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Chapter 241

These two women are really beautiful. At this time they were playing in the water, and there were waves of water splashing, as if they were fairies in the sky.

Darryl was almost dumbfounded. The adoptive father said that he has two daughters, isn’t it the two sisters in front of him?

Darryl’s guess was right, it was Oliver’s two daughters who were playing in the pool!

Sister Agnes Ouyang is gentle and charming, tight and s3xy.

My sister Cynthia Ouyang is cute and playful. These sisters have their own merits!

Just when Darryl was watching mesmerized, there were several maids on the edge of the pond, they covered their mouths one after another, and exclaimed!

“You, who are you!” the maids screamed.

You know, this is the inner courtyard! Outsiders are not allowed to enter here casually!


At this time, the two sisters in the pool, seeing Darryl, suddenly blushed! Although they were wearing clothes, the clothes stuck to their bodies when they were exposed to water, and the slenderness and tightness were revealed.

Agnes was ashamed and angry, raised her jade arm and pointed at Darryl, her tone trembling: “Who are you…who are you? Get away!”

This man, filthy and bloodstained, was like a beggar, so presumptuous, his eyes staring straight at him, it was absolutely odious!

While younger sister Cynthia, while shy, she was a little curious. She tilted her head to look at Darryl and curiously said: “Who are you? Why are you in my house? Why are you all bloody?”

This person is so strange that he has no cultivation base on his body. He is just an ordinary person, but he is covered in blood. It’s like having just experienced a big battle.

Jingwen was too anxious, pulled Cynthia, tightened her eyebrows, and rebuked, “Sister, this man is a ra5cal, why are you still talking to him?” She said, staring at Darryl with an angry look: “Hurry up, or I will call someone.”

Darryl scratched his head, he could feel it. The characters of this pair of sisters are completely opposite.

Sister Jingwen is more conservative, but she looks down on herself and speaks awkwardly.

My sister Cynthia is very cheerful and looks very cute, a bit like Song Qian’s character.

Thinking of Song Qian, Darryl frowned. What’s the matter with this girl, it seems to have disappeared these days.

“Do you not understand human words? I will let you go!” At this moment, Agnes spoke again.

Hearing this, Darryl laughed and said slowly: “Why do I want to roll? This is my foster father’s home.”

Foster father?

Agnes was stunned, staring at Darryl, with a look of contempt.

My father had said before that he had recognized a righteous son in Donghai City, and he was a very capable, promising young man.

Could it be him?

Peeking at yourself and sister playing in the water, is this young and promising?

Besides, he is so dirty, where can he tell that he is young and promising? I’m afraid I don’t even have a hundred yuan for this outfit, right? Moreover, there is no internal force fluctuation on his body. With such a waste, how can his father recognize him as a righteous son?

Thinking about it, Agnes felt even more disgusted in her heart.

But at this time, Cynthia was full of joy, and smiled at Darryl: “I remember it. Two days ago, my father said, I recognized a brother, is it you?”

Darryl looked at her with a smile, nodded and said: “Yes, it’s me.”

“That’s great, I have an older brother!” Cynthia was not too happy to mention it, she was talking and tapping the water.

“Cynthia, shut up your mouth!” Agnes scowled, and turned her head to look at Darryl: “What are you doing here? Get out! Are you shameless? Didn’t you see me and Cynthia there? Is it in the water?”

“Oh.” Darryl shrugged indifferently: “I can go, but I would advise you, this pond is not good for feng shui, so you shouldn’t stay for a long time. You should go ashore.”

Darryl’s remarks were definitely not groundless, because just now, he looked around and concluded that the feng shui of the pond was wrong.


When these words fell, the maids beside them couldn’t help but laugh.

“Darryl, did you know that this courtyard was designed by Darryl Shui masters and monks?” Agnes laughed.

Monk and his party, that was the most famous Darryl Shui master in the 1950s! It is said that the richest man looks to him for Darryl Shui! The entire Ouyang Mansion, including this pond, are masterpieces of Darryl Shui masters and monks.

But the person in front of me said that this pond is not good in feng shui?

Isn’t this just not pretending to understand, nonsense?

Darryl laughed and said, “Yes, according to Darryl Shui, this pond is ingeniously laid out, especially the rockery next to it, which plays a finishing touch, and it is completely a treasure of Darryl Shui.”

