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Chapter 306

the other side. Raquel’s private estate.

After training for a day and a night, Darryl’s injuries have healed.

In the morning, Darryl heard that Tianmen had won a great victory, and the various sects had dispersed and returned to their respective mountain gates.

In fact, this result is expected. That Shifang Mountain God Formation is really something that ordinary people can unlock.

After listening to the good news, Darryl sent another message to Mathew, asking him to lead all the Tianmen disciples to Kunlun Mountain.

It was originally agreed to destroy Kunlun in three days. It was only the second day today, but Darryl had already planned to take the Tianmen disciples to explore the terrain of Kunlun Mountain.

Then wait for Lorenzo to bring people together, and then kill Kunlun together.

So in the morning, Darryl and Peter bid farewell to Raquel and left the manor.

Peter’s injuries have almost recovered. It’s alive and well at this time. This kid is used to social chaos. He gets excited when he fights. He takes out his axe in the morning and keeps wiping it.

At noon, the suburbs of Donghai.

Thousands of Tianmen disciples are waiting here for a long time.

Finally, Darryl and Peter came over from a distance.

“Subordinates, see Sovereign!”

At this moment, thousands of disciples spoke respectfully, shaking the sky! Mathew carried the ten-meter-high Tiandao Jiulong Flag, waving in the wind, full of courage!

Seeing this scene, Peter was blinded, surprised and delighted: “Darryl, don’t tell me you are Yue Wudi?”

Darryl had never told him about the establishment of Tianmen. Now that he saw this scene, how could Peter not be surprised and couldn’t help but punch Darryl: “D*mn, you are really unpredictable! I have decided, I also want to engage in a sect!”

Three of my own brothers, Lorenzo is the Lord of the Longevity Palace, and Darryl Zi is the Sect Master of Tianmen, so I can’t hold back myself, I must have a school!

“Great Sage, you build a martial art, you can call it Huaguoshan.” Darryl laughed and said: “Great Sage, you are just a monkey name.”

“D*mn, get out!” Peter cursed with a smile, and took Darryl’s shoulders, strode forward, followed by thousands of Tianmen disciples. Go to Kunlun Mountain.


Donghai City, villa area.

Lily was sitting on the sofa. She was very depressed these days. After knowing that Darryl and Bessie were married, Lily only felt that her heart was broken.

I couldn’t accept the marriage of the two of them.

If Bessie became Darryl’s wife, what would he be?

After watching the concert that day, he left in anger. Darryl didn’t stop him! A few days passed, Darryl did not go home, not even a phone call!

In the past few days, every time Lily went to the bedroom to see Bessie, she couldn’t tell what it was like.

“Lily, go and pour mom a glass of water, I’m so tired.” At this moment, Alexandra opened the door and walked in.

Half a month ago, the old grandmother of the Liu family set up a tourism project. Because of the shortage of manpower, she asked Alexandra to help. After half a month, the project made a lot of money, and Alexandra also got some dividends. At this time, he was in a good mood.

Lily barely squeezed out a smile, walked to the water dispenser and took a glass of water.

“Daughter, what’s the matter with you?” Alexandra couldn’t help but said when Lily’s face was not good.

Alexandra finds it strange these days that her daughter is absent-minded at home every day.

At this moment, Lily finally couldn’t help it, she threw herself into Alexandra’s arms, her eyes moistened: “Mom. What should I do…”

Alexandra suddenly panicked, patted Lily’s fragrant shoulder lightly, and said softly: “My dear daughter, what happened, please tell mom.”

“Mom, Darryl, he… he and Bessie are married…”

Lily didn’t want to tell Alexandra about this, but she really felt uncomfortable in her heart. Just tell the story again.


Alexandra’s expression suddenly changed. He threw the bag in his hand on the sofa and couldn’t help cursing: “Darryl is a waste of money. I have eaten and lived in my house for three years. My daughter will not dislike you at all. Looking for a woman outside! So is Bessie, the dignified Miss Xiao family, why is she so shameless?”

In fact, everyone in Donghai City wanted to curry favor with Bessie. After all, the Xiao family was in the antique business, and the upper class gave gifts and often gave some antiques.

Alexandra is no exception, she originally wanted to curry favor with Bessie. But no matter who it is, it won’t work if the daughter is wronged!

Even more annoying, Bessie still lives in his own home?

Is this okay?

