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Chapter 256

Melba stepped forward: “Peter is now a sinner on the rivers and lakes. He is in collusion with the Palace of Longevity. If you say take it away, take it away?”

“Yes.” Mathew looked at her with a squinted smile, and a three-pointed two-edged knife appeared in his hand with a twist of his wrist: “I’ll say it again, I want to take Peter away from the Heavenly Gate. !”


When the voice fell, Mathew broke out in vain with all his internal strength!

After eating the Immortal Pill, he is already a period of Wuhou! At the same time, thousands of Tianmen disciples behind him drew long swords one after another!

“You…” Seeing this formation, Melba couldn’t help taking a step back.

At this moment, Mathew jumped up and landed beside Peter. When they raised their hands, they cut the ropes on Peter and the others.

This speed is too fast, Melba and these Emei school disciples can’t react at all!

Melba was frightened and angry, and shouted: “You… you do this, it’s too much of our Emei pie.”

The other Emei disciples around were also very angry, but none of them dared to act rashly.

You know, there are more than a thousand disciples from the Celestial Clan on the opposite side!

Mathew’s eyes were cold and gloomy: “I’m always domineering when I do things in Tianmen.”

When the voice fell, take Peter’s family and leave! Thousands of Tianmen disciples followed!

“You!” Melba stomped her feet, her pretty face flushed, and she didn’t dare to catch up.

One hour later, Master Miaoyuan finished the work and returned to the Yue family. He was very angry when he learned that Peter had been rescued.


Raising the palm of his hand, he smashed a wooden stake. Master Miao Yuan’s face was so beautiful that it was indescribably gloomy: “Okay, you heaven, we have no grievances, you dare to snatch people from my Emei faction!”

“Master… shall we take revenge?” Melba on one side couldn’t help asking.

“Tianmen is now famous, so forget it.” Master Miao Yuan shook his head too much: “Especially the Sect Master of Tianmen, Yue Wudi. This person is very mysterious. No one has seen his true face after so long. This Yue Wudi , I’m afraid it’s a bit uncomfortable.”

“Master, don’t you just swallow this breath?”

“Otherwise?” Master Miao Yuan asked, with frowned eyebrows.


On the other side, Ouyang family, Darryl’s room.

Janis stood there, her beautiful face was full of anxiety, and she whispered softly: “Darryl, Aunt Jiang, please forgive Jingwen, okay? She lied to you to enter the Peach Blossom Forest. Don’t be righteous to you. Father said that after she tricked you into it, she also regretted it..”

As he said, Janis bit her lip tightly: “You sister is ignorant, don’t be familiar with him.”

Not sensible?

Darryl laughed, suffocating anger in his heart, and said: “Aunt Jiang, needless to say, Jingwen is already an adult, she and Bai Xiaotian led me to the Peach Blossom Forest, just wanting me to die there!”

D*mn, if it wasn’t for luck, I found the book left by Bai Qi in Gujing, I’m afraid I’m trapped in it now!

Agnes wants to kill me, why should I talk about love?

At this time Janis was anxious and helpless. I begged Darryl for a long time here, but he still refused to agree, what should I do.

At this time, Darryl was too lazy to say: “Aunt Jiang, I should rest, you can go back.”

While talking, Darryl went to get a bottle of healing medicine on the bedside.

Healing medicine is specially formulated by Oliver for himself. It is taken once a day and has the effect of strengthening the body.

Darryl had just come out of the Peach Blossom Forest, and his body was still a little weak at this time. This healing medicine was very useful.

“I’ll help you, you are weak, sit here and don’t move around.” Janis said as she stood up to get it. At this time, she just wanted to please Darryl.


However, Janis just stood up, maybe because of the anxiety, she couldn’t stand firm for a while, and her ankle was crippled. Suddenly screamed, his body turned upside down towards Darryl.

“Auntie Jiang.”

Seeing this scene, Darryl couldn’t think much, nervously opened his hands, hugged Janis’s exquisit wai5t, and wanted to hold her. But at this time Darryl was very weak. Not only did he fail to hold him, but he also fell. Suddenly, the two fell on the bed.

D*mn it!

With this fall, Darryl felt that he was going to be distracted. Janis was still pressing on herself at this time.

Darryl only felt a scent of fragrance, which was the smell of Janis.

Janis was also very embarrassed, and she got up if she was in a hurry. However, the more anxious, the more chaotic the situation, Janis’s clothes were pressed under her by Darryl, and she just got up, surrounded by her clothes, and lay on Darryl’s body.

“Brother, I found a fun thing!”

However, at this moment, I heard Cynthia’s voice, and the door was pushed open immediately!

Cynthia walked in happily, holding a puzzle in her hand, and wanted to play with Darryl. But the moment he walked in, Cynthia was stunned, staring blankly at Janis and Darryl on the bed, and couldn’t say a word!