Speaking of this, he paused and said again: “But this pond belongs to the Yin and Yang pond. The north side is always exposed to sunlight, which is yang water; the south side is always in shadow, which is yin water.”

“At that time, the master Seng Xingyi designed this pond, which means yin and yang reconciliation. To be precise, it belongs to a wind pool. You cannot swim in the wind pool, especially the yin water in the south. The yin qi is too heavy. Come out.” Darryl said lightly.

“Wow! Brother, do you still know Darryl Shui? That’s great.” At this time, Cynthia looked admired and couldn’t help applauding.

I don’t know why, although the theory taught by this brother, I didn’t understand it. But what he said seems to make sense..

As soon as the voice fell, Agnes said coldly: “He knows what feng shui, you see his poor and sour, just nonsense, sister, let’s go there to play, don’t pay attention to him.”

Darryl laughed, since he didn’t listen to persuasion, then forget it. Thinking of this, he lifted his leg to leave.

As a result, at this moment, I only heard an exclamation in the pond! Then came the sound of falling into the water!



Looking from a distance, Agnes kept beating the water, obviously drowning! I saw her whole body, sinking down quickly!

The maids around are scared silly!

Cynthia also panicked: “Sister…”

Seeing this scene, Darryl was stunned, before he had time to think, he jumped down with a plop.

The water in this pond was very cold. Darryl had just woke up from a coma, and he was still a little confused. After flopping in the water twice, with quick eyesight and quick hands, he grabbed Agnes’s waist with one hand.


I have to say that this woman’s figure is really good. This waist is too thin. Darryl secretly admired, and then took Agnes to the shore.

After landing, Agnes was afraid for a while. For some reason, I suddenly became numb and drowned. Fortunately, there is no danger..

Agnes stroked her chest, and only then discovered that Darryl’s hand was still on her waist! Suddenly he felt ashamed: “You… let me go.”

When she said this, Agnes’s eyes were full of disgust! This man was so dirty that he touched himself, it was disgusting.

Hearing this, Darryl smiled and let go of his hand.


At this moment, without warning, Agnes slapped Darryl’s face fiercely!

This slap was very heavy, and for a short while, the maids around the pond were so frightened that they didn’t dare to speak.

“Who let you touch me, who do you think you are?” Agnes said coldly.

“No, something wrong with you?” Darryl didn’t get used to her either. D*mn’s, isn’t this sick? I rescued you, will you slap me when you come ashore? Is there any reason?

Chapter 242

“Who are you scolding? Try another scolding.” At this moment, Agnes’s internal force suddenly broke out!

A powerful breath instantly locked Darryl!

Four generals! It is exactly the same as Darryl’s previous level!

At this age, being able to cultivate to this level is definitely a genius.

With this breath, Darryl couldn’t breathe. His cultivation veins were completely interrupted by Master Miao Yuan. He is just an ordinary person now!

At this time Cynthia also went ashore, stopped her sister, and whispered: “Sister, how do you do it?”

This elder brother is very good. Thanks to him just now, my sister is not in danger of life. Then again, this elder brother is so good, he said that this pond is not good in feng shui, but he was really right!


At noon, Agnes returned to the room, changed her clothes, and went directly to the study in Waiyuan.

In the study, Oliver was reading ancient books.

His godson Darryl’s heart was damaged, and Oliver was distressed and anxious, looking for all possible treatments.

Agnes walked up to her, bit her lip, her face full of displeasure: “Dad, why did you bring that Darryl home?”

I get angry when I think of that poor guy!

Oliver was looking attentively, heard the voice, and raised his head: “He is my adopted son. He was seriously injured. I took him home. As expected.” After speaking, he continued with a smile: “By the way, you are here at the right time, there is something, I was about to tell you.”

Agnes was upset: “What’s the matter?”

Oliver smiled: “Jingwen, your boss is no longer young. I have been thinking about your marriage recently, but there is no suitable candidate, but now I have one.”


Agnes trembled and couldn’t help asking.

“Your righteous brother, Darryl.” Oliver said enthusiastically: “You righteous brother, but a rare talent, as far as I know, he is omnipotent in cultivation and alchemy! And after my secret investigation , He is quite good at doing business, and he still has a company under him.”

Speaking of this, Oliver laughed and continued: “Back then, Darryl’s father and I were married by fingertips. Logically speaking, you should also marry him.”