Alexandra was very angry and looked at Lily with a hatred of iron and steel: “You D*mn girl, I told you already, divorced that trash. Find a good man to live. You don’t listen. You must like this. waste!”

While talking, Alexandra angrily went upstairs: “I used to think that Mr. Xiao was good, but now I know that this woman is really shameless! Knowing that Darryl has a family, he went to hook up and still lives. Our house? See how I can drive her away!”

Lily was anxious at the time and hurriedly stopped Alexandra: “Mom, calm down, Yu Ruo is still unconscious.”

Lily was really uncomfortable, but she just talked to Alexandra, and really didn’t want to drive Bessie away.

But Alexandra was frustrated, and her delicate body trembled faintly: “Daughter, you are still thinking about Bessie? Is your brain flooded! Then Bessie was just in a coma, not dead! She was in a coma, back? I fainted, what are you doing in our house?!”

While talking, Alexandra pushed Lily away and rushed straight into Darryl’s bedroom.


She opened the door directly.

Bessie was lying on the bed, motionless.

Alexandra was not angry, and yelled, “You shameless woman, get out of here.”

While talking, Alexandra took out his mobile phone and made a call to his friend. She thought about it, she must send Bessie back to Xiao’s house. Then theorized with Xiao Qingshan and asked how he educates his daughter.

After the phone call, Alexandra saw Bessie’s arm with three silver needles inserted, Alexandra stretched out his hand and pulled it out without saying a word. To get her into the car in a while, these silver needles are too much of a hindrance.

After throwing the Silver Needle, Alexandra turned and walked out of the guest room, and said to Lily, “Daughter, don’t worry about this matter. When my friend comes, I will send this vixen back to Xiao’s house. Also, this time you have to go with you. Darryl is divorced, otherwise, don’t call my mother in the future. Did you hear that?!”

It’s so irritating.

This Darryl is really brave, he is a silly woman who dares to be a woman outside, and dare to bring home? !

Really shameless, I really thought my daughter was a bully!

Chapter 307

“Mom, stop talking…” Lily said in a low voice.

“I don’t say it, why don’t I say it?! Then Bessie has a face and a face in Donghai City, why is it so shameless?” Alexandra said with a cold face: “She is the young lady of the Xiao family, I don’t know how many people chase her. . But Bessie, she insists on grabbing someone else’s husband, it’s really mean.”

While talking. Alexandra went to the safe, took out Lily’s marriage certificate, ID card, and a lot of documents, and threw it on the sofa: “I tell you, it must be divorced. Did you hear that? Also, Bessie is shameless. I have to let everyone know in Donghai City! Let the people of those big families see how shameless Miss Xiao Family is!”

Alexandra was furious. Sitting on the sofa with the left leg resting on the right leg, the more you talk, the more excited.

In fact, Bessie was already awake in the bedroom. She heard the conversation between Alexandra and Lily’s mother and daughter clearly.

When Raquel used the silver needle to extend his life, he said it. Once the silver needle is pulled out, Bessie will wake up, and at the same time will return to the previous state, and the life extension effect will disappear. There are only about three hours of life left.

When the silver needle was pulled out, Bessie was completely bloodless and extremely weak.

Alexandra’s bad words came from outside the door, and Bessie almost cried. It was the first time she had been scolded like this when she grew up so much, and her grievances rushed to her heart. However, it doesn’t matter anymore.

The silver needle was pulled out, and he had three hours left.

At this time, Bessie was full of complexity, and just wanted to see Darryl for the last time. After thinking about it for a long time, he took out his cell phone and dialed Darryl’s number. A string of crystal tears. Slipped off the face.


the other side.

Darryl and Peter had led the Tianmen disciples and rushed to the foot of Kunlun Mountain.

However, everyone in Darryl didn’t rush up, but quietly lurked under the mountain, observing the nearby terrain. According to the plan, the attack could only be launched after Lorenzo led the disciples of the Palace of Longevity.

If not, it would be impossible to attack by the Tianmen disciples alone. You know, there are tens of thousands of elite disciples in the Kunlun School.

After waiting quietly for a while, Peter was a little bored, and couldn’t help but smile at Darryl: “Darryl, you guys are really good enough, I don’t even know when Miss Xiao caught his hand. “

Then, Peter joked, “Really, in your heart, who is more important, Lily and Bessie?”

Peter’s face is gossip. Lily and Bessie. There are famous goddesses in Donghae City.

