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Chapter 2211


Facing the gazes around, Darryl’s brain turned quickly, and then he smiled at Mo Yan: “Your Excellency Demon King, I don’t think this matter can be too hasty. Although the overall strength of the Demon Race is not as good as your Demon Race, there are hundreds of thousands of them. . Just go there rashly, I’m afraid it’s not safe.”

With that said, Darryl glanced at Wei An subconsciously, and continued: “Moreover, he is the son of King Xuanwu, and his status is very important in the Demon Race. Who knows if he really wants to help? In case he secretly colludes with the Demon Race, Let the monster race make an ambush in advance, so let’s rush off like this, don’t we throw ourselves into the trap?”

The last word fell, Darryl shook his head deliberately, as if he did not trust Wei An.

To be honest, if it were other circumstances, Darryl would not deliberately slander Wei An like this.

But there is no way, this matter is after all related to the safety of the entire monster race, not to mention that Wei An had slandered himself before and slandered him once, and it was considered two cleansing.


When the voice fell, the whole camp suddenly talked about it.

“Mr. Darryl’s words are not unreasonable.”

“Yeah, this kid is treacherous. Who knows if he really takes refuge in us? What if he swindles in secret? Don’t help it.”

“This…this kid has broken his legs, don’t you have the guts?”

Under the discussion, many demon generals agreed with Darryl’s viewpoint, and some thought that Darryl was too suspicious.

And Wei An was the most excited.


At this moment, Wei An, anxious and angry, yelled at Darryl: “Darryl, you have a bloody mouth, how could I frame the Lord Demon King?”

As he said, Wei An turned his head and shouted at Mo Yan: “Your Excellency Demon King, don’t listen to Darryl’s nonsense. You saved my life. Such kindness will not be rewarded. I swear that you will follow Your Excellency Demon King forever. Go up to the sword and down to the sea of ​​fire, grazing the ground, never frown, and ask the demon lord to trust me.”

When saying this, Wei An was anxious and angry, staring at Darryl fiercely, wishing to kill him immediately.

This Darryl dared to slander himself in front of His Excellency the Demon King. This was because he wanted the Demon King to deal with him, it was D*mned.

“All right!”

Feeling Wei An’s excitement, Mo Yan’s delicate face did not fluctuate at all, and raised his jade hand to soothe him: “Don’t be excited, I’m loyal, how can I not trust you?”

Hearing this, Wei An secretly breathed a sigh of relief, and a smile appeared on his face.

In the next second, Wei An pointed at Darryl and scolded: “Darryl, you said that just now, don’t you want us to find the territory of the Monster Race? Who doesn’t know, you have a close relationship with the Monster Race, especially the White Tiger King, Colorful Lingfeng They are even more obedient to you.”

Having said this, Wei An became excited again, and said to Mo Yan: “Your Excellency Demon King, this Darryl is unpredictable. He keeps saying that my motives are not pure. In fact, he has not really taken refuge in you. I beg Your Excellency, immediately Order her to be dealt with.”

While talking, Wei An looked at Darryl viciously.

Ma De, let you slander me and see how I punish you.

Darryl pretended not to hear Wei An’s clamor.

“Your Lord Demon.”

At this time, Darryl saluted Mo Yan deeply, and said seriously: “I definitely didn’t mean that. I just made a suggestion. To know the battle between the two armies, the most important thing is to know yourself and the enemy. Wei An’s own words are difficult to determine whether the Monster Race is in danger of ambushing, so I think we should be cautious.”


At this moment, Mo Yan did not respond, but sat there, quietly thinking.

For a while, the camp was silent, and the atmosphere became a little more subtle.


Finally, after a full few minutes, Mo Yan slowed down, looked around, and finally looked at Darryl said: “Your worry is not wrong, but I choose to believe Wei An. People don’t need it. This is all set, you all prepare, let’s set off right away.”

When the voice fell, Mo Yan stopped talking nonsense, stood up, and walked out of the camp first.

More than a dozen demon generals followed closely behind.

That’s it!

Seeing this scene, Darryl seemed calm on the surface, but he was too anxious in his heart.

