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Chapter 3581


When the voice fell, Gone raised his hands suddenly, and in an instant, accompanied by a dazzling blood-colored light, he saw a blood-red light ball slowly fly out of his body.

It was Gone’s demon soul.

In the next second, the demon soul turned into a golden-red light, shrouding Gone, forming a golden-red armor on his body, and seeing the armor, although it was a magic soul, it looked like the real thing.

The moment the armor was formed, the aura that filled Gone’s body instantly increased several times.


Feeling the terrifying power permeating the air, the twelve-star fighting envoys surrounding them couldn’t help but take a deep breath, and their faces became extremely solemn.

It is worthy of being the Supreme Being of the Demon Race, even with such a disadvantage, it can still burst out such terrifying power.

Also, how did the armor on him form?

At the same time, Lorenzo and Peter, who were sitting cross-legged not far away to recover their inner strength, were also secretly shocked.

Especially Lorenzo, I was shocked beyond words.

What’s going on here? Gone was clearly suppressed by the formation, how did his strength suddenly become so strong? Could it be that in the human world, there is really no way to control this Demon Race Supreme?

At this time, Lorenzo didn’t know yet, but Gone’s move had a lot of history and was called the Demon Hegemony Body.

With the power of the demon soul, the armor is condensed around the body to form a terrifying domineering body, and the defense power can be instantly increased by ten times.

Of course, it has stimulated the body of the devil, and the defense power has been improved, but there are also disadvantages, that is, the power of the devil soul will be consumed faster.

Speaking of which, Gone didn’t take the Twelve Star Dou Emissary seriously at all, nor did he think about using the Heavenly Demon Body, but at this time he was trapped by the Zhou Tian Xing Dou Great Array and could not rush out, which made Gone very uncomfortable. Annoyed, he had no choice but to take risks.

The star would love to retire

Gone thought about it, after he used the Demonic Hegemony Body, even if he couldn’t break the formation, the other party couldn’t do anything about him. Moreover, after all, these twelve-star Dou Emissaries are human beings with limited internal strength. If they continue to drag on, they will definitely be unable to hold on .


At this time, the Twelve Star Dou Envoys reacted one after another, and together they condensed a sword shadow that erupted towards Gone.

When I saw this sword shadow, it was as fast as a thunderbolt, and it carried the power of opening up the world.

Ha ha…

However, Gone smiled contemptuously, suspended in mid-air, watching the sword shadow getting closer and closer, without moving, without any intention of dodging.


The next second, the sword shadow broke out and slammed on Gone’s armor, and a roar was heard, and the sword shadow instantly collapsed, and the powerful burst of power was completely offset by the armor.

And Gonie just swayed slightly, without taking any damage.


Seeing this, the Twelve Star Dou Emissaries couldn’t help gasping for air, and looked at Gone blankly one by one, their eyes filled with incredulity.

This defense is too terrifying, the sword shadow just now, but the internal strength of twelve people is integrated.


At this moment, Lorenzo also frowned, unable to hide the shock, and said to himself: “This armor’s defense is so strong, this is a big trouble.”

Hearing this, Peter couldn’t help but said: “What if the defense is strong? He is not trapped in the formation, anyway, we have time to spend with him.”

As he spoke, Peter’s eyes were full of confidence.

Lorenzo smiled bitterly, shook his head and said, “You’re wrong to think like this. Although this formation is powerful, the internal strength of the twelve-star Dou Envoy is limited after all.”

“This formation can only trap him for a while, and it is impossible to trap him forever. Once the internal strength of the Twelve Star Dou is exhausted, it will be an irreversible situation to welcome us all.”

Lorenzo acted calmly and was very observant. At this moment, it was obvious at a glance that Gone was wasting time. It can be said that in this situation, the longer it is delayed, the worse it will be for everyone.

After all, although the Twelve Star Dou Emissary is strong, he is only a mortal body, and he is at a stalemate with Gone, so there is no possibility of winning.

Chapter 3582

“Brother Wen, don’t worry.”

Just when Lorenzo was secretly anxious, Maria, who was not far away, said softly, “I carefully selected the Twelve Star Fighters, and I have long thought of the situation you just mentioned. .”