Marry that ba5tard?

Upon hearing this, Agnes was completely blindfolded, and she turned her ears and refused: “Dad, I won’t marry him anymore, and I won’t marry if I die!”

I thought my father would say something about the son of a big family, so I could think about it myself.

But it happened to be Darryl!

When I think of this person, I feel disgusting. How could it be possible to marry him? Absolutely not!

Oliver was stunned, and said in surprise: “Why?”

At this time, he was very puzzled by his daughter’s reaction.

Darryl is very good, why is his daughter so resistant?

Agnes took a deep breath and said: “Dad, Darryl, you said that you already have a wife, and he is still a son-in-law, how can I marry him.”

Haha, it turned out to be because of this.

Oliver smiled, and shook his head disapprovingly: “Jingwen, you are a young man, why are you more stubborn than me? Besides, we are children of the rivers and lakes. We do not need to pay attention to the common etiquette at all when we do anything. Now, you righteous brother, but a dragon and a phoenix among people…”

Agnes shook her head and couldn’t hear it at all: “Don’t tell me, I won’t marry him anyway.”

Oliver couldn’t laugh. My eldest daughter is really wayward.

But in no hurry, Darryl will live here for a long time, and slowly, his daughter will discover his advantages.

The so-called long-term love.

Thinking of this, Oliver laughed.

At this moment, a maid hurried to the door and said respectfully: “The patriarch, the chairman of the Jiangnan Alchemy Association, Ren Feifei, came to visit with his disciple Bai Xiaotian and was waiting in the front hall.”

Bai Xiaotian is here?

Agnes was overjoyed, stepped on high heels, and walked up quickly: “Dad, I will go to the lobby with you.”

Bai Xiaotian is Ren Feifei’s apprentice. He is also the eldest young master of the Bai family, which is a well-known big family in Zhongzhou City.

Bai Xiaotian and Agnes are very good friends. Agnes liked him very much and thought he was suave.

In the front hall.

Ren Feifei sat on the sofa, wearing a white cheongsam, indescribably dignified and elegant, perfectly showing her s3xy figure.

Behind her stood a handsome man with a neat suit and good temperament. It is her most proud disciple, Bai Xiaotian.

Bai Xiaotian has worshipped Ren Feifei as his teacher for four or five years. He has extremely high attainments in alchemy, and now he has a small reputation in the arena.


At this moment, Agnes walked over with a smile, with unspeakable joy in her heart: “Xiaotian, you have come, and you haven’t been looking for me for a long time. I’m almost suffocating at home!”

Bai Xiaotian smiled and said, “I have been busy, didn’t I see you today?”

A smile appeared on Ren Feifei’s face. My disciple and Jingwen, standing together, they were born with a talented and beautiful girl.

At this time, Oliver also came over, smiled and clasped his fists: “It’s really a loss to welcome President Ren to the humble house.”

The Jiangnan Alchemy Association has a strong influence in the arena and should not be underestimated. Especially Ren Feifei, the president, is worthy of respect. Many masters on the rivers and lakes saw her respectfully.

Ren Feifei stood up and said with a smile: “Patriarch Ouyang is too polite. Don’t blame it if you rush to visit.”

“Chairman Ren, please sit down.” Oliver hurriedly greeted: “Come here, bring me good old tea.”

After a while, a few maids came over with tea. After the two exchanged a few words, Ren Feifei went straight to the subject: “I am here today, there is a big happy event.”

Happy event?

Oliver stunned, and said with a smile: “What a happy event, please let the president speak frankly.”

Ren Feifei smiled and said, “Patriarch Ouyang, I’ll just speak directly. My apprentice, and your eldest daughter, have a good relationship and get along very well. Therefore, I brought Xiaotian to Ouyang on purpose today. The patriarch proposed a marriage.”

When the voice fell, Agnes, who was next to her, flushed with shame, and her heart was even more indescribable.

Great, if you can marry Xiaotian, then you must be the happiest woman!

Thinking about it, Agnes glanced at Bai Xiaotian secretly, shy and sweet.

However, Oliver on one side frowned secretly, smiled awkwardly and said: “It turns out to be this, but I’m sorry, Chairman Ren, my eldest daughter has already been betrothed to someone else.”


When the voice fell, the smiles of Ren Feifei and Bai Xiaotian disappeared at the same time!