Chapter 2212


Wei An was walking at the back because he was sitting in a wheelchair. At this moment, watching Darryl standing still, he couldn’t say how proud he was.


At this time, Wei An was pushing the wheelchair, and when passing by Darryl, he deliberately slowed down and said, “Are you a fake surrender?”

Darryl looked at him, but did not respond.

Wei An raised his mouth and sneered: “It doesn’t matter if you don’t answer. I know you won’t really take refuge in the monster clan. You want to break into them, and then find a chance to disintegrate them. I tell you, as long as I’m here, you will No show.”

“Also, I advise you to dispel and save the monster clan. Did you see my legs? It was all done by that little b!tch Mengya. I will make the white tiger clan and even the entire monster clan pay a heavy price.”

In the last sentence, Wei An looked savage, and then slowly left the camp.


Seeing Wei An’s leaving back, Darryl secretly took a breath, in addition to being frightened and angry, there was also some sorrow in his heart.

King Xuanwu gave birth to such a son, isn’t it the sorrow of the entire Yaozu?

Muttering in his heart, Darryl also walked out quickly.

A few minutes later, Mo Yan did not report the situation to Demon Lord, and gathered nearly 20,000 troops, marching toward the demon clan territory with great strength.

Along the way, Wei An followed Mo Yan, unspeakably energetic.

As long as you help Mo Yan defeat the Demon Race, you will have done a great job, and you will be the guest of this Demon Race in the future. Can you be unhappy?

But Darryl was dull all the way.


Half an hour later, the 20,000 demons finally arrived in the demon territory, and they could see the scene in front of them, whether it was Mo Yan or Wei An, they were all stunned.

I saw that the entire Yaozu territory was empty and there was not a single figure.

All the demonic tribes seemed to have disappeared out of thin air all at once.


Seeing this scene, Wei An’s heart trembled, and he was immediately silly. He was anxious and couldn’t believe it.

This is impossible. When he was expelled from the Monster Clan a day ago, there were still hundreds of thousands of Monster Clan tribes here, and at that time, the White Tiger King deliberately strengthened the surrounding patrol forces.

This is less than a day, so why is it all gone?

At the same time, Mo Yan also looked around, her delicate face, dark and uncertain, and she couldn’t hide her anger.

They all evacuated…Is the news of this monster clan so well-informed?


But Darryl, who was standing on the side, was calm on the surface, but he was unspeakably excited in his heart.

Great, the Yaozu has moved again, so don’t worry about it now.

Excited, Darryl looked around and saw that there was no mess in the Demon Race’s territory. Obviously, when the White Tiger King organization evacuated, everything was arranged in an orderly manner.

Upon discovering these, Darryl couldn’t help but admire in his heart: The White Tiger King deserves to be a generation of heroes, acting decisively, and not at all procrastinating.

“Wei An!”

Finally, Mo Yan was the first to react, with anger flashing in his eyes, and asked Wei An coldly, “What’s going on? Is this the new territory of the Demon Race? What about the Demon Race tribe? What about the White Tiger King? “

A series of questions caught Wei An by surprise.

At that time, Wei An’s heart was completely messed up, his mouth opened, and he was nervous to say nothing: “Your demon lord, calm down, this… this is indeed the new territory of the demon clan. Yesterday, when I was expelled, they were still there. Well…”

“Why is this gone?”

Depressed, Wei An tilted his head to see Darryl, his eyes lit up suddenly, and shouted: “Your Excellency Demon, it must be him. He secretly reported the news to the Demon Race.”

As he said, Wei An became more excited and stared at Darryl fiercely: “Okay you Darryl, your demon lord is kind to take you in, but you secretly and secretly report to the monster clan to tell them to withdraw in advance. gone.”

Wei An was sly and despicable, and couldn’t explain what was happening in front of him, so he put the black pot on Darryl’s head.

What’s more, Darryl has a close relationship with Yao Clan, and the suspicion is greatest.

Hearing this, Mo Yan’s eyes flashed with coldness, and he locked on Darryl tightly: “Darryl, is this true?”

Speaking of which, Mo Yan didn’t believe that Darryl did it. After all, he had just taken refuge in the Demon Clan, and if he reported to the Demon Clan secretly, he would be looking for death.