Janis was extremely embarrassed, her delicate face was hot.

For a while, the room was silent.

A few seconds later, Cynthia calmed down, smiling and covering her eyes: “I, I didn’t see anything, I didn’t see…”

Having said this, Cynthia was about to turn around and leave.

Janis was in a hurry, blushing, and quickly got up and grabbed Cynthia’s wrist.

As he said, Janis’s face became hotter and hotter, and quickly explained: “I just helped your brother get the medicine and fell down accidentally…”


Upon hearing this, Cynthia nodded suddenly.


Janis breathed out softly, and said helplessly: “It’s so late, don’t disturb your brother, go back to your room and rest quickly.”

While talking, he pulled Cynthia out of the room. After two steps, Janis looked back at Darryl and said softly: “Mr. Darryl, Aunt Jiang will come to you again tomorrow.”

Just begging for a long time, Darryl did not agree.

There is no other way but to come again tomorrow.

Darryl smiled and said nothing.

He could see that Janis loved her two daughters very much, otherwise she wouldn’t beg her for mercy.

It stands to reason that Agnes is the daughter of her foster father after all, so she doesn’t have to worry about it.

But… Agnes tricked herself into the Peach Blossom Forest and almost killed herself! If she doesn’t teach her a lesson this time, I’m afraid she will think of the law to harm herself in the future!

Thinking about it, Darryl closed the door and lay back on the bed to rest.

Jingle Bell.

As a result, at this moment, the phone’s ringtone suddenly rang.

It’s so late, who is looking for yourself? Darryl muttered in his heart, picked up his mobile phone and took a look, and his heart suddenly felt infinite tenderness.


Darryl showed a slight smile and clicked to answer Jian. Before he could speak, he heard Lily’s joyful voice: “Husband, how are you?”

At this time, Lily was on the sofa while she was on the phone and watching TV. Seeing that the call was connected, it made me happy.

Since Bessie’s wedding, Lily has been taken to the Yue family. Fortunately, Peter brought her back to life. Then Peter sent her home. After returning home, Lily missed Darryl very much and called Darryl almost every day.

However, it has been unable to get through. Of course Lily didn’t know. In the past few days, Darryl had been trapped in the peach blossom forest, and her mobile phone had no signal at all.

But tonight, Lily tried to play again, but she didn’t expect it to pass. At this time, she was indescribably excited, not to mention too happy.

“Husband, where are you? Is your injury well? What have you been doing these days…” Lily asked a lot of questions.

In fact, her husband made a big fuss about Bessie’s wedding, she was really jealous, but she missed Darryl so much that she couldn’t help calling him…

Chapter 257

Darryl’s heart was warm, and he said softly: “I am at my foster father’s house now, and my foster father treats me very well, so don’t worry.”

Hearing this, Lily relaxed her heart secretly, and then said with some expectation: “Husband, can you come back? I…I…I miss you so much…” At the last sentence, her voice was suppressed. Very low, very low.

After saying this, Lily’s face was also flushed. She really couldn’t say such things before, and she felt so ashamed.

“Okay.” Darryl laughed, and agreed without thinking about it, and said with a smile: “I’ll go back early tomorrow morning, all right.”

It’s also time to go back to Donghae City. Go back and take a look at what kind of injury the Great Sage has become.

It’s just that it’s late now, and I’m very weak, so I’ll go back tomorrow.

“Great, I’ll wait for you at home tomorrow! Husband, then I’ll hang up…” Lily said softly. But the voice fell, and did not hang up, there was a full silence for more than ten seconds, and then he kissed the phone gently.


Then he hung up the phone.

Darryl only felt the emotion of being kissed, smiled and put the phone aside, lay on the bed, and slept beautifully.

Early the next morning, as soon as the sun rose, Darryl got up.

After washing, Darryl changed into clean clothes and prepared to say goodbye to his adoptive father and returned to Donghai City. As a result, as soon as I opened the door, I heard an anxious voice outside!

“Quick… Go get the hemostatic medicine!”

Listening to this voice, it is Oliver!

What happened? Darryl frowned secretly and followed the voice.

As a result, Darryl was stunned at this sight!

I only saw a dozen people walking not far away, all with injuries. It was Ren Feifei and her disciples.

Ren Feifei’s more than a dozen disciples were all injured, especially Bai Xiaotian, who was stabbed three times. His body was full of blood.

“Xiaotian, bear with me.” Oliver took the hemostatic medicine and applied it to Bai Xiaotian’s wound. I only heard this kid screaming like a pig!

What’s the matter? Darryl walked over curiously.

As a result, at this moment, Bai Xiaotian, who was healing, saw Darryl, and his whole body was shocked, and his eyes almost didn’t come out.