“Dare to ask who was the betrothed to?” Ren Feifei asked.


The relationship between my apprentice and Jingwen has always been very good. The two are childhood sweethearts. Why suddenly, Patriarch Ouyang betrothed her to someone else?

Oliver smiled slightly and responded: “His name is Darryl.”

When he said Darryl’s name, Oliver’s face showed a bit of pride.

This righteous son can be said to be a dragon and a phoenix among the people. There are very few people in the world who can beat him, or even none of them.

Such an outstanding young man, his daughter marries him, and he is not wronged at all.


At the same time, Ren Feifei’s body was shocked, her eyebrows frowned slightly, and she quickly asked, “But Darryl from Donghai City?”

If it were him, it would be a coincidence.

At the beginning of the alchemy meeting, Darryl’s performance as a pill boy was amazing. I have always remembered it fresh. And this Darryl is really different. When he wanted to accept him as a disciple, he refused. You know, how many people smash their heads and want to worship themselves as teachers!

Chapter 243

Oliver nodded and said with a smile: “It turns out that President Ren also knows my son. I have decided to betroth Jingwen to him.”

This Bai Xiaotian, although not bad. But compared to the godson, it’s still far behind.

At this moment, Agnes finally couldn’t help it, and stomped her foot: “Dad, I said, I won’t marry him. I like Xiaotian, not the son-in-law!”

With that, Agnes took Bai Xiaotian’s arm tightly with a firm attitude.


Oliver’s face sank, and he scolded: “As the matchmaker’s parents ordered, you can decide the important matter of marriage?!”

Seeing her father getting angry, Agnes was very anxious, biting her lip: “Dad. My daughter doesn’t understand, what is Darryl good about? Since you say he is a dragon and a phoenix among people, then you can compare him with Xiaotian. , See who is better. If Darryl wins, I will listen to you. If he loses, I will marry Xiaotian, okay?”

Oliver pondered.

He did not expect that his daughter would suddenly come up with such a proposal.

Darryl’s meridians are now broken, what can he compare with Bai Xiaotian? Obviously suffer.

At this moment, Ren Feifei smiled and said: “Patriarch Ouyang, since Ling Qianjin said so, it’s better to let these two young people compare.”

Seeing Ren Feifei said so, Oliver nodded silently.

Then he directed at the servant outside the door: “Go and call the young master over.”

As his adopted son, Darryl is of course the young master. In a short while, Darryl walked over. The moment he entered the door, he was shocked, and he saw the s3xy Ren Feifei at a glance.

Why is she here?

I have to say that this woman is really beautiful. Any man who sees this s3xy cheongsam will be unable to hold back the impulse in his heart.

Seeing Darryl, Bai Xiaotian clenched his fists. The boy was covered in blood and dirt, not to mention, mainly because of sourness. How is this worthy of Jingwen?

Darryl ignored his gaze, and first smiled at Ren Feifei: “What a coincidence, Chairman Ren, let’s meet again.”

After speaking, he walked to Oliver: “Foster father, are you looking for me?”

Had it not been for the foster father to save him, he would have died a long time ago. At this time, Darryl had already regarded Oliver as a relative, just like his biological father.

Oliver smiled and said with a smile on his face: “Mr. Darryl, wait for you to have a try with this Bai Xiaotian.”



Why are you competing? I don’t know him.

Darryl looked dazed and didn’t know what happened.

But the foster father has spoken, he will definitely not cheat himself, just compare.

Thinking about it, Darryl nodded: “Okay.”

“I’ve seen someone who can’t help me, and I’ve never seen such a person who doesn’t know how high and thick.” Jingwen frowned, and said: “You look like you, how do you compare to Xiaotian? No peeing. According to yourself, okay, since you want to compare, you can say what to compare.”

Darryl is not stupid, of course it can be seen that she likes Bai Xiaotian.

Smiling, Darryl said casually: “Whatever you want, it’s better than anything.”

My meridian is broken, so as long as it’s not a contest, everything else doesn’t matter.


Better than anything.

This…this is too crazy, right?

Don’t you know how many catties you have? Still let out such a big talk?

Agnes curled her lips: “Just compare it, right? Then you can compare alchemy.”

Anyway, this game, Darryl must lose. Just now my father said that Darryl would also refine alchemy. But this poor man, his knowledge of alchemy, can he compare to Xiaotian? As long as Xiaotian wins, he can marry him.