Darryl smiled bitterly, shook his head and said, “This…”

“D*mn, why should I tell you.” Darryl said irritably, his voice changed: “When have you been so gossiping.”

As he was talking, Darryl’s cell phone rang all at once.

Everyone stayed quietly in the woods, originally very quiet. The bell rang suddenly and looked very abrupt.

Darryl quickly took out the phone. Who is calling, is it that Brother Wen is coming?

No, Changsheng Island is thousands of miles away from Kunlun Mountain. It’s not so fast..

Muttering in his heart, Darryl lowered his head and glanced at the phone screen. At this moment, the whole person was stunned!

There are only three characters on the caller ID. Bessie.

Yu… Yuruo? !

Darryl’s head buzzed, and Yu Ruo had a silver needle stuck in his body. How can you call if you can’t move? !

At this moment, Darryl only felt that his heart was trembling, and he quickly pressed the answer button: “Yu Ruo. You…”

Before I finished speaking, I heard Bessie’s weak and soft voice: “Where are you Darryl, I’m awake.”

Bessie forced a smile to make her voice sound a bit cheerful.

But at this moment Darryl was struck by lightning! His eyes turned red in an instant, and he said anxiously: “Yu Ruo, what’s going on… Tell me what’s going on. Who moved your silver needle…”

On the phone side, Bessie’s face was full of tears, but he dared not cry out for fear that Darryl would collapse.

She wiped away her tears, pretending to be calm and said: “Darryl, this may be fate… The two of us are destined not to be together. Don’t be uncomfortable.. I was sent home.. You. Where are you? Well, I miss you so much, can you accompany me for the last few hours…”

“Do not!”

Upon hearing this, Darryl collapsed instantly! Tears burst out in this moment!

“Yu Ruo, I won’t let you die, no, I won’t let you die!” Darryl shouted desperately, his voice already hoarse.

“Wait for me, Yuruo, you must wait for me.”


When the voice fell, Darryl hung up the phone, and his eyes were blood red at this time!

“Darryl, what’s the matter?” Peter frowned and asked quickly.

How good it is. Suddenly so excited?

Darryl clenched his fists, his voice hoarse: “Yu Ruo’s silver needle was pulled, it was pulled…”

Speaking of this, Darryl only felt his nose sore. Wow, cry out!

“Great Sage, what to do, Yuruo only has three hours left, what to do…” Darryl’s tears fell. Lived for more than twenty years. So uncomfortable the first time, so helpless the first time!


Peter was stunned, his fists clenched tightly. Darryl said before that Bessie was killed with a silver needle. The silver needle cannot be removed.

Anxiously, Peter quickly called Lorenzo.

After the connection, Peter shouted: “Brother Wen, where have you been?”

On the other side of the phone, Lorenzo replied, “We will be here in another hour, Peter, you and Darryl will wait for me for a while.”


It will take another hour.

“Brother Wen, it’s too late…” Peter gritted his teeth.

He could see that Darryl on one side was already crying heartbreakingly. Seeing his brother like this, Peter’s heart slammed and shouted into the phone: “Brother Wen, if I and Darryl die on Kunlun Mountain, remember to take care of our family!”

After the words fell, Peter stood up suddenly and howled like crazy: “All Tianmen disciples! I am your Sect Master, your best brother, everyone now, go with me to grab the phoenix gall and crush Kunlun Mountain!”

When the voice fell, Peter slapped his wrist, and a giant axe appeared in his hand. With a loud roar, he led thousands of Tianmen disciples to the mountain!

“Great Sage!” Darryl yelled with red eyes.

Kunlun sent hundreds of thousands of disciples up and down, and there were tens of thousands of people who stayed behind on Kunlun Mountain! The Tianmen disciples rushed up, didn’t they hit the rocks with the pebbles!

Darryl’s eyes turned redder, looking at Peter’s back, his heart was anxious and moved.

To have this brother in this life, worth it, worth it!


The blood-drinking sword cut through the sky and appeared in Darryl’s hand.


Darryl howled with red eyes, set foot on Kunlun Mountain!

Chapter 308

Kunlun Mountains.

This mountain is named after the Kunlun School.

Kunlun School, one of the six sects, has been passed down here for thousands of years! For thousands of years, Kunlun has sent countless masters! The famous arena!