D*mn, this…what’s the situation? Isn’t Darryl trapped in the Peach Blossom Forest? How good is it here!

Perceiving Bai Xiaotian’s gaze, Darryl sneered secretly.

Throw yourself into the peach blossom forest with this wicked pen, this thing will never end! Looking at him coldly, Darryl turned to Ren Feifei and asked, “Master, what’s going on.”

I don’t have any internal strength now, and if you want to restore internal strength, you must get the’Yin Grass’. Yincao is in Ren Feifei’s hands, so of course she wants dessert and treat her respectfully.

Oliver on one side couldn’t help but ask: “Yes, chairman, what is going on, who hurt you like this?”

When Ren Feifei brought a group of injured apprentices to Ouyang Mansion, Oliver was also surprised. You know, in the whole arena, who would dare to act on Ren Feifei? She is the president of the Jiangnan Alchemy Association! High status in the arena!

Ren Feifei bit her lip and said: “I heard that in the Valley of All Evil, on a cliff, there is a heavenly spirit flower growing. The heavenly spirit flower is an important material for alchemy and is very rare. I heard this news. Just take the disciples to pick this flower.”

Speaking of this, Ren Feifei clasped his jade hand tightly: “Who would have thought that we hadn’t been in the Valley of All Evil long before, and before we found the Heavenly Spirit Flower, we were surrounded by a group of people. There were ten people at the head, claiming to be the’Top Ten Evils ‘. They… they even said that they wanted to catch me back and be the wife of the village.”

Speaking of this, Ren Feifei’s face flushed. Obviously, these words are a bit hard to tell. After all, she has a very high status, and everyone who sees her is respectful, and she didn’t expect to encounter such a thing.

“Later, my apprentices resisted desperately before we escaped.” Ren Feifei was a little helpless: “The top ten evil men are very powerful. All of my apprentices were injured and seriously injured. There are also two apprentices who were captured alive by them. Fortunately, the Valley of Evil is very close to the Ouyang Mansion, so I took my apprentices and came here to heal the wounds first.”

Speaking of this, Ren Feifei chuckled, “Patriarch Ouyang, came here suddenly, didn’t it cause you trouble?”

“Of course it’s not troublesome! President Ren, don’t worry, there are many elixir in my family that can heal your apprentices.” Oliver hurriedly replied, followed by a solemn expression: “It turned out that President Ren, what happened is Ten wicked people.”

Hearing this, Ren Feifei asked curiously: “Patriarch Ouyang knows them?”

Oliver nodded: “These ten wicked people are actually ten brothers. They are really notorious! Their ten brothers, with hundreds of subordinates, are entrenched in the Valley of All Evil, occupying the mountain as the king, and bringing disaster to the nearby people! Simply put, they are a group of bandits.”

With that said, Oliver took a deep breath and continued: “It is said that the strength of these ten villains has reached the realm of Wuhou! Especially the leader of the evil boss, the strength of the third stage Wuhou!”


These ten brothers are all in the realm of Wuhou?

Darryl’s heart was shocked, and the whole person was extremely surprised. D*mn, are all bandits so powerful now?

Ren Feifei nodded and looked at Oliver. “When I regain my strength, I will call friends in the rivers and lakes to help me get rid of these ten villains! Eliminate harm for the people.”

Oliver went silent, his expression a little embarrassed: “Chairman Ren, I think this matter needs a long-term discussion. These ten evil people are difficult to eradicate…”


Ren Feifei was anxious: “Why?”

I have two apprentices, who are still in the hands of the ten wicked men, and now I don’t know how. It must be rescued as soon as possible.

At this time, I saw Janis also coming over. Today’s Janis is extraordinarily beautiful. She is wearing a purple dress, which looks dignified and elegant.

Several of Ren Feifei’s male disciples were a little silly looking at Janis’s eyes. Except for Bai Xiaotian, all the other disciples came to the Ouyang family for the first time. I didn’t expect Oliver’s wife to be so beautiful.

Janis stepped forward and said softly: “President Ren doesn’t know anything about the Valley of Ten Thousand Evils. The terrain is complex, easy to defend and difficult to attack. Moreover, at the entrance of the valley, there is also an’Earth Evil Eight Desolate Formation’. As long as you walk in, you will be trapped. Six months ago, the six major factions united to eliminate the ten wicked people. As a result, many disciples were trapped in the “Earth Devil and Eight Desolation Formations”, suffering heavy casualties, and finally returned without success.”


The six major factions have failed in their clean-up and suppression efforts?

Hearing this, Ren Feifei bit her lip tightly. What can I do about this? Couldn’t my two apprentices be saved?

Janis laughed: “Although the ten wicked people are strong, it is not difficult to deal with them. The most important thing is the evil formation.”