“Yes.” Darryl shrugged and said indifferently.


Ren Feifei’s ruddy lips lifted up slightly, smiling very charmingly. The performance of Darryl in the alchemy conference before was really unforgettable, and he was indeed a talent for alchemy. But compared with his apprentice, he is still far behind.

“If you compare alchemy, our new young master will definitely lose.”

“It goes without saying that Bai Xiaotian is a good disciple of Chairman Ren Feifei, and he is also very famous in the Alchemy Association.”

“Okay, don’t gossip, go to the alchemy room.” Jing Wen couldn’t wait, and took the lead out of the room.

The alchemy room of the Ouyang family is the most professional in Zhongzhou. It not only has a bronze pill furnace, but also many rare medicinal materials.

When he arrived at the alchemy room, as soon as Darryl stood firm, he heard a cheer.


A slender figure ran over and arrived in front of Darryl.

It is Cynthia.

At this time, Huimei, wearing a yellow long dress, was full of youthful and beautiful breath.

I don’t know why, she was very excited, and took Darryl’s arm: “Brother, you can still do alchemy? That’s great. Can I stand next to you and watch you do alchemy?”

Although I only met on the first day, Cynthia had an inexplicable intimacy and curiosity for this brother! He not only understands Darryl Shui, but also alchemy? He, is he almighty?

“Good, good.” Darryl couldn’t help but touched her head. This little girl is so lovely.

Seeing this scene, Oliver nodded with a smile.

The eldest daughter kept resisting Darryl, making him helpless. Fortunately, the youngest daughter and Darryl get along very well, which makes him very pleased.

“Cynthia!” Agnes was upset, and stomped her feet anxiously: “What are you doing, come here.”

I really don’t know what is good about this door-to-door son-in-law, my sister is so passionate about him! Agnes became more angry the more she thought about it, and said, “Hurry up and play.”

As soon as her words fell, Ren Feifei walked out and smiled and said to Oliver: “Patriarch Ouyang, before the game, I want to add another bet, okay?”

“Of course.” Oliver said without even thinking about it.

Ren Feifei nodded, stepped on high heels, and walked straight over, looking at Darryl with a smile but a smile: “Darryl, if you lose, Jingwen will marry my disciple. Besides, you still Want to worship me as a teacher. Do you dare to bet?”

Last time at the alchemy meeting, Darryl refused to apprentice a teacher, and she has always been worried about it.

Of course, you can’t miss such a good opportunity today.

Of course, in her heart, this competition has not yet started, there is already a result. Darryl would definitely lose.

After all, Bai Xiaotian had followed him for many years, and now the apprentice’s alchemy level was very high.

Hearing this, Darryl laughed suddenly, and looked at Ren Feifei: “Of course, but what if I win? Are you going to worship me as a teacher?”


A group of maids outside the door talked a lot. This young master is really blindly confident…

Ren Feifei’s pretty face changed, and a little bit of humiliation rose in her heart, but she held her own identity and did not show it on the spot. Instead, she smiled lightly and gritted her teeth and said, “Okay.”

Bai Xiaotian couldn’t help it, and looked at Darryl and said coldly: “Boy, it’s over for a while, don’t forget to call my brother.”

This kid, who actually said disrespect to the master, really deserves a thousand cuts! In his heart, Master is the goddess above everything, and this kid is never allowed to be disrespectful!

Be sure to speak out for Master later!

Chapter 244

“Okay, let me talk about the rules.” Ren Feifei took a few steps and sat in a chair. This time, the fascinating curve is even more attractive: “The time of the game is one hour. You two, whoever refines the pill will win, and if the time comes, if the pill is not refined, it will be considered a loss. .”

Having said that, Ren Feifei took a look at the time and raised her hand: “Okay, the test will begin now.”

At the moment when the voice fell, Bai Xiaotian reacted extremely quickly, walked to the pile of materials, and quickly grabbed two. He grasped every kind of material with his hands, extremely precise!

Then ignite the furnace, put in the materials, and start refining.

Everything is going smoothly and orderly.

At this time, the people of the Ouyang family were basically surrounded. Seeing Bai Xiaotian’s movements, everyone around him nodded in admiration.

“It’s worthy of being a senior disciple who serves as the president. This action is too skillful.”