Not only that, Kunlun Mountain is also a treasure land, where it absorbs the essence of heaven and earth, and has nurtured countless artifacts: Yuqing Kunlun fan, devil sword, and demon subduing the magic circle. These peerless weapons were born from Kunlun Mountain !

There are probably more than 100,000 disciples of the Kunlun School all over the world. These disciples. Often travel around, go out and practice. There are 30,000 elite disciples who stay on Kunlun Mountain!

These elite disciples are responsible for guarding the gate. At this time, these disciples were chatting in groups.

He said he was guarding the gate, but who would dare to come to Kunlun to make trouble?


At this moment, a little brother suddenly yelled and touched the brother next to him.

The brother is holding the grass and looking at the sky. Suddenly interrupted. Angrily said: “What are you doing?”

“Senior brother, it seems…it seems someone…someone is coming up the mountain…” said the junior apprentice squabblingly.

“Don’t fart.” The brother scolded, “Those who dare to make trouble in Kunlun Mountain have not been born yet.”

While talking, he still couldn’t help but watch down the mountain. But at this look, his whole body is erected!

I saw halfway up the mountain. Thousands of people came to kill with swords in their hands! Menacing!

Among these people, a big flag is flying in the wind! Exactly… the Nine Dragon Flag of Heaven!

Tiandao Nine Dragon Flag? !

“It’s not good, Tianmen has been killed!” The senior brother was crying loudly with a cold sweat on his face, pulling his neck! Suddenly picked up the horn next to it and blew it vigorously!

As long as this horn is sounded, it will prove that something big has happened! The Kunlun school disciples must gather!

“Something happened, something happened!”

The Kunlun sent disciples shouted loudly, and in a blink of an eye, 30,000 disciples had gathered, each holding a sword, and was extremely guarded.

At this time, the Tianmen disciples were only less than a hundred meters away from them!


Peter took the lead, roaring up to the sky, rushing into the crowd all at once, flipping the giant axe in his hand, constantly waving!

Behind Peter, Darryl held a blood-drinking sword, majestic! Beside him, there are thousands of Tianmen tribes!


A dozen of Kunlun disciples standing in the forefront screamed before they could react and fell into a pool of blood.

“Dare to come to Kunlun to make trouble, you are looking for death!” a Kunlun elder scolded angrily. He saw that the other party was only a few thousand people, and was not afraid at the time. He waved his hand: “Kunlun disciples follow the order and leave them alone!”


In the blink of an eye, tens of thousands of Kunlun disciples rushed past like a tide!

Darryl tore his clothes into strips, firmly tied the bloody sword to his hands, and wrapped them in circles. He is afraid that if he can’t hold on for a while, the sword will let go!

Seeing the Kunlun disciple like the tide, Darryl red eyes, rushed directly to the crowd, and slashed when he saw people!


Hand up the knife and drop, hand up the knife and drop!

If Bessie is running out of time, even if he dies, he still has to get the Phoenix Ball!

However, the difference in the number of the two sides was too great, and the Tianmen disciples were quickly flooded by the crowd, and one fifth of them had fallen!

Darryl was covered in blood, he didn’t know how many swords he swung out, or how many he suffered! I don’t know if the blood on my body is my own or someone else’s. His mind is blank now, his arms are like machines, constantly raising and lowering!

“Tianmen disciples listen to orders!”

Darryl roared loudly: “Mathew rate disciple, head to the southeast corner!”

“Mateo rate disciple, head to the northwest corner!”

“Maddox leads his disciple. Go to the northeast corner!”

“Milo rate disciple, head to the southwest corner!”

“Huh Ha, the second general led his disciples, standing in the middle! Ten heavenly kings roam and attack!”

Darryl’s voice was already dumb, and he roared loudly! In desperation, he could only let the Tianmen disciple lay down this formation! If not, I’m afraid all my brothers will die here today!

This formation is called Longhu Formation. During the Three Kingdoms period, Zhuge Liang captured Meng Huo seven times and used this formation.


The Tianmen disciple moved quickly, standing in the direction taught by Darryl!

“What’s the use?” Kunlun sent an elder with a sneer, leading the Kunlun disciples and rushing to the gate of heaven again!

However, the formation of the dragon and tiger formation is well. The disciples of the Tianmen seem to have shaped a wall invisibly, with amazing defenses!

Kunlun disciples can’t break it at all! Both sides fought back and forth, and each other suffered casualties!

Three thousand people competed against 30,000 people, and they didn’t even lose the wind!

