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Chapter 2323

“Darryl, ah Darryl!”

Anthony looked at Darryl speechlessly, and couldn’t help but explain: “You’re not stupid, so you won’t be really confused now, right? Think about it, you were killed by Demon Venerable before, and your body and soul were annihilated.”

“In other words, after you die, you have nothing, including your primordial spirit and cultivation. It is already a miracle that you can be reborn with the help of the red lotus, so don’t expect too much.”

Speaking of this, Yutong Xian Weng Yufeng turned around and said with a smile: “But don’t worry, now that you are reborn with the help of the red lotus of the law, your physique is completely different from the mortal body of others, even if you re-cultivate, it will be much faster than others. .”


Hearing this, Darryl fell silent.

The next second, Darryl pointed at the red lotus marks on his body: “What’s going on with these?”

“These marks are the power of the Faye Red Lotus attached to you. Although you have been reborn with it, you have not yet integrated the power of the Faye Red Lotus.” Anthony stroked his beard and said slowly: ” When you reach a certain level of cultivation and completely integrate the power of the red lotus of the law, these marks will completely disappear, understand?”

Darryl nodded and suddenly understood.

It turned out to be so.

After understanding this, Darryl felt a little melancholy in his heart. If so, wouldn’t he have to start from scratch?

But soon Darryl figured it out.

Start from scratch, start from scratch, you are lucky to be alive.

Muttering in his heart, Darryl suddenly thought of something, and asked Anthony : “Senior, is it the rebirth of Pan Nirvana? You must have a treasure like the Red Lotus of Faye to be reborn successfully?”

For some reason, Darryl suddenly thought of Queen Suzaku.

Back then, in the Sealed Land, Queen Suzaku sacrificed herself at the last moment, and passed on the power of Bird Ancestor to herself. Now think about it carefully, why didn’t she regenerate herself?

Could it be that there was a lack of treasures like the Faye Red Lotus around at that time?


Hearing the question, Anthony rolled his eyes subconsciously, and said angrily: “Without a treasure like the Faye Red Lotus as a medium, even if you have the power of rebirth, you are just a ray of soul, how can you regenerate it? Successful body shaping?”


Hearing the answer, Darryl took a deep breath and smiled embarrassedly.

At the same time, I was completely stunned.

It seems that I guessed correctly. At that time, there were no treasures like the red lotus of Faye as a medium around, so Queen Suzaku couldn’t be reborn by herself, so she made a desperate attempt to pass on the power of bird ancestors to herself.

hum, hum, hum!

Just as he was talking, he suddenly sensed that there was a powerful aura vibrating in the sky not far away.

Sensing the vibration of this breath, Darryl and Anthony were stunned for a moment, and then they looked up subconsciously. At this sight, Darryl couldn’t help taking a breath of cold air.

Seeing the sky not far away, tens of thousands of demon warriors came hurriedly, and the darkness was overwhelming, each of them wearing black armor, and the momentum was amazing.

In front of these demon warriors are the Demon Lord Gone and the twelve holy demon kings of Moyan.


Seeing this scene, Anthony ‘s expression changed and he was shocked.

This Demon Lord Gone is really haunted, he was found so quickly.

At this time, Anthony didn’t realize that the Demon Race’s tracking skills were very powerful. Half a day ago, Demon Zun Gone ordered Rodolf to lead the way and went under the cliff to investigate. As a result, the body of Princess Dongling was not found. Nie ordered his subordinates to use the tracking secret technique to find the traces of Princess Dongling and Anthony leaving.

After that, the Demon Lord Gone led his subordinates to find this place along the trail.

“Jade boy fairy!”

At this moment, the Demon Lord Gone’s eyes were fixed on Anthony , unable to hide the coldness: “Do you think you can get rid of me successfully by letting the Pipa fairy in the palace? Let me tell you, you can’t escape me. The palm of your hand, this time I see you still running there!”


Feeling the gloomy and coldness of the Demon Lord Gone, Anthony did not panic at all, and said with a smile: “Gonie, stop bragging in front of me, I want to go, you can’t stop me!”