“I don’t know what rare pill he is going to refine, it’s really exciting.”

Hearing that loud discussion, Bai Xiaotian smiled, and he became more confident in his heart.

On the other side, Darryl stood in a daze. The selection of materials has not yet started.

Many people looked at Darryl and shook their heads secretly.

Lost at the starting line at the beginning, it seems that this Darryl is destined to lose.

Agnes was full of sarcasm, and couldn’t help but smile and said: “I saw him, I said he was bragging. Once he played, he was stupid. I’m afraid that so much material hasn’t been fully recognized yet.”

When the voice fell, several maids sneered.

Even Cynthia was a little anxious, and couldn’t help but said, “Brother Darryl, why haven’t you started yet.”

Darryl smiled: “Don’t panic.”

The reason why he didn’t start right away was because he wanted to see what kind of medicine Bai Xiao was going to refine.

And now, Darryl had a bottom in his heart. After a laugh, he began to select materials.

And, when choosing, you must weigh it on the electronic scale next to it.

Seeing this scene, Bai Xiaotian couldn’t help but smile and said, “What? The ratio of materials requires an electronic scale.”

Professional alchemists are all hand-held, and the weight is very good.

And Darryl is obviously very amateur like this.

Darryl ignored him either. Before doing alchemy by himself, it was indeed done by hand. But now the heart vein is broken, and there is no internal strength for cultivation. In the past, I could easily pick up a thousand catties of things, but now I am afraid that it takes a lot of effort to lift a hundred catties of rice.

So the feel is also out of precision. To be on the safe side, use an electronic scale to weigh it.

Time passed by every minute.

Bai Xiaotian’s pill furnace was burning more and more vigorously, and the entire pill furnace was extremely red.

Everyone can smell it, a pill fragrant that seems to be absent, coming out of his pill furnace. Suddenly, many people were inexplicably excited.

They knew that Bai Xiaotian’s pill was about to be refined. !

Moreover, it is definitely a rare panacea!

On the other hand, on Darryl’s side, although the fire was still burning, there was no movement at all.


Just at this moment, I heard a shock, and then, a golden cloud floated from a distance, slowly merged into a Dan cloud, suspended in the sky above the Ouyang mansion! The location is just above Bai Xiaotian’s head!

Bai Xiaotian attracted Dan Yun!

“Heaven, it turned out to be a golden pill cloud!”

“What kind of rare elixir is it? The pill cloud that was triggered is actually golden!”

At this moment, everyone is excited! It’s too strange, this Dan Yun turned out to be golden! This shows that Bai Xiaotian’s attainments in alchemy are really too high!

Agnes entwined her hands tightly in front of her, unspeakably excited.

Worthy of being a man in his fancy.

Can trigger the golden pill cloud, is that

Can Darryl compare to it?

“Really a famous teacher who has made a good apprentice!” I don’t know anyone in the crowd who said, and then everyone looked at Ren Feifei.

At this moment, she was holding a cup of tea in her hand, and took a sip of her red lips, unspeakably charming and charming.

She had anticipated her disciple’s performance a long time ago.

“Wow, golden Danyun.” Cynthia also exclaimed.

In the next second, he turned his head and said, “Brother Darryl, are we going to lose?”

Darryl smiled without saying a word.

But in my heart, I also secretly admired. This Bai Xiaotian can trigger a golden pill cloud. In the alchemy technique, he really has some strength, no wonder he is so confident.


At this moment, the pill furnace in front of Bai Xiaotian’s eyes suddenly shook!

A pill flew out directly! Bai Xiaotian grabbed it lightly and held the pill in his hand.

At this moment, everyone around them stared at Bai Xiaotian closely, and their eyes were full of expectation!

With a smile on his face, Bai Xiaotian slowly opened his hand. At this moment, everyone was stunned!

A pill with colorful rays of light appeared in his hands! In the sun, it is even more dazzling!


In an instant, everyone looked dumbfounded, and at the same time extremely curious!

What kind of medicine is this? How is it colorful?

Ren Feifei nodded approvingly, and slowly stood up and said, “Xiaotian, tell Patriarch Ouyang, what kind of pill are you.”

Bai Xiaotian smiled and was very proud: “This pill, named Wuling Pill, as the name suggests, after cultivators take it, there are five gain effects, namely’tempering muscles and bones’,’improving internal strength’, and’quiet god The effects of’heart’,’beautifying skin’ and’immune against all kinds of poisons’.”