The killing shouts echoed on the Kunlun Mountains. The blood has stained the mountains and forests red. The crash of weapons. The howl of pain is endless!

Both sides are blushing!

Finally, the two sides fought fiercely for half an hour, only to see a figure shot out from the Kunlun Mountain Hall! Fall steadily on the steps!

It is Hu Sanyang!

He was practicing in the hall. Cultivation was at the tightest moment, but I heard the sound of fighting outside the door. Originally didn’t want to come out to see it, but the sound of fighting couldn’t stop, it had lasted for more than half an hour, and in desperation, he had to take the risk of getting into trouble, forcibly interrupting his cultivation, and walked out of the hall.

As soon as I came out, I saw a scene in front of me, Kunlun disciples died and wounded countless! His anger at the time. Suddenly came out!

“Scum, you really have the courage!” Hu Sanyang stared at Darryl.

This scum, uttered wild words in the auditorium that day, saying that he would destroy Kunlun, but he did not expect that he would actually come!

Hu Sanyang could see that those who followed Darryl were Tianmen disciples. Hu Sanyang didn’t know that Darryl was Yue Wudi. So at the time, he was shocked and angry: “Darryl, I said how dare you speak wildly. It turned out to be near the Tianmen! With Tianmen backing, you dare to come to my Kunlun and make trouble? You die for me!”

The voice fell. Hu Sanyang rushed over, his wrist shook, and the Crescent Scimitar appeared in his hand!

“Hu Sanyang, give me the phoenix gall!”

Darryl roared, rushing upward with anger! He did not flinch at the slightest, but strode forward to meet Hu Sanyang!

At this time, Darryl had completely forgotten that the strength of himself and Hu Sanyang was very different! He has lost his reason, and his head is full of Bessie! He only knew that if he couldn’t get the phoenix gall, Yuruo would die!


Darryl and Hu Sanyang had their palms facing each other, but in an instant, Darryl was directly shaken out, and blood spurted wildly!

At this time, Darryl had wounds all over his body, coupled with the disparity in strength, this palm almost shattered his internal organs!


Peter’s eyes were red, and he swept forward fiercely, trying to force the Kunlun disciples back. Go to rescue Darryl.

But he didn’t expect that this axe would indeed sweep down a piece, but there were too many Kunlun disciples, in the blink of an eye. Another group of disciples surrounded him!

“Get off, get off!” Peter roared, smashing indiscriminately.

Darryl on the other side slowly stood up from the ground, with blood in his mouth. Flowing down the lips, the skirt of the clothes has been dyed red!

“Phoenix gall, give me Phoenix gall.” Darryl stared at Hu Sanyang, stretched out his hand and shouted weakly.


Hu Sanyang seemed to have heard the funniest thing, and cut out his ears: “Phoenix gall can be given to you. You have the ability to come and fetch it.”

Darryl gritted his teeth, his body was no longer strong. Dragging the blood-drinking sword to go up.

Had it not been for the blood-drinking sword tied to his hand, he would have already let go by this time! He doesn’t even have the strength to hold the sword!

“Phoenix gall…” Darryl’s eyes were red, and he lightly pierced him with a sword.

“Dang!” Hu Sanyang stretched out two fingers, firmly clamped the Blood Drinking Sword, and looked at him with a smile.

“Just you rubbish, still want Phoenix Gallbladder? In the next life!” When the voice fell, Hu Sanyang kicked again and kicked Darryl’s chest!


With this step, Darryl was like a short kite, his breastbone was broken, and he flew out more than 20 meters! Smashed heavily on the stone steps!

At that moment, Darryl only felt that his whole body had been distracted, but he didn’t know where his strength came from, and stood up again!

“Phoenix gall! Give it to me!”

Five cold words came from Darryl’s mouth!

When the voice fell, he gritted his teeth and walked towards Hu Sanyang again!

“Darryl! Don’t go, don’t go!” When Peter saw him like this, his nose was sour, and tears were accompanied by blood, sliding down his face.

But where did Darryl hear it, he walked forward step by step, and in a blink of an eye he walked in front of Hu Sanyang!

“Phoenix gall, give me the phoenix gall..” Darryl said this, wow, and another mouthful of blood came out.

Chapter 309

“Haha, come on, take another two steps forward, I’ll give you the phoenix gall.” Hu Sanyang laughed and looked at Darryl teasingly.