Chapter 2213

But think about it, everyone present, except Wei An, only Darryl is suspected.

After all, at the beginning, it was Darryl who helped the Monster Race and came out of the Sealed Land, and was closely related to the White Tiger King and the Colorful Spirit Phoenix. If he hadn’t reported the news secretly, who would have been?


At this moment, the surrounding demon army’s eyes also converged on Darryl.

The atmosphere instantly became tense.

In the face of this situation, Darryl did not panic at all, but looked at Mo Yan and smiled: “Your Excellency Demon King, you exalt me ​​too much. From the time you decided to come to the territory of the Demon Race until now, I have been by your side. Even if you want to report, there is no chance.”

When saying this, Darryl looked calm.

There is some truth.

Hearing this, Mo Yan nodded, no longer doubting.

Wei An was anxious all of a sudden and couldn’t help shouting: “Your Excellency Demon, don’t listen to Darryl’s explanation. This person is the most cunning. Who knows what method he uses to send news to the monster race?”

“In my opinion, tie him up first and torture him severely.”

After finishing the last sentence, Wei An stared at Darryl closely, unable to conceal his hatred.

Wei An couldn’t wait for Darryl to die without a place to bury him, so naturally he would not miss the opportunity in front of him.


When the voice fell, Mo Yan coldly scolded: “I have a sense of measure in my heart, it is not your turn to teach me how to do it.”

The sound is not loud, but it is majestic.

Looking at Mo Yan’s face, Wei An didn’t dare to say anything nonsense, but looking at Darryl’s gaze, there was still coldness.

At this moment, Mo Yan looked around and said, “Check the surrounding area immediately to see if there are any clues left when the Yaozu left.”

“Yes, Lord Demon!”

When the voice fell, the surrounding Demon Warriors responded one after another, and then scattered around and searched the territory carefully.

Ten minutes passed in a blink of an eye, and these Demon Warriors didn’t find any clues. Seeing this, Mo Yan’s delicate face was full of frost, and his heart was extremely annoyed.

It’s really hateful. I thought that Wei An would be able to take down the entire monster clan this time, but I didn’t expect to rush into the air.

What is even more annoying is that there is no clue in this territory.

“My Lord Demon!”

At this moment, a demon commander walked over quickly, saluted Mo Yan, and said complicatedly: “In the depths of the territory, I found an area with many wooden stakes and stones at the entrance. The subordinates watched. Somewhat weird, I didn’t dare to break in by mistake.”

Stakes and rocks?

Hearing this, both Mo Yan and Wei An were stunned.

Darryl frowned, muttering in his heart.

Could it be a’mountain formation’ deliberately deployed by Qicai Lingfeng before the Yaozu withdrew?

Among the entire monster clan, Darryl only taught the colorful spirit phoenix formation method, so when he heard the wooden stakes and stones, the first reaction was to think of the formation method, and at the same time the colorful spirit phoenix formation.

“Go and see!”

Just when Darryl was muttering secretly, Mo Yan reacted, and with a wave of his jade hand, he led many subordinates and walked toward the depths of the territory.

“Your Excellency, wait for me.” Wei An yelled, pushing the wheelchair to quickly catch up.

Darryl raised the corners of his mouth, showing a faint smile, walking at the end.


Soon, when he reached the depths of his territory, Mo Yan frowned when he saw the situation in front of him.

At the same time, Wei An was also stunned.

I saw that there were thousands of thick wooden piles in the open space in front of me. Between these wooden piles, there were some large stones scattered. These wooden piles and stones looked messy, but they gave people a kind of disorder. Unspeakable feeling.

Sure enough, it was a mountain array.

When Darryl saw this scene, he secretly nodded.

The mountain formation is a formation created by Darryl. When Darryl first obtained the “Bai Qi Shen Zhen”, he had studied how to create his own formation. He put two low-level formations in the “Bai Qi Shen Zhen”. Fa, the combination of the’Qingmu Formation’ and the’Mountain Stone Formation’ created a’Mountain Wood Formation’.