In fact, this formation is very similar to the Peach Blossom Forest, and it’s all “sleepy formations”. Janis is proficient in the formation, but she really can’t solve the evil formation. Otherwise, the Ouyang family will not tolerate the ten evil people doing evil nearby.

When the voice fell, Oliver nodded and said: “Yes, to destroy the Valley of All Evil, you must first break the ground and the Eight Desolate Formations, otherwise, a rash attack will only cause unnecessary casualties.”

This time, Ren Feifei is not talking, her face is unwilling!

Several of her female disciples also stomped their feet anxiously.

As a result, at this moment, a slow voice suddenly broke the silence.

“It’s just a battlefield formation, is it difficult to crack?”

This voice is exactly Darryl!


In an instant, the eyes of everyone present gathered on him. It’s like looking at an evil pen!

Is there something wrong with this kid?

It seems that he can crack it.

Bai Xiaotian couldn’t help laughing, and looked at Darryl’s mocking face: “Listen to what you mean, can you crack it?”

Although they are brothers in name. But in Bai Xiaotian’s heart, he never regarded Darryl as his own.

As long as there is a chance to fight Darryl, he will not miss it.

As soon as the voice fell, Agnes next to her also said with contempt: “What can he decipher? This person always likes to be prestigious, don’t pay attention to him.”

Darryl frowned, and suddenly became angry. D*mn, I haven’t settled the account with you both about the Taohualin matter.

I just said a word, and you guys started talking?

“Jingwen, shut up.” Janis couldn’t help but scolded, and she squeezed a sweat for her daughter.

Chapter 258

“Xiaofeng, can you solve the evil formation in this place?” At this time, Oliver asked suspiciously.

“It should be… OK.” Darryl murmured.


At this moment, there was a burst of laughter around!

This kid is really bragging than not making drafts. The six sects can’t crack it. You are a hairy boy, dare you say this?

Janis also sighed: “Mr. Darryl, you are still too young. I taught you two simple formations yesterday. Don’t be proud. Your understanding of formations is just a little bit of fur, even fur. It doesn’t count. This is an evil formation, it is a high-level trap. Even I can’t solve it.”

Ren Feifei on one side also glared at Darryl. Two of her female apprentices were arrested, and they were in a bad mood. Darryl is still making trouble here. Can he not get angry? He immediately said, “Darryl, I will accept you as a disciple. It makes people think that you can only show off your prestige. You are my apprentice now, it doesn’t matter if you brag, others will laugh at me too, don’t you know?”

Darryl looked helpless, and said with a bitter smile: “Master, I didn’t blow… I know you are in a bad mood, but don’t worry, the Valley of Ten Thousand Evils will disappear within two days and be wiped out.”

Why don’t you call on the disciples of the Tianmen to destroy this valley of all evils? Then he rescued the two senior sisters, and made Ren Feifei happy, and maybe gave herself a’yin grass’.

But Darryl’s voice fell, and the laughter around him was even louder!

Haha, this kid said, Will the Valley of Evil disappear within two days?

What nonsense is he talking about? Is sensationalism interesting?

Janis frowned slightly and shook her head secretly. Although this Darryl is clever, the only drawback is that he is provocative.

Can’t help but ask: “Darryl, how do you know that this Valley of Ten Thousand Evils will be destroyed?”

Darryl smiled slightly and said, “It’s nothing. I just looked at the celestial phenomenon and inferred from it that the valley of all evils is exhausted. Within two days, the valley of all evils will be catastrophic.”

While talking, Darryl pointed to the sky outside.

In fact, watching the astronomical phenomena is fake, Darryl just found an excuse. I can’t say that I learned “Bai Qi Shen Zhen” by myself. I can’t say that I am Yue Wudi.


See the sky?

At this moment, many people in the hall subconsciously looked at the sky outside, all of them embarrassed.

Look at the sky. Can it be concluded that the Valley of Evil will be exhausted and will be destroyed?

It’s too mysterious..

This Darryl is really getting more and more outrageous!

Janis couldn’t help but said, “Mr. Darryl, stop making trouble.”

Darryl didn’t respond, just smiled faintly.

Ren Feifei’s face was very bad, and she said a little displeased: “Darryl, your two senior sisters were taken away by the top ten villains, are you still in the mood to joke with me?”

How could this Darryl brag so much? It seems that the Yin Grass was not given to him before and the decision was right.

Such a disciple must be tempered and tempered.

Darryl smiled and said, “Why is the master saying that I am joking? If you don’t believe me, let’s make a bet? If the Valley of Evil disappears within two days, you will give me the Yincao.”

Speaking of this, Darryl’s eyes showed a trace of desire. After eating Yincao, one’s own strength can be restored!

Ren Feifei couldn’t help laughing, and said without thinking: “Okay, what if you lose?”