Darryl at this time had already become a blood man. With every step, a blood mark will be stamped on the foot.

“Phoenix gall, Phoenix gall…” Darryl’s mouth only repeated these three words, his eyes blank.

“Zhuzhizhao, thinking about Phoenix Gallbladder when he died.” Hu Sanyang said coldly. No patience at all: “If you want the phoenix gall, let’s live in the next life. Now—you can die!”

The voice fell, Hu Sanyang’s gaze. In vain, the crescent scimitar in his hand suddenly lifted, slashing towards Darryl’s neck!


Peter roared, the whole person was about to collapse! He wanted to save, but the Kunlun disciples around him kept pouring in, and he couldn’t get rid of it at all!

Darryl looked at that scimitar, getting closer and closer to him, unwilling to his heart!

This time, I’m afraid it’s inevitable to die.

Darryl’s eyes closed slowly, already giving up resistance.


However, at this moment, only a sound of metal collision was heard! From not far away, a long sword flew quickly and hit the crescent scimitar directly. Blocked Hu Sanyang’s blow!

From a distance, tens of thousands of disciples of the Palace of Longevity rushed to Kunlun Mountain like crazy! Headed by a white gown, holding a feather fan, who is it if it is not Lorenzo? !

“Great Sage, Darryl.” Lorenzo shook his face coldly, trembling with anger when he saw the two brothers covered in blood!

“Kill, kill me, don’t keep one!” Lorenzo almost shouted out.

When the voice fell, tens of thousands of disciples of the Palace of Longevity, the momentum shook the sky, the cold knife came out, and the tide surged!

at the same time. The four great masters of the Longevity Hall also urged their figures to fly towards Hu Sanyang!

Above the Kunlun Mountain Gate, there were screams and screams endlessly!

This battle lasted for half an hour. Under the attack of Tianmen and the Hall of Longevity, more than 30,000 Kunlun disciples completely fell. The blood stained the square in front of the hall, and none of them could stand up!


On the other side, Hu Sanyang couldn’t hold on anymore, and vomited blood out. By his side. At this time, he was surrounded by two generals, the four gods and ten kings. Plus the four great kings of the Longevity Hall. Together with Peter, there are more than 20 masters!


Peter slapped Hu Sanyang’s chest with a fierce palm, and saw Hu Sanyang’s body directly flying out. Hit hard on the pillars in front of the hall, and finally slipped to the ground slowly.

“You…you besiege…besiege me…beasts can do this kind of thing…!”

Hu Sanyang sprayed several mouthfuls of blood. His face was pale and pale, his breath was extremely weak, and he looked at the surrounding scenes,

I was extremely frightened and yelled loudly! At this time, he has no strength!

“Pop!” Lorenzo slapped him fiercely. Looking at him coldly: “Siege, you are so embarrassed to raise the siege with me! Palace Master Lu was besieged by your six martial sects, hundreds of people! Who is the beast!”

“You…you…” Hu Sanyang couldn’t say a word, his whole body trembled.

“You die for me!” Peter said coldly, and the giant axe in his hand turned directly!

The dignified head of Kunlun, who claims to be an authentic sect, has practiced the vicious methods of “Nether Magical Art” and has done all the bad things, which is nothing short of regret.

“Father!” But at this moment, a little girl suddenly ran over.

This girl is very beautiful, but her face is full of tears at this time, it is Hu Sanyang’s daughter. Hu Linger.


Hu Linger knelt on the ground all of a sudden, and kept kowtowing: “Brothers, I beg you. Let my dad go, I beg you…”

The girl kept kowtow, in a blink of an eye. The forehead is already full of blood.

“Brothers, I beg you… I will hand over the phoenix gall, I will take it out now.” Hu Ling’er’s tears fell rushing down: “Just beg your brothers. Let my father go, Ling’er begs You guys…”

When the voice fell, Hu Ling’er stretched out his hand, and saw a bright red like blood on the white hand, like a spar.

This thing is oval, with spiritual power permeating above it, and a charming halo flowing in the sun.

It is the treasure of Kunlun, the phoenix gall!

Darryl looked at Phoenix Gallbladder tightly, his eyes flushed red!

Drinking the blood sword pointed at Hu Sanyang, Darryl almost squeezed a smile from his teeth: “Hahaha…”

But with a smile on his mouth, Darryl’s heart was painful! With tears in his eyes, he looked at Hu Sanyang with incomparable resentment, and shook his head and said: “It’s too late, you now give me the phoenix gall, it’s too late, it’s too late!”