As soon as this remark came out, the audience was in an uproar! Everyone opened their mouths wide.

It’s amazing to have so many effects!

Ren Feifei smiled, looking at Bai Xiaotian, nodded uncontrollably.

As expected to be the apprentice I valued most, I didn’t let myself down as expected.

At this time, Bai Xiaotian walked over, arrived in front of Agnes, and handed the Five Spirit Pills over: “Jingwen, in fact, I wanted to refine a pill for you a long time ago. Today, taking this opportunity, I will take this Five spirit pills for you.”

Speaking of this, Bai Xiaotian smiled: “One of the effects of these five spirit pills is to keep your face and beautify. I hope you will always be so beautiful.”

“Thank you! Xiaotian!” Agnes was full of joy, her face full of sweetness and happiness.

I didn’t see the wrong person, this one is the one who is worthy of my life.

As for Darryl, he didn’t deserve to carry his shoes.

At this moment, everyone around looked at the Five Spirit Pills, and they were all talking about it. There is no suspense in this alchemy competition..

At this time, many people’s eyes turned to Darryl’s side, and their expressions were complicated.

Darryl on one side was still adjusting the heat without hurriedly, inside the pill furnace quietly, there was no aura fluctuation at all, let alone triggering pill clouds. Seeing this scene, many people are not interested in watching it anymore.

Ren Feifei also shook her head secretly, with a pair of beautiful eyes with a hint of disappointment.

Could it be that the last alchemy meeting was just a coincidence?

Do you think highly of him?

This Darryl was actually not that high in his alchemy technique…

“Okay, you surrender.” Ren Feifei really couldn’t stand it anymore, and walked slowly over, looking at Darryl condescendingly: “You have already lost this game. Although your alchemy skills are low, you worship me. Master, I have trained you for a year and a half, and you can reach Xiaotian’s level.”


This remark made Darryl amused, and looked at Ren Feifei helplessly: “President Ren, you still have to train me? I’m afraid it’s not qualified, I’ll train you pretty much.

Chapter 245

“Aren’t you special code?!” Bai Xiaotian was anxious, and pointed at Darryl and roared loudly.

How dare you be disrespectful to Master with this wicked pen!

In his heart, the master is a fairy in the sky. How can he allow this wicked pen to speak insultingly?

“Apprentice, retreat.” Ren Feifei waved her hand, and then looked up and down Darryl: “What’s the use of being majestic here? The five spirit pills refined by my apprentice have attracted a golden pill. . Do you still plan to continue the comparison?”

“Of course, time hasn’t arrived yet.” Darryl said with a smile.

While talking, he looked down at Huohou.

“You remember the bet you just made.” Ren Feifei shook her head and said: “If you lose, you will worship me as your teacher, kneel down and kneel down three times.”

Chi Chi!

As soon as Ren Feifei’s voice fell, she suddenly saw Darryl stretch out a hand, put it on the lid of the pill furnace, and lifted the lid! Suddenly, a scorching breath escaped, accompanied by the aura of the material!


What is he doing?

Before the pill is completed, he hastily turned on the pill furnace. Isn’t this a waste of all previous efforts?

At this moment, everyone present was stunned!

“Give up?”

Agnes looked at Darryl with a smile but couldn’t help making a mockery.

I thought this door-to-door son-in-law was a bit capable. Now it seems that he is really overestimating him. Is this kind of person still competing with Xiaotian? It simply pulled Xiaotian’s identity down.

However, no one noticed, Ren Feifei on one side trembled! Looking at every detail of Darryl tightly, his eyes couldn’t move away!

He… is he quenching the pill furnace? !

Quenching the pill furnace is the most secretive and the longest lost method in ancient alchemy! This method has long since been lost! Now only some records can be found in some ancient books, but the records are not comprehensive.

It is said that the quenching pill furnace is to use the spiritual energy of the spiritual grass material to completely remove the impurities in the pill furnace, so that the refined pill can guarantee 100% purity.

Of course, the pill that is refined in this way is an extremely rare spirit pill!

Ren Feifei has read records about the’Quenching Pill Furnace’ in several ancient books. Therefore, seeing Darryl’s actions, she was shocked and unbelievable!

How did he know this long-lost alchemy secret technique? !