When she said this, Maria stared at the battle situation in front of her, with a bit of confidence in her eyes.


Hearing this, Lorenzo secretly breathed a sigh of relief. He knew Maria very well, and he would not say things that he was not sure about easily.

boom boom boom…

At this moment, I saw Gone erupting again, trying to break out of the siege, the terrifying force swept out, and the twelve-star fighting envoys surrounding them were all shaken back, and all of them turned pale.

Lorenzo’s guess was good. The twelve-star Dou Envoys fought fiercely for several hours. At this time, their internal strength was exhausted.

However, after being shaken back, none of the Twelve Star Dou Envoys flinched, their silhouettes changed, and they rushed up quickly, again surrounding Gone in the middle.

“Ha ha…”

At this moment, Gone sneered, his expression was extremely arrogant, and looked at the twelve-star Dou Envoy mockingly: “Do you want to continue to consume with me? It’s completely courting death, I’ll give you one chance, all of them will serve the deity, and the deity will give you one time. a chance to live.”

When he spoke, Gone looked arrogant.

He clearly noticed that the Twelve Star Fighters in front of him, after a few hours of fierce battle, are now getting weaker and weaker, and their internal strength is almost exhausted.

It’s just that the magic formation they formed is very mysterious and exquisite, and it would be a pity to kill them all, so it is better to keep them for yourself. Anyway, I need to revive the demon clan, and I urgently need talents.

However, in the face of the conditions thrown by Gone, none of the Twelve Star Dou Envoys were moved, all of them were indifferent.

“Want us to serve you? Help Zhou to abuse? Stop dreaming.”

“That’s right… We are born from the Xia Yin Sect, and die is the soul of the Xia Yin Sect…”

“Do you think that our internal strength is severely exhausted, and we can break the formation? You are wrong.”

At the same time when the twelve-star dou envoys spoke, they took out the spirit beast inner core almost at the same time, and saw that these spirit beast inner core exudes a dazzling light, and the power contained is very powerful.


In the next second, the Twelve Star Dou Envoys smashed the inner core and quickly merged the disintegrated spiritual power. In the blink of an eye, the originally weak complexion was instantly full of energy, and the strength around him became full.

Spirit Beast Neidan is an illusion transformed by powerful spiritual beasts in the body. The stronger the strength during his lifetime, the stronger the inner alchemy contained in the body. The inner alchemy that Twelve Star Dou Envoy fused just now has the lowest power. Above the level of Emperor Wu.


At the moment when the strength of the Twelve Star Dou was restored, the Zhou Tian Xing Dou Great Array formed also burst out with a powerful array of coercion.

In an instant, feeling the pressure from the formation, Gone’s originally proud face suddenly became solemn, and his heart was also extremely frightened.

Ma De, these people from the Rushers are really insidious enough, and they even carry the spirit beast inner elixir with them.

There is a retail inner alchemy that provides them with a steady stream of internal strength, when will I be able to break through?

Ha ha…

Seeing this scene, Lorenzo and Peter both showed excited smiles.

Especially Lorenzo, who was in a good mood at the same time, couldn’t help but nodded at Maria and said, “Brother and sister are really admirable for their strategizing.”

Maria smiled lightly: “Brother Wen, don’t compliment me. In order to prevent accidents from happening, I made each of the Twelve Star Dou Envoys carry some spirit beast inner pills on their bodies, but I didn’t expect it to come in handy today. .

After saying that, Maria glanced at Gone who was trapped, and continued: “Although the armor on his body is strong in defense, it also consumes a lot of magic power. Let’s quickly restore our strength, and then find a chance to subdue him.”

As he said that, he closed his eyes and silently cultivated and recovered.


Hearing this, Lorenzo and Peter nodded, and quickly held their breaths and entered a state of cultivation.

“A bunch of things that don’t know how to live or die. Today, Sakura Guozun will definitely make you live rather than die.”

At this moment, after being rejected by the Twelve Star Douer, Gone’s face was extremely ferocious. After a loud roar, a terrifying aura erupted all over his body, and he rushed up directly.

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