Speaking of the last, Darryl almost roared out!

The battle lasted for so long, and now Bessie had only half an hour left.

Even if you get the phoenix gall, so what.

It’s too late, Yuruo can’t save her.

At this moment, Hu Sanyang also had a cold sweat on his face!

What… late?

Hu Sanyang was panicked and puzzled, and couldn’t help but tremble and said, “This phoenix gall can indeed bring the dying person back to life, you…you can treat the Xiao family, she will definitely be fine.”

“Ha ha…”

Darryl smiled coldly, and roared hoarsely: “Even if Yuruo is in Donghai City, even if I take the phoenix gall and keep going to Donghai City without stopping, it’s too late, and it’s too late! You, I will die today. !”

Chapter 310

When the voice fell, Darryl was heartbroken: “It was you who killed Bessie, it was you! I want you to pay for her life!”

In the next moment, he stabbed Hu Sanyang with a sword!

“It’s still too late, Miss Xiao is still saved, it’s still too late!” Hu Sanyang shouted loudly, his face showing a strong desire to survive: “In the back mountain of my Kunlun school, there is a snow eagle, which flies extremely fast. Within hours. It will definitely take you back to Donghai City.”

Speaking of which, this snow eagle was given to Hu Sanyang by the emperor of the Apocalypse Continent. Snow Eagle is a rare bird on the Apocalypse Continent. The body is much larger than the average eagle, and the temperament is fierce, which is very difficult to tame.

It is said that the emperor of the Apocalypse Continent took three years to tame the snow eagle. When Hu Sanyang defected to the Apocalypse Continent. Emperor Tianqi was very happy, not only rewarded him [Netherworld Dafa], but also rewarded him with this snow eagle.

After obtaining this snow eagle, Hu Sanyang was like a treasure and loved it very much.

But at this time in order to survive. Hu Sanyang didn’t dare to be stingy.

Life is almost gone, what do I need this rare bird to do.

After that, Hu Sanyang kept kowtow begging for mercy: “Sect Master Yue, just beg you to forgive me. Forgive my life…”

Hu Sanyang at this time, in order to survive, completely lost the arrogance of the head of Kunlun. What if my daughter dies!

Snow Eagle?

Darryl’s eyes flashed, as if seeing the sun in the clouds, the whole person was excited!

Lorenzo also reacted, and ordered a few people beside him: “Quickly, go to the back mountain and bring Xueying over.”

When the voice fell, several disciples of the Palace of Longevity rushed towards the back mountain.

After a while, these disciples returned. I saw them walking with a giant eagle! This giant eagle is white all over! It’s more than two meters high! The feathers all over his body are as white as jade, without any flaws! The eagle eyes are red, piercing, and indescribable.

Seeing this Snow Eagle, Darryl couldn’t hide his excitement! Holding the phoenix gall tightly, walked quickly over, and reached out to stroke the feathers of the snow eagle.

Hu Sanyang was right. This snow eagle was very psychic. As soon as Darryl approached, he immediately fell to the ground.

at this time. Peter was extremely excited: “Haha, Darryl, it seems that Miss Xiao is not worthy of fame.”

“Darryl.” Lorenzo also smiled and said: “It shouldn’t be too late. You should go back to Donghai City to save people. I and Peter will deal with the matter here.”

“it is good!”

Darryl dried the blood on the corners of his mouth, leaped forward and rode on Xueying’s back, then patted Xueying’s neck lightly: “Go.”


When the voice fell, Xue Ying spread his wings and set off a whirlwind around him. In the next second, the huge figure flew straight into the sky, and in the blink of an eye, he reached the altitude of a thousand meters!

Darryl was full of blood, clutching his heart tightly. Although Xueying’s speed is extremely fast, he still hopes to be faster and faster…

Xiao Family Courtyard, Donghai City.

The beautiful courtyard was overwhelmed by quarrels.

At this time, Xiao Qingshan stood at the entrance of the hall with a full face.

In front of him, Alexandra stood akimbo in the yard, yelling: “Xiao Qingshan, this is how you educate your daughter? Knowing that Darryl has a family, and licking his face to seduce him is really shameless.”

Talking. Alexandra’s tone was even more mean: “Since your daughter is so optimistic about that trash, I will give this useless son-in-law to your Xiao family.”

