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Chapter 2301

While discussing, the eyes of the non-leaders all subconsciously looked at Gonggong, expecting her response.

Just now, Gonggong was unwilling to take the initiative to invite foreign aid out of face, but now, Rushers took the initiative to come to help, she shouldn’t refuse, right?

Under the gazes of everyone, Gonggong’s delicate face did not show the slightest emotional fluctuations, nor the slightest excitement, but secretly muttered in his heart.

It was unexpected that Rushers suddenly came to help.

These generals here don’t know about the situation of Rushers, but Gonggong knows it very well. Two months ago, the two suzerains of Rushers died one after another, and finally Mariayan became the new suzerain.

And Mariayan, like Raquel, is also a woman of Darryl. Now, Raquel helps Tianqi army to attack Beiying Imperial City, and Mariayan comes to help defend the city. Anyone would doubt this matter. .


But after pondering for a few seconds, Gong Gong still raised his hand and said lightly, “Open the city gate, and then let these people from Rushers come to see me.”

Regardless of the person’s purpose, ask first.

“Yes, Grand Marshal.” The soldier responded and walked out quickly.

Ten minutes later, the soldier returned to the main hall, followed by a dozen powerful people from all corners of the world, wearing uniform white shorts and embroidered with the symbol of Rushers.

The one headed by him is tall and imposing, and his whole body is filled with a powerful aura.

This person is called Hongda, and he is a spy sent by Castro, who pretends to be Rushers.

“Are you from Rushers?” Gong Gong sat there, looked Hong Da up and down, and asked lightly.


Hong Da responded and bowed deeply to Gonggong: “In Xia Hongda, it is the elder Rushers Huo who sits down as the eldest disciple, your Excellency is the Gonggong grand marshal, my Rushers has received news that the Tianqi royal family has taken refuge. After the demon clan, and now they are attacking the Northern Ying Continent, the situation is extremely critical. At that time, the suzerain of my family discussed with the elders and sent five hundred of our disciples to come to support.”

When he said this, Hong Da looked sincere, because these remarks were prepared in advance. However, there was still some apprehension.

You must know that the other party is Gonggong, not only powerful, but also witty. You must deceive her this time, otherwise, if your identity is revealed, you and hundreds of apocalypse soldiers will not want to leave alive.

Disciple of Elder Huo?

Hearing this, Gong Gong Xiu frowned, and some were suspicious. The fire elder of Xia Yin Sect, Gong Gong had met once, and he was a strong man in the sky, but he was only his disciple and had never seen it before.

But looking at Hong Da’s attitude and rhetoric, it doesn’t seem like it’s fake.

Thinking about it, Gonggong’s red lips lightly opened, and he asked again: “Rushers puts the world first and helps you with chivalry. Naturally, I am grateful, but I have a question.”


At this moment, Hongda became inexplicably nervous, but he still pretended to be very calm: “If the Grand Marshal has any doubts, just say it.”

Gong Gong smiled lightly, looking nonchalant: “As far as I know, your Xia Yin Sect, the two previous sect masters died in the Five Poison Sect, and the current sect master is Darryl’s woman Mariayan. “

Speaking, Gonggong’s delicate face showed a bit of gloom: “And now, Raquel`, who came with the Tianqi army, is also Darryl’s woman.”

“The two women of Darryl, one is going to attack us and the other is going to help us. Tell me, should I believe you?”

When the last sentence fell, Gong Gong’s eyes were fixed on Hong Da’s face, noticing the change in his expression.


At this moment, the other generals in the hall also looked at Hong Da, waiting for his response, while whispering.

“The current suzerain of Rushers is that Mariayan?”

“I really didn’t expect that Darryl’s woman turned out to be the suzerain of Rushers.”

“Yeah, if the Grand Marshal doesn’t say it, I don’t know yet.”

The surrounding discussions kept coming, Hong Da stood there, unspeakably nervous, and secretly praised in his heart.

This Gonggong is really amazing, the problem is so tricky.

However, Hong Da was very witty, and he quickly thought of his words. At that time, he squeezed out a smile and said slowly: “The Grand Marshal is really overthinking it.”