Chapter 2324

Anthony ‘s answer made Demon Lord Gone very angry.


However, just as he was about to respond, he was stunned when he saw Darryl standing on the side of Anthony .

Who is this kid with blood marks on his face?

At this time, Darryl had blood-colored lotus marks all over his face, and even his hair turned crimson, as if he had completely changed into a person, and the Demon Venerable could not recognize it at all.

Not only the Demon Lord Gone, Muryen, and other twelve Holy Demon Kings did not recognize them, but they were all secretly surprised.


At this moment, Muryen and the other holy demon kings also locked their eyes on Darryl and muttered in their hearts.

Who is this person beside Anthony ?


Being stared at by so many eyes, Darryl’s heart was suddenly suspended, and he was unspeakably uneasy.

Mad, these demons must not recognize me, you must know that without the primordial spirit and cultivation, you are a waste.

“Jade boy fairy!”

At this moment, Corey Gone looked away from Darryl, and asked Anthony coldly, “Where’s the girl from the Nine Heavens God? Hurry up and hand it over, as long as you hand her over to me, I will let you go.”

When he said this, the Demon Race Gone looked hideous, and his body was filled with a terrifying evil spirit.

Repeatedly let Anthony and Princess Dongling escape, the Demon Venerable was very angry, and this time he secretly vowed to catch Princess Dongling no matter what.

At this time, Corey still didn’t know that Princess Dongling sacrificed her life and soul in order to bring Darryl back to life, and she no longer exists.


At this moment, Anthony lost his patience and responded coldly: “You still have the face to ask me? When you besieged me and Fairy Pipa before, that girl fled, and now her whereabouts are unknown, I am still looking for her. Woolen cloth.”

“I suspect that she has been caught by you, so you should complain first, and let her go quickly, otherwise don’t blame me for being rude.”

Although Anthony is crazy on weekdays, he is very thoughtful. At this time, seeing that Corey has not discovered Darryl’s identity, he deliberately messes up and confuses the public.


Hearing this, Corey Gone’s face suddenly became extremely gloomy, and he said coldly: “Don’t talk nonsense to me, if I catch that girl, will I come to ask you?”

Speaking, Demon Venerable was too lazy to talk nonsense: “Since you don’t know where that girl is, then I have to deal with you. Anyway, that girl can’t escape without your help.”

The last word fell, and the power of Demon Lord Gone broke out. In an instant, the wind and clouds were surging, and the originally clear sky suddenly became dark.


Seeing this situation, Darryl’s face changed, and he kept scolding in his heart.

This Demon Lord Gone is really shameless, fighting alone is not the opponent of Yutong’s predecessors, and he wants to bully the less.

Anthony also frowned secretly, his expression solemn, but he did not panic too much, and whispered to Darryl: “Boy, don’t panic, this Demon Venerable is just a lot of people.”

I go…

Darryl was a little dumbfounded. This senior Yutong was too confident. You must know that the other party was a Demon Lord. There were not only the twelve holy demon kings, but also tens of thousands of demon warriors.

Thinking about it, Darryl was about to respond.


However, at this moment, Anthony suddenly made a very exaggerated appearance, looked closely at the direction behind Demon Lord Gone, and shouted: “Girl? Are you really here? Run, run. “

When he shouted, Anthony ‘s face was full of anxiety, but slyness flashed in his eyes.

Yes, Anthony deliberately pretended to pretend that Princess Dongling appeared, in order to confuse the attention of Demon Lord Gone.


I have to say that Jade Boy and Immortal Weng are very similar, whether it is the Demon Lord Gone, or the Twelve Holy Demon Kings and the surrounding Demon Warriors, they all looked back at that time.

Seeing this, they all frowned.

There is nothing behind, who is there?

Ha ha…

Seeing this scene, Darryl was originally very nervous, but he couldn’t help laughing out loud.

This Demon Venerable and those Demon Race warriors are too deceiving. Senior Yutong just pretended, and they all believed it.

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