Seeing this scene, Lily, who was standing next to her, was very anxious, took Alexandra’s arm, and whispered: “Mom, don’t say it.”

Just now, Alexandra took Bessie back to Xiao’s house, still feeling uneasy, so like a volcanic eruption, pointing to Xiao Qingshan’s nose was a big curse.

As a junior, Lily couldn’t even cut her mouth when she looked anxious.

Xiao Qingshan trembled with anger, and said angrily at Alexandra: “I don’t know you as a womanly person. You are not welcome here, please leave immediately.”

My daughter has disappeared for several days, and I have sent the entire Xiao family to look for it outside.

Xiao Qingshan was very pleasantly surprised when she just saw her daughter sent back by Alexandra.

I can see that my daughter’s face is not good. With a weak breath, Xiao Qingshan was shocked and heartache.

As a result, before he had time to ask what was going on, Alexandra was arguing here. The daughter shut herself in the room.

“Your daughter is not a good thing!” Alexandra said coldly.

“Alexandra, are you endless?” Xiao Qingshan gritted his teeth and said. He is respected all his life. When have you been scolded by someone pointing your nose?

However, at this time, the door of Xiao’s house was suddenly opened. Immediately afterwards, a blood man rushed in.

It is Darryl!

“Yu Ruo, where is Yu Ruo!” Darryl’s eyes were already red!

Xueying spread his wings all the way, the speed was really fast, but now, it has been four hours since Yuruo’s silver needle was pulled out!

Seeing Darryl running in, Lily felt an inexplicable pain in her heart.

These days. Darryl had been without news, and did not tell himself where he had gone.

Now I have finally seen him, but his mouth is full of Bessie.

At this time, Alexandra’s face flashed with anger, and her body faintly trembled: “Daughter, you see, this trash doesn’t have you in his heart, and I don’t know where the fool came back. I won’t return home, just come to this vixen !”

Listening to her voice, Darryl gritted his teeth. He knew in his heart that no one would tell himself where Bessie was. At that time, he couldn’t manage that much, Darryl rushed into Xiao’s villa and pushed open Bessie’s bedroom door!

Yuruo must be in the bedroom!


Sure enough, when he opened the door, he saw Bessie’s face pale, lying there, his eyes closed tightly, and he didn’t move.

“Yu Ruo!”

Seeing this scene, Darryl howled like crazy!

His brain hummed, almost blank! The whole person seems to have fallen into an ice cave.

Darryl clearly felt that Bessie had no breath. Only the heart is still beating weakly. This is the precursor to a person’s death!

“Yu Ruo, don’t scare me…Don’t scare me…” Darryl roared, and suddenly hugged Bessie in his arms, his whole person was about to collapse.

Why, why can’t you wait for me to come back?

“Yu Ruo. You wake up, I am Darryl, I am your husband, we just worshipped Tiandi, you can’t just leave me like this…” Darryl gently shook Bessie’s body. The voice choked up, and the tears kept streaming.

While crying, he stuffed the phoenix gall into Bessie’s mouth. Hope there will be a miracle.

But a minute blinked..

Two minutes…

five minutes..

A full ten minutes passed, and Bessie still showed no signs of waking up.

Darryl only felt his heart. I sank to the bottom of the valley in an instant, and at the same time full of expectations, holding Bessie’s hand tightly, muttering to himself: “Yuruo, you will be fine. I beg you, wake up…”

At this time, Darryl was on the verge of collapse several times. If Bessie really had to leave like this, he would regret it for a lifetime and suffer for a lifetime.


At this moment, the door of the room was kicked open, and then Alexandra and Lily walked in.

“Tsk tusk, you are really shameless of this trash, and you have a thick skin.” At this time, Alexandra stared at Darryl coldly, with a bitter tone: “Go straight to Xiao’s house and date this fox, okay, you are really good , Shameless thing.”

As he said, Alexandra raised his tone and pointed at Darryl’s nose: “I tell you, today, no matter what, you have to divorce Lily. Trash things, three years, you should get out of our house.

At this time, Alexandra was almost furious.

This rubbish, his daughter didn’t dislike him, instead he started messing around outside. What is he!

The daughter must be cut off from him today.


Hearing the insults coming, Darryl couldn’t control it anymore, let go of Bessie’s hand, and suddenly roared out!

A pair of eyes are extremely bloody red!

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