This Darryl was really interesting. He went around in a circle, originally he wanted to get the Yin Grass.

In Ren Feifei’s heart, she didn’t believe in the astronomical phenomena that Darryl said. The six sects failed to eradicate the Valley of the Evil, how could the Valley of the Evil be destroyed? So no matter what you bet on, Darryl will lose.

“Well, if I lose, I will follow Master and learn alchemy from Master. Master told me to go east, and I will never go west…” Darryl thought for a while and said with a smile.

When the voice fell, Bai Xiaotian jumped up and couldn’t help saying: “What kind of bet are you? Is there any sincerity?”

Follow the master if you lose?

Such a beautiful master, letting you follow every day, wouldn’t it be cheaper for you?

It’s pretty beautiful.

Ren Feifei glared at Darryl and said, “Well, if you lose, give Jingwen to Xiaotian.”

“Okay!” Darryl agreed without even thinking about it. D*mn’s, Agnes’s woman, don’t give it to herself for nothing!

While thinking about it, she said to Ren Feifei: “Master, you have to speak up. Last time I tried to make a pill with Bai Xiaotian. You said that if he loses, you will worship me as a teacher, but in the end you regret it. You won’t regret it again.”

Hearing this, Ren Feifei blushed, very embarrassed, and whispered softly: “Don’t worry, this time I’m talking about it.”

This Darryl’s speechlessness was really irritating. With so many people, they told me what happened last time. Don’t you know how to save some face for Master?


Seeing Ren Feifei’s promise, Darryl exhaled and said goodbye to his adoptive father and returned to Donghai City.

On the way, he called Mathew and asked Mathew to take the Tianmen disciples to destroy the Valley of Ten Thousand Evils, and told Mathew how to crack the formation of the Valley of Ten Thousand Evils.

Donghai City, Liu Family.

Darryl had been in the car for several hours and finally returned home. He wanted to give Lily a surprise, so instead of knocking, he took out the key and opened the door.

As soon as I walked into the house, I saw Lily sitting on the sofa at a glance.

Today’s Lily is extraordinarily beautiful, wearing a pair of jeans, and her perfect leg shape is absolutely fascinating.

When she heard the door opening, Lily looked over subconsciously. The moment she saw Darryl, she almost didn’t cry.

“Husband!” Lily ran down all of a sudden, threw herself into Darryl’s arms, pressed her face tightly to Darryl’s chest, and in a flash, tears fell.

“Okay, okay…” Darryl hugged her waist and comforted softly.

Lily hugged him tightly, her voice choked up: “Husband, do you know? I haven’t heard from you during this period of time, I’m so scared, I’m afraid I won’t see you again.”

Darryl looked at her with a smile, and joked: “Fool, how can I die? I have such a beautiful wife, I can’t bear to die. And my wife hasn’t given birth to my eldest son yet… My life is not yet complete. It.”


This sentence made Lily’s face flushed, and she groaned: “I just came back so innocent.”

As he said, Lily snorted, released Darryl, and gently pushed him: “Keep saying that I can’t bear to part with me. Are you not willing to part with me or Bessie?”

Halfway through, Lily couldn’t continue.

During this period of time, Lily kept thinking about the wedding scene at that time, feeling both uncomfortable and complicated in her heart.

Chapter 259


Darryl scratched his head. Of course he could feel that Lily was jealous.

At that time, I could only give a bitter smile and said, “My wife, if Bessie is to save me, she will marry Yu Yang. If she really marries, it will ruin herself for the rest of my life. In that case, I will blame myself for the rest of my life. ..”

Lily pursed her lips and smiled and looked at Darryl tightly: “If Yuruo is married, you will blame yourself for a lifetime, or regret it for a lifetime…”

In fact, she had already noticed that Darryl and Bessie had feelings for each other.

As soon as Darryl was about to speak, at this moment, he heard a sound of footsteps coming from the building.

Then a voice sounded: “Darryl, do you still have the face to come back?”

Following the voice, it was Alexandra.

After a few days, Alexandra became more and more charming. She wore a professional attire, and her figure was perfect. It’s just that her face is very bad, and she said coldly as she went downstairs: “Darryl, you are not welcome here. If you want a face, just get out.”

Alexandra also heard about Darryl’s wedding. Moreover, it is said that Darryl is the second young master of the Yue family and the president of Ziyu Company!

To be honest, Alexandra was really shocked when he first heard the news! Unexpectedly, his son-in-law is still such a big man!

But what can it do?

After the wedding was heard, many big families in Donghai City jointly suppressed Ziyu Company. Now Ziyu Company has declared bankruptcy. And I heard that his heart veins were all interrupted by others, so don’t even think about cultivating in this life. In this society, what is the development without practicing? Even the employees of Liu’s company have begun to practice.

