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Chapter 3381

More importantly, Hai Linger resisted from the bottom of his heart what Gone said just now about the art of seizing the soul.

Ha ha….

Seeing her terrified face, Gogne smiled faintly: “Yu Du has been interrogating you for a long time, but you still refuse to cooperate, so I can only resort to this.”

“Unless you are willing to cooperate and say where they are hiding.”


At this moment, Hai Ling’er took a deep breath and went deep into a deep tangle in her heart.

Do you really want to say it?

Wen Chou Chou, Peter, and those from the Xia Yin Sect are all heroes. If they tell their situation, they will become sinners through the ages.

But if you don’t say it, the other party will use the art of seizing the soul, and he will be controlled and become a walking corpse. If you really want to become like that, it is better to die.

Under the entanglement, Hai Linger almost collapsed: “Just because of a child, you are going to cause disputes in the rivers and lakes. Don’t you know that your Hailong Palace and Tianmen are actually a family? Why do you have to mess with life?”

When she said this, Hai Linger was still helpless.

In her heart, she believed that the child was born by Gary and Mo Yan. Under this premise, Tianmen and Hailongdian were naturally a family.


Hearing this, Gone frowned and looked at her puzzled: “What did you say? What family?”

Yu Du, who was standing at the door, also looked puzzled.

Seeing their reaction, Hai Ling’er said weakly, “That child was born to Gary and your Queen of Dragon King Island, don’t you know?”

“I… I broke up with Gary because of this…”

At the end of the day, the unspeakable sadness and helplessness in Hai Ling’er’s eyes, coupled with the blood, was pitiful.


As soon as these words came out, both Gone and Yu Du were taken aback.

The father of the child is Gary?

… how is this possible?

In the next second, Yu Du took the lead in reacting and shouted angrily at Hai Ling’er: “Don’t talk nonsense, my queen, how could she like that kid Gary and have a baby with him…”

In Yu Du’s heart, Queen Moyan is like a fairy in the sky, noble and extraordinary. Although Gary’s status is extraordinary, it is impossible for the queen to take a fancy to him.

Seeing him so excited, Hai Ling’er smiled sadly: “You think I’m talking nonsense, then tell me, who is the father of that child?”


Yu Du’s face froze, and he was speechless for a while.

After learning that Moyan was pregnant with a child, the entire Dragon King Island was speculating, but no one dared to ask Moyan, and Moyan never said who the child’s father was.

Later, Gone went to Dragon King Island and asked Moyan who the father of the child was, but Moyan also begged hard at the time, and finally Gone gave up the questioning.

It can be said that until now, no one except Mo Yan herself knew who the father of the child was.

“Then let me tell you.”

Seeing that Yu Du couldn’t say anything, Hai Linger let out a light sigh of relief, and then explained in detail what happened to Nalan Wushuang that day. In the end, Hai Linger’s eyes were full of disappointment for Gary: “At that time After recognizing her relatives by drop of blood, the lady of the Nalan family also took out the hospital’s test sheet, and the 99% match is enough to prove that Gary is the father of the child.”

“It is estimated that this matter has already spread in the Nalan family and the rivers and lakes. You can check it out. I didn’t lie to you, it’s a fact.”


The last word fell, and the entire secret room was deadly silent.

Yu Du froze there, his mind buzzing, could it be that the father of the child is really Gary?

Next to Gone, his face flickered, his eyes were extremely gloomy, and a nameless anger rose in his heart.

This Moyan actually did such a thing and had a child with Gary, no wonder she would rather die than say when she questioned her before…


Finally, after more than ten seconds, Gone took a deep breath and said to Yu Du: “This Hai Linger, treat her injuries later, and then send someone to look after her.”

“Also, send someone back to Dragon King Island immediately and ask Moyan to come to see me in Donghai City as soon as possible.”

After saying this, Gone couldn’t hide the anger in his heart and strode out of the secret room.

Chapter 3382

“Yes, as ordered.”

Yu Du quickly responded, sweating profusely at the time, and secretly worried about Mo Yan in his heart.