Chapter 2302

With that said, Hong Da took a step forward and continued with sincerity on his face: “To tell the truth, the suzerain of my family was Darryl’s woman before, but Darryl has been missing for two months, and our Rushers has a It is an unwritten rule that once you become a suzerain, you can no longer involve your children’s personal affairs.”

“In other words, my suzerain has nothing to do with Darryl now. Moreover, the Tianqi royal family is relying on the demons to bring disaster to Kyushu. This is a major event in the world. My suzerain is also for the overall situation, so let us come to support.”

At the end of the story, Hong Da said with emotion: “What should be said has already been said below. If the Grand Marshal does not trust it, we will leave and return to the suzerain.”

Saying so, Hong Da did not leave in a hurry, but paid attention to Gonggong’s reaction.


Hearing this, Gong Gong Xiumei frowned and pondered.

What Hongda said was reasonable, and he seemed to have no reason to doubt it.

At the same time, the dozens of generals around were talking in a low voice.

“I didn’t expect this Mariayan to be so knowledgeable.”

“Needless to say, he used to be the suzerain of Wenzong of Dongao Continent.”

“Oh, such a goddess, I didn’t know what to think at the beginning, but I actually liked someone like Darryl…”

During the discussion, a general stood up and said to Gonggong: “Grand Marshal, Rushers came to help with sincerity, so let’s not turn away thousands of miles away.”

The voice fell, and the other generals also nodded.


Seeing this situation, Gonggong no longer doubted, nodded, and then said to Hong Da: “During the war, this commander must be cautious, I hope you don’t take offense.”

When he said this, Gonggong showed a smile, and he completely let down his guard.

Ha ha…

Seeing that Gonggong no longer doubted, Hong Da was extremely excited in his heart, but his face showed a very humble look: “The Marshal is serious, it is also our honor to be able to help you.”

At this time, Hong Da, a big stone hanging in his heart, finally fell to the ground.

Great, I finally won the trust of Gonggong and lived up to His Majesty’s trust.

Gong Gong nodded and ordered a general named Ding Ning next to him: “Hong Da and other knights of the Rushers have been exhausted all the way, first arrange for them to rest, and after dawn, let them familiarize themselves with the deployment of the imperial city. condition.”

“Yes.” Ding Ning responded and greeted Hong Da and everyone to leave.


When they got outside, Hong Da’s eyes flashed cunningly, and he said to Ding Ning, “Leave the rest for a while, let’s take us to see the deployment of the imperial city.”

Infiltrating into the imperial city this time, it is necessary to cooperate with the inside and outside, and cooperate with the army to attack the city. How can I go to rest?


Ding Ning looked melancholy: “I’m afraid this is inappropriate. If the Grand Marshal finds out, he will definitely blame me for not taking good care of the chivalrous men.”


Hong Da laughed loudly, shook his head and said, “We are here to help defend against the Apocalypse army, not to have fun. How can the Grand Marshal blame it?”

Seeing his sincere expression, Ding Ning nodded and couldn’t help but exclaim, “It’s all about the Xia Yin Sect who has the world in mind, and chivalry is the first thing. Today, seeing him today really deserves its reputation.”

As soon as the voice fell, Ding Ning led the way in front, leading Hongda and everyone to see the defense of the imperial city.

Soon after arriving at the South Gate, Ding Ning said with a smile, “Apocalypse’s army is just outside the South Gate, camping a dozen miles away, so the deployment here is also the strongest, you can take a look at it.”


Hong Da responded, smiled and said nothing. In my heart, I was extremely excited and excited. I entered the imperial city tonight, and the ultimate goal was to open the south gate, cooperate with the inside and outside, and let the Tianqi army rush in.

The next second, taking advantage of the moment Ding Ning turned around, Hong Da shot like electricity and slapped him in the back of the heart. Ding Ning didn’t have time to scream, he spat out a mouthful of blood and passed out.


Seeing this scene, the surrounding soldiers who defended the city were all shocked and angry.

However, Hongda didn’t give them any chance to fight back. At that time, he raised his hand and waved: “Kill!”


The voice fell, and the hundreds of companions behind them quickly rushed up and fought with the soldiers guarding the city at the south gate.

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