Darryl has nothing now! And everyone shouts and beats! The six sects wanted to arrest him, Alexandra didn’t want to be troubled by him, so he didn’t give him a good face: “Darryl, you can’t understand me? You are not welcome here, get out.”

“Mom!” Lily stomped anxiously, and walked over quickly: “Mom, just don’t talk about Darryl when he comes back.”

I’ve been scolding for three years, haven’t you scolded enough…

Alexandra glared at her and was very angry: “Daughter, are you still speaking for him up to now? You don’t know that all the families in Donghai City now look at him not pleasing to the eye. What is good about you being with him? Don’t be stupid, can you do it.”

I don’t know what kind of ecstasy soup Darryl has poured into his daughter, so many suitors around her daughter have to hang on the Darryl tree.

This daughter is really disappointed!

“Mom, don’t say anything…” Lily bit her lip and spoke softly.

Alexandra picked up his bag angrily, and walked out of the room: “The old grandma asked me to go to a meeting. When I came back tonight, I didn’t want to see Darryl this trash, do you understand?”

After saying this, Alexandra went out and closed the door heavily.

“You… don’t care…” Lily couldn’t help but said to Darryl.

Darryl laughed. After three years, he was used to it.

Seeing him look bad, Lily took his hand and said, “By the way, in the afternoon, our 16th class and your 17th class jointly organized an event. If you want to go to the beach to play, you quickly change your clothes and wait. Let’s go together…”

In the 16th and 17th classes of Shangwu College, the students are basically local in Donghai City, so the relationship between the two classes is very good.

In recent days, the two classmates often go out to play together. Today is the weekend. Under Hao Jian’s suggestion, the students in the two classes are going to the beach to play.

“I won’t go.” Darryl murmured.

“You, you should accompany me, okay…” Lily said softly, holding his arm.

This sudden act of acting made Darryl’s bones crisp. I had no choice but to nod.

Lily suddenly opened her eyebrows and smiled, and said softly: “I recently got a new girlfriend. Later, this girlfriend will come to find me at home, and then we will set off together. By the way, my girlfriend is still in your class.”

As soon as the voice fell, I heard a knock on the door.

“I really mean that Cao Cao Cao Cao is here, my girlfriend is here!” Lily said with a smile, walked a few steps quickly, and opened the door of the room.

I saw a woman standing at the door, wearing a purple dress, beautiful and indispensable.

Nalan gladly!

“Lily, let’s go, many classmates have already arrived at the beach, we have to hurry up.” Nalan happily took Lily’s hand and said with a smile.

D*mn it, what’s the situation? When did Nalan Xinran have such a good relationship with Lily? Before the two of them, there was no intersection..

At this moment, 10,000 question marks flashed in Darryl’s heart.

At this moment, Nalan also saw Darryl happily, and suddenly smiled.

Although Darryl’s heart was interrupted and he couldn’t cultivate for a lifetime, but Nalan gladly didn’t look down on him at all, but had a better impression of him. Because he let Yu Mo’s grandfather go.

“You two… Are you two girlfriends?” Darryl couldn’t help being curious and asked.

“This matter, I have to talk about it from a week ago…” Lily told Darryl with a smile.

It turned out that a new student came to Shangwu Academy a week ago, and he looks pretty good. The name is Raquel.

Raquel is very beautiful and has a very good figure. He is really the best. On the first day of coming to school, it caused a sensation. The boys in the school called her and Nalan gladly:’Goddess of Ice and Fire. ‘

Yes, if Nalan Xinran is an iceberg, then Raquel is a fire.

Raquel has a warm and generous personality, especially talkative, and likes to make friends with people. Both men and women can get along with her particularly well. Just a few days after coming to school, her popularity has burst. She is a veritable socialite and has made many good friends.

Two of the best are Lily and Nalan Xinran.

Lily and Nalan were happy, but they didn’t know each other. But the two of them have a common friend, Raquel. So I got to know each other slowly. In just a few days, the three of them became good girlfriends.

“By the way, where’s Raquel?” Lily asked after speaking.

“She… should have been to the beach…” Nalan said happily, “Raquel just sent me a WeChat message, saying that the classmates are almost here, and we have to leave as soon as possible.”

“Good!” Lily nodded and agreed, holding Nalan Xinran in one hand and Darryl in the other, walking out of the villa.

When Darryl drove, the three of them talked and laughed along the way. An hour later, we arrived at the destination: Jinshuiwan.

Jinshui Bay is a natural scenic area named after a golden sandy beach. It has beautiful scenery and is a famous scenic spot in Donghai City.

There are usually a lot of tourists in Jinshuiwan, but now it’s just after the eleventh holiday, it’s time to go to work and school to go to school, so it seems a little deserted here.