The mountain-wood formation, there is wood in the stone, and the stone in the wood. It can be said that the advantages of the’green wood formation’ and the’mountain stone formation’ are fully integrated, and the power has doubled. Once in, it will be immortal and disabled.

Unexpectedly, that colorful spirit phoenix had such a high talent in the formation technique, she only learned it once by herself.

Chapter 2214

At this moment, looking at the’mountain and wood formation’ in front of him, Darryl showed the figure of colorful spirit phoenix in his heart, which was very amazed.

However, on the surface of Darryl, he was calm.

“Wei An!”

At this moment, Mo Yan withdrew his gaze from the’Mountain Wooden Array’ in front of him, and asked Wei An, “What is this place? Why are there so many wooden stakes and stones?”

Although Mo Yan is one of the twelve sacred demon kings of the Demon Clan, with a superb status and tyrannical strength, he does not know anything about the battle. At this time, he can’t see it at all. The messy wooden stakes and stones in front of him are a very powerful formation. law.


Wei An scratched his head. At this moment, he was also at a loss. He couldn’t see the effect of the wooden stakes and stones in front of him.

However, in order to show off in front of Mo Yan, Wei An still didn’t know how to pretend to be understanding: “Your Excellency, this should be the place where the Warriors of the White Tiger clan drilled. The stakes and stones should be used by them for training.”

As he said, Wei An craned his neck, looked into the’Mountain Wooden Array’, and continued: “However, there are a lot of wooden stakes and stones. I can’t see exactly what’s going on inside. Let me go, Lord Demon, please allow me. Bring a vanguard team to clean up these stakes and rocks first, and then go inside to check.”

When saying this, Wei An’s eyes were full of urgency.

At this time, Wei An believed that there must be some clue behind these wooden stakes and stones. Perhaps, there are some monsters hiding in them. If they were found by themselves, they would have done meritorious service.


Hearing this request, Mo Yanxiu frowned, pondered for a few seconds, nodded and said: “Okay, just do that, I’ll give you five thousand soldiers.”

With that said, Mo Yan mobilized five thousand demon warriors and handed them to Wei An to lead them.


At this moment, Wei An was very excited, with a proud look on his face, waving his hands and shouting: “Warriors, let me go in first, and clear these wooden stakes and stones.”

When the voice fell, Wei An pushed the wheelchair and was about to enter.


However, at this time, Darryl suddenly stood up and stopped Wei An.


Seeing Darryl coming out to make trouble again, Wei An couldn’t help it in an instant. He almost jumped up and shouted, “What are you doing again?”

Mo Yan also frowned secretly, looking at Darryl in confusion.

Darryl looked indifferently, and pointed to the mountain wood formation and said: “From my experience, these wooden stakes and stones are not simple. They seem to be a formation method. If you enter rashly, it will be dangerous.”

“So, let’s be more careful and think twice before acting.”

When saying this, Darryl deliberately made a serious look.

Darryl knew that Wei An was anxious to do meritorious service at this time, no matter what he said, he would think that he was going against him.


Upon hearing this, Wei An couldn’t help but yelled: “What formation? Just some wooden stakes and stones, Darryl, I think you know something, don’t you let us go in and investigate?”

Darryl chuckled lightly without answering.

Seeing Darryl doing this, Wei An thought he had guessed right, and became even more arrogant: “Hehe, why don’t you answer me? Let me just say, there must be a ghost in your heart.”

As he said, Wei An said at Mo Yan: “Your Excellency, Darryl has prevented our actions twice. I guess that the demon clan’s evacuation must have something to do with him. Maybe, he knows the secret behind the wooden stake and the stone. .”

Hearing this, Mo Yan was skeptical and looked at Darryl: “Is that right?”

Mo Yan at this time was also a little suspicious of Darryl, after all, it was really suspicious that Darryl had been blocking this action.


Darryl breathed a sigh of relief and smiled bitterly: “Your Excellency Demon King, I just feel that there is some insecurity in it based on experience, and there is no other meaning at all.”

Hearing this explanation, Mo Yan obviously didn’t believe it, and was too lazy to talk nonsense at this time, and said to Wei An, “Are you sure you are sure? These stakes and stones are really not dangerous?”