At this moment, I saw that Darryl put the prepared materials into the pill furnace again, and at the same time strengthened the intensity of the fire! At this time, there is less than twenty minutes before the end of the competition!

At this time, many people couldn’t help but laugh, and secretly shook their heads. They had never heard of the quenching pill furnace, so they only felt that Darryl had just turned on the pill furnace, it must have failed, and now he has to re-refine the pill furnace.

Time is running out, it is impossible for him to succeed in refining.

Even if the pill is refined, it will not be rarer than Bai Xiaotian!


At this moment, Agnes couldn’t help it, and said to Oliver: “I can’t compare it, let him give up.”

Oliver glanced at her without speaking.


At this moment, a thunderstorm suddenly came!

“Boom! Boom! Boom!”

For a moment, the sky was still clear, but now it was overcast! Lightning bursts out, shocking! Looking closely, these lightning bolts are all black, which is obviously a celestial phenomenon caused by alchemy!


Half of Zhongzhou City is already boiling at this time!

All the citizens raised their heads one after another, staring in midair with horror and horror! Those lightning bolts are falling in the city center, Ouyang Mansion!

“This…. Another peculiar pill, turned out to be!”

On the street, I didn’t know who shouted, and then everyone shouted in exclamation!

As we all know, some masters of alchemy, refining pills can trigger pill cloud. But I have never seen anything that can cause thunder and lightning!

Ouyang Mansion is silent at this time!

Jingwen’s smile was already frozen on her face, her body trembled, she couldn’t believe her eyes at all!

This… how is this possible?

He is just a door-to-door son-in-law, a trash with almost no strengths. How could he be better than Bai Xiaotian in alchemy?

Beside her, Bai Xiaotian was also dumbfounded!


Just when everyone was shocked, the pill furnace in front of Darryl’s eyes burst out with a strong aura vibration, and immediately, the pill furnace split in half, and a pill that circulated the light of thunder and lightning flew out.

Darryl smiled slightly and grabbed it.

At this moment, everyone’s eyes focused on that pill!



I saw that the pill in Darryl’s hand was still flashing an electric arc!

This…is this still a pill? !

Can it be called a god pill? !

“Okay, okay, okay!” Oliver was so excited, he came over with a big smile: “Xiaofeng, tell me, what kind of pill is yours?”

Darryl smiled and said, “Foster father, this is called Tyrant Pill.”

“What? Tyrant Pill.”

At this moment, Ren Feifei on the side trembled, and couldn’t help but say: “You, are you Despot Pill?”

According to historical records, this Tyrant Pill is an extremely domineering pill. After taking it, it can instantly increase the power of three times for an hour!

However, this kind of pill was lost during the Tang Dynasty. According to legend, during the Three Kingdoms period, Zhao Yunneng was in Cao Cao’s army for seven entries and seven exits, and he took this Despot Pill! Of course, this pill can only be taken once in a lifetime, and there will be side effects after taking it the second time. Even so, it is a peerless pill! Eating it at a critical moment can really save your life!

At this moment, everyone in the audience was stunned!

At this moment, Darryl smiled and handed the pill to Oliver: “Foster father, this pill will be given to you.”

“Good, haha, good!”

Oliver was so excited, his hands trembled a little!

After receiving the pill, Oliver looked at Ren Feifei with a smile: “President Ren, what do you say about this test.”

This is really surprising! I thought that the godson would lose, but I didn’t know that he exceeded his expectations, causing a thunderous sky, which shocked the audience.

When the voice fell, everyone’s eyes focused on Ren Feifei.

Ren Feifei also recovered from the shock, and smiled softly: “Although the ending is very surprising, I have to say that this child Darryl does have a very high level of talent and realm in alchemy. This time the competition , Darryl won.”

Bai Xiaotian blushed, very unwilling, but could not say a word.

After all, Darryl caused a thunderous sky phenomenon, and his realm was indeed much higher than himself!

But… in this way, I can’t marry Jingwen. I really don’t want to be reconciled!

“Chairman Ren is really unselfish, and that Jingwen and your disciple’s relationship, let it go, and never mention it.” Oliver said with a smile.

“Father!” Agnes was about to cry, how could this be possible, how could Xiaotian lose! She still has difficulty accepting this fact!

Thinking about it, Agnes stomped her feet and turned and ran away.

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