When I arrived at the Golden Beach, I saw from a distance, a group of people gathering there, talking and laughing. It is the students of Shangwu College, Class 16 and Class 17.

I heard their laughter from a long distance. More than a dozen students were playing beach volleyball and had a great time. It was Hao Jian and Wang Naicao.

One of the women playing beach volleyball is very beautiful! About 1.7 meters tall, the body is extremely hot. The exaggerated curve seemed to burst the clothes. If you guessed correctly, this is Raquel.

To be honest, it’s so beautiful! No wonder it is as famous as Nalan!

“Raquel, catch the ball!” Yin Zheng deliberately passed the ball to her. Raquel smiled lightly and shot the ball out.

“It’s so beautiful..” The boys watching the excitement all around, all their eyes were blank.

“Look, Lily and Nalan are here happily.” At this moment, the crowd didn’t know who it was, they shouted this sentence, and then everyone looked over.

As a result, I saw Darryl next to him.

what’s going on? Why is this kid here?

Since the wedding riot, various families in Donghai City have jointly suppressed Darryl, and the six sects are still arresting him. It can be said that Darryl is now a mouse crossing the street, everyone shouts and beats!

Seeing Darryl’s figure, Hao Jian suddenly came over with a smile on his face, and said in a weird way: “Darryl, you really have the courage to return to Donghai City?”

Therefore, in the eyes of Hao Jian, Darryl at this time is not as good as an ordinary person! This kid’s Ziyu company is all yellow, and his heart vein is also broken, he has no strength at all. Really deserve it!

When the voice fell, Yin Zheng also laughed: “Darryl can’t practice now. In order to survive, he can only continue to return to Donghai City and become a son-in-law. After all, being a son-in-law can get 200 yuan in pocket every day. Hahaha!”

As soon as this word came out, there was a burst of laughter all around!

Chapter 260

Listening to the ridicule, Darryl just shook his head, too lazy to bother. Today is to accompany my wife out to play, there is no need to fight with these people. They are not worthy.

At this time, seeing Darryl not speaking, thinking that he was counseling, Yin Zheng smiled and said: “Darryl, you are not welcome here, get out.”

As soon as the voice fell, Wang Naipao hurriedly said: “Yes, you are not welcome, hurry, hurry and get out.”

Seeing this scene, Nalan gladly couldn’t stand it anymore, and her eyebrows frowned: “Can you stop talking? Darryl is in our class. Of course he can participate in today’s sorority meeting, so why should I leave.”

This group of people is really too much. Isn’t this bullying? Knowing that Darryl couldn’t practice now, they all came to bully him.

Nalan finished speaking happily, and the audience was silent. After all, the goddess had spoken, who would dare to say. There is no need to upset the goddess because of the son-in-law coming to the house.

At this moment, Raquel also came over. I looked around and said with a smile: “Alright, alright, everyone is out to play today, don’t bully others.”

The two goddesses both spoke, and everyone said nothing. Especially Raquel, her popularity is very good, everyone gives her face. So after she finished speaking, everyone dispersed, chatting that should be chatting, playing volleyball that should be playing volleyball, they ignored Darryl.

At this moment, Raquel walked over, while holding Lily’s arm, he tilted her head and said with a smile: “Hello, Darryl. My name is Raquel, Lily’s best friend.”

Speaking of this, Raquel smiled lightly: “I heard that at the Lion Slaughter Conference, you defeated the young masters of the six major factions and beat the audience. I have been known for a long time.”

Her smile was very contagious, and Darryl’s heart was very suffocated. Hearing this, he became happy, and said with a wry smile: “If you don’t mention the bravery back then, now I have no internal strength, and I am almost a waste. “

Hearing this, Raquel shook her head: “Even if you don’t have any internal strength now, your previous record is very famous. Among your peers, I’m afraid no one can do it.”

Darryl smiled, feeling very happy.

This Raquel is beautiful and very talkative. Who doesn’t like such a beauty. No wonder the popularity is so good.

“Raquel.” At this moment, Lily couldn’t help but laughed: “Well, don’t praise my husband. You have praised him to the sky. You see, there are people digging crabs over there, not as good as us. Go ahead.”

“Okay!” The girls laughed together, picked up the small shovel on the beach, and walked over with arm in arm.

In a blink of an eye, only Darryl remained nearby. At this time, he was a little bit lost in his heart.

Because I just looked around and didn’t see Bessie’s figure. Logically speaking, if Bessie is a student from Class 16, he should also come to participate in this class meeting..

I haven’t seen her again since the wedding was upset last time, and I don’t know how she’s doing now..

Jingle Bell.

Just thinking about it, I heard a rush of cell phone ringing.

Wouldn’t it be Bessie calling?

Darryl happily took out his cell phone, but when he opened it, Maddox called.

