Dad, I’m ready, you can help me spread the news.”

“Okay, okay, okay!” Xiao Qingshan was not happy. My daughter is going to marry, this is a great thing! He walked quickly out of the living room and called relatives and friends.

The Xiao family is in Donghai City, and it is very popular. I have frequent contacts with major families.

Miss Xiao’s family is going to get married, and it will be married in three days! This news spread throughout the East China Sea instantly!

After this hour, a luxury sports car drove up quickly and stopped at the gate of Xiao’s house. Immediately afterwards, Yu Yang came down quickly, holding a delicate wooden box in his hand.

“Yu Ruo…Yu Ruo…”

As soon as he entered the yard, Yu Yang yelled twice, approached the living room happily, and handed the wooden box to Bessie: “Nine-turned Yang Pill, I have it!”

Stepping on high heels, Bessie walked out quickly, finally showing a trace of joy on his face, and took the wooden box over.

When I opened it, there was a pill inside impressively, flowing with colorful light, full of aura!

If Bessie didn’t think much, she stood up immediately and walked out.

Yu Yang hurriedly chased it out: “Yu Ruo, do you want to give Darryl the pill? I’ll go with you.”

I’m going to be a husband and wife soon, so I’m naturally inseparable.

Bessie bit her lip with an unusually indifferent expression, and said lightly, “No, I’ll go by myself.”

After a pause, Bessie continued, “You should prepare for the wedding.”

Although he had promised to marry him, he was still very resistant. I don’t want him to be with me, so I can only find an excuse to get him away.

Yu Yang was stunned, then smiled and nodded: “Yes, if you are really empathetic, the most important thing now is how to arrange the wedding! This wedding, I will make a sensation in the entire Donghai City! Yuruo don’t worry, I Let all the women in Donghai City envy you! I have already decided that we will invite many wealthy businessmen for our wedding. And we will also invite many people in the world!”

Speaking of this, Yu Yang laughed loudly: “Yu Ruo, don’t you know, I have been practicing hard in the past year, and now I am in the arena, I still have a bit of status, our wedding, there must be a lot of rivers and lakes. Seniors from Shanghai are here to participate…”

“Okay, go and prepare.” Bessie interrupted him.

“Well, well, I’m going to prepare!” Yu Yang said, turning away happily.

Looking at his back, Bessie took a deep breath and drove to Liu’s house.

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