“Your Majesty, don’t worry.”

Wei An patted his chest and said with a face: “It’s just some wooden stakes and stones, what is the danger? I must explore the inside clearly.”

When the words fell, Wei An waved his hand and commanded thousands of Demon Warriors to rush into the’mountain and wood formation’.

Chapter 2215


Seeing Wei An rushing into the formation with the Demon Warrior, Darryl didn’t have any expressions on the surface, but he was happy.

Wei An, a fool, thought he was going to make a great contribution. I don’t know yet, I have entered the trap.

“Listen well, everyone.”

At this moment, when entering the mountain and wood formation, Wei An looked triumphant and said to the thousands of Demon Warriors: “Let’s clean up these wooden stakes and stones as quickly as possible. Don’t miss one, just take a look. Under the stakes or stones, is there any hole in the ground, secret way…”


Heard this. The five thousand demon warriors immediately dispersed to move the stakes and stones in front of them.


Seeing this scene, Darryl smiled in his heart, but made a helpless look on his face, shaking his head and sighing.

The change in Darryl’s expression was seen by Mo Yan, frowning at that time. Faintly said: “Why? You are so sorry, is it possible that there really are members of the monster race hidden in it?”

When saying this, Mo Yan looked at Darryl’s gaze, revealing deep dissatisfaction.

This Darryl, if he really took refuge in himself, he would definitely not be able to forgive him lightly.

Darryl smiled and shook his head and explained: “Your Excellency Demon King, are you still unwilling to believe me? I really didn’t send any news to the Yaozu. I don’t even know if there are any Yaozu tribes hidden in it. I don’t know. It is a pity that this Wei An is really too impulsive for his meritorious service. These wooden stakes and stones are seemingly messy, but there is a hidden mystery, it’s just you…”


Just halfway through Darryl’s words, suddenly, there were waves of violent vibrations from under his feet, and he saw it shortly thereafter. The “mountain and wood formation” in front shook violently, as if an earthquake had occurred.

this moment. I saw the wooden stakes and stones in the “Mountain Wooden Array”, as if they were alive, they started to roll up one by one, those wooden stakes and stones. They are extremely heavy, and the power to roll up is also amazing.

what happened?

See this situation. Whether it was Wei An and the Demon Warriors in the “Mountain Wooden Array”, or Mo Yan standing outside and watching, they were shocked.

At this time, they couldn’t figure it out. These stakes and stones are obviously dead. How come it suddenly seemed to have life.

Darryl knew that this was because Wei An and the Demon Warriors moved wooden stakes and stones without authorization to trigger the formation.

“Get out, get out…”

In shock, Wei An reacted and shouted at the surroundings: “This is too evil, everyone rush out.” he shouted. Wei An quickly turned the two wheels of the wheelchair and rushed out desperately.


The voice fell. Thousands of Demon Warriors are also rushing outward.

however. The mountain and wood formations are already open, and the situation is beyond their control. They saw that many Demon fighters were hit by the rolling wooden stakes and stones because they were panicked, and some were directly pressed under the stones. Inside the mountain array, there was chaos, screams, and howlings kept ringing.


Seeing this scene, Mo Yan bit her lips tightly, her delicate and beautiful face was full of coldness and anger.

Before seeing the shadow of the demon clan, nearly a thousand demon clan warriors were damaged.

It’s really outrageous.

While angry, Mo Yan couldn’t help but glance at Darryl, his heart was extremely complicated.

It turns out… His guess just now is true, and the area in front of him is really dangerous.


At this moment, Wei An pushed the wheelchair. He escaped by chance and rushed out of the mountain and wood formation. However, the wheelchair was still broken into pieces by a stone. At that time, Wei An lost support and rolled out a long way. The floor was covered with mud and it was indescribable embarrassment.

At this time, Wei An was panicked and suffocated.

Mad, how could this be?

Nearly a thousand demon warriors have been damaged this time. Your Excellency Mo Yan will certainly not spare himself lightly.

“Wei An!”

Just when Wei An was uneasy, Mo Yan walked slowly and looked at him condescendingly, with a cold tone: “Didn’t you say that it is safe here? What happened just now?”

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