It’s over, looking at the appearance of the honorable man, he is very angry. The Queen may be in trouble now.

At the same time of worrying, Yu Du was also at a loss. He really couldn’t understand how the Queen could see that kid Gary.

Thinking to himself, Yu Du walked outside the secret room, ordered a few elite disciples to guard Hai Linger closely, and then sent someone to deliver the news to Dragon King Island.


At this moment, Hai Ling’er was shocked and angry, and she told the matter, but these people still didn’t let her go.


On the other side, Ziwei Continent.

The weather is nice today, sunny and cloudless.

In the small garden beside the Pill Pavilion, there is a chessboard on the table. Darryl is comfortably lying on the chair, sipping tea slowly while playing a game with Dongfang Yunqing.

Don’t look at Dongfang Yunqing, who is only twelve or thirteen years old, but he is talented and has a quick mind. In the past two days, with the help of Darryl, he has integrated the Qimen exercises in the soul of Tianji. No matter in all aspects of ability, has far surpassed ordinary people.

Xiaorou stood beside her with a smile on her face.

On the grass a few meters away, Baili Cexuan held a wooden sword and practiced one move at a time. In the past two days, Darryl passed all the ‘Tiangang Sword Art’ to Baili Cexuan without reservation.

Baili Cexuan is like a treasure, in order to understand the essence of it, he almost forgets to eat and sleep. Although Baili Cexuan is a famous sword idiot with extraordinary talent, it is obviously impossible to comprehend the essence of Tiangang Sword Art in a short period of time. After all, this set of sword art has been developed by Nangong Jue for decades. Created, and then improved by Darryl. Although there are only a dozen tricks, they are ever-changing.


At this time, Darryl took a sip of tea, then pinched a chess piece and landed it on the chessboard, smiling at Dongfang Yunqing: “This step, but there is no solution.”

Dongfang Yunqing put his hands on his cheeks, looked at it carefully for a moment, and sighed helplessly: “Oh, I lost again.”

Said, Dongfang Yunqing looked at Darryl with admiration: “Brother Darryl, you are very good at chess. In this game just now, I took one step and watched twenty steps, why can’t I win?”

When saying this, Dongfang Yunqing’s delicate face was full of unwillingness.

“Take one step, look at twenty steps?”

At this moment, Xiaorou, who had been standing beside her, couldn’t help but exclaimed: “Sister Yunqing, as far as I know, the master of chess in the past, that is, taking one step and looking at twenty steps, you are a junior, you can reach the It’s the realm of a master.”

Xiao Rou is by no means making a fuss. If you know the skill of chess, you can only get started by taking one step and watching two moves. If you can read five moves, even if you are an expert, if you reach the realm of watching twenty moves, you are considered a master.

Dongfang Yunqing was only in the 12th or 13th grade, and it was really rare that he could take one step and watch twenty steps.


Hearing Xiaorou’s compliment, Dongfang Yunqing smiled embarrassedly: “Sister Xiaorou, don’t praise me, even if I can watch twenty steps, I still won’t lose in the end. is the greatest.”

Xiaorou nodded in agreement.

If someone else can win Dongfang Yunqing, she must be surprised, but if it is Darryl, it is not surprising at all, this man is really hard to see.

Ha ha…

Seeing Dongfang Yunqing’s expression, Darryl couldn’t help laughing, and said slowly: “Yunqing, being able to see twenty moves is amazing, but you must know that playing chess is not about the number of moves of the opponent, but It is to see through the opponent’s mind, no matter how many moves the opponent can see, as long as you guess the opponent’s mind, the chess game will naturally be firmly controlled by you.”

Hearing this, Dongfang Yunqing opened his mouth wide, with a look of astonishment on his face: “You…you guessed all my thoughts just now? How…how is this possible?”

This brother Darryl’s palace was even more terrifying than his father’s. You know, when my father taught me chess, I couldn’t do it.

Darryl smiled slightly and pretended to be mysterious: “Don’t be surprised, after you have mastered all the Qimen exercises in the soul of heaven, you can do it too.”

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