After the connection, Maddox’s voice came over and he was very excited: “Sect Master, the ten wicked people have been captured alive by us, and the Valley of All Evil is completely wiped out!”

So fast?

This is really good news!

The four wind, rain, thunder and lightning did not disappoint themselves!

At this time, Maddox said with a smile: “Sect Master, how do you deal with the ten wicked people arrested?”

Darryl pondered, and slowly said, “These ten villains, escort them to Donghai City.”

These ten villains are all Wuhou level! Now that Tianmen is just hiring people, of course it is trying to recruit them!

When the voice fell, Maddox quickly responded respectfully: “Understood, Sovereign.”

“Hmm…and…” Darryl groaned, and said, “By the way, call all the Tianmen disciples to Donghai City. This time, we will catch the ten villains alive, and I want to celebrate the feast for the brothers!”

There are more than 3,000 disciples in Tianmen, and the brothers will come and directly cover the Pearl of the Orient.

After hanging up the phone, I saw Lily, Raquel, and Nalan walking over not far away.

The three goddesses looked very happy and dug several crabs. From a distance, these three women really have their own merits.

A group of boys scrambled around to help them get shovel and crabs.

At this time, Raquel stretched out her graceful waist, and said unsatisfactorily: “The crabs over there have been dug out. Why don’t we play some other things.”

“Okay, okay, what does the goddess want to play!” Hearing Raquel’s proposal, everyone said one after another.

There are many entertainment projects in this area, and there are boat rental places where you can go for a ride. Can also fish and dive.

“Should we go fishing?”

“Go diving!”

Several boys are looking forward to it. If you can play with the goddess, it would be a blessing for Sansheng!

“These items are boring.” Raquel shook his head and said, “Is there any excitement…”

“Yes!” Yin Zheng jumped up and pointed to the other side and said: “Raquel, look at there, there are so many motorboats over there. Let’s go play motorboats?! Very exciting!”


Raquel glanced at the surface of the sea. Several motorboats were speeding at very fast speeds, which seemed really fun.

“Okay, just play with this.” Raquel said with a smile, and walked over.

There were more than a dozen students who also wanted to play motorboats, and they all followed.

This motorboat project was started by a group of young people sitting there smoking and chatting. The leader was a young man with yellow hair, wearing a floral shirt.

Seeing so many students coming, Huang Mao and others’ eyes lit up.

“Haha, several beautiful young masters, do you play motorboats?” Huang Mao hurriedly greeted him.

Yin Zheng took the lead and shouted: “Boss, how do you play and how much is it?”

Huang Mao held a cigarette in his mouth, pointed randomly around the sea, and said with a smile: “Running around is thirty yuan, cheap!”

It’s only thirty yuan.

Yin Zheng stroked his bangs and yelled, “Since it is so cheap, drive all your motorboats over to me!”

Thirty yuan per lap, for a rich second-generation like him, it’s too cheap!

“Good, good!” The yellow eyebrows smiled and nodded again and again.

After a while, more than a dozen students all rode on motorboats.

As a result, at this moment, Raquel’s beautiful face suddenly showed some tension. She was riding a pure white motorboat and asked softly: “This…how do you play?”

While talking, she held on to the handle tightly, and shook her body up and down on the water with the motorboat, her whole body stretched tightly. It was the first time she had come into contact with this sport.


The goddess can’t play motorboats?

All of a sudden, Yin Zheng and Hao Jian became excited.

“Raquel, don’t be afraid, I will teach you.”

“I…I have top-notch skills in jet skiing.”

As everyone spoke one after another, they immediately surrounded them, one more eager than one.

Teaching the goddess to play motorboats, such a good performance opportunity, no one wants to let go.

Darryl stood there and looked at it, also feeling a bit funny.

This Raquel should also be the eldest lady of a wealthy family, who has never played sea motorcycle?

While thinking about it, I heard Raquel smile and say: “Don’t fight, let Darryl teach me.”


Hearing this, everyone present was stunned, and immediately, their eyes gathered on Darryl, both envious and hateful.

Darryl is a fool, how can he be qualified to teach the goddess to play sea motorcycles?

Darryl was also stunned.

D*mn it.

Why did you suddenly point to me?

Perceiving everyone’s surprise, Raquel smiled and said to Yin Zheng everyone: “You all have motorboats to play, and Darryl is standing there and there is nothing to do. Rather than let him watch, it is better to teach Teach me, it won’t delay you all.”

What Raquel said was the truth.

When everyone rushed to play the motorboat just now, none of them let Darryl.

It’s just a trash, who cares if he plays or not.

When they heard this, everyone looked at each other.

D*mn, I knew I wouldn’t grab it just now. Maybe the goddess saw that she was standing aside, so she just named her own name, so it wouldn’t be Darryl’s turn to be a horror!

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